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14&16 with baek or yeol?

→ baekhyun- “just sit down and let me take care of you” & “i just want to help you relax”  

*word count: 1.5k

Friends help each other out.

Best friends do whatever they can to help each other out, no questions asked.

Baekhyun is your best friend. You love him to death and will fight any female for him if need be. He’ll kick a guys ass if you aren’t capable of doing enough damage. You’ve known each other for over a decade, and over the years your friendship has only gotten stronger.

The two of you always offer each other a helping hand. You help each other pick out clothes, go grocery shopping together to make things easier, dye each other’s hairs when you’re too broke to get it professionally done, and so much more.

So it’s nothing out of the ordinary when Baekhyun’s hands find their way on your shoulders, fingers softly digging into your muscles to loosen the knots that have been getting bigger and tighter over the last few days. Your whole body has been tense from working and working out, warm baths doing very little to ease your stiff muscles. A simple passing complaint in the middle of your conversation while fixing your hair up to look presentable for the lunch date you two planned for the day had Baekhyun standing up from his seat on the edge of your bed to come to your rescue. You set your brush down when he moved your hair over your shoulder, holding yourself up with your hands on the edge of the counter.

But there’s definitely a line that even the best of friends shouldn’t cross, no matter how long you’ve known each other or how bad the situation is.

Maybe it’s your fault.

His fingertips dug into the worst cramp in the junction where your shoulder and neck meet, the pressure of his fingers starting as the most painful feeling you’d felt in a while before the muscle is loosened and the most blissful feeling replaces it, your head tilting to the side and eyes closing.

“Focus right there,” you instructed, suddenly breathless.

You didn’t mean to let the sound slip out, but when’s the last time you got a massage? His seemingly skilled fingers hit just the right spot once again, and before you could stop it, your mouth opened and a low moan escaped.

And now his grip is tighter and his lips are trailing up the side of your outstretched neck.  

It’s his fault for knowing exactly what to do.

“Baek,” you breathe out, cracking your eyes open to catch the view of the two of you in the mirror. “What are you doing?”

He lifts his eyes to catch your gaze before his hands slip down to the curve of your shoulders, pulling you back and into your room.

Just sit down and let me take care of you,” he directs, gently pushing you down on your bed by your shoulders.

Your body listens to him while your brain screams at you. You’ve given him shoulder massages plenty of times when he didn’t know his limit when lifting weights, but it never ended up like this. It confuses you why you’re your body is so okay with Baekhyun’s continued kisses behind your ear after he plops down behind you on the mattress. It confuses you why you lean back into his chest, the top of your back meeting his hard pecs while his hands knead at your aching sides.

“Baekhyun,” you try again, barely any sound to your voice.

“You’ve been overworking yourself lately,” he gently scolds, lips moving along your earlobe. “Since you don’t want to take care of your body, I will.” Following his words, a hand ventures lower to reach for your bare thigh, rubbing at the stiff muscles. His fingertips glide towards your inner thigh after a while, wet kisses pressing along your jaw.

Your body is molten hot. Your tank top and shorts seem like too much clothing now. There’s a completely different ache than the ones in your muscles building in between your legs and his tongue dragging slowly down the edge of your jaw only makes it worst.

All too soon every part of his body is off of you, ripping you out of your trance and you hadn’t even realized your eyes were shut again when you open them.

“Lay down for me?” he asks, staring down at you from where he stood up.

“Wait,” you call out even though your body is once again listening to him without a thought, landing on your stomach and craning your head to look at him from over your shoulder. “What about lunch?”

“If I take too long we can get dinner,” Baekhyun chuckles, one of his knees sinking into your mattress beside you.

His hands find the waistband of your shorts, arms curling around your body to undo the button. Although you lifted your hips for him to make things easier, when the zipper is pulled down and his fingers are curling into the waistband to tug the denim down, you look up at him again.

“Can I?” he asks, tilting his head. “I just want to help you relax, ____.”

The tone of his voice send a spark right down your spine and out of all of the years you’ve known your best friend, you’ve never wanted him on you as bad as you do now. You can’t find it in you to give a real response, shoving your face into your pillow at the embarrassing thoughts of wanting to feel his lips everywhere. The muffled hum you give him is enough for him to pull your shorts and panties down in one swift movement, lifting your feet to completely remove the clothing.

There’s a shift and then a low chuckle behind you, and when you look back at him again he’s biting his lips and staring at your glistening folds intently.

In any other situation, with any other person, your skin wouldn’t heat up so much and you wouldn’t be hiding your face. But it’s Baekhyun. Undeniably attractive but undeniably the goofiest person you know. The guy that kept his shirt on whenever you went to the pool up until very recently because he didn’t want to be exposed. The guy that doesn’t even feel comfortable telling you or any of his guy friends about his sexual experiences.

And when his hands are on your hips and pulling them upward until you’re settled on your knees, your lower lips spreading at the new position and exposing places you never would’ve imaged Baekhyun would see, your chest gets heavy and your palms get sweaty. Gentle hands smooth over your ass, spreading the cheeks and lifting your lower half up even more before a warm tongue laps up your folds. Your breath catches in your throat, followed by the neediest moan you’ve ever heard come from yourself slipping out when his lips wrap around your clit. Suddenly it’s too hard to breathe and your head turns to the side, the following noises that resonate throughout the room loud and clear.

For someone who acts like such a prude with your group of friends talk about sex, his tongue slithers into your pussy right before plunging in and out at the perfect speed that has you choking on whatever sound that attempted to leave your mouth. Your fingers curl into your bed spread, ass sticking further into the air as your back arches at the pleasure zipping up your spine.

“Baek,” you say around a catch of breath. “Shit B— fuck!”

His fingers replace his tongue in favor of the tip of the wet muscle digging into your clit, flicking up and down repeatedly. He adds more pressure, rolling his tongue over the most sensitive part of your body intently until one of your hands is reaching out and grasping his wrist, needing something sturdier to hold onto as you feel yourself come undone around his digits and mouth. Your thighs argue with the position they’re in; shaking and trying to collapse when the mind-blanking bliss takes over your body, white appearing behind your tightly shut eyelids and the most wanton cry bubbling from your throat echoing through your room. Your inner walls clench around his pretty fingers and your clit pulses against his even prettier lips when you finally come down from your high and soon those gorgeous parts of his body are leaving your pussy, one last loud slurp reverberating in the space of the room when he thoroughly sucks up all of your essences.

Without his hands supporting you up, your knees get their wish when they slide down your comforter until you’re lying flat on your stomach.

“Feel better?” Baekhyun rasps out, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

You move to turn over on your back but then there’s a sharp pain in your lower back, worst than it was before.

“You actually made it worst,” you whine, flopping back down face first.

“Then I guess I’ll just help you out a little more.”

On my sudden blog change

I’ve been getting a lot of messages about it, so I wanted to let you guys know once and for all that this recent troll threatening studio mir didn’t 100% influence my decision to change my blog. It was more like the final straw. I think my sudden action led a lot of people to believe I changed just because I saw that article, which is untrue.

The fact that the shipping wars are so bad that someone had to pretend to be a klance fan to threaten the studio means that this entire situation has gotten WAY out of hand and frankly, I’m extremely embarrassed! This is all FICTIONAL!

It was mostly a personal decision to change to a non-ship blog, mostly because I’m uncomfortable with the idea of myself shipping characters, but I’m not condemning anyone who does ship characters! It was just something for me.
I have been meaning to do it for a long time and have been thinking about doing this for a while, but the fandom in general was the final push I needed.

Whether or not it was a troll (i believe it was) really doesn’t matter in the long run because there are literally some….passionate….fans who would do that! I’m by no means saying that if you ship anybody from vtron, you’re a bad person. But there are many out there who would do that anyways without a second thought!

The voltron fandom in general is alarmingly bad, I’ve found. Not just klance, but the VOLTRON fandom as a whole.
I have no way of knowing how bad it really is because this is the first fandom that I’ve been VERY involved in, but I just know from the things I’ve read and the things I’ve seen in the voltron tags have not been great. Maybe all fandoms suck like that, I don’t know! But I just know this one isn’t pretty!

Now, that of course doesn’t mean that everyone in the vtron fandom is bad! I’ve made some really really great friends from this blog and I love them dearly.
Even the people who message me on anon are so sweet and I truly enjoy my time with them.

So I want to thank everyone who decided to continue to support me and send me good wishes for this new change. I think it will work out just fine tbh!! I’ve lost about 20 followers but I feel like in the long run that doesn’t matter anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please note, if you ship something in vtron, this does not mean I don’t want to talk to you or be your friend– I still do! This is just a personal change, and I respect your own likes and dislikes! Don’t hesitate to still reach out to me as you always have!

Again, thank you for supporting me despite everything!

Jason Todd with a short S/O Headcanons

ORIGINAL REQUEST :Could you do some headcanons with jason todd being in a relationship with a short s.o?

Hell yes.

-Jason is really tol so all your short person problems come to a sort of temporary halt.

-Need something from a high place ? Tol Jason is there to save the day for you.

-However Jason also likes to hide all your stuff on higher shelves or places when he’s pissed at you for something.

-It’s usually very pretty and it takes only a few kisses for you to get your stuff back.

-His shirts are always waaayy too big on you and way to baggy.

-But you love wearing them anyways.

-He loves how you look in them.

-It has a certain effect on him ;)

-Hugs are always wonderful since he’s so tall he kinda just scoops you up and your feet kinda get off the ground.

-Same is the case with cuddles , you kind of just curl around his large self.

-When you sleep his whole body covers yours.

-You have woken up to him completely on top of you more than once.

-When you guys go out his pace is obviously more than yours and he’s gotten waay ahead of you more than once before he realized that he left you behind .

-Now he HAS to hold your hand when you’re out together.

-He towers over you and he always uses that to his advantage .

-Like having arguments is impossible because you have to crane your neck up to even look at the guy yet alone yell at him .

-Whenever he wants to kiss you he just lifts you all the way up.

-He can carry you really easily on his back too so you just kinda use him as a Means Of Transportation ™ around the house.


heart scope

He thinks a lot about all the things he will forget, the sound of Remus’s croaky morning voice at breakfast, his mums favourite skirt, how he sits three rows back from the front in Transfiguration because then McGonagall can’t reach out and smack him with her wand from the front.

It’s a horrible feeling, this forgetting. Once he overhears Evangeline Watts talking about her Grandfather and this muggle illness he has which makes him slowly forget everything in his life, whether it matters or not. He’s awake for the entire night later imagining what it would feel like to lose things like that, as if memories were water in cupped hands.

He falls asleep the next day in class and Evans tips half her water bottle down the back of his jumper to wake him up. He yells and gets a detention from Slughorn for swearing while Snape smirks underneath his curtain of grease. He calls him a waste of space later while everyone laughs and Snape burns, cheeks hot and hollow. He doesn’t even know why he hates him so much, probably the muggle hating and pure blood mania. Yup, definitely the muggle hating and pure blood mania.  

The thing is, Evans is apparently oblivious to the muggle hating and pure blood mania, so she hates his guts for calling her best friend worthless even though he is.  It shouldn’t matter that she doesn’t like him, a lot of people don’t like him, it’s just that he likes her. And it’s not love, because he’s fifteen and an asshole still but he likes her a lot more than he’s willing to admit to Sirius even while drunk on the firewhiskey they stole from the teacher’s lounge.

