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EXO as Demon Boyfriends

aww, thank you! ;) I hope you like this too! I felt like using the same scenario for each guy would be boring so I changed it up … hope that’s ok! Oh & you’re a human in this :)


  • is rather quiet and harvests souls only bc it’s his way of surviving, not out of cold blood. can seem uncaring but he simply sees it the same way that humans see a cow or a chicken; food
  • but a soul he could never take is yours, leading to him wanting to protect it instead
  • a group of rogue demons once found out about the scandalous love affair & tried to take your soul for themselves. but minseok surprised everyone by turning into a ruthless, vicious killer
  • he was a good guy but no one got away w threatening his friends or family. it brought out the cold demon in him and while scary, it’s also kinda sexy, ngl
  • intense sex that leaves you with bruises and your neighbours wondering if you’re being murdered

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  • seems like a small, delicate demon. the other demons tease him for his “feminine” looks. but when he’s hungry for souls or it’s mating season, he turns into … well, a demon
  • he’s unstoppable & surprisingly strong & ruthless
  • one night, he catches the scent of the tastiest soul he’s ever smelled & stumbles upon you showering at home. deciding whether to devour your soul or your body was such a hard decision luckily he picked the latter or else you’d be dead rn
  • your relationship is a constant mix of hunger/lust for him as he doesn’t know if he wants your heart or your soul more. but don’t be afraid, he would never hurt you … you think

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  • gives off an aura of over confidence
  • he doesn’t like being treated as inferior & will stand up for himself. this makes him seem arrogant or like he only cares for himself but he’s rather modest about his talents/strengths
  • and is very humble towards you, as he cares for you very much
  • it’s this self love & love for you that leads him to being so strong, which is what comes across as arrogance
  • has complex feelings but is bad at expressing them so sometimes he may do devilishly bad things when those feelings build up and explode. but you’ll always be there to pick up the pieces

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  • the alpha who doesn’t seem like one on the surface
  • he acts kind & friendly only so outsiders let their guards down. but if anything threatens his family/pack or you, then he will stop at nothing to eliminate that threat
  • feels sorry for humans but knows that their souls are the only way he’ll stay alive so he still kills but does so painlessly
  • spoils you
  • makes you sit on his lap during meetings, so everyone knows you’re the alpha female, even though you’re not a demon. bc human or not, the others know to listen to you. or else they’re on suho’s bad side & no one wants that

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  • he is intelligent, patient & hardworking. but also lazy :/
  • so he goes through phases of collecting endless souls then none & his boss lowkey hates him
  • during one of his hardworking spells, he encountered you & was immediately smitten
  • but before meeting you, he saw human souls as worthless. he wasn’t cruel, mind you, he wouldn’t hurt a human just for fun but they were still below him
  • so the fact that your soul drew him in so much astonished him & he didn’t even try to fight the pull.

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  • a cunning trickster who knows he’s beautiful
  • uses those looks to lure ppl into selling him their souls
  • when he found someone he couldn’t lure so easily, that “someone” being you, he fought hard to change that. but no matter how many tricks or sexy winks he sent your way, your soul was unattainable & during this chase, he fell in love
  • he’s witty & sarcastic, which can lead to trouble w stronger demons, but he’s not looking for a fight. esp. not if he has you to worry about as well. your safety is everything to him
  • now he focuses his cunning talents on providing for his life with you, not on stealing souls

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  • a playful demon
  • he spent hundreds of years just blending in, taking souls as he pleased & enticing the women or men he wanted to bed. in fact, he always just got what he wanted
  • the first struggle he faced was falling for you, which ended up all rosy since he won you in the end
  • the thought of taking your soul does admittedly cross his mind sometimes, but as he imagines a life without you, he decides he’d rather not eat your soul but something else ;)

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  • playful, fun guy on the surface
  • but surprisingly heartless inside
  • he acts cheerful so others aren’t on constant attack mode around him. but, inside, he knows that if he wants to continue living, he can’t be all merry & carefree. esp not when he needs to take care of you too
  • in his spare time, he taught himself how to play numerous instruments & plays them while singing to lull you to sleep

