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(no the same anon) but ok so i just read the imagine on Harry talking to Ed about proposing omg could you write a TFLN and relate it sort of towards that like its hours before he is about to actually propose?? idk u write it how u want lol

I apologize for this because I’ve only written Ed once, about a year ago and I deleted that work, and I don’t feel like I ‘know’ Ed enough to really capture his personality, but with that being said, I tried. x

You can read the imagine based off this right here.

Harry. Ed.

Mate. I’m going to be sick.

I’m going to get down on one knee and projectile vomit all over her.

No you’re not.

She is going to say no, leave me, run off with some lawyer guy and have a dozen kids with him.

I should have just became a lawyer.

Think it’s too late for that?

Mate, just calm down. What did I tell you before?

She said she wants this, yeah?

Yeah, but maybe it’s too soon!

Or maybe the second I pop the question she’ll realize there’s more than just me out there and gets freaked out?

Like ‘I could spend the rest of my life with this donut hole, or see what else is out there?’

So do you think every time she was telling you she wants a future with you that she was lying?

No, but people change their minds.

Do you think if you don’t go through with this tonight that you’ll regret it?

Because I have a feeling you’ll wake up tomorrow and be like ‘Oh, I could have a fiancée right now, but I had to be a proper dickhead and not propose to my girlfriend out of fear she’ll say no.’

And I also have a feeling if she were to find out you didn’t go through with it, you’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month.
She’s one of the best things to ever happen to me.

I don’t want to sabotage that.

And marrying her would be even better, wouldn’t it?

Starting a family? Have a small little herd of kids running around?

She said she wants 3.

Then you’re wasting time and need to get a move on things, mate!

If she was having doubts, I don’t think she’d be at home with you right now wondering who the fuck you’re texting so much.
You have a couch for me if she says no?


These feelings are normal. You’re fine. Everything is going to be fine.

Send me cute pictures of the proposal to be jealous of after.

I asked Cal to be hiding somewhere.

Going to be awkward if he gets a rejection on camera.

I’m 30 seconds away from coming over and bitch slapping sense into your think brain.

I’m really fucking nervous, mate.

I don’t even have a speech prepared. I was hoping the right words come out in the moment. Always seems to work for people in movies.

Well you’ve been in one so maybe it’ll work out for you in favour.

I fucking hope so.

She’s almost done getting ready so I’m probably going to turn my phone off.

Just wish me luck, mate.

You don’t need any more luck. Got the girl of your dreams, did you?

She’s better than my dreams.

Atta mate x

Hey, Ed.

I’m engaged.

Modern AU (NewtxReader)-2

Due to requests for a second part, here it is. 💚 also, I’ve totally done this and that’s where the inspiration came from 😂Love college pranks.

Master list (part one can be found here)


“You know, guys….I really don’t believe this is a good-”

“Shush, would ya’, Newt.” Jacob waved the zoology student off, peeking around the corner of the chemistry building to check for any security. Thankfully, he found none.

“Guys, it’s clear.” He smirked, giving Queenie and you a thumbs up.

Newt sighed, looking around in guilt as he tried to comprehend how he agreed to this to begin with. How did a double date turn into vandalism?

“Relax, Newt.” You giggled, reaching for his hand as you cuddled into him. He was perfectly charming all night to you, everything you expected the man to be and more. “It’s just a harmless prank, you know how fraternities and sororities can be.”

Newt looked down at you, instantly smiling when you grinned up at him. You were always so beautiful, perhaps that’s why you had a knack for convincing him to do illegal things. Like say, filling the campus fountain with soap and watching it turn into a giant bubble bath that could not only cause damage to the piping but also your college careers.

“Merlin’s beard.” Newt sighed out, nervously glancing around in case you all needed to run at any moment. “Darling, is this really necessary? Perhaps-”

You placed a finger to his lips, instantly making the red head go quiet. His cheeks turned a faint shade of red, and all he wanted to do was end this night with a kiss like he’d been dreaming of for months. Yet, somehow he was here watching Queenie and Jacob snicker as they snuck over to the large fountain and began pouring soap into it. The reaction was instant, and bubbles began to foam around the edge of the tiling.

“Oh god.” With a hand covering your mouth, you chuckled happily at the sight. Truthfully, you were feeling just as nervous as your date, but you couldn’t pass up the chance to see this. “The dean is going to be so pissed!” You pulled your cell out, opening up Snapchat and turning it to Newt and you.

“Wooooo!” You shouted, capturing the other two love birds as they jumped into the water and danced around the bubbles. “This is the best night!” You waved to the camera, throwing an arm around Newt as he watched the exchange anxiously, yet he couldn’t stop himself from smiling. This was by far the most fun he’s had in a while.

You dragged him towards the fountain, no longer caring if campus security happened to walk by. With a hop, you jumped into the fountain, squeaking when the cold water lapped around your legs, but the foam was so much fun to play in.

“Come on, Newt!” You held your hands out to the student, smiling widely at him. He could only return your smile, laughing as you reached out excitedly towards him. Forgetting his initial shock, he walked over the ledge and into the bubbles shivering at the cold.

You threw your arms around his neck, laughing when you almost managed to push him into the water entirely. “I told you this would be fun.”

Newt chuckled, brushing some suds out of your face as he looked down at you. “A good show, darling.”

“Mm, you see? Sometimes it’s good to get your head out of your books of creatures.”

Newt grinned at that, and he tilted his head in mock offense. “I find them to be rather fascinating actually, and you wouldn’t-”

But, you cut him off quickly, gripping his coat in your hand and pulling him down towards your lips for a sweet kiss. Newt instantly melted into it, his eyes fluttering closed, and hands slowly wrapping around your form. In this moment, he didn’t even care if the sound of sirens echoed in the background, this moment was worth getting caught for.


Hope you liked everyone who wanted a second part! ❤️

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*sobs quietly* 

I must say, I have good luck with meeting people. One of the first people I met in Germany was a guy named Henric. I enjoyed being with him and we got along well, but I never felt that connected with him. I didn’t really know him that well and I didn’t know his intentions. He was only in Germany for business, and was heading home to Vienna which was at the top of my list to travel to. So he opened up his home to me for the weekend which yeah how could I turn that down.

