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Tips to write Tony in fics (Mostly MCU)

I’m obviously not an expert, and I certainly am never going to claim to be one, but there are a couple of things I noticed and thought maybe it would help someone someday to write Tony Stark. 

1. Tony doesn’t lose words or fumble or become garbled. This (because I’m an idiot who links everything he does back to him being a Gemini) is a very Gemini trait to me. He is all words. If you’re writing him as flustered, remember that he talks too much and he deflects, he will bring in 600 different things into your conversation and he will showboat but he will not lose words. Geminis are people of conversations and communication. 

2. When he’s vulnerable and feeling weak, he puts on a mask, quite literally. Now, in 616 he would just grab his Iron Man mask and wear it even but in MCU you have your sunglasses. So, if you want to show him as feeling exposed, vulnerable, hurt or anything, make him wear sunglasses. Except for when he’s with Rhodey or Pepper. Even Pepper is fine sometimes because she has a high level of vulnerability provoking potential with him. But with Rhodey, if they are not in a crowded area, he doesn’t wear sunglasses.

 3. He has a clenched jaw, tight-lipped smile when he’s pissed but also a bit resigned to being pissed. Use this. Body language speaks louder than introspective words sometimes.

4. He LOOKS PEOPLE IN THE EYE till they either hit a soft spot or find a chink in his armor. 

5. He won’t fly into burning buildings all the time. No, he would rather find a solution with the nearest resource, and only when the nearest resource is him will he fly in. Yes, he does have self-destructive tendencies but he’s not a complete moron.

6. He likes driving his cars and prefers to drive himself 99% of the times.

7. If you have to show him being worried about a long-term problem, get him to his workshop and make him do something that is large-scale, tedious, and involving making his suit better. 

8. He snacks, like all the time. He lacks sleep not food. This is MCU btw.

9. He DOES take orders well when necessary and when he knows that people are capable of getting a job done. *points to IM2 where he asked Rhodey and every time he did what Steve told*

10. If someone doesn’t let him finish talking, you can be damn sure he’s going to cut them off too and with a sharp tone. Again, Gemini. They need to make their point.

11. Watches. He has a watch collection and he knows his brands well. Pepper knows her art but Tony has his hobbies too and they are NOT always tinkering alone.

12. He has a vested interest in car racing. Throw in some F1 love. 

13. If people around him are panicking, he will act calm and use a calm voice. 

14. Even when he monologues to the bad guys, he isn’t threatening in a stereotypically hero way. He will practically explain what is going to happen to them. He will explain things because he likes spelling things out.

15. He is eloquent. Seriously, use complex words, he does too. He’s the kind of guy who will throw in words you only read in literature while having a casual conversation.

16. He spouts research facts all the time. His pop culture references are good but he also clearly keeps track of research on varied topics and consistently uses them. 

17. He DOES care for his health. Listen, he takes medicines, he drinks green goop, he eats, he checks his health consistently. He isn’t careless with his health. 

18. If he isn’t wrong, he won’t apologize. If he is, he will. Of course, all of this depends on what he believes is wrong or right, but if he believes himself to be wrong, HE WILL APOLOGIZE. Use that.

19. He remembers faces and words. Listen, he has an excellent memory regarding certain things. If you’ve made a slight impression on him, he will remember you even after YEARS. The reason he didn’t remember Yinsen at first was because he didn’t talk to him properly. He remembered Klaaw’s tattoo and work because he has clearly had a conversation regarding it. 

20. He doesn’t sass back at his AI to have the last word. They often, and consistently, have the last word in sass and he takes it without a pause. BUT they don’t run his life. Don’t ever write him being okay with them tattling to someone about him. He will freak out and do something rash if that ever happens. 

Let me know if you’d like more :D

yankio  asked:

HEY, i trust you, you got any fic recs/fic rec posts?? because im in some need of good fics. any ship. it can be a crack fic idc. help me.

Okedoke here is my fic tag where I reblog any writing that catches my fancy. There will be myriad of ships, but the majority of them will be Klance. Go off.

Now then, under the cut will be some AO3 fics I’ve read that I really loved and don’t think are on tumblr. Or that I haven’t seen any posts about at the least. The list is by no means complete, I worked on this for like an hour and then decided ‘nah.’ I’ll update it as time goes on, prolly. Maybe I’ll make a page on my blog??

… This is all mostly Klance fics. I’m sorry. I also got really tired and eventually just started posting links with no commentary, my b, I’ll prolly go back one day and make everything nicer.

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The Way You Look Tonight

Steve x Reader (Because my little marshmallow needs some love. All of them do, but I’ve been paying special attention to Buck, so Stevie is feeling a little left out.)

Prompt: Oh and I would have an idea: maybe there is a 40’s themed party( because Tony was feeling like it), so Bucky/Steve and the reader go together but Bucky/Steve loses his composure when he sees the reader in 40’s style? with dancing maybe? rest would be up to you 😊

Requested by: @anoril

Word Count: ~2000

Warnings: Slightly sad Steve, besides that, the amount of adorableness may just kill you. I went overboard.

A/N: I spent the whole time writing this listening to Enoch Light & The Light Brigade. Want to step back into the 40’s??? Listen to them. I’ll be linking songs throughout the fic so you can click and hear what will be playing in the story. Please enjoy!!! <3 <3 <3 <3  (P.S. Even though the title of this story wasn’t used, it totally reminded me of this story after I wrote it. You can find the title song here)

Originally posted by sonicaru


  It was Christmas time again, and everyone around the tower wasn’t feeling in the holiday spirit all that much. Things were slowly being patched up after everything that had occurred, but tensions were still high: especially between Steve, Tony, and the newly unfrozen Bucky.

  You weren’t much, just a low tier agent that happened to brighten up everyone’s spirits. Everyone loved when you were around, since you just seemed to brighten things up where the healing process seemed to be going well. You biggest challenge were the three boneheads that were being absolutely stubborn.

  Tony was your brother; he was always a pain in the ass to you. Bucky was starting to warm up to you in his own way, and you two had become very good friends. Your problem laid with Steven Grant Rogers.


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Marked (Part 4)

Summary: Soulmate AU! Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too but soulmate’s are really rare and one day you get bullied for it and Bucky is there to save you

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,879

Warnings: mention of death

A/N: Don’t worry! There will be a part 5 and it will explain the ending of this part :P Also I changed the timeline a bit so it fits the story a little bit better.

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

After what felt like forever, Bucky loosened his grip around you. The tears had stopped and you tried to take a deep breath. Just because Bucky had decided to join the army, it didn’t meant that he would die, right?

