guys look its my soulmate again

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Here's a prompt! Soulmate AU where the world turns into color when you meet your soulmate. Both are in denial they are meant to be!

Oh I love this!!  Just imagine what it would mean for everyone to not see colours for years! And if you never saw them! And people pretending to see them!! And and- okay, I’m getting too excited about this idea.

Also, what taddie tour? I need to ignore that for this fic.  So like, this is a crazy au with soulmates bringing colour into your life and no taddie tour.  Okay?  Okay :-)

Also also, I’m dying of second hand embarrassment.  Dex nooooooooooooo!  (But like, once I thought of it, I couldn’t not put it in, y’know?)

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy! :-) xxxx


“But I don’t get it Mama” Derek complained.  “how does the poet know her eyes are like the sea?  How can eyes be like the sea?  Are they moving or something?”

“They mean the colour of her eyes is like the sea?” his mama said with a smile.

“Colour?” Derek asked “What’s that?”

“You’ll see” she said with a soft smile “But now, you should be asleep”.  She pressed a kiss to his forehead, and tucked him into bed.  

In the dark of his room, Derek tried out the new word.  “Colour” he whispered to his teddy bear.  He didn’t know what it was yet, but he liked it.  With a smile, Derek fell asleep, dreaming about the sea and poetry.

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