His gorgeous apartment was in the middle of Vienna. Already, the four days I was there was off to a great start and it only got better. This guy really tried to give me the most amazing time. He introduced me to his best friends and they all did a great job at making me feel welcome. The more I got to know this guy the more warm I felt around him. I liked him, a lot. He gave me one of the best weekends I’ve ever experienced and I’m so happy to have taken the risk of staying with him for four days. I will definitely never forgot my time with him 😊

When I See You - Newt Scamander x Reader

 Newt Scamander x Plus size!Reader

 Summary: The reader has always had a weight problem, and an appearance problem. But Newt doesn’t see any flaw that the reader has. So, what will happen when he see that the reader has been acting differently for some reason.

 Warnings: A mean mother, Newt being a cutie. Trigger warning for insecurities. SO, don’t read if you start to feel uncomfortable.

 A/N: This is my first imagine that has been requested by one of you guys. So, I would like to thank you @ totheworldosanima for requesting. I’ll try and do my best with this. And I am now officially taking requests. I am really soory if you disappointed with this, but I tried my best. Enjoy!

 Italics = Flaskbacks

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You were always a little insecure about the way that you looked. Nothing had triggered this in you, you just had always had a problem with the way that you did. You thought that everybody had their insecurities that haunted them without end, and they did. But you weren’t as confident as they were. You couldn’t walk out the door with a skin-tight dress on with nude heels. You couldn’t go on with your ay without thinking of what others are thinking of you. You have tried, but you weren’t strong enough.

 You have even wondered how you were dating another wizard called Newt. You were always bullied by the slytherin girls about the way you looked. You were different. You never had pale, milky skin or long blonde hair. You instead had (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair and you instead had (Y/S/C). You met Newt in care of magical creature. He was fascinated by the different species, and by you. You had the same passion for the creature as he did. Meaning that you were liked by someone. That had never happened to you, you thought that no one would be interested with you.

 As soon as you both finished Hogwarts. Well you did, Newt got expelled from the school for endangering a muggle. You teamed up and decide to write a book about the world of magical creatures. You would both travel around the world to different countries and document different species. You thought that if it was good enough, you would see young wizards reading the book in the future.

 But along the way, something happened. It wasn’t back, it was actually surprising. You didn’t think that it would ever happen. Newt had asked you out. You were both on your way to Edinburgh in Scotland when he said it to you.

 “Uh- (Y/N). There is something that I have been meaning to tell you.” He was shifting nervously. You were both in his flat, you were there to help him with the book. “I have been keeping this from you, and I’m just going to say it. I have liked you since our first class of ‘Care of Magical Creatures’ together. I fell in love with your interest with the creature that we learned about. And I have liked you since the first Christmas we spent together in the common room, because both of your parents were busy in their countries. Doing who knows what. So, if you could make me the most happiness man or boy in the world, will you please take this?” he held up a promise ring to you, hoping you would take it. “I promise that I will always love you and be by your side.”

 He gave it to you. He has kept that promise ever since that day.

 But that was over; you thought that he forgot about the promise, despite you always wearing the ring.

You had both gone to America in the early 1920s. You were both in a new terrain. You were in New York, both there to release one of your creatures to their home. His name was Frank; he was a thunderbird. His home was the sandy deserts of Arizona.

 Along the way, Newt’s case had opened and some of his creatures had gotten out. That’s how you both met Tina and Queenie. They were both beautiful, graceful and elegant females. Something that you could never be unfortunately. You still saw yourself something that you were happy with. You looked in the mirror and hated what you saw. When you saw then, you saw them both and started to act differently. But Newt saw that you were acting differently. That leads to where you are now.

 You were in the case when you and Newt confronted each other. But you’re glad it happened when it did. You stared at yourself in the mirror that was in the shack of his. You saw Pickett on your soldier, studying your eyes as they roamed your body. All you saw were your imperfections; you were so entranced by your reflection and your thoughts, that you didn’t hear Newt coming down into the case. You also didn’t notice tears were coming down your face. You only realized you were crying when Newt saw you and spoke up.

 “What’s wrong love?” You loved it when he called you that. You thought he was just being nice; that was only the half of it though. “And why are you crying?” He came up beside you and took you face in his hands, making your whole body turn around to face him.

 “What do you see when you look at me?” You asked him.

 “I see a strong woman. Why, what do you see?”

 “I see someone who can never have someone else.”

 “You’re being delusional. I see a woman who can do anything, but see who already loved her. Why would you think otherwise?”

 “Because I like someone, but I fear they don’t feel the same way.” You tried to not consider his eyes so he couldn’t see how you were feeling.

 “Well if you can’t see it, I’ll just have to explain it. I gave you that promise ring because I told you that I would always be there for you, and I mean it. And I have fallen in love with you. When I look at you, I see what I have always wanted in a girl, but have never could find. You were harder to find than Dougal. But I have now found you, but I will like to ask you if you could accompany me to dinner if you could?”

 You were taken back by what he had said. You were flabbergasted, you never thought he would feel the same way about you. That didn’t stop you from saying yes though. You both stared dating when you got back to London. You then went on to becoming famous wizarding authors. And now you were waiting for a little someone to make their debut.

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Hey guys! Sooo I tried a new style, what do you think?

Also, if you watch Star vs the Forces of Evil, in one of the new episodes there were few alternative versions of Star. I really liked the demon Star, mermaid Star and this Link Star, which I decided to draw! So which Star did you guys like? Would you want me to draw more of these alternative universe Stars? How are you liking new episodes so far?

Love you ppl

Happy Birthday Goth!

I was in the mood to colour something, so i made a little goth specifically so i could colour his scarf

And i thought since it was yknow the birthday of goth i would post is. along with a few other things…

for example, today i sketched a smol goth in a school book of mine

really rough sketch but i felt like doing something.

Also, have a REALLY rough sketch of goth i did late at night just because (did this one a while ago)

Lastly, have a tiny little sketch i did last night

As you can see ive been obsessed with this little guy lately, and drawing him nonestop.

And i thought his bday would be the best time to post this stuff (even though i feel bad i didnt have time to just sit down and do an actual real piece of art for him)

But still, atleast i did something ;-; i love this smol bean.

Goth by @nekophy

(congrads on your sons birthday!)

2p’s and Their New Year’s Resolution

Mun: Okay funny story, before I made this blog I tried to “try out” so to speak to be a co-admin on another blog by turning this in (I don’t remember which one, but I remember being a huge fan and I fixed this up a bit). Anyways I’m pretty sure they never really did anything with it so I wanted to see if you guys would enjoy it. Hope you like it!

2p America: “My New Year’s resolution is to go and make the world a better pl-*starts to laugh* Pfft! Nah, I can’t say it, anyways I’d probably to pick up more chicks this year than I did 2016 *wink*

2p Canada: “Oh wow people actually still do those? I guess it would be to uh… . I dunno beat the crap out of more poachers?”

