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Jamie Benn #1.2

Here is the part two of the Jamie Benn original drabble. This is longer and just full of angst. It’s like angst all day everyday for the next thousand words but I hope you enjoy it still and I hope it will make you want a part three because I honestly can’t leave it just like this, right?

Part 1 here. Part 3 here.

Word count: 1, 369

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A strong sense of déjà vu hit as you slumped on the kitchen stool. Jamie was making a fruit and protein smoothie, the one he drinks first thing in the morning every day.

He looked up from fiddling with the blender, “nightmare?”

You frowned at him, “why do you think that?”

He snorted, “you look like you didn’t sleep well.”

You flipped him the finger, “fuck you, you know this is how I always look in the morning.”

He laughed, “and it scares me every time.”

“Whatever.” grinning back at him.

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part 7 please whenever you can :)!

Here it is!!! Please let me know what you think!

Oh and here’s a Fratboy Harry recap in case you’ve missed them:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

I’m sorry.

I swear, she’s not my girlfriend.

If you’d answer my calls I could try to explain.

Will you please talk to me?

These texts and more filled your phone all evening, but you left them unacknowledged. He’d tried calling you several times as well, but you never answered. Finally as you laid in bed, your mind wandering though you were trying your best to read your English chapter, Harry sent one more text.

Fine. I know you’re mad. Maybe you just need some time to cool off. I’ll leave you alone. Call me when you wanna talk.

The next morning you managed to make it to class despite a restless night. You’d probably gotten a total of three hours sleep, and you prayed to God you wouldn’t be quizzed on that English chapter because you had no idea what you’d read.

You didn’t know why you’d let this boy get to you, but somehow he had. Hell, you didn’t even like him at first. Now not only was he invading your mind, but you’d allowed him yourself you get angry and hurt over something that had nothing to do with you. Something that shouldn’t have surprised you and you should have seen coming. Dammit.

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Renewed: Part 4.

Find the other parts: HERE.

Lights twinkled on the storefronts as they meandered through the snow covered streets hand in hand. Every so often, Jamie would glance over at Claire and smile. Her nose was bright red, the cold air nipping at her pale skin. Still, she was utterly beautiful.

Just over the bridge, on the wee walk towards the train station, the street lamps dimmed slightly. Jamie took his chance, the conditions were as perfect as they were going to get.

Claire, enamoured by the falling daylight and the gentle glow of the low slung sun in the sky, was gazing intently around her, not really paying much attention to Jamie. She stumbled as he stopped, turning around to see what the hold up was.

He’d gone down on one knee, the soft snow crunching as he compressed it under his weight. Claire paled, her hands shaking with nerves as she watched him fumble around in his thick winter coat.

“I ken that this is a wee bit sudden, Claire. But I *know* it’s right, I can feel it, aye? So, Miss Claire Beauchamp,” he paused, looking up at her as he held the tiny box in his hands and opened the lid up for her to see, “will ye marry me?”

An eerie silence surrounded them, as Jamie waited for her to respond.

Claire couldn’t breathe. Her divorce wasn’t quite finalised yet, and her heart beat an unruly rhythm at the thought of marrying again so soon after.

“I…” she stammered, pulling her hand free from his and taking a step backwards. “I can’t! I’m s-sorry.”

The words hit him solidly in the chest, as if she’d physically whacked him. He stood, watching her disappear around the corner. She’d gone towards the hospital, of that he was sure.

He’d give her a moment, let her catch her breath, and then he’d go after her. There had to be more to the story than just simply ‘no’.

The streets blurred around her as she fled the scene, her eyes filling with tears. There was only one person she could think to go to, the only person who *knew* about her other than Mrs Fitz. 

“Claire?” Joe’s head snapped up as his door flew open. He was shocked, he hadn’t expected to see his colleague since her quick exit weeks earlier. He’d spoken briefly to her on the telephone after confirming her sabbatical, but her turning up with tears streaking down her wind blushed face was incredibly out of character.

“What’s the matter LJ?” He asked, perplexed. Even when the rumour mill at been at its peak, she’d kept her cool. “It’s unlike you to be rattled.”

“He asked me.” She spat out, her hands fluttering around her face, the nervous energy pouring out of her as she sat down at his desk and fiddled with his nameplate. “I’m not even, I can’t…I told him as much, I just –can’t.”

“You’re going to have to be more specific than that, LJ. You can’t what?” Joe passed her a tissue, placing the box in front of her, certain she’d probably need another soon. “I presume this is about your young man, Jamie.”

