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Stars in the Night: Chapter 1

AHHHH I ALREADY FINISHED CHAPTER 1 WHAT. Literally I excepted me to take a long, long time to plan this all out and get it out to y’all. But it all just flowed out nice and perfectly. Love when that happens.

I really hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think. I’d love to know!!

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Each news paper throughout the entirety of Crowncity read the exact same headline and reported on the exact same story.

The war was ending!

 Everyone, rejoice!

 We must celebrate the unification of the Oracle and the Prince of our great country.

Stella rolled her heterochromatic eyes: one of an icy blue, and the other of jade. She crumbled her newspaper into a ball before tossing it over her shoulder. “I don’t believe the Empire for a godsdamned second.”

The morning work rush was the only time Stella and her roommate and partner had time to catch up on matters that existed outside a garage.  The two young woman would spend hours— possibly even days at a time without seeing a single hint of the city that laid just outside their makeshift auto shop.

They sat together at their usual table at their usual place; a small breakfast café that served the best coffee in all of Insomnia.  It was always their go to place after pulling an all-nighter working on cars and various other pieces of technology.

“You and me both, Stell,” Di muttered before bringing her cup of coffee to her lips. “Seems like we’re the only ones in the whole damn city, though.”

“That’s what happens when you’re in constant contact with people outside of the city,” Stella speculated, readjusting the fingerless, black, leather gloves over her right hand. “Funny how Geography will entirely change someones opinion on political matters. We have to start looking for a place out there.”

“As much as I’d love that, you know the pay is better here than out there. We’re barely making it by as it is,” Di sighed, crossing her legs underneath the table.

“I mean, we take enough trips out there. Half our money is probably just spent on gas,” Stella protested.

“Eh,” Di shrugged before taking in her last sip of coffee. “Maybe we’ll just get lucky… maybe one of our soulmates is filthy rich,” the dark skinned girl smirked to herself, placing her empty cup on the metal table that was absolutely covered in crumbs from the scones they had devoured as their breakfast.

A laugh escaped Stella’s pink lips. “Come on, you know I don’t believe in that soulmate stuff. Besides, the last thing I want to do is rely on a man for money. I’d rather struggle on my own than be dependent on someone else.”

“That’s one way to look at it,” Di fingered at her messy pony tail that lingered over her strong, broad shoulders. “Can you imagine? Being born or married into a life like Lady Lunarfreya or Prince Noctis? They never have to worry about making rent or having enough money to afford a meal other than cup noodles.”

“Yeah, but they have to worry about being assassinated. I think that takes a bigger emotional toll. It would on me anyway,” Stella gave a small smile as she tossed her long, wavy ginger hair over her shoulder. “Anyway, you wanna get going? It’s gonna take us at least an hour to get out the city.”

“Yeah, let’s head out,” Dia stood up from her seat. “Thank the Six that Hammerhead isn’t that far from the city. I really don’t feel like driving for a full day.”

Stella pushed upward to stand on her feet. “Let’s get going, then. Cindy’s already texted me eight times,” she pulled the cell phone of her jean’s pocket. 

With a sudden jerk of her hand, the cell phone fell straight from Stella’s gloved hand to the café’s hardwood floor. “Ow!” Stella shouted without warning. Di simply smirked.

“Your soulmate getting into another fight, I assume? I don’t know how you claim you don’t believe in soulmates when the guy is constantly getting you beat up,” Di referred to the sensory link  that was shared between all soulmates on Eos. Whenever one half of the pair was in pain, the other felt their agony. Emotional or physical. 

“It’s just gas, I swear,” Stella assured her voice going raspy, placing a hand on the newly tender spot on her stomach. With ease, she lowered herself and retrieved her phone, revealing the new crack that spread across the glass screen. “Dammit!” Stella groaned. “Whoever this guys is, he owes me a new phone!” She turned the phone to show the evidence of the crack to Di, who simply giggled.

“So you believe in soulmates now, right?”

“If it means if I get a new phone… then yes, I believe and will graciously allow my prince charming to sweep me off my feet!”

“C’mon Noct, get up. I didn’t hit you that hard,” Gladiolus taunted with a smirk, holding his great sword over his shoulder with ease.

“I’m glad you’re know so much about what hurts me and what doesn’t,” Noctis grumbled, still recovering from getting the wind knocked out of him. He propped himself upward against his elbow before pushing himself up on his feet once again. “Listen, can we be done for the day? I’m starving.”

