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Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) ♡

A/N: I got the name from one of the clothes shops of Saints Row V lol. I plan on making at least two more parts to this, I’m halfway through part two and have the beginning of part three in the works! ^_^. I’m sorry if there’s any misspelling, I get too excited and I tend to rush. Feedback is hella appreciated! - D.

Let’s Pretend: Tony finds a website of two shape shifting mutant porn stars who make their living impersonating the Avengers on their website and decide to show the team.

WARNING: Graphic details of sex. Swearing. Soon-to-be-smut. Second hand embarrassment lol.

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It Takes Two - Negan Imagine

Theme: Fluff

Chapter Summary: As much as you attempt to keep out of the Saviors’ way while they raid Alexandria, your daughter decides to have a word with Negan.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: You live in Alexandria with your very sassy daughter, Riley. After Negan takes over, Riley grows to be the one and only person that challenges him - and to say the least, he loves it.

Word Count: 2.1k

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings & A/N: so basically halfway through writing this i realized the daughter was giving me Lilo vibes - so if you could imagine, she’s very much like Lilo :) | no warnings



Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

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“Where’s Maggie, Mommy?” your daughter’s high-pitched voice met your ears as she stumbled down the hall. You turned to her, closing the book in your lap, “She’s not here anymore, she - .. ‘moved,’” you stuttered. Technically, you weren’t lying. After the run-in with the Saviors, she would be better off, and much safer, not in Alexandria.

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Delivery Boy 1/3

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: Smut, fluff

Tags: Dom/Sub switch, oppa kink, oral, begging, squirting, public sex, cheating, voice control, kitten/babygirl/babyboy, creampie, fingering

A/N: Big blocks of text to squeeze into the text limit 🙁

> 1 2 3 <

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“Who the fuck orders pizza at 4 in the fucking morning?” Yoongi grunted, getting off the tiny motorcycle, marching towards the apartment with the pizza box tucked into his arm. He knocked on the wooden door, waiting for a few moments before he heard a tumble from the inside, and a soft whine, and the door opened. Yoongi almost choked on his spit, heat rushing to his face. Of course, for his job, he had seen a lot of type of people, but this was the first.

The small lady, just a fumble of a jacket on herself, the length barely covering herself, her small hands stained with transparent liquid from between her legs. She nervously licked her lips, not doing or saying anything as she observed Yoongi, a soft smile playing on her features. “U-U-Uh it’s 25 bucks.” Yoongi stuttered, trying not to look at her, but he could not help but stare at her bare thighs, pressed together, silky and smooth against the light.

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Going to Kingston with Tom (Tom Holland Headcannon #1)

-you travel all day and all night because of a damn delay at the airport -and when you get to Tom’s parent’s place, you’re exhausted -you’re excited to meet his family but you’re also acutely aware that you probably look disgusting -after a quick shower, you scarf down the fettuccine alfredo Nikki was kind enough to make because Tom had told her that it was your favourite -Tom excused himself, saying he needed to take a shower and that he’d be back to eat -but after almost an hour of waiting -you excuse yourself to check up on him -he’s fast asleep on the bed in his old room -you sigh, watching him for a minute before squeezing in under the covers beside him -feeling just a slightest bit guilty for not returning back to Tom’s family like you said you were going to -Tom shifts to let you in beside him -he wraps his arms around your waist and snuggles closer to you -his head is level with your chest -so you can hold him closer -and your legs are wrapped around each other’s -and you’re so exhausted that that’s how Tom’s family finds you the next day at 12 in the afternoon -“they’re cute.” -“they’re disgusting.” Notes Harry. -“Harry!” -“I’m taking a picture so I can embarrass them later.” Adds Dom. -“Can I get my blow-horn, mum?” Asks Paddy. -“It would be funny, you have to admit”, says Sam. -you wake up to see them -“uh…….morning?” -Tom hears chuckles and opens his eyes to see his family. -embarrassed, he nestles his face into your neck -“Sorry, love.” -“you’re sorry? I’ve got drool marks everywhere! I’ve got drool marks on you!” -they all laugh, Nikki offering her reassurances that you hadn’t embarrassed yourself -because all of the Hollands actually found your self deprecating humour and honesty, endearing -“Breakfast is ready. You know, if you guys eat that sort of thing.” -Nikki says, the last one to leave -“Be down in minute, mum.” -you kiss Tom’s forehead before rushing into his bathroom and almost yelping at your own appearance -“Oh Jesus Christ! I look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Tom! Can you hand me my toothbrush please? UGH FUCK HOW DO I UNTANGLE THIS HAIR? HOW ? TOM!!!" 


 a/n: just so you know, this is part 1 of a series of headcannons.

Tom Holland “going home to Kingston” headcannon:  #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

Cinematic Masterpiece - Damian Wayne x Reader (Inked Soulmates AU)

(A/N - This is the first installment of my soulmates series! Let me know if you guys want to see a part two for this one!)

The day his older brothers saw the tattoo on his collar bone was debatably the worst day in Damian Wayne’s life. Jason was in tears and Dick was just about pissing himself with laughter.

“I have to be dreaming,” Jason cackled, “because there is no way that God himself would bless me like this.”

“I have to meet this girl. Holy crap,” said Dick, barely choking down his laughter long enough to speak at all. Damian scowled.

TT,” he huffed. When Tim entered the room, Damian didn’t have time to cover the words on his skin before the older boy saw them.

“You guys have got to be shitting me,” Tim said. “This is a joke, right?” When Dick and Jason started shaking their heads, Damian turned a dark shade of crimson.

“Mother of God. Just to clarify, you’re going to find your soulmate, and the first thing you’ll ever hear them say is ‘screw you, High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece?’” he asked. Damian nodded slowly. Tim snorted, his laughs immediately being joined by Jason’s.

“Well, guys, at least his soulmate has good taste,” Dick offered. Jason scoffed and Tim responded with a sarcastic “Yeah, right.

“Shut up, Drake. You too, Todd,” Damian said, hoping that they would leave it. They most certainly did not.

Damian sat alone on a park bench. A few weeks had passed, but the relentless teasing from his brothers hadn’t. He glanced at his watch, realizing that he couldn’t sit alone forever (regardless of how much he preferred his own company to Drake’s). He started walking over the cracked pavement, listening in on the group of three girls walking directly behind him.

“I agree, that guy back there did literally look like a discount Troy Bolton,” one insisted.

“Jesus Christ, girl. You two have problems, your bad taste in movies being one of them,” one said, giggling. Damian could swear he heard the bell from a bicycle as the third girl chimed in.

“Screw you, High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece!” He didn’t have time to process what he had heard before he saw the bike coming.

“Look out!” he shouted, turning around and pulling a girl out of its path. Her friends, who had been standing further back, watched the passing bike in shock before turning to face him. He didn’t realize that he had yet to release the girl from his arms until he heard a small “whoa”. He let her go, hands lingering on her shoulders. She pulled up her sleeve, glancing at the tattoo on her bicep. Damian saw it as well - Look out! He wordlessly unbuttoned the top of his shirt, revealing his collarbone. She gasped.

“It’s you,” he said quietly, getting a better look at her face. Is it even possible for a person to look so perfect? he thought.

“I-I’m Y/N, Y/N L/N,” you greeted.

“Damian Wayne. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”  

“Holy crap, Y/N, your soulmate is hot!” one friend gushed. The other slapped her arm, excusing them both.

“We’ll give you some alone time,” she said. You chuckled as they walked away, taking Damian’s hand into your own.

“So, Damian Wayne, tell me about yourself,” you said. Damian shrugged.

“Well, to start, don’t ever tell my brothers, but I think I have to agree with you… High School Musical is, in fact, a cinematic masterpiece.”

How The Paladins React to You Being Found.

Prompt: “Can we have a continuation of S/O being found?”

Yes! This is a continuation of one of my older headcanons ‘How the Paladins react to you going missing.’

I had such an aesthetic in my brain for these scenes, and I really enjoyed writing Lance and Hunk, especially. Their reactions, in my head, are always something special.



  • After months of you being gone, he was slowly driving himself insane with planning. Like, he knows what it feels like to be trapped somewhere, and the thought of you having to go through that just upset him so much.

