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He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

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For God's sake, lay off the Red Wings. Haven't you seen that you guys suck this year? There's a twitter account pointing out that one of your top forwards, Sheahan, HASN'T EVEN SCORED THIS YEAR, and you're getting excited about a rookie. If you're ever going to play decent again (doubtful) maybe dump the useless players you have sticking around because of memories and pick up some new guys. Otherwise, the memories will be all you have.

Hi, Nonnie. 

First off, thanks for following the Red Wings. You recognized Nosek as a recent NHL player, for which I commend you. He just got called up on Saturday, so this is a pretty big deal for him. I’m happy for him, and I’m glad you are, too. 

Secondly, yeah, Sheahan hasn’t scored. He’s had a drought that’s lasted over an entire season, and it well and truly sucks, for him and the Wings. But that doesn’t stop him from getting out and hustling hard every game. That same twitter account points out that he’s lined up over 100 SOG, even if they haven’t gone in. And he does still have points that are garnered from assists, so he’s not useless. He’s a team player, and I’m ecstatic that he’s willing to work so hard for us. 

As to your allegations about us “ever play(ing) decent again (doubtful)”, I’d like to remind you that tonight’s Wings loss was after three straight games in a row, all on the road. We went 2-1, which is pretty impressive. This late in the season, the guys are digging deep, and it shows. Despite the difficulty of the season, it took until tonight to actually mathematically eliminate us from playoffs, so I would say that although we haven’t reached our potential, we’re ‘play(ing) decent’. 

Lastly, as far as memories go, we have some pretty good ones. 25 straight years in the playoffs. 4 Cups in just my lifetime; 97, 98, 2002 and 2008. We just passed the 20th anniversary of Fight Night at the Joe, wherein we came back from a huge deficit while playing the Avalanche to win after a huge fight. Hell, we’re the reason why Patrick Roy started playing with the Avs after we scored so many points on him while he was in net with the Habs and they didn’t pull him that he requested a trade. I’ve watched a good portion of Yzerman’s career, and I saw all of Datsyuk’s. The name Konstantinov or the word ‘Believe’ still makes me cry whenever I hear it (Fischer, too). So yeah, I have a lot of memories that I treasure. It’s why I support my boys

So, you know what, your threat of the memories being all I have? Isn’t very threatening, honestly. I will have them and cherish them for my entire lifetime, and the current performance of the team has nothing to do with that. I hope that you’re new to hockey, and have time to develop this kind of rapport with your team. It’s amazing. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Team Leckie Australia-ish AU

  • (It’s not set in Australia, it’s set in Indiana, because there’s no reason for it to be in Australia when you use these boys)
  • (For @malarked because look it’s our boys. On a farm. With cows)
  • Leckie’s uncle is the owner of a small Indiana farm which holds a lot of cattle (cowssss) and some crops and stuff
  • He dies. It’s sad. 
  • Leckie is the one who ends up taking over the farm, since none of his siblings or other relatives are interested in it. Leckie doesn’t mind, however, because, hey, how hard can it be? 
  • He also thinks it’s a great place to write, because it’s going to be quiet and out in the middle of nowhere without that many distractions.
  • (Boy is he wrong)
  • He’s met at the train station by Hoosier in his old rusty pick-up truck. Hoosier is the dude in charge of the cattle, and is basically just such an Indiana farm boy who thinks Leckie just looks like another spoiled city boy (Which he is, hello, it’s Leckie we’re talking about here)
  • The farm is kind of far out in the middle of nowhere, and while it’s supposed to only take an hour or two to drive there, it ends up taking all night.
  • Because the truck breaks and it’s too dark to fix it.
  • And they have to camp out in the back. 
  • Hint: Leckie is not happy, because it’s hard and uncomfortable and Hoosier snores.
  • Hoosier also has a dog, which decides Leckie’s face is a very comfortable place to sleep.

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oh amy, i hear the song of your sadness. you’ve lost someone i think.

I just wanted to say that you guys make me extremely happy. I’ve only had this blog for about a month and I’m already at 200 followers! That’s insane! I don’t know why you guys followed me but I just wanted to say thank you and I’ll try to make you not regret it. Anyway, here’s all my mutuals and people that I’ll… well… follow forever…Yes it was dumb shut up. 

                                        You guys are my bbys

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