guys my mom told me

types of “con moms”

• the one whos genuinely really cool and makes sure everyone is having fun and staying safe. makes sure everyone drinks water and doesnt skip lunch and isnt climbing tall trees in short skirts

• the one who randomly realizes theyre hanging out with kids and their protective instincts go up, but they arent as vocal about it most of the time. it just peeps in here and there.

• the 14 yr old who randomly decides to adopt everyone

• the 20 yr old who, upon finding out theyre hanging out with kids, does not change their behavior at all an ocassionally mentions “sin ships” and their dirty mind. only calls themself con mom because of age, not because they are actively helping these kids with anything further than costume repair

Friendly reminder that

It’s not okay for partners to hit each other!!! Just because one of them is a girl does not mean she can hit or slap her boyfriend!!! Arguments and anger do not justify violence!! I’ve seen relationships depicted like this in fanfiction, books, tv shows, and movies and it’s not okay. Gender does not matter. You. Do. Not. Hit. Your. Partner.

Bad Boy (Part 2)

Part 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Excessive use of pet names, mentions of bruises and small cuts, oral sex (fr), unprotected sex, slight spanking, instead of his metal arm Buck-Buck has a full sleeve of tattoos, he’s hot. This is for the second part.

Word Count: 1336.

Rating: 18+


So I sent ans ask for @bucky-plums-barnes Sinful Sunday about Bucky having a full sleeve of tattoos and being the kind of guy your parents always told to stay away from, @ryverpenrad said they’d write another version of this, so I’m tagging them and my wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose Because I love them!

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Omg I need to know how your grandpa in Mexico was friends with the devil. I'm very intrigued.

okay well basically they didn’t want to tell the whole whole story, how it ended and all, family secrets I guess. Now in case some of you all don’t know, but some Mexican tales say that the devil can basically disguise himself as anything and anyone.

Anyways, my grandpa was actually approached by this handsome man. The man befriended him, became a companion. Grandpa never saw him before because where they are from in Mexico, it’s a small town and everyone knows everyone, or everyone is related to everyone. Out of nowhere, he offered him anything he desires. Wealth, health, anything. My grandpa thought you know, oh this guy is crazy, he’s just joking. My mom told me that this guy would tend to disappear out of nowhere. They would see him talking to my grandpa outside or inside of the house, but they would sometimes see him just talking to himself. Obviously they immediately thought that he left and maybe my grandfather got very drunk out of nowhere. Which doesn’t make sense since he’s not an alcoholic.
My grandma told my mom that she would see hear them talking in the living room, while she’s in the kitchen. She would join in the conversations and laugh with them, but not see what’s going on. She said he was asking her a question and once she went into the room, he was not there. She would see my grandpa smile towards the direction he was sitting, laugh with him and continue the conversations they had with each other. Of course she freaked out and all because all she hears is my grandpa, not him (There’s more stuff to this but not going deep in and some stuff were left out when they told me). My grandpa knew about what was going on how he can basically see him more than everyone else.
Again, he offered him everything. He asked him “why, why do you want to offer me all of this you said you’re willing to give?” He said “because I like you and I’m sure with everything I give you, you can change things.” My grandpa was confused, didn’t know what he was talking about. He said after that, he smiled and walked away, telling him he’ll see him tomorrow.
Morning came, my grandma would clean outside the house with one of my tias because a herd of sheep or goats will pass by and just leave a mess and all. So when she opened the door, there was this big black dog just sitting outside, facing them. He didn’t bark or move, he just sat there, just staring with his glowing eyes. She was scared thinking he was gonna attack, so she called my grandpa to scare him off. When he went outside and looked at him, he smiled and nodded. He said that’s not a dog, his my friend (not saying the name). I don’t know how immediately he knew it was him. He said that he sensed it was him and he was sure. That he would see his face, not whatever everyone else saw. Everyone freaked out in the house, including him.
Obviously they knew this is some demonic devil shit and hey they were right. How? Well apparently he appeared again as a normal good looking guy, told my grandpa who he really was and what he can do.
Everyday he would visit my grandpa, either the man everyone saw, a black dog or a black horse. He would just be on the side of the house, my grandma already knew who it was, and just tell my grandpa, “te hablan, te buscan”. Every single time he would go outside and sit on the curb, the dog, horse, or man, would disappear and he would basically just talk to nothing. And every single time he would visit, he would still offer him the same things. The devil asked him why doesn’t he want anything he’s offering and my grandpa straight out told him, “mira cabron, you quiero ser tu amigo y nada más. Yo no me meto en esos tipo de cosas y tampoco no quiero que nada pasa entre mi familia.” (“I just want to be your friend and nothing else. I don’t get involved into that type of stuff and I don’t want anything to happen to my family”). My mom also told me that no matter where they were or where they would go, my grandpa would get good luck out of nowhere because of him. Even though he didn’t want anything from him, he gave him a little something because the fucking devil liked my grandpa.
I don’t know what he wanted in return that my grandpa kept insisting. I don’t know why he thought that my grandpa can change things, meaning changing the world.I don’t know why he was so attached to him. How long was he friends with him? I’m not so sure, but I guess until he passed away.