“You could’ve at least told me,” you scolded him, but smiled at him anyway. You couldn’t be angry with him no matter how hard you tried. You didn’t felt sorry for hitting him though. He’d deserved that one and to demonstrate that, you hit him one last time against the arm.

“Ouch!” he made but you grinned and his eyes softened. 

“I’m sorry, doll. But I decided to join the army before I even met you. I got the letter yesterday.” With each of his words the anger rolled off of your body. You took his hand into yours and intertwined his fingers with yours. They perfectly fitted together and you already started to miss holding his hand.

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The One With The ‘50 Meter’ Rule

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Summary: Being Malia’s sister had it’s benefits, especially when it came to break-ups. Break up with a guy you go to school with? No problem. She could keep them away with her eyes shut. But things are a little more complicated when your ex is Liam who is desperate to get back together with you and Malia creates a 50 meter distance rule between the two of you. 

*not my gif*

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“I’ll kill him,” Malia growls beside you in the passenger seat.

“Malia, no,” you sigh.

Find out your sister Malia was actually alive had come as quite a shock, but what was more shocking was the fact that she had spent most of her life trapped as a werecoyote in the woods which meant not only did she have no clue about social etiquette but her constant instinct to solve problems was to just kill whatever was in her way – or yours.

“Well, he deserves it,” she shrugs, shifting uncomfortably as you take a turn too fast.

“Sorry,” you mumble, aware of how jittery she got in cars after the accident, “And he doesn’t deserve it – we broke up. It doesn’t mean he should die.”

She shrugs, “I think he should,” he scrunches her nose up when you shake your head.

“What? Liam broke your heart, it’s only fair that he gets his ripped out of his chest.”

You let out a long sigh as you pull up in the school parking lot, “Promise me you’ll leave him alone.”

Malia doesn’t answer as she gets out and instead turns to face you, her hands resting on the roof of the car as she looks over it, “I promise – only if he doesn’t come anywhere near you – I’ll be like a non-legal restraining order . If he comes anywhere close to you, I’ll kill him.”

“How’s he supposed to know you’re a… restraining order?” you frown.

“I’ll make sure Stiles’ passes the message on,” she says warningly, “He’s dead if he comes anywhere near you – and that goes for you too! If you go anywhere near him, I’ll kill him.”


“Look, we both know you’re soft and will forgive him the minute you see his face. This way, you’ll have to stay away from him.”

“But Malia-“

“Ah, ah, ah,” she tuts, pressing a finger to your lips, “It’s not up for discussion. I’m your big sister and I get to make these decisions for you.”

“Malia,” you groan.

“Fine, we’ll compromise. He has to stay 50 meters away at all times. Anyways, thanks for driving me to senior scribe,” she smiles despite looking slightly sad.

“Trust me, you’ll be a senior this year,” you reassure her, “Go find Stiles, I’ll wait in the car until you’re done.”

She waves goodbye as she disappears through the front doors, looking mildly nervous.

You and Liam weren’t meant to last. You had been dating for a year up until last week when you had caught him with Hayden when he said he would be at Scott’s house. You weren’t even looking for him – you trusted him, you hadn’t even thought twice about where he said he would be until you walked into Sinema to get a drink and found him there with Hayden. He had begged you to listen and insisted there was nothing going but if there really was nothing going on, why would he lie about where he was?

None of it made sense and you didn’t want to think about it anymore so you had broken it off and avoided him since.



You turn around to find Liam walking over. You step back reflexively and he slumps, “Can we talk?”

“We really can’t,” you mumble, looking behind you, half-expecting Malia to be bounding towards you, “You can’t be here,” you say, stepping backwards quickly as he walks towards you.

“I know its ‘senior’ scribe but there was this whole thing with Scott and this wolf thing with glowing claws and- why are you walking backwards? Can you stop for a second?”

He walks faster as you back away, “Liam, stay where you are!”

He stops and stares at you in confusion, “Are you really that mad at me? I told you there’s nothing going on between me and Hayden!” he yells out across the car park – 50 meters was a really long distance. You look around in embarrassment – damn Malia and her stupid rule.

“It’s not about that! Can’t you just text me?!”

He shakes his head, “You’ve been ignoring all my texts and calls.”

You squeeze your eyes shut, “Because there’s nothing to talk about!”

“Yes,” he sighs, “There is and I’m not going to stop until you listen to me,” he says walking over incredibly fast.


You begin to run – Malia was in the library so you go in the opposite direction towards the field – you knew she wasn’t joking about pounding him into the ground.

“WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?!” he calls out, his footsteps heavy as he follows you.

“LIAM PLEASE JUST GO HOME!” you call out, half out of breath. You cross the field and run towards the courtyard but immediately slam into a figure.

“Y/N?” Stiles looks at you in confusion.

“Malia,” you say with wide eyes and you notice her beside him. She raises a brow and then she spots Liam and as he reaches you, she slams him into the concrete.

Stiles stumbles backwards into you in shock and you steady him before pulling Malia off Liam.

“Stop!” you say, half laughing as Liam struggles under her hand which had him pressed to the floor.

Malia shakes her head, “I told you what would happen if you guys went near each other.”

“He didn’t know!” you turn to Stiles, “Did you tell him yet?”

Stiles shakes his head.

“Technicalities,” Malia huffs, standing up only when Stiles pulls her away. Liam groans and rubs at his chest as Stiles helps him up, “How weak are you?” Stiles scoffs.

Liam frowns, “She’s strong okay,” he looks at you and then at Malia, “What was that even for?”

“Let me make this clear now – you have to stay 50 meters away from her at all times,” Malia states.

“Wha – that’s ridiculous! I didn’t do anything wrong.”

You cross your arms over your chest.

“Okay, fine,” he sighs, “Lying was wrong but Hayden is becoming a chimera! I was just trying to help her without drawing attention to her, okay?!”

You furrow your brows together, “Why wouldn’t you just tell me that?”

“Because I already put you enough danger as it is – the last thing I’d want is to drag you into this chimera problem!”

Malia looks between the two of you and then steps between you, “50 meters,” she says warningly.

“We have class together!” he protests.

“Then sit outside – put that werewolf hearing to good use,” she says, smirking.

Liam shakes his head, “No.”

“No?” she raises a brow, her eyes glowering.

“Look, this is between me and y/n.”

Beside you, Stiles makes throat slitting motions, signalling for him to cut it out but Liam barely glances his way.

“It’s a misunderstanding and we’re going to solve it.”

Malia balls her fists up, “You have two minutes before I rip your tongue out and feed it to our dog,” she growls. Stiles links his arm through hers, “Why don’t we give them some privacy?”

“One minute and fifty-nine seconds, fifty-eight, fifty-seven,” she calls out as she walks away.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” you mumble, walking closer to him. He reaches for your hand, tracing his thumb over your knuckles.

