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Talking about wives, what do you think about alleged Uru's wife being stalked? I mean if she really posted everything on internet then it is her fault. But I personally thing THAT KIND OF STALKING and being proud of that is mental.

Oh boy. I guess I couldn’t stay out of this topic for long. Get ready for a very long response. NOTE that my response is towards everyone and the Uruha rumors in general. If anyone wants to personally get offended by it then by all means, I don’t care. But I’ll be saying some harsh but truthful stuff. Sorry anon, but you’re asking me about a rumor that gets me heated and I’m not going to come off so nice lol let’s go.

First of all, this rumor has been around literally for YEARS, so I pray it dies already and everyone gives it a rest. For fucks sake drop it already. Please. Secondly, it isn’t her fault. That’s how I feel. >>Stalking is never okay<< By saying it’s her fault for posting everything online, it’s like saying she should have never been allowed to post anything in the first place just by being rumored to be the wife of a bandmen. She’s sharing photos of her dogs, her life, and whatever else she wants to on HER blog and from what I have seen, she crosses out the faces of anyone in it to keep the privacy. She isn’t full on saying who she is with. Don’t say it’s her fault. >>It’s the people who can’t mind their own business fault.<< And I don’t like hearing about the BLACK MORAL merch as evidence, that’s honestly one of the worst excuses cause there are male fans too. And don’t even start on the moles.

We have to stop blaming people for why they’re getting stalked, it’s ridiculous. That type of blaming happens with so many situations too. And no one should be proud of stalking another person. Then bringing more people into the issue? Leave Aya alone. Get a damn life. Reality check to fans: you aren’t going to marry a GazettE member and whether or not they’re married isn’t your issue. Just pray for their happiness.

***Uruha’s personal private life has NOTHING to do with me, you, and all fans. It is not our place to invade his PRIVATE life. Yes, being seen as single makes him more appealing and more marketable in the industry but his life isn’t OURS. It’s only a concern if he quits his job and stops giving us music. It’s totally okay to wonder about it, but not in a creepy, insane way. Rather, a caring “i hope he’s doing well’ way.***

He’s in a band. He’s a guitarist. We should focus on the music. All I want for him is to be happy. If that lady really is his wife then I really hope that he’s happy at the moment and they’re living a good life. These guys are getting fucking old. They need marriages with a loving and trusting person.

Please everyone, calm the heck down.

And that is how I feel about the stalking and the rumors. Stop stalking. And don’t be proud of staking.

Hi guys! The Town of Château is almost ready!! So Im releasing my DA!! Please support my town 💕

Its still in progress but Im happy with the outcome for now heheh! ENJOY!😄


When We Rise is an upcoming ABC mini-series airing February 2017 chronicling “the personal and political struggles, set-backs and triumphs of a diverse family of LGBTQ men and women who helped pioneer one of the last legs of the U.S. Civil Rights movement from its turbulent infancy in the 20th century to the once unfathomable successes of today.”


“when you feel like giving up, remember who you’re doing it for.”

I think we all need this after episode 11 and the upcoming episode 12. ಥ_ಥ I’m in denial that yoi is ending ok? let me weep in peace 

(also for anyone who’s tired/stressed out in life)


Yuuri definitely has the Viktor one plastered to his wall, nothing can make me think otherwise.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

joji is truly a legend like he made the harlem shake meme famous he has two different musical personas he keeps up pretty well with (he currently has 10+ joji songs ready to drop and is already recording new pink guy music after dropping an album 10 days ago) hes a producer/musician/singer/rapper/beatboxer has recorded w so many people filmed party monster by the weeknd is on the spotify 50 viral 13 times at once with 13 different songs is number 76 on the billboard 200 like honestly when will any of your faves ever tbh

WTFFFFFF GUYS I was so sleepy and ready to go to bed and this photo just woke me uppppp

STOP HATING ON JAEHYUN (important pls read!!)

ok so lately I’ve been seeing a lot of hate towards jaehyun mainly talking about how he’s useless and that it doesn’t even make sense for him to be in this unit when there’s jeffrey and ik everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but it’s becoming too much, i think u guys forget that just bc they’re in Korea it doesn’t mean they cant access things we post over here// jae speaks English and im sure if he saw all these comments about u guys hating on him telling him to go back to NCT U and stop stealing jeffrey’s lines bc nobody wants to hear his busted ass vocals (an actual comment i saw during today’s v app not a reflection of my own personal opinion), he’d be like T T and that’s honestly heartbreaking to me// also, yea jeffrey’s okay at singing and stuff but he’s honestly so problematic. like u guys act like just bc he’s hot he can get away w trying to convince LSM to let NCT 127 perform baby don’t like it at trump’s inauguration ++ he’s the reason y we thought we were gonna get full promotions for the short lived much appreciated “black on black™” but instead got the appropriative (nonetheless hard bopping) limitless// it was even his request that they fuck jaehyun up w “the itsy bitsy spider cut”// instead of hating on jae and making negative rant videos abt how his lego lookin headass is stealing the spotlight from other members (a 100% authentic comment i saw underneath their 2018 MAMA performance video) that he could potentially come across in his suggestions box when he’s just trying to watch some cute lee taeyong moments,,,instead of ALL THAT, can we spam their comments w eggplant emojis to let yoonoh know we love him? can we love all the members equally despite how much they may or may not resemble George Clooney (y would i lie abt this being a real quote) bc im done w him being like T T every time they do a broadcast :(


edit/update: okay so I’ve received a concerning amount of messages and mentions from people not understanding this is a joke, so if you didn’t gather that this was not real from literally almost every single word up there then voila here’s a  disclaimer (to anyone that reached out to me this isn’t me belittling or shading you just don’t want others to be concerned)

2016 is such a dramatic year✨👏🏻👏🏻 Here we have a third season of volleyball anime that consists TEN episodes of a school playing against another school, a korean dating sim app game that contains 4 guys and a girl that friendzones u and contains such a tearjerking plot behind the truth(DONT FORGET THE RESET THEORY) and an ice-skating anime that should be similar to every other out there but turns out the amount of gayness in there can literally kick out Free! and Haikyuu!! because its so gay that rainbows are ready to burst out at any minute and im betting my money that they’re going to sleep on the same bed by the end of the last episode :“’)