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Bardroy and Agni might become my 2 most favorite BB guys, I liked your previous posts with them, Bard being socially awkward may be seen as cute, Both have good looks and are the two most likely to be the best guys to date.

I recently saw in one of the @akumadeenglish translations of Yana-san’s posts that Bard is more like 40… a few years older than I had thought, but I wasn’t too far off. It didn’t give an age for Agni, but I don’t see him still being under 30.

Bard seems like a genuinely nice guy. Sure, he’s one of the guys (enjoys his girly magazines, etc.), but he’s also quite protective of Mey-Rin (think of what happens when Ronald flirts with her at the start of the Campania arc), and I don’t think he would treat a lady the way Ronald does. I’ve previously written that Bard seems like the kind of guy (and at the right age) to think about finding a nice girl and settling down. He comes across as a “no frills” sort who would consider any woman who is willing to consider him. I generally stay away from the shipping and don’t have what I would call an OTP, but I could see Bard and Mey-Rin eventually getting together (or at least dating for awhile). She needs someone who cares about her and treats her like the young lady she is. Sebastian only seems to care; he’s toying with her. Bard, on the other hand, is genuinely concerned for her well-being. Their age difference (she’s only about 22) doesn’t matter, really, and women were often courted by and married much older men during the Victorian era. However, according to tradition, they would not even think of marriage without the earl’s consent… or they would wait until their service to him was over….

Agni is also genuinely kind and concerned, but… like the Phantomhive servants, his first priorities are to his master. That sense of duty is even stronger in him, since he views Soma as a personal god. This makes him a great servant and companion for Soma but not much of anything to anyone else. If you’ve ever read the “Kushiel’s Legacy” book series, think of Soma as Elua and of Agni as some born-again version of Cassiel. His function is to “serve and protect” and to not give into temptation…. *Unlike* Cassiel, Agni was *once* a drunkard and a lech… but that all *changed* the day Soma saved him from execution. This master and servant bond is stronger than the one between Bard and the earl; it’s unlikely to ever break.

You’d have way better luck with Bard ;) Bonus: he seems to have cut back on his smoking a bit since the earl spoke with him about it….

LoThank you for everyone who messaged me last night/this morning. The support truly helps and is amazing and makes me feel better.

That said, I think I am going to quit tumblr for a few months, or possibly more like 8 months depending on the situation. I’m not at a point in my life where I can handle the worst that humanity has to offer. I don’t have the in person support system or the mental health support(i really need to get on depression medication as well as individual counseling) to do this. It’s hurting me more than I’m doing good, and if I can get in a better place, I can come back and be able to whether to awful people and situations and stay strong. 

Now, granted, I don’t actually produce much original content anymore (maybe that will change to once I get in a better position!) But mostly reblog from a  variety of sources I trust. Some are half fandom half social justice, others are full social justice. I’ll plug them here, you can follow them if you like my stuff to get mostly the same thing! : They are a lot like me except they draw stuff. They have a wide variety of posts, but a variety of social justice, video games, steven universe, pokemon, b99, and anime. They are actually the #1 person I reblogged from recently, so if you like me you’ll probably like them. : An old artist follow from homestuck days who like me, has turned both fandom and social justice. They are big enough that I often see them and roachpatrol have replies on a lot of social justice posts I reblog. Again, a healthy mix of social justice, anime, video games, SU, etc. : Another mixed fandom/social justice blog, with a healthy dose of great memes and other goodness! They are great for brightening up your dash even if you aren’t in any major fandoms! : 100% social justice blog, and the person I credit with getting me into social justice as they were one of my first follows ever. They know a variety of social justice blogs but they also have a blog and produce regular content constantly! They focus on feminism but constantly reblog support for LGBT issues (including aces!), mental health issues, black lives matter and other PoC issues, etc. : Another homestuck artist turned social justice, although a smaller one. Lots of artist reblogs, cute animals and food, along with social justice and assorted fandomm, though the fandom stuff is a bit on the low side, if you want something different to look at! : One of my two best friends who also hasn’t changed their title from our titles that we got with my original homestuck test. We reblog a lot from each other, and he reblogs a lot from some of my other friends who have perspectives into other issues we don’t personally know a lot about, such as polyamory and BDSM culture. He’s a great guy and will be a great follow! : Cosplay/Con buddies! They are an amazing cosplayer who still does amazing trickster homestuck cosplays, but they also do a lot of other fandoms and social justice! They still post homestuck stuff, if you need your trash fix :P : My other best friend, and the worst pun master around. Fandom, social justice, homestuck, he’s got everything. Also if you send him puns in his ask, I bet he’ll be super happy. You should totally do that. They follow a lot of people I don’t so I get a lot of reblogs from them! and their shit post blog : Old college friend who I converted into a social justice warrior (you’re welcome) They are super sweet and their shitpost blog is fucking amazing and always puts a smile on my face. Also a good artist, and mixed social justice/ fandom. 