“Do you remember when we started dating and there was that night in the woods when I turned and you insisted on staying? And I scratched your hand and you stayed with me all night and when we woke up it was all bloody?”

“It was a scratch,” you shake your head.

“But it was me who hurt you and I promised I wouldn’t ever do it again. And I haven’t. I’ve never put you in danger and I wasn’t about to start to – the only reason I was with Hayden is because she came to me for help because we’ve known each other for a long time – we’re not even friends.”


“Please just believe me,” he pleads, resting his forehead against yours, “I love you and that’s never, ever going to change – I would never hurt you, especially not by cheating, okay?”

“I get it,” you smile slightly, “Really, I understand. It’s fine.”

“Then why aren’t you kissing me?” he smiles before pressing his lips to yours. You stay like that for a moment and then pull away.

“Because… three, two-“

“What are you-“

“One,” you say, just as Malia stomps over.

“It’s fine,” you say to her, “We sorted it out.”

Malia pokes a finger into Liam’s nose, “Don’t push your luck with me ever again,” she says in a threatening whisper before Stiles drags her away.

Liam exhales loudly, “Your sister is really scary,” he mumbles, taking your hand in his, “Remind me never to cheat on you.”

“Really? You need a reminder for that?”

“I – no, I meant – No, I –“ he stutters

“Liam,” you press a kiss to his lips, “I’m kidding,” you face forward again, “But you should know that if you ever lie to me again I might just let Malia kill you.”

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #10

It’s time for more recs! You can find past rec lists here. As always, this is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff. In that order. Gen unless otherwise noted.

All of the titles and author names are links. I don’t know why some are showing underlined and some aren’t. at least on my end. Maybe it’s just some weird tumblr thing. But hey, my fellows who like to do recs, there’s a super easy way from AO3. Just copy and paste the title and author into the tumble thing, and it will automatically make them into links. I copy and paste a lot for these lists.

The Nature of Leadership by VelkynKarma for BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 10,837
Author’s Summary: Recent experience has left Shiro questioning a lot of things: his decisions, his abilities, even the bond with his own Lion. There’s only one way to really find the answers, but he’s never been both so desperate to find and so scared of the truth before.
My Comments: This is the reconnection and explanation fic we all need (but especially Shiro) after that finale. For real. I loved the characterization and it felt very meaningful and necessary and good.

Sleeping in Corners by hufflepirate
Words: 3,526
Author’s Summary: 5 times Hunk found a friend sleeping in the common areas and carried them to bed, and 1 time it turned out the other way around.
My Comments: Suuuuper cute. Hunk is a Good and he gets properly appreciated here. More Hunk-centric fics, please. Or Hunk-centric anything.

Left Behind by lissa_molloy
Words: 30,599
Author’s Summary: Katie Holt has to find her family. That’s all there is to it, and she’ll stop at nothing to achieve her goals. But there’s no way she would go undercover without a plan. An extensive one. And with only two months to become another person entirely, Katie has a lot to learn–about the world and about herself.
My Comments: Quoting ace-pidge’s rec, this is truly the origin story for Pidge that we all need and deserve. It really does feel like the origin story for a superhero, from the inciting incident and personal loss to the decision to become a hero to the research and training. Includes original characters met along the way who came to be VERY IMPORTANT TO MY HEART, some plot twists that make it feel like a complete story in itself, and also Mama Holt just being all-around amazing. Can’t recommend this any higher.

The (Not So) Still Of The Night by Sandyclaws68
Words: 3,532
Author’s Summary: A few nights in such close quarters taught all of them a lot of things about their team mates.
My Comments: Technical problems with their living quarters force the paladins to all sleep together in a little tiny room, and bonding ensues. They all irritate each other, they all help each other, they all comfort and cuddle and learn about each other. It’s beautiful in every way.

Spark to Ignite by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) for VelkynKarma
Words: 11,350
Author’s Summary: Part of a prompt exchange with VelkynKarma. Shiro wakes up in the dark. He is alone.
My Comments: Painful but incredibly well done, as always with this author. Shiro alone and suffering in the dark and the cold was very difficult to read, but the recovery at the end helped make up for it a little bit, though I sure could do with a continuation. Everyone’s responses were heart-wrenching and perfectly in character.

The Weight of Right Choices by hufflepirate
Words: 4,540
Author’s Summary: After the events of “Tears of the Balmera,” Pidge discovers that not all emotions can be successfully squashed away. Luckily, Shiro knows a thing or two about the emotional fallout of making decisions when all of your options are bad, and living with those decisions once you’ve made them. Or: The one where Pidge throws up instead of dealing with her emotions, and Shiro shows off his scars to make a point even though he can’t stand having his shirt off, and they both come out ok in the wash.
My Comments: Urgh, my heart. The fact that she was indirectly responsible for a death hits Pidge hard, and Shiro is the one to find her and try to comfort her. Though he’s struggling with his own trauma, too, he says just what she needs to hear and somehow knows exactly how to help. These poor children. Please protect them all.

Headphones by CamsthiSky
Words: 1,079
Author’s Summary: Where did Lance get those headphones?
My Comments: I love love LOVE Pidge being kind to Lance and vice versa. This is sweet and well-characterized.

Because It Still Happens in Space by Titans_R_Us
Words: 1,029
Author’s Summary: Of course, someone has to disturb the peace. “Hey Pidge! About the Blue Lion, could you-OH MY GOD YOU’RE BLEEDING!” Pidge looks down and finds that yes…they are. Huh. There’s a dark line of red running down their leg…hey when did that happen? Pidge doesn’t remember doing anything that could-OH. MY. GOSH. THEY’RE BLEEDING! IT’S BLEEDING BUT NOT THAT KIND OF BLEEDING.
My Comments: This is HILARIOUS. Read for fun dialogue and everyone freaking out and embarrassed Pidge but also just THIS IS NORMAL GUYS CALM YOUR TEATS.

Pillow Forts for the Soul by Titans_R_Us
Words: 1,493
Author’s Summary: Slumped in the common room, sweaty and gross, it started simply with: “No offense guys, but right now I’d kill you all for a chocolate bar.”
My Comments: I think I’ve recced this before, but not in a formal list so here it is again. It’s cute and funny and it’s Hunk and Pidge and Lance in a blanket fort and Keith and Shiro being dragged in and I love it.

