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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job


Guren Ichinose x Shinya Hiiragi // Owari no Seraph

He’s everything I want He’s everything I need (insp.)

Yuuri’s sure if it got even a degree colder, his balls would end up bluer than the goddamn sky.

“O-o-of all the t-t-times, wh-why now?” he stutters, stuffing his hands further into his track suit pockets. Any deeper and he might just rip a hole through the material, but Yuuri couldn’t care less. It’s freezing, and he knows as night falls, it’s only about to get colder.

He’s no stranger to harsh weather- Hasetsu has hit him with ridiculously hot summers and chilly winters, but Russia’s cold bites in a way no other place ever has. Yuuri’s spent a majority of his life in an ice skating rink, but the sheer amount of pain he feels at the moment is unnatural. No amount of exposure to ice could possibly prepare him for this.

“The fuck is wrong with you?”

It’s a familiar voice, the anger and stubbornness a comfort that cuts through the fog in Yuuri’s brain. He never would’ve thought Yurio’s voice would be a source of such happiness, but it is.

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some sketches from boring classes

well i fully stuck in overwatch fandom but the thing is i can’t talk to anyone of my friends about my otp (which is genyatta) ‘cause everyone around me ship only mchanzo ( or they not even in fandom)

and that makes me sad(

also i have such a big crush on genji, oh god

  • Jin: Whenever you're getting dressed in the morning he'll follow you around and wait at your feet until you give him his own little bowtie or jacket to wear. Cos he needs to always look as good as his master, if not better.
  • Suga: It will probably be difficult for you to find him cos he'll be off hiding somewhere on his own, most likely chewing something. Like you'll find him under your car fast asleep with a half-eaten shoe right next to him. And then when you wake him up and ask him what the hell he was doing he'll just grin at you. Evilly.
  • J-Hope: Will bark. Non-stop. All the time. Whenever you leave the house you'll hear this chorus of high-pitched yapping from inside. He'll often get mixed up and howl at the sun like some weird kind of wolf.
  • Rap Monster: Doesn't need to chew stuff to destroy it. He could just lie down on a pillow and it would explode. And then he'd be coated in feathers and looking confused af. When you come into the room he'll just look at you as innocently as possible to tell you that he didn't mean to.
  • Jimin: Constantly asking for cuddles. You'll sit down after a long day and he'll immediately roll onto his back so that you will scratch his tummy. You always give in cos he's just so damn adorable.
  • V: Let's jut say stuff will disappear. You'll be looking for something and then you'll find him looking guilty with it in his mouth. He'll be just about to put it on the floor in front of you when he suddenly turns and runs under the couch or something. Cheeky af.
  • Jungkook: Doesn't ever listen to you. If you're out for a walk and he's running ahead and you tell him to come back to you, he'll just look at you for a sec in confusion before sprinting away as fast as possible. But he always comes back to you.