guys if you sing it it sounds legit

just press play :)
kate mckinnon vocal mashup

this is kind of random but I wanted to edit together my favorite kate singing parts - where she sounds like an actual angelbecause even though she always sounds amazing, there are certain lines that I love and prove that she could be a legit artist if she wanted to. 

when I listen to the full songs I keep repeating certain bits so I thought, why not just put it all in one track and save myself the trouble of rewinding xD 

anyway, I thought I might as well share it with you guys!

(ps the real reason I made this was to listen to it before I sleep because her voice calms me tbh)

ok this is so silly but i like..legit just had a ‘mandela effect’ type thing happen to me..?!!? or well, in any case i cant explain 

you know that animated movie sing that came out awhile ago. i just happened to see a part from it and i thought huh thats weird that doesnt really sound like jon lovitz…because i vividly, like 100% exactly remember him being the main koala guy. i saw that trailer before movies so many times and i can perfectly picture it, with his voice, and then that part in trailers where they list the actor names for whose voicing the characters, his name was the first one.  this is messing me up!! i remember it so vividly and theres no way im thinking of another movie because i remember it comin out of the koala?! and the exact voice mannerisms and everything, its like ingrained in my head cuz they played it so dang much 

and yet its not? he wasnt in the movie at all? i just rewatched the trailer and its creeping me out wtf its a completely different voice. what am i thinking of? i really dont think im confusing it with another movie because in my head its very much so that specific character and like. the same lines and everything..just a diff voice. what other movies couldve possibly coming out then with an animated koala. now im like researching up this whole production like, did they switch voice actors last minute or something. this is so weird omg 


VIXXCHOOL- Ravi solo audio