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  • doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, isn’t talkative, & seems cold and uncaring
  • but he’s actually very gentle & kind, something a demon can’t be, which is why he hides it
  • except around you. you get to see the real kyungsoo
  • he’s dedicated to keeping you both safe, so he can live out the rest of your life in loving harmony. he doesn’t even want to think about his life when your fickle human one ends; “let’s just live for the moment” he tells you often

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  • doesn’t like to fight but will if he has to
  • is mistaken as weak but proves the other demons wrong as he’s actually the pack’s strongest fighter. the only thing that holds him back from showing that off often is his good nature, that doesn’t take pleasure out of hurting others
  • feels embarrassed for some reason after feeding on souls (even though you know he does) so will come home & act like he was simply hanging out w some friends
  • loves attention & cuddles but teases you about doing the same for you; “you want me to hug you? wow, I must be irresistible”

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  • is known throughout the demon world as a fluid fighter, since his moves are so effortless and graceful as he takes souls and kills enemies
  • is seen as a ruthless killer
  • but truthfully he’s just a big child and loves dogs (but they hate demons so :/) and he loves you
  • likes that he can let his guard down around you and relax. lots of make-out sessions in sweats, esp after he’s been working out or just devoured a soul; his blood is pumping and he feels so full, but what’s the harm in a lil dessert? ;)

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  • a bratty demon
  • hates having to answer to a boss & reap xxx amount of souls
  • would rather just wander aimlessly, experiencing ppl & life
  • he sneaks out one night to do this & that’s how he met you
  • sometimes you forget he’s a super old demon, since he looks so cute when he pouts and can be so childish sometimes
  • has no shame in telling you “yeah I killed 43 people today when my target was only 40. I’m so great. I deserve a raise, don’t I?”

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my x-men OT3! kitty, kurt & piotr. 

one of them can walk through walls! one of them teleports past the walls! the other just busts a hole straight through them!

i ship kitty with piotr, but the most important relationship to me is always gonna be kitty & kurt. my favourite thing is in evo when it’s getting toward the end of the series, and kitty & kurt are in some pyramid talking about colossus. kurt’s all ‘i do not like him’ and kitty’s all ‘he’s a sweetheart really, trust’

and then colossus busts through the wall and kurt’s all ‘I TOLD YOU’ but piotr’s like ‘i grew concerned’ like. this giant dude was probably stressing out like ‘oh dear those two may be in danger inside this pyramid what should i do to make sure they’re okay welp here i go better just knock a me-shaped hole in the wall’

they’re just. real good. one gentle giant, one tiny geek girl just too into dragons, and one wannabe pirate elf. they have this one danger room playfight scene in ‘wolverine and the x-men’, it’s fun.

About the Arendelle Royal Flag

So I happened upon this video on youtube, detailing why there are no national flags with the colour purple. It’s an interesting video, but if you know anything about the history of garments or colours you likely already know the answer: purple is expensive. That’s actually why it tends to represent royalty, because up until the 1850s it was only royalty and those with lots of money who could afford the purple-dyed fabric.

And that got me thinking, because Arendelle’s flag has a good lot of purple in it.

That’s not to mention the many other banners and flags Arendelle has, including the Royal Standard, it’s Shield, Elsa’s royal banner, and the various profile banners.

(From The Art of Frozen book)

And as we can see from this shot, there are a fair number of these banners just around the castle alone, and more likely throughout the town.

Now: we could simply chalk this up to Arendelle being set in a fictional kingdom located somewhere in Very-Similar-But-Not-Real Europe, sometime around 1840, and that because of that reason there was no shortage of purple dye and it wouldn’t have meant financial ruin for a country to choose purple as one of three colours in its flag. After all, Corona’s flag from Tangled also is largely composed of purple fabric:

And it is much easier to simply say these were both made as artistic choices by the modern creators of these movies because purple = royalty and we needed something to very obviously show that these nations are monarchies. But that is also the boring option (and one that suggests the creators didn’t really care too much about this particular kind of historical accuracy, but let’s not get into that).