Claire nodded, blowing her nose and cleaning herself up before speaking again. “He asked me, down on one knee by the Clyde. It was p-perfect, you know? And I couldn’t say yes.” Her words were strung together, her shoulders jiggling nervously under the harsh spotlight in the tiny office. “I’m not even…from F-Frank yet, how can I do that again, Joe? How?”

“He asked you to marry him, Claire?”

She looked up at him, her eyes red-rimmed and wide and nodded. Her mouth was suddenly too dry to answer verbally.

“Well, he certainly moves fast.” Placing his pen down, Joe pulled his chair closer to his desk and sat up straight. “The question is, LJ, do you want to marry *him*?”

Joe’s question brought her up short. She’d been so shocked by his proposal that she’d just panicked. Now, with the adrenaline settling and her blood returning to normal, she finally had time to process Jamie’s *proposition*.


“Don’t even consider Frank in this, Claire. That man doesn’t deserve another moment of your thoughts.

“But I can’t,” she blushed, a vibrant shade of red that spread down her neck as the tears began anew, “you know…” Her voice dropped to a whisper as she tore holes in the tissue in her hands, “conceive.”

“I take it you haven’t told him this?” Joe smiled, a comforting smile that softened his large brown pupils as he bent over the desk to touch Claire gently.


“But you also can’t be sure it’s you, can you?” He quirked a brow, tapping the back of her fingers once before drawing his palm away.

Claire’s eyes met his once more, and she shook her head.

“I think you’d better go and find your guy, LJ, before he blows his top looking for you.”

Joe stood, encouraging Claire to follow his lead, and helpfully lead her back through the mostly empty corridors of the small A&E department.

As they turned the very last corner, Claire and Joe came face to face with a very weary looking Jamie. Joe nodded, a small grin on his face as he nudged Claire forward and disappeared back off to his office. She’d be alright from here, he was certain.



They both said, simultaneously, each stopping to allow the other to continue.

Jamie swept his hand in front of his chest, encouraging Claire to speak once more.

“Jamie, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have left you there, all alone, so abruptly. Please forgive me.”

Jamie licked his lips and stepped forward, running the back of his pointer finger down the length of her face. “Ye dinna need forgiveness, Claire. I shouldna ha’ sprung such a thing on ye at such short notice. Ye dinna have to answer me, aye?”

“I want to, Jamie.” She blurted, taking his hand and leading him back out onto the bitter streets. She was eager to be away from the eyes and ears of the hospital, knowing their eagerness for gossip in any form.

Once they were safely away, she sat them down on a lone bench, backs turned to the old cathedral behind them.

“I have something I have to say though, first. Before I can answer you.”

“Aye, alright. It willna…” He began, certain that nothing she said could change his feelings for her, but Claire wasn’t so sure.

“Please, Jamie, let me tell you first.” She interrupted, not wanting him to make promises he might not be able to keep.

She waited for him to show signs of his approval before continuing. He squeezed her hands, willing her to say her piece.

“I don’t think I can have children.” She gasped, taking in a large breath at the end, as the weight of the sentence lifted from her shoulders. She didn’t dare look at him now, instead she chose to focus on the few cars rolling down the road, the sound of them squelching through the slush soothing her aching heart.

“Did ye think I’d mind that, sassenach?” Jamie’s voice sliced through her wee bubble of quiet, bringing her back to the present.

She made eye contact once more.

“We’re into our forties now, Claire. I didna consider it an option, no’ just because of fertility issues, but because of our age.” His blue eyes twinkled in the midnight street light.

“James Fraser, are you calling me old?” She asked, faux-consternation lacing her tone.

“Ach, no, my wee beauty…” he ran his hands across his heart, tapping the fabric of his coat where it raised, lifted by a small bump that lay beneath.

The ring.

“…but I would like to call ye –my wife–. *If* ye would do me the honour, Mistress Beauchamp?” He bowed before her, a flourishing movement, his arms sweeping to the side as he did so.

She laughed, batting away the tears from her eyes as she reached forward to bring his chin up, so that his eyes might lock with hers.

“Yes, Master Fraser, I would like that very much.”

For the second time that evening, she was rendered breathless. But this time from pleasure. Jamie, in his giddiness, swept her up in his arms and swung her around in a circle. Their hearts beating together, through their thick layers, as happiness surged through them both.

Jamie, finally, placed Claire back against the pavement, removed the ring box from his inner coat pocket. Opening the box; he took out the ring, and held it up for her inspection.

