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uuuhhh if you wanted to write more of that single parent/nanny AU thing for that show with the hunky blonde guy i don't have time to watch but apparently read fic for anyway (haha) i would be totally on board for that...ya know. in case.

i mean you should definitely make time is all i’m saying. you’ve got 5 seasons of hunky blonde guy to gaze upon. fic set in this universe. 

Lucien entered the Beazley home, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply. Already, his nerves felt calmer and he felt more at peace. He tried not to worry that he was becoming too dependent on the way he felt when he was in this house; tried not to think about the fact that this was the only place that felt safe and warm; that this was the only place that felt like home. 

Before he could even hang up his hat and coat, he was tackled around the legs by two exuberant boys, “Lucien’s here!” They beamed up at him, small hands clutched at this pant leg. He returned their smile and ruffled their hair, “Evening, boys!”

“What are we doing tonight, Lucien?” Jack asked, holding onto his leg as Lucien stomped through the house, loving the sound of the boys giggles as he went for a ride on his leg. Christopher Jr. followed closely behind, eager to hear what tonight’s adventure would be. 

“Well, I thought we could go hunting for some fee.” He dropped his voice into a low whisper, dragging out the vowels and inspiring a sense of spookiness. 

Both boys looked at him in wonder, “What are fee?” They tripped over the odd-sounding pronunciation, eager to learn. 

Lucien explained, “They’re little fairies that live amongst the plants and green things, brewing up all sorts of trouble.” He smiled softly to himself before adding, “My mother and I used to hunt for them in the garden in our home. I thought you boys might like to do the same?”

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Dirty Dancing

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Hoseok (J-Hope)

Rating: 18+ (smut)

Word Count: 5,242

Summary:  It’s the summer and all you want to be doing is hanging out with your friends. Your parents have other ideas and when you end up at a resort in the middle of the mountains, the only bright thing in sight is the dance instructor, Hoseok. If only said dance instructor didn’t seem to completely hate you.

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Play Toy L.H

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warning: smut ;)

word count: 1900+

summary: the boys are flirting with y/n and complimenting her body and Luke isn’t very happy about it

requested?: yes, hope you like it anon :) it took a little while to think of a way to write this prompt but i’m very happy with how it turned out!

don’t forget - requests are currently closed but they should be opening soon ;)

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“looking good y/n” Calum whistled, eyeing me up and down as Luke and I entered the crowded house. I smiled shyly and looked down, muttering a thanks just loud enough over the music so that Calum could hear me. “no problem sweetheart, enjoy the party guys” Calum smiled, patting Luke’s shoulder as he disappeared back into the crowd.

I felt Luke’s grip on my hand tighten but I ignored it and focused on the scene in front of me. A house party, one of Calum’s specialities and this one was no different. Loud music was blasting through the whole house and people where scattered everywhere, drinks in their hands. 

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Believer - Bughead Fic

[A/N: The aftermath of that scene, smuttiness because we all needed it, this is only my second Bughead fic so I’m still finding their voices a little so please bear with me! The song used below is the song from that very scene, it only seemed right. Only briefly proof-read but I will probably go back sometime later tonight and fix any errors I’ve missed, hopefully not too many but I did make the decision to swap tenses halfway through writing this.]

I was broken from a young age
Taking my sulking to the masses
Writing my poems for the few
That looked at me, took to me, shook to me, feeling me
Singing from heartache from the pain
Take up my message from the veins
Speaking my lesson from the brain
Seeing the beauty through the…

-Imagine Dragons - Believer

The worn leather nestles itself warmly against his neck, fingertips grazing against the frayed polyester cuffs and the smell of faded cigarettes and liquor envelope the air around him.

‘Juggie-’ Her voice wavers with uncertainty, the small smile that had crept its way into the corners of his mouth falls in an instant. 


Sorry kid, I didn’t realise you had a lady-friend over.’ The broad Serpent chuckles throatily. 

‘Uh, Betty-’ he offers lamely with an outstretched arm to the door, ‘my girlfriend.’

The Serpents in unison stretch to peer around the door, meekly Betty remains hidden, her slender fingers with periwinkle polish grasping firmly at the edge of the door with knuckles turning white.

‘My-my,’ smirks the leader of the pack, ‘don’t you just paint a familiar picture.’

Betty steps back cautiously as the larger man strains to get a better look, instinctively Jughead’s arm raises against the door-frame offering the bearded man a stern look. Taking a step back he rocks on the heels of his feet, his own hands raised in surrender and a curious gaze playing on his features.

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The Pledge

Seth was nervous as he approached the frat house, he had heard crazy stories that fueled his deepest fantasies. Often his curiosity got the best of him, he’d walk the long way to class just to stare at the guys hanging outside the frat house and imagine what went on behind those doors. The fraternity was called Delta Phi and there were whispers of how the frat earned the money to throw their huge ragers that seemed to happen every weekend; they were just rumors of course but Seth 

loved to fantasize about what it would be like. The rumors varied from mild to extreme but they all said the same thing; Delta Phi made gay porn and sold it on the internet. He was ecstatic when one of the guys saw him eyeing the place and invited him over for a kick back they were having that night, the guy’s name was Logan he was about 6’4 with jet black hair and a star quarterbacks build with the muscles only a lineman would have. Logan saw the lust in Seth’s eyes when he was passing by,
the poor boy was putty in his hands:

“Hey there, you seem to walk by here a lot. Where you headed?”

