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“Love you, love you, love you, love you, and love you.” You said each one followed by a kiss to one of your child’s head as you went down the line of them sat at the table.

“Bye!” They called, paying more attention to the food in front of them than you leaving. Your turned towards John who was sat at the head of the table reading the paper and looking at the kids.

“And I love you.” You said with a giggle when he pouted at you like a kid upset he’d been left out. You Lenard down and took his face in your hands kissing him.

“Love you too.” He smirked.

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Okay, so, I'm doing this roleplay with my friend. Long story short Athena and Aphrodite ran off to a different universe together to save that one and get married (I swear there are explanations) so Ares was alone again, and Eros is trying to manipulate him for a curse. So he wants to seduce him but there's the problem of he's not really sure if he's his dad, or if it's Hermes, or the whole Ouranous thing, and Aphrodite refuses to tell him. Greek Mythology everyone. When everyone is related.

‘so i want to seduce this guy but i don’t know if he’s my dad?? but my mum won’t tell me’

Arranged Marriage Phan AU - Nightmares

Title: Nightmares

Paring: Phan (Dan and Phil)

Warnings: None

Words: 1394 in this chapter

Plot: AU where all marriages are arranged. Gender, race, and age do not matter. Phil is an 18 year old with his dream job, Dan is a 14 year old about to start high school. When they’re arranged to be married, and Dan has recurring nightmares, this is what unfolds. 

Chapter: 1

Chapter Links: 2

Genre: Fluffy angst? 


Dan’s P.O.V

“Mum! Please, don’t make me do this,” I cried. I was sat on my bed with my mum as we were packing my things. “I don’t want to go, Mum!”

“Daniel! Philip is a nice guy! I expect you to give him a chance. You’re lucky you got the gender you wanted. It doesn’t always happen that way. You did want a boy, right? Well you got one. Now, go take a shower and get ready. We have to leave in two hours,” she said as she glanced at her watch. “I’ll leave your clothes on your bed for you.”

I sighed and took a shower. When I came back, a button down shirt and black pants were left on my bed. I quickly put them both on and then walked downstairs. “Tuck in your shirt. Do you want some breakfast?” My dad asked. I shook my head. I was too anxious; if I ate, I’d be sick. In less than an hour I’d be getting married. He nodded. “It’s all right, Daniel. Philip will take good care of you. Don’t look so sad.” I nodded and sat at the table. A few minutes later we all got into the car and drove to the church. My dad handed me a blazer, which I put on. After being in a tiny room and tons of preparation, my father knocked on the door. “It’s time, Dan,” he said. I sighed and walked out with him.

“Dad, please, don’t make me, I’m not ready,” I sputtered as we neared the door.

“Daniel, yes, you are. Now, come on,” he said. Tears welled in my eyes and we walked through. I kept my head down and looked at the floor as we walked down the aisle. We stepped on various flower petals which I had assumed my little cousin, Maggie, had dropped while walking down in front of me. My dad let go of my arm and walked over to my mom on the right. I walked forward and stood in front of who I assumed to be Philip. It was no surprise that he was older; my parents already told me he was eighteen. He had piercingly vivid blue eyes with a green hint to them, and dark black hair that fell over his forehead similar to mine. Except mine was brown with a slight curl to it whereas his was straight. Who I assumed was the preacher was blabbing on about something but I couldn’t focus on anything aside from my feet. Philip had grasped my hands at one point and I felt him look at me.

“Do you, Philip Michael Lester, take Daniel James Howell to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do,” I heard Philip say. His voice was deeper than expected, and he seemed to be calm and collected, where I was visibly shaking.

“And do you, Daniel James Howell, take Philip Michael Lester, to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do,” I whispered.

“Then you may kiss your groom,” he’d said. I still didn’t look at Phil, but I felt him kneel before me. His hands went on both sides of my faces and we made eye contact. I began shaking in anticipation of what would happen next. Philip’s eyes softened and he shot me a pitying look. Before I could react, I felt Philip’s thumbs over my lips and he leaned in and kissed his thumb. It was something we used to do in our drama class, to fake the kissing. I was slightly relieved, being fourteen and not having my first kiss yet, but I was also slightly disappointed, like he didn’t want to kiss me, like he was repulsed by me.

He grabbed my hand and we walked out of the chapel and over to his car. “Your parents already put your stuff in here, just so you know. We can unload it at my house, er- well, our house,” Philip said as we neared what I assumed to be his car.

“Okay,” I replied. It was around half past four and we still had a very long day left. We got into his car and he began driving to what I assumed would be his apartment, house, or whatever. We fell into a very awkward silence and I fiddled with my thumbs. After what felt like an eternity, we pulled into an apartment complex. He stopped the car and we got out. He grabbed my bag and I followed him into one of the flats.

“There are two bedrooms, I left one of them empty for you. You can decorate it however you please. The kitchen is to the right, then there’s the living room, bathroom down the hall, then my room’s on the left and yours is on the right down the hall. I figured you’d be more comfortable in your own room for now, but you’re always welcome in my room if you’d ever want to sleep there. Do you want me to help you unpack?” Philip and I were standing near the door when he said all of this.

“Um, yeah, okay, sure, thank you, Philip,” I whispered.

“Just Phil, if you don’t mind.”

“All right, Phil. I prefer Dan rather than Daniel, just, so you know.”

Phil nodded. “Shall we get started?” He gestured toward my suitcase. I nodded and followed him down the hall and into my room. It was plain; there was a bed in the far left corner with black and grey sheets, and a desk by a window, but that was it. Phil and I unpacked my bag in silence. After we finished, as I only had one bag of clothes, Phil spoke. “Do you want some dinner? I don’t really know what you like to eat, but we could order something, or make something,” he trailed off. I shrugged. I didn’t want to impose.

“I’m fine with whatever,” I whispered, not meeting his eyes.

“How does pizza sound then?” He asked. I nodded. “Are you fine with pepperoni?” I nodded again. “I’ll order it then.” Phil walked downstairs and I sat on my bed. I put my hands on my face and sighed. Why the hell am I so awkward? I’m married to him, and I can’t even fucking talk to him. Way to go, Dan. Phil walked in again. “Hey, I just ordered the pizza.”

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“No problem. Do you want to go talk in the living room or something?” Phil asked.

“Okay,” I replied and followed Phil into the livingroom. We sat on opposite ends of the couch. He asked me a few questions, but I replied with brief sentences. A buzzer came on, and Phil let the pizza guy in. We got plates, and ate in silence.

“Dan, I know neither of us got a choice in the say, but can we please try to make this work? You have to talk to me to make it work. If not for the sake of the marriage, then for your parents,” Phil pleaded.

“I’m sorry, it’s just a new to me,” I whispered. “I’m not very good with new things.”

“That’s okay, it’s new to me too. We’ll figure it out together, yeah?” Phil said. I nodded. “So, are you in school?”

“It starts back up in a week,” I replied.

“What grade are you going into?” He asked.

“I’ll be in 9th grade in high school. What do you do?“ I looked into his eyes, noticing the vibrant blue with green specks again. I could get used to them.

"I work on a radio show,” Phil replied. I nodded. “Well,” Phil looked at his phone. “It’s getting pretty late. I’m going to go to sleep. You can stay up if you want, or go to sleep, it’s your choice. Good night,” Phil said as he stood up.

