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Langst Fic Idea Part 3!

A part 3? Why yes indeed it’s the part 3. You guys have finally satiated my thirst for validation, thus I give to you this… thing. 

Part 1 & Part 2

Enjoy! (not edited whatsoever. Sorry :) )

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Here’s to hoping that tomorrow the fandom has moved on from all this Henrik discourse. 

I know it was shitty what the agent said, but you know what? This was probably an exciting day for Henrik and the entire fandom shit all over it. Focused on the negative. Instead of the fact that this 21 year old who thought he flopped in his audition for Even, who worked in a coffee shop not 6 months ago, was signed to a major talent agency to further his potentially very successful acting career. 

I just hope it hasn’t spread over to Instagram, and people aren’t harassing him and demanding apologies from him, like I saw on here. 

Nobody asked for... [Part 4]

Cuz @tsume-yuki continued her crossover, so I decided to follow up on mine~

You can find the links to the other parts here.

He didn’t like it. Not one bit.

Another round of giggles echoed from the Moby Dick’s figurehead and Ace felt a tingle down his spine at the sound. Whipping around, he glowered at the pair of women sunning themselves, heads of red and white sitting opposite each other in stark contrast like a chess pieces.

Riskua was doing that talking-with-her-hands thing she does when she gets really into a topic. Ace longed to spend time with her…


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I didn’t realize how much comfort there was in knowing that Chris was still with us up until a few days ago. I can’t help but feel so much regret, as if I took his time here for granted. I was so used to just seeing his face on interviews, music videos, etc, and just subconsciously thinking “hey, he’s one of my favorite musicians who is still here". He still existed, he still played music, and that was fucking awesome. I never really thought about how fragile life is, and it hurts to listen to his music and watch videos of him now. It hurts seeing the people I appreciate most in this world not exist anymore. And I don’t know what to do with that information, because I can no longer find comfort in what is my only real solace. It feels like slowly but surely, everything that keeps me together is falling apart

i think my problem is i like to know when boys think im pretty and are attracted to me and like, when its all just fun and games i dont mind fucking around and being a bit flirty if thats what keeps them liking me, but i dont actually care about dating them yknow bc im not actually attracted to them, but then they start making moves and inviting me on dates and i regret everything ive done to that point because ive never ever been actually interested

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i love how you without question interact with us users and anons alike, thank you for taking your time to answer our questions morty :)

Oh gosh I try to get to everyone, you guys are all great! I know @askrick would answer more too but you know he’s a s-scientist and busy and s-stuff and I can respond from Math class and all. 

i literally don’t think anything i’ve ever written for the fandom has had chapters this long…….it even surpasses some of the really long chapters in electric stars. like, even the 8000 word final chapter. 

I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

One week, one week since last update and I’m still shocked

Chapters: 0, 1, 2, 3

According to this legend, people are drawn to each other. Their atoms were near, close to each other when the universe was created and over time the same atoms keep coming back together and no matter how far they are from the others, they will always find their way back. Also when two people meet once, even by slightest accident, they will keep being drawn again and again until they are in one place.

Chapter 4 /or/ about jealousy, deals and ice queens

Matteo has been acting weird.

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The big move!

I could probably sit here for 10 minutes trying to write a long ass post about Jack and Signe moving, however I’m very very tired.

I just wanted to say a quick congratulations on the move and having your own house. I’m so happy it went smoothly! I hope that there will be a ton of amazing memories in your new home (hopefully with a smol doggo eventually). I send both of you my good wishes for your future together in this new leg of the journey. Best of luck guys! Xx

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