“Oh, uh… Yeah I just like to walk this way to class, it’s fun getting to see the damage from your parties on my way to school. There’s been a couple times I’ve seen people passed out on your lawn, kinda lightens my mood for the day.” Seth said with a huge
smile and undoubtedly red cheeks.

Logan smiled, knowing how easy this was going to be, “Oh so you like to party then? You ever been to one of our ragers?”

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BTS reacts to someone being in a toxic relationship pt 2

read pt 1 here 


“I heard everything Y/N, if there’s such a fucking problem, leave,” Yoongi says. 

Soon as there those words let his mouth your heart fell to your stomach. You just wanted to hide in hopes that these problems would just fix itself. The boys were all still sitting at the table watching us as if this was some sort of k-drama. Yoongi is the love of your life and the fact that you guys are driving on a road where a dead end is near kills you. 

“Because Yoongi I love you, I wouldn’t give up on you even if someone paid me too,” you say with tears flowing in your eyes. Yoongi looks at you then at the boys.

“You guys basically told my fucking girlfriend to leave me? What kind of “friends” are you? Jimin..” Yoongi sits back on the chair and clears his throat still giving off an I don’t give a fuck kinda vibe. 

“You said she deserves someone better? what is better Jimin… you? because as I recall before I got with Y/N you wanted her.” Jimin shifts uncomfortably in his seat. At this point, no one knows where Yoongi is headed with all of this. 

“Yoongi stop it!” you yelled slightly. You hated to argue with yoongi and you didn’t want to see him argue with any of the boys.

“Y/N shut the fuck up, are sticking up for him Jimin now? Hey if you want him you have him. I’m not stopping you, baby, honestly!” Yoongi shouts. —- The tears finally start to pour. 

Rap Mon

“Wow, Min yoongi when did you become such a dick?” Namjoon throws one at Yoongi causing him to dry laugh. 

“All of you are full of shit, instead of coming to me with the problems you went to Y/N?”

“Well no one can speak to you anymore, you always have an attitude. You barely even speak to us! Do you even notice that you still have a girlfriend? because seriously I’m surprised she even stuck around.” Namjoon comes at Yoongi once again. 

You can tell Yoongi is pissed now this conversation isn’t going smooth. 


“Why do you treat her like shit?” Jimin says calmly.

“Well, I haven’t been treating for like shit enough because she still sleeps in my bed at the end of the day,” Yoongi says coldly... Ouch. 

Yoongi continues. “You seem a little tough all of sudden Chim Chim, save the act before I actually get mad.” Every thing just continued to go down hill nothing was being resolved. 

“Am I suppose to be scared Suga?” Jimin laughed standing from his seat. Bad idea Jimin.

Yoongi got up from his seat as well walking over to Jimin. You honestly didn’t know what was about to happen!


Jin stops Suga before he gets all the way to Jimin. 

“There will be no fighting here!” Jin says to Yoongi.

“Jin move out the way before I have to move you!” Yoongi says calmly. 

Still sitting at the table you can’t even form the right words, watching this all happen right in front of you is honestly tearing you apart.     


“Yoongi just stop! Jimin sit down. Wanting to fight each other isn’t going to solve a problem that’s not even ours!”

“You guys shouldn’t have been so fucking concerned in the first place! Everyone needs to mind their business!” Yoongi yells at everyone. 


Tae who has been sitting there quietly the whole time finally speaks up. 

“Guys I think we should go, and let them talk ya know? I think we’ve said all we needed to.”


“I agree with Tae guys. We should’ve just let them handle it from the beginning.” Hobi speaks low.

“It’s fine I go, I don’t feel wanted here anyway.” Sugas expression softens. 

You still have nothing to say because what exactly should you say? You wanna talk to Suga alone but you don’t know if you can do it! you hurt and tired, you just wanna know what Suga is thinking. 

Before Yoongi walks out the door he stops and goes to grab your hand but you pull back with hesitation. 

“Let’s go. We need to talk.” You look at the boys worried, they all nodded in approval.

You grab his hand and walk out the door entering the brisk night.

You guys wanted this soooo bad! Here ya go! :) oh mannn, I wonder what happens next! ~ Rae ♥

Light My Fire~ Shield Imagine

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Smut Ahead
Note : This is my first time writing a threesome so bear with me if it’s not good. 

Three men. Three best friend. All three of them seemed to have caught your eye since the beginning. There was just something about them that reeled you in. You have been close with them for awhile, you knew them around when you were in NXT. Who were they? The Shield, the most dominant stable in this company. 

But all three wanted one thing. You. 

Dean would try to get your attention but merely standing against the wall opposite side of you. When a crew member or a wrestler walked by he would make silly faces at them or omitted them to make you laugh. 

The others would look at you weirdly before moving on. Then he would make his way over to you pinning you to the wall, staring down at you with his ocean blue eyes before a smirk made it’s way to his lips as he left you standing there, confused. 

He left you frustrated and in need of his chest pressed against yours.
Seth, he would try to get your attention by singing your favorite song. Either standing next to you or just walking by you in the same hallway. 