“Good night, Phil,” I replied. Soon after Phil retired into his room, I walked into mine and closed the door. It was unfamiliar, not being in my own room. Well, being in my new room. It worried me, why didn’t Phil kiss me today? Don’t most married people have sex on their wedding night? Or at least sleep in the same room… I sighed. Phil must be repulsed by me.

(A/N: Thanks for reading! Of course, please don’t steal, only reblog/like, don’t repost. Copyright and all that jazz. I love feedback, feel free to message me!)

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Can people stop acting like a girl wanting men to help with the chores makes her a ‘bad wife/daughter’. The concept of choice makes a huge difference. Yes some girls are happy to do everything in the home and that’s cool because it’s their choice. But the truth is not every girl wants that housewife lifestyle. For many women it is a dhulm on them and it’s not their choice, they are forced or pressured into it by cultural expectations.
Wanting my man to do some of the chores doesn’t mean I’m gonna be some oppressive, uncaring wife who treats my husband like crap. It’s literally such a reach to say that.
In my own family my dad does a lot in the kitchen, does that make my mum a bad wife? How am I gonna watch my own father treat my mum with respect and equality and then marry a man who doesn’t do that? Honestly, if I was a guy I’d feel ashamed to just sit there like a princess and watch my sister/mum/wife do absolutely everything for me all the time.
Inshallah if I ever get married I know I’ll want to do things for him and treat him, if I love someone of course I wanna make them happy. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna do absolutely everything in the home just because I’m female and it’s supposedly only my duty.

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I'm renting a room from this older lorry driver guy who's wife passed away 7 years ago he's 41 years older than me told me last night he's in love with me and wants me to have his baby and marry me !!! We've done nothing sexual as yet but I do really like him I'm wondering what to do ? What would you do ?

My mum was 41 years old when she gave birth her me….


Lauren headed out to the upstairs balcony to clear her mind. Clarissa was standing there too, looking out to the lake.

Hey, ‘Rissa.

Oh! Hiya sis.

What’re you doing out here? I thought this party would be your type of scene.

It is, but I’m not in the mood. I’ve been thinking a lot recently.

About what?

A lot. Mum is a real cunt isn’t she.

Hah, never thought I’d hear you say that. Hey, hey you look upset is everything okay?

I’m scared, Lauren.

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I Don’t Have Anyone (Tony Perry) (Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 537


Another family meal, another opportunity for them to make you feel shitty about your life choices. You didn’t need your younger sister to announce her engagement, but she did because she hated you and wanted to make you look bad. You were the middle child and expected to fall in love, get engaged, get married, and have kids before your younger sibling. But you didn’t even have a boyfriend. Your older brother was married already and had one kid, and last weekend at dinner he announced that his wife was pregnant again,

Now you were back in your crappy one bedroom apartment eating ice cream and thinking how much more of a disappointment you could be to you, perfect family. You ignored your phone which vibrated on the coffee table, knowing your best friend Tony was trying to check up on you because he knew how your family liked to knock you down for fun and pleasure.

“Thank god I have a spare key, otherwise I’d have to kick the door down if you refused to answer any more of my calls y/n.”

Tony waltzes into your apartment fuming. You look up from your spot on the sofa with quivering lips and Tony’s face instantly softens.

“Tell me what they said, this time, y/n. Let Tony give you some cuddles.”

Tony sits down next to you and you crawl into his open arms. You were best friends with his girlfriend and she didn’t have a problem with how close and touchy feely you and Tony acted around each other.

“My little sisters engaged and my older brother is expecting his second child. Mum joked that I must be barren and guys can sense it so avoid me like the plague. I’m not barren, I can have kids but then dad said I needed to change my appearance if I wanted to be in with a chance at getting the leftovers.”

Tears stream down your cheeks and Tony rubs circle on your back, “you’re beautiful, kind, caring and a fun person to be around y/n. You don’t have a stick up your ass like your siblings.”

You chuckle, “everyone I know is in a relationship, getting married or having kids. Tone I don’t have anyone-”

“You have me y/n. And a little birdie told me that Jaime has a crush on you but is too nervous to ask you out.” Tony interrupts.

You stare at your best friend a little shocked at what he’d just told you. Jaime had a crush on you, but you were the tour manager for Pierce The Veil and didn’t think dating a band member would be professional. But you found Jaime hot and funny so wouldn’t mind bending your own rules, especially if it got your pushy parents off your back.

“Ah someone’s blushing, someone likes Jaime back.”

Tony giggles and starts tickling you in the ribs. You swat him with a cushion.

“Fine I like him, does that make you happy Tony?”

Tony nods, “I can already hear the wedding bells y/n. Now let’s order food and watch Star Wars.”

You roll your eyes and cuddle into Tony more, he never failed to make you smile and lift your mood.

All Yours

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Word Count: 2,011

Requested: Anonymous - “Can you write a Luke one where he tells his best friend he likes her but she rejects him, and years later when Luke comes home she realizes that she likes him, but you and Luke met and fell in love and have a baby together and she gets jealous?”

A/N: I combined two different requests for this one, but the one above is a pretty good description of this imagine. Feedback is always appreciated!


Luke lays on your shared king sized bed as he watches you pack your suitcase frantically. Your six month old daughter, Kennedy, curled up on his shirtless chest as she sleeps soundly.

“Is she finally out?” You ask, folding another shirt and sliding it into your bag.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to go lay her down, so that way we can pack without worrying about waking her.” He suggests, he slowly stands up, cradling her to his chest.

When he reaches her room he slowly places her in her crib, soft snores escaping her tiny lips. He admires her for a moment before joining you in your bedroom.

You halt your packing when you notice him laying back down on the bed. “Have you packed anything yet, Lu?”

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Everybody's Pregnant! - Dan Howell/danisnotonfire One Shot

broadway-baby-143 said: Can you write a Danisnotonfire one shot were y/n is in labor and giving birth to y/n first child and Dan and phil are super duper nervous? Thanks love!

A/N: Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title, I’m sorry! But yes, this is cute, I hope you like it!

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Let`s Say I Do

Tittle: Let`s Say I Do

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: None

Warning: None

   “It`s not to late to back out of this you know.” My mother said softly from behind me as she finished tying the back of my ivory white wedding gown.

  “I`m not backing out of this, I love him.” I sighed rolling my eyes at her in the mirror.  I had been hearing the same thing from my mother from the moment my boyfriend of two years asked me to marry him.

 “Yes but I just really don`t think you thought this through.” She stressed, frowning as she shook her head at me.

  “Mum I have thought this threw. Peter made mistakes, big ones. He tried to kill Henry, I know that, but he has changed. Peter had really and truly changed! He is a good guy, the kind you always told me you want to me end up with. He is a good guy, a great one.”

  “Here is the thing, I`m not..”

  “Give up Regina, she is going to marry Peter.” My father Robin, said as he walked into the room, his hands gripping her shoulders as he gently pulled my mother away from me.

  “I don`t want her to end up wishing she never went through with this.” My mother yelled, throwing her hands in the air as she stared at me.

  “Mum I won`t I love him, a lot. Peter is it for me. I get that you don`t like this, I do, but come on. If Henry can look past this, forgive me for dating Peter, for marrying him, then you should too.”

  “Amara please.” My mother begged, wrapping her hands around my shoulders.

