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So I recently got my ultralight wheelchair and smart drive. And in the smart drive like, product video it shows this guy zipping through the grocery store with wheelchair and smart drive and so today I was like “I gotta try that!!!”.

So I was grocery shopping and testing this out, and it was working super well!! So I’m just zooming around the store doing my shopping with my wheelchair and grocery cart and wearing my little mermaid fishscale tights. Because they’re awesome and my favorite and when I sit in the enterprise which is the name of my wheelchair, the little seashells on my knee show up. And I’m going to point out at this point in the story that I have been approached by full grown adults asking me if they were tattoos, so yeah these tights make it look like I’ve got some scales going on.

And then there was this kid in a bright pink Minnie Mouse dress who was staring at me. And I mean SERIOUSLY STARING to the point where the kid was lagging way behind the accompanying adults. And so like, I look little Minnie Mouse straight in the eye, whisper “mermaids really can’t walk that well you know” and wink at the kid. This kid’s eyes get like SUPER HUGE and then suddenly the kid goes tearing around the corner presumably to find those accompanying adults and I’m still cracking up nearly an hour later. It totally made my day omg.

this is just upsetting

so apparently my art has been reposted?? and i’m telling you it’s not a good feeling… 

why.. why would people even do this?? can’t they empathize with the artists and think how it must feel to steal all their hard work away and just.. do this??

well apparently not. where do they even find this if not from the source???

and don’t even give me the excuse that artists should feel “flattered” because no. this is NOT a form of flattery. reblogging from the source and adding cute tags that is a form of flattery. this just makes me feel upset and there is that feeling of regret in sharing my work.

well i guess it’s time to put in that huge watermark then because i really don’t want this to happen again.

Please help me prove my point, guys, it would mean the world to me.

I need to prove my parents something, but theres a story that goes along with it. Please help me out by reblogging this. It would mean a lot.

In 8th grade, during class, this guy (that I hardly knew) attempted to grope my ass, and he would not stop. No matter what I said, he wouldn’t listen, and since I’ve never been put in that situation before, I had no idea what to do. Class ended (soon after he started, thank god), and he finally left me alone. 

Now, I love my parents. I know they love me, I know they aren’t bad people, and we mess around a lot. It’s the summer before my softmore (10th grade) year now, and I just told them what happened that day in class. It wasn’t like I was raped, and I’m not scarred for life or anything, I’m just really, REALLY aware of my surroundings now. Ever since then, I don’t like it when they slap me on my butt “for fun”. 

I know they don’t mean it like that, they never would, but it still makes me extremely uncomfortable. Before I told them about what happened, they wouldn’t listen to me, and even after I told them, they still will not listen to me. 

Instead, when I sternly tell them to not do that, and that “this is MY body, I don’t like it when you do that, it makes me uncomfortable, don’t do that again”, they reprimand me. They tell me to, “stop this misbehavior”, and take away all my electronics for 24 hours. 

I know they aren’t bad people, but this isn’t right, in my opinion. If you agree, please reblog this post. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a lovely day! 

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Hi there, I've noticed a lot of the booklr blogs I follow have been inactive for a while now :( if it's not too much trouble, could you recommend some of your fav blogs to follow?

I feel you my friend! Lots of people have disappeared over time, but there are still plenty of lovely blogs out there! <3


Good lordy I should really alphabetize this or something but instead you just get this messy ass list, I’m so sorry everyone lmao if I got anyone’s gender pronouns wrong I AM SO SORRY i wasn’t entirely sure and not everyone has them listed, or I may have just messed up, just let me know and tell me I’m awkward.

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r requests allowed?? for the uni au fic prompts you reblogged with @papalogia??? the #14 one??? :)

Meet Cute Reality

Word Count; 1096

A/N; Hey guys! Finally catching up on all the prompts in my inbox! This is from @papalogia ‘s prompt list !

