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FRIENDLY REMINDER That Yuri added Victor’s signature move into his performance on the fly to symbolize that even though he didn’t expect it, Victor became an important part of his life

And even though he fell at the end of it, he picked himself back up and finished his routine, because even though their relationship won’t be perfect, he’s still dedicated to making it happen


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Little Notes [Doctor Strange]

Title: Little Notes [Doctor Strange x Reader]

Author: Ultrastrangetales

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Romance

Summary: You had to get his attention somehow, and as always, The Cloak of Levitation knew best.

Story Type: Three chapter fic –> Part II

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Stephen Strange had become obsessed with the random notes he’d find attached in his levitation cloak. Even if he wanted to ignore them, like he had been determined to in the beginning his cloak wouldn’t allow him to.

When he wouldn’t avidly take the time find them himself throughout the day, his cloak would rapidly smack his face with the tips of its collar until he’d exasperatedly search for them in the depths of the fabric. He had mostly done this to avoid embarrassment in the presence of others because nothing was more awkward than walking around with his cape aggressively attacking him in public over little pieces of paper.

It started a few months ago, after he began his official duty of guarding the New York Sanctum, that he began to receive notes from an individual with a strange sense of humor.

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Sherlock AU 

Percival is Sherlock // Newt is John // Grindelwald is Moriarty

Come on guys! We all know the plot! Basically the same than the original serie, but Moriarty is still alive and they play a dangerous game in the London’s streets.

(sorry with all my shitty aesthetics but after the Doctor Who AU, I needed this in my life (and tbh I wasn’t sure about who can be Sherlock so yeah, Percy))

Doctor Who AU

Supernatural AU