guys of tumlr

Tumblr Car Meet!! ok so im thinking of planning a beach day/cruise/car meet for anyone and everyone in the socal area! Possibly the 2nd or 3rd week of june. Let me know if you guys are down!

edit: you dont have to be into car to come. if you just want to come hangout and meet some new friends everyone is welcome! But there will be alot of car enthusiasts haha

Finalizing some details so here it goes!

June 21st Huntington State Beach  21601 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92646. start around 3pm- whenever! $15 for parking but its worth it! Afterwards will be a cruise up PCH to the Santa Monica pier or anywhere we decide haha

Please dont be the ass who gets the cops called on us…no being dumb, no reving, burnouts and other non sense. 

Lets have some fun guys!!!!! Hope to see you there!

But guys, has no one yet realized? Misha’s screenshot is in dash form. And he has the bookmark option on the bottom of his post. What does this mean? Well, dear friends, not only is Misha Collins already on tumblr, but he has xkit… and he follows someone who posts spn. 

Either that, or he’s close with someone who has a tumblr and posts spn.