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BTS reaction: Them being a virgin and wanting their first time with you (request)

I am so, so, so sorry this took so long. I didn’t mean for it took take this long, but things have just been crazy for me and the rest of us on this blog.


You two lay on the bed. You were cuddled next to Jin, watching YouTube videos on the laptop placed on Jin’s stomach. Suddenly, he paused the video, “I have to go to the bathroom. Don’t watch it without me.” he said a he crawled out of bed.

“Nah, I’m gonna keep watching.” you said only to be playfully annoying.

“No! See it without me and I’ll stop cooking for you!” he threatened as he left the room.

“PLaY thE ViDeo anD I wOn’T coOk foR You!” you mimicked in a high voice when you were sure he wasn’t able to hear you.

You left the laptop on this side of the bed and got up to just peek around his room as you waited. It wasn’t like it was your first time in his room or anything, you just found yourself wanting to take a look around at the stuff he bought since the last time you were over.

The first thing you did was open the drawer on his night stand. “Headphones… charger… cologne… condoms- wait what?!?” you grabbed at the small box, quickly realizing that it was already open.

You felt yourself becoming filled with rage. You tore up the box open finding out there were only 3 left in the box that was supposed to be packed with 10. “What the actually fuck?!?” You and Jin hadn’t slept together yet, so he obviously didn’t use these with you.”He’s cheating on me!”

“You didn’t play the video did you?” Jin’s voice asked as he appeared in the room.

You angry eyes flew on him. “You’re cheating on me?!?” you practically shouted.

He froze. “What?”

You threw the box at him. “Fuck you!”

His eyes followed the flimsy box as it awkwardly dropped to the floor. “Y/n, wait!” he said, blocking you from leaving the room. “It’s not what you think!”

“I don’t want to hear your stupid bullshit! I want to leave!”

“But Jagi, I’ve never even had sex before!”

“You expect me to believe that?!?”

“Look, they came in a gift basket a fan gave us. We decided to keep it. We each have one condom in our wallets just in case. And I’m the only that is keeping the rest cuz I’m the most responsible and they guys have to come to me to get another one. That way I can talk them out of stupid one night stands.

You continued to glare at him. “And you actually expect me to believe that you’re a virgin, “Mr. World wise handsome”, You “third guy from the left”, you literally could have anyone you just look at”

“But I want you! I love you! If I’m gonna sleep with someone, I don’t want it to be just anyone. Jagi believe me. If you go check my wallet, there is still a condom in there. Look, I can go get the rest of the guys to explain, just so that you will believe me.”

His voice drowned out and the only thing you focused on was the fact that he said he loved you. In all you months together he never said it before. “Y-you love me?

He came up closer to you, putting his hands on your waist. “Y/n, of course i love you.”

You held yourself back from hugging him back or giving him a kiss, you still weren’t too sure if you believed him.

“Y/n, please believe me. The other night at your place…What we did.. That was the closest I ever came to having sex.” he said with his face blushing.

“Really?” You said thinking back to when he came over and things got really heated between the two of you.’

“Yeah” he said with embarrassment. “Why did you think I was all giggly and nervous when you took your shirt off.” His face was burning even more.

Jin had never lied to you before. There didn’t seem to be a real reason for him  to lie to you right now, right? If he really did want anyone else, he could have them in a heartbeat. 

With much hesitancy, you hugged him back. “I believe you” you pulled him into a kiss. “And I love you too.”

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It was movie night at the dorm. You and your boyfriend, the one and only Suga of BTS were cuddled up on one end of the couch, Jhope sat at the other end of the couch. Jimin and rap monster were on the other couch, Jin and V were collecting the snack from the kitchen, and the maknae was out in the city doing his own thing.

“Guys, hurry up I want to start the movie!” Jimin shouted out to the two in the kitchen.

“Dude! We said to fucking wait!” V shouted back.

“Can’t something be done in this dorm without the need for screaming?” Suga groaned.

Being the good girlfriend you were, you covered his ears to protect him from the loud back and forth shouting. In return he gave you a cute smile and a peck on your temple. 

Suddenly the door busted open and the maknae walked in with an out-of-the-ordinary stride and a huge smile on his face. He marched his way into the center of the living room and stood with pride. 

“Jungkook, move you are blocking the TV.” you whined. You knew there was nothing on yet, but the movie was supposed to be played any second. 

Jungkook ignored you and went ahead and spoke. “Is no one going to ask why I am so happy?” he asked loudly.

“We don’t really care Jungkook.” Suga mumbled.

“Well,  I am happy because… I just had sex! And it felt so good!” he practically sang the whole song. 

“So that barista you were talking about?” Rap monster asked, even though he was just as uninterested as everyone else.

“Yup!” Jungkook’s smile grew.

“Yay?” Jimin said with an unimpressed tone.

“What stupid thing is jungkook announcing now?” Jin asked as he an V walked into the room. 

“I had sex!” Jungkook smiled.

“Alright!” V said giving him a high five, the only one to really care about Jungkook’s sex life.

“Can we watching the movie now?” Jhope groaned

“C’mon guys! This is a big moment for me! I’m a man now! We are officially a dorm of men!” 

You almost laughed. “So having sex makes you a man?”

“As a matter of fact, yes it does.” Jungkook said looking over to you. “And now that everyone in this house has had sex at least once, we are now all men.”

Suga rolled his eyes. “This isn’t a “dorm of men” just becuase “we’ve all had sex”. Not all of us here have had sex, but we are just as much men as before you fucked a barista.”

Jungkook looked confused. “What are you talking about, we’ve all slept with someone… Me and the barista, Namjoon and that stylist, Jin and his ex, Tae and the thai girl, Hoseok and that girl at the fan meet, Jimin and his new girlfriend, and you and y/n, so that is all of us.” He completely missed the point Suga was trying to make.

“What? Yoongi and I havent had sex yet!” You said a bit offended.

“Jungkook how stupid are you, I never said anything about having sex with y/n.” Suga pointed out, calming you down about him talking about your relationship with the rest of the guys. “I haven’t had sex with anyone.” he said with a straight face.

“Wait, your a virgin?” you asked the question everyone was about to ask.

“Yeah” he said without any shame or embarrassment.

To you though, this didn’t make sense. “But… But how? I would have thought cuz- Well, girls always throw themselves at you!” 

He only shrugged “I’m not one for random hookups. You are technically my first legit relationship, so I thought I’d wait until you wanted to do it.” 

The boys all looked between one another, just as thrown off as you were. “So…” Jungkook began. “This means I am more of a man than Yoongi.” he said with a smirk

“No you aren’t!” Suga snapped. “Shut up and sit down so we can watch the movie!” 

Jungkook did so, a smirk still on his face as he sat between Jimin and Rap monster. V played the movie and for a second everyone was quiet. 

“…But even I’m not a virgin. Why do you feel the need to like, I don’t know, not start anything with me?” You whispered. You couldn’t let the topic go.

“Shhhh, movie time.” Suga said, his eyes were only on the tv.

