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Lars’s Shirt

So like

I don’t think i’ve seen anyone mention this yet but like 

Idk if this matters at all but like you know how Lars like always wear an undershirt? Like, always? Literally in pretty much every episode. Except for one time. And what time was that? It was when Lars wasn’t really Lars at all, but when Steven was possessing Lars’s body in the “The New Lars” as seen below

Now idk if this really means anything but like. For the second time ever in the show, and the first time ever that Lars picked out his own shirt, Lars is seen wearing just the t-shirt and not the undershirt once again, in this new story arc

Now I;m not entirely sure what this represents if anything, but if I’m going to guess I’m going to say anxiety? Think about it, Lars always wears his undershirt because he’s always got a layer of anxiety and insecurity underneath. EXCEPT when Steven was Lars, he didn’t have the deeper layer of anxiety because he was Steven. And now, in this arc, Lars is going to learn how to move past his fear and anxiety to fight for those he cares about, as foreshadowed with the lack of undershirt. And possibly lead to a Stars fusion where they learn to work together through their fear and that they care about each other? But idk idk i could be totally off here. Any more ideas?

Oh and also we should talk about the fact that there’s an episode called “Lars’ head” and he has a skull on his shirt. He has a head where his heart is…and that also happens to be where Steven puts his hand in the new promo…..

Chapter 14 of Passing Ships is posted!

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Tags: Slow Burn, Pining, Anti-Soulmate AU, Cupid Cas

Sneak Peek:


Castiel straightens, wiping his brow with the back of his hand. “Dean.”

“Why the hell are you here?”

Castiel shakes his head, silent and at a loss of what to say, Dean stares at him strangely, face slowly lighting up in recognition.

“What are you—are you stalking me?”


“Were you listening in on my conversation? That whole thing?” Dean strides to plant himself firmly in front of him, eyes flashing. “Well?”

Closing his eyes at the rush of shame that bolts through him, Castiel nods. “It’s my job.”

“So you’ve been spying on every date I’ve been on with Lisa?”

“It was my job,” Castiel repeats miserably.

Dean lets out an exasperated scoff, throwing his arms in the air. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It would ruin the observations.”

“The ‘observations?’” Dean repeats back, incredulously. “I was right, all those weeks ago—I really am just some kind of experiment to you, aren’t I?”

“No, Dean, of course not.” Castiel takes a step forward, hand outstretched toward his friend, although he’s not entirely sure what the intended destination is. “You have to understand, it was orders from Heaven. Part of my job. If it were up to me, your privacy would not have been invaded.”

Dean narrows his eyes, chewing his bottom lip as he studies Castiel. Finally, he stuffs his hands in his pockets and sighs, the anger deflating from his shoulders. “You’re always gonna be following orders from Heaven, aren’t you?”

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Hmmmm. I guess posting only for one fandom for almost a year means that many people think you will only ever post and like that one fandom.

So I got a few messages now, asking me if I will come back to BNHA, or if I have abandoned my planned BNHA projects, or if there will be no more headcanons for BNHA - all of it because I was so into GotG the last few days. Since there were quite a few, I would like to address this here, for everyone.

Sorry to disappoint you, guys, but I actually like more than one thing at the same time, so I won’t always post about BNHA. Be it Guardians of the Galaxy, Boku no Hero or others… just because I’m posting a lot about one of those things and less about the others doesn’t mean that I don’t love the “neglected” stuff anymore! It’s just that I used my (limited) free time to reblog stuff that was right on my dash or that I just saw and liked - and if that’s GotG stuff, then it is that. If that is BNHA stuff, then that is that.

I won’t just disappear from the BNHA fandom, so you can stop worrying about it, if you were doing that. But I won’t just blog about one thing just because that’s what you guys are used to. Sorry, but that’s just not possible - I have many things that I love and want to ramble about, after all. I’m very sorry if that shouldn’t meet your likings, but I can’t really influence that. I can’t make everyone happy, as much as I would want to. In the end, I will just blogging like I did before - by having fun and just doing what makes me happy. And making other people happy is the nice bonus to that.

If this should come over as angry or annoyed, believe me, I’m not. I just wanted to make this clear, since a lot of people seem actually to be worried that I will abandon BNHA just like that. I won’t. I really won’t. I am still working on a few fanfics, a picture and other things are planned, but I am no machine, and if inspiration hits me for other things, then it’s best to pursue that, no?

Thank you very much for understanding, you all.

*cough* so I thought that those of you left who still follow this mess of a blog may enjoy knowing the following fact *cough*:

I had my first kiss

With the prettiest girl in the known universe

It was very nice and she is a very good kisser

I am so glad it happened this way

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What series will you be doing fanart for next once fairy tail ends?


To be honest, isn’t like i’ll stop drawing FT fanarts (I still have a lot of ideas i haven’t draw yet) but my priority will be Sousei no Onmyouji (Specially Shimayu fandom, and BNHA probably too)

You guys should give a try to SnO! The author is a blessing and the story is very well written! I’m sure you will like it a lot!

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Okay, the one short little long thing I’m going to say about shinee and their 9th anniversary.

When I found shinee gosh.. 4 years ago now ;; I was lost as a person. I had no direction in my life and no purpose. I almost lost my life, I almost didn’t finish my freshman year in college. I felt lost and alone almost every day. I had lost my support structure and never smiled because I simply didn’t have a reason to anymore. I had lost the happiness in my life.

But then..

Netflix suggested that I watch to the beautiful you, and I did, and I fell in love with the main character, and suddenly a girl, who I actually didn’t like at the time (which is another story for another day), introduced me to shinee and who they are and told me her favourite was Onew and I thought “Onew” was a band… I had so much to learn -_-. But anyway, she is my best friend today (@dubuluvr).

After the end of that semester (I made it!!) I had a drive and a passion again to be happy, to be the best that I could be. This month, I graduated college. I made it to the end and raised my GPA in the process. I have already started the process of finding a job, and feel like I will be heading out to Korea come this August.

I have so much to be grateful for and honestly, I don’t think I could have done it all without shinee. I know they won’t see this, but I hope they know that they are helping people around the world, and as their light shines we shine with it.

Thank you shinee

so I’m replaying epic mickey cause it’s been fOREVER I barely remember anything



5d’s ep 26 vs Arc-V ep 147

Yusei beats Jack for the first time.

Yuya beats Jack for the final time.

Ellie and Atlas
(from my fic Laxus Tries Not To Adopt a Kid (And Gives Up Pretty Quickly))

THEY’RE CUTE OKAY. I bet Bix shipped the Fraxus baby and the ElfEver baby so hard.

  • Fandom: pits two unconnected female characters who probably would get on like a house on fire if they ever met over shipping business
  • Me: Um let's take a step back and look at their amazing development and the journey they went on and how they are so fucking awesome that they can rule the world together and not undervalue them over a guy's dick

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are you married with ALL those yuuris? or

“Excuse me, the word you’re looking for is ‘engaged’.” 


*new female character in 0b*

c0br0s: sHe bEtTeR NOT beE a NueeWuhHhhHuh LoOoOovE EEEINturrrESt FOrrRruH COOuhSEEooAMUH 

y’all i wish i was fucking kidding you with this one. i’m not.