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alright ,, i promise i was working on a huge follow forever and it was going to be very sappy and gross but i literally have no time to finish it :(( but i did want to do something for 1k since im still freakin out and can’t really believe one t h o u s a n d (almost 1.2 now whoops) people have followed this mess of a blog! so i thought id do some blogrates to commemorate my appreciation n love for all y'all :) thank you guys so so so much for 1k !!


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you know, when Marvel did that shitty plotline about Cap being a Hydra agent (aka a Nazi) I wasn’t pleased, but I saw a ton of activity on my dash about it. People were angry. I think it was trending on Twitter.

personally, as a Jewish girl, I was a lot more hurt when the MCU had Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, two Jewish and Rroma children of Holocaust survivors, whitewashed and volunteer to join Hydra. And when that happened, I never saw a single post about it. No one cared, even though the thing with Cap was a gimmick, and the thing with the twins was outright ignorant anti-Semitism.

I understand that Steve Rogers is everyone’s favorite white guy. I understand. but if you care more about that than the Romanoffs, then I’m not sure you understand much of anything.

I see that the same writer who did Captain America is a Nazi has written Magneto is a Hydra Nazi too. and I see exactly one person on my dash posting about it.

now, maybe it’s my own fault for following the wrong blogs. maybe I expected too much of people, to care about things like this, things that affect Jews.

when I made a post about the Cap thing a few months back, I was yelled at by a Holocaust denier and whined at by a white German who was “tired of being blamed” for history, as though history is not our responsibility, as though history is not always right beside us.

so here is my post about the Magneto-Nazi-Hydra thing: the political climate has been harshly anti-Semitic lately. it’s been anti- a lot of things obviously. but my people’s cemeteries are being destroyed, my people’s places of worship and community are being threatened, I have seen more swastikas this year than I have in the past five, and Marvel just put their single most iconic Jewish character in line with their fictional Nazi order. and one fucking person on my dash is talking about that.

I expected better. I don’t know why I expected better. no one in this modern world seems to know how to treat Jews. are we people of color? are we a minority? are we white? are we all Zionists? what are we and where do we fit?

you don’t need to have all the answers. I know I don’t. it would just be nice to know that someone gives a shit, now of all times, about how my people get represented and treated in the media. there’s been so much anti-Semitism in the news lately, maybe you don’t know what to say. to say about the real news or this Marvel plotline or any of it.

so you know. if you even care at all about something that harms my community much more than everyone’s favorite white guy getting a stupid plotline, could you say something? anything? don’t just “like” a post, it’s useless. if you don’t know what to say, reblog this, reblog something else, I don’t care how you do it, just say something. anything.

please. please say something. we can’t drown out their voices on our own.

echoingarchives  asked:

Ann Arbor?? You guys are in Ann Arbor?? I did not realize I lived so close to my favorite cat blog ever?? Suddenly I feel like I can make it through midterms because the day seems brighter <3

oh sorry, I’m not actually from Ann Arbor! that’s where my sister lives (she married an American), but I’m a Canadian living in the Greater Toronto Area


@hellobeau let me sprite their AMAZING homestuck girl designs. I had so much fun! ou guys really need to check out their blog. It’s a personal favorite. Sprites are below.

Anon Requested

Follow Forever.
I’ve never actually done this, it just never crossed my mind, but a very nice Anon requested to see who inspires me, so I’m going to try my best. 

Also, it is VERY VERY long.  [Seriously, VERY VERY long.]
You can use ctrl-f to find yourself…maybe? ;-;
I could’ve just added everyone’s names but I wanted to write a little on each one, or most everyone.
Sorry if I didn’t write about you, but you’re still great in my book guys.
All of you. <3 <3 <3

[I only wrote because I am seriously never doing this again, lol, so once and only time here]
IF IF IF IF I forgot you, I am beyond sorry. Just let me know or something. I’m tired. It’s midnight, and I just wrote all of this and did I mention I’m tired? 

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FIRST OF ALL: I am so sorry this is like my 2nd masterpost this week but I managed to get like 50 followers in a week idk?? Anyways, on with the show.


To begin it, we have my fans (fanboys I guess idk?), who are me (hehe), @nwrphase2, @the-mighty-birdy, and @snickerslizard. All of you are constantly in my notes, and although I don’t follow some of you your notes are greatly appreciated! Thanks for helping me get to this crazy number (God I don’t think I expected to get beyond 100 followers).