  “Mum please just give up on this, let me be happy.” I begged, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

  “Fine you win, but let me tell you this, I`m not happy about it at all.” 

 “Trust me, I know.”  I giggled, turning away from her and putting my veil carefully onto my head, holding it in place with my diamond tiara.

  “Come on, it`s time.” My father said softly, earning a smile from me and a frown from my mother.

 I took a deep breath, and one last look in the mirror, before I turned on my heal and walked towards my father, my arm slipping carefully through his. Once we were in the hall, my mother gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before she hurried to go take her seat, leaving the two of us standing alone in the wide hallway.

  “I know I said I was behind you on this, and I am, but just know your mother is right, it`s not to late.”

  “Oh daddy,” I giggled leaning on my tip toes to press a kiss to cheek. “I am going to marry Peter.”

  “I knew you were going to say that, I just wanted to be sure.”

  “I have never been more sure about anything ever.” I vowed, giving him a soft smile before I turned back to the doors that separated us from Peter. As I stared at them, I couldn`t shake the thought that had suddenly jumped into my head. “What if he ran off?”

  “He`s still there my sweet girl. Emma and Killian have been keeping your mother updated on him.”

  “I should have known she would have had back up.” I giggled, shaking my head. “Everyone really does hate him.”

  “Not everyone. I mean I do, but that`s only because I`m dad and your my princess and no guy is good enough for you.” He laughed, kissing my forehead before he continued. “But not everyone hates him. Your sister adores him, as does Nolan and Henry. Snow and Belle think he`s turned out to be a fine young man.”

  “Just not good enough for me.” I giggled.

  “Right, not come on, lets get out there before you mother starts thinking she won and scars the poor kid.”

  “Yeah,” I said as I took a deep breath. “Let`s.”

   The Ceremony:

  “I`m not going to lie, I thought your mother was going to kill me.” Peter whispered in my ear as we swayed to the music, ignoring the small group of others that danced along side us. All of them with having their eyes glued on the two of us as we danced slowly around the room, Peter twirling me with easy.

  “Hmm she would have had to get through me first.” I vowed, leaning forward to press a quick kiss to his lips.

  “Now if she had to came at you, I would have whisked you away faster than she could blink.”

  I giggled, leaning up to kiss him again. “Well I`m glad I married a man who is willing to protect her from her mother.” I chuckled.

  “Hey, don`t make it sound like it`s nothing, this is a deal. Have you met your mum, she`s a scary person.” He chuckled, pushing me out to twirl me around again, his eyes locked my skirt as it flowed out around me.

 “I have and she`s not that bad.”

  “She has the savoir, prince Charming and a one handed pirate on her side.”

  “Yes, but you have her daughter and if there is one thing I know Peter it`s this. A Pan never fails.”

  He threw his head back laughed, shaking his head at me before he pressed a kissed to my forehead. “That we do. A Pan never fails.”


Title: Simply You
Pairing: Phil x reader with a dash of Dan x reader
Rating: T (for mentions of a kink)
Song: Simpleng Tulad Mo (Simple Like You) by Daniel Padilla
Word count: 4,536
Prompt: Phil keeps a secret journal about you. This is your love story with Phil told through journal entries.

Hey lovelies! Here’s another fluff story based off an OPM song. *dying whale noise* For Filipinos out there, the name Daniel Padilla will sound familiar to you (yes the photo of the guy next to Phil is Daniel Padilla). This is one of my favorite songs by him (he’s bae and I hearted him in Pangako Sa Yo). Like You’re the One, I’ll add in a version of an English translation of the song. But listen to the song! When I first listened to the song and learned what it meant in English, the song screamed Phil x reader material.

2015 March 15
I met a beautiful woman today. Her name is (Y/N). I bumped into her on the way to Hazel’s. She’s so… wow. She has the prettiest (E/C) I’ve ever seen. Who knew (E/C) eyes could look that pretty? I wish I asked for her last name. Not that I want to stalk or anything. I want to meet her again. SOON.

2015 March 19
What are the odds I’d run into (Y/N) again? We just ran into each other while she passed by me and Dan’s place. She was off on a jog. I was going to the market to pick up more cereal so I decided to jog with her. My legs were burning a few minutes later but I didn’t mind. Every minute spent with her is worth it. Luckily I got her number this time. I’ll text her after I write this.

Don’t you know I want to tell you something
The first time I saw you, I was hooked

2015 April 2
(Y/N) is the best at pranks! Doing Dan and Phil Crafts? GENIUS. I should ask her for more prank ideas in the future. I didn’t expect “Don’t cry, craft” to be something that would catch on. Everyone will be crafting by the end of the week. She’ll always get credit for this idea even if the fans don’t know it.

2015 April 25
(Y/N) was in the audience while Dan and I performed at Playlist Live. I wanted so badly to pull her on stage. Everyone would have loved her humor just as much as I do. I’ve only known her for a month and I feel like I’ve known her forever.

2015 May 10
(Y/N’s) my new cereal buddy. She has family living in America so they send her a lot of different kinds of cereal in the mail every month. She shares some of them with me. I wish I could live in America. All the cereal in the world would be chowed down within a year.

2015 May 30
I attempted to draw Dan and I but that failed. (Y/N) says it doesn’t look too bad. I kinda wanna burn it but if she says it’s okay then I’ll keep it. The drawing is on the fridge. Maybe I should add some color. It looks dull in black and white. Perhaps some color could make the bad drawing a little less bad.

2015 June 18
Working on the book is hard work! Good thing (Y/N) is great at giving foot massages. And shoulder massages. And neck massages. Could she give me a chest massage too? Nah. That would be creepy. That could make her run for the hills.

2015 June 27
Finished typing The Hand. (Y/N) laughed when I showed it to her. Dan was in hysterics. The fans will have vivid imaginations when they read about Harry Styles crawling out of my corpse. She wants me to make a part 2. I could do that. I wouldn’t publish it, but I’d write a part 2 for her eyes only.

2015 July 4
Met one of (Y/N’s) friends today. He seems nice. A little touchy-touchy with her. She says he’s like a brother to her but I think he doesn’t see it that way. He probably has a crush on her. I wouldn’t be surprised. (Y/N) is too wonderful a woman not to like.

2015 August 7
I have a crush on (Y/N). I think I did since I met her. How else could I describe this warm feeling in my chest whenever I see her? I’ve never had such a strong connection to a woman before, not until her. I see a future with her. I want to start a family with her and have her babies. Whoa. Too soon Phil. Too soon. I’ve only known her for like four months. Four months is enough time to fall in love with someone, right?

I’m only dreaming of a simple girl like you
My dream is
I wish you’d like me

2015 August 25
She’s going on a date with him. BLOODY HELL. I should’ve asked her on a date. Going to the movies counts as a date, right? Take that, (male friend’s name). Friendly dates count! But they’re friends too so they went on a lot of friendly dates before (Y/N) and I met. Damn it! Maybe the date will go horrible. I could still have a chance.

2015 September 4
THAT WAS CLOSE. She almost found this journal. If she did, I would be the one running for the hills. I can’t risk her knowing how I feel about her. I might be in love with her. I don’t know. If I am, then it’s a good feeling. She’s getting suspicious so I’ll have to get Dan to cover for me. The best lie I’ve got is that this journal is Martyn’s from when he was a lad and he didn’t want anyone to read it except me. Sounds believable but I don’t want to risk it. I don’t want to subject my own brother into this.