You and Seth had similar music taste, but when it came to him signing. He didn’t really have that much of a good voice, it made you smile and annoyed at the same time. When you shake your head, he would come over to you wrapping his arms around your waist. 

Resting his head on your shoulder as he continue to sing. The feeling of his hands on your waist caused shivers up and down your spine. 

Roman would always try to show his muscles to you, to get you to touch them. He loved your hands on him. It made him feel good, because the woman he likes is touching him. She hasn’t touched Dean or Seth. The three knew of each others feelings for you, it wasn’t hard to tell.

 They all wanted you and had to have you. One way or another, you were going to be theirs. The three of them continue to grab your attention. Weather it’s you touching them or pressed against them or having them whisper something in your ear or talking about something that interest you. 

“ Boys, you have been trying all three months to grab my attention. Why me?” you asked them all of sudden. 

They were sitting on crates discussing something about their match when you confronted them. 

“ You’re beautiful Y/N”  

“ You’ve got spunk” 

“ We want to see what makes you tick and what you like” 

“ Is that it?” one of your eyebrows raised as you looked from Roman to Seth to Dean. 

“ Maybe” Roman hopped off the crates as he was heading towards you, grabbing your hips as he pushed his body flushed against yours. You’re breathing picked up as your head rose to look at the beautiful Somoan man. 

“ Do you guys think she’s teased us enough today? I mean look at what she’s wearing. That top showing more cleavage than it should. Are you trying to tell us something baby girl?” a giggle escapes your mouth.  

He looks to Seth and Dean as they nod before Roman throws you over his shoulder heading down the hall followed by Dean and Seth trailing behind him. He pushed open a room that no one usually uses before Dean and Seth enter. 

Roman puts you down, “ You’ve been a bad girl baby girl” you shudder at his words. Was this going really where you though it was going? Your thoughts were answered as Roman hands went to your shirt it off along with your bra. Hands gripped your waist, pushing your ass into their crotch. You turn your head seeing Seth behind you. 

He leaned down, his beard tickling your shoulder before his lips attached to your neck, sucking and licking harshly. He was sure going to leave a mark.Throwing your head onto his shoulder, whimpering and moaning. Roman pushed down your pants revealing you in purple undies.

 You looked over to the side, seeing Dean had taken off his shirt and he was palming himself through his pants. Roman had began trailing kisses down to your core,leaving small kisses down to your stomach.

 Seth grabbed your breasts with both his hands, rolling your nipples in between his thumb and index fingers. Dean made his way over to you, standing on the other side, trailing kisses up and down your neck, trying to find your sweet spot. 

You gasped feeling Roman take a lick of your dripping core, making you whimper. One of your hands went to stroke Dean’s cock, he had undressed himself on his way coming over to you.

 Dean’s lips went to your ear, whispering dirty profanities into your ear. Roman’s tongue began to lap faster, you gasped arching your back. Seth’s hands moved from your breasts to your waist as he glided his hands all over your stomach. You never imagined that something like this would happen. All exposed to them and under their control.Roman stood back ups, brushes the tip of his cock against your dripping core.

“ You’re going to be a good girl for us sweetheart?” you heard Seth ask. You nodded your head.  Seth and Dean’s hands roamed your body sending sensation all over.

“ That’s not nice baby, be more vocal for us.” Dean chuckled against your neck.  Gripping onto Roman’s head as he went back to licking your pussy with his tongue, drawing shapes. Your lips parted trying to hold in any sounds that were going to come out of your mouth.

“ How bad do you want us princess?” Dean asked. Roman gave one more lick before standing up as he switched with Seth, who brushed his tip as it enters before he pulls out. He did it again only this time thrusting more deeper. 

“ I want you to fuck me, hard. Please..”you begged. Seth smirks as he nods his head thrusting into you hard. He continue to thrust into you, keeping a rhythm. You gasped feeling Roman’s cock enter you from behind, he gripped your hips as he pushed all of his cock inside of you.

 Moving faster and faster. You watch the sweat on rolled down on Seth’s chest as he continue to move his hips. 

“ Fuck!” you yelled, when Seth thrusted deeper, hitting your g-spot.Roman pulled out making you whimper, Seth smirked doing the same. Glaring at him on why he stopped, panting waiting for one of them to continue. Those two assholes. Then you noticed Dean wasn’t getting any action.

“ Come here Ambrose..” you cooed, gesturing with your fingers. He made his way over to you, holding his cock in his hand as he stroked it. 

“ What do you want Ambrose, tell me.” you reached your hand brushing your fingertips up his chest. Leaning in, your lips brushed against his before you kissed him.

“ I think it’s your turn Deano.” you muttered. You could hear Roman and Seth groan to themselves but they didn’t interfere. 

“ Why don’t you ride my thigh?” He asked, a smirk light up on his lips. Dean took a seat on one of the chairs before you wrapped your arms around his neck. He hoisted you up to sit on his thigh

. Dean’s hands supported your back. You rocked your hips back and forth, he dug his nails into the backside of your back. The two of you stared at one another as you rode his thigh.

“ You can cum Y/N, do it” 

“ Dean-n.” you gasped. The pleasure that was building up, was exciting. You never felt so much pleasure like this. You continue to rock your hips faster and throwing your head back.