The Pidge Hunt by Titans_R_Us
Words: 2,147
Author’s Summary: Pidge has a problem. Pidge can fall asleep just about….anywhere. Even unconventional places. The first time is characterized with confusion and mild hysteria. “Hey guys, have you seen Pidge?” Hunk says holding a bowl of something that cannot be identified. Between his pink oven mitts, the dish wiggles and Lance swears that it’s alive. Yet once again to Hunk’s magic, it smells delicious so it’s definitely on the menu tonight. “The table is ready, but I can’t find them anywhere.”
My Comments: I read this on my phone while standing in line to vote on Tuesday, and it made me feel good and happy and forget where I was for a while, and that should be enough to tell you just how wonderful it is.

Out of the Cold by birdzilla
Words: 4,701
Author’s Summary: When Hunk and Shiro crash-land on a wintery planet, it’s up to Hunk to keep Shiro alive and warm.
My Comments: Hunk is so strong and good, mm boy, and Shiro is so encouraging and kind when Hunk needs it, too. I could read fics like this all day long. (I honestly try to.)

Do It For Him by QueenSquared
Words: 2,464
Author’s Summary: When Pidge gets sick, Shiro’s motherly instincts kick in. Or maybe he’s trying to make up for his past.
My Comments: Nice H/C, with added angst for Shiro trying to make up for mistakes he never actually made. Everyone on this show needs so many hugs.

Sleep is not for the Weak by FanGirlofManyThings
Words: 1,552
Author’s Summary: Pidge stumbles into breakfast one morning and Hunk and Shiro help her get some much needed sleep.
My Comments: Aww, yes good. Just some good cuddles, it’s good. Yeah, I’m a little incoherent. It’s very cute.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated This Week:

When Rome’s in Ruins by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Coming Undone by Emerald_Ashes (THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE)
Bundle in Blankets by KnightNuraStar
Aid by Haurvatat
Another Word for Never by squirenonny
Lance is a Teddy Bear by Untilwemeetinhell
Unleashed the Dogs of War by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) (MMM GOOD CHAPTER)
Planet of Gold by rexlover180

cecisthebest  asked:

Hey, so I pretty much subscribed to every story on that rec list you put out and I was wondering if you had any more Gavin-centric fics that you liked (complete or WIPs)


As with the other post, some contain nsfw and all warnings are within the stories themselves. Will read-more this because it got a bit long oops.

Hush- Can You Hear Me Now? by calmena

Gavin concentrates on details too much, he knows that. But when they start to get overwhelming, and Michael is the only one seems to be able to help, will Michael be able to overcome the dislike he seems to feel towards Gavin?

(mavin sentinel/guide AU within the normal RT office setting)

What A Hot Mess by SailorBryant

The boys have a big heist coming up, and everything’s coming together. There’s only one, tiny, problem; Gavin can’t swim.

(GTA AU freewood)

Midnight Talker by savingprivatesimmons

Gavin struggles with revelations and discoveries about his sexuality that leave him confused and conflicted. It’s a strife for him to even accept himself; how on earth is he supposed to expect anyone else to accept him too?


he loves you, he loves you not by RedLipped

When a mission goes wrong, Gavin is kidnapped. Michael is too late.

(GTA AU mavin)

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Gtop fic rec list!

Here’s the link to my fic rec page but just in case you can’t wait that long~

(I’m still working on updating it so check back in!)


I’ve Felt and I’ve Been by Autotunedd

Summary: Seunghyun disappears and Jiyong finds himself in a hard place when he returns.

Seasonal Tetrology by TheNightshadeDeluxe

Summary: Four seasons, four different ways with GTOP.

It’s No Good by HaloHalo

Summary: 2014. Jiyong and Seunghyun break up. This is what happens next.

Inspired by the lyrics from If You.

The Shadows And The Bright Spaces by I_Feel_Electric

Summary: Seunghyun and Jiyong have never been easy, but they have always made sense. Even when they fall apart and have to pick up the pieces again.

In Seongdong by Mina

Summary: A collection of GTOP moments from Seunghyun’s perspective. Set in a slightly alternate universe in which Seunghyun drives and Jiyong lives alone.

July 1 by Mina

Summary: Basically just the next phone conversation Jiyong and Seunghyun have after the one during the starcast countdown .

Hands by Mina

Summary: Seunghyun has a scar. Jiyong has a tattoo. Debut era to 2013, canon-ish.

Cigarette Burns by Ruinwyn

Summary: Jiyong grows up and falls in love and gets his heart broken along the way.

Acquiescence by OonaKwon

Summary: ACQUIESCE [verb]to assent tacitly; submit or comply silently or without protest; agree; consent. Etymology: from Latin acquiescere, from ad-, “to, at” + quiescere, “to rest”. Sometimes, there’s no point it reeling against your fate, of fighting it. Sometime, you have to acquiesce, you have to accept it. Without protest. You have to consent to it, or you’ll be swept away. You’ll drown in the undertow of life. Sometimes, you just have to breathe in, breathe out, and be. future!canon fic set in the years after the MADE tour ends.

Snippits by bigbxng

Summary: Collection of short stories of Gtop’s lives

The Rise and Fall by Ruiwyn

Summary: Seunghyun is able to see into the future, to see the outcome of the path he travels.  That path may or may not lead to Jiyong.  Canon.

Turn All Your Winters Into Spring by Ruiwyn

Summary: In another life, I would’ve loved you.  I would’ve loved you with everything I had. Too bad that was how Jiyong felt about Seunghyun in this life. All the little moments, spanning from then until now, connecting to bring us here.

Slow Burn by GDonTOP

Summary: Jiyong has always found Seunghyun attractive. It’s never been a problem… until now. A year in the lives of G-Dragon & TOP, beginning in October 2010.

The Way You Lie by Autotunedd

Summary: Jiyong and Seunghyun come together, slowly & with drama.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 1 by  GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: Ji’s been dancing around his feelings for his hyung for a while now. So of course, text messages are the best way to let him know.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 2 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: The boys have been together for a few months now, but Hyunnie’s filming has kept them apart. They find creative ways to stay ‘connected’.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 3 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: Just a brief conversation between two overworked boys in love.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 4 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: The boys are in Japan, finally back together after a long separation, but there’s still something keeping them apart: a hotel wall.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 5 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary:  The boys are back in town. Ji’s a little jealous of a certain director; Seunghyun wants to remind him why he shouldn’t be.

China by Ontheskyidance

Summary: Jiyong loves going to China, and that’s not only because the country is nice. He thinks his relations with Seunghyun are even nicer when they’re there.

Third Wheels by Ruiwyn

Summary: Jiyong and Seunghyun, seen through various eyes.


Memories by LadyinTime

Summary: “T.O.P. A name they called him, a name he had no connection to. When he had first learned that it was what he went by he didn’t believe them. He didn’t understand why he would use a stage name instead of his own, a name his mother gave him. T.O.P was the name of their friend, their companion. Seunghyun wasn’t that friend anymore.”