  • So it’s safe to say that whenever you’re found, malnourished, curled up in a ball, all hope lost, he is so, so relieved.

  • When he first finds you, he probably just stands and stares at your cowering figure for a moment. He’s so shocked.

  • He feels his heart shatter a little bit, because you look so scarred emotionally.

  • Once he snaps out of it {it takes Keith yelling at him to hurry up}, he scoops you up in his arms and runs through the building.

  • Suddenly, he’s so violent. Like, people try to grab you out of his arms and he just can’t believe the nerve on them.

  • Like ??? Do they actually know who they’re fucking with?

  • Keith explaining to you later on how he’s never seen Shiro so mad and so eager.

  • When you and Shiro are finally home, he doesn’t let you out of his sight for weeks. It’s not like you mind, though. You feel a little unsafe now being on your own anyway.

  • “Shiro, I’m just getting food.”

  • “Please come back. I can’t handle being without you, we’ve figured out.”

  • Sitting outside of your healing pod for as long as it takes.

  • He doesn’t force you to talk about any of it to him. He knows how hard it is. He’s just there to help you through it, and he wants you to know that.


  • Keith, quite simply, becomes emotionally unavailable for anyone but you.

  • When he sees you curled up in the corner, skinny, pale, nearly knocked out, it’s genuinely like he was the one who had been trapped for months.

  • He literally just completely shuts down because, like, his baby ??? Is dying ???

  • He genuinely despises himself for taking so long to find you.

  • He grabs you, just like Shiro, and uses any form of an exit to get you out of there. He doesn’t care about the danger to himself. He just knows he needs to get you out of there.

  • When the two of you are home, he sits you down in a healing pod and doesn’t leave your side. I mean, literally. The other paladins probably have to bring him food and water, and he barely closes his eyes.

  • “I don’t need sleep. Apparently I did plenty of that when they were missing.”

  • When you wake up, he gets a tad bit emotional.

  • He hugs you so tightly and peppers your face with kisses, refusing to let you go. It’s kind of a humorous moment, with you trying to push him off of you so you can say hello to the others, but him just downright refusing to let go of you.

  • Even though your laughing, Keith means it. He feels like he genuinely can’t let go of you. Not again. He only just got you back.

  • Eventually, you give in and the two of you just collapse onto the floor in each others arms.

  • Internally, Keith thinks you hate him for taking so long. That’s why he hugs you extra close {Keith isn’t big on affection, so this is very shocking to you}.

  • “I never stopped looking for you, Y/N. I never stopped.”

  • Even months later, you still have to assure him that you don’t think it’s his fault you spent so long in the galra prisons.



  • Jesus Christ. He is so shook.

  • When he rounds the corner and sees yo u in the cell, his face drops and he just starts yelling.

  • “Y/N! Y/N! Oh my goodness, thank you Jesus! Guys! Guys! They’re okay! I’ve found her! I’ve found her, oh my! Thank you so much! Blessed! Blessed! Blessed!”

  • Even though you’re half unconscious, he scoops you up in his arms and twirls you around, pressing your sensitive skin with kisses.

  • So. Much. Smiling. Even as the Galra’s chase him down hallways, he is laughing and jumping and skipping the entire way to the exit, holding you and bouncing you in his arms.

  • You drearily smile up at him, his excitement radiating onto you. This makes him smile even brighter.

  • “Woo hoo! My S/O is okay!”

  • He basically just wants to scream to the world that he found you. He found you.

  • He’s so pleased with himself. It wasn’t Shiro, or Keith, or Hunk, or Pidge. It was him. He feels so useful all of a sudden.

  • As exciteable as he is, when you finally wake up from the healing pod and have to tell him what happened, he cries.

  • Our boy cries.

  • Because he’s like… I did something good but, like, it was clearly far too late.

  • Him holding you close at night, inhaling your scent, trailing his hands along every inch of your skin because he just needs to feel you next to him in case you go missing again.


  • “Has anybody seen Y/N?”

  • “She literally just went to the bathroom, Lance. Calm down.”


  • He panics.

  • He sees you in the corner and he just starts bouncing from foot-to-foot, pointing at you, squealing.

  • Like Lance, he’s a little bit shook. But he shows it in the most adorable and heart-wrenching way.

  • Clear tears in his eyes.

  • “Hunk, grab them for crying out loud!”

  • “Oh right.”

  • He scoops you up in his massive arms, but he’s so god damn delicate. It’s genuinely like he’s holding a new born baby.

  • When you’re in the healing pod, he’s constantly asking Coran questions about when you’ll heal up. He just wants to hear your voice.

  • He’s a little ball of anxiety the entire time, waiting for you to heal.

  • When you wake up, he immediately hands you some food he made because of how malnourished you are. The two of you hide out in your room, eating the food before you show yourself to the others.

  • “Y/N’s gone missing!”

  • When you finally have to go to see the others, Hunk is by your side the entire time with his hand protectively on your waist.

  • When the conversation drifts off to other things, Hunk keeps whispering, “Are you okay?” in your ear, just to make sure. Even if you’re not even showing signs of being upset. He just wants to make sure.

  • You feeling completely comfortable with telling Hunk how things went down in the Galra prisons, just because he’s Hunk and he listens so well.

  • He doesn’t give you any reassurance or advice, because he knows he’s not obligated to do so.

  • Instead, he asks Shiro to help you. He begs Shiro to help you.

  • “I think they just need somebody to talk to. I can’t relate to anything she’s saying, but you can.”

  • “God, Hunk. You really care about them, don’t you?”


  • She’s so in the game.

  • Like, she sees you and she just grabs you instantly, talking into her ear piece like, “Yep, we’ve got her. On our way now.”

  • Even though she’s completely screaming on the inside.

  • She gets on the ship, puts you in a healing pod and she is clearly trying to act strong for your sake. She sits in a little plastic chair just outside of the pod, her head in her hands, trying to fight back tears.

  • “You can cry, Pidge.”

  • “She hated it when I cried.”

  • Being super delicate with you when you wake up.

  • Shocked at just how malnourished you are. Silently but urgently telling Coran to get you food {by like roughly pointing towards the kitchen or something like that}.

  • Being completely silent whilst you eat. She just stares at you as you do so, feeling herself falling apart because she never understood just how bad the Galra prisons are.

  • She can see it now, though. She suddenly regrets not moving in quicker.

  • Soft kisses. My writer brain is quaking.

  • When she does kiss you, her hands barely touch you. She’s so afraid of breaking you, god damn it.

  • You having to drag her into you.

  • Long hugs.

  • Silent acknowledgement. She knows you’re hurt. She knows you’re suffering. You don’t need to go into detail with her.

  • Since she’s Pidge, she is obviously secretly making plans to kill every god damn Galra that placed their hands on you.

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#4 with Chibs

@mayyoustay-foreveryoung as requested :D

You had known all of the Sons for quite a while socially, but this time you were here on business. Your car was in at TM, getting fixed, and you were just coming by to see whether the mechanics were done with it. It was evening, but Chibs had agreed to keep the garage open a little later than usual for you as a favour. While you got along with everybody, you’d always gotten along best with the Scotsman, so you were looking forward to seeing him one-on-one, a rare occurrence as usually he was surrounded by the other club members.

Still, nothing could have prepared you for what you found as you walked across the compound towards the garage. 

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Public Indecency~Conor Maynard

A/N: i almost feel like i’m cheating on Jack by writing about Conor but oh well the show must go on (this is also by far my fave title k bye)

Conor had finally gotten his shit together and released his second full length album. I couldn’t have been a prouder girlfriend. The launch party his management team and he planned was immaculate and classy as hell. Black and white tie event in a big banquet hall with a twist. Booming music (mostly Conor’s of course), flashy lights, lots of booze, essentially a fancy party with club vibes. It was going to be incredible. 

I decided to channel both themes and go with a little black dress and a good, black pump. As I finished getting ready, I joined the rest of the boys in the living room. As the clacking of my shoes announced my presence, all the boys turned and their jaws drop. “DAMN, (Y/N)!” Caspar exclaimed.