But, It wasn’t long into the movie that Jungkook began giggling to himself. It got to the point where V paused the movie. “Dude, shut the fuck up!”

“Sorry sorry, Its just- I am more of a man that Yoongi!” he repeated.

“No you aren’t” you barked.

“Yes I am!

“Oh yeah?

“Yeah! Cuz scinece !” was the Jungkook’s sad explanation

Rap monster just glared at Jungkook, mumbling under his breath. “Tae just press play.”

“You know what?” you stood up ffom the couch. “Yoongi, let’s go to your room!”

Suga let out a groan of annoyance. “Why?”

“So I can make you a man!”

“Ok!” he jumped up and was already leading you to his room.

“Ew! Wait no!” Jhope shouted. “I don’t want to hear you two fuck!” Jimin screamed

“Then leave!” Suga said as he pulled you into his room.

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Rap monster:

“Thanks for letting me get ready here!” you said as you tied the rope of your robe around your waist and walked into his bedroom to grabbed your makeup bag.

You could feel his eyes following you as you made your way around the place. “Well, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t let my princess get ready for our dinner date?” he asked as he came up behind you. His arms laced around you as he made eye contact with you through the mirror.

“You are an amazing boyfriend.” you said as you gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Oh, I bet you can give me more than a small kiss”

“I could, but I need to finish getting ready and you need to get dressed!” you reminded.

“Hm, but I don’t want to get dressed.” he hummed as he began kissing your neck.

He worked his way up to your lips and that’s when you were a goner. You couldn’t break away from him and you didn’t want to. It got to the point where he already had you sitting on the restroom counter. He stood between your knees, moving his hands all over you. It was when his hands went up your robe and slowly up your bare thighs that you stopped him. “Namjoon, I don’t want to do that yet.” you said with a heavy breath. “Like I want to, but I don’t want to”

“We can just not go to the restaurant.”  he said as he went for your lips again.

“No, Namjoon, I’m don’t know if I’m ready to have sex yet… I’ve never done it before.” you said softly.

Immediately, the way he looked at you changed and his expression became softer. “Well, I mean, y/n, its just me. You don’t have to be so shy about it. We don’t have to do anything yet, ok.”

“Yeah?” you asked nervously.

“Of course! And between you and me, I’ve never done it before either.”

You raised your eyebrows at him. “Really?”

“Yeah… I just… Kinda wanted to wait for the right person, someone who wasn’t going to use me for my money or like blackmail me or anything.” he shrugged.

“Oh wow.” was all you could say.

He kissed you again, this time in a sweet manner. “So with that being said…I really, really, really, really hope you feel comfortable enough with me to be your first time, cuz I really, really, really, really , really want to have my first time with you.” he smiled.

You smiled back. “Well, I guess we can just see how the date goes and how I feel about everything tonight…Maybe I might change my mind.” you said as you bit your lip.

“Then I’m gonna go change!” he said running out of the room and getting his stuff together.

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You first met Hoseok through your jerk ex, Namjoon. He had been one of Namjoon’s best friends and he was the “treats you better than your boyfriend treats you” type of guy. Because of that, you fell for him. Having a better idea of how you should really be treated, you left Namjoon, loosing your group of friends in the process, except for Hosoek. He never left your side, but you weren’t sure if it was because he considered you a great friend or because he had strong feelings for you too.

Right now you were standing in front of the mirror, triple checking your outfit as you thought of things you noticed that made you feel as though he liked you back. He was always with you, always wanting to hang out one way or another.  he never spoke about any other girls with you or anything of the sort. No matter how much you bugged him about revealing crushes or what his type of girl was, he never told you. Since you both hung out alot, the club was always a fun place to go to, but Hoseok never danced with anyone but you (no matter how much other girls begged him). There is a memory with him that always stuck on your head. There was one night where you both got really drunk and just knocked out on his bed and when you woke up he was cuddled next to you.

But there were also alot of things that made you unsure about how he felt for you. He never seemed to make a move on you, ever. You would always try to slip a flirt in here and there and he would just wave it away or ignore it completely. You constantly made attempts to make him jealous, only for them all to fail. He never seemed nervous or upset or nosy about who you went on dates with and always heard you out when you vented about a “current” guy of interest. He never so much as had lingering hugs with you like you did too many times.

You didn’t know how he felt about you, but you were tired of keeping your feelings to yourself. “I don’t care anymore! I am not going another night without him knowing!”

Prior to him showing up you had a few bottles of liquid courage so you probably weren’t in the best mindset. So right now you stood in front of the mirror in your shortest skin tight dress… in hopes of seducing him. Yup, that was really your “best” plan and you had no other plan in mind.

“Ok y/n. You got this. You look hot! Like… so hot Yeah.. Ok … Ok! Hoseok is out there eating chips looking fine as fuck in that outfit you love him in, so you just gotta match his level… ok, ok, ok! I got this!” you said to yourself in the mirror trying to hype yourself as much as possible.

You walked out your room, peeking at him from the hall. Hoseok was just sitting at your kitchen island eating like before, watching the tv that was playing in your living room.

“So how do I look?” you asked strutting into the kitchen, trying to lighten the mood by dramatically posing (lowkey trying to show off your figure). 

He turned over to you, his jaw fell immediately. “W-wow!” His eyes trailed you from head to toe. “…wow”

“And look, feel the fabric!” you ran up to him, grabbed his hands and slid them up and down your waist before he had a chance to say anything. “Its all nice and soft!” you said “innocently”.

He laughed nervously. Uh, yeah, I like it.” he tried to hide his smile, but you didn’t hide yours as his hands stayed on your waist.

You rested your hands on his shoulders. “And what do you think of my new lipstick?” you asked as you puckered your lips. 

“Hot!” he blurted out

“Hot? You think it makes me look hot ?” you smirked.

“No! Well yeah! but like , in a friend way.. but then not! But like I’m not saying you’re not hot, cuz you are, but like ok but yes-”

This was the perfect moment and you took it. You didn’t think twice and you stopped him with a  kiss. Completely thrown off by your action, he pulled back. “Wh-wh- wha?” his face was stuck between a smile and a look of shock and he shook his head unable to process what just happened. “Did you just-” there was a smirk on his face, but it changed again to confusion “But like what?” Through out this whole time, he still didn’t let go of you and that was the only sign you had that he didn’t hate the kiss.

“Well, if my kiss didn’t give it away, I’m trying to show you i like you hobi, I’ve liked you for a long time” you finally said out loud.

“Y-you like me too?” a shy smile grew on his face.

Another burst of energy went through you, “Too? So you like me?” you asked excitedly.

“Well, yeah. I just-” he let out a happy chuckle “I was just scared to tell you…” he admitted. 

“Well, know that we both know our feelings for each other, why don’t we skip club night and go express ourselves in my room?” you asked as seductively as possible as you pulled him into another kiss.

That’s when he face burned red. “…So you mean like… do it? like… sex?” again he was back to being nervous, yet giddy.

“Yeah, what else would I be talking about?” you asked as you tugged on his arm to get up from the chair.