Your Hand In Mine by Whetstone

Summary: Seunghyun loses his memory.

Tabula Rasa by Ruiwyn

Summary: Seunghyun wakes up after a car accident thinking it’s 2011, that he and Jiyong are still together and happy and in love.  And Jiyong, burnt and jaded, has no idea what he’s supposed to do with that.


A New Beginning by Kataras

Summary: Short drabble about life after marriage, immediate paternal instincts and Jiyong having to look at Seunghyun not just as a boyfriend, but husband, father to their child and patriarch of the family they’ve built together.

Ninety Eight and Three Quarters Percent Guaranteed by Crankypanda

Summary: he story of how GD, T.O.P, and their daughter become the newest family on Superman is Back.

Minor Adjustments by Crankypanda

Summary: Brief glimpses into the lives of GD, T.O.P, and their daughter over the years.

The Best Special Ramyun Ever In The Whole Wide World by Crankypanda

Summary: The continuing adventures of GD, T.O.P, and their daughter. (Or, aging is a bitch.)

Snippits by bigbxng

Summary: Collection of short stories of Gtop’s lives

Just Stay With Me by Jibelle

Summary: GTOP drabbles


Unconventional Ways to Fall in Love by NaddieSuu

Summary: This is an interpretation of the movie Pretty Woman.

Anomie by OonaKwon

Summary: It was just suppose to be a dare. Not a big deal. Call the number, talk to the guy, laugh. What Seunghyun didn’t expect was for one conversation with a phone-sex operator to change his entire life.


Nothing New Is Sweeter Than You by Fivespice

Summary: Canon with alpha/omega bits. Seunghyun honestly can’t believe it’s possible to love another human being as much as he loves Kwon Jiyong. Every damn thing Jiyong does turns him on, from the caulculated pout on his lips to that harsh whimper he makes when Seunghyun fingers him. So when Jiyong, who’s been suppressing his omega nature his entire life, asks Seunghyun to spend his first-ever heat with him, Seunghyun agrees. Sure, neither one of them know what the hell they’re doing…but it’s them, it’s Seunghyun and Jiyong, and they’ve never been anything but brilliant together, so in the end, it turns out beautiful anyway. Established relationship, slice of life, truly satanic amounts of coziness/fluff, and lots and LOTS of smut. Emphatically not mpreg, keepin’ it as realistic as omega!fic gets.

Re:Make by Queen-Jionce

Summary: When rationalism, feelings and instincts mix up, sorting them out migh be very difficult.


Won’t Want to Get Off by Absoltutebrightness

Summary: Jiyong is someone who knows how to ride. shameless PWP, slight d/s dymanic but nothing major

You Love When I Fall Apart by Absoltutebrightness

Summary: Jiyong just wants to come, and Seunghyun just has to go and make everything difficult (and possibly much, much better).

The Choker by Kwon-jyong (Jiyongoppar)

Summary: Jiyong decides to make use of suggestive accessories in order to get Seunghyun’s attention. It works much better than he ever anticipated.

Surrender by Ruinwyn

Summary: “I wish my boyfriend was as dirty as your policies.” Seunghyun attempts to fulfill that wish.

Caged by Ruinwyn

Summary: Sometimes the closet feels more like a cage. (part 2 of the Surrender series)

This Is Definitely Fine by Autotunedd

Summary: Jiyong badgers Seunghyun into letting him top again. It doesn’t go as planned.

Cinderella by Ruinwyn

Summary: Jiyong loves high heels, molly, and Seunghyun.  But mostly just Seunghyun.

NCT Fic Rec

* = Favorite

Because this fandom also needs one. I will be adding more as time goes on

Note: You may submit links to fics you think should be on here, but I will not tolerate anything depicting an underage member in a sexual way. It will be deleted immediately without further consideration.


Of Sweetbuns and Milk -  Chaptered, Ongoing, PG13

*And I’m Thankful [For the Little Things] - Every day is a first except it’s not.When things are bad it’s easy to be thankful for tomorrow. (I’m actually crying right now ;-;) G

A Series of Unfortunate Popsicle Events -  Taeil bought too many popsicles. He thought maybe he could share them with his neighbor, Taeyong. G.

the anchor that holds -  There are times where Lee Taeyong feels extremely tired. G.

Almost Finals -  It is almost finals and college students are already losing it. Including Taeyong and Taeil. G.

Prom-enade -  Literature Club Prosecutor President Lee Taeyong and Disciplinary Commitee member Moon Taeil seems an odd match to think of but Taeyong’s got to make this work. PG13.


Melting Magnets -  Pretty long after Yuta realised that he and his best friend, Lee Taeyong were crush rivals for winning the same guy’s heart, he figured that this enmity had made him lose something that was much more important. PG13.


Speechless -  Sicheng is terrible at speaking Korean, so when Taeil puts some distance between them, Sicheng supposes he must have said something really bad. PG13. 


Cross-Dressing and Shitty Friends -  Johnny wants to get into the new club for free, but the only way to do that is if he had a sister, so he gets Doyoung to dress up like a girl for one night of free drinks with the guys. Things get a little crazy when Doyoung meets Jaehyun, a handsome model, who thinks female Doyoung looks way hotter than the date he bought to the club. Mature.

you make my heart shake, bend, and break  - When someone starts to become an admirer (according to Jaehyun, a creep) of Doyoung, Jaehyun doesn’t take it so easily. It all settles with the fact that he may, or may not be in love with his best friend. And because he’s kind of a savage. PG13.

Practice & Theory - Doyoung considers himself a moral person, he really does. He’d die before he’d say anything to anyone that a patient has told him in confidence, something that could trace back to them, or any details of a session. No exceptions, no slip-ups, no compromises.But sometimes the rest makes him feel like he’s going to explode. Mature. 

Poker With Fate - Johnny the fortune-teller predicts that Doyoung and Jaehyun are actually fated lovers, but the two best friends don’t really believe it. Until funny things start happening, and Fate begins to really play it’s cards. PG13.

He Shoots, He Scores (Right Into My Heart) -  The student council president doesn’t have a crush on the school’s basketball god. No, of course not. G.

To Win Against the King of Hearts -  All Doyoung had asked for, was a job. Yet the world decided to throw him a ballistic package of a useless best friend, useless best friend’s hot boyfriend, roommates who are extremely busy playing tongue tennis to make the apartment habitable and a royal monarch who is too interested in him for his sanity to last. Mature.

show me and i’m all yours -  Doyoung would rather not ever acknowledge his feelings (like, ever), but he is going to have to at one point or another. PG13.