“(Y/N), you look incredible, as always,” Joe added.

“How did my idiot brother get so lucky?” Jack asked, shaking his head in confusion as he took a sip of his drink.

“Stop it, guys,” I retorted as I began to blush.

“Yeah, stop buttering her up!” Conor told the boys off jokingly as he walked up behind me. “If you steal that from me she’ll realize how much of a shite boyfriend I am!” I giggled as he wrapped his arms around me. “You truly look amazing,” Conor whispered in my ear.

“It’s all for you, dear,” I whispered back. I turned around to face him and he went in for a passionate kiss. As we kissed, all the boys groaned in a disgusted chorus. “Jesus Christ!” Jack interjected. “Get a room!” We pulled away from each other and giggled. 

I was walking in front of Conor as we all left to catch our Ubers, and I could feel his eyes were burning into a certain area. “I love the way your ass looks in this dress,” he whispered. “This launch is going to be torture you know.” I turned my head and smiled. “I know,” I said to him. He slightly moaned in agony as we left his apartment and hopped in the car.  “Isn’t this gonna be fun?” I thought to myself.

 When we pulled up to the venue, I began to get out when I suddenly just so happen to lose balance. I leaned back, grabbing Conor’s upper thigh. “Sorry, babe,” I apologized ever so innocently. “You know how I am in these heels.” Conor just responded with a tight smile and a nod. I got out of the car, making sure to exaggerate… certain areas. 

There was a red carpet that went rather quickly for me, but I had a feeling it was a bit painful for Conor. As he walked down to do interviews, I continued to distract him from the matter at hand by putting what mattered in my hands. As I continued to tease him, he became increasingly pissed off. Just the way I liked it. When we entered the venue, he pulled me to the side. “What do you think you’re doing?” he whispered.

“I haven’t the faintest clue what you’re referring to,” I responded innocently.

“Watch yourself,” he warned.

“I think you’re doing a fine job with that on your own, dear,” I told him, kissing his cheek. We entered the ballroom and began to do rounds. As he thought I was done with my torture, the music came on. He smirked at him as I dragged him out to the dance floor. It already had a club vibe, and I could not have been happier. For lack of better terms, I was thot dropping and grinding constantly. That’s when I felt it. I had finally reached my goal. I was cheering, hollering, and jumping all at once inside. I finally got Conor to pop a complete boner.

I felt his hand wrap around my wrist and dragged me out. I smirked at myself, realizing I had won. He quickly shoved me into the coat room and took me to the back of it. It was huge, taking about five minutes to get there. He shoved me against the wall, our faces millimeters away from each other. “You’re playing a dangerous game,” he growled in my ear. It sent shivers down my spine. “Am I?” I asked. “Then what are the rules to this dangerous game?”

“You shut the fuck up as I fuck you against the wall like the slut you are,” he said. I gulped in response, my eyes widening and my cheeks flushing. I’d never heard him speak like that. I never even imagined it. The sex we had was typically more vanilla, much more vanilla, but I could get into this. That’s when he turned me over and pressed me against the wall, my face pressed flush against it. “Open your legs,” he demanded. I obliged as I spread myself out more. He began to fervently rub me through my almost nonexistent underwear. “You really are a dirty girl,” Conor observed with a chuckle. “What’s the point of these things anyway?” 

Before I could even respond, he pushed my panties to the side and slid one finger in. I whined in response. Just as quickly as he put it in, he took it right back out. “Well, someone’s ready,” Conor said. “You’re lucky I don’t want to waste any time.” And with that, he began to pound into me, giving me no time to adjust. I was practically screaming when he covered my mouth. “You need to be quiet, or we’ll get caught,” he told me. 

He continued to incessantly and relentlessly drill me until I felt a tight knot form in my stomach. “I’m close,” I barely spoke in a whisper. 

“I am too.” A few more pounds later, I was off seeing stars. I was probably screaming my lungs out, but I didn’t care in that moment. The mortification could set in later. While I was climaxing, so was Conor as I felt him pull out. We were both a panting mess when I turned to face him. We both officially realized what we had just done and began to giggle like idiots. Just then, we heard the closet door open. Conor and I quickly adjusted ourselves when we were faced with Jack and a blonde bombshell. “God damn it,” Jack grumbled. “Shall we take this party somewhere else? My gross brother and his equally gross girlfriend took my idea.” She simply nodded as she clung to him, lust in her eyes. 

As they walked out, Conor and I began our giggling fit once more. Conor then stopped and turned to look me in the eyes. “I couldn’t have spent my night any better then I already did,” he said. And, with that, he kissed me passionately and we continued with a round two.

Enchanted | 3 (Final)

“Everyday if you want. Being with you like this is magic in itself.”

↠smut oh my god, plus fluffy jimin at the end↞

word count: 5.5k lordt

↠series: 1 | 2 | ↞

(a/n: this is my first smut and oh my god im sorry this is horrible /runs away/)

You weren’t positive on what it was, but for the past week you spent more hours studying than anything else. Whether it was in the study room in the library or in the comfort in your own dorm, you were hitting the books more focused than ever. But when you dug deep inside, you had a feeling as to what turned you into a study bug.

Park Jimin.

It was a known fact to most people that he excelled tremendously in his classes. He was already smart, but being on the basketball team helped discipline him to keep his grades high at all times. The two of you shared texts over the week, but it was casual talk about how both of your days were going, questions about psychology notes, and some flirting here and there. Jimin was a great guy and texting him lately helped you get to know him better than dirty words or breathless pants in between kisses.

Friday nights on campus were filled with nothing but partying and students freely roaming around. Instead of being apart of that crowd, you were sitting on the floor of your make shift living room completing your biology study guide and philosophy online post. Your roommate was going to be out for the weekend since her boyfriend flew in the previous night. This meant you could sing in the shower as loud as you want or walk around naked if you wanted to.

Your phone lit up beside you with Sana’s contact name on display.

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He takes out his wallet and gives her two hundreds. Claudia pockets it without hesitation, her lip curling. He’s kind of glad he can’t see her eyes behind the mirrored lenses of her sunglasses.

Claudia: I thought you and your wife had an understanding?
Roy: I thought we did. But it turns out I might have…misunderstood.
Claudia: What? What’s that supposed to mean?
Roy: It’s complicated but…shit. Did I actually say that? Jesus. Anyway, the fact that she flew here was a really big conciliatory gesture and.. and I …I’m not going to lie. It got me. I was touched.

He glances around and lowers his voice.

Roy: Claudia, I want to fuck you more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. But considering the circumstances…I just can’t. I’m sorry. Jesus Christ, I’m sorry.

Claudia’s posture relaxes slightly. 

Claudia: Yeah, me too. Huh. So where’s your wife now?

Roy: About 500 yards away, at a cafe having lunch with my sister. Look, I took a big risk coming down here to see you but I wanted to tell you face-to-face. Because I’m a decent guy, okay?

Claudia: Oh yeah. You’re a prince.

Roy: I’ve got to go. Thanks for…the chat. And for not hating me. Too much.

He turns to go. Claudia waves.

Claudia: Bye, Roy. And if your wife’s hot, maybe next time you’re in town you could convince her to have a threesome.

Roy stops still. It’s like her words have caused his body to malfunction, his mind spinning with stars and lust and incredulity as it tries to process the inconceivable. He slowly turns around.

Roy: What did you just say?

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 63 - Gotcha

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 63 - Gotcha

[No synopsis for this chapter. The theme is in the name… but WARNINGS for dirty talk/negan’s bad mouth…etc…]

Negan looked shell-shocked at the words that spilled from Blake’s mouth, his bearded jaw clenched together tensely and his already brown eyes becoming black.

“What?” Negan managed to breathe out in a low, deadly, growl of a voice.

This couldn’t be fucking happening.

Every fucking moment they had spent together….her coming her to the Sanctuary….their time spent taunting each other…flirting…having fun…sharing showers…having dinner….

….even last just a few hours ago when they had been back on that bed together….

…all of that couldn’t be gone. It just fucking couldn’t.

