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Preference #2: Honeymoon Phase

Harry: “I love you more.” “No I love you more.” “Noo, I’m pretty sure I love you more,” “No, I love you more,” “Jesus Christ, if I hear those words come out your guy’s mouth one more time I’m not going to be sorry for what I do next,” Liam interrupts, annoyed. Harry’s brows furrow, lips puckering into a pout, he places his palms over your ears, pulling your face into his chest, “Heyyyyy don’t say that kind of stuff around her. Only allowed to speak nicely to her and around her, okay? Jus’ be nice.” Harry plants a kiss on the top of your head, uncovering your ears, petting your hair down. You roll your eyes at Harry’s behavior, looking around his shoulder to look at Liam, “sorry Liam, we’ll stop. And harry, lovey, please I’m not a baby, it’s fine. I’m fine.” Harry shakes his head, burrowing into the crook of your neck, “I know, jus’ wanna protect you from everything.”

Louis: “Louis are you almost done talking to her? I need to use the bathroom,” Niall complains through the bathroom door. “Louis you need to get out of the bathroom, Niall’s been needing to go pee for the past half hour,” you giggle through the phone. “But I don’t wanna stop talking to you sunshine, I love your voice,” Louis croons. “Just take our phone call to a different room, sweetheart,” you coo. “Anything you want cutiepie. okay Niall your turn,” you hear through the phone, followed by the sound of footsteps and a door shutting. “Alright, what were we talking about?” Louis asks, returning to the phone. “Was just telling you about my day, nothing too exciting,” you answer, rolling onto your back, on your bed. “Anything is exciting if it involves you, bunny.” 

Liam: Liam’s phone buzzes on the coffee table in front of the couch, displaying a text message from Louis asking if he wanted to go out tonight with the boys to celebrate the release and success of Drag Me Down. Liam quickly responds to the text and sets the phone back on the table leaving you to ask him if he was, indeed, going out tonight. “No, just gonna stay in with you, lovey,” Liam coos into your hear, inhaling the fruity scent of your shampoo. “You sure? Its alright if you wanna go out, I’ll stay here and wait for you,” you whisper to him. “Yeah I’m fine, just wanna stay in with my missus,” Liam assures. “Do you think the boys miss you though?” you ask. “Don’t care. They’re not you.” “Liam don’t say that, they’re your best friends,” you lightly scold him, running your fingers through his curling hair. “I know, but I love you. Jus’ wanna spend time with you. I see them all the time on tour and recording. Feel like I don’t see you enough. Jus’ lemme stay with you,”

Zayn: “Mmm, there’s my favorite girl,” Zayn hums, walking to the kitchen, “Whatcha makin’, pretty girl?” “Not sure yet, just looking at what we have,” you answer. “i can just call in some delivery if you want. I know cooking isn’t your favorite thing to do,” Zayn coos into the back of your neck, brushing your hair out of the way to press kisses to the skin. You shake your head, “No sweetheart, its alright, I’ll figure it out.” Zayn’s hands slid down to your waist, turning you around to face him, “Too late. Already called that Chinese place you like, they’re on their way.” “Zayn why’d you do that? You know I don’t like it when you pay for everything, when I know I can make you dinner just fine,” you whine. “I know you can lovey, but I like giving you nights off, cause I know you get tired and you don’t wanna do anything,” Zayn hums. your hands drift up into his newly-dyed silver hair, “Alright I’ll let it go this time. Just cause I love you.” “Love you too, pretty girl.”

Niall: “Niall you sure you want me to go on tour with you and the boys?” you ask, slowly packing the suitcase. “Course I am sunshine. Why?” Niall stops your moving hands, trapping them in his own big ones. “Just not sure if you wanna be stuck with me 24/7 for the next three months,” you explain, looking down towards the suitcase. “I wouldn’t say stuck, but I really do want to be with you all the time for the next three months. Honestly wouldn’t mind if I was with you like that for the rest of my life, really,” Niall coos, pressing a kiss to your nose. Your cheeks heat up, a smile stretching across your face, “D’you mean that?” you question, pressing your face into his neck. Niall’s laugh vibrates through his body as he moves around he half full suitcase, “Course I mean that, babygirl.” “Alright…love you.” “Love you too, bunny.”

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