2015 October 1
THE BOOK IS ALMOST COMING OUT. I’M SO NERVOUS. THESE SHOUTY LETTERS ARE HOW NERVOUS I AM. What will the fans say? They’re all so excited but I don’t want to disappoint them. (Y/N) read through the book and she says The Amazing Book is Not on Fire will be a phenomenon. Will it? All our hard work would pay off if it does.

2015 October 31
(Y/N) dressed up like a (your favorite costume) for Halloween. She looked stunning. Dan was terrified of seeing ghosts but her telling him they’re just people invisible and in a different body form sort of eased the fear out of him. I love the advice she tells us. If she lived with us I would love to hear that advice every day.

2015 November 9
I wish (Y/N) came on tour with us. But this is the real world and her job doesn’t involve the real world. I miss her. Even though Dan and I are still in England, it feels as if we’re countries apart. We’re coming home soon so I’ll only have to miss her for a little while longer.

2015 November 29
I love (Y/N). I love her and no one can make me change my mind about that. All the love songs I hear nowadays remind me of her. I told mum about her and she wants me to tell her how I feel. Mum wants me to get married before I’m 30, which is like 2 years away. Calm down, mum! I’ll get married when I’m ready! For now being in love with (Y/N) is enough. The guys she has been going on dates with haven’t been catching her eye. That’s a sign right?

Don’t you know you’re becoming more beautiful
I’ve fallen for a simple girl like you

2015 December 3
Trying to figure out what I’ll get (Y/N) for Christmas. She likes (your favorite band), so maybe I can buy their new album. Or candles! You can never go wrong with candles. I’m sure I can find the perfect kind for her on Amazon. Maybe I’ll also get her a Christmas jumper as a bonus.

2015 December 31
(Y/N) is home for the holidays. I miss her. Mum wants to meet her. I want her to meet my parents too. But it would be weird introducing a woman to my family when she isn’t my girlfriend. They would be expecting too much. Grrr… I do need a girlfriend though.

2016 January 1
Happy 2016! What’s my new years resolution? Dan says he wants to get fit (as always). I would too, but exercising every day is too much commitment. Maybe I’ll try to buy less house plants. One plant a month. Yeah that could work. OR… I could tell (Y/N) how I feel. Tell her “I love you.” Well I have a year. I got 12 months.

2016 January 15
I can’t sleep again! I guess I’ll try to film another sleepless night vid. I shouldn’t have taken that nap… I blame (Y/N). Her and her sneaky little how-to techniques to fall asleep. It helped though. Now if you excuse me, I’ll go hunt down after-midnight dinner.

2016 February 11
Dan wants me to tell (Y/N) on Valentine’s Day. SHOULD I? It’s the most romantic day of the year. She doesn’t have any plans that day. If I tell her… I’m so nervous! How will I say it? I don’t want to come off cheesy! Dan is terrible at romance. I guess I’ll dive into Tumblr for some ideas.

I’d do anything to be with you
That’s why I hope you feel the same

2016 February 15
I’m writing this in the dark with (Y/N) asleep next to me. She looks beautiful when she’s asleep. My heart can’t take any more of the happiness I’ve been feeling all day. I took her out to a nice restaurant for dinner on Valentine’s Day. I told her I love her on the way home and it turns out she feels the same way too! I’m the luckiest man in the universe! Cereal buddies for life! Okay Phil. Slow down. Take it one step at a time. I’m tired now. Sleep snuggles await.

2016 March 15
It was one year to this day that I met my lovely (Y/N). It’s a double celebration. One year that we’ve been friends and one month in our relationship. Has it been 12 months already? Time flew by so quick. I should ask Father Time to slow down time so I can have more time with her. The last 364 days have been a blast and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

2016 April 9
I’m heading to Florida soon. As much as I love spending time with my family, this time is different. I’ll be spending 3 months away from (Y/N) with nothing but Skype and texts and emails and phone calls to keep me company. I DON’T WANNA GO! I do wanna meet the fans though. And America isn’t a bad place! I wish she could come on the tour with me. (Y/N) will go to VidCon, so I have that to look forward to. I’m gonna miss her so much.

2016 April 25
Just finished talking to (Y/N) on the phone. She had a bad day at work. I wish I could be there to comfort her. She needs Phil snuggles. All she gets is my voice. I was tired after the performance at Playlist Live and I wanted to go to sleep as soon as Dan and I got back from the hotel. But I wouldn’t miss her calls. God, these next several weeks are going to be torture.

2016 May 4
(Y/N) wants me to tell the world we’re a couple. I told her to hold off on it until next month. It’s not that I’m ashamed of telling everyone we’re dating. I have to protect her from the fans. There are crazy fangirls out there that would be terribly crushed to have Phan denounced entirely. But we will tell the fans about (your ship name with Phil). I’m not going to keep (Y/N) a secret forever.

I won’t ask for more
But for only you
You’re the only one I need

2016 May 26
Dan met a girl! She’s lovely. She’s a huge fan and I can’t believe she’s the one that makes a lot of the Tumblr fanart about Dan and I that we love. If it wasn’t for (Y/N) I could imagine seeing her as my waifu. But my waifu will be (Y/N). Someday. As for Dan, I see potential between those two. They’re texting each other as I’m writing this.

2016 June 24
The phandom is insane at the moment. (Y/N) and I revealed to everyone at VidCon that we’re an item. There were boos and cheers. I was focusing more on the cheers. Most people seem happy about us. That’s a relief. I just logged on to Tumblr and there are loads of fanart with (your ship name with Phil) tagged. There were some hater posts but those were attacked. I don’t condone internet hate but I’m glad there are fans that will back (Y/N) and I up.

2016 July 5
Even though the tour is done, Dan, (Y/N), and I took a detour to Hawaii for a little relaxation. Oahu is nice this time of year! Hot, but it isn’t England hot. It’s the perfect shade of hot. The beaches are a bit crowded but the pictures online don’t lie. The beaches are breathtaking. The three of us will go on a hike tomorrow. I wish Dan luck. (Y/N) had to bribe him with so many bags of malteasers for him to agree to come with us.

2016 July 8
Trouble in paradise. Literally. Not for (Y/N) and I though. Okay maybe a little. There was a girl at Ala Moana Shopping Center that flirted with me. I didn’t even know she was flirting with me till (Y/N) pointed it out. I’m so stupid! Thankfully, (Y/N) set her straight. I’m lucky to have a fighter of a girlfriend. Dan though. I feel sorry for him. Turns out the girl he’s interested in is in love with someone else. Poor Dan! (Y/N) are doing our best to cheer him up. This is Hawaii! He should not be sad in paradise!

2016 July 10
We’re going back to London tomorrow. I’m a bit sad. The tour was fun and I kind of don’t want to leave Hawaii. I might take (Y/N) here for our anniversary. Hawaii could also be the ideal place to propose to her. Propose? Wow Phil. A little rash there. It doesn’t seem like it. The idea of settling down with (Y/N) is something I can see. We mention it here and there and she doesn’t oppose the idea of marriage. It’s something to think about.