2p France: *stares up from phone* Eh. *goes back to phone*

2p England: “Well, I guess my resolution would be to spend more time with the family and learn more from each other?”

2p Russia: “It’s pointless to make up a holiday to get drunk and act like your past mistakes didn’t happen.” Yeah…he is not a big fan

2p China: “My resolution is to party harder than 2016!!”

2p Germany: “My resolution is to eat as many of those bratwursts over there without throwing up.” Lutz actually does think of ways to improve himself so he doesn’t annoy everyone around him, but he gets so wasted on New Year’s Eve that he goes back to normal.

2p Italy: “*sigh* If I have to decide on a resolution it would be to get more things done and if anyone bothers me they’ll have me to deal with.” Yeah work gets piled on at the end of the year for him, so he is not too happy.

2p Romano: “Hm? A resolution? Honey I’m already fabulous enough, I don’t need to improve on anything!”

2p Prussia: “I guess to be m-more confident?”

2p Japan: “My resolution is to make more hentai. Nothing more. Nothing less.” (-_-) what did you expect from the perverted ice queen?

2p Austria: “Duh, my resolution is to put Flavio in his place and make him realize I’m more fabulous than him!” Mun: *facepalm* I don’t even know where to begin with this one. 

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2p Spain: “Resolutions are dumb.” Spain is one of those people who believe if your life sucked last year it’s gonna suck this year.

My Husband, My Wife - A Newt/Tina Fic

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I tried. I really did. I wanted to write hot steamy smut but instead it’s awkward first-time smut. Oops.

This is an outtake/missing scene to a fic I wrote called “Wedding Night”. It’s probably best if you read that one before this, though the beginning of this fic is copied directly – long story short, Queenie snuck a lacy shift into Tina’s suitcase. That’s literally all that I missed out.

It’s kind of fluffy smut (??) – I mean, it’s their wedding night, their first time, so…you know. I felt some romantic fluff was necessary.

(Oh, fine, it’s basically Newt worshipping his wife because she deserves it)

Other than that, enjoy!

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Bad timing – Kim Namjoon

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: uh idk what this is but like really slight smut/humour/fluff? (drabble)

Word Count: 283 words

Drabble request: suh dood - 9 and Rapmon BAHAHAHAH

“Did I catch you at a bad time?”

M8 you finally sent me a request aww, ily baby, enjoy this :)

“Oh shit. Y-you’re here already?”

“Outside your dorm bro. Can you open the door please? I bet the guys can’t hear my knocking cause of their screaming, and its bloody boiling outside. Necking myself for wearing a long sleeved shirt right now.”

“U-uh…okay.” Namjoon tripped as he tried to hold his phone in one hand and put his jeans back on with the other.

“You good man?” You said through the phone as you heard him struggling. “Yep! Good!” Namjoon hung up and threw his phone onto his bed, a groan left his lips as he looked down at his crotch. A fucking boner. Really? Right now? Fucking hell.

He tried his best to cover it with his shirt as he walked out of his room to open the door for you.

“Guys, Y/N’s outside. Can you not hear–” Jungkook screamed in joy while Taehyung’s voice came out in a loud whine. “You won again!?” Namjoon shook his head and just walked to the door awkwardly and opened it, stiff. Having a boner and walking around in it while wearing jeans, is not comfortable at all.

“Hey!” you smiled and hugged him tightly. It’d been a while since you’d seen him and the rest of the guys so naturally, you’d hug all of them. You stiffened when you felt something pressed against your stomach. “Oh god…” Namjoon trailed off as you pulled away slowly, not bringing yourself to look at him in the eyes.

“Did I catch you at a bad time?”

“Oh no shit Y/N.” He groaned, cheeks going a pink colour.

“He was moaning your name!” Jungkook and Taehyung yelled out in unison before getting their heads smacked by Seokjin.

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drabble requests & fic requests are open, feedback is appreciated :)

Here’s a preview of my piece for the @winterininkopoliszine! Featuring… you know who! (To be honest, I didn’t plan on using my Splatoon characters for this, but when you see the entire piece, you’ll know why I did!) 

This is one of the most ambitious pieces I’ve worked on in a really long time, and I tried out a bunch of new things. It was a challenge, but definitely a lot of fun to do! I hope you guys will look forward to it and all the great pieces that will be in the zine!

Thanks for the opportunity to make a piece for charity, and for allowing me to be alongside a panel of amazing artists!

Can you not

Okay so last night (11/13) this guy comes in. He’s not really a regular but comes in often enough that everyone knows him or heard stories about this guy. Basically he’ll come in with like two carts overflowing with stuff, returns it (waaaay past the return period by the way) and rebuys it all. No one knows why. One of the last times I did this, it took me THREE HOURS. He always wants me to do it and says I’m his favorite cashier then tries tobe my friend while I’m doing all this crap. I hate him so much I can’t even be civil anymore. I don’t even bother trying to hide my hatred. But the best part? He comes in right before we close without fail.

Aria is A - Full Theory :)

hey guys, so i tried convincing my friend how aria is A but it was really hard since there isn’t exactly one post joining all clues and theories about why she is A so i did it based on these 2 amazing blogs: aria-is-a-pll & killerariaisa. i know perhaps aria isn’t necessarily the big A, but i think she could be deeply involved in this in some way, because after everything i found, i know she HAS to be involved.

okay onto the point: i’d like to point out the cast and crew have already told us how there are no coincidences in rosewood, therefore every single thing might be a clue. YET i do understand some things are exaggerations which is why i wont mention these super elaborate and minimal details, i’ll be more broad. so i went through all of these blogs, it took me over a week and went through SO many posts and clues and here are my favourites. OKAY SO I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT HOPEFULLY ITS WORTH IT AND ON SPECIFIC SCENES I ADDED A LOT OF PICTURES AND TRIED MAKING THIS INTERESTING.

disclaimer: i came up with quite a few of these on my own but also got many from the blogs i mentioned above and eventually when i was too lazy to go watch the episode, i stole their pictures. anyways onto the actual point-

first of all, possible motifs:

- A’s big motif has NOT YET been shown but we’re supposed to sympathise with him/her/it/bitch but here are some suspicious things that lead me to believe aria might have a reason

- reasons aria might want to hurt the girls, ali kept threatening to expose her dad’s affair, forcing her to tell her mother (even though A got to her first) and aria is known to be really defensive and aggressive when it comes to her family (watch her conversation with ezra in 1x04, she gets really annoyed with him for assuming things about her family SHE LITERALLY STORMS OUT OF HIS HOUSE hating him because she says he called her a child BUT HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT??!??!??!??! aria r u cray cray bc wtf bitch u dont leave some hot guy hanging alone bc u dont know how to handle ur shit)

- other than that, ali and aria had the weakest relationship in between the 5 of them: em and ali had an affair, ali “helped” hanna deal with her eating problems and kept spencer’s drug problems a secret… but aria? we know n o t h i n g on that friendship (other than the affair - which brings bad memories to aria) which again is sketchy af.