Funny Little Thing Called Fate - Fate has a funny way of turning the tables when you least expect it.Mark never thought he’d get his happily ever after but maybe his Prince Charming was a little more into him than he thought.[Mark falls for someone who he thinks is way out of his league but maybe he just doesn’t see himself clearly because Yuta is more than happy when he says yes.] G.


Plot Twist - Taeil’s a catboy, PG13, Fluff


And I feel your warmth, and it feels like home - Chittaphon’s only home was in his arms. PG15.


Hide&Freak - Bangkok had been their most demanding trip yet, though Chittaphon thought the worst part of it was the poking and prodding from other members to take advantage of the roommate situation and make a move. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to. He just was too busy being dazzled by the other man to remember how to speak. Explicit. 


Paper takes rock (As surely as you took my heart) - "Paper takes rock, I win!“While Yuta and Hansol go remarkably well together in the daily goings of their relationship, the way they fuck is drastically different. A game of rock, paper, scissors is meant to help with that. Explicit.

*Don’t touch the art -  This boy had been hitting on him for weeks, always keeping his hood on as he walked into the club to ask for Hansol’s number, hoping the bartender would say ‘yes’ at some point. Mature.

Hansol’s Toys and It’s Protectors - Yuta really likes Hansol and wants to be intimate, but there’s a problem. Hansol’s baby brothers Jaemin and Jisung won’t let them. G.

*fun run -  Hansol thinks Yuta is a lazy ass. He’s wrong. PG13.


Tease - Yuta isn’t willing to admit how much he’s affected by Taeil calling him “Oppa”. It just so happens that Taeil might already know. Don’t be a tease. PG13.


Every Once in a While -  Jaehyun is left to find a new sense of normalcy after his parents drive him out of his old pack. Somewhere along the line, he meets Taeyong, Mature.

Our world isn’t ready to understand us -  In retrospect, Taeyong should have known he couldn’t keep this secret for long. Mature.

Aeipathy -  Taeyong knows Jaehyun’s touch by heart, he’s memorized it. Explicit.

Not Affected. Just Offended. -  Jaehyun kept on casually calling Taeyong “sweetie.” Taeyong didn’t know what to do about it. Saying he liked it would be an understatement. G.

Vindication -  Everyone knows that Taeyong’s always been a bit strange. Explicit.

Camera ( Shy ) -  Taeyong developed a habit of recording himself while jerking off. He should have thought twice before giving his phone and password to Jaehyun though. Explicit. 


*Sugar (Yes Please) -  Five times Ten orders pancakes from Taeyong and one time he asks for something else instead. This is really fucking good  PG13, Fluff.

*Second Life -  Ten comes to Korea to work for the company whose technology saved his life. He meets Taeyong, who while very different, displays thoughts and experiences with Ten that are unnaturally linked. Mature.


Sleep Walking -  Taeyong and Doyoung are enemies at day but compromised oddly well at night. G.


Little things (Of the past and present) -  Johnny thought Ten was noisy and irritating. That was, two years ago. G. 

under the stars (these ‘eyes’ sees our love) -  Johnny and Ten are high in love (again) under the stars (and they shared a joint). Explicit.

One step, two steps -  Youngho isn’t going to admit he likes Ten, not even if Yuta tries to get into his pants. Youngho isn’t in love with Ten, at all. PG13.

A cute couple making love scene -  “Maybe we could try doing a sextape?” Explicit.


Get it right - Hansol wouldn’t stop giggling and Johnny really needed him to shut up.“I knew tequila shots were a bad idea.” Explicit.


Vacuous -  Yuta allows his vampire friend to feed on him whenever he needs it. The process feels very intimate though; Yuta starts wondering if their relationship is really only friendly, especially when he notices Ten acting protective, not letting other vampires get too close to him. Explicit.



And I (think that I might claim you as mine) - But really, they couldn’t have expected Jaehyun to leave that sad little thing of an omega out in the biting cold. (Or in which Jaehyun finds Winwin all alone one freezing night and decides to take him home to his pack.) Mature.

Welcome to the 3rd edition of my Recommendation list for Cas!girls.

Check my Masterlist & my Castiel playlist.

I hadn’t been in the best mood for reading last week, so this is coming out late. I already have a draft list full of fics waiting to be published, but most of them are by the same authors and I really wanted to add some variations, so my list is not just full with the same names. Tho, that’s gonna be really hard because sometimes I think it’d be easier to link you to some of these amazing authors’ masterlists, hahaha.

Note: The summary of the fics are in italics. Some of them are written by their authors, and some others are written/modified by me. All the series start on chapter one, except if they have their own masterpage. The text written after this “–” hyphen are just my lame ass comments.
If for any reason you want your username and/or fic to be removed from this list, just hit me a message and I’ll erase it. So yeah, let’s get started:

One shots


  • Flying by @unadulteratedstorycollector. Graceless!Cas has been looking up the sky lately. He misses fying, so reader takes him to fly. –This is one of those things that make me the trash I am.
  • You can leave your hat on by @icecream-and-gadreelAfter the reader tries to teach Castiel how to dance (and fails miserably), she figures that liquor could get things going a bit better. –This is one of the first fics I read from this Noodle and lemme tell ya’, her blog will become one of those you constantly visit to see if there’s more content available.
  • A third heartbeat by @theinsandoutsofcastiel​. (A lil angst and non graphic smut). Cas and you fall in love, Cas leaves to war in heaven and when he comes back, he discovers you are pregnant.
  • All about us by @kaz2y5-imagines. For a hunt, you need to go to a charity event with Cas and the Winchesters and while Sam and Dean get the things done, you and Cas wait at the party.
  • Crunch & Fireflies by @vintagevalentinexx. This is a two part fic. It begins when you overhear Cas telling the boys he likes some girl, then they ask you for advice to help him out. –The fluffiest fluff to ever fluff <3 (Note that these are two fics tagged)
  • Netflix and chill by @balthazars-muse. The boys go out on a hunt leaving you alone in the bunker to take care of a healing Cas.


  • Blindfold by @theinsandoutsofcastiel​. Every time the reader masturbates thinking about Cas, she wears a blindfold. One day Cas hears her calling his name and he thinks she’s praying.
  • Since forever by @deanscolette. Cas and you have been best friends since they were kids, and you’ve loved him just as long. Too bad Cas is with Hannah…right? –I did not feel projeted with this fic. Nope, I definitely didn’t.
  • Like a virgin by @whispersofwinchesters. Virgin!Cas. Cas asks you to teach him how to have sex.
  • Green-eyed monster by @not-so-natural-spn.  Cas gets worked up after reading Dean’s smutty thoughts about you, so he decides to show Dean who you belong to.
  • Arguing vs discussing by @bkwrm523.  All relationships have their problems.  Your relationship with Castiel develops an issue that has you seeking Sam and Dean’s help. –I read this one like two months ago or something like that and finally got to add it to my list! It’s funny, fluffy and sexy. Perfect.
  • Debts paid by @rowdyhooliganism​.  Sam and Dean tease Cas about leaving you unsatisfied in the bedroom; Cas is determined to make amends. –Guys, this is so fucking sexy!



