guys it deleted my post i don't even

sometimes i wish i was gay

I really liked 5x02

people are so negative about it! guys. pls dont. chicago pd is my ultimate fave even tho it has its flaws but if there werent for this show, i’d never meet two people who are now one of my best friends. the show is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going through the week and i’m so grateful for it. yeah, it’s not always the best and i hate when they delete scenes, but i think the season started pretty good. i have a feeling it’s going to be way better than the 4th. just my opinion.

If u guys wanna see my vent paint here u go I did this last night to get emotions out; just speedy with as minimal erasing as possible and just grabbing colors and stuff and going until I felt better. Some venty smokey Chloe for u to see.


Okay I’m starting to get a bit fed up with this. My phone is blaring up every two minutes and that’s almost always a good thing because that way I know when people send me messages or they reblog my stuff so I don’t mind. But now, I don’t know if something has happened in the naruto fandom, but there has been a hell of a lot of people that sent me double edged anon asks (and others are just plain hateful) practically scolding me because I DARED to draw borusara as adults with kids of their own. (one in particular said that I should be ASHAMED of what I was doing. As if I was some kind of child molester for drawing them like this ha ha ha…..) I’m not gonna go into the people that reblog the art and proceed to rant on it about how much they deslike it. God you guys. Just. Don’t. Reblog. My. Shit. If. You. Don’t. Like. It.

I even felt inclined to delete the art-posts I just made, but I know that tumblr is not entirely made up of dumb people and some of my followers are just too precious to me so I think I’ll just have to log out and forget about this for a while.

When I say that blaming Will or anyone besides Hannibal for the bloodbath of “Mizumono” is victim blaming, you guys need to hear the words I’m saying.

Victim blaming.

I am not making a meta statement, a literary analysis, or anything else remotely scholarly here. I am making a moral judgment

If you are continuing to move it into the realm of “Well, technically, A caused B which caused C and then D,” then you are missing the point

Do. not. blame. victims. for. crimes. 

I do not care that if Sally hadn’t been openly flirting with Jimmy, then Jimmy might not have gotten upset when she told him she didn’t want to date him later and then punched her in the face, and then when her little dog bit him because he was punching her in the face, he kicked the dog too. Do not tell me that if Sally would have not flirted, then her little dog wouldn’t have been kicked. It does not matter how logical it is: it ignores the fact that the culpability lies with Jimmy because the choice was Jimmy’s, and Jimmy’s alone. No one made Jimmy choose but Jimmy. Anytime we say otherwise, even about fictional characters, we encourage a culture that allows people to rationalize hurting others, whether we intend to or not. 

Got it?

This is all the more I’m saying on this subject. 

hiddlescheekbatch -> hiddlescheekbones

Okay alright, I managed not to delete my blog in the process. So, yay! New url and I guarantee you I’ll never change it again, because this is the url I’ve always wanted. 

Spread the word so people don’t think I’m gone or something! (I kept the old url, but most of the posts for now will show me as “deactivated” even though I’m not. Thanks a lot Tumblr)

I adore Disney (maybe too much) and I appreciate every film and character they give us, bu it’s true that they often miss the mark on diversity. Out of all of the 54 animated classics, 14 Pixar films and Marvel films, I’ve only found three major characters that look somewhat like me (Naveen, Aladdin and David), with two of those dubiously representing me as a mixed race brown guy (even though both of their ethnicities aren’t confirmed.)
So yeah it feels shit when someone whitewashes Aladdin and Jasmine beyond recognition, or includes all of the 9 white princesses in a post while missing out Poca, Mulan, Jas and Tiana, because you’re telling me that the little representation we get as PoC isn’t good enough for you?
Nah, I’m tired of this, so if your “preference” is whitewashing, then my preference is to unfollow you thanks

anonymous asked:

I have been searching since you answered that ask and I haven't found a picture of hannah yet, although I have seem many of the same memes and lots of pictures of sage. it's 10:30 in the morning and I don't need this in my life. @ hannah pls post a selfie because I'm at work and this is not good time but I've spent so much time on this I can't give up. I'm not a quitter.

The bitch went and deleted all her selfies because someone told her I was telling you guys to look at them and that made her all self conscious even though she’s annoyingly gorgeous. So because I’m a truly terrible friend, here. Have a collage. Stunning, right?