This kind of thing didn’t happen in real life. This was he kind of shit- trope you usually came across on crappy daytime tv. But this wasn’t something that happened here….

The dark-haired Saviour stared down at Blake now, his orbs locking onto those familiar green eyes of hers.

Those eyes he knew so well.

This couldn’t be happening. It really fucking couldn’t.

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-Great Expectations- (part 3)

Pairing: Alex/reader

Warning: Curse words here and there.

Notes: A big thank you to everyone who read the first two chapters. I was really nervous when publishing this, but you made me feel better about my writing. Thank you for that. 

This chapter was more about the reader. I wanted you to get to know her a bit more, so you could understand her choices in the upcoming chapters. Hope you like it! And sorry if there are grammar mistakes. English is not my first language. :) 

Tagging: @imaginesparadise @float-autumn-leave @sliceofparadise 

As you entered in your apartment your attention was immediately caught by your suitcases and bags on the floor.’’Oh, God. No.’’ you thought to yourself. Unpacking was something you hated the most. But, since all of your clothes were there, you had to do it.


 It took you a while. But when you were finally done, you made yourself some coffee, and sat in the living room. You decided to check your e-mail and messages, since you haven’t properly done that since yesterday. You had plenty of notifications. It was mostly messages from your friends asking if you came home, and when you do to call them. You were surprised to see you had also messages from people you met in Naples, saying how they already miss having you around and that they hope they will see you again soon. Mom and dad messaged, of course, and the rest was irrelevant.It was 3 p.m. when you finished with organizing everything. Now you were to enjoy yourself and had some ‘me time’.

You were scrolling down the home page on Instagram when a new notifications popped up. ‘’@alexhoghandersen requested to follow you.’’. You grinned like an idiot. Of course you did. You followed him back, then locked your phone a put it on the table. You took your cup and went outside to sit on the balcony. You needed to think about everything. Specifically, you needed to think about everything that was going on before you left for Naples.

You hated him. You hated him for making you feel this way. For making you feel this broken. You hated him, because he made you question your self worth over, and over again. You hated him because with every little bad thing he did , he made a hole on your soul. You hated him, because  after everything you two had been through together, everything you’ve done for him, he choose to leave. Because he changed, and he didn’t know who he was anymore. But while figuring everything out, he wanted to be alone. The usual ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’’ excuse. But, of course, you never blame the other person. You blame yourself. You start seeing mistakes where there were none, and you ruin yourself because you don’t want to believe that the perfect image you had about someone wasn’t real. Sometimes you’re too close to someone to see the way they really are. Sometimes you love them so much that you don’t want to. But, eventually, you have to open your eyes. And sometimes, that’s what hurts the most.

And in the end, you let him go, because that’s what you do when someone doesn’t want to stay. And while you watched him leave, it was that kind of pain where you can only breathe. There were no tears. No screams. No trembles. Only breathing, and nothingness. Because that’s what he gave you with his ‘’goodbye’’.

But life doesn’t stop for anybody right? You made yourself get out of bed, and do what you had to do.

Some days were good. You would go to college, study for your upcoming exams, go to seminars, hang out with friends. And there were days when you didn’t feel like getting out of bed. You would cry your eyes out, because you saw a picture of him, or because while cleaning you found his t-shirt between your clothes. On those days, you were thankful for having Jordan and your best friend Cassie. They were always there to make you feel better. And you loved them even more because of that.

You thought you should call Cassie. Because if you don’t , she will kill you when she sees you. You entered the living room to get your phone, and by the time you took it in your hand it started ringing. ‘’Cassie’’ was calling you. Best friends telepathy.

‘’Hey girl!’’ you answered your phone.

‘’You’re a bitch! I can’t believe you came yesterday and didn’t call me. Jesus, you didn’t even come over to my place to see me. What kind of a best friend are you?!?!” she was angry.

‘’C, calm down. You’re right, I should’ve called you.’’ you apologized. But that wasn’t enough for her, she went on, and on about what you could have done.

‘’If I buy you a burrito will I be forgiven?’’ you interrupted her.

‘’Oh. My. God. YES! I love you, you know I was just angry, right?’’ she said immediately.

‘’You’re an idiot.’’ you said while laughing. ‘’I’ll see you in 15 minutes in front of ‘Per sempre’?

‘’Sure. Are we gonna go shopping after eating burritos?’’ she asked.

‘’Of course we are. Love you!’’ you said.

‘’Love you too!’’ she hung up.

In fifteen minutes you were hugging your best friend and telling her how you missed her. You bought burritos for the both of you, and now you were headed to the mall. In the meantime, you told her about your vacation in Naples. The people you have met, the places you have seen, the food you ate. Then, you told her about Alex.


 ‘’And you just left him like that?’’ she asked, looking at you like she just have seen a dinosaur wearing panties.

‘’Yes. I did. Although I/’’ she punched you in the shoulder. Then you wanted to say something, but she punched you again.

‘’Jesus Christ, what is wrong with you?’’ she punched you again ‘’Ouch! Cassie stop punching me already. Could you please do that?’’ She was looking at you like she wanted to kill you.

‘’A guy, as I figured from you description a pretty handsome one, was flirting with you, and you just left him. Girl, you’ve got issues.’’ she said making that ‘whatever’ hand move. ‘’Show me a picture of him.’’ she ordered. You opened his Instagram profile for her, and gave her the phone. You both stopped walking, and now she was looking at you with a very serious face expression.

‘’You better give me a good excuse on why you haven’t already hooked up with his guy, or I will kill you. Right here, right now.’’ she said.

‘’I’m not ready/’’ you started, but she interrupted you.

‘’Ready for what Y/n? You don’t have to marry the first guy you start developing feelings for. Yes, I understand you got out of a serious relationship like six months ago, but give yourself a break dammit!!! Just because Jacob broke your heart doesn’t mean every guy will. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be careful, but let yourself live. Alex seems like a guy with whom you can at least have fun with, if nothing else happens. And maybe that’s what you will do with him. But you will never know unless you give him a chance. You’re the one setting boundaries here. You own nothing to Jacob. You can do whatever you want. He already made you feel terrible when you were with him. Why are you still letting him do such things to you? Why do you do this to yourself? ‘’She was whispering this to you. You were in the middle of the street, so she couldn’t really yell at you.

You sighed, feeling stupid. You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt one of your tears on your lips. Cassie was right. She was right for everything. You couldn’t do this to yourself anymore. She hugged you, and you both stayed like that for a couple of moments. You whipped your tears of, and then you asked her what should you do. You really felt bad for leaving Alex like that, when he was just trying to be nice.

‘’You should send him a message, saying how bad you feel about what you did, and how you want to make It up for him.’’ she said.

That was a good idea. Simple, but effective. You opened your Instagram app and went to direct messages to send him a text. You usually don’t text people over Instagram, but since you didn’t have his number, this was the only way to do what you wanted to.

‘’Hey. I really feel bad for leaving you like that earlier. Let me make it up to you? :)’’ you sent it.

‘’Satisfied?’’ you asked Cassie.

‘’Very much so.’’ she grinned like an idiot. ‘’Now we can go and buy a nice dress for your date with Alex.’’ she was singing her words.

‘’How do you know he will even reply after what I have done?’’ you asked.

‘’You said girls were throwing themselves at him. And he has got the looks to prove your statement.’’ you nodded, not sure where she was going with this. ‘’Sweetheart, in the ocean of girls who do anything to get his attention, you were the one who left him in the middle of a conversation. Of course he’s gonna come running to you when you call for him.’’ she stated, and you had to admit she had a point.

You were better at flirting when you weren’t even trying to flirt. Damn.

But, you chose not to think about Alex anymore, since you entered the mall, looking for that perfect outfit for your date with him. If there was even going to be one.


 Later, when you came home, you checked you phone (again) to see if there were any messages. It was 9 p.m., but you sent that text over 6 p.m. He still didn’t give you an answer. Ouch.

But before you could think about giving up on him, he replied.

‘’I think I deserve a coffee and a long walk. But, I’m only up for it if u promise not to run away like that again. :)’’

Oh. My. God. This was really happening. Oh. My. God. What should you say? Oh. My. God. Breathe Y/n. Breathe.