She’s smart, except for the whole ‘friends with Snivellus’ thing; she’s really sarcastic and wears huge black combat boots underneath her robes with tiny red flowers doodles on the foot. Her friends are loud and they love her in that weird way that girls do, absolutely and while laughing. She writes everything down in this purple notebook with grass stains on the cover. Her hair is to her shoulders and it twists when she laughs, she’s the only person in the entire school who has ever called Sirius an: ‘expired sack of dragon shit’ and walked away without looking back to gage reaction.

He provokes her in class just so she’ll twist in her seat and ruin him with her mouth, showing all her teeth when she calls him a dick for the thirteenth time that day and it’s not even noon. Sirius thinks he’s mad but he doesn’t care, Evans is so goddamn interesting and he wants to talk to her until he can figure out why.

Over Christmas break he goes home and misses school like a toothache, he wants to walk into class and slide across desks until McGonagall walks in and gives him detention. School is where he can hang out with his mates every day and learn stuff and run around during full moons. They go back and he and Peter paint a banner that says ‘WELCOME TO OUR HUMBLE SCHOOL, PLEASE PAY A THREE GALLEON ENTRY FEE AT DOOR.’ They make 87 galleons and a toothpick before a teacher catches on. He gets detention for two weeks and hexes Snape’s legs together when he catches him laughing.

He’s not a violent person, but Snape deserves all the shit he gets and Evans throws her wand at him later in the common room but he’d do it again. He’s not a bad person, he isn’t, but Snape makes him want to punch a wall on account of him being a bigoted arsehole. Whatever, this whole thing should be over soon anyway.

He turns is his muggle studies homework late because Sirius stole it to try and prove to Moony that he could: ‘make Prongs slowly lose his mind while he looks for it’. As payback he tells him he pissed in his morning cornflakes and Sirius spits them up all over a stack of toast looking horrified. Peter and Remus laugh so hard they get cramps. He loves his mates, they’re shitty and irritating and funny and losers and if he didn’t have them he’d probably have ceased to exist a long time ago.

Over Christmas she gets a huge white cat which is utterly feral, Sirius starts calling it a polar bear behind her back until everyone is calling it that. Its real name is Ophelia because it’s her mum’s favourite character in some muggle play and it’s the fattest animal that has ever existed, once Marlene and Mary have to lather a door in butter just to pry it through. Lily loves it still and wraps it in scarfs when it’s cold. She’s barking mad and he tells her so but she says she just ‘doesn’t give a shit’ which makes him laugh.

In Charms they have to say the best thing they got for Christmas because Flitwick had only planned for half the lesson, Sirius says a headache and Remus says some new boots. Pete got some orange leg warmers which are awful, Marlene McKinnon refused to say anything because she ‘hates Christmas and all the joy it stands for’, Avery had ‘to many to pick from’, Jane Ruvesh announces she got dumped and then runs out crying while Lyle Parrish looks uncomfortable.

Mary was given a new set of hair curling potions and Evans says her stupid cat, which makes everyone groan and then makes everyone flinch back when she glares at them for groaning. Snape says under his breath that he got a bath towel and James leaves class avoiding his eyes. It’s one thing to give shit to a guy who’s a shit, but it’s another to give shit to a guy after you’ve just found out the best thing he got for Christmas was a bath towel.

There are other Slytherins to fight with anyway, Mulciber who grinds his teeth when Mary walks past and runs his fingers along her arm, Remus throws him against the wall and then Sirius is lazily cursing someone who tries to intervene and then it’s all gone to hell anyway. He punches anyone in sight and curses anyone dumb enough to not move out of his way and then it’s to Dumbledore’s to get a detention again. Fighting does nothing, he knows that, but he’s got to feel like he’s doing something.

He’s partnered with Evans in detention to scrub the fourth floor corridor. He asks her what she did and she says “I punched Markham Finch in the dick for saying that Ophelia isn’t so much an animal as she is a block of fat with legs”. His hand slips into his soapy bucket he’s laughing so hard, leaning against the wall and watching her grin at the soaking floor. She scrubs the left side and he does the right, they don’t speak much because even though he laughed and she didn’t hit him for it, it didn’t mean she still didn’t hate him quite a bit.

His mother writes, Lily buys a new pen for the purple notebook and he plays Quidditch, they win and Pete smuggles in firewhiskey for the party. It’s loud and Sophie Mallory’s homework gets ripped but the music is thumping so no one can hear her yelling. Lily does half a strip tease on the table before passing out into Remus’s arms and being dragged to bed by Marlene. James makes out with Rosaline Patel under the boys staircase and Sirius gives a speech about the muggle feminist movement on the table while pissed because he actually read Sophie Mallory’s homework and was the one who accidentally ripped it while waving it under Remus’s nose.

Once her Transfiguration book goes missing (cue the joke about the cat eating it for a light snack) and she’s pacing up and down the common room while Mary is all ‘you can borrow mine’ and Marlene is saying ‘just drop out’ and then Evangeline hits her for being negative. He charms the name off the front of his and slips it to her at breakfast when she’s talking to Dominic, she looks around and asks whose it is but he faces front and eats his toast without saying anything. “Well, um, thank you! Mysterious book giver!” she calls when leaving the hall and he’d probably give her both kidneys if she asked.

During muggle studies they learn about muggle physics and some guy’s law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Basically everything you do will affect something else, whether it is a person or a place and he doesn’t know why this so hitting him so hard now. Everything he’s ever done has affected some other person with a brain and a favourite colour and a next door neighbour they’ve probably said hello to in the rain. Why, he thinks, is this the first time he’s ever noticed that.

Lily gets sick and isn’t in lessons for a week, which makes him notice that he notices an awful lot when she isn’t there and he finally resolves to just try and bloody get over it. He doesn’t know how, but he’s going to because this crush has gone on long enough and ignoring it has done nothing but give him a semi in the middle of Charms. She walks into Herbology on her first day back, sneezes, and passes out against the glass. His heart stops to scrape along the barrel of ribs and he ditches his next three classes in the bathroom, smoking to cover the fact that his hands are shaking until he hears from Jimmy Ivis that she’s okay. This entire thing has gotten out of hand.

She’s in class again three days later and he sees her, sitting there next to Marlene and writing in that purple notebook, and he lets out a breath he didn’t even know he’d been holding. He doodle’s her name on the back of his textbook the whole way though the lesson and she hugs Snape in the corridor and his gut is twisting and he hates this, he doesn’t want to be this guy. He hates these guys and without realising he has become one entirely on fucking accident.

This is how it happens: there is exams, and he is cocky, and Snape is Snape and she is far too loyal. Maybe if it wasn’t sunny they wouldn’t have gone outside, maybe if he’d done badly on the exam he wouldn’t have left, maybe if he wasn’t an asshole it wouldn’t have happened.

But it did. And when he thinks about it, her face and the way he saw the exact moment that all of the blood poured out of her heart, he buries his head in his pillow and all at once wishes that he could forget the entirety of his life if only to never have to live through that moment again.

A week later, Sophie Mallory, the one who did her muggle studies assignment on the feminist movement and who smiled with chip on her bottom tooth because she flew into a wall during second year Quidditch, is found in the attic of the potions room after some student complained that blood was leaking into his potion from the ceiling. She’d been lying there half naked for the entire night, passed out with ‘DIRTY’ carved into every inch of her skin with a cursed knife so you could almost see the bone. When he hears, he goes to the bathroom and throws up, chest heaving and heart rearranging itself inside his ribs.

After that everything is completely different, because this couldn’t be fixed by punching Avery in the jaw. No more fighting, no more using this… thing that’s happening as an excuse to get into it with the Slytherins. No more hiding behind being noble so he can get in fights with people he just doesn’t like. What was something that seemed to happen to other people is suddenly happening to girls he’s known since he was eleven, who did their muggle studies projects on the feminist movement and chipped their tooth during second year Quidditch.

The holidays happen in a blur, and then it’s back to school, sitting in the back and biting his tongue when Snape answers questions in class. He avoids Lily, sneaks around her and misses her like she was his arm. But this is what he’s doing right now, because Snape is all over her and all she wants is for the both of them to leave her alone. All James wants is for her to be happy and all Snape wants is for her to be his.

It starts slowly; she borrows a quill from him to finish her History of Magic Essay. He silently gives her his telescope when she forgets hers for Astronomy. She gently points out that he’s spelt Jupiter’s third moon wrong on his Divination Star Chart. They don’t talk still, but she snickers into her hand when he makes a deer pun in class and he can’t stop smiling for the rest of the lesson.

They’re partnered up for Herbology, and it’s the most uncomfortable ten minutes of his life as they both silently try to clip the Vicious-Visper-Vine, which steams when handled. The silence is digging into his teeth as he scrambles around for something, anything to say, that doesn’t sound terrible.

“You’re not going to faint again are you?” he asks and fuck, he was aiming for something not terrible.


She looks at him, surprised. “You- um, you remember that?”

He looks back at her, the plant beginning to snake around his hand. “’Course I remember that, you got a bruise the size of my ego, which, as we’ve established, could crush several people under its weight.”

She laughs at this, and then the god damn vine has found a hole in his glove and his left hand is burning so much it might as well be on fire. She takes him up the hospital wing and eats the food Madam Pomfrey brings him at lunch while trying to say ‘Vicious-Visper-Vine’ five times fast. He laughs so hard that Pomfrey sends her away and she grins at him from the window for seven minutes trying to get him to laugh so he can get kicked out as well. It works to.

He yells “VICIOUS-VESPER-VINE-VICIOUS-VESPER-VINE-VICIOUS-VESPER-VINE-VICIOUS-VESPER-VINE- VICIOUS-VESPER-VINE HA SUCK IT EVANS” down the hall the next time he sees her, and she grins and raises her middle finger in the air so high that Minnie sees it and gives her a detention. Then she turns to him and snaps “ONE MORE WORD OUT OF YOU POTTER AND I’LL GIVE YOU A DENTENTION AS WELL” so he shouts “ONE MORE WORD” and gets his twenty-first detention in a month while Evans giggles herself to death against the wall.

In detention they have to catalogue all the library books and she finds all the ones with swearwords and reads them aloud while sitting in the table. In Defence they’re put together and she blocks his jelly legs like it’s nothing, then turns his hair into a hoard of ants. She sits across from his at breakfast and makes fun of how much milk he puts on his cornflakes so he takes all the honey off the table and hides it so she can’t put any on her toast. The next week he finds his bed dripping in honey with her sitting on Sirius’s bed, wearing a shit-eating grin the size of Brighton. They’ve become friends while he wasn’t looking and he doesn’t really know what to do with that.

Her cat gets something in its paw and while he’s holding it down she tries to get it out. It scratches her neck and she uses a cushion to stem the blood while still fighting with the cat. She’s honestly insane. She tells him that Ophelia is named for a character in the play Hamlet, so he orders a copy and finishes it in three weeks while not understanding a single thing. What he does grasp however, after asking Remus to read it to, is that Ophelia dies by drowning, which is completely ironic.

“How do you figure?” she asks, throwing a balled up piece of paper while lying flat on his bed

“Because you named your cat after someone that drowned. Your cat. When cats hate water.”


She turns to him, stares, and then starts laughing so hard she rolls off his bed and onto the floor. And then he’s laughing because she is, and he really just can’t help himself. She asks him why he does Divination at all and he says because he and Sirius put on a huge act of predicting Sirius’s imminent death at the end of every class, complete with Sirius fainting into his arms with horror and paying Moony three galleons to make the lights flicker. The next Tuesday just before Sirius is due to faint he sees her sitting on the roof outside the window, and he’s so surprised he forgets to catch Sirius, who falls into a bunch of candles almost fulfils the prediction.