 Dean’s lips landed on your neck, placing kisses and leaving bite marks. You were sure you were marked all around your neck.
“ Shit..Dean..I..” you moaned loudly. 

Your eyes moved to Roman,locking eyes with him and moaning Dean’s name. Dean pulled you closer, dripping of your juice is on his thigh. You threw your head back as released on him, Dean took his fingers taking a taste of you.  

“ Damn, so good” he mutters. You felt a pair of hands lift you off of Dean and placed on the ground. 

“ All fours” he demanded. 

“ Seth…” 

“ I said, all fours!” one of his hands slapped your ass, growling. One of his hands runs up and dow your back, your ass in the air for him. Wiggling your ass to him, teasing him.

 He growled,his hand coming down slapping once again. You surpassed a giggle, looking up at Roman as he made his way over to you. His cock was in front of your face, he was thick and he was bigger than you expected. You took him into your mouth, licking up and down his shaft, pumping the rest of him with your hand. Pre-cum leaked down his throbbing tip. Seth smacked your ass then massaged it with his hands as he watched you suck Roman’s cock. He surprised you by thrusting into you without warning.

 He didn’t even gave you time to adjust to his size, taking his own rhythm. Dean made his way over to you, taking your hair in his hands as you continue to bop your head. Dean gripped onto your hair, tugging your head up as his lips captured yours. As you and Dean kissed roughly, you felt Roman’s hand kneed your breasts. 

You pulled away from Dean going back to sucking on Roman’s cock. He was moaning and thrusting his lips up while your hand went to pump Dean’s cock.  Seth gripped your hips, thrusting faster as he spit out profanities.

 Roman’s eyes got wide as you took his whole cock in your mouth, his hands going into fist. His cock twitch as you continue to bop your head. Continue to pump Dean’s cock, he released all over your hand with one loud moan. 

“ Shit Seth..” you pulled your mouth from Roman to glance at Seth behind your shoulder. His thrust became harder than the once before. Roman gripped your chin making you face him as he pumped his cock with his hand to finish himself off before he released himself into your mouth.

 You licked your lips, before Seth grabbed a hold of your hair bringing you up as his hand went around your neck to keep you up as the other two watched. Seth lips went to your neck, placing bites there as he continue thrusting into you.

  Dean kneel down before you, his hands running up and down your stomach to your hips then to your breasts. You could feel the fire coming in the pit of your stomach and so did Seth.

 He pulled his cock out then thrusted back in, surprising you once more. Dean’s fingers went to your clit as his thumb pressed on it, watching you squrim. You screamed out your orgasm followed by Seth who moaned while the other two moaned seeing you orgasm onto Dean’s fingers and running down Seth’s leg. Seth pulled out of you, holding your waist placing a kiss on your shoulder.

“ That was so sexy, baby girl” Roman chuckled.

 You sat back on your knees as you looked around the room then to Roman and to Dean who was licking his fingers.

 “ Unexpected, wasn’t that?” Seth asked, nibbling on your shoulder. You nodded, feeling the heat rise on your cheeks. 

“ Maybe this could happen again?” you asked. 

“ Hell yeah it will, no doubt princess” Dean leaned down, kissing your forehead.  

“ Who knew you could scream like that?” Seth muttered against your ear making you blush harder as the guys laughed.

Side to Side Pt. 4

Pairing: Tom!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader


  • Part 4 of the side to side series?! It’s so good I can’t get enough
  • The side to side series is a blessing and a part 4 would make my life. I saw the post where you said it got old but you don’t need to do an Ariana Grande song, you don’t even need to do a song, fuck consistency!
  • Will you be doing part 4 of the side to side series? Maybe tony stark finds out about peters relationship with the reader or something?
  • okay i’m OBSESSED with the side to side series i can’t wait for another one 😍
  • pls make side to side 4!!!yes yes yes to a part 4 of side to side!! also could you tag me in your fics?? ❤️❤️ -@hemmomfg
  • you should just turn the side to side series in a its own fic i think it would be great there could be more character development and detail!

Word Count: 4386 (you’re welcome, bebs)


Summary: You and Peter are trying to find ways to tell your dad about your relationship

Warning(s): Immense fluff, no sin (I know, sad), overprotective dad! Tony, swearing (but that’s nothing new to you sinners)

Author’s Note: Sorry this isn’t smut or anything, but I hope I made for it in the fluff and how long it is. I’ve given up on resisting writing more of this series, so I will gladly take requests for more parts to this since I tried setting up a few things and I have a few ideas for sequels!

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Rika’s back and MC gets left

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x

  • Everyone was happy to know that Rika did not die and was back to the RFA 
  • At first you were okay with everyone ignoring you because hey, their long time friend was back and you know you couldnt possibly compete with the time they had with her 
  • over the next few days you do start to feel jealous that their main focus is Rika and no one really has talked to you since she came back except for short messages of:

“Hi MC!” “I’m so happy MC…” “Did you eat?” “Oh gotta go, take care!”