“Well.. the thing is… I never done it before” he said timidly.

“You’re a virgin?”


“Well… we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. We can just stay here and kiss some more!”

“No! I want to! Like really want to! I… I just don’t want to… disappoint you - cuz like I’ve never done it….” he blushed.

“Oh Hoseok, believe me. If you can move your hips in bed as much as you do on the dance floor, no one is going to be disappointed!”

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It was another one of those heated moments between the two of you. You were in his bed, he on top of you and you were so ready to go all the way with him finally. With the way his lips crashed into your and how his hands moved on your body, you just couldn’t contain yourself anymore. You ripped off your shirt and you barely had the time to unhook your bra when his hands were already on the task. It was all so much and before you knew it his lips were all over you. You loved every second of it.

But then suddenly he just stopped! He sat up on top of you, catching his breath. He looked down at you with hungry eyes, but he still did nothing. “Why don’t we go back to the video games?” he asked randomly.

“What?!? Babe, no!” you said, pulling his down again and putting his hands back on you. You attacked his lips and then his neck as you pulled his shirt off.

Again he protested. “Babe, seriously.” he said as he lips left a kiss on your neck. “The game though!”

You could feel yourself becoming filled with insecurity and now you were the one to push his away. “Why do you want to play a stupid game?!? Is there something you don’t like about my body? Did I turn you off?” your voice cracked as you grabbed your short and covered yourself

“No!” He said immediately. “Baby, heck no!” he leaned down on you and kissed deeply you some more. “You are beautiful. I love your body!” he reassured as his arms snaked around you.

“Then what is it? You can’t seriously want to play a stupid video game!” you snapped as you again pushed him off.

“Its just… I’ve never done it before…” he said in almost a whipser.

You turned back to him. “What?!?”

“I’ve never done it before.” he said a bit louder.

“No, like are you serious? You never slept with anyone before?”

“No… And believe me I really, really want to sleep with you, but then I think too much and I stress myself out! I want you to be my first and all that, but I also want to be good for you. I don’t want you to be disappointed with me and whatever” he concluded with a mumble

“Aw, Tae!” you cooed.You grabbed him and pulled him to you again. “Just go with the flow. And trust me, the only way you are disappointing me is baby constantly stopping this from happening! ‘you said as you kissed him again.

He pulled himself up again to say something, but them he stopped himself staring down at you just as lustfully as he did before.

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They sat across from each other A small table int he middle of the dimly lit dorm.

“I’m sorry jagi, I really wanted to take you out somewhere… but I didn’t want to risk the fans knowing about you. You are the one aspect about me that is private and i just want to keep it that way.” he said shyly.

Her hand reached for his. “Don’t worry Jimin, as long as I’m with you, I’m happy.”

His smiled widened. “You don’t mean that.”

“Jimin, you spent all day setting up these candles and making this dinner. I really appreciate this! I like that you really do put in time for me. That’s alot more than some people.”

“Yeah… but I kinda over cooked the fish and it’s only candles. It’s nothing too elaborate. I didn’t have as much time as i wanted to make everything how i imagined.”

She stood up from her chair and went up to him. “Scoot back a bit.”


“So I can sit on your lap.”

He did so and she placed herself on his thighs, her arms hung on his shoulders. His had went to her wait, keeping her in place. “Why did you want to sit on my lap?” he played stupid.

“So i can kiss you.” She said bringing her lips to his.

The heating moment was ruined when the front door busted open and his band members stumbled into the dorm. 

“Ugh I feel sick!” Suga groaned, grabbing holding his stomach. “Wooooooooooo!” Jhope howled as he “danced his way to the hallway. “Aaaayyyy, Jimin!” V said stammering up to the two of them.”You lost your V card now? Y/n, did you finally “make him happy” yet” he said through a drunk smile

Jin quickly came up behind V, pulling him away from Jimin and Y/n. “Sorry Jimin. I tried to keep them out longer but it was getting too hard.”

Y/n stood up from his lap, not looking too happy. He had to hurry up and make the guys leave. “Um that’s ok, but can you like make sure they all go to their rooms, so Y/n and I can at least finish eating?”

“Yeah, no problem.” he said giving Jimin and Y/n an awkward smile. Then the was off herding the 5 drunk boys to his room.

“Lose your V card? You’re a virgin?” Y/n’s voice went dark now that the guys were out of the room. She was not happy at all. She crossed her arms. “So this whole dinner was so that I would sleep with you?!? And are you complaining to the rest of the guys that i don’t sleep with you?!? That its my fault you haven’t lost it yet? I thought what happened between us was only between us?!?”

“Jagi, Just calm down a bit.” He said softly.

“I don;t want to fucking calm down! What else do they know about us? What else have you told them about me?!? Or should I ask what have you told them but not me? Cuz I for sure didn’t know you were still a virgin, even though I confessed to you that I wasn’t one anymore! So they know that too or what?!?”

“What? No!  I-I told them i was a virgin just cuz it came up in conversation in practice and they started picking on me, but I never talk to them about us. I never said anything bad about you, ever! Jagi, just let me explain!” he begged.

She stayed quiet, giving him a moment to talk (mostly to just glare at him with threatening eyes).

“So yeah, I’ve never slept with anyone yet, but that’s cuz I never been in a legit relationship and I don;t like the idea of just hooking up with someone and it not meaning anything. And, and, and I remembered how a few weeks ago, you told me you regretted your first time cuz you weren’t too into your ex and he wasn’t even romantic about the whole thing or loving with you in general. So I just thought that, you know, if I show you that even with my schedule, that i really do care for you, and that i don’t want to just sleep with you. Like, yeah i want to sleep with you…really bad. But like, I really do care about you y/n. So, like yeah, Tae said what he said, but the reason behind the dinner was not to get you tpo sleep with me, it was just to like, to show you that i care about us..”

He couldn’t quite determine y/n’s expression. Se didn’t look mad, but she didn’t looked please. She kinda looked like she was thinking things over, but then again he was too busy sweating out his nerves to really concentrate on how she was processing his frazzled explanation.

“…So you really haven’t had sex before?” 

“The more that gets said, the more of a loser I feel I am.” he said, feeling his cheeks burning. “I just never told you cuz I don’t… Its just embarrassing.”

She let out a sigh as she walked back up to  him, gently grabbing his hands. “Its like the more i get to know you, the more I wish Imet you sooner. I regret it even more that I wasted my first time on my loser ex.”

“Well, it’s not like i love you any less just cuz you slept with someone before me.” he reassured. “But you are you still mad?” he asked nervously.


“…So what do you want to do now?”

“Why don;t we take this food to my place and finish your wonderful dinner cuz I don;t want to deal with drunk BTS… Then after dinner, we can see what we can do about your V card.” she smirked.

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They sat on the couch watching a movie. Things were going well, Y/n was nestled in his chest, he had his arm around her. and they were cozy under the blanket. everything was great… until a sex scene came on.