Remember remember, the 5th of November

I can’t believe summers vanished. I already miss it. Here in the UK we have bonfire night or Guy Fawkes on the 5th of November which is basically an excuse to set off thousands of tonnes of explosives and set fire to gigantic and morbid stuffed models of the guy who plotted to blow up parliament. Its a pretty dark and messed up celebration. But a few years ago it gave me a chance to have my own messed up celebration.

I was living quite close to where a large display is held at the time so I was able to walk there. I still remember it quite clearly and it was well planned. But I was so nervous. I hadn’t really delved into public shame much back then and even though its still a big deal I was even more nervous than I’d be now. Which called for another dalliance with wine.

I was able to plan it as I had the house to myself that weekend and managed at least three days without going to the loo. I rarely have evening missions and I remember it was tough getting through the day beforehand; I had to cross my legs a lot, trying not to let the waves of urgency fully take hold. I started having a few drinks at 5ish before leaving at 6 to walk into town. The drinks helped my nerves but they went to my head a little as when I’m desperate for the loo I lose my appetite and hadn’t eaten much all day. I wore some stretchy pale blue high waisted jeggings over red sloggi briefs, over cut and rolled up tights, over white multi pack briefs, Its always been a safer approach layering as such and it helps me to feel protected against leaky leg bands if things turn out to be overly messy. I also wore a leather jacket and a scarf as it was quite chilly.

It was a lovely little town that I miss so much, having moved away from there since. On bonfire night, preceding the actual fireworks display, they have a large procession through the town with lots of floats driving by with bands and performers along with hundreds of people dressed up with torches walking down the narrow highstreet which they close to traffic. I’d arrived a little early so went into a very old pub that the procession goes directly by for another glass of wine. I don’t usually go into pubs alone but wanted to allow a wave to take hold in the ladies as I was getting desperate. There were so many people there, it’s got to be the busiest night of the year. Just ordering a drink took about fifteen awkward minutes, trying not to give in to the gassiness at hand. I remember going outside the front of the pub as they let you take the plastic cups away and watched the procession begin. The atmospheric smell of burning wood from all the torches and the general air of excitement was thrilling. But I was still nervous. I had to cross my legs a little a few times and eventually gave in and went into the ladies. There was a large queue so I decided to bail, I didn’t need to wee much so was fairly confident but it meant I couldn’t let a wave properly take hold. It was for the best as the way things felt it would be tough to recover from without losing it badly.

I finished my wine and set off with the crowd for the field nearby where they have the display. I now felt really light headed and seriously full. I started uncontrollably farting on the way and a few were audible, but hopefully not witnessed. I didn’t really have a plan, apart from to put myself in the situation for a large accident at the display and as we were all funnelled down into separate lanes for paying the entry fee I started sweating. The pressure was huge and the gassiness had stopped which was worrying as that usually means there’s a dam that’s holding back more gas and it could be noisy.

There were some teenagers behind me, mainly girls, and a family in front. I felt a bit weird being alone but it added to the thrill, making it more of an adventure. Then a very bad wave started. If I allow them to take hold then I can only ride it out by totally crossing my legs, something that wasn’t possible in that crowded environment. Nearly at the front of the queue now I tried to cross my legs a little but it didn’t help and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I was seriously desperate now and was fumbling around in my purse getting the entry money ready when a powerful spasm struck and I had to lean forwards slightly. I was straining to brake but it was no good and I suddenly gave an involuntary push. A messy load about the size of an apple quickly crackled into my pants before I managed to stop the flow as my heart doubled its pace. There were still a few people in front before I’d be able to pay and get through to some much needed personal space. And then the smell hit as I was struggling to regain control. I had to cross my legs now otherwise I’d obviously lose the whole load while trapped with too many people. I didn’t dare reach back to examine whether it had stained or whether it was visibly bulging but it felt quite wet and messy and pleasantly warm on the cold evening. I heard the girls behind quiz each other on who farted although I don’t think they rumbled me. But I was still so desperate and as I paid the people on the gates I asked where the toilets were which may have been a giveaway if they’d smelled it.