2016 August 19
(Y/N) FOUND THE JOURNAL. How careless of me! I left it on my bed. She saw it when she was trying to help me find a prop for my next video. She read a few pages by the time I came in the room. Unfortunately the pages she read were the pages that I started talking about my crush on her. BUT. She was quite flattered. She took the revelation well. I’m still embarrassed but she assured me she didn’t expect I was always that interested in her. (Y/N) not interesting? HAH.

2016 September 4
I passed by Jared’s today and thought about (Y/N). Do I hear wedding bells ringing? Nah those were the church bells I heard for a wedding while I was on my way to PJ’s. Too soon? I told Dan about this and he said it’s never too early to think about marriage. “Or late, now that you’re turning 30 next year” were his exact words. Mum would be happy if I marry (Y/N). Martyn just wants me to get married so I don’t die forever alone.

2016 November 3
Wedding fanart of (Y/N) and I on Tumblr. NOT HELPING THE MARRIAGE THOUGHTS. We haven’t even had our first anniversary yet! Okay I do want to sleep and wake up next to her all the time and Dan says we already act like a married couple but that does not mean (Y/N) might feel the same way. We talk about marriage casually but never as something serious. I’ll bring it up when the time is right.

2016 December 20
Asked Dan to help me with wedding rings. I might as well buy one for now and think about the rest later.

2016 December 25
One of these days I’m gonna give this ring to (Y/N). Had we been together longer, Christmas wouldn’t be a bad time for a proposal. I’m waiting for our first anniversary before I even begin to think about time and place to do a proposal.

2017 January 30
I’M GETTING OLD. Today I turn 30. Happy birthday me! I’ve been living on this planet for 30 years and I haven’t been abducted yet. I’m the luckiest unlucky 30-year-old in existence. Or at least in England. (Y/N) is helping me look for white hairs. She says I don’t have them yet but I beg to differ. No one’s ever too young to start turning gray.

2017 February 14
Ah, first anniversaries. 365 days with my lovely (Y/N) as my girlfriend. We’re still going strong and I plan to keep it that way. And about that marriage thing… perhaps 2017 could be the year.

2017 April 5
2017 will be the year. Also (Y/N) found my first white hair. IT’S HORRIFYING. White is not a good match with my hair! At this rate I’ll be under the ground by 50. No, Phil. No death thoughts. That’s Dan thing. Speaking of Dan he had another existential crisis involving Dil. DIL ALMOST DIED AGAIN. I wonder how Dan will be when Dil does die. I hope he’ll be okay. (Y/N) would probably have to be den mother in the flat.

2017 May 18
(Y/N)’s been acting strange. For the last few days she daydreams more whenever I’m around. I hope she’s okay. I wonder what she’s thinking about. When she daydreams she can be so lost in her thoughts that she wouldn’t notice if a real walker walked into our room. Speaking of walker I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT PLOT TWIST. The Walking Dead isn’t adult friendly sometimes.

2017 May 26
The ring box is mocking me. Why do I have this feeling that I’ve been shirking off plans of my future with (Y/N)? It has been a while since I thought about marriage. I mean I did say 2017 would be the year I’d propose. It’s weird. The whole world is weird. It’s Dan weird, and Dan weird is weird enough.

2017 June 2
I overheard (Y/N) tell Dan she found the ring box. She told him she was worried I wouldn’t want to settle down. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Does she want to marry me? Is now a good time to pull off a proposal? Hearing that means she’d be likely to say yes. I’m nervous. Good nervous. I’m nervous and I don’t even know how I’m going to propose.

2017 July 13
(Y/N) and I tried out a kink. All those Tumblr stories got to us so we tried it out. It was fantastic! It’s not like us to be that adventurous but I’m happy we did. I’m itching to do that daddy kink again. I’m blushing. Why am I blushing? I wasn’t when we were doing it. AHHHHHH. Dan is usually in those daddy kink stories so for me to play that role is nerve-wracking.

2017 August 6
It’s set. I’m proposing to (Y/N) soon. I love her with all my heart and ever since hearing her tell Dan about the ring box I was thinking about proposal ideas. The best proposal for (Y/N) is to be simple. We’re going on a much needed vacation back to Hawaii (a Hawaii proposal would be a great story to tell our kids). That’s where I’m proposing. I’m doing it at a botanical garden because the flowers will help me keep calm. And what girl doesn’t like flowers? God I hope she doesn’t say no. I hope nothing goes wrong. I hope a meteor doesn’t strike the earth and ruins everything.

2017 August 16
(Y/N) SAID YES! Yay! I’m overjoyed. The proposal went flawless! She was in tears when I bent down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Obviously she said yes. Aside from the rain that happened on the way home everything went according to plan. Dan’s already thinking of how we’re doing the décor for the wedding. Classic Dan. He wouldn’t be able to resist an opportunity to do some decorating, even if it’s not his own wedding and he’s a guy and it’s usually women that do this.

2017 October 12
Planning for a wedding is just as stressful as when Dan and I did the book. There’s so much to be Dan! Thankfully Dan doesn’t mind taking care of the décor and (Y/N) are more focused on the guest list. Dan is usually scatter-brained but for our wedding he’s actually being organized.

2017 November 23
The wedding is in a few weeks. Now’s a good time to be nervous. Breathe Phil breathe. I’m in a disarray. My vows are a mess. I mean I have so much I want to say to (Y/N) but I gotta cut it down. At this rate my vows will be as long as a novel.

2017 December 2
Wedding. Tomorrow. Dan and PJ threw a bachelor party in the flat. Okay it was more like a social since they only invited our closest friends. No, we didn’t hire any strippers though PJ almost did as a gag joke. Good thing Dan talked PJ out of it even though I think Dan was tempted to go on board with the idea. Louise and Zoe planned the bachelorette party for (Y/N). I wonder how they’re doing. I wonder how it’ll be like tomorrow. All the guys are asleep which is why I have time to write in here. I hope I won’t trip on my feet tomorrow.

For a simple girl like you, my life is complete
Only you, love

2017 December 14
The past several days have been a blissful blur. The wedding was splendid. Our honeymoon is keeping me engaged more with (Y/N). We’re in Japan and since it’s her first time here she’s wanting to soak up as much time here as she can. I wish Dan was here though. He has been wanting to come back to Japan too. But I promise the 3 of us can come together on another vacation just like when we did the Hawaii trip.

2018 January 1
OKAAAAAY. Something happened during our honeymoon. Dan had a one-night stand. Didn’t I tell Dan to stay away from that sort of thing? He gets too attached and now he’s having an existential crisis. Gosh, Dan needs a girlfriend. (Y/N) wants to set him up on a blind date with one of her co-workers. That wouldn’t be a bad idea. If it means letting Dan find love like I did with (Y/N) then why not.

2018 March 2
I think (Y/N) is pregnant. She has been having morning sickness lately. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but what else could it be? (Y/N)’s buying a pregnancy test tomorrow so we’ll find out.

2018 March 3
(Y/N) is pregnant. WOW. I’m gonna be a father.

2018 March 5
I’m gonna be a father. Phil Lester will be a father. Am I ready to be a father? Will I be a good father? I’m freaking out more than (Y/N) is. (Y/N) is helping me through this but OH GOD. I’M HAVING A CHILD.

2018 May 18
(Y/N) and I are thinking of baby names. (Your favorite baby name for a girl) and (Your favorite baby name for a boy) are our picks. Whatever the gender of our baby will be I’ll love him or her no matter what. Can’t wait to see what our little junior will look like!