I never met my grandpa but for some reason, I love hearing this story every time I would visit. Sometimes I would catch myself sitting on the same very curb he used to sit and just daze off.

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I just wanna know if there's any skater you like besides yuzu

There are! Here’s a rather long list of the ladies I like. In the men’s field, I don’t like anyone as much as I like Yuzu (obviously), but I do enjoy watching Patrick Chan a lot. Last season I have also learned to appreciate the joy that is The Amazing Boyangman. I am so smitten by his quad Lutz I would marry it if it were a person. Off-topic: my mom is also a Boyang fan, she finds him irresistibly cute :)) She has officially dubbed Boyang “the cute Chinese spider-kid”, and when my mom gives nickname to an athlete, she’s in serious business about liking them. She calls Yuzu “the pretty kid with the teddy bear” by the way.  


People rlly be thinking that I don’t love myself bc I always got a full face of makeup on but I rlly am confident without makeup. I wear makeup bc I like it and the process of doing my makeup calms me and it’s fun to me. It rlly irks me when people tell me that they think I wear makeup bc I’m “not confident”. Yes I do have self confidence issues but none of it has to do w me always wearing makeup.

Is king Ben jealous?

Originally posted by isleofthelxst

Character: KING BEN

Warnings: jealously

Requested: yep

You were hanging out with Jay, doing homework outside. It was boring and you just wished you could be with your boyfriend, Ben but he’s always busy sigh king duties.

Jay still hopelessly flirted with you though, you usually just told him to shut up.

“What did you get for question 4?” You asked him.

“ you’re asking me like you think I got that far ” he laughed.

“ right ” you giggle, putting your attention back to your homework.

You put your pen behind your ear, sighing heavily. Your sick of homework on not being able to see your boyfriend.

“ want to take a break? ” jay asked you, concerned.

“ yes please ” you laugh a little. Jay grabs his bag and passes you your favourite chocolate bar.

“ YOU REMEMBERED ” you screamed taking the chocolate and giving him a hug.

“ of course I did, it’s all you ever eat ” he laughed. You opened the chocolate and took a big bite. You’re just happy you aren’t doing homework.

Afterwards you and Jay stood up, heading back to your dorm. You didn’t even realize ben was behind you guys.

“ do you mind if I follow you home? My mom always told me to follow my dreams ” you heard Jay say behind you, you sigh turning around seeing Ben there behind him too, he seems angry.

“ Jay, not gonna happen see you later ” you say pushing him away, he walks to his dorm.

“ I missed you ” you said walking up hugging Ben.

“ didn’t look like it when you were with Jay” he says, hugging back slightly.

“ is king Ben jealous? ” you say smirking, pulling away from the hug.

“ I don’t get jealous ” he replies.

You pull ben close and whisper in his ear, “ how about I prove to you who I belong too ” you smirk, turning shading to your dorm. Knowing he’s following.


 I am making this into a series, it’s a bit different than the prompt. I hope the Anon that requested this doesn’t mind. But I had a lot of fun writing this. 