- we came to the consensus aria is a hella jealous person, am i right too right?

- also, whoever A is, they definitely have mental issues because they are doing such terrible things. aria was the only one of the girls who already had a mental record when she went to visit dr. sullivan (it is assumed, check this to understand why), she had already seen therapists before. also, we never know what she did in her one year in iceland, maybe she was in a mental clinic for all we know. and we already know mike deals with mental issues/anger problems and has to take medicine, and byron’s brother committed suicide and also had mental illness. i feel like aria might be like her family and have a mental problem, so many people have said she might have a double personality and it does make sense considering her family records. 

- credits to this post. it has come to our attention how the pig aria has is very important in some way??? even marlene king told us to beware of the pig so EH something’s up with lil piggy. it is known that pigs help people with mental disorders, or people going on with a lot of stress and stuff in their lives. if aria is A, she must have a mental disorder, right???

- travels to iceland right when ali disappears. if one of my besties dissapeared i would never flee the country (makes you look guilty to the police – need friend support. also, it dosent seem like she made any friends in iceland either, maybe she spent too much time alone… thinking, planing things like for example, being A)

- often seen texting or writing in her journal and we cannot see who she is texting or what she is writing about (pay attention to this, it happens, A LOT)

- always needs to know all of the girls’ secrets and gets easily freaked out when she realizes they haven’t told her something. (in episode 1, she was the one who brought up A with the other girls in ali’s funeral which made them discover they all got the texts, its almost as if she wanted all of them to find out about A and share it with each other)

- often see time gaps in scenes with aria where suddenly it’s nighttime and we don’t know what’s she’s been up to

- only liar who wasn’t visited by alison (she was only hallucinating — possibly has to do with their friendship that has something sketchy/wrong about it)

- aria regularly just magically shows up at the right time, perfect timing (example, saving spencer in the sauna/shower and to witness hanna eating the pig cupcakes)

- hasn’t always had her “friends” interest at heart (example she turned down jake’s offer to help with finding hanna’s mom an attorney, when she desperately needed one – also didn’t want mike to tell the truth about mona even if it was going to help hanna and ali to not go to jail)

- often very dubious when A is supposed to have done something to the girls (example when they were in rosewood and she didn’t realize that she wasn’t holding hanna’s hand but a statue’s hand)

- very often the one to lead the girls to find A clues in strange place (example, finding wren’s prescription pads in spence’s bag, finding the lipstick in spencer’s dresser or buying that snow globe from santa)

- lucy hale was the first person to be casted in pretty little liars. first person to be casted is THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON since everyone casted after them is basically MADE TO SURROUND THEM and they need to find the right person to match with her.. why around her????? because she’s the main chArActer????? (ye m8)

- not to mention, how would A know absolutely everything going on in the girls life if one of them wasn’t directly linked with him/her/it/bitch? i know they have minions and people working for them and ways to get information but EH this way kinda hAS TO BE ONE OF THE GIRLS *coff coff* aria

- “aria can’t be a she wouldn’t hurt herself” WELL MAYBE SHE ISN’T. like for example in episode A pins aria to the wall and steals mona’s laptop (i cba to find the episode rn im lazy) maybe that didn’t even happen. as marlene said, it all has to do with perspective. maybe she just used that as an excuse to say she lost mona’s laptop so she could have it for herself, it gives her access to the laptop and she can say A attacked her, but was anyone there to see that happening or is this just A, i mean, aria’s imagination? (picture below is not my picture)

- “Everyone will freak out because it’s so clearly in every episode,” he added, while laughing. “When it’s finally revealed, you could literally go back to season 1 and knowing who it is, you can be like, ‘Oh, wow. Whoa. This has been here all along, and I never noticed it,’ which is, I think, brilliant.” - Keegan Allen. THIS MEANS WE KNOW A, so all the theories of A being a character we have not known yet can’t be true, and also the way he speaks leads us to believe it is one of the main characters… ARIA MAYBE?

- lastly, aria is writing a book in which the villain possibly wins, i’ll mention more about this later as well when she talks about the book but perhaps the book is an allusion to what she is doing to the girls???

lets talk about aria’s traits and how they are much like A’s (thanks to THIS post which i changed around a lil):

- artistic (we have seen a painting painted by A as well)

- great liar (been said multiple times, the girls all agreed she is the best liar out of all of them)

- good at sneaking around (like dating ezra)

- again, she is protective/hella defensive when it comes to her family (montgomery family has never been hurt as bad as the other liars’ families – i’ll go more into this later. and, as mentioned before, she seems like the kind of person who would do anything for her family – this could be part of the motif – all the girls suspected their families but aria really didn’t. she accuses melissa and etc but when it comes to the information garret risked his life to tell spencer about byron, she never even directly confronts him. really aria??? #baddaddy)

- violent tendencies and loses control sometimes (like trashing dad’s office after she found out he was having an affair and trashing ezra’s apartment after finding out he was the one having an affair with ali – wow aria someone doesn’t deal well with affairs?)

- mysterious (SO MUCH)

- knows how to hurt people (in 5x11, mona told aria: “you know right where to put the knife and you’re not afraid to twist it. alison underestimated you” bloODY HELL CAN U BE LESS DIRECT MONA??)

- vegetarian (we’ve never seen A eat meat)

- she likes to be in control (A is all about controlling everyone)

- loves music and plays the piano, and so does A

- loves photography much like A

- horror movies and B&W movies (A gets some inspiration from them and A likes black and white films too)

okay now i’m going to be citing some specific examples in chronological order:

1x01 - starting with the obvious, i started suspecting of aria in episode one simply because her name starts with A, which might sound ridiculous but hey what if A stands for aria and not alison. there are no coincidences in PLL, so why would they chose a name with a.. really? also, the liars and we have already come to the conclusion that A is a hell of a narcissist, so what better than sign stuff with your own name (while being discrete?)