2018 June 10
Dan’s blind date went great! (One of your female friend’s names) is a nice girl and I’m happy (Y/N) chose her. They’re going on another date soon so I’m crossing my fingers Dan and (friend’s name) won’t break up. Ugh if Dan goes through another break up (Y/N) and I will have to invest in a year’s supply of malteasers.

2018 August 15
(Y/N)’s belly is getting huge! It’s like a balloon. She’s been having more food cravings lately so I try to stock the fridge as much as possible. Dan and (friend’s name) are still going strong so I’m anticipating a coming out video with those two soon. Meanwhile (Y/N) and I are discussing housing plans. It’s the three of us in the flat but with the baby on the way we’re gonna have to start talking to Dan about the possibility of us getting our own place. A Lesters house. It’s going to be hard since I lived with Dan for years and I love having him as my roommate. It’s going to weird so let’s see what Dan will say when we ask him.

2018 August 16
Dan’s a bit upset about the housing plans but I expected that. I won’t be out of his life forever. Besides (Y/N) and I trying our best to find a house close to the flat so we can visit Dan whenever. I hope Dan will come around. It’s a part of growing up.

2018 October 31
We’re moving into our new place soon. (Y/N) and I love it. In other news (friend’s name) is moving in to my room after we move out. I know they haven’t been going out long but they’re so close that it feels right for them to live together.

2018 December 3
Today was a milestone. (Y/N) gave birth. It’s a baby girl! We decided to name her Fiona since it was the name mum wanted to give me. Fiona (your ship name with Phil) Lester. Hahaha Fiona might hate me when she grows up for our ship name used as her middle name. God, fatherhood. HELP ME.

2019 January 30
Taking care of Fiona is hectic. When Dan and (friend’s name) comes to help us out it makes them see this as their future. “Can we just adopt?” was Dan’s reaction when (Y/N) asked him to change Fiona’s diaper. The look on his face was pure gold. He did it though. Oh Dan, fatherhood isn’t the best thing for him now.

2019 February 14
To Phil,
Surprise! Five years you’ve kept this journal. What an accomplishment! I’m so proud of you. We too lasted for five years. This is my little Valentine’s Day/anniversary present for you. But don’t worry there’s more! It’s gonna involve lingerie I found at Victoria’s Secret. ;D I love you forever and always. I’m looking forward to seeing where the next five years will take this.
– Yours for life, (Y/N).

2019 March 15
This is the last page in this book. Wow. Why do I feel like this is the end? Nah, I’ll just buy another journal and continue from there. This just means this is the end of a chapter and the beginning of another. So much has happened. I met the love of my life, married her, and have a child. Dan’s one year anniversary with (friend’s name) is coming up in a couple months. He wants to take her to Paris. He’s pulling up all the stops. Anyway I’ll be keeping this journal to look back on when I’m older. Maybe I’ll even let Fiona read it someday, I’m running out of space so for now, goodbye!

My dream is only simple
For us to be together
My only happiness
Is simply you

—O— —O— —O—

Whew! Thinking like Phil can be quite a chore. I basically had to “stalk” through Phil’s Twitter and watch many of his videos to get into his head. But it was all for research purposes! I think more like Dan that’s why. And speaking of Dan, lemme know if you want to see this journal entry format for a Dan x reader story too!

I had a couple of asks that wanted to see this fic, so here you go! And I find it ironic too that it’s a Daniel Padilla song that inspired this. Cause you know, Daniel. Dan. *in Phil’s creepy voice in the Photobooth Challenge video* Daniel. DANIEL. Hahah… okay I’ll stop now.

Until next time.

~ AA

Cheesy pick-up lines by type

ISTJ: Stand still so I can pick you up.

ISFJ: If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be walking through my garden forever.

ESTJ: Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

ESFJ: (hold out hand) Would you hold this for me while I go for a walk?

ISTP: Hello. Are you taking any applications for a boy/girlfriend?

ISFP: Hello. Cupid called. He says to tell you that he needs my heart back.

ESTP: Can you pull this heart-shaped arrow out of my ass? A damn little kid with wings shot me.

ESFP: If I followed you home, would you keep me?

INTJ: Giant polar bear. (“What?”) It broke the ice.

INTP: You know, we have actually met before. Remember the dream you had of the perfect guy/girl? I was the guy/girl standing to his/her right.

ENTJ: I’m sorry, were you talking to me? (“No.”) Well then, please start.

ENTP: If you were a laser, you’d be set on “stunning”.

INFJ: See this pin? I want to prick you with it to see if you truly do bleed sunshine.

INFP: Can I borrow a quarter? I want to call my Mum and tell her I just met the person I’m going to marry.

ENFJ: Wouldn’t we look cute on a wedding cake together?

ENFP: Well, here I am. What were your other two wishes?

Kindergarten - Luke Hemmings [fluff]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Can you do a pretend-married-in-kindergarten au with Luke please :)”

A/N: This is freaking adorable….

Word Count - 474 (short oops)

Walking down the corridors of school you start to fiddle with one of your rings, a smile growing on your face as you remember the memories that come along with it. You’ve worn that ring nearly everyday for, verging on, 12 years now, your ‘wedding ring’ that Luke gave you when you were 5. It doesn’t matter that that you haven’t talked to Luke since you got to high school, it’s still a gorgeous ring. It began being far too big for your thumb even, since he’d stolen it from his mother’s collection but it now resides happily on your middle finger, a simple silver metal ring with coloured crystals around it, very inexpensive but your favourite possession. Luke stopped talking to you a while ago, not for any reason you just grew apart as people do which saddens you. You still remember the time he gave it to you like it was yesterday.


Your best friend, Luke, rushed in the door to greet you on your last ever day of kindergarten before you graduated to big kid school.

“Hey [Y/N],” he beamed.

“Hi,” you replied.

“Guess how late I stayed up last night,” he said. You shrugged, “8 o'clock”

You gasped melodramatically as 8 o'clock was very late for a 5 year old, “How did you manage that?”

“I was watching TV, oh which reminds me, I saw this and my mum told me about it,” he added, digging around in his tiny pocked.

He pulls out a silver ring with coloured crystals.

“Wow, that’s pretty, where’d you find it?” you questioned.

“I got it from my mum,” he said.

“You stole, Luke?”

“So, she has loads,” he told you before kneeling. “This guy asked this girl to marry her”

Still not completely clued up on the idea of marriage you asked, “What does that mean?”

“It means they’ll be together forever,” he smiled. “Do you want to marry me, [Y/N]?”

You nod and he gave you the ring, “Sure, how do we do that?”

“I’m not sure, they said 'I do’ and kissed”

“Ew…” you giggled.

“I know, but it’s like a rule or something,” he said.

“I do,” you smiled at him.

“I do as well,” he copied closing his eyes as you both hesitantly kissed, your first kiss.


You have to try and stop yourself from getting emotional in the hallway so you look at your feet, still twiddling with the ring. All of a sudden you’re knocked to the floor and when you sit up you see you’ve just walked into, none other than, Luke.

“Hey [Y/N], we’ve not talked in forever,” he grins his familiar grin getting up and dusting himself off.

“S-sorry,” you stammer as he helps you up too. “I was…” you look at your hands again.

“Is that my ring?”