Jungkook was suddenly hit with a wave of awkward and sexual tension. and his whole body tensed up. He wanted to know if he was the only one feeling this, so he peeked at y/n from the corner of his eye. To say the least, she was “shookth”. Just as awkwardly as he was, she tensed up too ans leaned away from him. 

That was when he panicked. “She is getting weird to! What do I do?!? Do I fast foward? No! Cuz that means i am acknowledging the awkward! Do I say something? Yes! Wait, no!” Wait, I should! But what?!?” 

The scene was still on. For some reason it never ended. “I HAVEN’T HAD SEX YET!” was what he blurted out. Then he felt mortified. “What did i just say?!?” he screamed internally 

He could feel y/n staring at him, but he didn’t dare move his head towards her. 

“What?” she asked, completely thrown off by his comment.

“I- I said that, uh, that, I- never had sex before…” he grumbled. “Why did i just say that again?!?” he screamed in his mind.

Y/n paused the movie (”thankfully” the sex scene was over). “And you said they why?” she asked,

He firced himself to shrug. “Just wanted to make things less awkward…”

“…I don’t think it worked.”

He forced himself to nod in agreement. He could feel his face burning like crazy.

“…So… You really never slept with anyone before?”

“still a virgin.” He mentally cursed himself for saying it out loud again.

“…Well, if it makes you feel any better… I am a virgin too…”

He let out the air he was holding in his lungs.”really?” he asked finally turning ti her.


“Cool - Wait, nit cool? well wait-”

“Jungkook I know what you mean.”

He smiled awkwardly, scratching the back of his head as an excuse to look away from her and recollect his thoughts. “So… Since neither one of us have done it yet… wanna do it?” it was worth asking since they were on the topic now.


He jumped up in excitement. “Really?”

“No stupid!” 

“oh.” he mumbled sinking back into his spot. with a pout.

“Maybe later on though… When I’m ready you know.”



“…Ok… I can wait till then, I want you to be my first,” he added shyly

“I do too… but i just want to make sure i am sure about it.” she said

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Can i ask for the paladins and Allura's reactions to Alien!Reader losing control and going berserk during a fight against the Galra or another alien race, and they try to calm them down? Bonus if they manage to stop them and they star to cry after realizing what happened?


“(Y/N)!” Shiro desperately called out to you. His human hand’s fingers shook desperately, clenching into a fist, then releasing again. “(Y/N)!” He repeated, eyebrows furrowing, his body trembling. “Please listen to me!”. The fight against the Ofnalians had been long and gruelling, but after one of them had laid a hand on you – something… happened.

But now the battle was over, yet you still stood there, shaking with fury, (E/C) eyes blazing with a fire that couldn’t seem to be quelled. Shiro reached out a hand towards you, attempting to touch you on the shoulder. You quickly turned around to him with your arm raised, ready to attack him.

He expertly intercepted you, merely grabbing your arm with his Galra hand. Strong, and firm, his grip felt intrusive, but safe. You both stood there, staring at each other, gasping for breaths. Tears welled up in your eyes, as you inhaled, and exhaled, and inhaled-



“What is going on with you?!” Keith gasped furiously, clutching his arm which you’d just mindlessly scraped with your claws, leaving a shallow gash.

“(Y/N), please stop – you’re scaring me. I need you to stop!” He pleaded desperately, greyish violet eyes sparkling with tears. You stood there, facing him, as if you were frozen in time. You could feel his desperation, as you desperately tried to claw yourself back to reality. You felt like you were drowning, yet you’d never felt more like yourself than you do right now.

“(Y/N), I get it. It – it happens to me to. You just need to ground yourself.” He could see your eyes wildly scanning the area, your mind hardly processing his words.

“I’m here. I’m here, I promise. It’s okay.”


Firm and gentle arms wrapped around you and soft fingers delicately ran through your rough and matted hair. Your skin was blotchy and clammy. You looked down at your shaking hands – they were almost translucent. You could see every bone, every vein, in stark and worrying detail. You couldn’t remember anything, you couldn’t remember anything except for…


Screaming and shouting, many of these sounds emerged from your own throat, but many of them had emerged from the carnage scattered around your immediate area. What had you done? Oh God, what had you done?

Hunk rested his chin on your head, and you found comfort and safety in his presence. This was all you needed. Safety.

“It’s over now.” He said, in a wavering voice. “It’s okay, (Y/N).” You took a deep, shuddering breath. “We’ll get you back to the castle ship, and get you all fixed up. It’ll be fine.”

And in that moment, you really believed him. You really believed that everything would be okay.


“(Y/N!)” He screamed out in near agony. You could hear his footsteps rushing to your side, as you lay on the floor, exhaustion taking over every part of your body. You could remember every single detail. You could smell Galra blood, and hear circuits fizzing from across the room. Damaged sentries surely littered the floor, as did…

You didn’t want to think about that.

Your skin was still glowing, and the cool air was harsh on your scrapes, cuts and bruises, though you’d done more damage than you’d received.

Cool, quivering arms wrapped around you, and you looked up only to be faced with Lance’s concerned face, with tears running down.

You didn’t want him to touch you. He couldn’t be touching you, not while you were still like this. He’d seen what you’d done to all the Galra soldiers – why wasn’t he afraid of you?

“Oh God, (Y/N), I saw what happened, I’m so sorry, I should’ve helped, I should’ve been there.“ He garbled out in between sobs. You could see the fear in his eyes, but your view of him was quickly blurred by your own tears.

What had you done?


You could hear something faint behind you. Someone calling out to you.

“(Y/N!)” That sound was familiar, that voice was familiar. But it wasn’t familiar enough. It was strange and alien to you, and it couldn’t reach you. You were too far gone, but you were doing right. You were doing everything right. You were meant to be beating up the bad guys, weren’t you? The Pavonite at the end of your arms seemed to think so, with the head lolling off to the left side, and the eyes glazed over.

“(Y/N)! Please stop it – it’s over!” The voice called out again. But no, it wasn’t over. But everything was too loud, the screams and shouts echoed around the landscape, but then…

But then it was over, there was silence. The only sounds were the gasping sobs of the voice. You turned around, only to be confronted by Pidge’s bloodied face and desperate hazel eyes.

“It’s over. You went… I don’t- I don’t know what happened…”

You turned back around, looking into your hands. There was a Pavonite at the end of them, bloodied, and gory, and… dead. Oh God, had you done this?

You turned to Pidge, desperately seeking some kind of comfort as tears poured down your face, and you produced large gulping sobs.

You were me with open arms. Shaking brutally, but open.

Your small frame was wracked with large gulping sobs, as Pidge ran her fingers through your hair. ”Shh, Shh, it’s all okay, it’s all okay, I promise.”


You heard Allura coming before you saw her – those light and delicate footsteps rushed towards your hiding place. You could hear her breathing heavily and frantically, as if she’d run all throughout the castle trying to find you.

Your hands still shook, still blotchy and blue. There were holes in your clothes were spikes had popped out (And since retracted), and your eyes glowed a bright yellow still. You’d caught sight of yourself in one of the shiny chrome surfaces of the castle, and out of desperation, you’d punched it, leaving a dent in the wall, stained with violet blood from your knuckles.