1x01 - does this even need any explanations at all??????? they said they chose lucy’s because she is the one who did the SH better but its pretty obvIOUS SHE DIDNT (look at that its totally not centered. she has the worst shh ever, its totally to the right side. SORRY LUCY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH but u have to admit thats a terrible sh) so like why would they use it???? because perhaps aria is SHHHushing people because she has a s(hhhh)ecret? [rhetorical question - the answer is yes]

1x01 - we have been told the pilot is a important to understanding a lot of stuff and this conversation in between the girls might not mean anything but it might as well, i just find really interesting this is the first scene and what spencer says-

spencer: careful aria, take too much and you’ll tell us all your secrets

secrets???? spencer wtf r u talkin about??? i dont keep secrets?!?!??!?!! not like im threatening ali’s life or anything LOLOmskajhjfld

1x05 - aria was feeling down because of her argument with ezra and so she stayed home all day wearing A BLACK HOODIE. hm okay this wouldn’t be as suspicious since its just a black hoodie, but notice how it has a bunch of white paint sprayed all over it. and on the end of that episode it shows A opening a can of white paint to paint rosewood’s sign…. does this mean aria is a??? she was the one painting the sign?? she sure was alone all day, maybe not as home as the girls thought. (picture below is not my picture)

1x06 - we always get creepy A scenes on the end of every episode but in the end of this episode its simply mike and aria watching tv together.. hm.. suspicious? why…? is it showing A in another point of view maybe?

2x02 - in the hallway mona calls aria “hey, big A. wait up!” and aria looks back. wow thats interesting aria, my name is dominique and if someone called me “big D” i would never look back if i never heard that nickname before… right? well then i guess she did, notice how she even rolls her eyes once she hears mona say that. v interesting aria, v interesting.

2x25 - on this episode, they made a huge deal saying A was going to be unmasked but the only person who physically got unmasked was aria, which is very interesting. (not my pictures either)

and also, aria’s dress was SOO similar to the movie black swan, which is a film that deals with a mental disorder. could this have to do with the fact that maybe she was dealing with one? we’ve been told the outfit is important so this could be something really signifying her mental issues.

3x02 - [emily says something about the night she was drugged and woke up by alison’s grave which was dug up and says it to the girls and aria instantly defends herself saying something v interesting]

aria: but honestly i don’t think you remember anything clearly from that night. when we picked you up you kept calling me arlene

WTFFFsdfdasdFHDSjkfaljkfhkAlsdhfksd. A = charles = feminine version of arlene = arlene = aria = A = fuCK

3x04 - when hanna tells aria she’s going to tell caleb about A it was all very sketchy, look at the convo:

hanna: so i decided to do it. my mom’s out, i’m gonna tell caleb tonight. i refuse to let A play this divide and conquer.

aria [with the surprised face above]: what time is he coming over?

hanna [she gets a text]: hey that’s probably him i’ll call you back

and right after it goes to this scene of aria which she looks guilty AF and hanna gets a text threatening her not to tell caleb about A. seriously aria can you make it any more obvious?

3x13 - dressed up as daisy bunchanan from the great gatsby on halloween. she is perceived as very innocent when in fact, under the surface, she is evil and stabs her friends in the back. aria is there a special motif behind your costume???? (picture below is not my picture)

3x17 - A helps aria. aria had been telling the girls how she really wanted to tell ezra that he had a son but she told maggie she wouldn’t. YET the next day spencer gets a text from “aria” saying they broke up because she told him about his son, and because of this provoking text spence confronts ezra and ends up telling him about the kid, assuming, of course, that he already knew. not even maggie is upset at aria since she knows aria didn’t tell him, and neither are the girls annoyed or surprised at her going behind maggie’s back or nothing of the kind. same thing happened when she was going to tell her mom about her father’s affair in season 1, but A told her mom before. these are meant to look like bad things revealing secrets but really its the exact opposite, they are HELPING aria, she didn’t have the courage and writing it anonymously takes the blame of her but still gets it out there, PLUS she can tell the girls she was harassed by A and make it seam like A was a bitch to her. ARIA UR A FUCKING GENIUS.

4x19 - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. in this episode EZRA AND ARIA HAVE A REALLLLL interesting chat in which aria talks about the book she’s writing:

ezra: what are you thinking?

aria: you don’t wanna know

e: try me

a: im thinking that its sunday night and i still have a lot of homework to do

e: creative writing homework?

a: okay you are gonna like this one when i’m done. it started as this one thing and it just turned into something completely different.

e: how did that happen?

a: well i had this hero, but hero’s arent what they used to be anymore, so i got fascinated with the villain

e: does ur villain loose in the end?

a: not sure, sometimes the villains win *shrugs*

ezra: sometimes

WTF DID ARIA JUST TELL US SHE’S WRITING A BOOK IN WHICH A VILLAN WINS???!?!? i have heard this could be an allusion that the reason she is being A is she is writing a book about it n shit, it makes sense because so many times we see her writing things we have no idea what they are about. and look at aria’s face with a small smile when aria asks if the villain wins.

4x22 - also very important, one of the most interesting scenes in all of the show is when aria finds out about ezra’s true identity and how he used to have an affair with alison. aria is THE ONLY ONE who read the book and she BURNED ALL HIS RESEARCH. the liars were so into finding A and ezra was a lot closer than they were, if i were aria i would totally look at the research and see what he knows that we don’t, try and know more about A.. that is, if i wasn’t a.. of course. after she talks to him, in the beginning of 4x22 they all get together so she can explain about the ezra situation and the conversation goes exactly like this:

aria: he has a theory though

emily: and what is it?

aria: he thinks that one of us did it

spencer: you are kidding right

emily: well know we know its a work of fiction

spencer: which one of us is he trying to pin it on?

aria: i didn’t get that far

spencer: you didn’t think to ask?