There were a line of portaloo’s, which barely qualify as toilets, and people were already queuing. It was so crowded and it felt surreal being in that situation with messy pants. The wine had helped to take the edge of my nerves and as I queued I crossed my legs again, trying not to lose total control yet. Someone joined behind me, and then they changed line which made me paranoid and I felt back. It felt wet in places! When I’d went into the portaloo, which had a small basic mirror, I could see that the staining was noticeable and I panicked a little not knowing what to do and was now in the grip of a powerful wave. More poop starting crackling out but again I didn’t want to lose the whole load just yet and fought through it somehow. It really stank. I stayed there like that for a good few minutes until I’d just about settled enough to walk out and find some space. The display was due to begin and I found a dark spot which was a little less crowded. Thankfully the darkness would have been enough to cover the visual side but people would still be able to smell me.

More and more people piled in and I again felt more and more nervous. My pants were already terribly messy and it was bulgy, maybe the size of an everyday poop. They’d lit the Guy to much applause and then unexpectedly they let off a gigantic banger to commence the display and it gave me a shock which brought on a severe cramp. As everyone cheered the display erupted into life and I stood there, trying to act naturally as the remainder of the movement moved towards the exit. I was now breathing heavily and surrounded by people as I leaned forwards and totally lost it. With a forceful push I could hear my own explosion between the larger explosions in the sky as a lot of mush and warmth spread further into my pants. And then it got slightly firmer and I could have regained control here but was utterly absorbed into accident mindset and slowly pushed this monster out. It took a long time but at least it was quieter. I felt back and the bulge was getting enormous and it was starting to make its way towards the top of my underwear. I don’t know if anyone had seen it as it was happening but now the smell in the air was a total giveaway.

It was such a surreal and strangely satisfying moment, being around others and totally filling up my underwear. The warmth and the feeling of it spreading out against my skin along with the messy relief was amazing but the size of it wasn’t good. On top of the staining now the bulge felt ridiculous and I had to push against it to try and flatten it out a little which caused it to stain my jeggings more. Some of the huge rockets were lighting up the field so much that people would have been getting glimpses of my predicament and adding up the source of the smell. It was even overpowering the strong gun powder haze from the fireworks. After I’d heard a few people questioning it I started walking away, closer to the exit.

I really hadn’t thought this through. The walk back was going to be tough with this many people around. I watched the fireworks continue as I left the field and stood with my back to a tree, trying to figure out a route that would avoid the busy highstreet. I felt back again and noticed that I’d wee’d a little too and there was wetness now on my upper inner thighs. This was a disaster and the smell just seemed to get worse and worse. I still remember thinking that this was one of my largest poops of that year, and definitely my most public up until then. I didn’t really go much more public than this until recently with this years lunacy.

I had to walk straight past the people on the gates where it was well lit and I have no doubt they saw the mess I was in, And even worse there was a squelching sound a little as I walked. The Jeggings stretched sufficiently helping me to feel secure against pants leg band leaks but it was all so over the top and I held my bottom a fair amount as I walked, making my hand slightly messy.

The journey back is hazy. I passed so many people and kept changing sides of the road to keep maximum possible distance but I do remember hearing a girls voice saying “poopy pants” in a higher pitched teasing way. I’d managed to leave before the display had finished and avoided getting stuck in the bottleneck of people leaving but I remember looking in the mirror when I’d got home and thinking oh my god. There’s no chance that anyone who’d caught sight of my bottom would have missed it. I’m still trying to find a picture, I’m sure I took one, but it isn’t in the obvious folder, which is worrying..

I’d been meaning to type up that one for a while. It was by a long way the most epic pants poop of my life up until that point. It’s also that time of year again now, and there are a lot of fireworks displays on next weekend. Hmmm :)

Harry Potter Imagine - Jealous

Can you do an imagine where right before Harry is going to ask you to the Yule ball, Draco asks and you say yes, but at the night of the ball you see Harry alone and you decide to dance with him, which leads to a magic duel/battle between Harry and Draco for your affections? thanks x - requested by anon

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a really long time - I don’t have much of an excuse, I’m just absolute trash.  I’ll try to be more consistent in the future.