It was absolutely gorgeous, she thought. Not too flashy, but a few nice diamonds dotted around a larger gem in the centre.

“It was my mother’s ring first, and then Jenny’s for a while. It was left to me in the will, and now, my Claire, it belongs to you.”

He squeezed it over her knuckle, laughing as he twisted it about to get it on correctly. A large smile covered his face, his eyes shining with moisture as it sat snugly at the base of her ring finger.

“Oh, Jamie. It’s so…”

“Aye, I ken. Perfect, just like my fiancé.”

She rubbed the fine gold with the thumb of her left hand as she leant forward and brushed her nose against his.

“Kiss me, Mr Fraser.”

“My pleasure, *Mrs* Fraser.”

In the distance, or so it seemed, a car horn sounded. Its loud beep echoing around the pair as they melted together on the pavement. Jamie was certain he heard some hoots of joy, and he smiled as he kissed Claire into oblivion. Ignoring, once more, the Glaswegian serenade and focusing solely on his bride-to-be.

"Steal a kiss in the dark" - Jaime Preciado Imagine #1

Request : can you do one where you are in new york for new years eve and you are with your friend and their fiance so you have no one to kiss and when the ball drops jaime preciado is next to you and dosent have anyone either so he kisses you even though youre stangers? thanks and happy new year!

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Stolen Gem. // Nate Maloley // Dark Pt. Three

Warning: This story is extremely dirty and graphic. I’ve warned you, I will not be holding back on this one. Also this is not a full story, just a little short series or whatever. This story will contain possessive and aggressive Nate, so if you don’t like that go check out my masterlist for other cool stuff :P Shall we begin? We Shall.

Stolen Gem. // Nate Maloley // Dark Pt. Two

Stolen Gem. // Nate Maloley // Dark Pt. Four

Jamie Lancaster’s POV

I rolled over in bed the sun light peeking through the curtains blinding me. I yawned a little and stretched my arms as I sat up. I checked the time on my phone that was charging on the nightstand. The clock read noon and I figured that I shouldn’t sleep the rest of the day away so I forced myself out of bed and down the hall to the kitchen.

“You’re alive, you’ve been passed out for hours.” Jessie said from the L shaped couch in the living room.

“I needed to catch up on my sleep.” I said as I pulled out my left over Reuben from yesterday out of the fridge.

“Well that’s good, because I have a surprise for you…well us but same thing.” She chirped as she walked over to the kitchen pulling something out of her purse on the counter.

I took a seat on one of the bar stools eating my food.

She slid over both my ID and hers.

“What about them?” I ask picking them up.

“Look at the date.” She said wiggling her eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes at her goofiness and looked down at the year seeing it was 1994 instead of 1997.

“No. I want no part in these.” I said handing them back to her.

“Oh come on, I spent like a hundred dollars on these plus it will be so fun.” She whined.

“If we get caught with fraudulent cards we could get arrested, we’re not minors they’ll charge us as adults.” I said shaking my head.

“No one is going to catch us, plus my friend has one and uses it all the time.” She said pouting her bottom lip.

“I don’t know Jessie, it just seems too dangerous.” I reply.

“Oh come on Jamie, I know you didn’t come all the way out to New York just to sight see. And plus if you don’t go I will, and I know you don’t want your best friend to be out in New York all alone.” She smirks.

“Fine, but I swear to god Jessie if we get caught. I’m going to strangle you.” I sigh throwing my food away.

“Perfect, Brian said there’s a really cool club a few blocks from here.” She smiled.

“Oh did he now? What else did Brian say?” I laugh.

“A lady never kisses and tells.” She said her cheeks heating up.

“You kissed Brian?” I asked in disbelief.

“When? I was with you all day yesterday.” I asked.

“I was with him last night.” She said twirling a piece of her hair around her finger.

“I’m going to need you to start filling your best friend duties and tell me when you have a late night rendezvous’.” I joked.

“It wasn’t a rendezvous, we just talked and then things kind of happened.” She explained.

“Oh my god Jessie, did you guys get it in?” I laughed.

“That doesn’t concern you!” She said plopping back on the couch.

“Oh my goodness, you hoe! You did sleep with him.” I said playfully.

“Oh shut up, I’m going to go take a shower.” She says heading to her room.

Eventually I forced myself to get in the shower and get ready for the day. I stuck with a pair of white ripped skinny jeans paired with a white tank top and a long baby blue cardigan. I headed over to my suitcase and fumbled through the suitcase until I pulled out a pair of brown ankle boots. I called April and just talked with her until Jessie finally got out of the shower.