‘’Haha, don’t worry about that. Are you free tomorrow morning?’’ you replied.

‘’I’m meeting some friends from work tomorrow morning. How do you feel about tomorrow night?’’

You checked if you had to do anything tomorrow night. Nope. Blank schedule.

‘’Tomorrow night sounds good. :)’’

‘’I’ll pick you up at seven.’’ he replied.


You texted Cassie telling her what just happened. You only got a ‘’Told you so.’’ from her.

You took your time to get back to normal, then you put your new things you bought in the washing machine. After cleaning everything up, you got into your pj’s and went to bed. You scrolled on Tumblr and Instagram to entertain yourself, until tiredness hit you again. You left your phone on your night stand beside your bed, and you closed your eyes.

The scene from earlier replayed in your head again. Cassie was right. You are the one setting boundaries for yourself. But, you couldn’t deny that you were scared. You weren’t ready to develop feelings for someone who is probably just going to show why you shouldn’t have done that. But maybe, just maybe, Alex could be different? But again, don’t we all think that before we get hurt again?

You fell asleep with that thought in your head.


 The morning you had was calm. You went grocery shopping, then you were reading a book you started a few days ago. You also invited JP to eat lunch at your place.

When he came, of course, the teasing already started. But you had fun, you couldn’t deny that. When you told him about your date with Alex, he wasn’t looking surprised. He told you that he actually expected that to happen, and he was happy you were going out on a date. You also told him what Cassie told you. He agreed with her, but he told you not to jump into conclusions, and not to rush things. If things get serious, then he will have a talk with you.

Later, around 5 p.m. you started getting ready for the date. JP stayed to help you. Since he was a guy, and he was your brother, you knew he will give you his honest opinion. You didn’t do much tough, since you were only going for a coffee and a walk. You just put on a dress you bought the day before, put on some makeup, straightened your hair, and wore a pair of cute shoes. When you came in front of Jordan, his eyes widened. He remained silent for a couple of seconds, then he said‘Y/n, you look beautiful.’. Nailed it.

It was 6:55, so JP left, since he didn’t want to see Alex when he will be here to pick you up, because it will make everything awkward. You waited for 7.00 p.m. to go downstairs. Suddenly, you weren’t so excited anymore. You were nervous. What if you say something stupid? What if you make a fool of yourself? What if after this date he starts seeing you as an idiot? What if everything goes wrong?

But every negative thought, and every spark of insecurity vanished, when you opened the door and saw him there. He looked at you, and smiled. There was that feeling in your belly again, and your cheeks were hurting because you were smiling at him too.

‘’Hey gorgeous.’’ he greeted you.

‘’Hey Alex.’’ you said back.

He was looking you straight in the eyes. And what he did next surprised you. He raised his hand, and put it in front of you in a position that made you see he wanted you to take his hand.

‘’Shall we?’’ he said, waiting for you to make a move.

You put your hand in his, not daring to look away.

‘’We shall.’’

part 4:

“Hey, El!” Lucas said as he pushed through the swarm of Hawkins high schoolers towards his friend, who turned around. “Yes?” she said.

“Um… so you know the prom is coming up and… I was wondering if…” he trailed off, trying to find words.

“Lucas, I’m going with Mike,” El said, confused.

“Oh, no, yeah, I know! That’s not what I meant at all, I just…” he sighed. “I want to ask Max to go with me and I need your help.”


“Really?” Lucas said. “Great! Thank you, um, can you come to my house after school?”

“Yes,” El smiled and turned away, walking towards Max, who was standing at the end of the hall. She smiled at Lucas, her red hair glowing in the sun from the window.

Lucas grinned back and headed towards his next class.

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16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 thank u mother <3

16 otayuri please if u want ^-^

16. things you said with no space between us

this one’s a little spicy, so i’m gonna throw most of it behind a cut, just in case.

Yuri’s back slams up against the wall, knocking the wind out of him. This isn’t exactly how he imagined his night going, but all things considered, he really can’t complain.

When Milla called him to go out with the team, he really didn’t want to go. He had homework to do, he wanted to go back over his programs, he really needed to do the dishes, and he couldn’t even remember the last time he had gotten home before one in the morning. All these things kept piling up and stressing him out, so naturally he agreed to meet at her place.

An hour later, when they rolled into their usual club wearing their most ridiculous outfits, he could immediately tell something was different. The music tonight didn’t sound like it normally did, all high pitched techno and squealing. No, tonight’s music was heavy. It was full of bass and smoke and sensuality. It was exactly his type of music.

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omg so that proposal fic was amazing. is there any chance you could also do like a little sequel of sorts like all the people coming over (it seemed like they were having people over in the fic correct me if I'm wrong there lmao) realising that isak is wearing a ring? thank you and have an amazing day!!

Prompt: Kay so reading your proposal drabble got me all emotional about Isak and Even getting married so idk maybe you could do something about either them telling their friends that they’re engaged or like them planning the wedding or the actual wedding? :)

Alright! I’m so glad that everyone liked my proposal fic yesterday. I got a couple of asks wondering if I’d do a sequel and I was like “yeah, why not?” So here we go!!

And you don’t necessarily have to have read yesterday’s fic, but if you want to its right–> Here!


“Do you want to tell them?”

Even’s tone holds no judgement, features and movements relaxed as he pops yet another slab of sugar cookies from the oven. Still, Isak’s eyes narrow.

“Why would I not tell them?” Isak softly refuses Even’s offer of a crumbling cookie (victim to their persnickety oven which came with the apartment and has cost Isak and Even many-a-meal since moving in).

Even shrugs, putting the surviving cookies on a cooling tray. “You know how the boys are. They’ll get excited and they won’t leave you alone all night, which will inevitably annoy you, and then you’ll mumble after they leave about how aggravating they are and how you never want to invite them over again. And then you’ll wake up in the morning and invite them for dinner and drinks for the following weekend. Sound right?” 

Isak blinks, absently turning the ring (now situated on the corresponding ring finger because he is engaged as fuck now.) “Huh. Well I still want to tell them. Don’t you?”

Even casts him a dry look, “Baby, you know if you’d let me, I’d shout it out into the streets.”

Isak flushes and leans against the counter, tilting his head up just enough to draw Even’s attention. He immediately leans forward to catch Isak’s lips in a brief kiss, before pulling back. “I’m so happy. I didn’t think I could ever feel this happy.”

Isak pecks at his lips one more time before pushing away from the counter. “I love you. And I’m not going to tell them. I’m going to wait for them to notice.”

“Sana will notice first. 200kr says so.”


Sana zeroes in on his ring finger before the front door is even closed behind her.

She says nothing, of course, but her pointed smirk is enough congratulations to fill Isak’s cheeks with color. And the way she hip bumps Even is a clear sign that the congratulations goes out to both of them.

“Fuck.” Isak whispers with feeling as Even makes hand gestures signaling the money Isak now owes him.

Vilde, Noora, Eva, and Chris don’t seem to notice a thing for the time being.

The boys arrive approximately ten minutes after the girls; each laden with a six pack of beer or harder alcohol.

“Jesus guys, this is a Christmas” He stops and amends, “non-denominational holiday party, not a fucking pre-game.” Isak sighs, but accepts the beer with a flourish, nodding politely at Jonas’ new girlfriend, who tagged along.

“It’s Jesus’s birthday, isn’t it?” Mahdi laughs, “Let’s throw a rager.”

“What have you guys been up to?” Jonas asks, handing Isak a beer and Even a coke as they all took up various spots around the living room, “Anything interesting?”

Isak studies Jonas’s expression. Blank faced, the bastard, giving him no indication whether or not he knew.

“As a matter of fact,” Even said, “we spent the day making cookies and decorating the tree.”

Vilde’s head pops up, “Cookies?”

“The tree looks great,” Noora says, “Except- did you stop in the middle of it? It seems like only one side is actually decorated.”

Isak glances at the tree, which fuck, yep he may or may not have forgotten to finish after he was so rudely interrupted by a proposal from the man of his life. He shrugs and waves at the tree helplessly.