So, let’s assume this is close to reality and purple fabric was ridiculously expensive. Going off the linked video above, purple dye was traditionally produced in one area of the Mediterranean known as Tyre, when thousands upon thousands of a certain kind of sea snail were routinely used so royals could wear purple. Because of these snails only being found in that location, and the sheer number of them to produce even a single gram of dye (about 10,000 snails for one gram), purple dye cost up to three times its weight in gold.

Purple did become more popular and easier to produce after 1856, when Willian Henry Perkin (an English chemist) accidentally created a solution that was capable of dyeing fabric purple. But, as mentioned above, Frozen is supposedly set in the 1840s, and it is likely that its national colours had been set long before that point. And while the video lists numbers that are more likely to apply to more older civilizations, I have a feeling purple would still have been fairly expensive to buy en mass when it’s likely cheaper to use other colours. Hell, even some of the biggest empires in history didn’t use purple in their flags, mostly because something like a flag would have to be reproduced for every ship, every army, every town, every castle, and every fortress a kingdom might have. 

So why would Arendelle, or Corona for that matter, use that much purple in their flags?

There are two options I can come up with, and feel free to state yours if you have any. The first one isn’t quite as exciting, and kinda cheats with the whole “it’s like Europe but it’s not actually” concept of the Disney universe. Basically, there’s something in either Arendelle or Corona that allows them to make their own dye. While it’s not very exciting, it would still be an interesting way for these kingdoms to flaunt their wealth and power by being some of the few places where purple dye can be bought, and since they have so much of it they can afford to have it feature prominently in their flags. It’s not quite as obvious a statement of wealth as, say, building opulent palaces or constantly utilizing gold and marble in designs. (This would also give Arendelle an actual processed good to trade rather than solely relying on raw materials). For Arendelle, I’d say a flower, like a crocus, might be able to be distilled down into a natural purple dye, or perhaps there’s a mineral in the mountains that’s similar to something like lapis lazuli and can be used to create a pigment. Probably the latter would be more likely. Corona could probably get away with having some kind of aquatic animal as its source, given it’s position further south and closeness to a large lagoon/sea.

The second option is also a little out there, but much more interesting in terms of story potential: Arendelle and Corona are both loaded. Like, fabulously wealthy. But unlike other nations that try and flaunt it, both - but especially Arendelle - try to keep it on the down low. This could be a wise strategy, as it makes them a key player in a lot of international affairs without outright painting a massive target on themselves just daring someone to try and rob them of it. The same sort of thing would then apply: their flags have purple because they absolutely can afford it, but that’s really the only clue they’ll give people. For anyone who doesn’t get the hint then they wouldn’t even notice, but anyone who did know exactly how much purple things cost would totally understand the symbolism. In terms of story, things could range all the way from our main cast having more run-ins with characters like the Duke of Weselton who know Arendelle is beyond wealthy and want to try and get their grubby little hands on it, all the way up to citizens of Arendelle getting fed up by exactly how much just one flag costs and why the kingdom is spending money on stuff like that rather than spending it on more important things. Heck, maybe Arendelle isn’t as wealthy as it used to be when all those flags were made, and as a result whenever a new one has to be created the public get more and more frustrated.

I don’t know, it’s something to think about. I know none of this really matters because a) Frozen is a kids’ movie set in fantasy Europe so ignoring nitpicky points of historical fact is kind of what it does and b) it was more than likely that Arendelle’s flag, colours, and crest were designed to fit the symbolism of the movie and not match up with anything from history. While it is something interesting to think about, it’s not something to get annoyed at the creators for. If anything, it just gives those of us desperate for more world building an excuse to start imagining more about Arendelle.

(Also as a side note, the other colours of Arendelle’s flag also create interesting issues if you go ahead and apply real-world fact to them: The yellow crocus would actually be fairly easy to produce as yellow dye can be easily created from several natural sources, however if it’s embroidered then it the yellow could be replaced with gold thread, once more upping the price. Green, on the other hand, was a pain in the ass to get a good colour for, as you either had to mix blue and yellow dyes - often leading to something that will fade into a splotchy, ugly mess - or it was made out of an arsenic-based dye. The latter didn’t come into play until the 1800s, and given the more natural look of the green in Arendelle’s flags I’d be more inclined to say they used the safer method. But it’s still interesting to see how something that was chosen based on how we see colours today would be affected by the methods of the actual time period.)

