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Reaction no. 242: When you’re watching a kpop MV and trying to figure it out.


Finally got workshop to behave (mostly). It’s still a lot of re-remembering what I forgot. Next up is figuring out how to get rid of the shiny and the weird seam thing going on with the top. I think if I just get rid of the bump maps the shiny will go away, cause my specs I don’t think are dark enough to do this.

I’m just working with adult clothes to start with since they’re a fair bit easier to work on. Mostly because the adults can stand on their own in cas and in game for easier viewing (cause right now I’m too lazy for pose packs until I get these working)

These will be released eventually, I’m just not sure when since I’m working on a project with a friend of mine to make our own kind of stuff pack. I’ll be including quite a few of my unfinished works in with it too since I began work on some things ages ago but never got back to it *stares at the kiddy pool*

Some of the stuff I won’t be surprised if someone else has already made it, seeing as I’ve been a bit out of the loop for a few years, buuuut I’ll be putting out the stuff I made anyway because why not.


Well here’s why. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: “A Beginner’s Guide to Coldplay”. Hope you all enjoy.


So I watched this video and I couldn’t help but think of the GoM + Kagami.

Guy who’s constantly negative: Midorima
Guy who’s so prideful and unwilling to back down and probably pops his collar: Aomine
Guy who’s overly sensitive about everything: Kise
The person they all forget: Kuroko
The person who steals food from other peoples’ plates: Murasakibara (he blames it on Kagami)
Homicidal maniac: Akashi (imagine him taking out scissors)



This song relates to the purple guy so much


Aaaaannnngggggssstt with some more angst with a dash of… fluff? 

Lolz, here some more OTGW artwork that I had lying around. Some of these were either pictures I wanted to digitally color or colored, and some are just doodles. ( colored one I did do here. )

The one with The Beast and Purple Guy was a little joke I thought up when I read one of Patrick McHale’s original ideas for OTGW to where the Beast was really just a conductor chasing the brothers around to get them back on the train they jumped out of. >u>”

nfdskjnfdskj okay so. Hi. Derp. So first of all, this photo op idea was not mine. It was actually my mother’s after I told her that my Dean!Bear (that my lovely Kiki made for me for Christmas) should get a chance to be in a photo op with his life sized alter ego. 

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Doodle of secret dragon prince/princess, Yadira @imperfekct