(FYI Next Part in Nate’s POV Is Sped Up So it’s Night Time Now.)

Nate Maloley’s POV

I walked into the packed club weaving my way towards the bar. I ordered a drink and headed over to my usual booth. It didn’t take long for girls to start swarming over towards me. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t like the attention because I do. Who wouldn’t? I rolled up a spliff and lit it taking greedy drags.

“Hey man, two nights in a row huh?” I immediately recognized the voice as Sam’s.

“Guess so.” I sighed leaning my head against the wall behind me.

He sat down in the booth pulling some chick on his lap.

“Where’s everyone else?” He asks.

“I don’t know, I came alone.” I answered sipping from my drink.

“Bro, that’s depressing.” He chuckled.

I laughed as well and shook my head.

“Well I’m here now, and we’re going to turn up tonight.” He laughed.

“I’m going to go get a drink, you want anything else?” He asked pulling the girl up with him.

“Nah man, I’m fine.” But in all honesty I wasn’t fine.

I was so done with everything, the only thing that seemed to spark my interest was drinking and smoking. I didn’t even feel the same way about music anymore. I was just so numb to everything. I used to want to hide the fact that I was falling apart, but what’s the point. Even if I didn’t, even if I wasn’t, everyone’s always going to be right there to say I told you so when I do. So what’s the point in doing the right thing?

I miss the old me, I miss being in the studio and just letting all my emotion out. I miss people being able to trust me. I miss being able to trust myself.

I didn’t even realize that Sam had come back.

“Hello? Earth to Nate.” He said chuckling.

“What?” I answered annoyed.

“You alright man, you seem off tonight.” He said.

“No I’m good, I just need some air.” I said standing up and heading towards the entrance.

I sighed in relief when I saw no one was really hanging around outside. I pressed my back against the wall just staring off into space. It felt like I’d been standing there for hours until I heard the most angelic voice. I snapped my head into the direction of the noise to be met by two girls walking towards the club the both of them clinging to each other to shield themselves from the cold.

“Oh my god Jessie, we should have worn pants it’s way to fucking cold.” She giggled shivering.

“Beauty is pain.” The girl whom I’m assuming is Jessie responded.

I licked my lips stepping away from the wall getting a better look at her features.

She had long flowy brown hair that complimented her grey eyes. She was perfect.

“I think this is it Jamie.” Jessie said looking up at the sign above the club.

So her name was Jamie.

“Thank god.” She huffed.

Both her and her friend were completely oblivious to my presence and walked right past me.

Immediately I walked in after them determined to have her. Her friend Jessie departed off to the bar and I watched as Jamie walked over to a corner, awkwardly shifting from her left foot to her right. This was my chance.

Jamie Lancaster’s POV

To say I was nervous was an understatement, I barely go to lame high school parties let alone a club. I probably look so awkward, what if I’m underdressed? I was wearing black high waisted shorts and a white crop top paired with my white converse.

I roll my eyes as I look over at the bar to see Jessie’s been distracted from getting our drinks by some guy chatting her up at the bar. I look over at the sea of sweaty bodies dancing all over each other. If only I knew how to dance…

“Hey lil mama.” A deep raspy voice whispers. I tear my eyes away from the dancefloor and look up to be met by a really tall and attractive guy with a man bun.

“Hi.” I answered awkwardly.

“Nate.” He said extending his hand.

“Jamie.” I smiled shaking his hand.

“I know.” He smirked.

“You want to dance?” He asked.

Before I could respond he gently grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to the dancefloor.

“I can’t dance.” I shouted over the music giggling.

“Of course you can, everyone can dance.” He says with a smirk.

He swiftly twirls me around and pulls me into his chest. He leans down and rests his chin on my shoulder reaching down and interlacing our fingers swaying us to the beat of the song.

“Are you coming home with me tonight?” He asks pressing his lips to my neck letting his teeth drag across the sensitive skin.

“I barely know you.” I sighed trying to convince myself that this was wrong.

“You don’t need someone’s life story to have sex with them.” He said biting my earlobe.

“Okay, I just need to tell my friend.” I say giving in to his touch.

“I think you’re friend knows.” He chuckled looking over at the bar.

I looked over to see Jessie smirking and giving me a thumbs up.

“Get some Jamie!” She cheered.

I smiled, my cheeks were probably tomato red.

“Let’s go, I need you now.” He growled pulling me out of the club.