“If you buy me pizza, then sure. We can be done for the day,” the future King’s Shield smirked as his sword vanished from his grasp.

“Sounds like a fair deal—“

“Highness,” a familiar voice sounded from behind the Prince.

“Sup, Specs,” Gladio greeted Noctis’s royal advisor, and mutual friend.

“I apologize for interrupting, but there are some important matters to discuss,” Ignis explained, his eyes meeting up with Noctis’s.

“How important?” Noctis groaned, placing a hand on his hip. “Me and the big guy were gonna go out and grab some pizza. Can’t it wait until after?”

“I am afraid not.”

Huffing out a sigh, Noctis walked to the door in which Ignis stood. “Fine,” his shoulders slumped.

You owe me that pizza, Noct. Don’t forget about it,” Gladio called as the Prince and Advisor turned there backs and exited the room.  The door shut with a distinct click before Noctis was able to return his banter.

“So what’s up, Specs?” Noctis asked as he and Ignis walked down the hallway side by side.

“His Majesty just finished his meeting with Niflheim’s Chancellor,” Ignis informed.

“Alright?” Noctis retorted unenthusiastically.

Was this news worth missing out on pizza?

“You father has surrendered all Lucis territories outside of Insomnia in order to halt the war from worsening,” Ignis continued. Noctis’s eyebrows raised in surprise. His father wouldn’t do that. Before Noctis had a chance to interject his comments of confusion, Ignis continued. “And you must wed Lady Lunafreya.”

Noctis halted his footsteps. “Wait, what?” He muttered, rather exasperated.

His whole world seemed to come to a stunning halt as his thoughts threw him backwards, spiraling him into the past. 

“Dad? Is Luna my soulmate?” Noctis questioned his father. Being a simple eight year old child, he never grasped the idea of ‘soulmates.’

“No, Noctis. Luna is not your soulmate.”

“Oh. How can you tell?”

King Regis smiled, kneeling down to reach his sons level. Carefully, he took the Prince’s left hand into his. “See this mark right here?” He tapped on the strange shaped blob that rest upon the top of Noctis’s hand.

“Of the carbuncle?”

“Yes,” the King confirmed. “If Luna was in fact your soulmate, she would have the exact mirror of this image on her right hand.”

“Oh,” Noctis breathed, deep in thought. “Who is Luna’s soulmate then? How do I find my soulmate? What happens if I don’t have a soulmate?” He bombarded his father with questions, not even bothering to take a breath between his sentences.

His father simply chuckled at his child’s interest. “That is for Lady Lunafreya to find out on her own. Her soulmate will come to her in time, just as yours will, Noctis. You are the future King of Lucis. There is someone the Astrals created special just for you. Just as they created your mother for me,” a sad smile grew across the Kings lips.

“Marry Luna?” Noctis repeated, his blue eyes going wide.

“It is for the good of Lucis, Noct.”

Noctis blinked at his friend. “I… uh— yeah, Iggy, you’re right,” he averted his eyes to the marking he so proudly wore on the back of his left palm. A tinge of sadness washed through him.

“I understand how this can come as rather unfortunate news to you,” Ignis began, sympathy growing in his voice, observing as the Prince studied the symbol on his hand.

“No Ignis, it’s fine,” Noctis assured. “I care about Lunafreya.”

“I know but—“

“If I am to spend my life with someone other than my soulmate, I’m glad it’s Luna.”

school shooting ft. ziley (friendship), larkle (friendship), mackle (friendship), rilaya (friendship), smilaya (friendship), rucas, smarkle, joshaya, zucas (friendship), clique six friendship, + riley & josh uncle/niece relationship

WARNING: this could be triggering, just warning you here.

It all happened so fast. One moment, Riley Matthews was walking down the hallway of her high school, arm linked with one of her best friends, Farkle Minkus, and the next thing they knew, everything was chaos. They saw Henry Edwards with a gun pointed at them, and Riley froze. It was Farkle that pulled her to the ground and shielded her with his body.

And then everyone was running, and Farkle was dragging her through the crowd to the nearest classroom. Her grip on his hand was so tight, but neither friend cared, they knew all that mattered was that they got to safety, together. But in the midst of all the craziness, Farkle felt Riley slip out of his grip, and instantly panicked. He turned around and she was nowhere to be seen.