He notices that purple notebook of hers, how she pulls it out during classes and while sitting on the floor with her friends. He wonders what she writes in there, if she draws pictures of if it’s a diary. The grass stains, he realises, come from her going to lie down in the grass outside while using a muggle pen to write with. He’s never seen one before in his life, and she shows him how it writes without any ink as he imagines all of the fantastic pranks he could pull on Sirius. He tells her this, and they scheme together, leaning against a tree and eventually falling asleep, with her legs over his and head against his shoulder. That is, until Minnie is hovering over them in her tartan dressing gown and kicking him in the leg, yelling about it being two in the morning, but whatever. Worth it.

She and her friends throw bread rolls they stole from lunch at him while he’s doing Quidditch practise. Soon, this becomes a thing and Sirius, Remus and Peter have all joined in, saying it’s ‘bludger practise’ and ‘for the good of the game’. He catches five in his mouth in a row once and she charms his robes to flash ‘BIG MOUTH’ on the butt. He can’t stop thinking about that detention an age ago, when they scrubbed the fourth floor corridor in silence and how she had hated him.

He can’t even imagine doing that now, being in a room with Lily and not talking would be walking past a black hole and not getting sucked in. There is just so much he wants to tell her, about pranks and how he is allergic to strawberries and that one time he fell off the roof and broke his jaw when he was eight. He wants to learn everything about her, if she likes chocolate or vanilla, what her favourite song when she was five, how did the first pet she had die, would she go to space if she could, how she knew she was a wizard.

(vanilla, ‘if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’, it was a frog and she sprayed it with the families hose so hard it fell off a ledge,  hell yes, because flowers didn’t die once she picked them)

In the month till the Quidditch final he loses his mind, practising every day and slipping out of conversations to go over strategy in his head. He can’t lose this, expectations piled so high that he wonders if his broom will be able to take the weight. “Relax James,” she says at breakfast, while they’re walking the halls, in the common room, “Everything will be fine.” Her voice sort of, quiets that part of his brain a little. It often plays on loops as he tries to fall asleep.

Then all at once, it is too much again. He’s pacing the common room at three .a.m., scared out of his mind that he’s going to let everybody down.  It’s too hard and he’s going to fail and oh no oh no oh no but then she’s there, holding his face and saying shhh James, it’s okay. James, look at me, alright? Just look at me. And he is. Oh god he is.

They play the game, and they win, and there is a party, and everyone is drunk, and it is madness. They spill out into the castle with Sirius roaring ‘WE MURDERED THEM’ while running up and down the halls topless, making three girls faint and Remus roll his eyes before (after three more drinks) joining in. He’s happy, because he did it and because everyone else is. That’s the best thing about Quidditch, besides flying, it makes everyone delirious. He stops Marlene from going upstairs with Lyle Parrish because she’ll regret it in the morning and Mary is found trying to convince a suit of armour to go stargazing with her at around three.

He notices she isn’t there because he always notices. He finds her on the pitch, after wandering around empty classrooms for an hour. She’s looking up at the sky, with her purple notebook in one hand and the other tracing shapes on her knee. It’s cold, and he runs out to her, standing the middle of the field like a post. “Congratulations” she says and he can’t stop looking at her. He can see her through the dark, glowing right through her t-shirt.

“Yeah.” He swallows because he’s had a few and so has she and it’s foggy and she’s still looking at the sky and he wants to do something but he doesn’t know what. He’s thinking of pulling out a cigarette just so his hands stop shaking and all at once he’s fifteen again, pacing the bathroom and thinking of her until his brain wants to bleed out. She’s looking at him now, really looking, and then she’s on the ground scribbling in the goddamn purple notebook with the grass stains

“Why are you always writing in that thing?” he says because he can see her combat boots with the flowers on the toe sticking out from under her palepale legs like a dream.

She shuts it and stands upright again, head tilted to him and voice unwavering. “Because I never want to forget.” She says and he can see her breath in front of him. Her combat boots look just the same as they did two years ago when he was fifteen and she tipped water down the back of his jumper and it wasn’t love then but it is now. It is now.

Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU

Part VII of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character) a little mention of rape

Summary: Peter, being part of the typical high school bad boy squad, has made it his dear desire to get to you, the good girl. The Virgin Mary his group called you. The only girl in school who was pure and innocent. But Peter, also known around as “Pan”, made it his own mission to change that.

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Last night for you was a blur. You could not remember anything, and your headache was the only reminder for you that this was the last party you would attend for a while. 

The faint sunlight that passed through Theo’s curtains awoken you from your slumber, causing you to shift slightly. You groaned, as your eyes fluttered open, hoping that you were safe at home, in your cozy bed. But, of course, that wasn’t the case. When your eyes adjusted to the light, you froze when you felt someone next to you, in a spooning position. Their breaths fanned over your neck, and their grip tightened around your waist as they felt you move. Tears started to come your eyes as everything started crashing down on you, patches of memories came back, and you saw your dress laying on the floor next to the bed.

Slightly turning around, trying your hardest not to wake the person next to you, your heart nearly jumped out of your chest once you came face to face to who you were in the bed with. Peter. 

He seemed to be shirtless, making you look down at what you were wearing, assuming it was his shirt. Panic started to fill you, followed by anger and betrayal. False scenarios started to play in your mind, thinking about the worst that could have played out last night. Sitting up, pushing his arm away from you, you curled yourself into a tight ball, causing him to shift at the sudden movement. 

Blush covered your face, as he slowly started sitting up, his torso visible for you to see. You weren’t going to lie, you liked what you saw, but you were too pissed to care about what was in front of you at this moment. 

Peter rubbed his face with one hand, pushing his weight up into a sitting position with the other. Once he got the sleep out of his eyes, his looked in your direction, seeing the panic in yours, making him realize what kind of state he left the both of you in. Of course you would think something happened last night, he wanted to think the same thing. 

“D-Did…did we…?” A tears slid down your left cheek, alarming Peter that he needed to start explaining. And fast.

“No! No, nothing happened, I promise.” He shook his head, moving over to wipe your tear, but you flinched away from him. “Y/n..”

“What happened…last night?” You sniffled, feeling vulnerable in the unfamiliar clothing and environment.

Peter sighed, ruffling his hair, as he looked at the wall with his back against the the headboard of the bed. “You were drugged.”

Your eyes widen at the information, a short cough escaped your lips, as you were on the verge of tears. “Did I do anything…stupid?” 

He knew what you meant. As much as he wanted to gloat at how close he was to making you his, he held his self-control, shaking his head. 

“No. You maybe did make out with Gally, though.” Peter chuckled, watching as you groaned, wiping your mouth repeatedly. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me…I knew I shouldn’t have taken that drink from Cindy. But…why are we in here? Why am I in these clothes?” 

“We’re in Theo’s room. Lucky for us, he wasn’t already in here. I didn’t want you sleeping in that tight-ass dress, so I lent you some of his sleepwear. I’m sure he won’t mind; you changed yourself, by the way.” 

You sighed in relief, feeling a little more relaxed at the clarification. But, something didn’t seem right. Rubbing your neck in your lost state, you winced, letting out a small cry of pain. “Ow…” 

Touching the spot again, you gasped, getting out of the bed and over to Theo’s body mirror. There they were. A few quarter sized hickies painted all over your neck. Covering your mouth in shock, Peter sat up straight on the bed, ashamedly blushing at what you discovered. 

“What did we do last night?” You whimpered, rubbing the tender spots. Peter got out of the bed, gently grabbing your other arm, and led you back to the edge of it. You cooperated, sitting down next to him, while you still rubbed the spots.

“Nothing.” He shrugged, grabbing your gaze, as you looked up at him in shock.

“Nothing? Look at my neck! This is not nothing!” 

“Calm down, we just…you weren’t yourself and I got a little carried away, so what? Nothing major happened.”

“THEN WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!” You exclaimed.

“Well, technically I’m not. It’s just a habit, I always sleep shirtless.” 

“Why were you in the same bed with me then?”

“You wanted me to sleep there, until you fell asleep. And I didn’t want to just leave you up here, love. It just wouldn’t..feel right in my stomach. I know spooning wasn’t part of the request, but you slept fine.” 

You stayed silent for moment, playing with the hem of the shirt. “Why should I believe you?” You whispered, staring down at your hands.

With a soft sigh, Peter placed a finger under your chin, bringing your attention back to him. He didn’t respond, he just stared into your eyes, slowly leaning in. You would have pushed him away, but his intense stare kept you still, not breaking the eye contact. But, soon there was the sound of the door opening, snapping both of your heads to the direction of it, seeing Newt, Thomas, Felix, and Theo. 

“Found ‘em.” Theo smirked, which disappeared when he saw what you were wearing. “Are those my clothes?”

Without answering, Peter whispered in your ear. “Wait for me in my car.” He reached into his pants pocket, grabbing his keys, and handing them to you. You grabbed them, blushing in embarrassment as you retrieved your dress and shoes, shuffling out the room, not making eye contact with anyone.

Newt pats Theo on the back, “We’ll take it from here, mate.” 

“Yeah, yeah. Now I gotta burn my fucking sheets.” He grumbled, stomping out of the room, Felix shutting the door behind him. 

Once they were alone, they all shared a hardy cheer, and applauded Pan. He, on the other hand, stared at them with an expressionless face. 

“Why the glum face, Pan? Aren’t you excited? Your victory is finally complete, you conquered the Virgin Mary! You can now be Alpha Male,” Felix complimented.

“Yeah, and I believe a ‘thank you’ is in order-”

“Thank you?” Pan raised his eyebrow, standing up. “You want me to thank you, after you drugged an innocent girl, just so I could have my way with her? Which I didn’t, by the way.”

“Wait, wait…you didn’t sleep with her?” Newt’s eyes were wide in shock and confusion. “Why in the hell not?”

“Do you know what that’s basically called?! It’s rape, man! And, what did I tell you about interfering with my plan? What were you guys thinking?!”

“We were thinking we were helping a friend out. What has gotten into you, Pan? If this happened to some other chick, you would have been all aboard for it.” Thomas placed his hands on his hips, cocking head to the side at his friend. Scoffing, Pan went over and grabbed his shirt, putting it back on.

“I don’t have time for this, I have to take Y/n home-”

“Since when did you start taking them home, Pan?” Thomas grabbed his arm, stopping him from going anywhere. “What is going on?”

“Let go,” Pan pulled away, glaring in disgust. 

“Pan, what is your problem lately? You’ve been acting strange.” Felix placed a hand on his shoulder, only for it to be pushed off.

“I’m tired of this. I can’t do this anymore.” He replied. 

“What do you mean ‘you can’t do this anymore’?”

“I can’t do this to her! I just…it doesn’t feel right. I don’t want to sleep with her if she doesn’t want to.” 

Thomas’s mouth fell open, as well as Felix’s, but Newt didn’t seem all that surprised. “Have you lost your mind? Why the sudden change in plans, she’s just some girl, I’m not fully understanding where this is suddenly coming from, Pan.”

“Because I love-!” Pan quickly shut his mouth, but it was already done. They knew the awful truth. Peter Pan fell in love. With a virgin.

“Y-You..what?” Thomas snapped, eyebrows furrowed in anger. “No. No you can’t be in love with her, there’s a code we follow, Pan.”