  • You know they mean well and are trying to be nice but you can’t help but feel like you were being abandoned so soon 
  • You begin to feel under the weather and decide that maybe the feeling of being jealous isnt helping your health so you decide to go a few days without logging in 
  • Of course, no one really noticed much thinking that you were tired or on break since Rika said she’d take back the job of coordinating the party emails and such
  • Ofc doesnt help that Rika reassures everyone that you’re fine even though she hasnt talked to you at all 
  • When you log in after 3 days you feel utterly hurt that no one really was concerned for you and you feel betrayed:

You gave up ever going back to your home country to stay and help the RFA (pretty stupid idea now)
You lived with a bomb pretending to be okay becuase you didnt want anyone to worry 
You tried your hardest to help everyone deal with their issues because you felt that they would do the same for you 
You felt like you had a home and a family with the RFA after all you all went through together 

  • Out of anger you leave your phone bc you know 707 probably keeps tabs on your from time to time he hasnt talked to you much b/c of a mission & know he’d probably talk to you but you dont wanna bother him and go out for a run
  • You notice you have lost a lot of weight and think that maybe you should see a doctor for a check up  you haven’t had one since you moved to Korea 
  • YOu speed up going to the ER when you notice that you started coughing up blood after your run
  • Since no one has asked about you, you dont say anything and pretend that everything is okay even though you get really happy when someone acknowledges you even if its briefly 
  • “Is there anyone that can come with you to the next appointment MC?” the doctor looks at you somberly and you shake your head explaining that you just moved here and are on your own  
  • He nods and then tells you that your results will be ready for you tomorrow and to come with maybe a friend 
  • Ofc you dont want to worry anyone so you pretend that you’ll ask for someone to go with you
  • You begin to get scared and think maybe you should ask, surely someone would care
  • You log in the chat and see that it is just you and Rika and Jumin 

Jumin: Thank you again for the book. I still haven’t finished it yet, but Elizabeth and I are almost halfway through. 
Rika: Oh don’t worry ^^ I know you’ll finish it eventually!

MC has entered the chatroom. 

MC: Hey guys… 
Rika: How did your meeting go with the president of Honey BUddah Chips? I’m sure 707 and Youngsung will be happy if they can come to the next party ^^
Jumin: Assistant Kang scheduled it for later on this evening. With your encouragement, I’m sure the meeting will go smoothly. I’ll tell them to email you later.
Rika: Why thank me? You’re the one that has to talk to them! All I do is just email them through a screen and not face to face~
Jumin: You’re too modest Rika
MC: guess I’ll come back at a better time then ^^;

MC has left the chatroom.

  • For sure now you know that telling them would be useless
  • So you don’t tell them anything at all.


Prologue Part II 

AHHHH!!! I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m so happy I finally get to show you guys! 

This is a BTS x Mystic Messenger AU story. The reader (YOU!) accidentally enters Bangtan’s private chatroom and you slowly get to know them by talking to them through this app. 


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Don’t Dream, It’s Over

“Do it again.” Jay says rigidly before rubbing his temples.

Loco nods and repeats the verse he had been spitting for the past seven takes. The beat gets cut again and the rapper looks out the booth window biting his lip in anticipation.

“Still a bit off. One more time.” Jay says again sighing.

The engineer was about to press play for the beat to start when Chacha stopped his hand and pressed the intercom instead.

“Take five, ‘Co.” he tells his younger friend.

Hyukwoo sighs in relief and exits the booth. Chase whispers something to him to which he nods and exits the studio.

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How You Met - Bat boys preferences

BRUCE (16 years old): You were a new student in Gotham Academy, being the new girl immediately made you the center of  attention, which you hated. Walking down the halls of the Academy was chaotic and naturally you got lost, cursing under your breath you ran into someone. “Shit I’m sorry.” “It’s okay. you’re the new girl, right?” “Yeah… hey, could you tell me where the room 389 is?” “You’ve got maths now? I’m heading there, I can walk you.” “Thanks. I’m (Y/N) (L/N). "Bruce Wayne.” He said shaking your hand friendly.

DICK: The anual Wayne charity ball  was tonight and you were beyond nervous. Your twin brother asked you to go with him, since he didn’t want a date and wanted to introduce you to Bruce. You walked in the Manor with your brother Jayson when he asked you to wait as he walked next to Bruce Wayne. “You look lovely, care to dance” A voice asked. You turned around a saw a really good looking guy, with Raven hair and blue eyes. “Sure.” He took your hand as you two started dancing and chatting when you heard a voice yell. “GRAYSON WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH MY LITTLE SISTER!”

TIM: “(Y/N) three hotties on your section, table 5; the Wayne brothers!” Your best friend whispered to you. She like every single girl on Gotham was crazy for them, as she described them they were: hot, charming, millionaires. But they were fuckboys and you already had your dose of fuckboys. “Hello, my name is (Y/N) and I’ll be your waiter. what can I get you?” “A hot chocolate, a coke, a black coffee and your number” a guy with black and white hair said winking at you making you roll your eyes. When you finished making their orders two of them left but one stayed, making his way towards you. “Hey, uh, sorry for Jason and Dick, well they don’t thing before speaking… So, yeah of they made you feel uncomfortable I apologize for them.” He awkwardly said rubbing his neck making you chuckle. “It’s okay, they’re fuckboys it what they do. I’m (Y/N).” “Tim. So… Don you want grab a coffee some day?” He asks smiling. “You realise you have already a cup of coffee in your hangs right?” He laughed and nodded with his head. “Well, I’ll take it under consideration.” You told him as you felt to the kitchen.