The Truth//Haechan Scenario

Pairing: Reader x Haechan

Word Count: 2031

Plot: Donghyuck invites his best friend Y/N over to hang out with him and the rest of Nct 127. Y/N and Donghyuck both have crushes on each other. They play truth or dare, causing some things to be revealed. 

A/N: This is my first time writing a scenario in over a year and my first time writing one for this blog. It’s definitely not my best and is super cheesy, but I think it’s a good start to help me get back into the groove of things! Hopefully from this point forward, I’ll get used to writing again and create better scenarios. But for now, I hope you all enjoy this cute Donghyuck one! If you do, please feel free to Request! I write scenarios and fake texts for Nct, Got7, Bts, and Exo. Thanks again for reading! (Btw, I know not all of Nct lives in the same dorm, but in this scenario Mark and Donghyuck dorm with 127, just wanted to clarify so no one is confused!)


Taking out your phone, you text Donghyuck to tell him you’ve arrived at the dorms as you’re walking up to the door. Almost as soon as you send the text the door opens and you’re being pulled in Donghyuck’s chest by a really tight hug.

“Y/N!!! I’m so happy to finally see you!” Donghyuck smiles, releasing you from the hug, but still keeping an arm around you while shutting the door.

You feel your heart start to race already and let out a huge smile. “Same! I feel like it’s been so long since they last time we were able to hang out!”

You and Donghyuck have been best friends since before he was even a trainee and you two were practically inseparable. It wasn’t long before you started to develop feelings for him. It was amazing to you how even though he was a very busy idol, he still did his best to make time for you and stay true to himself. Now that the 127 comeback was over, Donghyuck told you he finally had some spare time and invited you over to hang out with him and the guys. Of course, who were you to refuse? Donghyuck leads you into the main room of the dorm and you’re met with a bunch of the guys shouting greetings at you from different spaces of the room.

“Hey guys! It’s nice to see you all again!” You say with a smile, taking a seat next to Donghyuck on the couch.

“Same with you Y/N! Donghyuck has not been able to stop talking about the fact that he finally gets to see you again since you guys first made the plans!” Taeyong replies to you, smiling!

“Hey!” Donghyuck yells back accusingly with a blush while you just laugh, happy to be back in the company of your best friend.

“So, do you guys wanna watch a movie?” Mark suggests, walking over to the TV.

“We always watch movies, let’s do something fun!” Johnny replies.

“Like what?” Doyoung asks.

“I don’t know… how about we play truth or dare?” Johnny smiles.

“Truth or dare? What are we middle schoolers?” Donghyuck questions.

“Come on it’ll be fun!” Yuta says siding with Johnny. Eventually most of the guys agree and you get roped into playing truth or dare with all of the Nct 127 boys. 

“Y/N are you sure you’re ok with this? They’re losers anyway we don’t have to hang out with them if you don’t want too.” Donghyuck says quietly, nudging you with his shoulder.

“Don’t worry it’s fine! I promise I’ll tell you if I get too bored!” You laugh.

“Ok guys, who wants to start?” Johnny asks, sitting down and completing the circle.

“I will! Winwin, truth or dare?” Yuta asks almost immediately after Johnny starts the game.

“Uh… dare.” Winwin replies unsurely. 

“I dare you to go get ice cream with me tomorrow!” Yuta smiles, leaning over to side hug Winwin.

“Come on man, that’s not a real dare!” Johnny objects.

“You don’t get to decided what’s a real dare and what isn’t! Winwin, it’s your turn to ask someone truth or dare.” Yuta argues back.

“Ok, um… Jaehyun, truth or dare?” Winwin asks.


“I dare you to go out into the street with one other member and dance to Whiplash in the weirdest way possible!” Winwin says, causing all of the other members to break into hysterics.