“Fuck the bloody code, Thomas! I’m better than this, I don’t want to sleep with hundreds of girls anymore, I don’t need to! I have finally found the one who completes me.”

“Oh God, get over yourself. You met this girl, like, three days ago, from day one she couldn’t stand any of us. And now you want to say you’re in love with her, are you stupid?” Thomas rubbed his temples, turning to Newt. “Talk some sense into him, please!”

Newt looked at Pan, his mouth opened, but no words came out. Sighing, he shook his head slightly in defeat, not being able to find the right words. “Pan…is this really what you want? To give up your rep, your freedom, and us…all for some broad who desperately needs dick in her life?”

“Do you even hear yourself? God, I can’t believe this is how I lived for the past three years. One of these days, we are going to graduate, and all this shit isn’t going to matter. 

Y/n is different; she’s smart, sarcastic, witty and has self respect. I could never ask for a more down to earth person like herself, in a million years. You wanna go around and have sluts for the rest of your lives, be my guest. But, I found a real woman who’s more than just her body. And it took me just in three days to see that, rather than three years.” 

With that said, Pan headed for the door, only for Thomas to latch onto his arm one more time. “Pan. Do you even realize what you are about to do?” 

“I have never had a more clear mind than right now. Good day, gentlemen.” He tugged his arm away from Thomas, heading downstairs so he could take you home. 

When Pan finally left the room, Thomas crossed his arms, turning to Felix. “You got the video ready?” 

Felix took out his phone, going to the one Thomas was referring to, pressing play. 

“What? What are you chuckling at?”

“Don’t tell me you’re catching feelings for this chick, dude.” 

“What? Fuck no, I could give two shits about her. Why are you asking?”

“I don’t know, I think I might have to agree with Thomas’s theory. Never in the years I’ve known you have you been this protective over some broad. Especially one with zero interest in you.” 

“That’s not true, I’m only trying this hard to get her to trust me. I said I wanted a challenge, and you guys flirting with her is getting in the way of that. I don’t care about her feelings, or her in general. My only goal is for that purity of hers to belong to me.”

Once the video stopped, a sly smirk played on Thomas’s face. “Good that. Send it to the whole student body. I’m sure Pan will understand that this is for his own good.”

“I don’t know about this…” Newt crossed his arms, an unsettling feeling started bubbling up in his stomach.

“Oh don’t worry. He’ll thank us later.”

Care Giver Pt 15 by Y. Black & Dscurve

Sorry for the wait but its here. @dscurve preciate the patience love.


    I had the best poker face. Hearing the word “pussy” out of Kelvin’s mouth was like adding fire to dry wood! If I got off this counter there was bound to be a wet spot! Kelvin walked back over standing in front of me with his eyes looking through to my soul. He looked down at my thighs crossed tight and I began to breathe shallow. My erect nipples sitting at attention as my eyes stayed glued on him. I hadn’t put a lick of clothing on today and it was almost after 10am! He walked closer to me never breaking eye contact, “You know I handle my pussy.” His teeth sank into his bottom lip as his eyes dropped down to my nipples. I couldn’t even speak I was trapped in a fog. “You know what I like to do to wet… tight… pussy?” he was inches away from me as goose bumps traveled up my arm, his lips grazed my earlobe as he groped my breasts. I moaned as Helen’s satin robe dropped silently to the floor. Softly she walked over to me just as Kelvin pulled my hips forward to the edge of the counter. “Let me show you what I love to do to pussy…. Pretty pussy….” His middle finger slips between my pink folds and I close my eyes as it slides up and down my juices coat his finger. “Fucking wet pussy…” He rubbed just inside my pussy lips as this sexual high engulfed me, Helen’s soft lips suctioned around my right nipple and I instinctively place a hand on her head and watch as she sucks and rolls her tongue across my nipple. “Aaaaaahhh…” I moan as Kelvin bends over and pulls his sweats down, gripping his dick with his left hand he begins stroking it, leaning over he takes my left breast into his mouth and mimics Helen’s tongue. “O God…..” I moan as Helen’s manicured finger slides in and out of my pussy. My chest rises and falls heavily as they moan and suck on my breasts. Kelvin slides his sweats completely off kicking them to the side and kneeling between my thighs. He’s careful to put my stiletto foot on his shoulder as his tongue dives inside my pussy! “OOOOoooo!” I moan as Helen steps back Kelvin’s tongue glides along my walls as his tongue presses against my clit. “Ooooooooo!” I moan watching Helen run her fingers up Kelvin’s back, gripping his shoulders as she leans forward her breasts sit on the back of his head, her soft lips clasp around my clit! “FUCK!” I yell as the two of them torture my senses I grip the counter edge tight fighting against gravity! “OOOOOooo… OOOooooo…” I’m so close to cumming but I don’t want them stop. I lift my ass sitting it down barely on the edge of the counter as Kelvin wraps his arms beneath my thighs securing my position. Helen finally releases her hold on me and drops to her knees behind Kelvin. He stops eating my pussy to look down as she parts his legs and slides between them on her back. I smile as she sits up taking his dick into her mouth. “FUCK!” Kelvin says looking at me with such passion. “I’m going to suck the hell out of this pussy!” I begin panting again, “Do it Kelvin” I beg leaning back as his tongue cradles inside my pussy, it darts back and forth, in a circle, around my clit…. He’s pulling out all his tricks as his tongue demands my cream I grind on his face as I moan loudly. I can hear Helen moaning on his dick, Kelvin begins moaning into my pussy as he draws closer to his nut. He suddenly sucks hard on my clit and I scream in excitement but I won’t give him what he wants yet he can’t hold his nut and moans hard on my clit as Helen swallows his load! “AAAAAAAAHH!” his muffled moan rattles my clit as I sit up on my elbows and rock my hips. Helen lies down on the floor and laughs, my ass above her head as she strokes his dick he buries his tongue deep inside me again. “Give me that sweet cream…. I want that pussy cream…. That sweet tasting pussy cream…” I close my eyes and lean my head back, “Stop saying pussy please…” I can feel the muscles in face move against my thighs as he smiles, then I jump suddenly as Helen’s hot wet tongue glides across my asshole! “Wait!” I say unsure if I can handle all this but neither listen as Kelvin sinks his tongue deep I can’t help but grind on it as Helen’s tongue slides inside me I cry out in pleasure! “OOOOOO YYYYEEESS! FUCK! Don’t stop Kelvin! Don’t…. OOOOOOOooooo! OOOOOOOoooo! OOOOOOOOOOO!” My body shakes on the counter, my stiletto heel scraps his back as he slurps up my cream! “O MY GOD!” I moan breathing hard on the counter as he licks me clean. Finally the cool air hits my pussy as he stands to his feet. I look down to see his veiny dick hard in his hand as he looks at me menacing. He thrusts his dick hard inside my soaking wet pussy, grabbing my thighs tight as he leans back on heels and pumps his dick! “AAAAAAHH Yes! FUCK! FUCK Janay! That wet pussy fucking feel good! Helen moans and Kelvin looks down as I see her hands palm his ass, she sucks on his balls…. He begins panting loud as she sucks each one, I become so aroused watching his senses heightened! “AAAAAaahhh…. AAaaaaaah…” He keeps moaning, pulling me hard to the end of the counter again, and my lower back now on the edge bangs hard against it as he pumps his dick in and out of my pussy! “FUCK Janay! I know you like this hard fucking dick!” I moan and then squeal as I feel Helen tongue on my lower pussy, it slides on Kelvin’s shaft as it goes in and out my pussy, her nose against my asshole as I squeeze the marble for dear life Kelvin moans louder! “FUCK! FUCK!” He buries his dick deep inside me thrusting as Helen resumes sucking the bottom of his shaft, massaging his balls. “O FUCK! O FUCK!” he yells, my nails sink into his forearms as I yell and cum with him. “OOOOOOO KELVIN!” He muscles flex as he keeps me from falling, small thrusts inside my pussy. He pulls me to him as he kisses me. “I love how your body reacts to me.” I smile, lowering my feet to the floor, Helen quickly gets out of the way as I use Kelvin to steady myself as I slip out of them. I lean towards his ear and whisper softly so Helen can’t hear me. He smiles and looks at her and I feel his dick grow stiff again. Helen is on her knees looking at us puzzled as I walk over to her and push her shoulders down to the floor. She smiles excited as Kelvin grabs her hips roughly, spreading her legs wide as he elevates her ass to his thighs, he enters her pussy at an angle and immediately begins thrusting fast and deep! “OOOOOOO!” she moans as her eyes light up, the death grip on her thighs leaves deep red marks as his balls bang against her. I arch my back and aim my mouth right for her clit, suction my lips around it and hold it tight as I suck on it and roll my tongue against it as Kelvin fucks her! “O FUCK!” she screams slapping me hard on my ass! I jump surprised by the unexpectedly slap but maintain my lock as I continue my method her body bucks wildly. “OOOOOO FUCK! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” She screams loud as water squirts out from her pussy! I release my hold kissing her pussy mound as Kelvin groans and pulls out I open my mouth eager as he thrusts his dick into my mouth I bob on it as he grips my head tight, driving his dick down past my tonsils, pumping his hips fast…. “Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” His dick fills my throats as nut slides into my stomach. I hold my breath for a few seconds as his dick throbs in my throat, slowly he pulls out sitting back on his heels. I sit up wiping the edge of my mouth and again I’m surprised when Kelvin pulls me to him and kisses me. I lean back in his embrace to see his face to find him deep in my eyes. “Please… be my girlfriend.” I shocked and scared as I search his eyes for deception I fail capturing only honesty and love. “O…Okay. I’ll be your girlfriend.” He kisses me again as Helen gets to her feet. This man has truly got me sprung.


I quickly went for my robe and was poised to make my exit. They’d gotten real sentimental real quick. I didn’t want to make this awkward. I threw my robe on and was reaching for the door. As soon as my hand clutched the knob I was pulled back. “And where are you going?” Janay questioned me. I was a bit surprised and hesitated. “Umm I’m headed home; you guys look to be well pleased and need to work some things out.” I really didn’t know any other way to put it. There was a bit of a silence as she looked back at Kelvin. Without looking at me she said “We want you to stay, we have to discuss you as well.” I was shocked to say the least. I had messed with girls and guys but this all of a sudden felt like something different.  I was game to figure things out though.


Shit was running a smooth as you could imagine. It had been a couple weeks since the whole little squabble in the breezeway. I was getting comfortable in my new office and hospital. Things were looking pretty swell these days. Wait; let me back up for y’all. So that day we got it poppin’ in the foyer, the conversation got into some real depth. How Janay was really feelin me, but she like the dynamic Helen brought to the bedroom. But she also expressed how the joy that they together brought me and she didn’t want that to go way. I was floored to be completely honest but my poker face is strong. But I wasn’t expecting none of this; and for her to initiate all of it was even more mind boggling. After the whole debacle with Marissa I would have never been in this position. So as I understood and took it was we were trying a poly situation. Shit was new for us all but I liked it thus far. I was just optimistic about everything. I was getting the pills back out to cuzzo so we were making that side of things pop. His store was booming. Everything was on the up and up.

