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The solarpunk!Luigi and steampunk!Mario piece from the stream today - thanks to everybody who dropped by!! took me ~7hrs not counting first sketch to finish this piece. what am I doing with my life 

ATTENTION PLEASE! Everyone keep calm. The legend is back!!! 🗣️📢

idk why but i was thinking that because sasuke is so incredibly observant, he’d probably notice some slight changes so easily, and it would be the cutest thing. like when sakura got pregnant with sarada and her breasts started growing in size, he must have been so fucking adorable when he finally realized that they’d grown.

they’d be in the middle of loving foreplay, all slow and attentive, where she would have just told him to ease up a little bit because she’s gotten quite sensitive lately. he’d be paying especially considerate attention to her breasts, pressing less firmly than usual, his touch particularly gentle around her nipples. and then he’d move to fully close his hand around her breast, grabbing the whole of it to knead and brush, prompting a fleeting thought in his mind that she felt a little different today; more full, weighted.

and he’d blink and pause, questioning to himself, had they maybe grown in size? pulling himself away from her lips or her neglected breast, he’d look down at her, lightly testing the fullness in his grip, and he’d realize that yes, she had. and they felt a little plushier, too, in this entirely pleasant way.

and sakura wouldn’t know that he’d have taken notice of this—instead, she’d think he was unsure of whether or not he was being gentle enough, that he was worried about hurting her. so she’d tell him with the sweetest tone, “i know i asked you to be a more careful because they’ve been a little more sensitive lately, but you don’t have to be that careful, sasuke-kun…”

to which sasuke would pause again, looking up to meet her eyes for a long moment, before his lips would tug and he’d say, “im not worrying. im just noticing that your breasts are quite…” a faint smirk would play at his mouth, “…different.”

her cheeks would flush. “d-different?”

“hmm. bigger.” her blush would darken, his eyes would gleam. he’d kiss her again, kneading her breast quite appreciatively. “softer.”

the redness to her cheeks would now be absolutely feverish. she’d smack his shoulder a bit, before pulling him against her to bury her face in his neck. “sasuke-kun! stop embarrassing me…”

he’d just chuckle a little, so softly. “i like them,” he’d say.

“like this?”

“however. they’re always nice.”

giggling, she’d pull back, and kiss his cheek. “that was cute.”

he’d kiss her again just to shut her up.

(because of course, ‘cute’ is not something he ever wants to be used to define him.)

anonymous asked:

can you pleeease tell us how you color your gifs? they're amazing I can't get colors like that, like the make me choose malec or inverted one or the one for the latest episode you are not your own. please? they're gorgeous!

of course i can !!!! 

first of all, thank you so so much for saying that about my gifs !! it means so much that you like them !!!

so i’m gonna show you two examples if that’s cool? one from my you are not your own set and one from my 1x12 set.

you’ll need:
photoshop (i use cc)
basic knowledge on how to gif/base colour (i’m gonna focus on how to bring out/manipulate colours here rather than just general base colouring)

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title: hush

pairing, harry/louis. author, wankerville. word count, 41.2k


“I don’t like you like that, Harry.”

“See,” Harry starts, Louis can hear the smile in his voice, “that’s where I think you’re lying.”

or an au where small towns suck, louis is losing it, and harry’s just too perfect.

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