OK THIS CONVERSATION IS SO SOSOSOSOOS SKETCHY. RIGHT AFTER THIS ARIA COMPLETELY CHANGES THE SUBJECT, they accuse ezra of being A and she immediately defends him and starts talking about how he used them and how she was hurt (notice that like about 1 episode after they’re already together again!! if someone was using me to write a book on my missing best friend WHY WOULD I EVEN WANT TO LOOK THEM IN THE EYE AGAIN?!??!! oh wait. i wouldn’t) liKE WTF can u be less discrete about not wanting to talk about it???? by completely changing subject she NEVER TELLS US WHO EZRA SUSPECTS. which leads us to believe that he suspected of her. ezra found out aria was a, YET since he is in love with her, he joined the A team. now they cover up for each other. #relationshipgoals later they (ezra + aria) just say ezra had a suspicion on ms. dilaurentis but we know that he had a suspicion on one of the girls. perhaps so into his research he found out ms.d was the one who burried ali and so aria and him decided to just pin it on her.

anyways here is a pic to keep u guys entertained and bc hanna is literally me during all of this aria bullshit excuse to not say all ezra knows, because trust me, ezra kNOWS (A lot)

5x04 - marlene king said “key lime pie. that’s a big spoiler, key lime pie!” what i found from this post is that in 2x12 is the first time we hear about pie when mona/toby get that pie in the dinner in which toby is called, pretty eyes. anyways im going to jump this part you can read about it on that blog post, and cut to the point. pie is only mentioned again in 5x06, when aria is checking her email and there is an email from telling her about some upcoming pie promotion. in the next episode (5x05) aria brings ezra some pie from “paula’s π ” shop. and they say:

ezra - you stopped by paula’s?

aria - that’s key lime

ezra - why pie?

aria - why not pie?

hM convo’s about key lime pie after we heard thats a big deal?? looking suspicious dearies. (picture below is not my picture)

5x04 - from this same episode other than the pie email (which you can see on the screenshot) there is something v suspicious, an email from harvey…… fence install?!??!?!?! it says "i would like to go over the material options available for the fence project we have been d[iscussing]” do U MEAN ELECTRIC FENCE??????? do u mean the fence surrounding the girls by the end of the season on A’s dollhouse?? WHAT FENCE PROJECT WOULD ARIA BE WORKING ON?!?!??! btw electric fence would probably be ur best material option aria! but i think u figured that our yourself, right A? i mean.. aria!

(picture below is not my picture)

5x07 - I THINK EDDIE LAMB ALREADY KNEW ARIA GUYS maybe from when she went to radley to visit bethany on the reading program??? they had this convo in 5x07 which again is hella sketchy, look:

eddie: hey there. you are the new volunteer?

[she nods and immediately looks away]

eddie: i mangled it didn’t i?

aria: what

eddie: your name. on the badge.

aria: oh, no you got it right. [looks away again… REALLY ARIA? i thought u were the loving and caring one y u bein such a bitch??? thought y'all needed to GET CLOSE TO E.LAMB???]

eddie: did you volunteer for the reading program last year?

aria: nah no this is my first time here.

eddie: i feel like we met before

aria [looks hella worried]: i dont think so


when she says she didnt volunteer last year this is his face, he arches up his eye brows which is a surprised kind of reaction, as if he didn’t believe her.. look. and then after he leaves aria does a sketchy face, again. aria my dear i love you so much but u rlly gottta stop with ur sketchy faces if u dont want me to suspect of u dearie.

and right after this weird convo eddie disappears. LITERALLY DISAPPEARS. GONE. suspicious timing much? notice that the exact same thing happened to mona. she found out aria was the one who killed shana and BOOM killed/gone too! someone’s trying to cover their tracks and keep people’s mouth shut heh?

5x08 - when aria is trying to find out about bethany when she is working at radley she talks to this one girl who was bethany’s friend and who has her sketchbook, idk the girls name but they had a V WEIRD CONVO.

girl who idk the name: why you so into this sketchbook? was she a friend of yours

aria: no i never met her

NOW THE THING ABOUT THIS SCENE IS ARIA’S RESPONSE. her body language. when she says she never met bethany, she avoids eye contact and looks down, (sign #1 of lying) then TURNS AROUND to avoid even seeing the girl at all (sign #2??) and she even crosses her arms (its said that when people lie they cover vulnerable parts…. her boobs maybe? LOL sign #3 here) so MAYBE SHE DID KNOW BETHANY. why else would she volunteer at radley?? so whatever she found out she could see if she wanted or not to tell the girls perhaps??? i think bethany is a big part of the A mystery and i think aria might actually know her since she looks like she’s lying this scene.

5x09 - hanna is being framed by A to look like she was hitting on zack because A left a note in his pocket flirting pretending to be hanna. since he was living in aria’s house it would have been very easy for her to put it in his pocket. she was already mad at hanna because she told sidney that the girls were in NY when shana was killed, and since aria killed her, she is VERY worried this information will come out. and also again, A is HELPING aria because its making her mom get rid of a cheater, and if it were A.. she’d most likely let the relationship flow and to later see ella, and consequently aria, get hurt… AM I RIGHT?

5x14 - this one is pretty self explanatory again, credits go to (x):

5x21 - we have come to the conclusion A is all-knowing BUT when spence was in london there was no way A sent a minion with her. as soon as spence calls aria and tells her she found the blood, aria gets an a text. how would A know spencer had found the blood on her bag if aria is the only one who knew? as soon as she leaves the phone with aria she gets this text… ERHM how would A know??

5x21 - another sketchy thing happens when they visit cyrus in the hospital and he writes something down, which aria says is “carjack” and hides the note with her barely giving hanna a chance to see it, only later the paper falls of her pocket and hanna actually gets to see it and says its “varjack”and look at aria’s face in the second picture when the paper falls of her pocket.

5x23 - the liars get the brilliant idea (thank god spencer) to text varjak’s number since he/she hasn’t been picking up the calls and instead of replying back, varjak calls aria…. excuse me what???? why t f would u call aria varjack???????? how do u even have her number? perhAPS U HAVE MATTERS TO DISCUSS????? and aria never picked up the phone, probably/maybe because if he/she heard her voice they would start speaking about things she definitely didnt want to get discovered. it makes sense right?????? so she never picks up the phone so varjack understands its not safe to talk and puts on a creepy french song. IT MAKES SENSE RIGHT??? pls tell me im not crazy this makes sense right?

5x23 - got these screenshots from this post but really, why is aria SO WEIRD in 5x23??? aria and ems go to mona’s house but no one picks up the door and aria gives up and suggests they should go shopping?!?!?! excuse me aria ur two best friends are sitting in jail and you wanna go shopping?! YOU DONT EVEN SHOP.. LIKE EVER??