JASON: Gotham at night was not the safest of places, even less safe if you were a woman. You knew you should’ve told your boss that you couldn’t stay that late but she already hated you, so you didn’t want any problems with her. You walked downstreet when suddenly two guys appeared in front of you.  "What you’re doing this late here pretty thing?“ One asked as the other grabbed your hand. "Don’t touch me, here have my wallet but let me be.” “Why don’t you stay? We could have fun.” The other said as you tried to escape. “I think the lady said no. Your should back the fuck off.” A voice angrily said as he took the boys off of you. You grabbed your coat trying to cover as much as you could, you were shivering. “Hey it’s okay. Are you hurt?” “I’m tired. Thanks, you weird guy in a costume.” “Red Hood. But you’re welcome, where do you live?” “Actually this is my portal. See you soon, guy in a costume.” You enter at your house as you heard him scream. “It’s Red Hood, doll.”

DAMIAN: Being raised by Selina, Ivy and Harley meant being a really good criminal. You were a good thief, Batman nerver caught you and he tried but you were faster, smarter, better.  You were now in Gotham College trying to get some papers that some dude paied you to steal. You were walking down the halls as you already had what you wanted when you heard a noise. “Batsy? Wonder kid?” “It’s Robin, Black Angel.” He said appears in front of you. “Hey little bird, what you doing here?” “Arrests you, give me what you’d stole.” “Sorry, but no.” You said as you attack him with your whip. He avoided it and attacked you with a katanna, but you were faster an jump backwards. You used your powers that Ivy gave you and planted were easily grabbing him, with your whip you throw his katanna far from him, he was prisoner. “Nice try, pretty boy.” You walked in front of him, your finger tracing the line of his jawline, flowering to his mask. He looked at you as you start to lean on, placing a light kiss on his lips, going from his lips to his ear you whispered slowly. “See you soon, Damian Wayne.”

All of This and So Much More: Chapter One [poly!hamsquad x reader]

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 3.0K

Warnings: Swearing, underage (?) drinking

A/N: I didn’t think I was going to be able to get this finished and out, and I definitely wasn’t planning on dropping this until at least tomorrow night, but you all were so supportive and I really thank you for that.  So, have the next chapter (not sure how much you’re going to like me after this though so…)  Let me know what you think!  Also, if I tagged you and it didn’t work, or you asked me to tag you and I didn’t, please let me know!!

Prologue  Chapter Two

Month One (September)

“Hey darlin’.  How’d your first day of school go?” John asked as soon as you answered the Skype call.  

You could hear the crashing waves and see your friends sitting around the bonfire from the open door across the room.  They were celebrating the beginning of the school year, and once you talked to John, you’d be out to join them.

“Hey Jackie.”  As much as you were loving the Caribbean, you missed John.  Being able to see him and hear his voice brought a smile to your face.  “It was good.  There’s this little girl, Leta, who is the sweetest little thing.  She colored a picture and gave it to me today and she’s so smart.  I showed her a Junie B. Jones book and she was half way through it by the time school got out.”

John laughed.  “Did they have the Junie B. Jones books there or did you take yours with you?” You mumbled in response, but he couldn’t make out what you said.  Still grinning, he asked, “sorry, what was that.”

“I said I bought a new set and had it shipped down here with me.”

Even though he was still laughing, you could hear the fondness in his voice.  “You just met these kids and you’re already spoiling them.” You went to respond, but he cut you off. “Not that I’d expect any different from you.  It’s a good thing you’re doing.  I’m proud of you.”  

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that one college shawn thing i wrote that i found the doc in an email i sent to someone

a/n: i literally threw the entire 15 page doc in this so like if you wanna reread it here it is, but like it’s 6K words so brace urself lmao

“Did you hear? Shawn’s supposed to be taking a year off to come to school.” Your best friend asked you as you were unpacking all of the boxes in your shared apartment.

You roll your eyes at the mention of his name. “Yeah, Jenny, I heard. Don’t have to remind me.” You mutter back. Shawn is a sore spot for you, but Jenny continuously insisted on bringing him up every chance you got.

You and Shawn dated your senior year of high school, but then he caught his big break and walked away without ever looking back. It’s not good for my image to have a girlfriend, he told you the day before he left for his big tour. You understand, right?

Except you didn’t understand. You never could understand why he didn’t want to continue your relationship, even if it were to be a secret.

“Oh, come on, Y/n, don’t be like that. It’s been a year. He handled your break up like a dick, but he’s still in our friend group. He’s gonna be around for a while—you may as well get used to him now.” She cocks back, and you groan.

“You’re right… So, just curious, do you think it’s too late to transfer to UBC?” You reply sarcastically, and Jenny responds by chucking a pillow from the living room box at your face.

“Yes, Y/n, it is. Fleeing to the other side of the country will not solve your problems. Besides, everything will be fine. We probably won’t even run into him—the campus is huge!” Jenny assures you, or at least tries to, but just as you’re nodding your head in agreement, there’s a knock on the door.

