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maybe i’m asking for too much but if “it devours” also manages to tell us how carlos fell in love with cecil from his own point of view i will literally leave this plane of existence and subsequently reach nirvana


eyyy i made a cool hair ref for Guy cause his hair is… so hard to draw… and then i decided to make one for everyone!  models-resource saved my life and now they can save YOURS TOO


Childhood Trauma - A moodboard


the resemblance is uncanny

So yeah,I made another,but the five guys recording was really flipping funny and I couldn’t stop laughing,lmao,and it’s really fun to make these since I’m not a very interesting person hah
Vocals:VHC (voicedheadcanons)
Animation:Me (floof-art-trash)
Please enjoy and as always go and look at VHC’s Blog :3
(Just to note I might do these more often because I can’t stop listening to his amazing voice agdkeiskedwhaowkqiduwja)
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Instagram:Floof_art And also,I hope that you are feeling better from the hospital,please stay healthy

Love Bites!


   12 Monkeys Easter Eggs: 2.02 v. 2.13 (1/?) 

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headcannon for reader as a shy nerdy girl such as peter and wears glasses and always has a nose in her book so peter is crushing and tries to get her attention ?? idk may be better as an imagine idk i just think it'd be cute

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so basically

  • Peter adores your intelligence.
  • Boi always tries to show off how smart he is.
  • You are in like half of his classes so he tries to partner up with you in everything.
  • Or at least sit next to you.
  • His teachers call him out on not paying attention in class all the time.
  • But it’s because he’s paying attention to you.
  • He also thinks that your passion for studying is amazing.
  • He thinks it’s cute when your glasses fall down on your nose and you push it up and continue reading.
  • He finds that when you get lost in a book is when you are the most beautiful, eyes wide, mouthing the words silently…
  • He’s mesmerized by you.
  • Any book he finds out you are reading he tries to get a copy to and walk around campus with it so you would notice and talk to him about it.
  • But you never would you are too busy reading.
  • Then he tries to read that book so you can have something to talk about, but he’s always one or two books behind because you read too fast.
  • He also tries to make the best pick up lines to ask you out using references to said book.
  • Basically he’s a nerd in love with you and is trying to get your attention.
  • One time, he even tried to trip in front of you so you could help him up.
  • It didn’t work
  • You didn’t see
  • You were too busy reading
  • Girl get your head out of the book and notice the guy LITERALLY FALLING FOR YOU.


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I like this and would like to make this headcannon an imagine if i get enough requests for it.

But I have a story similar to this concept.. Sorta.. It’s called 

Good Girls are Bad Girls - (x)

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Being A Woman

At thirteen I used to count the beeps as I walked from my home into town
I used the number to measure how good I looked and how good I felt
only as an adult did I realise the implications of measuring your self worth by other people’s reactions
and the implications of fully grown men peering up the skirt of a newly pubescent girl

My first boyfriend wanted to buy me a dog collar because he said I was his bitch
he broke up with me because I wouldn’t let his clambering fingers inside parts of myself that I called my own
It was the first time that I realised that to some I was only worth what parts of my body they could leave fingerprints on

My second boyfriend forced my head down with words
the expectation weighed my body down to the bed until I was on all fours
choking on the word “no”
Afterwards, he praised me
and I felt sickeningly proud
It was the first time I realised that the more I’d do, the more men would want me
When he broke up with me he said it was all I’d been good for

My third boyfriend left blackberry marks all over my skin
he dug his nails into my lungs and squeezed the breath out of me
he broke me into pieces and called it love
whilst I desperately searched my soul for the strength that he’d ripped out of me

He found the flesh of other women and I pretended to be brave but
I let him ruin me over and over until he had
beaten the love out of my soul and
I could then find the courage to take back my battered heart
The police blamed me for the ways he found to stalk me for the next six years
and the shadows he created still seep under the door at night
I have a step by step escape plan should he ever be waiting for me

My fourth boyfriend and I stayed friends after it was over
until he broke my phone and refused to help pay for a new one
he eventually came into my house and climbed the stairs to my bedroom
to throw a ten pound note at me as I was sleeping
that afternoon he took the time to send me text messages calling me a slut
and months later after I gave my blessing
I watched him break my best friend’s heart

My fifth boyfriend burned things to the ground
including our relationship when my existence was no longer exciting to him
six years later he said he had changed
and we fucked for months until the time I asked him to make me come and
he “couldn’t be bothered”
he never asked me why we stopped talking
and I realised I had never been worth anything but the clothes I took off:
just another lump of willing flesh to add to the current collection

My sixth boyfriend was good in every way
but even he lost control when he pinned me to the bed and
taunted me because I had said something that made him feel weak
I said “get off me” over and over but he wouldn’t and
only bursting into tears made him snap out of whatever world he was in
They tell us “not all men”
but how will I ever know which men will lay their hands on me when even the best ones do?