5x24 - aria did not want mike to say the truth about how he knew mona faked her death which would get ali and hanna out of prison and not get them into as much trouble as they were on. it already didnt make some sense because that could have been information that could have gotten ali out of jail, or got the police into digging more instead of believing they found the killer. she said she was protecting him because he could have been charged for not saying this information before BUT aria should totally prioritise the truth, specially because mike would be charged with A LOT less than ali or hanna, and as i read somewhere, it seems like she might be protecting A. right after comes the package with the tongue that she made mike get and open it, its like mike was supposed to see the package (since it creeped him out) but it was meant for her so like its like aria made it on purpose so that he would see everything… also, she probably tipped off the prosecution about this in order to damage jason’s credibility, since she’s the only one who would have benefits in doing so. #sneakysneaky

5x25 - lastly, one of the official pictures promo pictures for season 5 finale you can clearly see how focused the light is in AM…. aria montgomery maybe?? [again, rhetorical question!!!!] and the fact that there is a < and 3 on top of the AM letters actually make me think it stands for aria because aria is known to be the caring one and <3 means heart so… caring… heart….? ARIA again. #allroadsleadtoaria

anyways if you read this u the real MVP, haha. congrats.. really. i have never ever written this much… ever. so yeah, let me know what you guys think and if you found another suspicious thing on aria since i’d love to know! thanks for reading,

- D (more known as domi)


My Henry Jekyll Drawing Playlist

Let me start out by saying that this is one of my favorite drawings that @arythusa did of her version of the character Henry Jekyll from her webcomic The Glass Scientists, and it kinda fits the theme of the playlist. ( I tried not to make it too angsty since jekyll’s character is more than just angst, come on guys) Although it isn’t as well rhythmed as the Edward Hyde Playlist , it is the music I use when I get art block drawing Henry. Its really just a pile of music I’ve gathered from other playlist 


EXO Reacts To Their Girlfriend Telling Them That They Are Her First Kiss

Ok! Here’s my first reaction! Hopefully it’s good and you guys like it! :) 



Xiumin: He would be really happy when you’d tell him and would give you a hug and kiss your forehead. He’d be really happy throughout the whole day and would constantly sneak little kisses to you.

“I love you, jagiya!”

Luhan: He’d be shocked when you told him in a quiet voice and looked at you with disbelief but would be happy with what he’d accomplished.

“How did I get so lucky, baobei?”

Kris: He would get so cocky when he figured it out and tried to act cool outside, but one the inside he would be incredibly happy and giddy.

“You made a right decision with me being the one, Y/N”

Suho: He would turn into a shy little ball and smile widely, looking away from you. Every time he met your eye, his face would turn pink and he would give you big smiles.

“I can’t believe it. Can you believe it?”

Lay: Lay would be confused when you told him, wondering how because he thought you were absolutely beautiful, but was still happy nonetheless, giving you hug, saying you were adorable.

“I still can’t believe it, baobei!”

Baekhyun: He would get so happy and give you a tight hug, saying how he was lucky, but would eventually start teasing you, bringing up the matter as much as he could.

“Jagi, remember when you told me I was your first kiss?”

Chen: Even though he would be happy, this little troll would bother the piss out of you when you’d tell him, constantly teasing you, which made you regret ever even telling him.

“That’s right, it was me”


Chanyeol:He would feel all happy and proud when you first told him, but then would begin to smirk and start teasing you about it.

“I wonder what else I’d be a first for?”

Kyungsoo: He would freeze instantly when he heard you, and would slowly start smiling and looking away, a slight blush on his face. He would stay that way the whole day, smiling widely every time he was near you.

“I feel special, Jagiya”

Tao: He would be so arrogant and cocky about the situation, this little shit wouldn’t even let you say anything else until at least a few hours later.

“Why wouldn’t I be? I mean, it's me

Kai: Kai would be squealing when he was alone, really proud of himself and would shower you with affection whenever he could, obviously showing you how happy he was.

“Aww, jagi, come here!”

Sehun: C'mon, lets be honest here. Sehun would be so arrogant and openly showing how proud he was of himself.

“Of course I am. I’m the Oh Sehun”

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California Gothic
  • There is a cloud today, just one. You look at it with a faint flare of hope; It is pure white and holds no hope of rain. You get out your umbrella to encourage it. It’s an airplane trail.
  • It rained last night, and the entire town is hungover. Streetlights blink red, confusing every driver who dares to approach. Half your city is without power. Auto wrecks litter the sides of streets, but each only involves one car. “We really got soaked last night!” They say, smiling behind their sunglasses. There was less than an inch of precipitation.
  • You go into the Valley. You don’t know why you’re here. The road stretches on for miles in front of you, and everything is flat and dead as far as the eye can see. The speed limit is 55, but the truck you are behind is going 30. You pass a sign that tells you there will be a passing lane in 18 miles. The regret grows in your stomach like the piles of tumbleweeds crowding the fences. Free them. Free yourself.
  • You have been in traffic for two hours. None of the signs look familiar anymore, but you haven’t moved. Where are you? Where is the city? All the houses look the same, but there are no more exit ramps. You realize you don’t know what your Freeway number is, and you know true fear.
  • “Let’s go to the beach!” They say. “The beach is great!” It is March, and the water is too cold. “We’ll have so much fun at the beach!” You are already at the beach. The beach never ends. The beach is eternal.
  • You have been driving for nine hours without stopping. You are still in California. There is no escape.
Black moms have no chill when they feel disrespected

So in fifth grade I had these two guy best friends Kev (who was black) and Jake (who was white). Now it seems random af to point out the race but it will make sense as the story unravels.
So one day we are chilling at Kev’s house and we get hungry. Kev pops some chicken tenders in the microwave, makes us some kool-aid and we just living the good life. Jake (white boy) tries the kool-aid and says, “wow this is really sweet how much sugar did you put in it?” Now Kev and I look at each other because we confused. The kool-aid tasted fine to me but you know white people kool-aid be tasting like watered down tears and broken dreams so I guess I understand now.
Kev’s mom comes home after work, sees us eating and says, “So Kev, you just gon’ have friends in my house eating up all my food like y'all pay bills too?” Now at a young age every black kid deals with their tired black mom coming home after work tripping over nothing so we learn to get used to it. But apparently our white friend Jake has never been through such a situation and has had the nerve to say, “Kev what the hell, you’re going to let her talk to you like that?”
PAUSE….let that sink in for a second.
Shit went from 0-100 real fucking quick. As soon as Jake said this Kev and I both looked at each other with nothing but fear in our eyes. Jake is sitting there proud of his damn self for standing up for his friend. This nigga thought we were in a Full House episode. My jaw dropped.
All of a sudden Kev’s mom grabs the neck of Jakes shirt, lifts him up so he’s eye to eye with her, feet were dangling n errything . Now Jake is asthmatic so that quick jolt in the air had his ass wheezing. Kev’s mom says to Jake, “now listen to me you little stank ass golden retriever, I don’t know what type of shit your parents let you get away with at home but you not gon come up in my house and disrespect me you fucking hear me?” Jake is shook, his ass couldn’t even speak😂😂he just started nodding his head up and down. Kev’s mom puts Jake back down and has the nerve to FUCKING PAT HIM ON THE HEAD AND SMILE AFTER SHE ALMOST GAVE THIS NIGGA A HEART ATTACK. She turns to Kev and goes, “now you, don’t be bringing no disrespectful ass white kids to my house, I ain’t got time for dat shit my blood pressure already too high”