Allura almost ran right past you, but she caught you out of the corner of her eye. “(Y/N)?” She whispered, in an almost quizzical tone, it was as if she didn’t recognise you. You didn’t balme her – you looked like a monster.

“What happened?” She whispered cautiously, crouching down next to you, reaching out a hand to meet yours. You quickly snatched it away, looking away from her. “I- I don’t remember. I’m sorry.”

Allura looked shocked at this relevation, but her face quickly softened into a sad smile.

“It’s okay.” She whispered, and you shook your head furiously. “It’s not okay!” You desperately pleaded with her, trying to make her understand.

“I went into some kind of… Monster mode? I’m still in bloody monster mode.” You lamented, ashamed of your situation.

Allura nodded slowly, and reached for your hand again, entwining it with her elegant fingers.

“It’ll be alright.” She said in a smooth and confident voice, and in that moment, you really believed it would be.

~ mod pidge 👽

The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Originally posted by bangtanbtsmut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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Even (Bucky x reader)

Good evening, sinners! On this week’s edition of Smut Saturday, I decided to go with a request that I got a while ago. It’s our dear Bucky Barnes. I hope you enjoy and have fun reading! I love you guys. xoxo

I hope you enjoy anon, wherever you may be. 

Request:  Heyyy can u do a Bucky Barnes x reader were they get a fight and the reader hits him on his private parts…Bucky trembles down right there but he stats acting weird (just to scare the reader) he behaves like he turned into the winter soldier mode and chases the reader like a hungry lion. The reader keeps screaming and Bucky can’t hold his laughter, so when he captures her…you know end it up with smuttttttt

Warnings: Cursing, oral sex (reader receiving), metal arm kink


“What the hell did I do?” You and Bucky had just walked through the front door, your back turned to him as you heard it slam shut. 

“You were flirting with him, that’s what!” He stormed off down the hall towards the bedroom, his face red with jealousy and anger. You two had gone to a club and some wasted guy came up to you and started flirting. He was drunk for crying out loud, and you were sober, so you thought nothing bad would happen. You played along with him, flirting back, watching the tipsy man make a fool of himself. 

“He was drunk! I was sober! I wasn’t actually flirting with him, Buck.” You followed him, your feet pounding down the hallway. “I was getting a laugh out of it, come on. You know I’m not that type of person.” Hurt was in your eyes. You loved Bucky, but sometimes he got jealous and you didn’t know whether or not he trusted you. You always wondered if he actually thought you would do that to him, if you would really hurt him that badly. He was pacing around the room, his arms crossed over his chest, silent. When you realized he wasn’t planning on saying anything soon, you moved from your spot against the door frame, and plopped yourself on the edge of the bed. 

“You understand that we’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t talk, right?” The annoyance could be detected in your voice, and still, you got no response. “James Buchanan Barnes, I swear to god, if you don’t say something I’m going to-” 

You were cut off by a pained groan from Bucky. As you were going off on him, you had been flinging your arms around at an attempt to emphasize your point. And by doing so, you accidentally backhanded his crotch as he paced past you. 

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That I Can Do

A/N: An anon request for a fic where the BAU goes out and Spencer gets drunk. He ends up staring at the reader a lot and showering her with compliments. Fluffy drunk Spencer, some drunk dancing and kissing. @coveofmemories


“Oh my god,” Garcia laughed, watching as Reid walked back to their table like a baby giraffe just finding its legs. “Reid is so drunk. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so drunk.”

The genius could actually hold his liquor. But he was holding quite a lot of it. “He’s so wasted,” you said, dancing with your ladies on the floor. “He normally doesn’t drink so much, I wonder why he decided to this time.”

Emily and JJ giggled much to your confusion. “I think I know why,” Emily said. “I think boy genius has a crush and he needed some liquid courage to get himself to say something.” Why wouldn’t Reid tell you if he had a crush on someone? He told you everything. Unless he just had his eye on someone since you’d walked in. 

“Are you serious?!” JJ screamed, unable to be heard over the loud music coming from the speakers. “He’s got the hots for you!”

You scrunched your face up in confusion. “Me? No way,” you huffed. There was no way he had the hots for you. To prove it to them, you left them on the dance floor and walked back toward Reid and the rest of the guys. “Hey babes.” You greeted them breezily, raking your hand through your hair; by the end of the night, you’d be able to tell JJ that she was out of her mind. “I’m parched. I think I need another drink.”

“I’ll come with you, beautiful,” Reid slurred, slinking his arm around your shoulder. Oh my god. JJ wasn’t actually out of her mind. Well, technically she still could be. Reid was beyond wasted. Maybe he didn’t feel this way when he wasn’t soaking in alcohol. Hotch, Rossi, who’d been very reluctantly dragged out (Hotch’s doing), and Morgan smiled wide. Had Spencer been talking about you to them? What the hell was going on? Never in a million years would you have thought Reid had the hots for you. “You’re so pretty,” he said as he leaned his head against your shoulder. You could practically feel him puddling on the ground. If it weren’t for him leaning on you, he would no doubt be on the floor right now. “I can’t believe I’ve never told you how pretty you are. I needed a-alcohol.”

“Reid, stop talking. You are so wasted,” you said, pushing his long hair back behind his ear. You were going to have to make sure he got home safely tonight. Sure you were pretty wasted yourself, but you were the responsible drunk - no matter how drunk you were, you made sure your friends were home safe.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he said. As you looked into his eyes, you could see his pupils darting around like mad. It was like he’d ingested enough alcohol to make them float.

“I don’t think you do, Reid.” You’d always thought Reid was cute, but with work as crazy as it was, you hadn’t really thought to pursue a relationship at all. Plus, as you’d told the girls, you never had an inkling that he had a thing for you. You honestly still didn’t believe it. “I think you’re talking crazy because you’re wasted.”

“But I’m not…talking crazy that is. I am very, very drunk though. But I’m definitely not talking crazy. You think I’m only saying you’re pretty because I’m drunk, but I’m not. I’ve always thought you were pretty, but you’re intimidating and gorgeous and I never believed you’d like me so I made myself get drunk to tell you how pretty you are.” As the bartender came back with your drinks, you watched as Reid took another sip. “I’m going to nurse this one. Otherwise, I think I might throw up.”

“I think that’s a good idea, Reid,” you laughed. In nearly three sips, you’d downed half the beer you’d ordered. You had no idea how to react to him liking you. Actually you did. Your immediate reaction was to kiss him, but one, you didn’t want to give everyone else the satisfaction of seeing that they were right, and two, you weren’t big on public displays of affection. 

However…the idea of him being drunk enough to actually dance with you made you wonder whether or not you should throw away your aversion to PDAs. He never danced. Ever. So you kind of wanted to take advantage of his drunkenness and get him to dance. “Reid, you wanna dance?” you asked casually. 