Nate pushed me up against the front door smashing his lips against mine. I tangled my fingers in his hair as he fumbled with the lock. The door unlocked both of us stumbling in, he kicked the door close with his foot. He tapped the back of my thigh telling me to jump. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. He placed his hands on my butt as he carried me up the stairs. He entered a bedroom setting me down on the edge of his bed. He walked over to the door and shut it behind him and I kicked my shoes off.

He turned back around facing me biting his lip as he hovered over me. He gripped both of my thighs wrapping them around his torso. He pulled his shirt off exposing his many tattoos and his toned body. I let my hair out of its ponytail and pulled my shirt over my head. He attacked the exposed skin on my shoulder leaving his mark.

He kissed down the valley of my breasts to the waistband of my shorts. I sat up on my forearms and watched as he unbuttoned them and peeled them down my legs. He came back up and planted a kiss on my lips and looped his fingers in my underwear.

“Nate, I need you.” I moaned desperate for more of his touch.

“You’re going to have to more specific.” He chuckled his hand finally making its way into my underwear rubbing figure eights on my clit. My breath hitched and I bit my lip holding back the moans.

“Use your words.” He said taunting me.

“Mmm…I need you so bad, Nate stop teasing me.” I whined.

He pumped his fingers in and out of me a few times before withdrawing his hand completely.

He stripped off the remainder of his clothing and turned us over so that I was on top. He lifted my hips up before guiding me down his length. My formed an ‘o’ shape as I pressed my palms flat against his chest grinding my hips into his.

“Oh my god…Nate.” I panted.

“Fuck…” He groaned.

I rocked back and forth feeling myself get closer to my climax.

“Nate, I’m really close.” I whimpered looking down at his face.

He sat up pushing me down on the bed and grabbed both of my wrists pinning them above my head as he thrusted into me. I let out a high pitched scream when he hit my g spot. Nate dipped his head in the crook of my neck biting my neck as his thrusts grew sloppier.

“Ohh…fuck…Nate I-I’m cu-.” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before I felt myself clench around him and let go.

A/N: Wow that was awkward, I hope you enjoyed this part it was super weird to write. I had writer’s block so I hope it’s not too bad. As always, love you guys.

~ Your main hoe, Bella

Dense and Annoyed

(Read Part 7 Here.)

A/N: This update is short, but it’s the necessary transition after Jimin’s realization. Thank you to everyone who waited for me to write. Honestly, I whipped this up last minute. Ever since the first part of this series, I don’t know where this story is going. Thus, I appreciate that you all like how the story is playing out so far when no planning was involved. Without further ado, here is Part 8…

Dense and Annoyed - Part 8

Jimin sat alone in the locker-slash-makeshift-dressing room for the last ten minutes. After his revelation, Taehyung had left him alone to reflect on his thoughts, to which he appreciated. It wasn’t until the director called him to the set that he finally moved from his spot. He exited the room and his eyes instantly landed on Jamie.

It all made sense now… He liked her. Ever since he saw her at the broadcasting station and noticed how she matured, he was attracted to her. His annoyance when she gave her attention to Taehyung was because he was jealous. The irritation he felt whenever he saw her was because he liked her but didn’t want to admit it. Because he knew… somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that his best friend liked her as well.

Jimin stuffed his hands in his back pockets before walking towards the set where Jamie stood patiently. After thinking about everything that concerned Jamie for the last ten minutes, Jimin had come to one conclusion. It was the only choice he had.

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Jack, what kind of popcorn did you want? *Jamie asked from the kitchen* We have cheese and regular. *He waited for a response, and when he didn't receive one he poked his head into the living-room* Jack, I asked what kind of popcorn you wanted! Jack...? *There was no sign of the spirit but Jamie knelt down and picked up his pants...* Don't tell me you've decided to walk around naked again... That may have worked on me once, but it's not going to work again~. [for bay jack cause omg cute]

The little spirit looked around the room he was in with wide eyes. Where was he and how did he get here? He only got more scared when a voice was yelling from the kitchen about popcorn. Jack jumped up from the couch and started to run toward the corner of the room that was partially hidden by a piece of furniture. As soon as he started making a break for it, he tripped on his pants. After quickly kicking them off, he escaped into the safety that was the corner. 

Then Jamie came out. Immediately, Jack was captivated by his looks and just kept staring. At least until Jamie looked at him. That made Jack squeeze himself back into the corner as a light blush appeared on his face. All the little spirit really knew was that the guy in the living room was Jamie and that he somehow knew him, but that was about it.

((Oh my goodness I cackled when I read that))