Also, I have quite a few ships left to do and I will get those done as soon as possible.  Sorry to everyone who is still waiting!

Hope you like it! :)

     For any Hogwarts student, or any student at any of the magical schools, really, the Yule Ball is a huge deal.  And, of course, this year is no exception - I am going with one of my good friends, Draco Malfoy.

     Draco is sarcastic, bitter, and somewhat whiny, but I love him regardless.  He is very protective and can actually be quite sweet - just not when Harry Potter is involved!  Right after I had agreed to go as his date, Pansy Parkinson had told us that Harry had been planning to ask me as well.

     That made for an unpleasant night.  Draco had sulked around and snapped at me several times.  Even now, while I showed him my dress robes days later, I could tell he still wasn’t over it.

     He ran his hand across the satin of my periwinkle coloured robe and said, “y/n, you are going to look beautiful.  I’m so glad you’re my date.  Everyone is going to be jealous.”

     I awkwardly looked away and replied, “Who else would I have gone with?  We’ve been best friends for years, Draco?”

     Draco shook his head almost angrily, mumbled some excuse about needing to do homework, and left in a hurry, probably to go sulk somewhere.  I sighed and sat down on the bed.

     What I hadn’t told Draco - what I never planned to tell him - was that I had been crushing on Harry Potter since my first year at Hogwarts.

xxxx - Yule Ball - xxxx

     I floated across the dance floor, my robes swirling around me.  The positive energy in the room - the music, the laughter, the dancing - filled me with joy.  I thrived in this type of environment, and this had been one of the best nights of my life.  Draco and I danced together for hours; we had barely been apart for the entire night.  I just wanted a moment of fresh air, of reality.  I needed to remember that real life wasn’t usually this perfect.

     I sipped a glass of ice water and glanced over at Draco as the music started playing again, this time, a slower waltz.  He inclined his head at Pansy, a mutual friend, and guided her onto the dance floor.  I couldn’t help but giggle - Pansy was the least graceful person I knew.

     I headed back towards my friends when I noticed a familiar face at a table near the back of the room.  Harry Potter was sitting alone, looking miserable.  The music was still playing, and after a quick glance at Draco (still busy), I headed over to him.

     “Care for a dance?” I asked with a smile.

     Harry glanced up at me, startled.  “Um… sure, y/n.”  He cleared his throat awkwardly and stood up.

     I took his arm and pulled him alongside me, to the dance floor.  He lightly gripped my waist, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and we began to slowly sway.  It was only after I gazed into his bright green eyes that I felt my heartbeat speed up.  I was actually dancing with Harry Potter.

     I took a deep breath in to calm myself.  “So, I heard you were going to ask me to the ball?”

     Harry blushed, and mumbled, “Yeah, I was.”

     “I would’ve gone with you, you know, if Draco hadn’t asked me first.”

     Before I could say anything else, I had an awful feeling and turned to look over my shoulder at Draco.  He was storming towards us, scowling.

     “Potter!  Leave y/n alone!”

     Harry laughed bitterly and let go of me.  “Malfoy, she asked me to dance with her!”

     I could see the hurt in Draco’s eyes, but he tried to cover it up as he pulled out his wand and said, “Get away from her!”

     Harry reached into his pocket and retrieved his wand, too.  I stepped in between them.

     “Harry!  Draco!  Please just calm down!  You’re both my friends, and - “

     “Shut up, y/n,” growled Draco.

     “Excuse me?” I protested, outraged, as Harry reached around me, pulled me behind him, and cried expelliarmus.

     Draco flew back with a loud bang and his wand flew up in the air.  When it came back down, Professor McGonagall was there to catch it.

     “Boys!  Both of you!  To my office!  You too, Ms. y/l/n!”

     I shot both Harry and Draco angry looks and trudged after her.  While I appreciated that both of them cared about me, it was probably best that we all stay friends.  I didn’t want to deal with jealous boys, anyways.

Little update~

Hello to everyone! Just before I start CONGRATS ON OUR 90 FOLLOWERS! Oki, seriously, when I started this blog, I never thought that one day we would be this close to 100, it’s cool and I appreciate everyone of you guys <3

2. Sorry for the little hiatus and few updates, got quite 2 long harsh weeks, so that’s why. (also we are still settling things up with mod Pascal, but that’s not an excuse for me not updating lmao)

3. Good news, I have a week off after friday the 24th, so I’ll be way more available for updating, keeping tracks of everything (and learning to code) 

So don’t worry guys, new updates will be here soon enough (I think I have like 3-5 authors to add? something like that). Also, I ain’t trying to force anything, but since the mod posts are not updated yet (my fault too, I’m sorry pascal ;-;), you can also see a few updates of mine of my main blog. (though there’s a lot of shitpost, it’s where I write more openly about my harsh weeks so if anyone is interested… @midori-izayo it is. Also if you just need to talk, my main ask boxes and messages are always available!).