“Sure, why not,” he said setting his beer down on the table. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone, but you could see in everyone’s eyes that all they needed was some popcorn and they could sit back and watch the show. Fine, you would give them a show - nosy fuckers. “I’m super drunk anyway. Maybe alcohol makes me better on my feet.”

As you both made your way onto the dance floor, you took his hands in yours, turning around so your back was too his front. With ease, his body swayed with yours to the music. “You’re a good dancer too. And you’re pretty. How do you do that?” he slurred into your ear.

Your threw your head back and laughed. God, he was drunk. “I guess I’m just multi-talented, Reid. But I think you might be right about the alcohol making you a better dancer. You’re moving right along with me.”

“Wow, I guess it is working,” he laughed wildly as he looked down at his feet. He was so fucking wasted. When you made eye contact with JJ, she did that “I see you” gesture. Whether or not you did anything with Reid, everyone on the team was going to think that you did - so fuck it.

Just as the music began to switch to a different pace, you made a point of locking eyes with everyone on the team. Once you knew you had their attention, you reached behind you, placed your hand around the side of his neck and pulled his face toward yours, taking his mouth in a heated kiss. When you pulled your lips from his, he shook his head like a confused puppy. “Did that actually happen or am I just really, really drunk?”

“Both,” you laughed. “I think we have an audience.” 

Beyond confused, Reid looked around to see his teammates looking between you both. “I normally don’t do that kind of thing in front of people,” he laughed, placing his hand on JJ’s shoulder.

“No you don’t,” you replied. “Maybe we should get you home so you don’t fall over.”

He stumbled over your way, nearly losing his footing, but you caught him and righted him. “But I thought you wanted to dance?”

“If you come with me now, so you don’t fall over in an alcohol-induced stupor, I will dance with you before you pass out for the night. Okay?” you said, smirking at the rest of the team as you walked out of the club. 

“Deal,” he yawned. You weren’t going to get to dance with him; he was gonna pass out the second you got him home. “Can I get another kiss too?”

“That I can do.”

Study Crazy

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Study Crazy

Peter Parker x Reader

Requested: Yes by my babe Jord❤️ ( @spideyydarling )

Warnings: Kidnapping, mild torture, injured reader

Word Count: 1323

A/N: Um, I’m trying to get this out quickly but I’m sorry if this takes reallllllllyy long. I’m in Trumpland at a resort so my wifi is cRAP.

31: “My life would be so boring if you weren’t in it.”

74: “H-How long were you standing there?”

Make a request from the 99 Prompts List.

Also, shoutout to Lauren (@thewildhearted on Wattpad and @polaroidholland on Tumblr) for helping me with some of the basic plot.

Peter Parker Tag List: @thisrandombitch @maria-francis

Everything Tag List: @tinyplanet-explorers 

“What the hell are you doing?”

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just friends (stiles stilinski au ft derek hale)

National Suicide Hotline (USA): 1-800-784-8433

Hotline Masterpost

I love you all. I’m sorry times are tough, and I hope you see clear skies and rainbows from here on out. I hope you see a beautiful snow storm and a nice cozy thunderstorm with a cup of hot tea in hand.

Plot: Feelings don’t come in to play until you realize that what could’ve been is being threatened by what is.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader, Derek Hale x Reader

Warnings: attempted suicide (graphic and emotional), language, protective!Stiles

A/N: sorry about the drought, the lack of writing! this is an old piece that is redone to fit Teen Wolf Characters. Stiles is a jock in this, Derek is a tatted punk turned jock, and Scott McCall is the angel that he’s always been. I really hope this isn’t too bad. I love y’all and I”m sorry I have writer’s block. Let me know what you think! XOXOX (no gifs are mine!!!)

Damn it! I knew this would happen. It’s your best friend’s first college football game and you’re already running late. You promised him you’d be there early, but noooo! You had to take a nap and snooze your damn alarm. Screw it. You brush on some mascara and toss on some skinny jeans with your school sweater before running down, phone in hand. Thankfully, your dorm was a five minute walk from the football stadium.

Originally posted by wolfiestoday

You made it to the field just as the choir finished performing the national anthem. Stiles was looking around before his eyes finally landed on you and he heaved a sigh of relief. You smile widely and wave at him as the teams make their way onto the field. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Stiles’ girlfriend Leslie holding hands with another player. You shake your head and brush the negative thoughts out of your head, thinking that maybe that’s her brother or really good friend. Stiles and Lydia have been together for a few years; she wouldn’t cheat on him. You shrug and focus your attention on the game.

As part of your ritual, you send Stiles a good luck text and tell him you love him. This has happened in someway shape or form for about the last ten years before every game of his. You’ve been friends with the dork since you were five and he was six. He was a few months older than you and teased you about it every chance he got. You lived right next door to each other all throughout middle- and high school. Stiles was always the popular bad-boy jock that all the girls drooled over, and you were his nerdy, semi-popular semi-depressed, counterpart. You two managed to remain friends through the years & prove to everyone that brunettes actually have more fun. And now, here he was, paving his way to greatness in his first college football game of his career. You couldn’t be prouder of him.

A couple years ago, Stiles was going through a rough patch. It was your sophomore year and his parents were going through a divorce. You helped him through it and he managed to pull himself out. Although he claimed that Leslie was his light at the end of the tunnel, I think he was doing perfectly fine himself.

A loud whistle brings you back to the present just as your team scores a touchdown! Stiles is the quarterback and he tossed the ball straight to the wide receiver who ran to the end of the field and scored your team six points. The crowd’s gone wild, you’re jumping up and screaming for Stiles as the group of guys next to you pull up their shirts and reveal “NOTRE DAME” spelled out on their stomachs. Derek Hale, the dreamy receiver who scored a touchdown, does a little dance and makes the crowd cheer even louder.

The game went on and at the end of the fourth quarter, you were neck-to-neck. Notre Dame was up by three points and your enemy aka the University of Indiana had the possession. There were 12 seconds left and Indy was 10 meters away from a touchdown. Everyone was at the edge of their seats as the seconds ticked by and Indy’s quarterback let the ball fly. You held your breath as one of their players seemed set to grab it, but you were all joyously taken by surprise when your cornerback intercepted the ball as the clock ran out. Everyone got on their feet and screamed in both shock and happiness. You laugh and make your way down the bleachers to see Stiles, only to be stopped as you reach the field. You look up and are met with a familiar face smirking down at you.

You smile back up at Derek. He looked oddly familiar. Sure, you saw him around campus a few times as he was a star football player, but you had never been so close to him. Holy hell, were you missing out.

“Hey there!” He smirks at your obvious staring as he yells over the crowd’s cheering. “Did you enjoy the game?”

“Hey, Derek,” you blush and look down slightly, almost peering over his shoulder to look for Stiles before looking back up at him. “I very much did enjoy the game. That was a great catch, by the way! Indy didn’t see you coming!”

“Thank you.” Now it was his turn to blush. “I didn’t know a beautiful girl such as yourself followed our games this closely.”