Black moms are not meant to be fucked with. White moms might be feel threatened when their child says they’re going to run away but a black mom will tell you to pack your shit and will look for someone to rent your room to on the same day 💀

Drunk - Neymar

Hey guys this is a new Neymar Imagine :) I hope you like it. I don’t really know how Carnival in Spain is but I just did as it is in Germany x 

Originally posted by sashapique

“Rafa? did you hear anything from y/n? you wanted to go to the carnival thing together right? I tried calling her but she didn’t answer her phone“ I mumbled as I just sat in the bus, on my way back from the airport.

I had an away game against Atletico Madrid this weekend and as much as I looked forward to the game, almost as much as El Classico. I was also sad because it was carnival season and I wasn’t home and couldn’t spend it with my friends. Y/N was my girlfriend, we have been dating for 5 years now and even through it was a long time already I didn’t mind spending it with her by my side. She was a party lover just like me, she was looking forward to carnival for so long already, I just pouted at her, being sad that I couldn’t go.

I was on my way home now, it had been an exhausting day and I just wanted to come home to my girlfriend and her telling me all about her day and the stories that had happened, how drunk everyone got and what costumes everyone wore. So I tried calling her a few times, and normally she would always answer or at least text me saying she would call me back but when she still hadn’t answered any of my calls, I decided calling my sister instead.

„Yeah well funny thing“ she began nervously and i could already hear that something was wrong.

„Rafa. What happened? Is y/n okay?“ I asked.

I couldn’t help but worry immediately. I always worried about her, it was just because I loved her so much and cared about her. I was a protective boyfriend, I couldn’t help it. I had always been like this and I would probably continue like this for a long time.

„Well she is now, i guess“ she said and it sounded way more than a question. My eyebrows furrowed together.

„What do you mean „you guess“ what happened?“ I asked and i could hear her sigh.

„Well we went to the carnival thing together. But she got drunk after like 15 minutes, you know she gets drunk easily, well she was beyond drunk-„ she said but I interrupted her.

„oh my gosh. Did you take her home or gave her water to drink?“ I asked. I bit on my lips a habit I always did when I was nervous.

„No. If you would let me finish I would have explained you“

„Rafa“ i said groaning, I really just wanted to know if my girl was alright.

„Alright, Alright. Well I took her with me so she wouldn’t do anything she would regret but at some point she just couldn’t take it anymore so i went to the ambulance station and they gave her water and checked on her“ she said and I sighed.

„Where are you right now?“ I asked as I looked out of the window, looking where we were at.

„She or rather I have to fill out some sheets for her. It takes forever because here are so many people. I’m taking her home with me tonight so she won’t be alone“ she said.

„No don’t worry we’re almost there again. I’m coming to get you two.“ I said and sighed.

„Okay thanks bro“


„Alright see ya“ she said and I sighed before ending the call.

I waited till the bus arrived at camp nou (actually I don’t know if the bus stops there but idk) and we all got out and after saying goodbye to some of my team mates I made my way as quick as possible over to my car and made my way over to the destination where the carnival had taken place at. About 15 minutes later I called Rafa again to ask her where they were and after she told me, I had parked my car in front of the building and got out.

Rafa and y/n were stepping outside the door, and walking towards me, well they were more trying. Y/N couldn’t really walk and Rafa had an arm wrapped around her to support her.

„Hey Ney“ Rafa said and gave me a nervous smile, she was probably worried if I would be mad at her or something. I wasn’t mad, I was worried more than anything.

„hey“ i said and gave her a short smile. Y/N looked up and her eyes widen as she recognized me.

„baby“ she slurred and tried hugging me but almost fell down but I caught her in time.

„Yeah enough with that“ I said and put my arms under her knees so I could carry her bridal style. We went to the car and I got her in on the passenger seat, as Rafa got in on the back seat and I walked around the car to get in my seat.

„I’m sorry about that Ney“ Rafa said as I started the car.

„It’s not your fault. She just shouldn’t drink any alcohol anymore“ I said and she chuckled nodding.

„Did she do anything stupid?“ I asked her.

„You wanna know if she kissed a boy?“ she asked and I nodded, it was not that I did not trust her, but she was beyond drunk and so of course it could happen that she kissed someone else, even if she maybe didn’t wanted to.

„No she didn’t whenever a boy came to close to her she was to busy telling them she had a boyfriend and told them all about how great and hot you are“ she said and rolled her eyes. my heart beat a bit faster at her words and I looked over to y/n, who was leaning against the window, her eyes closed, but she didn’t looked like she fell asleep yet.

„Do you need any help with her? I could sleep over at yours“ she suggested.

„Don’t worry I got this“ I told her.

„Did she threw up there?“ I asked and looked at my sister through the mirror.

„Nah, she never does“ she said and shrugged.


I drove Rafa home and as soon as we arrived at our apartment I got out of the car and helped her get out as well. I carried her inside again, helped her out of her shoes and jacket and carried her in our bedroom.

„thank you ney-ney“ she said and chuckled at her new nickname for me. I just shook my head and took of her clothes as I put one of my shirts over her head and helped her in.

„Don’t worry me like that ever again okay?“ I asked as I tucked her in the blankets and she closed her eyes almost passed out again.

I got out of my clothes and got in bed beside her as well, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me, as i pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Feel So Good

It’s been a while, and the B.A.P teaser last night was making me FEEL THINGS, so…here’s some good old fashioned Zelo smuttery for your eyeballs this morning.


Rated W, for WELP.

You watched as Junhong waved goodbye to his friends on their way out of the store, still laughing and talking loudly to each other as they went. When he turned around to face you again, Junhong took one look at the expression on your face and burst out laughing.

You crossed your arms, trying not to smile. “Y’know, I know you guys really like hanging out together, but did you have to perform an entire musical montage in front of all the customers?” you said, trying to act stern.

Junhong snickered. “I didn’t see you complaining when I was snapping my hips to the beat, jagiya.”

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