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Chapter 3 - Helping out.

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For the next 3 weeks you visit Jongin every day. You bring him chicken (that guy seriously loves chicken), you sit and chat with him, telling him stories from your home as best as you can. Jongin also helps you improve your Korean so between those daily lessons, your own study and 3 times a week at Mr Kim’s office you finally feel comfortable speaking and understanding. Thankfully you’d always been a quick study when it came to languages.

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  • Yang: *During a workout with Sun in a gym Yang frowns as she sets down weights.* Hey Sun.
  • Sun: Hey Yang? *Sun panted as his tail lifts a weight*
  • Yang: You don't... *She started before trailing off*
  • Sun: I don't what?
  • Yang: It's nothing.
  • Sun: Come on Yang. We are gym buddies. This is like our sacred dojo. We can talk about anything.
  • Yang: ... Sigh. Alright. You don't blame me do you?
  • Sun: Blame you? For what? Eating my last Banana?
  • Yang: Noand that was Nora.
  • Sun: When your dog thought my tail was a stick and dragged me all over Haven?
  • Yang: No but seriously I am really sorry about that again.
  • Sun: No worries. Just make sure Ruby NEVER play fetch with Zwei when I'm around.
  • Yang: Gotcha.
  • Sun: Anyway, Is it about the gauntlet nun-chuck incident?
  • Yang: No and I thought we agreed never to talk about that again. *Yang glared at him*
  • Sun: *Sun just laughed and held his hand up.* Hehe, Okay. My bad. So what then?
  • Yang: It's about... Well... Blake. *At the mention of her girlfriend's name she watched Sun's tail pause mid lift.* I know that you loved her too. Long before I realized I was in love with her and I... I feel kinda guilty it. You are a really good friend Sun and Blake's best friend. We both care about you and we are kinda worried-
  • Sun: Woah woah woah. Wait a'sec. *Sun interrupted waving his hands as his tail sets down.* You guys aren't worried I'll become like Assam, aren't you.
  • Yang: What? NO! God No! We know you'd never become like that psychopath.
  • Sun: Good. Because to be honest, I couldn't be happier for the two of you. *Sun smiled surprising Yang as he went on.* I mean don't get me wrong way Blake told me that she loved someone else I was bummed out but I kinda already knew. After all, after the fall I knew right away who she really loved and swore that I wouldn't let her do something stupid.
  • Yang: Like take on the whole White Fang by herself by stalking her for eight months? *Yang smirked followed by laughing when Sun groan.*
  • Sun: Auuuuuh! When Are you two guys going to let that joke die? Beside, it worked out in the end didn't it?
  • Yang: True.
  • Sun: *Sun then sat next to Yang and placed his arm around her shoulder.* Look Yang. I am happy for you and Blake and full support you both a hundred and ten percent and will totally kick your ass if you even break her heart which I know for a fact you never will thank god. But what I want you both to know is that I will always be you guys friend. Hell, I even got a bet going with your sister on which on of you is going to pop the question.
  • Yang: Wait, seriously!?
  • Sun: Yep, which by the way if you could maybe do that before Blake, I would really appreciate it.
  • Yang: That depends... What's the wager?
  • Sun: Nine hundred and growing.
  • Yang: Holy Sh-!! GROWING!?!
  • Sun: Weiss, Nora, Neptune, and Jaune joined in.
  • Yang: ... When it reaches two thousand let me and Blake know and will split it.
  • Sun: Done. *Sun smiled removing his arm from Yang to offer a handshake when Yang took it and pulled him into a hug.*
  • Yang: Thanks Sun. You truly are a great friend. *Yang told him as the pulled away and got ready to call it a day, Yang let out a laugh.* Haha, You know, that Assam joke reminded me that Blake had a nightmare that you'd become like Ilia. Funny right.
  • Sun: Meh. She's not like that anymore.
  • Yang: Huh? Really? And how do you-*Yang asked but stopped when she saw a smirk she knew all too well grow on Sun's face.* ... Oh my god. You're sleeping with her aren't you?
  • Sun: Well I wouldn't say we "sleep" much.
  • Yang: OH MY GOD! YOU ARE! Wait didn't she stab you?
  • Sun: Details, Yang. Details.