I would rarely see Nay while on the clock. She too was still getting her feet wet at Regional Med. Even though that wouldn’t stop my mind from drifting in my spare time. I missed our little run-ins at the old hospital.  Shit today I was craving lil mama exceptionally bad. I decided to take a break from computer and office and go on a bit of a scavenger hunt. I’d looked Janay up in the hospital directory and found out she was on floor 4. I took my horny ass up there with at with all kinds of naught intentions running through my mind. I gave half ass smiles as I made my way to her quarters. When I arrived at her door it was still P-touched labeled with her name. I guess they hadn’t made the official door label. I quietly twisted the knob opening the door slowly; stepping inside; I wanted to surprise her. I crept in and inched the door closed behind me. I looked by her desk but her computer was on screensaver mode like she had been MIA for a while but, her door was unlocked. I found it odd but I didn’t read too much into it. I headed back towards the exit.  That was until I heard a whimper; I froze for a split second. Shaking my head I dismissed the sound, chalking it up to my own overzealous horniness. As my hot hand gripped the frigid knob I heard it again. This time I followed the melody, as it seemed to beckon for my attention. I had noticed the door when I first panned the room but I figured it was but a coat closet. I leaned in and put my ear to the door.  I could vividly hear slurping of what I could only imagine to be pussy lips followed by muffled moans. My scrubs did absolutely nothing to impede my stiffening dick. I couldn’t help but grab my shit as I tuned in. I wonder who was eating who. I knew it had to be Helen and Janay. I mean how could it not be? I was convinced till Janay walked thru her door and scared the fuck out of me.  “Kelvin!” She shot at me… “Shhhh… wait if you’re here then who’s in there?” “What are you talking about boy?” I waved her over to the door. “Come listen I whispered.” She strutted over and planted her ear to the door. Pulling her ear back she gave me a (what the fuck) kind of glare. I just raised my eyebrows and smirked. She reached for the knob but I redirected her hand to my own knob. She gripped it making firm eye contact with me. Slowly she began massaging me. “Mmmm… Put your ear back to the door and caress me in rhythm with the sounds they make baby.” I commanded in a whisper.  My good girl obeyed as we both listened in. Wasn’t long before my hands began to roam and fondle my lady. Her breathing began to deepen as our bodies drew near one another. “Baby I want you.” She muttered. “I want you too mama.” I spoke into her neck. “Shit we can’t do this here with them in my office.” She sobbed a bit.  “Oh but we can baby. You just have to keep it down. You remember how we had fun at the other hospital right.” My baby nodded. “So let’s indulge in each other, they’ve struck a match. Let’s give them a real flame.” Her skirt became scrunched up around her waist and her panties pushed to the side. Her pussy was already soaking wet. My mouth started salivating at the sensation between her thighs. With her ear still to the door she dug her nails into my flesh. I rubbed her clit making her knees weak. We made our way to her desk and were well past rounding third-base as the head of my dick was grazing her lips preparing for entry. Before I could get it in past the tip we heard the door opened and I froze. Janay popped up to a sitting position. I heard someone behind me say “Oh shit.” I was nervous as shit. Janay’s facial expression was confused and that didn’t help my nerves. I finally turned around. Man it was two whole grown ass men hanging their heads and shame. I was tempted to hang my head right along with them. I didn’t know how to feel. That shit fucked me all the way up. I looked back a Janay and she was trying everything he power to contain her laugh. “Really you two?” I put my dick back in my pants as any excitement he had was gone.  She was completely rolling. The two dudes slipped towards the door and threw their hands up in apology. I just nodded as big head was just completely beside herself. “Man I’ll see you later.” I walked out of her office feeling awkward as shit.

I meddled through the rest of the day. I couldn’t really focus much after that. Though I had to admit that was funny as fuck, when I sat back and thought about it. Initially the hyper-masculine side of me had me questioning myself and shit. But honestly how could I have known. I called Janay and she immediately began chuckling when she picked up. I let her know I was headed home and I was going to check on Helen and what not. She acknowledged what the game plan was and said she would stop by after work to see me. I made a mention of dinner for us later in the week and she was with it, just had to get lil mama take on it before I penciled it in. As I exited the door I felt like someone was extremely close behind me going into the garage. I stepped to the side. The person passed me and turned around quickly to face me.  “Kelvin we need to talk.” It was Marissa’s ass. I couldn’t fathom why she would even be here. “Naw I’m good there’s nothing to be said Marissa.”  


“I’ve met your dad,” Nico says with a frown. He hesitates before shyly leaning into Will’s shoulder. Warmth fills him like it always does, and while Nico’s heart is pummeling in his chest, there’s a lingering after effect of serenity. 


“Did you?” Will sounds a little nervous. He’s been struggling through an anatomy book called Know Your Body for the past hour, but the reaction to Nico’s meeting Apollo already seems to frighten him even more. 


“He was the second god I ever met and he patted me on the head. It was like meeting a celebrity.” Nico bites the inside of his mouth, too embarrassed to meet Will’s eye. “But I like you better." 


"Good.” Will sounds ridiculously satisfied by the answer, which is concerning in itself. 

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You Lift Me Up // Liam Dunbar Imagine Part 1/2

Request: Hi! Can you write an oneshot/mini series (idk) where the reader is in a wheelchair and liam falls in love with her and helps her a lot like for example lifting her up on the stairs in his house idk just cute fluff :3

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Warnings: N/A

There will be a lot of more fluff in part 2!! 


Monday afternoons on the field are crowded at Beacon Hills High. It’s the day of the week every sports coach in existence decides it’s a perfect day for a practice because clearly the tournament the players had over the weekend wasn’t enough to tire them out. With the lacrosse team and the boys and girls soccer team, it’s safe to say the school really needs to invest in a new field.

“Alright girls,” (Y/N) shouts so the whole girl’s soccer team can hear her, “I know it’s really crowded and hot today but we’re gonna have a great practice! Ok?” She smiles genuinely at her team and gets mostly smiles back. (Y/N) is co-caption of the team. However, even though (Y/N) is younger than Jackie, the other caption who’s a senior, she gets more respect. Not only is it because (Y/N) is incredible at the sport but because Jackie is just mean and unreasonable and no one wants to deal with that. But she’s also good so she got the title.

“Let’s do some warm up drills then we’ll practice some foot work.” (Y/N) says and the girls starting to get up to get in their drill lines.

“We’re not gonna split the team and play a game?” Jackie ask in a rude tone while giving (Y/N) a nasty look. Jackie’s had it out for (Y/N) since last school year. As soon as (Y/N) joined the team her freshman year, Jackie saw how good she is. With that talent she immediately knew (Y/N) would be a threat to her shot at captain. And she was right. Here they are with two captains instead of one.

(Y/N)’s unphased by Jackie’s usual attitude, “We can do that tomorrow. It’s too crowded. We won’t have enough room. Besides, the heat is almost unbearable today and we don’t want anyone passing out.” Jackie rolls her eyes and nods because she knows (Y/N) is right. The team breaks into their lines and (Y/N) and Jackie lead the drills.
Liam, Scott, Stiles, Kira, and the rest of lacrosse team, are lined taking turns trying to shoot a goal with a goalie in position. It’s how they start of every practice. Liam stops talking to his three friends behind him because it’s his turn to shoot. He makes the goal and jogs to the back of the line. Liam looks around the crowded field to as he stands waiting for Scott to join him in the back of the line. His eyes meet with a girl on the soccer team who seems to be leading drills. Her hair is up in a messy bun and she’s wearing casual clothes, Nike leggings and a tank top, but Liam still notices how pretty she is. She’s shouting encouraging things to her team mates and even with an annoyingly crowed field and scorching sun, she still has a smile on her face. He can see how skilled she is at soccer by watching her.

“Liam!” Scott yells snapping Liam out of his trance.

“What?” He ask.

“What were you staring at? That’s the third time I called your name.” Scott laughs.

“Nothing.” Liam lies. Scott doesn’t even have to hear his heart beat to know he’s lying through his teeth. Scott looks over in the direction Liam was looking.

“Is it one of the girls on the soccer team?”

“I wasn’t staring at anyone, Scott.”

“Alright. Whatever you say.” Scott sings.

“What are you guys talking about?” Kira ask as she comes to the back of the line.

“Liam likes one of the girls on the soccer team.” Scott smirks.

“I do not! I don’t even know her name!” Liam defends.

“So you were staring at someone!” Scott smiles proudly at himself for cracking Liam.


“That’s so cute!” Kira smiles. “Which one?”

“Not telling.” Liam says.

“Ugh, you’re no fun.” Kira pouts.

Practice is halfway over and Liam can’t stop staring at this girl. He’s trying to do it secretly because his friends are already onto him, but it’s not really working. He watches the girl as she walks over to her water bottle to get a drink but frowns when she realizes it’s empty. He can’t help but think how cute her little pout is. It looks like she tells the team she’s going to fill it up but then other girls ask her to fill theirs up to. She accepts with a smile on her face and grabs three other water bottles and starts to walk inside.

“Do you need me to fill up your water bottle?” Liam ask Stiles.

“Nope,” Stiles says popping the “p”, “Just filled it.” Stiles is about to get a sip of his water but Liam rips it out of his hand, opens the lip, and pours the whole thing out.

“I’ll fill it up for you.” Liam smiles and before Stiles can react, Liam is walking towards the school. He takes a deep breath before he turns onto the hallway of the nearest water fountain. He sees the girl filling up the first water bottle with the other three on top of the water fountain. Liam walks over to the bigger fountain that’s next to smaller fountain she’s using. She looks up, noticing someone is next to her, and smiles politely at him before turning her attention back to the water bottle so it doesn’t over flow. Liam can’t believe how beautiful she is closer up. She has beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, a beautiful smile, just insanely beautiful features.

“Hi.” Liam smiles.

She looks back up and smiles again. “Hey.”

“You’re really good out there. I was watching you,” Liam cringes at his word choice, “Not like watching you. That sounds creepy. I’m not a stalker or anything.” Liam laughs nervously.

(Y/N) blushes at the compliment and smiles at how cute Liam is. “I understand,” she laughs, “thanks. You’re really good too. I came to the lacrosse game last week and saw you play. Um I didn’t come just to see you play. That’d be weird. I just came and happened to see you play because you’re on the team…” (Y/N) trails off awkwardly and but Liam just finds it adorable. (Y/N) thinks about how her and her friends were in the stands and she just to happened to be swooning over how attractive Liam looks when he’s on the field.

“I’m Liam.” He smiles.

“(Y/N).” She smiles back.

“Uh do you need help filling those up?” He points to the other water bottles.

“Oh yeah that’d be great. The shorter the team is out there with just Jackie there to captain the better.” (Y/N) laughs.

“You’re a captain?” Liam ask impressed as he starts to fill a water bottle.

“Yeah well co-captain.” She nods.

“Good for you.” He says with a smile. (Y/N) finishes filling the last water bottle.

“Thanks for helping me. It was nice meeting you.” She says truthfully.

“Yeah you too. Hopefully we see more of each other.”

“Yeah I’d like that. Ok well bye.” She smiles one last time then turns around to make her way back outside. Liam smiles to himself as he fills up Stiles’s water bottle.


“Ok so we’ll do one on ones then we’re done for today.” Jackie yells to the team. One on ones are a way for the girls to practice the footwork they just learned. They start at half field and make their way down the field to shoot a goal while another girl plays defense and tries to steal the ball.