The first friend I slept with had chlamydia
he didn’t tell me until a year later
when my body could have decided not to forgive me
had I not been the sort to check
he never apologised
I never asked him to

The second friend I slept with didn’t wear a condom when I asked
it was dark and I was drunk and I didn’t know until he acted like it was a victory
seven years later he didn’t take no for an answer until the fourth or fifth time his hand wondered down my torso and searched for more
The sickest thing is that for a second there was a moment where I could have taught a man that no means yes
I have never been good at impulse control but
the potential of another man passed out in the same bed stopped me

The third friend I slept with consumed me when I was drowning in darkness
he took the last of what I had and then
vanished for half a year
I made art about him
he would never have known it was about what he did

I’ve woken up in a bed with a boy I never even kissed
to find his hand running over the curve of my buttocks as I lay on my front
I could barely breathe and
I didn’t know where he would touch me next
he thought I had no voice to say no since my eyelids were closed
I didn’t know that the men you trust won’t always ask for your consent before putting their hands on you

The guy tattooing my neck makes suggestions about the sexual acts that he would do to me and I laugh because I don’t know what else to do
the boy I was seeing apologises to my abusive ex-boyfriend for taking what was his
the men on the street leer
and comment on my body like it is theirs to do what they wish with
they tell me what shape I should make with my mouth – smile!
And the drunken men slur and follow me and I try to breathe and smile and hurry at the same time because if you don’t say thank you and giggle he might grab you or beat you or rape you or kill you
and so every time when it is dark and men walk past I look at the floor and think
please don’t notice me. please don’t hurt me

A guy at the bar leans over and says
“Did you enjoy your run earlier? I saw you as you ran past.
It’s clearly working for you. You look good.”
I don’t know whether to feel angry or afraid or complimented
and so I feel all three and then I feel ashamed
I don’t know how I am supposed to feel when men I have never seen before talk to me
but my whole body tightens when I notice that they have noticed me

I’m out at the pub with a girl friend when a stranger tries to sit with us
he tells us all the intimate things that he wishes to do to us
and the more we reject him the more aggressive and unpredictable he becomes
we try to be polite to stop him from hurting us
he bangs the table in front of me with his fist and I flinch and
I remember why I am scared of men

My first driving instructor talked to me about foursomes
and breast tattoos
and whether I’d want to have a lesbian experience
he never taught me anything except how to feel uncomfortable for sixty minutes and not say a word about it

The boys who liked me thought that I should like them
they thought their eager little hands were better than the hands I allowed on me
and blamed me for my inability to see this;
blamed me for my inability to want them
One threw flowers at me
and smashed a glass against a wall
as if he could
smash my resolve into pieces

I am sick of these being just a handful of stories
a handful of crappy poetry lines
that I have spent so long trying to sound good

living in fear does not sound good and
trying to explain the shivers and the panic
and the anger and the licking of dry lips
and the dry swallow
and the dry eyes
as you accept that this is your life;
as you accept that this is normal
does not sound good
I can never explain a lifetime in lines

ITH characters as things I've said
  • Usnavi: *crying* I spilled my coffee!!
  • Nina: Do you think that if I stare for too long at the closed books I'll get the knowledge I need?
  • Kevin: I feel...*dramatic pause*... useless...
  • Camila: I've had enough of you, so you better say sorry to each other, or else... *takes out a chancla*
  • Benny: *on the speakers* is this shit on? *hears an echo* Shit, it was on...
  • Vanessa: I am DONE™ *exits the room*
  • Sonny: I am the only serious person on this room but NO ONE takes me seriously because I'M TINY!
  • Abuela Claudia: You are all so beautiful, guys! I love you!
  • Daniela: I may be savage, but only when it's necessary.
  • Carla: Nah dude, no gossip with me *five minutes later* YOoO, have you heard that...
  • GP: I think I committed a crime but not exactly...
  • Piragua Guy: I do so much for y'all, please notice me...
Road Trip // Gang Imagine

For sodascherry

You were with the gang going on a road trip to- well no one quite knew. You were all crammed in a van Steve took from the shop. You were in the front seat, window rolled down, sunglasses on, just enjoying the ride. You were singing along to kiss me quick by Elvis Presley. 