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You’re Something // Liam Dunbar Imagine Part 2/2


Enjoy x

~ Liam peeks around the corner of the school hallway trying to discretely watch (Y/N) at her locker. He hates to admit it, but this has been a reoccurring thing for him the past couple days. After she slept over his house last weekend, they’ve texted and talked in class a little but he’s nervous to engage with her more. With a slip of his tongue that night he had admitted to her that he likes her, but he doesn’t know how she feels about him. All of the signs that she likes him are there; her heart skips a beat when he’s around, she blushes at things he says, she kissed him on the cheek after their date, hell she simply agreed to go on a date in the first place. But Liam’s not the type of guy to risk getting his hopes up…especially when it could come to getting his heart broken. Liam’s busy watching (Y/N) get her books together, he doesn’t hear anyone coming up behind him.

“Liam!” Lydia shouts out of nowhere.

“Oh my go-,” Liam jumps, “don’t sneak up on me like that, Lydia.“ 

Lydia shrugs. "You have supernatural hearing, Liam. You would have heard me if you weren’t staring at (Y/N) like some stalker." 

Liam blushes lightly. "I wasn’t staring…,” Lydia tilts her head giving him the “really?” look, “I was…admiring." 

"Yeah sure call it whatever you want. Just go talk to her! You guys already went on a date and it went well. The worst is done.” She points out.

Liam sighs. “I know, I know. But that doesn’t mean she likes me." 

Lydia rolls her eyes then looks at Liam seriously. "I’m totally breaking a girl code by telling you something I promised her I wouldn’t tell, but…she likes you. Like a lot." 

A smile begins to form on Liam’s face. "She told you that?”

Lydia smiles softly and nods her head. “Yeah. Now go talk to her about all of this." 

Liam takes a deep breath and starts to make his way over to (Y/N).

"Hey (Y/N).” Liam smiles nervously. (Y/N) smiles instantly at Liam’s voice and turns around from her locker.

“Hi Liam. What’s up?" 

He scratches the back of his neck. "I’m sorry I’ve been acting a little weird lately.”

“It’s ok…is it something I did?” She bites her lip nervously.

“No! Of course not. I just…I wasn’t sure if you felt the same way about me as I do for you…”

A blush instantly grows on (Y/N)’s face. “I-I like you, Liam,” the words coming out of (Y/N)’s mouth rather than Lydia’s hit Liam hard. He has to control himself from not smiling like an idiot, “I just didn’t know how to say it. I’m not used to all of this.” She admits.

Liam smiles. “Well then I guess we’ll both be learning as we go.” He holds out his hand for (Y/N) to take. She smiles and wraps her hand in his. He walks her to her next class, not caring if he’s late for his. 


(Y/N) and Liam are sitting on Liam’s couch, after stopping to get ice cream, just talking waiting for everyone else to come over. They’re finally gonna crack open some books and do some research to figure out what (Y/N) is. 

“I never asked,” Liam starts, “why did you move to Beacon Hills?”  

“My dad. His job causes him to move around a lot.”  

“Oh…so do you think you won’t be here long?” Liam says trying to hide the disappointment on his voice.

(Y/N) shakes her head. “He says he likes it here. He said it’ll be good for me, whatever that means.” She laughs.  

“Good. I’m glad you’re staying.”

“Me too.” (Y/N) smiles. She takes the last bite of her ice cream cone and begins wiping her hands with her napkin. Liam smirks when (Y/N) looks up at him. She has a dot of ice cream on her nose.

“What?” (Y/N) ask.

“You have a little ice cream on your nose.” He chuckles but (Y/N) knows he’s not making fun of her.

“Oh my god,” She quickly reaches up and begins wiping her nose getting every spot except the spot where the ice cream is, “Is it gone?”

“No. Here.” Liam comes closer to (Y/N) on the couch. He takes the napkin from her hand and lightly wipes the ice cream from her nose.

“Sorry. That was really cheesy.” Liam whispers causing (Y/N) to laugh.

She shrugs. “But it wasn’t too cheesy. It was cute.” She admits.

Liam looks into her eyes and once again lets his lips speak before he can think. “Would it be too cheesy if I kiss you?” The words surprise (Y/N) and she stops breathing for a second. 

“No I think you’d be good.” She whispers trying to resist smiling but fails.

