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Please tell the thumb story?


So, I was at a med conference some while ago. and we had entire sex workshop that I attended. They covered lots of stuff like how to talk to patients in the BDSM community about their concerns, a huge overview of all types of sex toys and lubes and just…everything about sex basically. 

Now the doc giving the talk used to go around to inner city-urban area schools and teach kids about sex ed. And when i say kids. I mean kids. like elementary and middle school. (you can see where this gets sad real fast)

Now he taught a class in one middle school (ages 11-14 abouts).  Taught them the basics, safe sex, consent, etc. But the thing…he demonstrated how to put on a condom. Now these kids are so young, he used HIS THUMB to demonstrate the proper putting-on-a-condom technique. 

Now fast forward some months later.  This man is doing his daily job as a doctor (i can’t remember if he was a family phys or a gyno but anyway) in comes this patient.  This patient is 14. pregnant. and was one of his former students. 

During the patient interview he asked her “We had that class where I told you about safe sex and how to put on a condom. What happened?” 

and she said….

“I don’t know what went wrong doctor, he put the condom on his thumb just like you showed”

and that is why…you never…ever…ever underestimate your patients ability to misunderstand you. Always always ALWAYS explain things to your patients over and over again with the utmost clarity


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