Of course, now we have the blogs I fanboy for. These guys are easily some of my favorite blogs. @thebourgeoisbum, @bpdchrist, @egosumorator, @glaxosmithklinenotofficial, @sat-cong-alex, @nazi-crow-did-nothing-wrong, @ecarretsamcp, @pax-britannica, and @jordtheborednord, you guys have amazing blogs tbh.

Now, let’s get all the mushy stuff out of the way and get to THE LIST OF HONOR; DEFINITELY FOLLOW THESE GUYS!!!


And that’s all folks! Thanks for getting me to 700 so damn quickly, it makes me really happy.

Tag Game!

I was tagged by @foggydaysinboston and @gfan2001 (Thanks guys!)

Nickname: Bekah

Star sign: Gemini 

Height: 5′4

Last I Googled: Blue Exorcist Season 2 English dub (It’s not out yet)

Favorite band: Gorillaz, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Eyeshine, Fall Out Boy, and Crush 40.

Favorite solo artist: David Bowie

Last movie I watched: Space Jam

Last TV show I watched: Attack on Titan: Junior High

When did I make this blog: March 22nd, 2016

What i post/reblog: Mostly Gorillaz, sometimes my oc’s, and sometimes other things like sonic the hedgehog, anime, and cartoons.

Do I have other blogs: No.

Why did I choose my URL: I couldn’t think of a better name. So I just combined Noodle with the word love because I love Noodle. 

How many blogs do I follow: 185

Do i get Ask regularly: Most of the time.

How many post I’ve made: Too many.

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: INSTINCT! 

Favorite color: Blue!

Average amount of sleep: 6-8 hours

Lucky number: 3

Favorite character: To name a few: All the Gorillaz members, Rin Okumura, Natsu Dragneel, Garnet, and a lot of others. 

What I’m wearing: A t-shirt and long pants

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1

Dream job: Voice acting

Dream trip: London and Tokyo 

I tag @noodlerdoodler, @ashesfordayz@noodle, and @broken-plasma

Texting Accident

* Thayne Jasperson × Reader
* Modern rpf
* Random idea from @omicronarmagedon

A/N: so no one requested this but I saw this prompt a while back. It was just collecting dust in my files so. I did get the idea from a different blog. From @omicronarmagedon, credit to them. And Thayne is my favorite under appreciated cast member.

Word Count: 1,236


You were sitting in your couch reading a book. It was a rare day off Broadway so you decided to spend it at home in your pajamas all day. Suddenly your phone buzzed. You quirked an eyebrow as you read the message preview.

Group: Broadway Fam

It was a group text that you were added to. It seems like Thayne created one. Dear Lord, what was he up to now?

Thayne: Guys? I need some advice…

Now this made you pause. You and Thayne had been close since day one. He often come to you first with questions or concerns or just to chat. Why was he consulting the group? You were about to ask what his problem was but Anthony beat you to it.

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Ten Tips for a Travel Newbie

So you are planning to join the trend of going out for adventures and discoveries. I’m not really a travel addict, but I looove getaway vacations - hiking, camping, backpacking, tours, or just a simple or grand (as if!) hotel stay.

Of course, I have reasons why I decided to start exploring and there are three: 1) taking a break from stress; 2) seeing new places, things, and people; 3) learning more about living.

Going somewhere outside the city makes me realize there is more beauty in nature than the gadgets I usually wish for. And it’s sad knowing some of them has already faded or totally erased. New people taught me the wonderful and fun culture around my country and why we need to keep and practice them. And for me to learn more, I need to keep up and try to make my travels light and right. Here are ten of the things I would like to share to you guys especially to those who are interested to join us.

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Get to know me tag

tagged by: @delusoonal and @hellomellowyellowjello (thx <3)

Nickname: Andi,Boo

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 155 cm  5 ft   1 1/32 inch  (lol )

Time Right Now: 18:10

Favorite Bands: EXO,Shinee, Years and Years,Alt-j,Glass Animals,The Neighbourhood,the 1975

Favorite Soloists: Do Kyungsoo…oh wait :)))))),Marina and the Diamonds,Pink Guy

Song Stuck in Your Head:Body by Mino (sjjdiojdijfif)

Last Movie I Watched: fantastic beasts and where to find them 

Last TV Show Watched: Haikyuu (my gays)

When Did You Create Your Blog?: This….I think 2015

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post?: aesthetics craps,memes,japanese pastel things,exo mostly ksoo and baek

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak?:ohohoho That baek post when fanfic angst or smut.

