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I wanna see all my crushes take a hit with me; y'all are all babes

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About the kissing: there was a wet tongue and everything!! It's a freakin no go zone. My advice is to avoid it unless you really really want to. Still, he held my face so hard that all I could think about were the daleks squishing that guy's face with their plungers! (also bad breath lingers)

that was probably disgusting I feel so bad for you & you have a wonderful imagination

thanks for the fact, as well

pokemon villians
  • giovanni: i want money
  • silver: i hate my dad
  • maxie: i want more land for my crops
  • archie: I LIKE WATER
  • cyrus: hey. i literally hate the entire world and im a depressed antisocial mess, lol...... bye world
  • n: im not evil :(
  • ghetsis: i want ALL of the pokemon. fuck you
  • lysandre: what did i want again? i said the world was ugly but like. did i have any real motivations outside of this
  • lusamine: my husband left and so did my kids. here are 3 easy steps to regain them
  • guzma: i like bugs a lot and everyone kept squishing them so now im rebelling the whole system. fuck you guy
#1 - What He Does to Annoy You

luke: i feel like luke would always be the one to poke you or squish your face or tickle you. he’s a really playful guy, and when you’d get annoyed and groan at him he’d just giggle like a schoolgirl. he’d especially annoy you when you’re doing things like working on homework or reading.

michael: as we all know, michael is always really loud. so i think if he ever wanted to annoy you he’d start shouting random, hilarious things or ramble on a lot. basically just your typical rowdy boy.

ashton: i have no doubt that ash would just tell the same jokes over and over, poking you until he got your attention. “y/n y/n y/n” “what ashton?” the he’d tell a joke that you’ve heard a thousand times before and you’d just roll your eyes.

calum: cal probably wouldn’t be all that annoying. the only somewhat annoying thing he’d probably do is bring up the most random and irrelevant topics. you’d be in the middle of a netflix episode and all of the sudden he;d start talking about coffee. 

So uh… I may have restarted my Moon Team. Restarting games is a bad habit of mine (I can’t tell you how many times I restarted Alpha Sapphire). But I wanted to restart because I got this cool little trainer/starter character team up in my head.

But yeah so here’s my new team and trainer so far! Instead of it just being like me in the game, I wanted to make it like a separate character, and thus we have Hat! She’s grumpy, angry, and will punch team Skull Right in the face. She tries to be intimidating but no one will take her seriously.

And then we have PrettyBoy! (and he does have stars on both ends of his name). He’s smol, very squish and is such a good boy!!! While Hat tries to be tough, PrettyBoy is being the cutiest cutie you can imagine!

Anyway, that’s all I got for these guys right now, but I hope to do more fan art with them! I’m also planning on getting an Alolan Meowth for the team soon, so I may have more stuff in a bit!

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[Honmeichoko] Tetsurou, Koutarou, I made these for you. *hands over a box of assorted dark and white chocolates* I just wanted to make sure you knew how important you are to me. *tiptoes and pecks them on the cheek* You guys are definitely the MVPs in my heart!

Bokuto grins widely and takes you in an embrace, barely missing squishing the chocolates in between the two of you. “Happy Valentine’s babe!! You’re the best thing ever!!”

“And sweeter than all these chocolates, I bet,” Kuroo says with a grin. “I’ll even taste it just to make sure~”

Kuroo takes a piece from the box and so does Bokuto, and the glimmer in Bo’s golden eyes makes your heart do flips. 

“HOLY SHIT! You’re very very very pretty and really really really nice and also super cool and then you can also make chocolates real good???” Bokuto gushes. “Everyone should know that you’re MVP!”

Kuroo pauses from his chewing, considering what Bokuto just said, and swallowed before saying: “Bro, do you even know what MVP means?”

“Ya, bro,” Bokuto grins. “My Vavorite Person!”

Flushed// Yoon Sanha

Originally posted by moobinthighs

Pairing: Sanha x reader

Genre: fluff

Summary: nonymous said:
OMG ok so I was watching an Astro video and you know how the guys just sit on each other’s laps? well do you think you could write a fic where you’re friends with the guys and you sit on sanhas lap thinking it’s ok since the guys do it all the time but he gets super flustered bc he has a crush on you 👀 pretty please & thank you! your work is very nice☺️

Author’s Note: I had lots of fun writing this one, Sanha is literally the cutest little bean and I want to hug him and squish his cheeks. I hope you enjoy the read lovely anon ~

xoxo Sara

You had been friends with the boys of Astro for about 8 months now, and you know them all fairly well as you have been spending literally all of your free time with them, whether you wanted to or not. Regardless, you always enjoyed their company, as they could always make you laugh and smile even with the smallest things.

You had been hanging out with Eunwoo, Jinjin and Moon Bin for the past couple of hours, doing silly things, watching movies, before the other three got home. You liked spending time alone with all of the boys, but you loved even more when they were together. They were always being stupid; picking each other up, throwing things at each other playfully, sitting in each others laps, and all of those things were normal in their daily lives as they have really grown close over their period of training together.

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Until Dawn (Spoilers!)

Y'all who are fans of the fucking amazing horror game called Until motherfucking Dawn, listen up!

Do you remember Josh’s alternate ending? How if he didn’t get his head squished by a motherfuckin wendigo, he becomes one?

Well listen up, ass wipes! There’s no way he’s a wendigo. I am not shitting you. It may be just a way for the game makers to squeeze in another scare into the end but for right now, let’s all just pretend that those damn ass hats didn’t just want to show off their designing skills.

Toward the end of the game, we all got our presence fucking graced by a man named Jack (aka “The Stranger” or “Flamethrower Guy”). He is like John motherfuckin Winchester and is wise enough to keep a damn journal. Above is a piece of the transcript of this blesséd journal. It (and this caught my attention the 5th time reading it) states “…the eyes turn first and become milky and white.”

But hold on just a motherfucking burger flipping second!! Do Josh’s eyes look “milky and white” to you? Now I know what you might be thinking: “WTF bruh. His eyes are a bit tinted white and they’re a bit milky.”

We’ll take a look at the last 2 wendigos. The first one (the one looking straight on) is a wendigo from the game and that one has been a wendigo a while. And the last one is Hannah. She has only been a wendigo for approximately 11 months maybe even less (seeing as she only started eating Beth on “Day 33”) and I don’t know about you fuckers but her eyes are not distinguishable.

And you can perfectly see Josh’s (aka Rami Malek’s) beautiful hot as shit fucking green eyes.

So that’s /one/ of the reasons why I don’t think Josh is a wendigo. Thank you for your precious time to read this. I love you all.

Stargazing with Phil ^.^

/Okay, serious talk.

 i am really close 500 followers!!!! Yay!!! (i made this drawing beforehand as a milestone thing for y’all, but then i really wanted to show it to you guys and i couldn’t wait for the rest of the followers…so… um….. THANKS A LOT TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE FOLLOWED ME/GOING TO FOLLOW ME I CANT BELIEVE IT SERIOUSLY THANKS) so this my oneshot at something less squish…i might not do more of these as they take time to make, which reminds me… my school’s starting… yeah… I mean, i’m NOT going anywhere, its just that i wont be able to make stuff that often anymore. I’ll try, but… you guys get it right. I’ll try my best.

And I am also trying really hard to not copy anybody’s style, so if it does look like anyone’s (i mean, a duplicate, not the eyes or a hair strand please), do tag me in some of their artwork, yeah? it’ll save me a lot of trouble. 

Please don’t repost or remove caption (just deal with it this time, i’m sorry for  the longass para, ) thanks!!!!!!!!!!!/