Liam tucks a strand of (Y/N)’s bands behind her ear then rest his hand delicately on her cheek. The pair begins to lean in and before they know it, their lips are touching. Liam waits until (Y/N) relaxes into the kiss before he begins to move his lips against hers, (Y/N) doing the same. The kiss is short and sweet as the two pull apart smiling like complete idiots. The doorbell rings but the two completely miss it as they’re too busy looking at each other with blushes on their young faces. The doorbell rings again but this time it keeps ringing aggressively.  

“I should get that.” Liam whispers  to (Y/N), their faces still close together, but doesn’t show any sign of movement. She nods to Liam speechless. She just had her first kiss and she’s happy she saved it for the right person.

(Y/N) and Liam open the front door to see everyone waiting impatiently. Especially Stiles who was clearly the one who wouldn’t chill with the doorbell. 

“You can’t even say you didn’t hear the bell. I know you did.” Stiles says.

“Yeah what were you guys doing?” Malia ask.

“Nothing.” The pair says quickly at the exact same time, avoiding eye contact with anyone.

Kira smirks. “Oh sure. Nothing.”  

“Totally believable.” Lydia says sarcastically with a grin on her face.


“You guys really don’t have to do this for me.” (Y/N) says guiltily. The pack has been doing research for a while now trying to figure this out. There’s books sprawled out, laptops open, and determined faces.

“We want to,” Scott says, “it’s what we do. It’s what we want to do.” He smiles at her.
She nods. “Thank you.”  

Suddenly Stiles’ face lights up. “Wait maybe we’re going at this wrong.”

“What do you mean?” Liam ask.

“When I was researching werewolves after Scott was bitten the story of Lycaon explained all of it. It’s the story of how Zeus turns Lycaon and his sons into wolves. Maybe this is also a Greek mythology thing.” Stiles looks at (Y/N), “What are some of the things that have been happening to you?”

“Um my body gets really hot. The heat of my body reacts pretty crazy with metal. I get those gold eyes-”

“I think I got it!” Stiles says then starts to read from his laptop, “Zeus and Hera, both mythological Gods, had a son called Hephaestus. He is the God of fire and the forge, which is a furnace in which metal is heated.” he types into his computer then clicks on another link, “In the mythological world of supernaturals, descendants, descendants of descendants, and so on, of Hephaestus are believed to be able to control heat and fire.” He looks up from the computer with a look of excitement and awe on his face.

“Wait so what you’re saying is that you think I have a relation to a Greek god? That I can control heat and fire?”

“It’s very possible. I can control electricity.” Kira says. 

“But that’s crazy. That’s not-" 

"Reminder, you’re sitting in a room with werewolves, a coyote, a banshee, and a Kitsune. Anything’s possible at this point.” Lydia says.

“Ok true,” (Y/N) says, “But that would mean someone in my family would have to be too right?”

“Wait (Y/N) did your dad say anything else about why he wanted to move here?” Liam ask.

“He said that’s it’d be good for me. That Beacon Hills is accepting to all sorts of people-oh my god my dad knows about the super natural.”

“You need to talk to your dad.” Liam says.


After school the next day, (Y/N) walks to the lacrosse field anxious to tell everyone what she and her father discussed. She’s still having a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that she’s a supernatural being, but hey, it’s Beacon Hills.  

(Y/N) sits down on the bleachers next to Lydia and Malia as they talk watching Stiles, Scott, Liam, and Kira at practice. On perfect timing, coach dismisses the team for practice, allowing everyone to shower and go home. Liam smiles to (Y/N) when he sees her sitting on the bleachers, and she gives him a little wave. The boys and Kira walk to the bleachers anxious to hear what (Y/N) has to say.

“It’s true,” (Y/N) begins, “I can control heat-”

“I knew it!” Stiles yells in victory cutting (Y/N) off. “Sorry.” He looks down.

“It’s not like I can start a fire out of nowhere or something. It’s like Kira, she can’t just create electricity out of nowhere, there has to be an energy source she can manipulate somewhere around her. I can do the same with heat. My grandma on my dad’s side was really good at it, but she passed. My dad said he regrets not telling me, as soon as he suspected I had ability, so I could have learned from her. That’s the bad part about it. I have no idea how to do it, how to control it.”