Jenny moves from her spot fluffing pillows to get the door. When she opens it an eruption of dudes screaming fills your apartment, and you turn to the doorway to see who all is there. Spilling out from the apartment across the hall are your friends Matt, Ian, Brian, and another boy you don’t recognize.

“Jenny! Can you believe we’re living across the hall?” Ian shouts excitedly over the rest of the boy’s talking and joking. Jenny shoots you a nervous look. If all of these guys are living together across the hall, that can only mean one thing. Shawn is, too.

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In your shoes.

This was requested a long time ago by @australiasami​ and initially I had some qualms about writing it because I didn’t know much, or any, at all but then, a sweet darling @balletbunsandsugarplums​ gave me a few advice and I am forever thankful to have you help me.

I am still worried about how this turned out so I hope it was alright and hope everyone can enjoy this! I have less than 28 requests now so I will work on them and hopefully by the end of July, I can open the requests again. Anyways, enjoy!

Being back at home is such a stress-reliever for you but too bad, the same cannot be said for your entire family, with the exception of Alfred, of course. You have half the mind to ask Alfred if he had been to Texas before but decided against asking him because Alfred might not even give you a straight answer. But you are back in Texas and you are happy to be back – it feels like you haven’t been home for the longest time.

“Y/N, we are not getting in that truck you have rented.” Bruce frowns, looking at the truck. “It does not feel safe.” You roll your eyes at your husband’s answer.

“Bruce, I love you very much, I really do but every single night you go out to fight crimes,” You whisper this part quietly, “You will be perfectly alright with getting on this truck.” You tell him, putting a hand on your hip, looking at him with one of your eyebrows raised, as if challenging him to answer back.

But before Bruce could even reply, Damian cuts in and slides in between the two of you, keeping his back to Bruce. “Mother, I have never driven a truck before – can I drive?”

Bruce and you look at your youngest son before answering, “No.”

Damian frowns. “Tt.” He crosses his road and moves to stand beside Alfred.

“Fine but I want to drive the truck.” Bruce finally relents and you smile at him before pressing your lips on his cheeks. He makes to move towards the truck and you turn to face the rest of your boys.

“Okay, Dick, you and Jason have got that truck and I trust Tim, Damian and Alfred will be alright with the last truck?” You ask and Alfred gives you a small smile, nodding his head. Damian looks at you.

“Are you sure I cannot drive, mother?”

You laugh, shaking your head. “No, Damian. Alfred’s driving.”

Jason picks up all of the luggage and gently throws it at the back of the truck. “Come on – the heat is crazy and I want to take a shower before we do anything later.” He calls out before getting in the truck he had been assigned to with Dick.

“We’ll see you at Grandpa’s house, Ma.” Dick exclaims before making his way to the truck. You wait until all of your kids as well as Alfred get in to their own respective trucks before heading to the truck where Bruce is currently waiting for you.

Bruce starts the engine as soon as you are seated, he glances at you and lets out a sigh before putting your seatbelts on for you. “Safety first.” He reminds you causing you to laugh before pushing him back to his chair.

“Come on – let’s go home!”

After eating the lunch your parents have prepared, you decided to bring your boys along to the local livestock show that happens to

After eating lunch that had been prepared for your entire family by your parents, you decided to bring your boys along to the local Rodeo. It took a little convincing mostly because Bruce had been skeptical but after reassuring him that no one would make fun of the Bruce Wayne, he had relented like he initially did with the trip and you beam. Damian had been as excited as he can get – though honestly, you think he was probably looking forward to the events where he can participate – Tim on the other hand is documenting every single moment, making what you assume is a Vlog. Dick and Jason are chatting with each other about how they could probably win the mounted shooting – your parents had been more than helpful with giving the boys details pertaining to events happening at the rodeo.

“Do you think if I ask mother enough, will she eventually let me drive the truck?” Damian asks once all of you arrive at the stadium. “Or perhaps, she will allow me to do some of these events?” He asks no one in particular.

“Maybe if you sneak away and do it, she probably would not realize.” Tim snickers, filming Damian up close. Damian rolls his eyes before pushing the camera away from his face. He has a few things he wants to see and if possible, register too.

“If any of you are betting, just don’t blow too much money.” You tell your boys before hooking your arm with Bruce’s. Alfred had decided to stay back at your parents’ house to help prepare food for dinner because all of your siblings and cousins are going to come down tonight and it’s really going to be really fun to see all of them again.

“This is surprisingly not as bad as I expected it to be.” Bruce presses his lips on your temple causing you to giggle, snuggling against his side as the two of you walk around the arena. You used to go to these things all the time with your grandpa while growing up and being here reminds you of the fun times you had with him. “What’s in that mind of yours?”

“I used to go to all of these things with my late grandpa – Rodeo was a huge deal to him and since I was the first born grandchild, he shared that love with me.” You smile at Bruce who nods his head. “Which is why I wanted to share that love with everyone too.”

Bruce feels a little bit guilty for his earlier reservations. He doesn’t even know why he had been so reluctant to come to Texas with you – perhaps, it’s a little bit out of his comfort zone, he can’t quite pinpoint why yet though – but now that you have shared that important part of your childhood with him, Bruce really wants to try to enjoy being in your hometown now.