I’ll swim and sail on savage seas
With never a fear of drowning
And gladly ride the waves of life
If you will marry me
No scorching sun, Nor freezing cold
Will stop me on my journey
If you will promise me your heart
And love me for eternity

My dearest one my darling dear
Your mighty words astound me
But I’ve no need of mighty deeds
When I feel your arms around me

But I would bring you rings of gold
I’d even sing you poetry
And I would keep you from all harm
If you would stay beside me

I have no use for rings of gold
I care not for your poetry
I only want your hand to hold
I only want you near me

To love to kiss to sweetly hold
For the dancing and the dreaming
Through all life’s sorrows and delights
I’ll keep your love inside me
I’ll swim and sail on savage seas
With never a fear of drowning
And gladly ride the waves of life
If you will marry me

“For the dancing and the dreaming” from How to train your dragon 2


I just watched HTTYD2 with my mum the other day and I can’t help but think of naruto and sakura singing (and maybe dancing) to this

I wanted to post this for narusaku week unfortunately I just had an operation so.. yeah I tried to finish this as fast as I could.

If any of you guys want to take a listen to the song I posted the link above although it’s just a cover song (IT’S AMAZING!)

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My parents watching the 60 minutes interview
  • *5SOS come on the screen with SLSP in the background*
  • Mum: Oh they sing this?! I love this song
  • Me: Ok mum, calm down...
  • *Luke and Calum begin answering questions*
  • Mum: *talking about Luke* What's that thing in his lip?! I just want to rip it out...
  • Me: Um, excuse me, that's part of his sex appeal.
  • Dad: How else do you expect him to get laid Janet?
  • Me: OMFG *begins cackling*
  • *Michael and Ashton come on*
  • Mum: *referring to Michael* He looks like that guy from that movie... What's it called?
  • Dad: Beetle Juice?
  • Mum: That's the one! *points at Ashton* He's cute. You marry him El. He'll treat you right.
  • Me: Ok mum, ok.
  • Dad: No Ellen. You marry the Kiwi, what's his name?
  • Me: Calum?
  • Dad: Yeah, him. I like the look of him. He's cool. If your next boyfriend isn't him I'll be very disappointed.
  • *The mums come on*
  • Mum: Aw I wish you were more talented El.
  • Me: Thanks.
  • Mum: Then you could fly me all over the world.
  • Me: Yeah ok...
  • Dad: Just remember us when you and Calum are married and jetting around the world with your six kids and bags of money.
  • Me: SIX KIDS?! You better believe that I will not be pushing six babies out ma hoo hah. Try two....
  • Dad: What if Cal wants six? What are you gonna do?
  • Me: Dad we won't ever meet, calm down hahaha
  • Dad: Don't jinx it Ellen. You need to believe.
  • Me: Ok dad...
  • *Don't stop starts playing*
  • Mum: *gets up and starts playing air guitar and singing*
  • Me: I'm so out... I'll watch the rest in my room. You guys are fangirling way too hard...

I need feminism because my father went to prison for doing and selling drugs, not for hitting on my mum for 14 years

I need feminism because I was forced to do all the cleaning in the house because I was the only girl with 5 brothers, and it wasn’t that many years ago as I am only 19

I need feminism because I am constantly being judged on the fact that I don’t want children and don’t want to get married 

I need feminism because I am a gamer and no one take me seriously for it because I am a girl (or they say that I act like I like video games just to make guys to like me)

I need feminism because I hear sexism things everywhere, from eveyone, even my own family

I need feminism because my boyfriend was abused by his ex but no one cared because he is a guy.


My heart was hammering in my chest, and I could feel the sweat dripping down my forehead. “Y/N, you need to calm down.” Hannah, my maid of honor, chided as she continued to pin my hair.

“In less than an hour I’m going to be Mrs Hood.” I breathed shakily.

“You’re not having second thoughts, are you?” Hannah asked, stopping what she was doing to look me in the eye.

“No, God no!” I chuckled. I hadn’t had second thoughts about Calum since the day I had met him. I knew when I was fifteen that he was the boy I was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with. He’d walked into tutor on my first day at my new school, and I’d looked at him, and my heart began to beat hard in my chest and there were butterflies, and he was all I could see and no one else in the room mattered, and it had been that way ever since. He made me feel like I was the sun, like I was burning hot, and the most important thing in the world. He made me feel like without me the world would end, and every girl deserves that.

“Good!” she laughed, “I thought I was going to have to slap you.”

“Never.” I smiled. I just hoped Calum felt the same. I hoped I made Calum feel the way he made me feel. He deserved the best, and I wanted to hope that I was it for him. He was it for me.

“I can’t believe you guys are actually getting married.” Hannah squealed, she was almost as excited as I was.

“Hey, as maid of honor you’re kinda supposed to get with the best man.” I joked.

She scrunched up her nose, “I love Michael, but you know my heart lies with Luke.”

She’d had a crush on Luke since we were fifteen years old, and he’d kissed her in the tree house one night in summer. He was still completely oblivious to her feelings three years later.

“Maybe today will be the day.” I offered her a smile. I never knew with Luke. He was good at hiding his feelings, so maybe he did like her, but I didn’t know and today was not the day to be worrying about it.

“Maybe.” she laughed, not believing me. “Are you ready?” she asked, sitting back to take a look at her work.

“I think so.” I breathed, my chest was tight and I was struggling to breathe. I wanted this, more than anything, but the fact was I felt guilty.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this.” Hannah laughed.

“Nor can I.” I admitted.

“Your mum is going to kill you, and me for that matter.”

“It’s what we wanted though.” I knew people were going to be mad, and I wasn’t going to blame them, but this was for me and Calum. That’s what today was about.

“How long have you two been planning this?” she asked, looking at me skeptically.

“A month.” I muttered.

“You’ve known about this for a month and you only told me last night?” she gawped. I’d never been good with secrets, not from Hannah anyway.

“I didn’t want you to try and talk me out of it, and the less people that knew the less likely my mum was to find out. Only Calum and the vicar knew until last night.” I admitted.

“You’ve been planning on running away and getting married for a month and you managed to keep it a secret from me for a month?” she smiled and laughed, “I’ve got to say, I’m impressed.”

“I thought you were going to be mad.” I admitted.

“Are you crazy? I’m just happy for you guys. Do I think you’re both a little young? Sure, but then again it’s you and Calum and you’re both as unpredictable and impulsive as each other so I kind of figured it was only a matter of time. That, and I’ve never seen two people so in love.” she shrugged.

“He really loves me doesn’t he?” I grinned stupidly.

“Like the sea loves the shore.” she replied cheesily.

“Is it time to go?” I asked, checking myself in the mirror once more, and I smiled, because even I couldn’t deny I looked beautiful. I was wearing a dress that had been hand made for me by my grandmother before she passed away. She always wanted me to wear it on my wedding day, but I doubt she thought it would be so soon.

“It’s time to go.” Hannah smiled, opening the door. “You ready?”

“I’ve never been more ready in my life.”

Calum’s POV

“Dude, are you sure about this?” Mikey asked.

I couldn’t stop the smile on my face, “You’re kidding me right?” I laughed.

“I love Y/N, and I’m happy for you, but you’re both only 18.” Luke piped up.

“I know, but I’ve wanted to marry her since the day I met her.” I laughed, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was perfect, and her smile…her smile lit up the world. She was my world. She brought me so much joy, even just being in the same room as her made me happy.