  • Al Dente by @abaddonwithyall​. Chef!Cas AU.  It’s your final year in culinary school when you receive a phone call: You got it! You got the internship at Singer’s, only the biggest restaurant in the city. You weren’t excited for the restaurant, you were excited to work under the new, up and coming chef, Castiel Novak. –Let Jess fill your life with lots of drama and don’t forget the smut… because Jess, of course.
  • Adore by @divinitycas. Soulmate AU. Your job at the local gas-n-sip gets a little more interesting when you’re joined by a new, blue eyed co-worker named Steve. He’s not your soulmate, but you feel a strange attraction to him. What’s up with that, anyway? –!!!!! DJSJKSHFKJSNCHJSH


This is it for now. I’m currently reading a Destiel fic that seems very promising and  I still have a long list waiting to be read + some authors’ fics I haven’t finished to add to my draft list because they have so many good fics and sometimes I give in and end up re-reading, so it takes me more time to get to the next blog I already know has good stories. How wrong I was when I thought that would be fast because I had already read them…

Reblog it, like it, send it to your friends, your teachers and your grandma, so we can all inhabit the same trashcan, and more importantly, send your love to the authors aaaaaand enjoy!


I still haven’t found that fic I read like a month ago  where the reader was a poet, she wrote a poem to Castiel and beautiful smut ensued, so if you’ve read it, know who wrote it or you’re the writer, HIT ME A MESSAGE! 

I won’t stop until I find it!

anonymous asked:

Hey! I really like how so many of your recs are less well known stuff. I've gone through probably a hundred pages of top-rated fics on AO3, plus all my favorite tags there, and sometimes I feel like I've read just about everything. I was wondering: Would you guys do a rec list (if you can) of fics you liked that were posted on sites other than AO3? AO3 sorting system is great, but it seems like the only way I can ever find well-reviewed LJ or tumblr or other fics is if someone recs them...

Hey there. It’s nice to know that you feel our stuff is more than only the popular ones. Sometimes I feel that we’re reccing only those that are popular and it makes me so sad. Maybe we just have read so much that we have too many fics to rec.

But you’re completely right about AO3. I’m sure that so many (new?) people in this fandom are like Cas and Dean in that pic (“what, why isn’t AO3 enough?”) because as you said, the browsing system is good, the site is good and easy to read when using a phone which sometimes fails in Livejournal, but…  Anyway, as said, the tagging system is awesome, but sometimes you just end up scrolling through the same tags and the same popular fics. I also like to read once in awhile for LJ. It makes me feel so nostalgic since back at the times when I started to read it was pretty much the only place to find fics. So, here you go, some fics from other sites than AO3. Though I didn’t check all of these out in case these are also in AO3… – Admin J

Title: Catch the Wind, See Us Spin

Author: prettify

Rating: Explicit

Words: 12,000 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is a fic I’m pretty sure you can’t find from anywhere else except from this file I’ve linked. That’s why most of the people haven’t read it, at least if you’re usually only scrolling through AO3.

Summary: Dean is given an out, but reality is a strange, fickle bitch.

( Read here )

Title: Hummingbirds

Author: strangenessandcharm

Rating: Explicit

Words: 23,700 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I love this one! There’s that amazing awkwardness that only Cas can make cute and my heart melts everytime I re-read it. Amazing!

Summary: Castiel is rendered mute after being taught a painful lesson, but that enables Dean to learn a few lessons of his own while holding onto something important for him. Elsewhere, someone really loves to count.

( Read here )

Title: The Day the World Went Away

Author: pyjamagurl

Rating: Explicit

Words: 56,658 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I shoud really re-read this fic. It’s in every single one of my top favorite fics folders, but I really can’t remember what happens in it. It’s sad that I need to work and study, there’s not enough time to read new fics and to re-read my old favorites. Anyway, you shoudl trust me and read this.

Summary: After being reunited with Sam and leaving Lisa, Dean is finding that adjusting back into the hunting lifestyle is harder than he thought it would be. When a particular hunt goes badly, he gets knocked out, only to awaken five years in the future. Things are definitely different; Castiel is a hunter, Sam is married and things between Dean and Cas had gone somewhere Dean really hadn’t expected. And somewhere in all of this there is a lesson to be learned.

( Read here )

Title: Named

Author: mclachlan

Rating: Explicit

Words: 95,000 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin J’s notes: This fic always gives me goosebumps. In a good way, of course. I love the dark atmosphere it has and the entire story is so well-written, well thought-out (can I even say that? i say anyway) and very canon-like story. If you haven’t read it yet, do it now.

Summary: Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn’t the worst part of Dean’s week.

( Read here )

Title: Heart Trouble

Author: Cerulea

Rating: Mature

Words: 74,320 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ 

Admin A’s notes: I have a really hard time rating this fic since I’m not sure if I liked it or not XD I mean there were a lot of times that I truly thought it was great but then there were also times I just wanted to give up reading because some of the misunderstandings the two had were just too childish and unrealistic for me. But I’m probably alone with my feelings about this one, at least  based on the amount of likes and reviews this fic has.

Summary: Dean’s having a harder and harder time of denying what he feels for a certain blue-eyed friend of his. And it’s making him a little ornery, and a lot confused.

( Read here )

Title: A Hand

Author: thecouchcarrot

Rating: Mature

Words: 23,474 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin A’s notes: This was one of the first Destiel fics I ever read and I can’t believe I haven’t recced it before! I can’t really be totally objective while rating this since I’ve only read this once and it really was one of the first/if not the first Destiel fic for me, so it kind of has a special little place in my heart. Plus the sex-falcon sentence at the summary really slayed it for me :’D

Summary: “I find the term ‘lovebirds’ to be offensive. We prefer to be called ‘sex-falcons.’”

( Read here )

Title: Angelhawke

Author: almaasi

Rating: Explicit

Words: 407,057 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Don’t get scared because of this monster-lengthy piece of literature! I swear this is totally worth the hours it takes to read the whole thing. There’s no dull moments here despite the 400k of words, the forbidden love is just painstakingly beautiful and the smut (when it finally comes) is awesome. You won’t be disappointed with this one!
Ps. I know this is also on AO3 but the 400k of words is separated to only six chapters and the formation just sucks in general so it’s way easier to read it here!