Prompt: “Not sure if it’s possible, but can you write an imagine where Bobby had kept a big secret from Sam and Dean, which is that they have a little sister (16 or 17 maybe), and their sister has been living with Bobby all her life without the boys knowing. Also, Cas has been her guardian angel since birth, so Sam and Dean are shocked to hear that he’s kept the secret too.” -ANON 

A/N: I have a few things I am working on so definitely keep an eye out guys! 

Pairings: None, Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Mentions of John Winchester 

Warnings: Death,Cursing, underage drinking, blood, secrets

Since I was about ten years old, I have lived with my Uncle Bobby. Before my Mom died I remember coming to his house all the time, my Mom was a hunter, but I didn’t know that at the time. So when I would go to Bobby’s I would be there for days to sometimes weeks at a time. I spent my time reading old books and walking around finding cool parts of old cars. My Dad died when I was very young so I didn’t know much about him except that he was a pretty cool guy from what my mom told me. Since I have been at Uncle Bobby’s I learned the truth very quickly after my mom had died and now here I am, 16, sitting at the table with a beer, and an old lore book helping Uncle Bobby with some research for the Winchesters.

I had grew up around the Winchesters since I started coming to Bobby’s house. I had seen John a few times and he was pretty nice but he never stayed long. Then Dean and Sam had started coming around a lot and I knew they were John’s sons, Dean always like to play pranks on me or if he broke something he’d blame it on me. Sam was different though, he is pretty cool he has always been nice to me. He’d always help me get back at Dean whenever he played a prank on me or he would just hang out, watch movies, and get pizza with me. As I got older the more I got involved with their hunts. Both of them had my number and since I am taking online high school courses to get my diploma, they would call me all the time for help with research if Uncle Bobby wasn’t available but even then I would still help Uncle Bobby. Then I started going on hunts with Bobby and the boys and sometimes just Sam and Dean.

Currently I am sitting in the back seat of Baby, Dean’s only true love in this life. I currently was reading some lore about what we were currently hunting in Kalispell, Montana. I was reading about Skin Walkers and Sam was convinced it was a werewolf. But it didn’t explain why the townspeople were saying they saw red eyes that looked like burning coals. When we got to the motel we were staying in, I immediately grabbed my things threw them on the bed, grabbed my book and a beer, and sat down at a small table. “Looks like someone called dibs on the bed,” Dean said as he walked through the door. I didn’t even look up before I flipped him off and was satisfied when I heard Sam quietly laugh behind him. After the boys decided they were going to go the bar down the street I finished what I was reading and decided to go lay down and watch some TV. As I went to the bathroom to wash my face I heard the door open, I immediately grabbed my gun from my duffle bag that I had sat in the bathroom.

I would have suspected it to be Dean or Sam but normally they come in through the door louder than anything I have heard, especially after a bar night. I turned the light off from the bathroom and turned out towards the door, but nothing was there. Just an empty room but the door was wide open. I quickly turned on the light and shut the door, then turning around to observe the room I was in to make sure whatever had intruded didn’t decide to stay. After I discovered nothing, I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and immediately called Sam. When Sam answered the phone I could barely hear him, I could pretty much only hear the background music playing in the bar. “Sam, I need you guys to come back to the motel.” Finally the music in the background subsided and I figured he must have went outside, “Why? What’s going on (Y/N)?” “I was in the bathroom washing my face, I heard the door open. I figured it was you two but then I didn’t hear both of your huge ass elephant feet walk through the door. So I grabbed my gun and went out to see what happened. When I went out I saw the door was wide open and all the lights were off.” I heard Dean’s voice in the background, “Hang on Sweetheart we are on our way back. Stay in the room okay?” “Trust me I am staying right here, I am not about to risk being slaughtered in the parking lot. I’ll see you guys soon, be careful when you get here.” “(Y/N) we are always careful. But we will see you soon.”

