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everyone always says “louis was annoying and he was trying to control everything” and i don’t think they realize that they’re kinda like,,,,,, exposing themselves vjdjcjsjc like the other three boys have always said louis is outspoken and not scared to put his foot down when it comes to stuff bts. & if louis puts his foot down, there must be a reason for it. so when they say he had an ego, it just further proves that they were doing things that were w r o n g and louis stepping in was necessary. congrats y'all played y'allselves


Summer is a beautiful hell. I spend every day deep inside the closet. Forced in so many ways to be someone I am not. But I also have the gift of having a bit more time. Time to workout, time to read, time to cook and eat well, time to take care of myself. It’s a delicate and lonely balance and my sanity fluctuates hour to hour. This will be a long few months, it cannot go by fast enough.

  • tim, on patrol: do plants feel?
  • poison ivy, sneaking up behind him: yes we do
  • tim, not paying attention: I bet poison ivy would know
  • poison ivy: I DO know
  • tim: but would she even want to tell me?
  • poison ivy, abt to strangle tim: I just fucking told you, you-
  • harley, restraining ivy: hey, red. chill.

anyways raven reyes is the best character and the love of my life. she’s brave, so smart, and fiercely loyal. raven is the kinda person you need to have as a friend, gf, and wife bc lbr who would ever choose anyone over raven?? (finn did but he a bitch) anyway my gurl is so great and better than your favs and is gonna save everyone’s asses as usual.


taehyung x gucci


3 months post op and loving my body more and more every day. Looking back at the stills from my first time shirtless at the beach I can feel the happiness radiating off of me.


Lorelai Gilmore Appreciation Week 2017
Day 2 | Favorite Relationship ➡ Lorelai and Luke

Well, all I can say is, you’re lucky I’m back in your life, because clearly you were lost without me. I mean, it’s a miracle you’re even still alive. Right? You bet.