Practice is almost over and it’s time for Jackie and (Y/N) to do a one on one. One on ones are (Y/N)’s speciality simply because she has amazing footwork and she’s quick on her feet. Jackie has never beaten (Y/N) but she’s determined to this time. (Y/N) starts dribbling the ball down the field and Jackie does her job trying to steal. She’s not having so much luck and (Y/N) is almost at the net where she’ll have a clean shot. Jackie loses all sort of sportsmanship and respect and does an illegal move by quickly tripping (Y/N) then shoves her. She steals the ball and shoots and when she turns around to rub it in (Y/N)’s face, she sees (Y/N) on the floor holding her leg with her face scrunched up in pain.

Liam and Scott heard a bone break with their enhanced hearing. They turn around a see the girls soccer team crowded around someone on the floor. The two look at each other then run to the crowd, hoping there’s a way they can help. When they get there the crowd has gotten bigger and they push their way through. Liam’s breath catches in his throat when he sees that it’s (Y/N) on the floor.

“Ok everyone stand back! Give her some room please!” He shouts at the crowd and they listen. “Did you guys already call a paramedic?” He ask the girls. They all nod and say yes. Liam bends down to (Y/N) on the floor.

“Here take my hand in squeeze. I know you’re in pain. Let it out.” (Y/N) doesn’t need to be told twice. She grabs Liam’s hand and squeezes immediately. Even with Liam’s strength, damn this girl is strong. “You need to breathe too. You don’t want to pass out.”

(Y/N) nods. “I feel like you’re talking me through giving birth.” She laughs but then groans in pain. Even in pain, (Y/N) made a joke and Liam admires that. Liam wishes Scott could take away her pain but it would be too risky if her pain magically went away, as soon as Scott grabs her hand, in front of all these people.

Liam is right by her side talking her through it all the way up until her parents and the ambulance comes.
Liam sat awake in bed last night wondering (Y/N)’s condition. He wanted to text or call her to see how she’s doing but he doesn’t have her number. He asked Mason if he did by any chance but all Mason did was say he didn’t and the tease him about (Y/N). He’s walking down the hallway when he sees (Y/N) turn the corner but she’s in a wheelchair…

Liam immediately frowns feeling bad for her. He walks over to (Y/N) who’s getting help from a friend at her locker.

“Hey, (Y/N).” He smiles.

“Oh hey, Liam. How are you?” She ask in her usual happy mood.

“I’m good,” he nods. Before he can stop himself he says what he’s thinking, “You look really pretty today. Well not just today. You’re always pretty. You look good. Um ok anyway, how’s your leg? I mean I know it’s broken. You’re in a wheelchair and you’re wearing a cast but what’s your condition?” (Y/N) can’t help the smile that’s been growing on her face since Liam started talking. Not to mention the blush. Not only did he compliment her but he actually seems concerned for her well being.

“Yeah it’s broken but it could be worse. I need to be in a wheelchair for about a week so I don’t put any weight on it then when it heals more I can go to crutches. Luckily it’s the end of the season so I won’t be missing too much.” She shrugs. Liam finds it amazing how optimistic she is. He’s not so optimistic all the time so they’d balance each other out.

“That’s good. Well if you need anything, I’d love to help. Maybe we could swap numbers?” He ask nervously as he scratches the back of his neck.

“Yeah,” she smiles, “that’d be good.” The pair gives each other their phones and put their numbers in.

“I also wanted to say thanks. For how you helped me on the field. I probably would have started crying if you weren’t keeping me calm,” (Y/N) let’s out a laugh and Liam loves it, “How’d you even learn to do that? Talk someone through it like that?”

“It’s no problem. And I don’t know. I guess I’ve seen it done a couple times. You know, on the lacrosse field.” Liam says. The truth is that he’s seen the pack members do it to one other when someone gets hurt and it’s how Scott calms him down when Liam is having trouble controlling his shifting.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys,” (Y/N)’s friend says, “But I have to meet someone. Do you think you’ll be ok (Y/N)? Liam well help you with your stuff if you need it.” Before (Y/N) can respond, her friend is long gone. (Y/N) knows her friend is doing this on purpose. (Y/N) may have told her friend last night that she now has a little crush on Liam.

“You don’t need to help if you’re gonna be late for class. It’s ok.”

“No it’s fine! I’d love to help. Here let me grab your stuff.”

Liam picks up (Y/N)’s backpack and textbook and helps wheel her to the elevator. She scans the card they give to people who need the elevator and it opens. This time (Y/N) wheels herself in and Liam stands next to her as the elevator door closes. There’s a silence that’s not completely awkward but still not comfortable. Liam turns his head a little to observe (Y/N), which she can’t see because of the height she is when she’s sitting down. He watches her as she runs her fingers through her hair then rest her hands on her lap. She starts playing with her fingers then speaks.

“Um I never got the chance to say thank you. For the compliment earlier…” she fights the light blush that wants to make an appearance. She bites her lip nervously and Liam almost forgets he needs to respond because he’s too busy wishing he was biting her lip.

He smiles warmly, “You’re welcome. You don’t have to thank me. You probably get that all the time. I mean look at you.” (Y/N) laughs lightly and this blush isn’t so easy to hide and Liam thinks she’s cuter than cute.

She shrugs, “Not really. I don’t know. I keep to myself at first when I don’t know someone.” This is true. (Y/N)’s an extremely fun and outgoing person but not when you first meet her. She’s one of those people who starts to grow as you get to know her. “I guess I’m comfortable around you because I wasn’t shy when we first met.”

Liam smiles to himself. “I’m glad. That’s good to hear.”

The elevator door opens and Liam almost groans aloud when he sees the pack talking in front of Lydia’s locker. He told the pack about his little crush last night, not willingly, and he just knows they’ll tease him when they see the two together.

“Hey, Liam.” Malia says with a smirk on her face as soon as she sees the pair. The pack turns to Liam and (Y/N) and smile.

“Hey guys. This is-”

“(Y/N),” Scott finishes, “we know. You told us about her last night, remember?” Scott loves teasing Liam and embarrassing him. He’s grown to be a big brother to Liam and with love comes messing around with the kid.

“You’re right,” Lydia says, “she is pretty.” (Y/N) blushes and tries to hide her smile.

Stiles joins in, “Oh my gosh yeah he said you were pretty more than twice. The kid wouldn’t shut up.” The blush on her face is totally evident now.

“Alright,” Kira laughs “that’s enough embarrassment for one day. We hope you feel better soon, (Y/N).”

(Y/N) smiles, “Thanks guys,” the warning bell rings signaling they only have a few minutes left to get to class, “It was nice meeting you guys!” Everyone goes their separate direction and Liam goes with (Y/N) because their classes are in the same direction. (Y/N) stops her wheelchair at a class.

“Ugh I hate this class,” (Y/N) groans, “chemistry really sucks. I just don’t get certain things in it.” Suddenly Liam thinks of the perfect opportunity to get closer to her.

“If you want, I can help you out. My old school made me take it already so I could have enough credits to transfer here.”

“Oh my gosh, that would be great! I could use some help. I have a test next week if you want to help me study for it?”

Liam smiles, “Yeah sure. Would my house work?” He ask nervously.

“Yeah that works. Thanks Liam. Now go so you’re not late for class.” She smiles.

He shrugs, “Some things are worth being late for.” Liam smirks when he sees a blush on (Y/N)’s face and hears her heart skip a beat.

“I’ll see you later, Dunbar.” She smiles at him one last time before wheeling herself into her class.

Liam walks to his class with a smile on his face. If he couldn’t go without thinking about (Y/N) before, he definitely can’t now.


Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it. I also know almost nothing about lacrosse or soccer so please excuse me if I wrote anything stupid haha.


Happy Teen Wolf day!! x

Alby gets the text message a little after midnight, and he barely has the energy to move his arm and blindly reach for his phone, refusing to lift his face from where it’s pressed into his pillow.

It’s a message from Newt; Alby reads it squinting at his phone that shines too brightly in his dark room (apparently he can adjust those settings, but he still hasn’t figured out how). 

from: newt
when did u realise you were gay

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Dear Mark, Felix and Jack
I’m so sorry all the shipping shit has gotten in the way of a lot of things for all of you. I’m not a hater nor an intense shipper and I LOVE Y'ALL with your girlfriends :3
I’m just saying sorry on behalf of the reasonable side of the shipping community and people who are truly feeling awful for you guys because of the ships ect. I’m not saying shipping is a bad thing I’m just saying…it’s really gotten out of hand and that can’t be easy for you guys.
I hope y'all have an awesome day!

From - concerned fan

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier

Bastille - Torn Apart (Bastille VS. Grades)

In all honesty, I find this video even more meaningful than the previous ones they had already released for the Bad Blood album.

I mean, yes, it does goes against what decent is in society’s standards.
I don’t want to dub this as an artist thing because I’m not a fan of labels, but come on guys…
I think it’s pretty neat. You can actually interpret it quite literally.

Love is love, and so they say.
Who ever came up with this video, be it the Bastille members, producers, directors, I don’t know who else — all I can think of is that they chose the explicit way of conveying a message, because which else is the better way to make people listen to something you have to say than getting their full attention?

It can be taken in different forms:
1. It’s plain weird and has disgustingly gotten way out of hand
2. People have many faces that you will only get to see once you choose to stay with them, and which you probably will never see if you left them
3. Love is diverse
4. Love is diverse as fuCK, I mean seriously diverse
5. Everyone can love. Three-dicked aliens and vagina-stomached aliens can love, both romantically and sexually
6. gET over it
7. People are weird, love is weird, you get to see things that sometimes you wish you could unsee when you venture in the world of love
8. Everybody argues and throws different things no matter which couple you are
9. Your partner will scare and confuse the soul out of your body at some point, I guarantee it
10. People change in the course of the relationship, and time itself
11. Sometimes people (or aliens, or whatever creature that can love) are face with things they want, and then sometimes things that they do not even remotely dislike
12. Et cetera
13. Love is love, and sometimes it leads to music and videos like Torn Apart

And then there’s the lyrics:

I could only be myself, with you around

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we all are their judges.

The thing is, BASTILLE is a band that makes music first and foremost, and that’s where I want to put my attention initially. It kind of hurts that some people are dissing them for going astray from their rock alternative genre, for having a gross music video, for blaming a sole band member for the video, and so on, and so on… Guys. We are all entitled to our own opinions. This is mine, for example. And in my opinion, it’s kind of sad that some people choose to lash out in the blaming and the dissing towards the band that you once claimed to love.

This is an experimental mixtape, and I interpret it as an eye-opener in someways.
A lot of music videos barely make sense and are outrageously weird.
It would be nice if we just sticked to loving them for what they do, and if you don’t find it endearing, maybe just wait for their next official album tracks or something.

anonymous asked:


How I feel about this character

Greg Universe as a character requires way, way, way more love than he gets, in-series or out. This is basically a normal guy who has gotten into a world that feels way too far over his head for his personal comfort, and yet, no matter how much he waves his hands and talks about staying out of “Gem stuff”, as soon as something important is on the line, he’ll drop everything and run headlong straight into it.

An incomplete list of things Greg has canonically done:

  • Was given an alien rock that was screaming, and basically no context other than it was supposed to be some kind of message. Using a van and sound equipment, he got that sucker hooked up to a television, and decoded a goddang video transmission, complete with not half-bad picture.
  • Attacked quite possibly the most powerful supernatural character seen yet, with a van, to protect his son.  
  • Approached a massive geode that was leaking magical turbulence dangerous enough that it could’ve, in Pearl’s own words “vaporized” a Gem armed with nothing but determination and ordinary duct-tape, and patched that sucker.
  • Despite having no idea what was going on with Steven’s out-of-control shapeshifting, stuck with him and did everything he could to help even though the cat-blobs attacked him in response.
  • Settled into a town in which he had absolutely no contacts or relations, seemingly started his own business, and remained steadily employed for upwards of thirty years.
  • Kept a magical artifact safe for years, and retrieved it the very same day that the Crystal Gems needed it.
  • Raised a baby with superhuman strength and a bevy of superpowers that tend to run out of control/flare up when he gets upset. During this, established multiple rituals/events that they did together (having a specific routine for Steven’s birthday, participating in a parade together, watching fireworks) bought Steven toys, and lived together with Steven until Steven was too big to live with Greg in the van- and still remains an active part of Steven’s life despite not being under the same roof.