About ten minutes after we hung up, I finally heard Sam and Dean at the door. They came in and looked at me to make sure I was okay. “Guy’s stop, I’m fine.” Dean backed away, “We have to make sure, cause if anything happens to you Bobby will have our asses.” I laughed, “Anyways, I looked around the place to see if maybe whatever broke in here had left anything. Then I found this caught in the door frame, it looks like a piece of wolf skin.” Sam took the piece out of my hand and looked at it, “(Y/N) I think you are right, it is a skinwalker.” Dean looked at it next, “You mean to tell me some weirdo wearing an outfit made of wolf skin was in our room?” I smiled, “Yep there sure was, I hope your bed smells like wet dog.” Dean rolled his eyes and walked over to the table and sat down. “So according to the lore, a Navajo skinwalker is believed to wear the skins of the animal that it wants to morph into. They are also supposed to be highly experienced medicine men that use their healing power to inflict pain and suffering onto people,” I told them. Dean looked at me, “So how do we kill it?” “From what I have read in the lore, it is believed that if you find out the Skinwalkers human name, it will die,” Sam chimed in. “Okay so we will do some more digging around tomorrow, find the son of a bitch, and then gank it.” Both of the boys nodded and then we all got ready for bed.

We had been going around to a few local medicine shops hoping to maybe our skinwalker there but all of them had been very clean and modern looking. Absolutely no suspicious activity coming from them. I had went in undercover, saying I had been camping in the woods and that I had a weird rash on my back. Every place I had went to gave me some kind of antibiotic in some kind of a jar. Then we finally came along the last place in town and all of us went inside this time. This place was different then all of the other places we went to. As soon as we walked in, it was like walking into a yoga studio. There was tapestry along the walls, incense burning, and then on a chair towards the back of the room I noticed a wolf skin blanket, I nudged Dean’s arm he noticed it too. Right when Dean was about to say something a middle aged woman walked out and smiled at us, “What can I help you guys with today?” I walked towards the counter, “My cousins and I were out camping and I woke up with this weird rash on my back.” She nodded, “Oh it sounds like you must have been around something you were allergic to. Let me grab a lotion I have in the back.”

Sam cleared his throat, “You saw the wolf skin in the back too right?” Dean and I nodded, “We need to find out her name.” Dean nodded and then an older man came out and gave me a small container of lotion, “You’ll want to put this on twice a day and then it should be gone.” I smiled and nodded. Then Dean cleared his throat, “Is that your wolf skin back there?” The man nodded, “Yes it is, my grandfather gave it to me. He ran this place wonderful place before I did.” Dean stuck his hand out, “I’m James and this is my brother Rob, and this is my cousin Hannah.” The man stuck his hand out to shake Dean’s hand, “Nice to meet you my name is Rick.” I smiled at the man, “Well thanks again for the lotion.” I grabbed Dean’s shoulder and he waved goodbye, then we walked out the door. “I think this is our guy,” Dean said as he bent down to get into Baby. “How are we supposed to catch him?” Sam question and all of us shrugged. “Maybe we should go out tonight and see if maybe we run into him.” Sam looked back at me, “That might not be a bad idea.”

Dean, Sam, and I all went out to some diner near our hotel and while the Sam was enjoying his salad and Dean was digging into his double bacon cheeseburger. I went to the restroom and was trying to figure out how this was all going to work out. As I stared at myself in the mirror I realized this one was going to be totally unpredictable so I walked back out to the table to finish my Mac n Cheese. As I sat down I noticed a gray wolf by the street looking directly at me. “I forgot my purse in Baby, I’ll be right back.” Dean and Sam both looked at me, “You never carry a purse, what are you doing?” Sam looked me in the eyes. “Listen, I saw a wolf outside and I need you to watch my back. I’m going outside to see if maybe this is it.” Sam gave me a disapproving look and then Dean cleared his throat and looked down, nodding to the gun he was handing me under the table. I took this pistol and put it in my waistband behind my back so that my jacket could cover it.

As I walked towards the car I noticed the wolf was gone. Then I saw the wolf lurking behind an old truck watching my every step. With what I had learned over the years, I made sure to make it obvious that I knew what was going on. Baby was farther away from the diner and I knew this could get ugly, so I prepared myself. I got in the back seat of baby with the door and left the door open, hoping that the wolf would be ballsy enough to try to get me back here. I was right, cause as soon as I went to get out the wolf was right there snarling his teeth at me. I began to reach for pistol and then the fucking thing scratched my side, deep. I knew there was a lot of blood, but then I heard Dean’s voice yell, “Rick!” The wolf immediately turned his head in recognition of his name. I kicked the wolf with what energy I had left, it whimpered, and then scurried off.