That’s when Noora’s eyes catch on the gold band around his finger. She sits up immediately from her spot on the couch, mouth parting slightly. “Uh- Isak?”

“Ah shit man,” Magnus groaned, wiping at his chest, “I spilled my beer.”

Even gestures toward the bathroom, “Towels are in there, man.”

Magnus bounds up from his spot on the arm of the couch and makes for the bathroom.

Isak sighs when he notices Noora and Eva gesturing wildly together. Noora keeps circling her ring finger while Eva glances wildly around the room in confusion. Even slips an arm around Isak’s waist as he chuckles at the girl’s antics.

“What the fuck are you two doing?”

Noora freezes at Jonas’s incredulous stare, “Just- just…”

“Jesus Christ.” Isak palms his face and takes a gulp of beer, “Alright- guys? Even and I want to share something.”

“Are you two pregnant?” Chris asks, munching on one of the sugar cookies.

Even snorts, “Not quite.”

Mahdi leans back, “Fuck, are you guys moving again?”

“No, dipshits,” Sana says, “Look at Isak’s hand.”

Noora makes a victorious sound and Eva’s mouth drops open. The boys squint, until Jonas leaps out of his chair, “No way!”

“Yeah, uh- Even and I are getting married. And like- we want you guys to be there.”

“If you can,” Even tacks on for good measure.

He lets out a breath now that its out in the open. The room is silent for a fraction of a second before the girls let out dramatic cheers and Mahdi whoops enthusiastically.

Isak laughs when Jonas comes over to give him a huge hug. “I’m so happy for you man.”

He squeezes Jonas back a little tighter before letting go. Jonas moves on to give Even a hug as well. Mahdi is next in line, and then Sana and all at once all of his friends are crowding him and Even and hugging and kissing cheeks and Isak tries to remember the last time he’s felt so loved and supported by so many people.

Fucking years ago, he’d been a terrified, high off his ass brat who was living day by day by shuttering himself deeper and deeper into the closet.

And now. Now he was engaged to a man he openly adored and his friends knew and supported him and fuck now he was going to be getting married and all of these people who had become his family were going to be apart of it.

Isak felt a little emotional. And at the center of it all, expertly fielding exuberant kisses and laughs, was Even. Perfect fucking Even.

He caught Isak’s eye and grinned.

Somewhere in the background a door slammed and Magnus walked out with a white towel pressed up against his chest. At everybody’s thrilled expressions, he stopped, “What did I miss?”

You Can Do Better

Request: Okay, so it’s kinda weird. But, I’ve recently fell in love with the song Marvin’s Room by Drake, and maybe you could do a Dean x reader where they’re together and get in a fight and break up. Then she finds a new hunter, and dean is eaten up by it. So he calls her drunk and expresses how he feels. Like, really really fluffy. Then you know, smutty. ;) <3 and your writing is amazing. – @deanslittleangel2y5

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, swearing, smut

Word Count: 2649

You guys should listen to the song, it’s really good! Oh, there’s a little plot twist at the end ;)

Marvin’s Room - Drake

(Gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Dean’s POV

“Can’t you see?! All I’m doing is to protect you and all you do is get yourself hurt in saving me!” I screamed. She clenched her jaw, glaring deadly at me. “And what do you suppose I do?! Let you fucking get killed right in front of me?! Do you ever think about what I feel when that happens?!” She screamed. “Of course I care about what you feel! Goddamn it! I fucking love you, okay?!” I screamed.

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You’re Chibs’ daughter and in an abusive relationship, everyone finds out and the guys have a ‘chat’ with your boyfriend.

Originally posted by siyahasikaranlik

WARNINGS: Violence, Abuse, Language, Could be triggering

To the anon that requested I hope you feel better :)

Slap! The strike of his hand touching your face made you rethink all of the words that left your mother, why did I always have to get him angry, you asked yourself. “Why can’t you just do as you’re told, huh? Why can’t you Y/N?” Your boyfriend, Frank, yelled at your form that was on the floor, hand to your cheek, “I’m sorry.” You whispered and Frank sighed, “No I’m sorry I promise I won’t ever do it again…it’s just….well I love you so much baby. It won’t happen again I swear, just don’t leave me.” He begged as he hugged you and you smiled, “I won’t Frank I love you too.” After that hit Frank was so sweet to you, he helped you cook dinner, you two even snuggled up on the couch watching a movie, it was nice.

“Okay I’m heading out.” You told him and he stood up making you swallow hard, “Where are you going? You’re gonna cheat on me aren’t you?” He questioned and you shook your head, “No Frank I swear. It’s just my dad he wants to have breakfast together that’s all.” You explained quickly and Frank huffed out, “No you’re staying here you don’t need to talk to him.”

You bit your lip, “I miss him.” Frank gripped your arm tightly pulling you close, “You’d rather spend time with him than me? He doesn’t know you the way I do Y/N, he’s no good for you.” He growled and you put a hand to his chest, “Frank please I’ll be back in a bit.” You gasped when he pushed you against the door, “Go. If you aren’t back in an hour you’ll pay do you understand me.” You nodded and quickly walked out the door to your car, you looked at your mirror and groaned, the foundation barely covered the bruise on your cheek.

It took you a short minute before you made it to TM to see your dad, “Hey daddy.” You said hugging your father, “Oh there’s my girl. Ah missed ye so much love!” Chibs said as he spun you in his arms before finally setting you down. “Jesus Christ!” You heard your Uncle Tig gasp and you gulped when you noticed your dad stand at full height, his shoulders tight as he looked at your face. “Hey is that Y/N? How have you…holy shit.” Juice’s smile disappeared and was replaced with total anger.

“Ye better have a good fuckin’ excuse and not that it was an accident shite.” Your father growled and you looked on the ground. “Speak.” Happy’s rasped voice made you suck in a breath as you looked up at your father, “I-I don’t have an excuse.”

“Jesus Christ Y/N! Did that boyfriend of yours do this?” Your father asked angrily and the other guys walked over after hearing him yell. Venus stepped closer, her hand gently touching your cheek, “He hits you…then tells you he doesn’t mean it, that he’ll never do it again.”

“That he only does it because he just loves you so much.” Gemma added as she crossed her arms and you felt the tears go in your eyes as your dad pulled you tightly into his chest. “He always says it then after he’ll be sweet and treat you like a princess.” Venus continued and you cried harder. “Makes you promise not to leave, and tries to keep you from your family.” You cried as there words were exactly the definition of Frank, violence, apology, asks you not to leave, treats you right, then repeat. That’s how it was and no matter what he would never change no matter how much you loved him.

“Why wouldn’t ye tell me?” You heard your father’s voice break, “Ye could’ve come te me.”

“To all of us.” Kozik said and you felt his hand go to your shoulder, “We’ve been together for five years I can’t just ruin what we’ve had.” You told them as you pulled away from your dad, “What you’ve had has already been destroyed.” Your Uncle Bobby said and you wiped your eyes, “I can’t. I love him.” Happy scuffed, “That ain’t love, that’s poison.” You shook your head, “No you’re all lying, he loves me.” You yelled, “Frank said that’s how you’d see our relationship.”

“Cause his ass is brain washin’ ye! You’re a battered woman and ye don’t even know it.” Chibs told you as he shook his head, “Ah’m sorry that Ah let ye down, Ah should’ve known.” You looked at him and shook your head, “No it’s my fault daddy…” Chibs glared, “No it ain’t ye damn fault, look how this man made ye! You’re strong! Ye can leave him love, and we’ll be there so you have someone to fall back on. Y/N, you’re so much better than the way he treats ye.” He said as he held your face in his hands.

“You’re worth more than the amount of times he hits you.” Jax told you and Kozik nodded, “You’re smart, beautiful, funny, no matter what that asshole tells you.” You shook your head, “I’m scared.” Gemma kissed your head and Chibs stepped back as Venus came over to give you a hug, “That’s why you have your family to help you when the battle gets to hard dear.”