Greg Universe is extremely good.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

Rose Quartz. :D

No, really. That is a well-written ship and I like it. Even small things, like how in We Need To Talk he specifically set up boxes as stairs beforehand so he’d be able to dip Rose for their kiss, and that several times, he gives insight into Rose comparable to- and often a bit more honest- than the recounts given by the Crystal Gems.

I really want at least one good AU where Rose gets to stick around after Steven’s birth and exploring Steven, Greg, and Rose’s dynamic as a family together.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

Garnet, actually!

Amethyst and Pearl both have spoken somewhat disparagingly of Greg (and we’ve seen that both of them have certain issues) but Garnet, seemingly as early as We Need To Talk, was speaking honestly and openly with Greg about a topic that’s rather personal to her, and makes several overtures of specifically going out of her way to acknowledge him, such as in The Message. Keystone Motel shows him being familiar enough with Ruby and Sapphire to recognize them on sight and know that them separating in that manner meant there was immediate trouble going on. Statements by Crewniverse that Garnet knew Steven was “ready” to know about Ruby and Sapphire after his own experience with fusing in Alone Together, Greg knowing about Ruby and Sapphire isn’t a small deal- this is something Garnet doesn’t seem to trust just anyone with.

Especially since as of the Week of Sardonyx, it’s clear that Garnet is suffering from not really having a good person to confide in- her social circle is very narrow, and she seems to regard Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven as protectorates that she ‘holds back’ her issues from, because they need her to be an immaculate leader. And since Ruby and Sapphire are virtually always fused, the only real chance they get to talk things out between them is when something has gone wrong enough to rip them apart.

Greg might not be an ageless magical alien but he’s a solid guy and I think he could at least be something of a listening ear/someone for Garnet to talk to. And on his end, given how involved he is in his son’s life, it’d be nice if Steven’s other parents did a little more to acknowledge that he exists and is seriously hauling his weight here (some of that is coming up with Pearl’s clear shift in demeanor towards him, but still….)

My unpopular opinion about this character

People who waited until Story For Steven to say Greg was endearing were clearly not paying enough attention. Look at this person.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

Someone please give Greg money. He is a good dad and does not deserve his financial situation.

Also I’m sorta waiting for his waffle iron to make a triumphant resurgence, some time when some antagonistic force fails to properly heed its warning and a face is promptly waffled.

get wrecked Yellow Diamond

Reblogging vs. Reposting

Hey guys!

I received a really good question, and thought I’d spread the word :)


I am absolutely fine with you guys reblogging my work! In fact, I LOVE it when you guys enjoy my work enough to reblog it! Not only does that say you think it is worthy of a reblog, but it also helps me as an artist! Reblogs help spread my work to possible new fans, clients, and other viewers, while retaining proper credit with me as the artist. 

So, reblogging from the original artist? ABSOLUTELY YES! 


I am AGAINST reposting, which is downloading my art, and re-uploading it onto Tumblr. 90% of the time, the post will not be sourced/credited, so even if people see it, they will not know it is my work, or worse, they will think the person who reposted it is the original artist. 

This does nothing for me, or for any artist, and is highly disrespectful. Artists put in time and effort to draw these pieces, and should always be properly credited. Like their work? Reblog from the artist’s tumblr if you can! You are supporting them that way by spreading their art properly, and the artist will most likely keep posting art! I have seen some artists completely stop posting or delete their blogs after reposting has gotten out of hand! 

If the artist does not have a Tumblr account, please read their information! Sometimes, they will not want their art to be posted at all, proper credit or not.

I could write a ton more, but I’ll just stop here :)

Remember guys, yes to reblogging! No to reposting! Hope this helped clear any confusion!

Keeping Track

Repetitive due to different sources

Joanne Mitchell will play Sandra and Isobel Steele will play Aaron’s sister.

Mainly DS, Metro and Mags - I update it as the mag spoilers come in

Tuesday 23rd Feb:

*+*+*+Aaron’s home*+*+*+

Robert tells Chas to stay away from Gordon, pointing out that the last thing Aaron needs is for her to get arrested. DS Wise arrives at the pub to talk about the vandalism at Gordon’s house, and Chas is busted when he says they have a witness who gave a description matching her. He lets her off with a warning.

Everyone in the pub is concerned over Gordon, but Aaron arrives and feels utterly betrayed that his mother has exposed the story. He wants Chas to take back what she said by telling everyone that it didn’t happen.

Aaron feeling betrayed that the whole village knows because of Chas and is desperate for her to tell people it didn’t happen

We find out everything about the George sampson character (robert pays him to be a false witness/victim)

George Sampson’s character is Ryan: “He’s a local guy who just wants to intervene in people’s business. Where he can get what he wants in a certain situation, he will do so.“

Rhona is furious over Paddy’s latest behaviour and tells him that she’s glad Tess is dead. Paddy insists they don’t stand a chance as a couple unless they start talking to each other.

Wednesday 24th Feb:

Diane apologises to Chas for bringing Gordon back into her life

Robert tries to convince Aaron that everybody knowing the truth about Gordon is a good thing - With what happened to him as a child completely out in the open thanks to Chas, Aaron is at a low ebb. Luckily a private word with Robert brings him round. Even after all that’s happened they can still be upfront and honest with each other.

Aaron is convinced that his stepmother Sandra is his only hope, but he can’t find her.

Later, Robert makes a mysterious phone call and asks the person on the other end to do him a favour. - If you were worried about Sugden suddenly ditching his old ways, don’t be. He’s got connections and he uses them to make a mysterious phone call.It’s not quite on the same level as his wife-pushing, child-threatening, robbery-organising, caravan-torching days, but he’s retained some of the old (loveable?) sketchy personality that drew Aaron to him in the first place. How does he know all these people who owe him favours anyway??

Not long afterwards, Aaron is stunned when Robert says he’s found Sandra and she has changed her surname.

Robert makes a discovery that could help aaron, while the troubled dingle makes a mysterious phone call

Rhona tells Paddy that she’s ready to talk and wants him to start from the beginning, but it’s too much to cope with and she soon loses her temper in front of Leo.

Thursday 25th Feb:

Cain can see that Chas is starting to unravel and is shocked when she lashes out at him.  Cain opens up to Chas

Robert forces Aaron to take him with him when he visits Sandra. Aaron is pleased to have the support, but he decides against telling Chas where he is going.  Robert really comes through for Aaron next week. He goes with him to visit Sandra, and on Thursday stands by Aaron’s side as a gentle voice of reason and reassurance.

As they chat over a coffee Aaron thanks Robert for being there for him and tries to kiss him, but a conflicted Robert respectfully turns him down. Not only is it a good continuation of Robert’s character growth but a strong sign that their feelings for each are more than just physical.

A meaningful conversation in the park at night makes both lads realise there could be a chance for them to give their relationship a ‘proper chance’. It’s a gorgeous scene that Robron fans will be making .GIFs and motivational posters of for months to come. Trust us.

Robert will be very respectful and decent

Aaron gets nervous when they pull up outside Sandra’s house, so he and Robert decide to have a drink first. Robert and Aaron have a serious chat together, but are interrupted by a teenage girl who wants a bus fare home. Later, the same girl snatches Aaron’s wallet near the house and Robert tackles her for it. When they get to Sandra’s house they see the same girl and Aaron realises it’s his sister Liv… (Which long suffering lad is mugged…. By a face from his past?)

With Liv out of earshot, Aaron prepares to tell Sandra everything, but he is shocked when she insists that she can’t stand up for him in court.

It soon becomes clear to Aaron, that Sandra knew more about the abuse than he thought. Furious, he pins her up against a wall. Has Aaron’s anger ruined his chances of getting Sandra on his side? And did Sandra really know?

Aaron’s feeling paranoid at the moment and he thinks that people are out to get him. He knows that Sandra has changed her surname and she’s changed her address, plus she’s very nervous and shocked to see him.

Aaron realises that she knew and she’s in denial, because she thinks that she is incriminated in this herself and she could go to prison for knowing the truth. So Aaron gets a bit aggressive. For a second he forgets where he is and he grabs hold of her. Liv sees it and it breaks her heart

He gets more and more frustrated, and then blows it by grabbing hold of sandra.  It’s at this point Liv walks in and sees what’s happening, which breaks Aaron’s heart.  It means she’s heard everything Aaron’s said about their Dad

That plot twist begins when viewers see Aaron and his lover Robert tracking down Sandra – and her daughter Liv, who is Aaron’s half-sister – and paying her a visit.

However, Aaron soon becomes incensed by what Sandra has to say, and in a rage, he pins her against a wall…It’s at that point that she will confess she knew Gordon was raping Aaron, but chose to turn a blind-eye and so did nothing to save the boy.

However, though she admits that to Aaron, when she’s interviewed by the police, she denies everything, leaving the case against Gordon in peril.

Friday 26th Feb:

Chas is worried when DS Wise tells them that Sandra denied any knowledge of the abuse.

Cain promises Chas that he’ll have a proper talk with Aaron and urges him to drop the case (wtf? - Aaron’s shocked by Cain’s advice). However, just as Aaron is about to tell the police that he wants to drop the case, DC Wise drops a bombshell - a second victim has come forward…

Instantly Aaron thinks that the other victim is Liv, but the police can’t give away that information. But in the end they can see just how frustrated Aaron is and how scared he is for his sister, so they confirm that it’s a male victim.

Paddy and Rhona have a blazing row in the car, witnessed by a concerned Pearl. Pearl later tells Vanessa what she saw and hopes Rhona is not back on the painkillers.

Monday 29th Feb:

Chas gets an unwelcome visitor

Chas is feeling optimistic about the case against Gordon following the news of the ‘new victim’ who has come forward. However, she is soon left shocked when Gordon turns up, claiming that he knows she paid his neighbour Ryan to say he was abused by him.

Gordon slams Chas against the wall and everyone in the pub is soon shocked to see Marlon pushing Gordon through from the back, while Doug calls the police. Later, Chas is in disbelief as Robert drops a bombshell which could have huge repercussions for Aaron…

Gordon turns up at the pub and attacks Chas because he thinks it’s her that’s paid his neighbour Ryan to make a false claim against him. She’s saved by Marlon and the police. The police arrest Gordon.

Tuesday 1st March:

Aaron gets some news

Robert tries to convince Chas not to tell Aaron the truth about the new witness, but the choice is taken out out of her hands when DS Wise tells them they can now charge Gordon and Aaron resolves to go ahead with it.

Robert has to tell Chas what he’s done and she’s angry but he convinced her he’s done it for the right reasons.

Wednesday 2nd March:

Aaron sees Robert and Ryan together, Robert confesses (Who is horrified to discover that their ex has done something seriously reckless on their behalf? )

Robert panics when Ryan arrives in the village and protests that he can’t go through with the plan as it’s getting out of hand.