“Oh, I’m Y/N,” you smile and hold your hand out for him to shake, which he quickly accepts. “I won’t miss any regular season games. My best friend is on the team, Stiles?”

“So you’re the best friend he asked us to stay away from! Is he keeping you for himself, or?” He looks at you, questioningly as his eyes widen in realization.

“No, he’s dating Leslie,” you chuckle and smile, removing your hand from Derek’s. “He’s just super over protective of me. Speaking of the rascal, where is he? I ran here for him!”

“He probably went to the locker room with Leslie to get some post-game action.” Derek laughs and shakes his head as you gag.

“I don’t need that image. I see it enough already!” You laugh and nudge him as the player who caught the interception walks over and eyes you up and down.

“What do we have here?” He winks at you and you shake your head.

“Just because you helped us win our first game doesn’t mean that you get a pass with that comment.” You give him a teasing glare as he raises an eyebrow. “No passes, but that was a super cool catch, a life-saving one actually.”

He blushes and smiles widely, dimples popping out in both cheeks. “I’m Scott. Scott McCall.”

And before you’re able to respond, Stiles comes out from behind them and engulfs you in a hug.

“STILES OH MY GOD!!!” You squeal as he laughs and spins you around, obviously moving you away from his two teammates.

“Did you see my throw?!” Stiles puts you down and becomes really passionate as he speaks about the one thing he loves the most: football. “I didn’t think I would make the pass, but then I remembered your text and I just threw the ball and BAM, Hale with the touchdown!”

“I did see your throw! It was a beautifully executed throw with a solid catch by Derek,” by this time, Derek & Scott have made their way over to you and they’re both blushing wildly.

“Bro, why didn’t you tell us your best friend was so beautiful? And into sports?!” Scott punched Stiles lightly in the shoulder as he slightly tenses, trying to keep his cool composure as his teammates drool over his best friend..

“Because you buffoons would react exactly like this.” Stiles forces out a chuckle and smiles at his friends.

As he and Scott continued their talk, Derek walks over and looks at you, just staring before something clicked both in his head and in yours. You knew he looked familiar! Derek opens his mouth to say something, but you grab Stiles before he has a chance to.

“Alright, goodbye boys. Stiles will see you in practice and I will be at your next game.” You smile at both of them and leave with your best friend, trying your best not to look back.

Crap that was too close.

You pull Stiles away from Derek and Scott, leaving him slightly confused but still very happy. Once you reach the university campus, you slow down and look up at your best friends cute smile.

“I’m proud of you, Stiles,” you smile and wrap your arms around him as you walk through campus.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He smiles and kisses your forehead. “I’m sorry for leaving you to deal with the knuckleheads after the game.”

“It’s okay. I heard you and Leslie got in some quick action after the game,” you chuckle and wiggle your eyebrows at him as you near his dorm.

“We got in some quick but very good action in after the game,” Stiles smirks, swiping his ID and letting you into the building. You two walk past the RA and into the elevator; Stiles lived on the third floor but you were feeling lazy. “You’re staying over tonight, right?”

“Yes, sir. Unless you want to kick me out to get some more action?”

“No, I think I could get some action in with you.” Stiles playfully slams your back against the elevator wall and stands over you as you look up at him, rolling your eyes and trying your hardest not to blush.

“Please, babe. That’s not possible,” you pull away just as the elevator dings and the doors open, dragging him out by his hand. "Let’s go to your room so we can sleep. I have an early class tomorrow.”

You walk into Stiles’ dorm, using your spare key to open the door and trying to push down any unwarranted feelings for the doofus. You close his door and head to his bedroom to look for any clothes you may have left over previous times. You frown when you don’t see anything of yours around.

“Stiles!” I stand in the middle of his bedroom with my arms crossed, more from confusion than anything.

“Yes?!” He runs in and cups your face, checking for any injuries. “What happened? Did you hurt yourself? Is something wrong?”

“No! No, I’m okay!”

"I’m sorry. I just got scared,” he smiles and wraps his arms around you, oddly worried.

“I’m fine, I promise. Now, come on. Find me a shirt because I can’t find any of mine.” He laughs and kisses your head, pulling away .

“That’s because I’m doing laundry. Actually, my roommate is. Hale’s doing laundry.” Stiles reaches into a drawer and pulls out an oversized t-shirt. “Here you go.”

“Wait… Derek is doing your laundry?! I had underwear here!” You blush and groan, covering your face as Stiles chuckles.

“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything. I’ve warned them all!”

“I think you want me to die alone.” You pout and head to the bathroom to change, Stiles’ laughter ringing through his room.

You change and step back into the bedroom, only to find him sound asleep and in his boxers. You turn off the lights and lay next to Stiles. He cuddles close and moments later, you begin to drift off.

Flashback in a Dream

You graduated last week, top of the world and happy as can be. Of course, your happiness doesn’t seem to last. It was like you had everything but wanted nothing. You were so tired of yourself, of all the burdens you carried around. You couldn’t even wear your favorite dress to graduation because your stupid arms and legs were covered in scars. You hated yourself. You wanted this shit life to end. And what better place to end it than at the lighthouse?

It was around seven in the evening, a nice chilly summer night. You told your parents You’d go for a quick walk and be back. They both smiled and asked you to get home quickly, little did they know you wouldn’t make it back at all. You had a bottle of wine in your bag and a razor in your pocket. You chuckled sadly and ran the razor across your arms and legs and stomach, each cut an angry thought. You looked at your phone to see Stiles calling you for the fifteenth time. You shook your head and let the phone ring. You loved him, and that’s why you couldn’t–wouldn’t hurt him. He couldn’t know about this.

“Hello?” You heard a voice behind you and turned around. He was tall, and he was so so handsome. He had tattoos up and down his arms and across his bare chest, his green eyes were narrowed as he took in your crumpled appearance.

You quickly (drunkenly) hid your hands as he walked closer, feeling yourself dim out slowly. “What’s up?”

“Why are you here by yourself? And why are you hiding your hands?” He reached back to grab your arms and you let out a soft yelp.

“Ow!” You whimper and pull your hands out, slurring your words as your emotions get the best of you. “I’m fucking depressed. I’m suicidal. I hate myself. Is that what you wanted to hear?!”

He quickly shakes his head no as you black out.

You keep drifting in and out of a daze for what seems like days before you finally wake up. Your eyes begin to adjust to the dim lighting and you see someone asleep with their head on the side of the bed. You softly nudge the person and he looks up, alarmed. It was the guy from the other night. Which meant… you weren’t dead.

“D-did you save me?” You whisper, your voice hoarse from the lack of water in your system. He notices and hands you water before answering.

“I- I just brought you back here. I didn’t know if you’d make it, but–oh my god. OH MY GOD.” He exclaimed, looking at you as though he’d just realized that you’re awake. “You’re alive!” He laughed and leaned down to pay a celebratory kiss against my forehead.

“Why did you save me?” You whisper the dreaded question, managing to stop his celebrations as he looked at you, both confused and angry.

