guys playing guitars

had a dream obama and the guy who plays air guitar at the mall were about to fight and obama said “ violence for violence is the rule of beasts “ and i woke up because that was the rawest shit i ever heard

EXO as College Students

Request: Can I pretty please request exo as college students during finals week/ exo as college students in general 


  • that one kid who pretty much lives at the coffee shop
  • unsure if he’s actually enrolled in classes because he’s never actually seen outside of said coffee shop
  • should probably work there tbh
  • plot twist, he’s actually a grad student
  • double plot twist, he’s a grad student AND a TA
  • and suddenly everyone becomes highkey interested in thermodynamics

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  • slowly unraveling one semester at a time
  • hides his dark circles with some thick ass glasses
  • because studying is life
  • until he sleeps through two of his finals and literally has a panic attack on the floor of his dorm room
  • professors love him enough to let him reschedule tho
  • if he hasn’t tutored you, has probably tutored someone you know at some point

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  • freshman orientation leader
  • can always be found giving a campus tour to a wayward student
  • “dude, i was just wondering where the gym was” “AND HERE WE HAVE THE LIBRARY, BUILT IN 1927 BY OUR SCHOOL FOUNDER-”
  • usually ends up lost by the end of his own tours
  • unsure of how old he is
  • or how long he’s actually been enrolled 

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  • that guy who always asks for notes
  • or a scantron
  • or a pencil 
  • or an extension
  • “that was due TODAY? OH YEah i totally knew that. TOtAlly.”
  • the first to leave when a professor is late to class 

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  • tbh wasn’t even enrolled at first
  • and would just show up to hang out with his friends
  • until he figured out he could hang out with them EVEN MORE if he were an actual student
  • is really stoked on cafeteria food
  • “can we have class outside today?” 
  • pretends to study to make himself feel better

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  • that guy playing his guitar in the student union 
  • except he actually doesn’t suck 
  • whispers “please hit me and put me out of my misery…or at least pay for my tuition” as he jay-walks toward the library
  • calculates the lowest grade he can get on an exam to still pass
  • walks into the wrong class on the daily 
  • can hear him chomping on various snack foods from across the room

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  • always looks pissed off
  • but it’s just because he’s near-sighted
  • and refuses to sit anywhere except for the back row
  • ten minutes early to most classes 
  • verbal sparring with the professor
  • probably a double major

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  • lives on campus even though most of his courses are online
  • doesn’t have a class before noon
  • the comfort king™
  • all pajama pants all the time
  • plays a lot of extreme frisbee 
  • somehow always ends up with extra credit??? for doing literally nothing???

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  • can never make it to class on time
  • but when he does finally arrive, always has starbucks in hand
  • spends most of his time on social media
  • disappears as soon as he’s assigned to a group project
  • says he’s dropping out at least once a week
  • baller on a budget

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So Niall mentioned Eric Clapton when asked about career goals, and I think he couldn’t have chosen a better artist, because 1) if you want to be the best you have to follow in the footstepts of the best and 2) because I can’t help seeing some parallels between them.

Eric Clapton always loved music and started playing guitar when he received one as a gift when he was a kid. He started playing in bands and he was basically the guitarrist. He didn’t really start singing till he formed Cream, a rock band who achieved great sucess, and he basically played the guitar in it while also singing some songs. He formed part of some other bands, and after many break ups, he finally decided to go solo (best decision he could have made).

Basically he started being that guy who played guitar in a band and did, ocasionally, the voice in some songs, and ended being an artist that decades later still sells albums and tours. He is considered one of the biggest artists in history, he is in the Rock & Rock Hall of Fame THREE times (as a solist and with two of his bands) and he is also, as a guitar player, considered one of the best, in fact he is the number #2 in the prestigious list of Rolling Stone magazine of the “100 greatest guitarists of all time”.

I’m happy that Niall recognizes what a great artist Clapton is, and even knowing how hard it is, that he aims to have the kind of career path he has. And let me tell you that, maybe, there can’t be a second Clapton in history and it would be vain to think that a person who has just “started” in the music world can be like him, but I think that Niall is talented, hard-working and kind enough to achive great things too on his own way.

(Also as a fun fact, Eric Clapton is known in the music word with the nickname of Slowhand, a funny coincidence)