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hey i'm a gay guy so my opinion doesn't matter on this too much but? he/him lesbians? they/them lesbians? he/him and they/them trans lesbians? absolutely wonderful!!!

and i feel true gay/lesbian solidarity in this chilis tonight!

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omg i had a prompt for you what if davy was the overboss and gage was the sole survivor, like i'm picturing him as much more of a gentleman, like, his momma raised him right and then he rolls up and kills coulter and he just gives davy this shit-eating grin like "toldya i could do it" and davy's only moderately impressed like "okay you killed coulter but let's see how you handle the rest of my raiders"

Key. Key I could honestly turn this into a whole au, honestly. I think I got to as close to the prompt as I could without turning it into a rambling fic lmao but this was so much fun to write and now I’m really wanting to write this into an au GOSSHH okay here u go

She couldn’t believe Harvey had managed to wrangle another sucker for the Gauntlet. How do people keep falling for that? Guess it didn’t matter, the guy looked tough enough but hopefully he was smart too.
She sat in her office and waited for him to get closer to the station before interrupting the automated tour guide on the monorail.
“Hey, I only got a minute so you better listen and listen good. Names Davy and you better remember that because that’s the name you’re gonna be thanking when you get out of this alive. But that’s for later. Now you’re gonna go out there and put on a show, make it a good one I didn’t make myself dinner for nothing” and with that she clicked off the microphone and sauntered towards the arena.
Colter was standing by the door tapping his foot impatiently “You got somewhere better to be than here?” He asked while she kept walking past him to get inside. “Hey! I’m talking to you!” He snapped grabbing her shoulder.
She spun on her heel and glared up at him over her glasses “And I’m ignoring you. Go get yourself ready”
He grumbled something and stalked off towards his suit. She looked around at the turn out and grinned to herself, word had obviously gotten around about her plan.
She waltzed over to her control room and locked the door so she could watch and eat her dinner from the comfort of her tiny tv filled room.
There was a knock on the door, she groaned loud enough for the other person to hear before rolling her chair over and opening it. “What?”
It was Rook, her only actual friend in this shitty park, looking a little nervous. “Let me in, Colter has been barking about you bailing on him and I don’t wanna talk to him”
She rolled her eyes and pushed aside so he could come in. “I’m not bailing on him for the record. He’s just a whiny little puppy who needs attention. He knows I’ll be out for the actual show”
“Well you can be the one to tell him that” Rook said sitting on the chair next to her and peering at the monitors. “I’m surprised he got this far. Heard he’s a vaultie”
She looked as well “Yeah he is. Definitely not your average vaultie though”
“Wonder where he learned to fight like that”
“Guess we can ask him when he gets through”
“If he gets through” Rook corrected.
“He will, he’s smart”
Rook rolled his eyes “Yeah, just like all the other ones were”
She simply opened the door and pushed him out before locking it again to watch the show.
She was surprised he made it to the locker room and found herself mildly impressed by this fact, but it faded quickly remembering he still had to trust her.
She pressed the button for the intercom into the locker room “I’m surprised you got this far. Come find the intercom if you want to live”
She watched him hobble over and lean his back against the wall and using his uninjured arm to slam the button. “What do I have to do?” He asked with a southern accent, which took her about by surprise.
“I stashed a weapon in the lockers. You’ll know it when you see it”
She watched him look around before finally producing it and eyeing it. He walked back over “Is this some kind of joke?”
“Just trust me okay? Colters suit is powered by the electricity from the arena. All you gotta do is get him with that joke in your hands a few times to get the defenses down. Then give him all you got before it boots back up. Lather, rinse, repeat.”
He smiled “Yeah, yeah I think I can do this”
She laughed to herself “Man I sure hope so. Go out on a good show, I’ll be watching”
She walked out of the room and onto the arena to help Colter with his suit “You better have a damn good reason for keeping me waiting”
“Do I ever? Shut up and put on a good show for me, yeah?”
Colter snapped his head around. “Don’t I always?”
She smiled and flipped his suits power on “That you do”
She opened the door for him and he entered the arena with her vaultie on the other side. She closed the doors and lit a cigarette to watch the show.
The vaultie tried shooting his pistol, Colter just laughed and fired back. But when the water hit his suit she could see him freeze up. “What the-?” He was interrupted by a shot with a shotgun that knocked him back. Davy smiled and looked up at the other bosses in the stands, all watching with dropped jaws and wide eyes.
Davy watched as Colter got worn down, and the vaultie kept his pace until he finally got Colter and his defenses down, he kicked the helmet off of his power suit and smacked the butt of his shotgun into Colters face twice before firing one last round into his face, which turned to mush on impact.
“Holy shit” Redeye said over the speakers. “I-I don’t believe it! Colters down!”
Davy grinned as her vaultie looked around at he stunned silence of a group of raiders.
“This guy? Are you sure about this Davy?” Mason asked from his spot.
She chuckled “What? Don’t trust me? He was smart enough to take my advice, I’m sure he’ll be smart enough to do what Colter couldn’t.”
“You better hope you know what you’re doing” Nisha scowled as the crowd dispersed. Davy simply winked as her champion approached with a big shit eating grin on his face. “Easy as pie”
“Glad you think so. Now I have a proposition for you”
“I’m listenin’”
“I just had a vacancy open up and you just got the job. Congratulations”
He chuckled “Easiest interview I’ve ever been to. What’s the job?”
“This is my park, the big idiot you just killed was my muscle, he was supposed to be leading recon teams to scout the rest of the park but decided that he’d rather sit on his ass in my throne while I got to get my ass handed to me even trying to step foot into the other parks. Now you get to be my muscle” she smiled politely at him, which unsettled him more than it should have.
“And if I don’t want to?”
She laughed “Oh believe me, this is an offer you can’t refuse” her emphasis on the word can’t was enforced with her narrowing her eyes at him.
“You drive a hard bargain, ma'am” he said with a nervous chuckle
She grimaced at the word “Nuh-uh. None of that. You’ll call me boss or you’ll call me Davy”
“Sorry ma-boss”
She smiled and opened the door for him. “Come on, we have a lot to discuss”

thoughts about gender

So not too long ago, google made ‘other’ an option for gender when signing up for a google account or google+.  Presumably, they did so in an attempt to be more inclusive to trans* and genderqueer folk.

I have to wonder though - does this move actually serve only to further ostracize the trans* community? The whole idea between adding a new option is to break the perception that gender must be binary.  Having only one other option, though, doesn’t do anything to promote the idea of gender fluidity. The point of gender fluidity is that its an undefinable, infinite spectrum. 

It seems that google has tried to address this by putting options for 'male’, 'female’, and 'other. The idea, i assume, being to create a catch-all category for non-binary individuals. All this does, though, is reinforce the 'other-ness’ of being trans*. It legitimizes the binary genders as the 'real’ genders, and implies that any option that doesn’t conform to those identities is lesser. After all, if the distinction between trans*, genderqueer, ftm, mtf, and any of an infinite host of identities isn’t worth making, it follows that the distinction doesn’t matter, because all 'other’ genders are the same.  

This is dangerous. It’s dangerous because people look to google+ as progressive for taking this step. People think that having a third, 'all-inclusive’ gender option solves the problem, when in fact, it actually perpetuates it.  

Gender options on any site, whether google, facebook, or even tumblr, should not be a “check one” option. Gender is an intensely personal self-identification, and should not be reduced to a finite set of choices. Gender should be something we type in, exactly as we want to. If we choose to type 'male’ or 'female’ or 'other’, then fine. But I can guarantee that not everyone will.