guys seriously u need to stop

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Don't worry about us, if you're not feeling well to write then stop and try to clarify your mind and relax. You're important to us so seriously don't worry, mental health is something really important. If you ever need something we're here. Hope u get better😳

I’m always worried about you guys because writing for you and pleasing your fanfiction desires is what makes me feel important. Making people a little happy makes me feel so good. Thanks for the support and I’ll try to get better for you guys because you love me

i feel like this generation has such a stagnant view of world-building and fantasy and creative writing..any time i hear abt people’s new creative endeavors it really sounds like such a contrived chore i think because there’s so much focus on plot points and character tropes and not enough on the “mood” of the piece which is imo the real joy of a good fantasy story…u know? a world you can inhabit…especially with queer authors like i think we need to stop being so terrified that no one will take our work seriously or engage with it unless we promote it by being like “my QUEER MAIN CHARACTER who is a WOMAN and STRONG and DOES NOT MARRY A GUY AT THE END”  like…thats certainly a draw for some but i really am so alienated by that approach to fiction absolutely nothing about that makes me want to read that book. and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have those characters in there or even let people know where to find LGBTQ fiction but honest to god i haven’t heard a book described as “wonderful” or “beautiful” or “enjoyable to read” in what feels like 10000 years…theres really something to be said for the beauty of good writing and a world you can just sort of escape to in fantasy and fiction 

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Your art is amazing! You never fail to impress me with what you come up with! Your style is so unique and colorful and I could go on and on about it. Please don't ever stop drawing ahhh

THANK YOU! Seriously this means the world to me. A year ago I really doubted if I could be an artist or if I even had the drive for it anymore. And then something changed and now I love it again fully and I know it’s what I want/need to do. AH thanks for this ♥♥♥