“What’s the rush though?” Luke asked.

“There isn’t one, I just don’t see the point in waiting when I know she’s who I want to be with for the rest of my life. If I can’t be with her I don’t want to be with anyone. I’m not stupid, I know one day I might change my mind, but for now she’s what I want. She’s all I can ever imagine wanting, so why waste that time?” Y/N was it for me, and I knew it. When I’d asked her to marry me I hadn’t expected her to say yes, and when she did I’d been so shocked, she was always full of surprises. When she’d suggested running away to get married I’d nearly had a heart attack. I loved her though, and it was one of the reasons I loved her. I was never bored when I was with her. She was always doing things that I didn’t expect and just when I thought I’d figured her out she’d throw me a curveball.

“Leave the boy be!” Ashton rolled his eyes, “Honestly Cal, I’m so happy for you guys. You make each other happy, and you love each other, what else is there to ask for?” he shrugged.

“She’s really something.” Mikey laughed. Mikey hadn’t been happy when I first started dating Y/N, I didn’t have the best track record with girls, and she was his cousin. The two didn’t really go well. It hadn’t taken him long to come around to the idea though, all the guys saw it. There was something different about her. There was something different about me when I was with her. She made me want to be a better person. She made me want to be worthy of her, and it wasn’t until recently that I realised I was. I was worthy of her love.

“Aunt Jane is going to kill me though, I hope you know what.” Mikey laughed, but you could tell he was seriously scared. Y/N’s mum was a force to be reckoned with.

“And what do you think she’s going to do to me?” I laughed, but admittedly I was terrified. Jane was a scary woman, and when she found out we’d run away to get married she was going to be far from happy.

“She’s not pregnant is she?” Mikey asked suddenly and I felt my heart nearly jump out of my chest.

“No! God, no!” Not that I was aware of anyway.

“Good. Getting married is one thing, but she wants to be a teacher and go to uni, and she can’t do that if she has a kid.” Mikey glared, sending me a warning.

“She’s not pregnant.” I assured him. I’d asked Mikey to be my best man last night, and the first thing he did was punch me. I didn’t know what to expect but it hadn’t been that. Eventually he’d calmed down and agreed, but it had taken some persuading. He was protective of her, they were more like a brother and sister than cousins. I didn’t blame him though, Y/N was a girl worth protecting. The others had been much more up for it, apart from Luke who thought I was rushing into things, but at the same time he was happy as long as we were.

“It’s time.” Ash called, as the music started. I could feel my heart hammering in my chest, trying to escape, I was close to passing out when I saw Y/N appear at the end of the isle. She was stunning. I’d never seen her look so perfect. I could feel my throat closing up and my tears pooling in my eyes. I tried desperately to wipe them away, I wanted to be able to see her. This was the last time I would be seeing her as Y/N Edwards. By the time we left here she would be Y/N Hood, she would be my wife.

“Are you okay?” she asked as she stood next to me, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“I’ve never been better.” I laughed, spluttering slightly. “I love you.” I blurted, I couldn’t help it. Whenever she was around I was a mess. I couldn’t help but tell her I loved her. She made my head all jumbled, but I loved it.

“I love you too.”

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her, she was stunning and as the vicar spoke all I could do was think about how perfect she was.

“Now, it’s time for the vows. Calum you wrote your own?” I hadn’t told Y/N I was writing my own vows. I wanted it to be a surprise. I wanted to surprise her as much as she surprised me every day.

“Y/N, I love you. You’re my everything. They say we’re too young, but we love each other and that’s what matters. If we don’t swim, we’ll drown, and we swim better than anyone I know. Even though my dizzy head is numb, I’m never going to give up. You’re my only reason for living. You’re my getaway, my favourite place, and when I’m with you we get so disconnected.” I couldn’t help but laugh as Y/N did.

“You can’t use your own song lyrics as your vows!” she giggled.

“Shhh” I laughed, “Seriously, Y/N, I love you. You’re the only girl I’ve ever met who has captured my heart and soul. I want it to stay that was for the rest of my life, you were my first love and I would do anything for you. I want to share everything with you, I want to wake up every morning to see your beautiful face, I want to come home and tell you about my day and I want you to do the same. I want to be able to rely on you and depend on you and I want you to feel the same. I want to love and protect you, and I swear I will do everything in my power to make sure you’re safe and happy, even if that doesn’t involve me.” I didn’t even try and hide the fact I was crying, because I wanted her to know how serious I was. She needed to see that I meant every word. I’d never been one for being serious, but this time it was important. She needed to believe me. She needed to see I didn’t ever want to hurt her.

“I love you.” she sobbed, “I love you so much.”

“Well, I guess now is a good time to pronounce you man and wife.” I vicar smiled, and before he’d even finished the sentence my lips were placed firmly against hers. “I love you so much.” I muttered into her lips, kissing her again.

“I’m never going to leave you.” she whispered placing her forehead against my own. I was so enchanted by her sparkling hazel eyes, and breathy voice that I hadn’t even noticed the others cheering.

“Congratulations!” Hannah cheered, pulling me into a hug, while the boys fussed over Y/N. “How does it feel to be a married man?” Hannah smiled, tears streaming down her face.

“It feels like my life is finally whole.” I admitted. I hadn’t thought that being married would change anything, not really, but something in me felt different. I felt whole.

“Congrats bro.” Ashton smiled, pulling me into a bone crushing hug. “You’ve done every one proud. I want you to know that. We’re all rooting for you.”

“Thanks.” I muttered, not looking him in the eye. “It means a lot.”

“Time to go get incredibly drunk and avoid going home?” Luke suggested, he’d perked up a bit, and he seemed happier than he had this morning.

“Definitely.” I agreed, grabbing Y/N by the waist and dragging her towards the exit.

“I’m going to go and talk to Hannah.” Y/N smiled, pulling away from me, but I pulled her back and kissed her quickly before letting her go again.

“What’s got you so cheery?” I finally asked Luke as we walked down the street.

“You really love her don’t you?” he asked, looking me dead in the eyes.

“I do. Do you?” I asked, suddenly realising that that might be what’s wrong. I’d never thought someone else might have feelings for her, especially not Luke. Then again, he was the kind to hide what he felt. Especially if he thought it would hurt someone else.

“No, not like that. She just means a lot to me, Cal. She’s like the sister I never had. I’m the youngest, and I’ve always had someone take care of me and then she came along and I had someone to take care of. She means the world to me, she’s like my little sister, and I know you. You hurt people. I was just worried you were doing this on a whim.” he admitted, and I felt my stomach sink. Did my best friend really think so little of me?

“I never plan on hurting her. I will never do to her what I did to those other girls. Never. If things ever end between us, it’s be because it’s what she wants, because it will never be because I want it to end. I love her, Luke. I love her. I’d die for her. I’d crawl through broken glass for her.” I stressed, I needed him to see how serious I was about her.

“Alright, bro. I believe you, now come on it’s your wedding day and possibly your last day alive when Jane and Joy find out.” he laughed, “So, let’s enjoy it.”

“What was that about?” Y/N asked, slinking back against my side.

“Nothing important.” I smiled down at her. “How does it feel to be Mrs Y/N Hood?” I asked.

“Like everything in the world is right.” I knew then that things were going to be okay between us. We made each other whole. We were meant to be.