Dont be shy to submit something or ask us something! We will gladly answer it the best we can~ 

As you can see, I’M BACK!!!!!
And sooo exhausted :’D …. 13hours from poland back home … there were too many traffic jams … it usually takes us around 9 hours … welp .. that’s life ..
But everything went smoothly qwq! Just a few small things left to do haaa …

But I’m happy to be back, gratefull for quite some more followers O0O .. *hey guys* and excited to finally get back to my cintiq !!!
Now I’ll get on to a commission still sitting here .. *sorry I’m so slow qq …*
And a bit for my Echo amv inbetween >w<!!!

So have a small .. sketchdump .. the rest was really .. more of foot, face, hand, and skeleton structure practice ahaha … really .. bad .. practice ..

I like the one with sans .. maybe I’ll make more out of it owo!

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I've noticed that it's been a few months since the last update. Im hoping to see more from you though even if it takes a while!

[Ah! Thank you very much for your patience! <3 School’s been kicking my butt (though I suppose by now that sounds like an excuse orz I’m sorry). I do have a page in the works, I just haven’t sat down to finish it quite yet. I still have a bunch of requests from the last follower challenge in my inbox as well.]

[Again, thank you for your patience. I’ll do my best to update when I can <3]

Coffee Girl (Part 1)

Summary: You work in a cafe, which Jungkook regularly goes to and now transferring to his school.

Part 2

By now you were dreading going to work. You didn’t need to work, but you didn’t want to quit either. Why? Because of him. The guy who comes in almost every day, except for those exceptional days. You were sure you liked him, but you knew nothing about him. You only knew his name, from having to write it on his to-go coffee cup. You knew what his favorite coffee was, as it was his regular order. You’ve talked to him a couple of times, yet he showed no interest in getting to know you more.

‘God, I sound like a stalker’ 

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200RTSW Registration Extension!

So registration the project 200 Reasons to #SaveWOY was due to end tomorrow - 4th April. However there’s been quite a few people re-blogging and signing up since last night so I have decided to extend the deadline to the 8th April. Just so we can get as many people involved as possible! After all, the more people we have - the better! I will now send out the comments on the 9th April!

Information and registration for the project can be found here! We could still use a lot more people! -

Thanks for your understanding guys! This will also help to clear my schedule a bit since the Give-away ends today. 

A little update - 85/200 comments have been claimed and some are using their own comments. Not bad at all but let’s see if we can get at least 100 comments sent to Disney!

“When I first met Leo I was quite shy and nervous but he was very easy to get along with, he wasn’t a big star as such back then, but he had certainly been noticed. Infact I found him quite geeky…but an entertaining geek (laughs). I don’t think many people know this, but I met up with him a few weeks ago, before he started filming his new movie with Martin Scorsese and I hate to say it but I have noticed a dramatic change in him, not so much his personality as he is still the same geeky Leo and a great guy, he really is, don’t get me wrong, but I have noticed a change in the way he carries himself, he is more aware and I guess..more untrusting.”

Hey guys!

Just a friendly reminder that EreRi week will begin a week from today!

I’ve gotten quite a few asks this last week so I just want to make it clear that:

  • I will take late submissions! I understand a lot of you are finishing up the semester and have priorities first and I will be checking the ereriweek and ereriweek2015 tags for about two weeks! Good luck to those who are still stressing over finals! 
  • Yes, you can mash together two or more prompts into one entry, no problem!
  • All forms of submissions are okay as long as it does not contain stolen art or graphics. Art that is not yours must be sourced and used with the artist’s permission, please!

I’m looking forward to seeing everything you all have to offer! 


You guys suggested some combinations for Arlymone’s emoji challenge. Lesson learned: It’s quite hard to make these actually, with a more realistic style XD. But it was fun and good practice… I might have do a few more :P. I still have some suggestions left.

I think that Inez’s expression is one that she would actually make haha. Cheves though… maaaan I think he needs to stop taking drugs or something  XD.