Sam immediately ran to the Impala to check on me and Dean went after the wolf. “Hey (Y/N), are you okay?” I moved my jacket out of the way and Sam saw the long gashes left by the wolf. “Shit it’s okay just lay down, we’re gonna get you back to the motel and stitch you up soon okay?” I nodded and Sam helped me lay down. As Sam jumped into the driver’s seat I heard him curse “Fuck” under his breath. I felt the car move and I instantly groaned in pain, “Where’s Dean?” Sam turned back towards me, “He’s trying to find Rick. (Y/N) you look really pale, try not to fall asleep okay?” I pulled my hand up and gave him a thumbs up so he would see it in the rearview mirror, and he smiled. Eventually I felt the car pull over and come to a stop, Sam got out of the car and soon Dean was back in the driver’s seat.

“What happened?” Sam asked. “The son of a bitch took off in the woods, I chased him down, and then I ganked him. I hate dogs.” I started to laugh but it came out as a cough instead. Dean looked back at me, “Oh shit kid. You don’t look too good.” Sam hit him in the arm and Dean gave him his signature “What?” look. We finally got to the motel and then Dean pulled me out of the car and then carried me bridal style towards the room. As Dean put me down on the bed, I heard Sam pour something into a glass. “Do you really think now is the time for a drink?” Sam laughed, “It’s for you kiddo,” then he handed me the glass of whiskey and I immediately shot it back. Dean gave me a surprised look and then grabbed the first aid kit. Sam careful ripped my torn shirt so that Dean could stitch me up.

After Dean stitched me up, I immediately showered and came out in my pajamas and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning the boys were already awake and were finishing putting their things into their duffle bags. I slowly pushed myself off of the bed and then Dean saw me struggling, “Good morning sunshine!” I glared up at the oldest Winchester, “We already packed your things so you don’t worry. Also on your nightstand Sam put half of a painkiller and some water.” I looked towards my nightstand, “Thank you.” Then Sam walked in and saw that I was awake, “Hey kiddo, how are you feeling?” I scrunched up my face, “Well I feel like I got mauled by a wolf so you know I’m just fantastic.” Sam and I both laughed.

As we arrived at Uncle Bobby’s house, Bobby was already outside waiting for us. As soon as I got out of the car Bobby yelled. “What on Earth were you two idjits thinking letting her go out by herself?” Dean looked down, “We gave her a gun watched her back Bobby, she’s sixteen she can handle herself.” Bobby yelled, “And where exactly did that get you?” Dean looked right back down, “Listen you idjits, you need to know something. Including you (Y/N).” Bobby looked stressed. “Boys, (Y/N) is your sister. (Y/N), Sam and Dean are your brothers.” Dean and Sam both looked at each other and then looked at me. “Wait what?”

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can i follow you? because my mom told me to follow my dreams

//guys this one THIS ONE pick up line out of 20 I got for that battle is the best, take the reference

Kitty 🐱

hi guys. so my mom just told me that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. it would really mean a lot to me if you could just send some good thoughts her way. just a little wish or anything of the sort. thanks bubs x

My Lucky Charm

I thought I knew what it was to be afraid. I thought I knew it when I was ten and realized I didn’t like girls in the same way all the other little boys seemed to. I thought I knew it when I was fourteen and had my first kiss with Stacey Andrews behind the school and felt absolutely nothing. I thought I knew it when I was sixteen and couldn’t lie to myself anymore.

I was sure I knew what fear was the first I said I was gay out loud to my parents.

Dad left the room and Mom sat very still in her chair, her eyes downcast and fixed on the arm of the sofa. She was quiet for a long time, until I wanted to beg her to speak, to say something, anything, but my own throat was too tight to let any words pass. Finally, she looked up.

“Do you know why I call you and your brother and sister and father my hummingbirds?” She asked softly.