Any Other Blogs?:                                                             ,

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: I wanted kyungboo but someone is already using…bc boo is my nicname and kyungboo is adorable

Following: 900??? omg

Posts: 8666

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Pokemon Team: Instinct

Favorite Colors: all pastel colours

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-7

Lucky Numbers: 7,12

Favorite Characters: Kageyama Tobio,Killua,Kaworu Nagisa(I’m a fuckin weeboo omg)

What Are You Wearing Right Now?:  just a big jumper

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With?: 1

Dream Job: Sugar baby …:( (Translator,but I always choose another one)

tagging: @krimkairamel @i-like-do-butt-soo-hard @softbaeksoo @sooranghaes @lovinthesoo @ksooup (ofc u dont have to do it oekoifjoijd)

koko-sweet  asked:

Choromeki has fulfilled your wish on making an icon that has your favorite boys, huh TK? I want to get all the guys together for my blog icon.

SHE DID! I’m so happy :D I was recently sent a message about how I could do it and essentially I was like “I wanna, but I also don’t wanna” and lo-and-behold! I didn’t even have to :D

And so far the best icons I’ve seen to fit all of the guys together is the line stickers, like these

Since they’re small enough to fit, otherwise with larger images you won’t really be able to see the details of all of them!

Or these

Which are already small and would fit right into that square of an icon space!

Tag 20 people you’d like to know better!

tagged by @rosyredlipstick <3<3<3

Nickname: Gracie
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'2
Last thing you googled: what is the point of easter
Favorite music artist: probably troye sivan tbh
Last movie you watched: Princess and the Frog
What are you wearing right now: jeans and my fave Red Army shirt from RVB 
Why did you choose your URL: because I love ryan haywood and he is in fact a science guy
Do you have any other blogs: Yep. ive got a RVB one (@fuckyearvb, that i neglect whoops), a yuri on ice one (@drunkyuurikatsuki) and a voltron one (@voltron-protection-squad) #spon
what did your last relationship teach you: distance is a bitch
religious or spiritual: spiritual
Favorite color: pink
Average hours of sleep: 7 or 8 at best
lucky number: 42
Favorite characters: LANCE MCCLAIN, Nico di angelo, Yuuri Katsuki, Klaus Baudelaire, Agent Washington, John Laurens, Greggory Lee
How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 if its cold
Dream job: History professor or author

I just chose people I know, and a few mutuals on my voltron blog <3

@doolray @skyesentinels @askmattholt @ariana-koala @starryklance @eatcherpeas

cynthias-heart-and-mind  asked:


Mun’s current favorite blogs: (don’t worry, list is always growing! <3)

@handsomehappenings (of course, he’s my husband!)
@that-prince-guy (also @akweh)

(didn’t tag those ones cause they’re much bigger pages/other reasons that I don’t wanna annoy lol–
also please don’t take this as me not liking you, I love ALL my followers, these are just my absolute favorites right now)

Favorite type of plot

Smut um… Anything really. So long as it has a lot of depth and emotion, I’ll love it. I really don’t like short-handed (less than 2 - 3 sentences) roleplays, unless the sentences are REALLY long… Those are just interactions at that point and I can’t get in to it if someone’s trying to do something “serious” out of that.

Rules: Answer the questions in a New post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better??? Tagged by this potato @canakuma

Nickname: Huda, Hudaddy, Hudini, KinkyDaddy, Kinked Child, HudHud (most of this is by my irl friends ;;)

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 148 cm

Time right now: 8:43 pm

Last thing I googled: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) smt

Favorite music artist: Melanie Martiez


Last movie watched: One piece GOLD

Last TV show watched: Famliy guy

What are you wearing right now: Smt lol

When did you create your blog: around 2012 <.<

What kind of content do you post: Shitty art by me, nice reblogs, STUFF?? IDK????

