guys my mom told me

Hey guys, wanna hear an anecdote?

Here it goes, my mom just told me that on a morning show in greek tv today, they had a video with the top ten of celebrity/tv stars’ friendships that turn into hate. And in no1 they had Mulder and Scully (DD&GA). 

I stared at her for 2-3 minutes and then started laughing so hard I almost fell from the couch. After I collected myself I said ‘’ omg these people have no idea’’, and my mom goes ‘’that’s what they said, that they don’t have a good relationship, not talking much etc’’, I was like ‘’mom please stop. You don’t know how far from the truth this shit is. *started laughing again* oh I am so going to share this with my tumblr friends, they gonna have a good laugh’’

Can you believe it there are so ignorant reporters? in the year 2016, with internet and google and gillovny all over the place, people still can’t do their job right!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK YOU IDIOTS.

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I sat in the car for 30 min with a guy friend in front of my house and my mom freaked out n told me "don't do it ever again sharam vaghar ni" and that I'm ruining her name wowza bc I'm hanging out with boys n sat next to my gay friend in a chair once :)::::()(((((())))))))$$$$

Hahahahhaha, i feel this so hard my mom literally told me the same thing except it’s because i wore sleeveless RIP

My lovely brother @solrift tagged me to answer these questions. I’m not going to make 11 more this time, but if you want to do these questions too just tag me and Sol so we can see!

1. Favorite childhood place you want to revisit?
Probably one of the various camping areas my parents took me to when I was a kid. That was our vacation, camping. I loved it.

2. Strangest pet you or a friend has had/owned?
A rock? hahaha. My mom told me a story about a guy who had a pet skunk. She said he took it on walks and it freaked people out.

3. Last book you read aloud to someone?
I don’t like to read aloud. I talk too fast and stumble on my words too much.

4. Ever reconsider a tattoo or piercing as you were getting it?
Don’t have any tattoos (yet) and the only piercings I ever got were my ears. They got infected and I let them close.

5. Favorite drink of all time?
Non-alcoholic? Lemonade, coffee, or iced tea.
Alcoholic would be red wine.

6. Got sick of waiting for your crush to ask you out and asked them instead?
Actually.. yeah.

7. Something that you have seen but cannot explain?
No one believes my ghost stories.

8. Do you know your ancestry? What is it?
Mostly German with some Scottish and English blood in there too.

9. Prefer silence when you are alone or noise?
I don’t mind sitting in silence but normally I’ll have music playing.

10. Last time you were disconnected from the world? Enjoy it?
When I’m asleep and it’s my favorite time.

11. Where would you live if you were immortal?
I’m assuming I’d be immortal and rich if I were able to live anywhere… so probably another country like Scotland or Ireland. New Zealand. Maybe Japan. Honestly, you’d get bored being in one place for eternity so maybe I’d move every few years.



Ok so my mom’s colleague at work, Ricky, is a huge MARVEL fan. Well, it turns out he was 5 when the first MARVEL comic came out, Captain America. And my mom was talking about how we’re going to go see Doctor Strange this November because, and I quote, ’ My daughter is a huge MARVEL nerd. Her whole room is MARVEL’. Well, apparently, Ricky has the whole collection of the original, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, etc. comic books and said he’ll look through his stuff so he can give me ALL of them.
I’m basically dieing of happiness, right now.