“We want to help, but only if you’ll let us.” Juice said, “We have to know that you won’t run back. Cause we won’t help you unless you’re sure about not going back.” Opie told you and you nodded with a smile, “Yeah…yeah I think I’m ready.” It felt like the world was lifted as the words left your mouth. “Good. Ye heard her boys. It seems we got someone that needs some talkin’ to.” Your dad shouted and the rest of the men shouted, “Ain’t no fucks with our girl.” Happy smirked and kissed your head making you smile. “Yo Half-Sack get the van, we’re gonna talk Lil’ Ole Frankie for a ride.”

“Oh my god dad are you gonna kill him?” You asked and Happy laughed along with Tig, “Nah just gonna give him a scare, maybe break some fingers.” Happy chuckled and Tig smirked, “Maybe shove a flute up his ass, show him what’ll happen in prison if he fucks up another lady like that.” All the guys laughed and you shivered, “Let’s go inside sweet pea, and let your Uncles handle things.” Venus’ southern voice soothed you and the feel of Gemma beside you comforted you as well and you’re glad you told your family.

“What are you doing here?” Frank asked Chibs, “Who are they?”

“Us well we’re garbage pickers here to throw out some rotten trash.” Happy grinned, the others laughing darkly as Tig took a crow bar and hit Frank in the head with a loud thunk.

“Hey dad.” You smiled, you didn’t comment or ask why all of the Sons look like they just took fresh showers, instead you just smiled. “Hey love. Your hair looks good.” Kozik nodded, “Yeah and those nails are sick too.” You laughed, “Venus and Gemma did them, so…should I ask?”

Your father shook his head and you shivered when you heard Happy and Tig let out loud bone chilling laughs, “Not one bit baby, no one bit.”


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Tara and Lyla stumbled and laughed as they drunkenly walked supporting each other across the lot to the clubhouse from the cab, both looking for their men in the crowd gathered at the usual Sons party.

“We need to find Happy.” Lyla giggled.

“And Jax!” Tara almost yelled.

“But we have to find Happy first. He needs to get Y/N.” Lyla tried to keep a straight face but ended up laughing loudly as they finally stumbled into the clubhouse.

“Yes… Yes, we need to do that but I think we need a shot first.” Tara laughed as they stumbled over to the bar, Lyla knocking into Piney as Tara ordered tequila shots from Chucky.

Piney grumbled before he looked around the clubhouse seeing Jax and Opie making their way over, having spotted the women.

“Hi babe.” Jax said as he walked up behind Tara as she swallowed her last shot.

“Jax!” Tara yelled as she spun around and almost leapt into his arms. He quickly caught her as she placed a sloppy kiss on his lips.

“Maybe we should get you home.” Jax couldn’t contain the laughter as he smirked.

“No! We have to find Happy… He has to get Y/N!” Lyla shouted over the music as Opie wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her from going anywhere.

“What? Where’s Y/N?” Jax asked as he looked at Opie.

“She was arrested. It wasn’t her fault though.” Tara told them, swaying in Jax’s arms.

“No, she was saving me! But the guy hurt her.” Lyla informed the men as Tara nodded along.

“Jesus Christ. Pop, can you stay with the girls while we find Happy and go to the station with him? Try to get some water in them too.” Opie looked at Piney and Chucky.

“Of course. Go, I’ve got them.” Piney spoke gruffly.

Jax and Opie kissed their respective old ladies then helped them sit, one of either side of Piney before they realised that Chucky was filling the shot glasses with water as he told them it was vodka which they happily accepted. Both of the men shook their heads and walked away in search of Happy.

“Koz! You seen Hap?” Jax called as he came across Kozik with a crow-eater in his lap. Koz looked up, seeing the serious expression, he stood up, dropping the crow eater down.

“I think he’s by the ring Prez.” Kozik informed them already following them as they walked outside.

“Over there.” Opie nodded his head towards Happy who was stood next to Chibs, Bobby and Tig. All three of the men made their way through the crowd watching the fights to them.

“Hap. You need to go bail your old lady out.” Jax garnered the man’s attention and subsequently the rest of the men’s.

“What? What did she do?” Happy almost groaned.

“We’re not exactly sure. According to Lyla, Y/N was saving her. I’m going with you, let’s take the van.” Jax filled him in.

“Yeah Prez.” Happy answered following Jax to the van.

“I better go see what else I can get out of the girls.” Opie sighed.

“I want to hear this.” Tig chucked.

“Me too.” Kozik added knowing Y/N.

Opie simply turned on his feet with the rest of the club following behind, all eager to hear the story.


You sat holding an ice pack to your face, your cheek already brushing heavily and your lip split still bleeding, not to mention that your hand felt like it had been rammed into a brick wall. You knew you were going to get a telling off from Happy but you were in the right even if it was wrong to hit someone. You weren’t drunk, you’d only had one drink.

“Y/N, the club’s here for you.” Officer Candy Eglee said as she stepped into the holding cell.

“The club?” You asked knowing you hadn’t called them, and wondering how many had turned up.

“ Jax and your old man… Keep the ice pack.” Eglee answered as you picked up your black pump heels then stood gingerly as your entire body ached after you had been slammed to the floor.

“Thanks.” You answered walking out past her, taking your clutch purse as you did and slinging it over your shoulder, thankful for the small silver chain strap.

You rounded the corner to see Jax and Happy standing waiting for you. You stopped and looked at both of them before you turned, walking past them and straight out of the station into the cool fresh night air, knowing they would follow you.

You felt Happy’s hand grip your elbow making you stop and turn to look at him. He reached up and lifted your hand holding the ice pack away from your face.

“Jesus Christ.” Happy growled seeing the state you were in, both eyes were blackening, not to mention the still bleeding lip, and the still darkening bruise to your cheek.

“I’m fine. Are Tara and Lyla alright?” You asked as Happy moved your hand and the ice pack back to your face.

“They’re fine, drunk and at the clubhouse. Want to tell us what happened?” Jax answered.

“This guy grabbed Lyla, recognised her from one of the Saffron sister videos and wouldn’t let go of her. I intervened and he attacked me.” You told them quietly.

“Let’s get you back to the clubhouse. Let Chibs check you over.” Jax could see the exhaustion and that Happy was ready to storm back into the station to find the guy that had attacked you.

You got into the van with Happy as Jax got into the driver’s seat. You grasped his hand in your free one and squeezed it lightly.


“Y/N! Y/N!” Lyla jumped from her seat and leapt into your arms, almost sending you to the ground if it wasn’t for Happy as his arm around you.

“Chibs, check her out.” Jax ordered.

Aye, let me take a look lass.“ Chibs told you as Opie pried Lyla off of you, although Happy wouldn’t let go of you either. Chibs stepped closer and examined your face.

"You’re going to be bruised and swollen but nothing looks broken.” Chibs advised.

“Thanks.” You sighed softly as you leant into Happy’s side, the exhaustion setting in as his large hand rested over your hip, his thumb rubbing over the fabric of the black bodycon dress you were wearing.

“Come on, let’s crash here tonight.” Happy rasped quietly as he pressed his lips against your temple. You nodded and unwrapped yourself from him just enough to be able to walk.

“Night.” You told everyone as Happy lead you past them to his dorm room.

You unwrapped yourself completely from Happy once you were in his room, kicking off your heels and dropping your bag down along with the ice pack before you turned to face him again seeing he had taken off his kutte and stowed his weapons.

“There’s some painkillers in the draw.” He said as he stepped closer to you, his hands finding their way to the zipper. He slowly pulled it down as you slipped the dress off of your body, letting it fall to your feet.

“I just want to sleep.” You mumbled tiredly leaning against him, feeling his fingers run over your spine, stopping to unclasp your bra.

He pulled away from you, pulling the lacy bra down and letting it drop to the floor before he pulled his grey shirt off and slid it down over your head then took his jeans off. He slipped his hands down to the back of your thighs and lifted you up, letting you wrap your legs around him as he carried you to the bed. He reached down and pulled the blankets back then laid down in the bed on his back with you on his chest, your legs entwined with his, and your head pressed into his neck.