14)  “I come to the library every day to ‘study’ but really I’m just watching Netflix over your shoulder and I’m really invested in this series and the day we’re supposed to be watching the season finale you’re not there and I??? Feel personally betrayed??”

Lucy sat down at her desk, flipped open her 17th-century literature notes, sat her triple shot extra vanilla caramel macchiato on the table, her textbook beside her, and finally looked up. 

He wasn’t there. 

Where the hell was he?

It was 5:30, Lucy was settled into her spot at the last table between Row Ba and Bu, and yet the table in front of her was glaring empty. 

How the fuck was she going to find out how this season of White Collar ended? 

Honestly, it wasn’t even Lucy’s fault she was addicted to that show. She had been sitting innocently in the library two weeks ago when she noticed the guy in front of her, not studying. Even if Lucy hadn’t done a double take on his neon pink hair and double bars in his left ear she would have noticed his screen playing the show just in front of him. It’s not like Lucy had been staring at him, it’s just that she had to look past him to watch his stupid laptop. 

Look, Lucy couldn’t afford Netflix and she wasn’t about to risk her own laptop going on one of those shady sites just so she could find out if Niel managed to pull the scam or if he’d stay on the good side with the agent. 

But God did she want to find out. Lucy looked down, worrying her lip. She probably could study like she had meant to every time she came here, but after the let down of mystery-boy not showing up Lucy just didn’t have the energy to do it. Dejected, she packed up her notes and textbook, putting in her headphones as she headed to the doors. 

Lucy was halfway back to her dorm when something hard slammed into her shoulder, sending her sprawling on her ass in the grass beside the sidewalk. She rubbed her back, scowling at the boy who had caused her fall. He sat across from her, also having fallen from the collision. Her drink coated the pavement beside, thankfully missing her clothes. 

The boy however, was not so lucky with his own drink. 

“Aw, fuck,” he complained, arms cast to the side as he tried to keep himself from touching the red stain the was dripping down his front. And making his tank top cling to his defined muscles. Damn. It was like one of those meet cutes she read online.

Lucy’s bad mood was starting to ebb away until she looked at his face. It was a very good face, but Lucy’s attention was stolen from looking at it more closely by the bright pink colour of his hair. And the piercings in his ear, two bars on the left and smaller plugs in his lobes. And another two in his lip and eyebrow.


Lucy pointed her finger at him, clambering onto her knees. The boy blinked at her in confusion, bright eyes green and wide as his gaze flicked between her finger and her face. 

“Uh, do I know you?” he asked, lips thinning when Lucy huffed.

“You weren’t in the library! Where were you? I waited for like ten minutes to watch the stupid season finale and you never showed up!” She said hotly. Lucy pouted when the boy started to laugh.

“You’re the weirdo who always watches my laptop with me!” 

“Uh,” Lucy mumbled, flushing harder. 

“Was wondering if you’d just stop eventually,” he grinned at her, no malice and a light teasing dancing in his forest green colouring.

“Well then why did you have the subtitles on?” Lucy asked hotly. Honestly, if he had noticed and thought she was weird then why wouldn’t he have just turned them off?

The boy gave her a knowing grin before moving his hands. Realization dawned on Lucy and she felt heat creep up her neck in shame. 

“Oh my God he’s deaf,” she whispered to himself. 

“And his name is Natsu,” the boy grinned at her, laughing at Lucy jolting and her high squeak. “I can read lips, Weirdo.” Lucy covered her mouth, stopping herself from saying anything else that might offend Natsu. They sat in silence, Lucy worrying her lip. She stood up finally, gathering her bag and offering her hand to Natsu. He gave her an odd look, taking it anyway and smiling at her easily when she helped him up. 

“I have a laundry machine in my dorm,” she said slowly, looking at his lip ring pointedly. 

“Ya don’t have to,” Natsu started, shocked at her offer. Lucy shrugged, blushing as she realized they were still holding hands. 