Summary: A Dean/Cas Fantasy-Drama AU, set in a medieval world where two men are separated by a curse: every sunrise and sunset, both are eternally bound to transform into animals. Every night when darkness falls, Dean Winchester becomes a wolf, and his human mind is lost until the dawn. As the sun rises, his lover Castiel becomes a hawk. Their story has been the same for five years - until the day that a young thief named Sam stumbles into their twisted lives. Without even realising it, he becomes a part of their destiny, their paths entwined in prophecy and fate. Together with a few old friends, they set off on a journey to break the curse, but it won’t be easy. To pass the time, Dean and Castiel take turns to recount their past to Sam, narrating the tale of how they met, how they formed their profound bond, and how they found themselves wanting what no man should ever want: the touch of another man.

( Read here )

Title: Cheap Venetian Blinds

Author: Schmuzz

Rating: Mature

Words: 179,426 – Unfinished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★  

Admin A’s notes: There’s so many fics about the second world war and a lot about the fifties but  not many fics are set in the 20’s, so that already makes this fic unique! It’s been awhile since I read this fic and if it weren’t so long, I would definitely read it again to give you guys a better description of it!

Summary: A young gangster named Dean Winchester meets the Russian immigrant Kastyiyel Krushnic - oh wait, sorry, Castiel Novak - and as it turns out, having romantic relations with another man in 1929 isn’t the worst of their problems.

( Read here )

Title: This is Not Convenient

Author: cloudyjenn

Rating: Mature

Words: 12,022 – Unfinished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: To balance the amount of super lengthy angst fic on this rec, here’s a super smutty oneshot! I had to re-read it for you guys to make sure it’s still as good as it was when I first read it; and it totally is!
Summary: By: cloudyjenn

If Castiel doesn’t find a mate soon, the council will assign him one. And Dean’s not about to let that happen. Dean/Castiel slash

( Read here )

Title: Jedi!verse

Author: bleeding_muse

Rating: Explicit

Words: 122,000 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin J’s notes: Another reason to rec this series! This is so good, it reminds me of my pre-teen years when I spend my nights by reading the Jedi Apprentice books. It’s nice and easy-going, just that kind of a fic you don’t even need brains when you read it. It’s so relaxing sometimes to read things like this.

Summary: Jedi Master Castiel and Jedi Knight Dean Winchester solve the problems of the Galaxy.

( Read here )

anonymous asked:

The ask box is open, yay! I was wondering if you could find some non-AU fics (that are less than 50,000 words, and completed) about Dean struggling with coming to terms with his sexuality and some angsty stuff with Cas that turns into fluff or smut, or both ;) Thanks for the awesome recs, you guys are the best! (P.S. if you have a rec similar to this, you can link me to that. It's hard to tell on mobile)

Hey there! Yay, The Box was open and then it wasn’t again and soon it will be. Confusing enough? It sucks that we can’t keep it open all the time. Lottery jackpot, where are you? We need you so that we can make this our full-time job. Admin A and I have already discussed about how we could use the lottery money to set-up an office. Imagine a freaking office with framed Destiel pictures on the walls and everything. That would be professional Destiel stuff, lol!

But, the ask: we have already make a  post about Dean struggling with his identity some time ago. You should check that out in HERE, though I’m pretty sure some of those fics are longer ones. I also think that pretty much all the djinn fics I’ve recced are something that could fit, so check those out, too, in HERE.

Anyway, that’s one of the most popular subject in Destiel fics, because Dean with issues is so very… Well, Dean, isn’t it? I’ve picked up couple more of these Dean’s gay panic fics, so here you go. Enjoy! – Admin J

Title: Booty Calling

Author: avyssoseleison

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 4,103 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Apparently Cas is a manipulative bitch and Dean has a kink for his butt being touched. I didn’t quite get this one, but who cares, maybe you do! Some gay panic over here.

Summary: Written for the prompt:

canon!verse first time destiel where Cas accidentally discovers how much Dean likes his butt touched and then shamefully exploits it while Dean is too far up his own gay panic to notice he’s being manipulated into buying Cas orange sweaters and shit - until Cas is literally groping him one tipsy night and reality finally sinks in (words chosen carefully)

( Read here )

Title: the taste of gravel in the mouth

Author: beenghosting

Rating: Explicit

Words: 22,395 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is awesome! I love the way it’s written and how the you one bit after a bit realize what has happened. It’s - once again - something very canon: this is like it would happen in real life. Yes, SPN is real life.

Summary: This is what Cas gave up Heaven for: greasy diner food, shitty motel rooms with even shittier cable, long car rides spent in complete silence except for the same six tapes playing over and over again, and a burnt-out husk of a man who can barely hold a conversation anymore.

( Read here )

Title: Promise

Author: through_shadows_falling

Rating: Mature

Words: 4,228 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I loved it until… THE SMUT NEVER CAME! I was promised to get some smut by the rating but it never came. I’m offended! I can’t give it five stars, no matter how good the story was.

Summary: Castiel was acting strange. Well, stranger than normal. Heck, even stranger than he had been when he first Fell over six months ago. Dean had been living with the guy since then, and even in the early months of Cas’s humanness he hadn’t avoided Dean as much as he did this morning.

( Read here )

Title: Imagine Me and You

Author: through_shadows_falling

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,997 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: The name of the fic is so good. Like a movie I’d pick up, being positive I’m gonna cry my eyes out. The fic itself was okay-ish, kinda no plot thing, but Dean dealing his gay issues is always funny, so that’s that. And this was like the shittiest note ever.

Summary: Season 2 Sam and Dean are thrust forward in time and encounter their Season 9 counterparts.

How will they react to who they’ve become?

And most importantly, how will Dean react to his future self being with a certain angel of the lord?

( Read here )

Title: What Holds Us Up

Author: frecklesarechocolate

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 39,708 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this one Dean is already with Cas, but he panics over John’s reaction. This fic has everything it it I like: awkward Cas, Dean dealing with his (daddy) issues, Destiel in general, John’s A+ parenting… But for some reason I still didn’t like it as much as I should’ve. It sucks! I’ve read it twice, just in case that at the first time I was having some brain problems and didn’t like it that much back then ‘cause of that, but no. Something’s off between me and this fic. And it sucks. Big times.

Summary: What happens when John Winchester suddenly comes back to life, and meets the boys as they are today?

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Title: Together

Author: 1aundromat

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,291 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: And in between Dean’s gay panics: Sam’s gay panic for Dean! It’s hilarious, even though I usually like more very reasonable Sammy who doesn’t have issues with anything.

Summary: “So okay, sometimes Dean and Cas ended up sharing things – Sam never thought much of it. Part of Cas being human, right? Then it got way out of hand.”

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