Kira lightens up, “Maybe I can teach you. I mean I’m still learning but if it’s anything similar to how I can manipulate electricity, I think we can figure it out.”

(Y/N) smiles. “Really? Yeah that’d be great, Kira.”
And that’s how the last couple days went. Kira and (Y/N) got together after school to try to figure out how to control and manipulate heat…and it isn’t going so well.

“I’m not gonna get this.” (Y/N) groans. They’ve been practicing for about two hours and nothing has happened. This time everyone else came to see if they can help too.

“Yes you will, (Y/N).” Kira says. “I know how you feel but if you keep trying it’ll happen.”

“I’ve done it like a million times and nothings happened.” (Y/N) says. She’s usually not one to be negative but she came into this with high hopes and she’s gotten nothing so far. She’s becoming frustrated with herself even though everyone else is telling her not to be. However, they can all relate so they know how she’s feeling.

“Ok (Y/N), try one more time and if nothing happens we’ll be done for today and try again tomorrow.” Liam says trying to encourage her not to give up just yet. (Y/N) nods and gets up to stand closer to her fireplace. The fireplace is on really low and (Y/N)’s focusing on trying to make it stronger.  

“Ok,” Kira starts, “Try to imagine the fire growing. What I do is I focus on the energy increasing. So try to focus on the heat getting hotter and hotter. Think about how strong fire is.” (Y/N) listens to every word Kira says and concentrates on the fire. She finds herself getting drawled closer to the fire. She touches the wood in the fireplace with one finger and before she can blink, the piece of wood sets on fire. 

“Oh my god!” She turns around the everyone with the biggest smile on her face, “I did it!” Everyone cheers for her and Liam gets up from his seat and wraps his arms around (Y/N) picking her up in his arms and spinning her around.  

“Thanks for not letting me give up.” (Y/N) whispers to Liam when he puts her down, their arms still wrapped around each other.

“You don’t have to thank me. I knew you’d get it. We all did.” Liam smiles. It’s like the pair forgets they’re not the only ones in the room. They lean in once again and their lips com together. The kiss starts off simple and sweet but heats up as Liam moves his hands farther down (Y/N)’s back, right above her butt, and pulls her body closer to his. (Y/N)’s hands trail up Liam’s neck and into his hair.

“Ok we’re just gonna go…” Scott says awkwardly as everyone gets up.

“See you guys in school tomorrow…” Stiles says.

“They’re not paying attention. Just go!” Lydia says and everyone follows her lead as they leave (Y/N)’s house.

Liam becomes more eager as he trails his hands past (Y/N)’s butt down to her thighs. He surprises (Y/N) by picking her up using his strength and she wraps her thighs around his waist. He walks them to the couch in her living room and he slowly sits down on it. (Y/N) finds a new sense of confidence in herself that she didn’t know existed as she straddles his waist and pushes her body closer to his. Liam squeezes (Y/N)’s thighs then goes around behind her to lightly squeeze her butt. (Y/N) pulls away from the kiss for air and Liam uses this to his advantage as he starts to trail the lightest kisses down her neck.

“Liam,” (Y/N) moans with a raspiness to her voice that Liam thinks is extremely sexy, “We should slow down.” He pulls back from (Y/N)’s neck. 

“Your eyes,” (Y/N) whispers looking into Liam’s eyes, “They’re glowing.”

A light blush forms on Liam’s face. “I guess my wolf was coming out. I got excited…sorry. Sorry if I went too far I-”

“No you didn’t. It was fine. I just-I’ve never done this. I’m not used to it. A couple days ago, that was my first kiss.” (Y/N) looks down trying to hide a blush of embarrassment blush.

Liam smiles at how cute she is. He’s glad he was her first kiss. He’s happy that he came into her life in time and gave her a first kiss with someone who actually cares about her. Rather than some other random guy who only has one thing on his mind. Liam puts his finger under (Y/N)’s chin and lifts it up so he can look into her eyes. He smiles at her and she gives him a shy smile back. 

“You’re beautiful, you know.” Liam says out of the blue.

If (Y/N) was blushing before then she’s definitely blushing now. “Thank you.” She whispers.

“I would really love it if you were my girlfriend,” Liam says. He hears her heart skip a beat. “You’re not just something. You’re everything. So, would you be my girlfriend?”

(Y/N) leans in and pecks Liam on the lips. She pulls back with a smile on her face. “I would love to.”