“Its my fault you spilled your drink all over yourself,” Lucy mumbled, blushing when she realized that Natsu probably couldn’t understand her. She shrugged anyway, pulling Natsu with her. Why’d he have to be so cute though? Ugh, Lucy just wanted to bury herself in her blankets and sleep for a week. 

“You know I didn’t hate sharing my laptop with ya. Thought it was a little weird, but I mean look at me. Deaf punk college chem student. I ain’t exactly gonna judge ya for it.” Natsu shrugged, giving her another easy smile. Lucy smiled back, watching the concrete in front of them for a couple seconds. Steeling herself, she tapped on his arm, turning to face him but still only looking at his lip ring. It was silver with a red jewel in the middle, and Lucy thought it stood out nicely against his skin.

“I don’t think you’re weird.” She said, picking up the pace as she pulled Natsu along behind her. 

“You don’t even know me yet! What’s your name anyway, Weirdo?” 

Lucy pouted at the reoccurring nickname. “It’s Lucy,” She grumbled. 

“Lushi?” Natsu sounded out. 

“No,” Lucy said, meeting Natsu’s eyes. “Lu-see.” She over-pronounced it, trying her best to make it easier for Natsu to understand. 

“Lu-shi,” Natsu sang, slinging his arm over her shoulder. Lucy scoffed as she realized he was making fun of her, elbowing him in the side. She was vindicated when he grunted, his sniggers cut off as she caught his kidney. “So violent,” he mumbled, and Lucy looked at him as she worked out if he had meant for her to hear or not. Deciding he hadn’t meant to speak out loud she let it go, fishing for her key in her bag. 

“Uh,” Natsu said, Lucy looking up at him as he scratched the side of his face awkwardly. “We can finish watching White Collar while my shirt’s in the wash?” Natsu offered. Lucy smiled, nodding slightly as she bit her lip to stop it from getting too large. “Cool,” Natsu said, a little loudly. Lucy giggled, ducking her head. Looks like Lucy might be getting her meet-cute anyway.

                      BNHA KACCHAKO ZINE!

Hey guys! Your mod @kipio talking here with some big news! 

BNHA has some amazing cute pairings out there but some don’t get as much love and recognition as possible such as Kacchako! Katsuki Bakugou and Uraraka Ochako~ The idea is to bring all kacchako lovers, fanartists and writers, and create a zine out of the adorable pairing. I’d love to know if there are any artists and writers interested in participating in this project. I got so many positive responses from my Kacchako zine post that I feel confident that this project can happen but I need your help! 

For now I would love for you guys to reblog and spread the word of this project! I would love for this to reach the ears of any Kacchako lovers in hopes that they would be interested in participating. Any support that this project gets will be such a huge help. It’s my first zine that I will be organizing and I hope that with as much support and responses that I can make this zine possible. The zine for now will be sold digitally (as it is the safer route) but if this gets as much support and response then the zine will be sold digitally and printed but that can only happen if this gets as much interest as possible! (Merch will be possible too if it gets enough interest!) 

The theme of the zine will be seasons: Winter, Fall, Spring, and Summer! featuring our pair Bakugou and Uraraka!

For now further information about the zine, blog, and schedule are still under construction but they will be coming soon!

Hopefully you guys are interested! Stay tuned for more information about when applications open and further information about the zine!

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Happy Trans Day of Visibility!!!! I’m Alex (he/they) and I’m a 14 year old trans boy. I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now and I’m proud of how far I’ve come passing and mental health-wise. I’m proud of who I am and I’m happy being me!!

boyfriend! donghyuck

lee donghyuck of nct, as your boyfriend !

Originally posted by haecha

- lets get started then !!!!

- absolute sweetheart

- so shy around u

- when u hold his hand his knees get all weak !!

- he loves teasing u, and roasting u even when he’s a shy baby

- your contact name for him “hyuck !!! 💘🤦🏽‍♀️”

- ur name on his phone is “(y/n) 🌷🍰”

- loves n lives for ur laugh !!!