“Winwin! Who knew you could be so evil?” Jaehyun asks laughing. Jaehyun chooses Taeil claiming it’s because he’s the oldest, and you all follow them outside to watch their little show. After that all goes down, Jaehyun asks Mark truth or dare.

“Dare!” Mark answers.

“Why is everyone choosing dare?” Doyoung questions immediately after, but no one seems to care since everyone knows that dares are usually the funniest.

“I dare you to go stand under cold water in the shower with your clothes on for a full minute!” As soon as the words leave Jaehyun’s mouth, Mark gets up with confidence and starts walking to the bathroom. In no time, everyone begins to chant “Mark Lee Mark Lee Mark Lee” as soon as Jaehyun starts the timer. When the timer goes off, Mark immediately runs out to change as everyone starts cheering for him.

Donghyuck leads you to go sit back in the circle, and you lean your head on his shoulder while he absentmindedly plays with your fingers. Even though this is a normal occurrence for you two, it never fails to make your heart race. You wish you two could act like this as a couple and not just best friends. Eventually, everyone settles down again and Mark gets ready to ask someone else truth or dare. 

“Ok, Y/N! Truth or dare!” Your eyes widen as soon as the words come out of Mark’s mouth. Not wanting to humiliate yourself in front of all of the guys, you choose truth. 

“Ok, I’ll go easy on you. Who was your first kiss?” All of the guys including Donghyuck turn to look at you, and you freeze up as you try to think of someone to tell the guys. The truth is, you’ve never had your first kiss and you find it more than a little bit embarrassing considering your age.

“Um… well… I actually haven’t had my first kiss yet…” You answer looking down to the floor, embarrassed. You feel Donghyuck tense up next to you, sensing that Mark’s question made you upset. You’ve always been a little bit shy and a lot of people know about your close friendship with Donghyuck, so for that reason, boys just tended to stay away from you. Of course you wished you could have you first kiss, but you want it to actually mean something and not just be with some random guy out of pity.

“Oh… I’m sorry Y/N I just figured…” Mark starts, but you cut him off saying “No, no its fine. Let’s just continue with the game.” You force a smile onto your face, so embarrassed that all of these guys just found out you haven’t had your first kiss yet. 

You spend the remainder of the game with your head down, too embarrassed to participate properly. You know it isn’t Mark’s fault because he didn’t know, but you just can’t help feeling a little bit self-conscious after your confession. The game continues on for a little bit until the guys get bored and decide to stop.

“So, you wanna hang out in my room for a while? We can watch a movie or play games on my laptop?” Donghyuck asks you obliviously. 

“I don’t know, I think I might go home because it’s getting a little late. Thanks for hanging out with me tonight though, I’m glad I finally got to see you!” You reply, not being able to avoid noticing Donghyuck’s face fall.

“Awe ok, well maybe we can hang out again tomorrow.” Donghyuck says leading you to the door. 

“Yeah maybe. Well, I’ll see you.” You say giving him quick hug while not meeting his eyes and walking out the door.

“Text me!” He yells out after you.

When you return home, the first thing you do is lay on your bed and stare at the ceiling. You know it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but you can’t get over the fact that your best friend who is also your crush of many years knows that you haven’t had your first kiss. He and his band members probably think you’re such a loser now. You don’t know how you’re going to be able to face him for a while. Deciding staying up all-night and reminding yourself of it isn’t the best option, you decide to just go to sleep and hope to feel better in the morning. If you don’t you will just avoid Donghyuck for a while.
It’s been a few days since the whole truth or dare thing, and avoiding Donghyuck has been pretty difficult. You know he deserves an explanation, but you can’t bring yourself to give him one just yet. So you kept avoiding his texts and calls concluding it to be the best option. Knowing that he’s trying to reach you has just made your heart hurt even more, but you know you have to grow up and move on. When your phone calms down and you finally think he’s stopped trying to reach you, you hear a knock at your front door. Without really thinking, you open the door and are met with Donghyuck’s worried expression. Not having any time to react to seeing him at your doorstep, Donghyuck pulls you into a tight hug.

“Y/N, I’ve been so worried! Why haven’t you been answering my calls or texts!”