Do you have any other blog: @ask-human-foxy–the-pirate-fox @ask-flatwhite @schooltale-au @trash-rebloger

Do you have ask regularly: Barely

Hogwarts House: Gryffendor

Pokemon team: INSTICT

Favorite color: Bloody red or Vine Red

Average hours of sleep: 3- 5H

Lucky number: 4

Favorite character(s): EVERYONES without mines

How many blankets do you sleep with: 3

Dream job: Mangaka or Animator

Following count: 578

Tagging: Everyone who sees this ;3

20 Questions Tag

thank you @hoshoks for tagging me XD i feel like 2 tags in one day is alot tho 

RULES: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

NAME: Maryam
GENDER: female
STAR SIGN: virgo 
HEIGHT: 5′2″/157.48cm
FAVORITE BANDS: bts, got7, set it off, all time low
FAVE SOLO ARTISTS: nathan sharp
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Beauty and the Beast (i loved it omg every actor fit their role so perfectly, AND THERE WERE GAY GUYS)
WHAT DO YOU POST: mostly bts and anything aesthetic cute things
DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: i have a side blog for memes and trash @thesketchysoul
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: i used to be only an aesthetic blog so i was pastelhijab but then i wanted to start putting kpop soooo jimin and his floofie hair are my favorite things soooo jiminiefloof 
POSTS: 23,575
FAVORITE COLORS:light pink, lavender, and mint greem
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 9-11 hours (i am a baby who likes sleepings)
LUCKY NUMBERS: i dont believe in lucky numbers but i like the number 4 it looks like a penant/flag :D
FAVE CHARACTERS: Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet &Olivia from Twelfth Night
WHAT AM I WEARING NOW?: i have a FNAF shirt that i made with an iron on thing and some black sweatpants
DREAM JOB: graphic designer
DREAM TRIP: tokyoooo

tag time (jesus i have to tag 20 ok)
@95sclub @hoseok1e @safesins @silvernamspoon @peachpjms @ohsnapitzmoony @jiminrolls @slytherinyoongs @jiminsgoddess @googlebts @ask-bts-stuff @jhoperfect @mozzakarp @jungkook-e @je0n @park-jimizzle @taesies @taechy @jins-chin @jins-b @shaybear456

Hey guys sorry for the lack of art recently you can blame finals haha

Bbbbuuut I remembered I never posted the thing I drew for @lissachan504’s art showcase! So I wanted to share it with you here on my blog ~

The idea was basically mark surrounded by things that represent my favorite let’s playes that he did!
Just in case you were wondering :
The pages and flashlight from slender
the glass of wine from a late night drink
The letters from presentable liberty
The glow Sticks from vanish
The pills from fran bow
The fan and the cupcake of course are from fnaf
The red tie from octodad (i honestly had no idea what to draw to represent octodad so this is the best I could do haha)
And last but not least the bunny origami from to the moon
And no picture would be complete with out tim and a warfstache!

I hope you like it and honestly this is one of my favorite pieces that I have ever done~

tag 20 people you’d like to know better!

Thanks for including me in things @conniptionns​ god bless

  • Nickname: I have a few I guess. My mom calls me Shellbell. Just about everyone else I know calls me Shebly. I get the occasional Sheeb, Bee, and Sherb. I like them all, they’re all good
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Height: 5′1
  • Last Thing You Googled: “orange cats” ,,, I like the orange ones
  • Favorite music artist: Young the Giant, Lights, and Paramore I think are probably my top 3 
  • Song stuck in my head: Wouldn’t it be Nice by the Beach Boys
  • Last movie you watched: I think it was called Split - the one about the guy with dissociative identity disorder
  • What are you wearing right now: pajanimas
  • Why did you choose your URL: I’ve had two spleens ever since the accident. It used to be 2spleenz0friendz but I decided to be a little more positive
  • Do you have any other blogs: none that I use, no
  • What did your last relationship teach you: I ain’t narry learned a damn thing
  • Religious or spiritual: ya man
  • Favorite color: It sort of changes week to week but today it’s probably jade
  • Average hours of sleep: about 5
  • Lucky number: numbers are FAKE
  • Favorite characters: Julia Wicker, Andy Dwyer, and idk GLaDOS from Portal?
  • How many blankets do you sleep with: 3 sometimes 4 - I’m a cold girl
  • Dream job: local cryptid

Once again I have no one to tag so everyone is welcome to do as they please