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Omg you guys something amazing occurred to me just now

My mom once told me that when she was a kid she fell in love with the movie The Sound of Music, but she hated that you never found out what happened to the characters after the movie ended. So she told me that she wrote a bunch of stories about what happened afterwards.

And it didn’t occur to me until just now, but… Fanfiction. She was writing fanfiction.

I have never been prouder to carry on a family legacy. Fixing canon is officially in my blood.

How to win at kid IT.

When I was younger (think ~15) I was the family IT guy. Still am actually. Back then I used to help countless people free of charge, due to my mother whoring me out for her friends and co workers. I did not like it but I had little say about things. Honestly it was a minor annoyance most of them were pretty cool people and appreciative of my help. The biggest thing that annoyed me was my mother volunteering me when I had other plans.

I did it until the fateful day I dealt with “Harpy”. Harpy was one of those late middle aged bitter as shit women you find every so often not one positive thing came out of her mouth. I honestly have no idea why my mom wanted me to help her. She brought me her computer LOADED with viruses and malware. When she dropped it off the only thing she said to me was “fix it” no thank you no description of the problem nada. So I get all the malware cleaned off viruses removed get it going again I almost had to completely wipe it and reinstall windows it was so bad. I give it to my mom to drop off to harpy.

About a month later Harpy complained to my mother that I had broken her computer and it did not work right. So my mother brings it back home. I look at the computer and figure out what happened. The idiot woman reset all her icons to arrange by name by accident.(FYI if your getting free help don’t try to cover your own incompetence with “it’s your fault you touched it and it broke because of you”) When I originally got the thing was so infected with malware and viruses it barely boot up. Lucky for me I had a backup. I kept a rolling backup of all the computers I worked on before I touched anything for 5 computers just in case shit like this happened. I restored all the viruses and malware.Told my mom give your friend back her computer its just like it was when you gave it to me last time.

The next day I got a call from the Harpy literally screaming and cursing at me telling me “Your was an idiot s&*t kid who does not know computers. How dare you break my F&%#ing computer” ect. ect. Fortunately we had an old fashioned answering machine I picked up the same time as the machine it got everything. That was that I had had enough. I took the bus to my mothers work she came rushing out thinking something horrible had happened and I played the recording for her. When it finished I told my mother from now on its 30 bucks an hour with 2 hours upfront. Or I’m not touching a damned thing.

She took it and whenever one of her friends asked for free PC work she played the recording for them. Saying that’s why I won’t help anyone for free anymore. Word got around the office that not only had harpy screamed at their co-workers kid but cost everyone their free personal slave.

The pro part comes in about a year later. My mothers boss asked my mother if I was still fixing peoples computers she said yes. He wanted to hire me part time over the summer to help out the regular IT guy and wanted to set up an interview. My mom told me. I called the guy up and we set up a time. The interview went really really well but I did not want to work with the harpy who screamed at me. I asked him if harpy still worked there he said “yes she does do you know her?” I told him I did know her and I cant take the job due to an event that happened about a year ago. He of course asked what happened I said “I really don’t want to get into it but he could ask my mom she can give him details.” Come home told mom how the interview went and she still had that tape I could hardly believe it. About 2 months later harpy got the axe.

Apparently she was sweet as could be to the boss and a complete bitch to everyone else. The tape was enough to get the boss to start looking real close at everything she did. My mom still reels at how fast Harpy got written up for shit she had pulled for years.

9/27/17 before school

So I told J about this guy who my mom wants me to date and I am still. In Shock ab this fucking conversation.

J: “You’re out of his league”
Me: “Really?”
J: “Yeah! For his first girlfriend?!” (Nodding)

J: “If I see him I’ll congratulate him”
Me: “Oh my god”
J: “I’ll give him a high five, say ‘good job.’”

J:“I’m gonna be thinkin about that all day”

He called a teacher his work wife and he said “where’s my work wife?” And I said “I’m right here” and he said “oh, no. I’ll go to jail for something like that” so. Let Me Die. Like he was lighthearted with it and joking around but. I am broken? Lol?

I’ll update more later I am going insane why does this man want me DEAD