- would tell the most stupid dad jokes just to hear u giggle

- ur relationship was a bestfriend to boyfriend relationship

- s t u d y d a t e s

- copies off ur paper

- when u see him copying, u tackle him w kisses

- gets rly shy

- then when ur not paying attention

- he attacks u w kisses

- he protecc but he also attacc

- plays w ur hair

- u taught him how to braid

- bc for some reason he was like “(y/n) teach me to braid!!!!!!” and u couldn’t say no bc it’s hyuck like wth

- barges in ur house w no conSENT

- sometimes climbs ur treehouse, and jumps onto ur balcony, just to cuddle

- when u cuddle he’s all soft, and sweet

- then the next day he roasts u and ur like “i knew it was too good to be tru”

- small dates to the dog/ cat/ etc. cafe !!!

- u push each other on the swing

- long walks in the park

- skinship was non existent in the beginning of the relationship,,,,

- yet here we r

- kisses u out of no where, and acts like nothing happened

- i keep saying this bUT HES SO SHYYYYYU

- he tries, key word tries, to act cool around u

- but it all comes crumbling down when he sees u, and he automatically get butterflies in his stomach, and weak knees.

- like a 1 in. height difference, yet he teases u abt it ?????

- watches u while ur sleeping

- ik that sounds creepy but like he just stares at u lovingly

- while cuddling u always end up on his chest,,,,,

- and u fall asleep to the sound of his heart beat flcodkxodjxdbcjdix (i cant breathe i love him sm)

- one time u stayed up till 5 am, bc u wanted to call him, but u fell asleep, and he stayed on the call for the whole time u were sleeping until u woke up //////:

- the boi couldn’t stay awake at school

- wants to keep u safe 25/8

- obvi not that type of bf to get jealous of u looking at a guy for five secs

- gets jealous rarely

- which is so gr8888

- y'all r lowkey that rly cute relationship that everyone wants at ur school

- u call n text each other everyday, especially on days he feels stressed out

- n as we come to an end w this au, bf!donghyuck is tHE SWEETEST THING EVER AND DONT BREAK HIS HEART OR I WILL BREAK U BC HE DESERVES THE WORLD !!!!!!!

↳ pls don’t repost w/o permission and credit, pls do not remove caption. pls like and reblog if you would like go see more of this content ! have a great day ! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)


this is a list of my favorite lazytown fanfics <3 no smut in these!

((if you wrote a fic and it’s not here, sorry! i haven’t read all of them and there are some i really like but can’t find/remember (or it was mature/explicit, or it hasn’t updated in a while). but i’ll do more recs! feel free to send me links if you want ^^))

Elf!Sportacus and Fae!Robbie

(those stories that, sadly, could never become canon)

catch your breath; there are no breaks by Psilent (HereThereBeFic)

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 63,197 (WIP)

About ten years ago, something went very wrong in LazyTown.” | A classic in the fandom, intriguing plot mixed in with funny interactions between Robbie, Sportacus and, later on, Glanni and Íþróttaálfurinn.

curled up, died, and now it’s Rotten by Sportafloopity (TjLockticon)

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 125,915 (WIP)

Some elves don’t know how to keep their noses out of trouble, and some things do not stay as dead as they should.| Yet another classic. This is edge-of-seat level of reading, you have been warned.

A Hidden Village by nicky_raves

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 20,598 (WIP)

“Robbie was just 20 when he was kidnapped by the Dark Elves.” | (Warning: rape/non-con, not explicitly) | This is amazing, I don’t have the words. A lot of hurt!Robbie tbh, + really good suspens.

see also: That Black Forest and the Fire in Earnest, by the same author

Only a Little in the Air by GoblinCatKC

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 12,692 (WIP)

In the depths of winter, Sportacus is faced with a hidden threat, something that attacks children in the night.” | A lot of dread, a lot of suspens, a lot of questions, PLEASE READ THIS I DO NOT WANT TO SUFFER ALONE.