Although you were having fun, you soon got bored. “Hey guys, can we pullover somewhere to take a break. I don’t know how much longer I can take it in here” You pleaded, the comfort was non existant, and the heat didn’t help with anything.

“yeah, let’s just stop in the middle of nowhere, where no one is to be found.” Ponyboy said sarcastically.

“Why not, it ain’t gonna hurt, let’s just do it” Sodapop agreed with you. Darry pulled over. We were pulled over to an extraordinary view of the ocean. The blue waves were crashing on the rocks, pulling shells back each time it receeded. The water stretched as far as you could see, to the horizon. The light from sunset playing tricks on the waters identity, as the hints of orange reflected off the surface. It was beautiful

“Woah” Johnny said admiring the sunset along with Ponyboy “Dal come look at this.

“Nah man, I’m going swimming” Dal said running down to the water and jumping in.

“Come on guys let’s go!” Two-bit said running down to the water joining Dallas.

You kind of just stood there watching the boys splash around in the water.

“y/n, Come in the water!” Darry invited you.

“I would love to but I can’t I don’t have my bikini here” you shrugged.

“Just go in your bra and underwear, it ain’t nothing we haven’t seen before” Steve suggested and you gasped mocking a posh manner. But you agreed, it can’t be too much different than your bikini. You took off your top revealing your blush pink lace bra, and took off your pants showing your blush ink panties with lace trim. It was kind of awkward as you stood there.

“Guys, keep it in your pants” You saw them all staring at you, but you decided to join them in the water.

You were playing marco polo and you couldn’t help but notice the guys staring at you.

Please stop staring at me, just treat me like one of you guys” You asked, you did not like being stared at.

“In that case,” Sodapop ran at you and tackled you in the water with the rest of the guys.

“Stop! Stop!” You laughed then you felt something unclasp. You turned around to see a smirking Dallas Winston.


Sorry for the ending, I didn’t know how to end it. But Dallas winston though.

Draco and Hannah do not have a crush
  • Draco: so... you don't have a crush? Not even a possible candidate?
  • Hannah: Draco Lucius Malfoy, please take a look around. All the guys don't even notice me. Not that I mind, because they are not my type. Well, some of them are hot, but then their characteristics or attitude is terrible. But how about you, do...
  • *Neville walks by*
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Hannah: uh... yeah sorry... Uh... anyway.. do you have any interests in someone? Probably a guy *winks*
  • Draco: *sighs* Why is it everybody is telling me that I am possibly gay? I don't fit the stereotype... I think... Also, I have been with Pansy, a girl, so that means I am straighter than a...
  • *Potter walks by*
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Hannah: It was cute to see you drool all over your precious scarhead, but I am bored now. See ya later, Mr. Gay!

“Actually you have to turn the computer on first”
“I see.”

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Ok so in the highlight reel with the theory that jin can time travel do you think the others know? Like with taehyung in prologue when he jumped off that platform into the water he didn’t give a shit or he knew jin would be able to go back in time or something and save him. In the highlight reel when tae got arrested he didn’t look like he was enjoying it this time instead he looked scared maybe cause he knew jin wouldn’t be able to save him this time??

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you easily became one of my fav blogs on here lol do you have twitter?

ive been really against using twitter for the longest time because i didn’t wanna go through the trouble of deleting all my tweets (ive had my account since i was 17…don’t think i had the same perspective i have now, back then so it sounded problematic lmao).

but, since i get this question so often & have enjoyed content from the site recently, i filtered out all my shit and basically can use the site now lol

if you guys wanna follow me on there my twitter handle is @colachmpagnedad

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So, it’s only taken me like a little over a month… buT IT’S FINALLY FINISHED GUYS!!!

Under the undercut I’m going to post the progress pictures and a picture of an embroidery gift I’m doing for a friend that’s zimbits as well.

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