“Alright then, you have me interested. What do you think we should do?” Bruce asks you but before you can answer, your comms – it’s a tad bit easier to have this rather than calling your sons one by one – rings and Dick’s voice enters your ear.

“Uh, guys – I think we may have to leave soon because Damian is starting to steal all of the cows he thinks are being mistreated.”

The Other Monday Couple (Luhan)

Originally posted by 7thvelvet

Type: Fluff

Request: Can I request a Luhan scenario (I miss him so much.) where in you’re a new member in Running Man China and he always teams up with you so you two can protect each other and win please ? Thank you.

~p.s I really don’t know too much about the Chinese version of the show~

You had known Luhan since you were in Korea. As an original member of the South Korean hit Running Man many people were shocked to hear you were departing the show after roughly 7 years. You cried as you had been with them since you were about 17 and they became like older siblings to you and treated you like a baby because you were only 24. You love being on the show and meeting idols and working with the cast but like many things it was no longer your calling to be on Korea’s Running Man. Fir some reason you had actually became a rather popular guest on the Chinese version of Running Man. You were told your humor and charming looks and personality won the people over. Your former cast were accepting of the fact you needed a changing of scenery and you promised to come back every now and again for them as a special guest. They even joked before you left you were leaving them for Luhan.

Since you joined the show a joke had become that you and Luhan were more than just teammates. Neither you or Luhan accepted or denied the rumors of an actual relationship between the two of you because even in Korea there were rumors about you guys. You had proclaimed when the OT12 were on the orginal Running Man, you were going to get Lu, but you meant it as his nametag but it sounded as if you were hunting down the love of your life. After you two had ripped one another’s names off at the same time and the show decided to have both of you out. Since then you two had been close. And from that moment on you were teased for your love of Luhan. So to you, you always compared yourself to the once Monday Couple of the original series. But there was a difference because there really was a real affection between you and Han that they didn’t have.


As soon as you guys started Luhan grabbed your arm and didn’t even need to ask to work together. “So if we’re the last two left this time. And we have to eliminate one another who gets out this time?” he asked as you sigh. “Are you going to buy me dinner?” you ask him “you always want food” he says “damn right I do” you tell him “you should know food is my only reason to live” “my love should be as well” he jokes as you roll your eyes hitting him lightly. “Let me win I’ll take you on a wonderful date” he offered. “I want a movie and a massage” “I can do that too” he told you as you shook on it.


Luhan smiled as he ripped the final name tag looking at you. After nearly two hours of runnign around you guys were finally finished, well almost. Luhan still had to get your tag to win. You managed to rip one off but Luhan had gotten the rest. He went to give you a hug in victory but you surprised him with a light kiss on the lips, you could hear the dorky music already and the fake bright blush they would put on his face after ‘his other half’ gave him a kiss. He stood there for a moment before he felt a rip as you tugged his nametag off. You jumped up and down in victory as Luhan was still in shock. “I actually won one” you say happily holding up his tag in victory before winking at the camera giving it your normal charms. “Did you actually kiss him?” Zulan asked in shock at the random affection he saw from a distance. Everyone started yelling as you just laughed “did I Lu?” you asked “that’s for me to know and no one to find out” he says as he tried to be cool about what you did.

Once you were done filming Luhan had grabbed your arm “you kissed me on TV” he stated. “Yeah” you tell him. “I didn’t think you would want to be public like that” he states. He looked around as he pulled you into a more private area, he quickly smiled leaning in and placing a solid kiss onto your lips. “There’s gonna be so much posted about us now” he laughed. “You mean more than the article of us entering and leaving a hotel together?” you ask as you guys start heading out of the building happily. “We should go public” he states “yeah?” “I want to hold your hand in public and not when we’re running away” he states as you simply reach over and grab ahold of his hand.


Your relationship with Luhan had gone public and your cast members were glad to have a true answer about how you two were. “That’s why they work together. So they don’t feel guilty” Chenhe teased “I never feel guilty for beating Luhan in things” you tell him. “I want to win and my affections hold no merit” you continue to babble. “And that’s why you’re on separate teams” Angelbaby exclaimed as she grabbed your shoulders, you knew the teasing was just beginning.

The 100th | Wonho

Characters: Police officer Wonho x reader

Genre: Mystery/thriller

Length: 2286 words

A/N: South Korea’s notorious serial killer has you on his list next and the police only has 10 days to find and stop him before he finds you.

part two | part three

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Chewing Gum (Oliver Queen x Reader)

Originally posted by lovershub

Request (by anon): Prompt list one, #3. To which Oliver replies “or I could be fucking you?” And the sexy things commence. => “Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, fucking off or something?”

Fandom: Arrow TV Series (after season 1, episode 14. AU where the reader is the I.T. girl who has been helping Oliver and she’s the one who starts working with him after he enters to her car looking for help)
Pairing: Oliver Queen x fem!reader

Warnings: salty sarcastic reader; cursing; heavy make out session, part touching (not actually smut, because I don’t write it, but it is close)
Word Count: 606

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I just wanted to thank all of you guys for following and supporting me, I honestly didn’t think I’d get over ten followers when I started this account. 100 is still a HUGE number for me, and I’m so grateful to have you all around! (This is also my first art raffle so wheeeee!)

Rules and details are all under the cut:


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