Alternate Universes

(two that could be canon but then deviate from the story, two that don’t start in canon at all)

Apple Blossoms on my Tongue by FaeBae

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 6,343 (WIP)

“It began with a simple cough.” | Coughing up flowers because you don’t confess your love, how cute is that? There’s only one chapter out of eight for the moment, but I can’t wait for more.

Agree to Disagree by xByDefault

General Audiences – Words: 2,028 (WIP)

“What do you say about crashing a wedding?” | It looks really cute and it is well written yet I am the only one who left a comment???

Teach Me to Sing by FiliaNoctisPulchris

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 25,222 (WIP)

Robert Rotterdam has the dubious honor of giving the new PE teacher the school tour.” | Teacher!au, yes plese. I love seeing those two dorks dancing around each other.

Tourmaline by GigglingGrave

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 2,629 (WIP)

Robbie had been hiding in Lazy Town for years.” | Steven Universe meets LazyTown! It looks really good, and you don’t need to know a lot about SU to read it :)

A cup of fluff with a cloud of angst, please

(those that could take place in canon, i guess)

Saying It First by indigorose50

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 7,972 (FINISHED)

I am trapped at the bottom of my own trap. I think I should be allowed to curse a bit.” | Three chapters of fluff, honestly I’m pretty sure you guys have read it already but it’s so cute.

see also: Shimmery Violet Tail, by the same author

The Dangers of Enjoying Chocolate by Dinolad

General Audiences – Words: 2,816 (FINISHED)

“Sportacus wants to tell Robbie he likes him…but doesn’t want to say it.” | All the fluff! Fluff is everywhere! AAAAA!

In the Garden by Talax

General Audiences – Words: 4,333 (WIP)

Sportacus accidently creates a civilian alter-ego, accidently really likes it.” | Who doesn’t dream of a blushing Robbie who doesn’t know the new guy is in fact Sportacus? Not me!

Robbie Rotten’s Guide to Annoyingly Active Cuties by Sorahana

General Audiences – Words: 3,076 (FINISHED - but more chapters might be added)

While the town loves Sportacus, sometimes his energy is a bit too much for them to handle.” | Ashajklajks warning: cuteness overload. I want more, I neeeeeed more!

Please reblog if this is useful! Feel free to add your own, xoxo

My high-touch with Day6

I went to the Day6 Live & Meet in Taiwan. The order of high-touch is YoungK ➡️ Jae ➡️ Dowoon ➡️ Sungjin ➡️ Wonpil
I first stay at the front to watch them shake hands with other fans, and I saw the staff rushing the line so each person doesn’t get much time(I don’t think you can say one whole sentence with them)

When it’s my turn, istg at first I had something prepared to say to each member, but then this guy Brian something ruined everything

😈 YoungK
I was super scared and my face looked scared it was just so scary to me so I couldn’t walk forward. YoungK was looking right into my eyes(he looked at all the fans straight into the eyes to kill them) and he looked really gentle and a bit confused. I can see the look of “girl what chu afraid of lol” in his eyes lolz
Istg he’s the one who ruined all my plans I felt like I’m in a kdrama in slow mo and he just stared right into my eyes and gently wait for me I asdfghjkadgakdak still can’t forget about this
(I swear I’m not the type of person who likes hands but his palm is soft bye)

I have to say I was traumatized by Brian I couldn’t recover so I was really out of my zone. But anyway Jae looked very happy and his SMILE was the best thing ever he’s so cute he looked genuinely happy

🐶 Dowoon
It went past really fast lol Dowoon makes me feel more like he’s greeting a fan so I don’t remember much but his tone is the same lol he said xie xie and I knew he’s the same dorky guy on vlive ㅎㅎㅎ

🐻 Sungjin
Have to say Sungjin is the most extra one during this live and meet. He held my hand and shake it for three times like we’re children playing(if you understand it’s the kind of handshake with large movement and he was saying 내~ 내~ xie xie~*insert Sungjin tone here*)
He’s really cute and I might be in love