As Robert wins Ryan round by offering him more cash, Aaron arrives and looks put out to see Robert with another guy. Will Robert come clean as to what he’s up to?

Ryan later turns up having gotten cold feet. How will Robert deal with this predicament? ‘The same way Robert talks anyone round,’ Ryan revealed. ‘He twists, manipulates, bribes – anything he can do to get what he wants!’

And while he appears to have subdued Ryan for now, Aaron clocks them together. Initially feeling pangs of jealousy that Robert is with another guy, Aaron is put out – meaning that Robert feels he has to reveal who Ryan is. And while initially he doesn’t give away that he actually paid Ryan, Robert later comes clean.

Aaron is then left with a dilemma – while his heart tells him that he should really convince Ryan to retract the false statement, another part of him is nagging that it could wreck the whole case against Gordon.

Thursday 3rd March:

Aaron is still upset about what Robert did, but Chas tells him not to make a grand gesture that allows Gordon to get off scot-free. Aaron is left feeling completely torn and visits Ryan, but will he tell him to retract his statement?

Chas says that Ryan has retracted his statement, but the police have charged Gordon anyway. Later, Aaron tells Robert that all he wants is for them to be mates. Robert is left kicking himself for doing the decent thing by rejecting vulnerable Aaron a few days previously.

Aaron that tells Robert they can only ever be friends

But as he and Aaron have another conversation, Robert is crushed when Aaron tells him that he just wants them to be mates and he is left kicking himself for rejecting Aaron’s advances a few days previously.

However, with the relationship having clearly moved forward, is it more of a case of taking things very slowly as opposed to there being no chance of a reunion?

Aaron tells Ryan to retract his statement. The police say they’ve charged Gordon anyway but all could be lost for Robert when Aaron tells him all he wants is for them to be mates.

Sam and Megan in the woods, Megan goes into labour then Sam gets shot by Joanie - leaving Megan alone

Week 10 (7th - 11th march)

No Spoilers yet (looks like break week)

Week 11 (14th - 18th march)

Robert: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Aaron: All Week.

16th March Gordon’s plea hearing

Divorce update this week too.

What Next?

Will the police be able to prosecute Gordon?

New Dingle possibly Cain and Chas’ mum Faith (Aarons granny!)

Holly Barton returns

Charity Returns            

Aaron’s sister will challenge their relationship because she and Robert won’t get on and will be competing for Aaron’s affections

Rucaya and perfection

I think one of the biggest reasons why I ship lucaya over rucas is because of one of their similarities.

Sure people give rucas fans a lot of grief over ‘they’re the same person’ and ‘they have lots in common’, and in a relationship you DO need common interests. But with rucas, the parts of them that are the same are the parts that NEED to be different.

We were told 'people change people’, yet we later saw rucas say 'so why do I need you?’ This shows us that they CAN’T change each other. They are TOO similar.

Rucas fans might say 'well, Lucas and Maya have nothing in common so how are they supposed to have a good relationship?’

1. The more different they are, the more they can change each other.

2. They do have similarities!

Both seem to come from 'broken families’ of some sort, Maya’s is pretty obvious but Lucas’s dad… What’s going on there? And his pappy joe/the others weren’t proud of him, but were ashamed? Plus there’s the thing that Lucas did in Texas that makes him imperfect.

I think that one of the biggest reasons why Maya likes Lucas is because of this. She sees the parts of him that aren’t perfect, even from early on. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have hope and Riley does.

When they first meet him on the subway, they know NOTHING about him. Yet Riley assumes he is this perfect guy? Maya, on the other hand, does not. She teases him, and tries to get to him ('I will never get to you, will I?’). She knows that he’s not perfect. Maybe she wants to show Riley this so she doesn’t get hurt? Although in GM secret of life Riley does find out that he’s not perfect. And Maya 'finally likes him’?

I find it REALLY interesting how it’s in GM the secret of life where: 'I finally like you’ happens. They finally find out Lucas isn’t perfect (in a way, Maya has 'gotten to him’, as in found out something real about him) and Maya likes this.

I think Maya likes that he, like her, is not perfect. Unlike Riley, who in her eyes is perfect ('Riley is the best person I can be’).

She likes Josh because he’s perfect in her eyes.

She loves Lucas because he is not.

Despite their differences, they do have some similarities - and this is one of them.

You Meet Him At A Concert (Luke/4)

Request: hi!! love your writing! can you do one where you and Luke meet at a concert like the Ashton one? :)



You stand in the crowd with your best friend, Abbie, and you’re quite annoyed because there is a group of lads stood in front of you who have to be over six foot. You’ve been looking forward to this show for so long now, but you’re not going to be able to see the band.

“I’m nervous” Abbie states

“Why?” You question

“Because I’ve never seen them live, and you have” She replies

You laugh, “No reason to be nervous. Foo Fighters are such a good band live”

She smiles, “I’m sure. I don’t know why I get nervous before concerts, but I just do”

“It’s nervous excitement” You tell her “I get it too”

“Oh” a voice says from in front of you

You and Abbie both turn to look at the tall blond boy stood in front of you.

“Do you guys want to maybes, swap places with us?” He asks

“Erm…” you begin, turning to Abbie “We don’t want to ruin it for you or anything”

He laughs, “We’re tall enough to see from here and from the other side of you, I don’t think we’d be missing out”

You blush, “Well if you and your friends are sure”

“Course we are” He smiles

He tells his friends to swap places with us, and they happily obliged. The view was much better than it was before.

“He’s really cute” You whisper to Abbie

“Talk to him!” She whispers back

“What if I say something embarrassing?”

“You won’t! Just go for it!” She encourages

You turn back around, “So, err, have you guys seen Foos before?”

The same guy shakes his head, “We’ve met Dave Grohl though…well, all of us apart from this one” he replies pointing the guy on his right.

“You’ve met Dave Grohl?” You repeat

He laughs and nods, “I have…err, we have. But to be fair we get to meet a load of incredible people because of, you know, being in the band”

You furrow your eyebrows slightly before you click on, “Oh of course! How could I have been so stupid?! 5 Seconds of Summer, right? My little sister listens to you guys…I mean, I do too, but she listens to you lot religiously”

You feel like you’ve just said something really stupid, and that they probably hate you for it right now.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound rude or anything” You instantly apologise

“You weren’t being rude, don’t worry about it” He replies, shrugging it off.

“Wait a minute, you’re Luke right?” You ask

He nods, “I am…this is Michael, Calum and Ashton…and you must be…”

“(Y/N)” You smile “And this is my friend, Abbie”

“Nice to meet you guys” Michael says

“And you” I smile back

Just then the lights go out, and the intro music begins to play. The crowd goes wild and it’s safe to say tonight is going to be crazy.

Half way through the show, you realise Luke has managed to squeeze his way beside you, which sends butterflies shooting straight through your stomach.


They take their final bow, and leave the stage after a staggering two hour set. It was the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen.

You realise straight away that it’s going to be difficult for you and Abbie to get out of the stadium. Abbie did tell you it would be easier for you to have gotten seats, but you insisted on getting standing tickets.

You take hold of Abbie’s hands as you try and keep her close.

“Stay close to us, okay?” Luke says, turning to you

You nod, “Okay”

He gestures for you to link arms with him, which you do.

After a long twenty minutes of slowly moving forward, you’re out the stadium.

Luke lost the other boys so he’s standing around waiting for them, and you decide to wait with them.

“Well, what did you think?” You ask both him and Abbie

“They’re incredible. I’ve always known they’re a great band” Luke smiles

“Yeah, they were soooo good!” Abbie agrees

You laugh, “I know!”

“LUKE!” A voice shouts from the herd of people, and Michael, Calum and Ashton all appear

“Man, I thought we’d lost you!” Michael sighed as they reach you

“Erm…where are you girls heading?” Ashton asks

“Just down the road. Abbie’s Dad is picking us up” You answer

Ashton nods, “Well, why don’t we walk you down?”

You shake your head, “No, no! We couldn’t ask you to do that, it’s literally just down the road”

Luke tuts, “Come on, we don’t mind. Besides, we want to. Or, at least, I do” he says, winking specifically to you

You feel yourself blush as you nod in agreement, “Well, if you’re sure”

You walk down the street to the small car park Abbie’s dad agreed to meet you in when the show ended, talking about tonight’s show and how good it was.

You reach Abbie’s dad’s car and turn to say your goodbye’s to the boys.

Michael, Calum and Ashton stand back as Abbie gets into the car, leaving you and Luke alone.

“Thanks for letting us stand in front of you tonight…and helping us out the venue…and getting us back to the car alright” You thank him

He shrugs, “Don’t mention it, (Y/N).”

There’s a short, awkward silence hanging around you until Luke speaks up.

“I was, err, just wondering if, I could maybes, err, get your number?” Luke asks nervously, scratching at the back of his neck.

You blush, “Of course you can. Pass your phone”

He takes his phone out of his pocket and hands it to you, and you save your number to his phone.

“There you go!” You smile, “So, err, text me whenever you want, okay? I’ve gotta go, but thanks for tonight!”

“Anytime. I’ll…I’ll text” He blushes

You kiss his blushed cheek before getting into the car.

“Sorry for taking so long” You apologise

“So, err, are we telling your sister you’ve just swapped numbers with her celebrity crush or are we keeping it secret?” Abbie’s dad jokes

You and Abbie laugh, “I don’t know, we’ll see. It could be that nothing happens” you say in response.

“But you want it to?” Abbie questions

You shrug, “I’m open to it”

The two of you both know that you’re ecstatic about what’s just happened, but you just don’t want to act that way; you’ve got to keep your cool.



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Pure Trash Check Please! 3.13 Reaction
  • Look at those idiots having a snowball fight with their friends
    • and look at Jack’s hand on Bitty’s waist kill me now
  • Bitty Booty sighting
  • Bitty putting his hand on Jack’s back/Kissing Jack’s neck/Jack leaning down to let him without even looking – I’m shook.
  • Lardo doesn’t even react to fining them anymore. They end up putting at least $25 in the Sin Bin each time Jack is at the Haus. Those schmoopy dorks in love.
  • Like, she is literally still on her phone.

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Please Read

You are entitled to ship whatever you like.

But the moment you start forcing it down other’s throats and calling theirs fake to their face, is the moment you have disrespected both that person and yourself.

You do not know what importance that ship means to them. You do not know their life, what they’ve been through. I’ve talked about it before, but shipping KaiSoo has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life. It has helped to bring me back to believing I could fall in love. And to hear that other people are getting death threats for simply shipping the two together breaks my heart. They mean everything to me, and I’m sure others would vouch for that. Don’t be so ruthless about your accusations.

I don’t want people to think that I am only defending KaiSoo shippers, because oh has this gotten way out of hand. Not all of us are this immature, but many KD stans have gone straight to KaiStal blogs and sent them hate for shipping their ship. Look guys, that is not the way to do it.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is the real world. No matter what is real or not in terms of relationships, there are people behind those blogs that you send death threats to. They have real emotions, they have real lives, and real problems. Do you think something as flippant as this should be the cause of hurting someone’s real feelings? Is it that important?

It doesn’t even have to be Kadi, Kaistal, Exo, F(x). This doesn’t even have to pertain to K-pop. Stop hating each other for having different beliefs and opinions. That is what causes so much violence and blood spill.

Can we not accept that being from different fandoms is no different from being from different countries or states? There shouldn’t be so much conflict about it. Peace, please.

Much love.