Request: New Son - Part 3

Request: So if it’s alright, Imagine Norman or Daryl being a Son, being very loyal and wise, goofing off with Juice but when it comes down to business, he is very serious. Also, when he’s on the motorcycle he can be showing off to impress the ladies.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: violence


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Daryl’s POV

“Daryl!”, Y/N yelled his name and he wanted to tell her to step back or run, but he couldn’t, the man was hitting him again and a second guy walked towards her. His vision blurred, but he still tried to fight, he tried to reach for something. Daryl tilted his head back, hitting the guy’s nose and they stumbled into the dining room. He managed to get free and turn around, but just to receive a punch on his jaw.

Daryl spit the blood and grabbed the closest thing to hit the man on the head. He bought himself seconds; time enough for him to grab his knife. The burglar stepped back, looking for something on his waist. Daryl smirked; the man had lost the gun too, now he had the advantage. He attacked, but made only a rip on the black hoodie. He just noticed they were close to the door when the man ran through it. Daryl followed him, but a car sped up on the street, his partner taking him away.

“Y/N!”, he suddenly remembered, running back to the house. He stepped into the messy kitchen and his eyes hurt when the lights were turn on.

“Jesus! You look awful!”, Daryl protected his eyes from the light with his hand and blinked a few times, Y/N becoming clear on his sight.

“How….Where is…?”, he mumbled, confused. She sighed and lifted her gun; it had a silencer on it.

“Who do you think I am? Damsel in distress?”, she put the gun on the table and walked towards him. Daryl hissed when she touched his swollen face, “I learnt how to shoot before I could read”

“Damn it”, he groaned, straying from her touch. She followed him while Daryl slowly walked back to the living room. He raised an eyebrow to her when he saw the burglar’s body on the floor.

“Mother loves that carpet”, she mumbled, arms crossed over her chest, “Blood stains are hard to came out”


I couldn’t sleep, so I laid in bed with a book and my gun on the nightstand. Daryl was on the couch, at the living room and I tried to ignore him being there. I was far from being, but everything was calm in my neighborhood. I put the book aside and reached for the lampshade to turn it off. That was when I heard the glass being broken. My mother had raised me better and my brother had taught me how to shoot, so I grabbed my gun and left the room.

“Daryl!”, I couldn’t help a yell when I saw him fighting with the burglar. I wanted to help him, but a second man came towards me. I didn’t think, I pulled the trigger. He felt on the carpet, bleeding from his abdomen. I shot again, on his chest and he stopped moving. Blood spread on the floor, “Shit”

I blocked all the noises when the man came closer, so the mess on the dining room surprised me when I turned the lights on. “Y/N!”, I heard a raspy voice calling me and then Daryl was on the kitchen, protecting his eyes from the light.

“Jesus! You look awful!”, I blurted and he stared at me, face pale and eyes wide. His jaw was swollen, mouth bleeding and he was confused. I put my gun on the table and carefully touched his jaw. He pulled back and limped around the house, moving to the living room. He looked from the body on the floor to me. Oh come on! Give me some credit boy! I just crossed my arms and stared at the blood, “Mother loves that carpet. Blood stains are hard to came out”

“Blood stains?”, Daryl raised his eyebrows at me. I stared at him until he look away, shaking his head.

“Come on”, I held his elbow and carefully guided him to the dining room again. I pulled a chair and made him sit. I gave him a cloth and some ice. He thanked me, “I’m going to call Jax and than Happy, to clean this… Mess”

“To bury the body you mean”, Daryl chuckled and I smiled at him.

“Yeah”, I let him alone and went to find my phone.


Jax wasn’t answering his phone, so I called Happy. The Tacoma Killer didn’t ask a thing, he just said he was coming. Daryl was feeling better when Happy showed up and we had moved the body away from the carpet, taking it outside to clean later.

“What the hell happened here?”, Happy growled as soon as he stepped inside. I rushed to calm him down and tell all about that night. His jaw twitched and he just mumbled, “I’ll take care of the body, you should call your brother”

“He isn’t answering”, I sighed, watching Happy put Daryl aside and crouched close to the body. He looked up at me and asked for piece of paper.


Daryl and Happy were ignoring me, going all business and deciding that I should go meet Jax. I would be safe where they were hidden until Happy find out who were the man at my house. We got the address and Daryl drove until this place far from town and we entered at the building.

“Diosa?”, I looked at the girls around there and then to Daryl. He smirked and leaned to whisper on my ear.

“I think it’s a brothel”, I narrowed my eyes at him. Yeah, I noticed that Dixon, thanks! He chuckled and we both straightened when we heard my mother’s voice.

“Y/N!?”, she rushed towards us, eyes wide at Daryl’s bruises and held my face, looking for wounds, “What happened?” 

Daryl’s POV

Night was being rough for him. Daryl hadn’t slept yet and now he was seated on a couch at a brothel while Y/N told her mother and this guy, Nero, what had happened.

“Jesus Christ!”, Gemma put a hand over her chest and Y/N hugged her mother.

“It’s fine mom”, she kissed her mother’s cheek, “Happy and the prospect are at the house. I’m fine, Daryl is fine”

Gemma hugged her daughter tight and I looked at Daryl over her shoulder. She smiled and muttered a ‘Thank You’. Daryl nodded and stretched on the couch, waiting for his boss while mother and daughter walked away for some privacy.


“Aye, Daryl!”, he heard a thick accent calling him and a hand patting his face. Daryl jumped on the couch, looking around. He remembered where he was and there were Chibs, Bobby and Jax staring at him.

“What the hell are you doing here!?”, Jax hissed, grabbing a fistful of Daryl’s shirt, “Where is my sister? Happy told me he would send you there!”

“Jackie”, Chibs tried to hold Jax, but Daryl’s boss didn’t let him go.

“Something happened”, Jax had lifted Daryl, looking like he could kill his new brother, “Where is she?”

“Jackson Nathaniel Teller!”, Y/N voice cut through and Daryl turned his head to look at her. Arms crossed, annoyed expression and her mother by her side, “Could you please let Daryl go? I’m right here”

Jax finally let Daryl go and he would had felt if it wasn’t for Chibs to hold him. His boss cupped his sister’s face, looking for any wounds or even a strand of hair out of place.

“She is fine Jackson”, Gemma touched her son’s arm, but he ignored her, looking inside his sister’s eyes.

“What are you two doing here?”, Jax let his sister go and waited for an answer.

“First,-“, Y/N said, “I think you should apologize to Daryl, he did nothing wrong. Actually, he was really brave”

Wait. What was happening? Daryl looked from Jax to Y/N and almost asked her to repeat that. Was Princess making him a compliment? 


I woke up and walked to the small kitchen at Diosa, looking for coffee. My mother was already there and Daryl was still on the couch, asleep. Nobody had woke up him, poor guy.

“Morning”, mother greeted me and gave me a cup of coffee. We stayed in silence until I heard my brother’s voice out there. I rushed to see what was going on and found Jax holding a fistful of Daryl’s shirt. Oh God!

“Jackson Nathaniel Teller!”, I raised my voice and all eyes turned to me as I crossed my arms. I could kill Jax in that moment, “Could you please let Daryl go? I’m right here”

Poor Daryl almost felt when Jax let him go and I rolled my eyes when my paranoid brother cupped my face, he moved my head to one side and then to the other, looking for bruises.

“She is fine Jackson”, mother came to the rescue just to be ignored by her stubborn son, who stared at me, arms crossed.

“What are you two doing here?”, Jax inquired and I narrowed my eyes at him.

“First,-“, I creased my brow, “I think you should apologize to Daryl, he did nothing wrong. Actually, he was really brave”


I told Jax everything that had happened and of course, he freaked out. Daryl joined me and we both finished the story, seeing my brother finally calm down when we told Happy had helped us. In the next second, the boys were all business and Chibs pulled Daryl to a corner, talking with him and Bobby, making plans.

Jax hugged me and we went back to the kitchen, to drink coffee and watch the place.

“So…”, my brother smirked, “You two are getting along now? Did he earn your trust?”

“Don’t push, Jackson”, I rolled my eyes, smiling, “You still need to explain how you ended up in a brothel. Who is this guy, Nero, by the way? How does he know mom?”

My brother looked at Nero and our mother talking on a corner, they seemed close. I followed his gaze and sighed when he talked again, “About that…”


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Love this gif LOL