guys im just really excited about got

A moment in my life i will remember for ever

My first single comes out tonight and i am so overwhelmed with excitement and its just crazy you know you guys are insane i love you all so much. I remember when i was really young (5-7) when my mom would ask me what i wanted 2 be  when i got older i would say a rockstar and i obviously said it being all funny and stuff and as i got older it i dont really think about it, but know its actually happening like im following a dream and its so amazing and i cant even believe it. I am as of right now march 31st at 5 pm sitting in my room shaking and smiling like a freak. I owe everything 2 God, my family, and you guys.

You all are so great and thank everyone that has been here supporting me from the start and the people who just started you dont understand what it means 2 me you really all are all so awesome my word please dont ever forget that please. Im sorry im getting cheesy i just really mean it.

This is what i want 2 do with my life and i plan on doing it 2 the farthest extent. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I love you. 


Hold up guys-

Everyone always talks about ‘Loving your work, Cowboy’ but please tell me I was not the ONLY one to only NOW realize that Napoleon said ‘Loving your work, Peril” first?

To those that didn’t realize either, Napoleon said “Loving your work, Peril” after they got into the locked warehouse(?) that Illya had a hard time unlocking his bottom lock.

And Illya retorted, albeit really very quietly with something like “Shut up”?

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If only I could have hair like Dylann “send ‘em to heaven with my 1911” Roof.



Being Lucas to the smash shoot and everyone being excited about me being there like ‘OMG GUYS ITS LUCAS GUYS HE’S REALLY HERE”
like I’ve never heard that from so many people and I got a huge group hug and as all the smash cosplayers hugged me I just really felt like ‘this is really what Lucas would have felt’ and I cried a little ;u;

also credit to cannon john photography for that last one