Too in shock to answer his question properly, you say, “Donghyuck? How are you even allowed to be here right now??”

“That’s not important! What’s important right now is me finding out why you’ve been ignoring me!” He says, walking into your house and shutting your door. He grabs your wrist lightly, causing your heart to speed up a bit, and pulls you over to sit with him on the couch.  “Ok, now talk.” He says, looking into your eyes with a lot of concern.

“I’m just… embarrassed.” You say quietly, looking down at your lap.

“Embarrassed? Is this because of the first kiss thing from the other night? I swear if this is Mark’s fault I will go to him and-“ “It’s not his fault!” You interrupt, cutting him off. “It’s not just because of that.” You pause and take a deep breath preparing yourself for what’s about to come. 

“I like you Donghyuck. I have for years now, and I know you don’t reciprocate my feelings. I thought that you must think I’m some pathetic loser knowing that I still haven’t had my first kiss at our age. So I decided avoiding you was the best option to get over my feelings and embarrassment. I hope we can still be friends after this.” You finish, still refusing to look up from your hands. 

Donghyuck’s hands suddenly reach out to grab yours after his lifts up your chin to force you to look at him.

“What made you think that I don’t reciprocate your feelings?’ Donghyuck asks sincerely while looking into your eyes.

“What?” You question back, shocked at what you’ve just heard.

“Y/N, I’ve liked you for years now too! I thought YOU didn’t like me back so I never confessed. Plus, I figured you deserved better than me since I’m never around because of my busy schedule.” Donghyuck says never breaking the eye contact.

“Donghyuck, I don’t care about your schedule. I never have! You’re all I care about. I’d happily be with you, even if you’re schedule is packed! As long as I’m with you, I’m happy.” You answer smiling.

Donghyuck doesn’t answer at first, but you feel gaze on your lips as he looks up to meet your eyes again. “Y/N… can I…” he trails off, but you just nod, understanding his intentions. 

Slowly, Donghyuck leans in placing his lips hesitantly on yours, wrapping his arm around your waist to pull you closer. Adjusting to the new feeling, you slowly begin to move your lips along with his, following his lead. Once he feels you’re a bit more comfortable, Donghyuck pulls you even closer and starts to kiss you with a bit more force. You reciprocate the force and start to relax into the kiss. Finally having to breathe, you both break apart heavily breathing.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” Donghyuck says, looking at you with a huge smile on his face.

“Same here.” You reply with an even bigger smile.

“Y/N, how would you feel about being my girlfriend?” Donghyuck asks grabbing your hands and looking into your eyes hopefully.

“I would absolutely love to be your girlfriend.” You reply. Donghyuck just smiles as he leans in again giving you your second kiss. You kiss back with anticipation, happy that you were able to have your best friend be your first and second kiss.



here are some of my highly recommended must watch japanese series and movies! I have included my personal thoughts about it and some pictures would contain spoilers! 

BE READY TO CRY, LAUGH, GET MAD, AND GO CRAZY if you start to watch japanese dramas and movies. I swear to god they’re the best thing ever. everything is unique on it’s own. my favourites would be the tear jerker films though. 

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anonymous asked:

is it bad that i don't like sharon carter? like, i feel like if u say that everyone screams that you hate women, which is weird since im a girl and i feel like the majority of people in this community are women. i mean she could've been a good character. but she wasn't. i found her boring. i think if she was a guy it would've been ok to say that. but ppl get so mad. maybe im just missing something. idk. i didn't like staron. but i didn't like her either. she was flat and dull imho

nah i didn’t like her either, nothing to do with her being a woman, she was just poorly written, she was given no substance. They literally only used her as a hetero plot device, she was given no depth or personality. but ur right people wanna yell sexist if u say that. but i get u, she was a dull character, Maria and Pepper and Natasha are all infinitely more interesting 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Friend: ok but aren't they just fictional characters? Why are you obsess over someone that isn't real. I mean that's just weird....
  • Me: why don't u shut yo mouth up before I kill u with my motherfucken fictional powers
  • Friend: ugh...*backs away*
  • Me: that's right hoe

Winter 2015.

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