🐍 Wonpil (sor I don’t think ur a snake pili)
Wonpil missed a few lines during their last song and when the high-touch first began he put one of his hand behind him while the others using both of their hands, so I thought he was feeling unwell.
I went to him and asked him are you okay in Korean, he seemed to want to say smth but the staff rush me off the stage
I have to say I used to like Wonpil the least(I love them all but if you want me to do a bias list…) cause I feel like he’s too not my type
But after this, I kind of sense how cute Wonpil is and i am actually reblogging more Wonpil pics cause meeting him in person really changed my mind lol
He felt like a “herbivorous guy” like the members said and I… I really don’t know what to say but I can’t shake off his innocent look when looking at me

Anyway in conclusion Brian ruined my high-touch experience but Wonpil saved it


● I only like myself in black and white ●

ask-cosplayer-tae ----> daily-namseok

Hey guys! I’ve got a fuckton of news so take a seat if you feel like reading it. I’m not going to continue on as an ask blog anymore, which I get some people won’t want to continue following me to which I say, go on. Because in all honesty I can’t keep up with asks ;;. However! I’m restarting this blog to be a more silly and cute place for doodles and my favorite underappreciated ship namseok. The premise takes a lot of inspiration from @daily-chishimondo in the sense of everyday I’ll choose a prompt or theme out of my inbox and draw it for these two. You can also send in stuff for either one, its honestly just to play around with stuff! I hope you guys like it and continue to support me. Thank you all so much!!



I made banners for you guys if you want to use them.

I actually don’t mind this at all, but I know people who really love drawing cute sibling fluff, and then get really incredibly annoyed when people reblog it and tag it with “f//ont//cest”

Although I don’t like it at all, it’s not something that annoys me when people do this (although granted this rarely happens to me at all so maybe that’s why it doesn’t bug me)

Nevertheless, if you have this problem please feel free to use these banners.

You add it as a second image when you upload your art. That way even if people delete your caption asking not to tag your art this way, the banner will still be there.

I hope it helps anyone having problems <3

(I added 2 more before submitting this as I realised maybe people would prefer papyrus or both bros in one banner.)

im hosting a birthday party

hey guys so basically ive realised tht th best part about birthdays is the cute messges you get from people who appreciate you…… ur birthday is a day u shld feel special u know….. so im going to be making a birthday list on this blog!!!!!! if you are on the list i will be putting ur url and date there so i can wish you a happy birthday and so can many other people!!!!! i jst wnt to appreciate how dope u all are

all u have to do is reblog this and then send me an ask with ur name and birth date!!!! 💓💓💓 lov u guys

200+ Follower Give away!!!

WOW! I can’t believe how many people watch me!!! ;w; I am so grateful!

So I am going to do a little give away!

Only those that follow me are allowed to Enter.

One reblog and/or like Will enter you in! Multiple reblogs are nice but not necessary to enter.

Grand prize:

One full colored piece of your character with a background!

Second place:

A cute Chibi of your OC!

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A doodle!

This was all I could really think of…Sorry if I can’t think of any thing else!

Please enter by July 10th!!!

Thank you guys for making me feel so loved!

Another thing I love about safe vore is just how intimate it is.

It’s not about two beings becoming one; it’s about two completely different individuals surrounded by the same body, standing safely as protector and protected.

It’s about the fact the prey could easily be no more, gurgled up into nutrients, though the pred is watching over them and making sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s the fact it’s the closest places to rest within to seek refuge, prey literally sheltered by the bodies of their fellow predator buddies and just so deep and close to their pounding hearts and breathing patterns; with this, even the most stoic of preds can’t hide their emotions for long. And they don’t want to, for the prey already knows about it and loves them for who they are underneath all that hiding.

It’s just… There’s something that’s just so romantic and adorable about it, and yet the same thing can stand for platonic relationships, too, with equal sweetness, bonding friends and lovers alike in a trust they cannot break.