“Did you expect me to let you die?! No. Hell no,” He shook his head, barely able to look you in the eye. “You deserve a second chance. This is it. Life is fucking hard, and believe me I know it. I’m upset when I have no right to be. I’m given everything and I want nothing, but I will not die. I will not let my depression beat me. And I sure as hell won’t let it beat you, Y/N.” He looked at you, almost reiterating your own speech to you as you stared at him in awe. “I checked your ID, that’s how I know your name.”

You nod slowly and begin to sit up. “T-thank you..?”

“Derek. My name is Derek.” He smiled at you as he realized that his words registered.

“As you know, my name is Y/N,” you held out your hand and he shook it. “Thank you for saving my life.”

“Not a problem. I don’t want you to be like this anymore. Please promise me. No more.”

“No more.” You smiled at him, tears brimming in your eyes as he held out a pinky and you hook yours with his. You lean forward and press a shy kiss against his lips. “No more.”

Dream Ends

You jolt awake and pant heavily, double and triple checking your arms for any cuts, relieved when you find none there. It’s been three months and there are no more cuts. Three months since you’d last seen Derek. Three months since you opened up to Stiles. You promised Stiles, but you also promised Derek. Derek who spent one night with you and then flew back home. Derek who you didn’t recognize until today. Stiles stirs in his sleep and looked up at you, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Everything alright?” he mutters sleepily and looks up at you.

“Yes, babe. We are all good. Back to bed.” You smile as he holds his arms out to you and you gladly snuggle against your best friend, falling asleep in no time.

Toxic — Part 4

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honestly I can’t believe that people actually like this so much bc I wrote it when I was bored lol. but thank you to everyone who gives this notes and reblogs and says nice things cause it makes me happy :’)

I was still breathing kind of heavily and my cheeks were flushed.

“That was…fun.” I murmured.

J chuckled at that. “What, you’ve never fooled around before?” I didn’t reply and he glanced over at me, his eyes widening slightly. “Wait, are you a virgin?”

I turned red again. “I mean, I’ve had boyfriends before, but we just…never did anything, I guess.” I stuttered, mentally slapping myself. I sounded like such a dork.

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NCT 127′s reaction to you getting scared at a horror movie

Request: “Can I request a NCT 127 reaction to you getting scared at a horror movie? I love your blog!!💖💖”

A/N:  I’ll make it like if you’re their crush or you guys like each other bc it’s going to be even cuter, okay?


He would silently place an arm around you, but somehow the sudden contact would freak you out even more, making you scream and scaring him too. Both of you would end up laughing and cuddling together.

Originally posted by nctjay


He would look by his side and giggle out loud at the way you were cutely covering your ears with your hands and you had your eyes closed. He would palce his hand in your wrist delicately and then slip it to your own hand, letting you know that you could search for comfort in him.

Originally posted by withsuh


He would act in a really similar way to Johnny, laughing at how cute you are and doing the first move. “Are you okay there? Can I.. hug you?” He wouldn’t let you go for the rest of the movie.

Originally posted by 1aeyong


His “manly side” would go out instantly. He would giggle sweetly and place his arm behind your back right away. Whenever you feel scared he would whisper in your ear that there’s nothing to worry about at that he’s there to protect you.

Originally posted by nctinfo


“You know that’s fake right? There’s not such things as ghosts, Y/N.” He would be teasing you and making you laugh with comments like that, but he would do it  to distract you from the movie and make it enjoyable for you, which it work it.

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“Oh? Are you okay, Y/N?” “Yeah..” He wouldn’t mind if you’re the one giving the first move like grabbing his arm or hugging him, but if you’re too shy to do it he would ask you with the softest voice if he can hold your hand or hug you.

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I feel like this smol baby would be just as scared as you. Both of you would be cuddling each other while trying to cover each other’s ears and eyes and laughing at how silly y’all probably look. 

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He would get really worried about you when he sees how scared you actually are and would probably pause the movie to give you a break and even give you the opportunity to change the movie.

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“Are you seriously scared of that? You’re such a crybaby, Y/N. Come here~~” He would tease you about it just to don’t make too obvious the fact that he wants to hug you and comfort you with his caresses.

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moodboards-and-profiles-etc  asked:

Do you know who Brennen Taylor is? Or Joey Kidney or Gabe Erwin or Gabriel Conte? If you know any of them (or all surprise me) can I have a cute imagine where we're besties and have a really cute couply moment? I'm Allie with green eyes and brown hair btw. Thanks 😊


“Wake up!”

You open your eyes to find your best friend Brennen staring at you.

“Can I help you?” You laugh, sitting up. “Who let you in here?” 

“Gabe.” He says hopping off your bed. Gabe is your roommate and he and the boys don’t really get the whole privacy thing sometimes. He looks over at you, excited. “Can we please do something fun today?!? I got the jeep fixed so I’m not car-less anymore.” 

You run a hand through your hair. “Where do you want to go?”

“I think I’m going to surprise you,” he says, checking his hair in the mirror. “Be ready in 5 minutes.

“5 minutes! Why do you guys always give me 5 minutes!” You laugh and throw a pillow at him. 

“Fine 10,” He smirks and leaves your room, probably making a mess in the kitchen. 

You put on a striped t-shirt, high waisted jean shorts and white converse and throw your hair in a bun. You do natural makeup quickly then head out to the car. You look at your watch. “Only took 9 minutes” You smirk finding Brennen and Gabe doing the dishes in the kitchen. “Are you cleaning? What the hell?” 

“Hey! I clean!” Gabe laughs. “Have fun you guys. I wish I could come!” You wave goodbye to Gabe and soon you and Brennen are on the road. After getting pancakes for breakfast at the diner, you head north.

“Are you going to tell me where we are going now?” You ask, feet pressed against the dash. 

“Nope,” Brennen says, turning up the radio. 

You sigh and look out the window. Your favorite song comes on and Brennen looks over at you. You roll the windows down and scream it loud as you pull onto the highway. By the end, you are cracking up. You keep laughing and he smiles looking over at you. You notice.

“What?” You touch your face. “What’s wrong?” you smile and look over at him. “Do I have stuff on my face?”

“No,” he says quietly. “Forget it,” he finally says after about a minute of silence. 

You raise your eyebrow “Okay then,” You say and smirk. 

Brennen pulls up to the Redwood forest, one of your favorite places. “Are you serious!?!” You jump out of the car. “I LOVE YOU” you run up and throw your arms around him. 

He sighs and hugs you back. “You just seemed really stressed lately, so I thought a day off in the trees would help,” he says. You walk around for a while and you are in your own world, exploring the trees and soaking up the speckled sunshine. He walks behind you, watching. 

“Can I tell you something?” he says as you bend around a little brook. 

“Sure,” You say leaning on a damp hand rail, the smell of the dirt encapsulating and enchanting you. 

He leans on the rail next to you, then out of nowhere, his lips are pressed to yours, warm and right. You slip your hands into his hair and can’t believe this is happening. 

“I had no idea,” You say when you finally pull away.

He smirks and walks on ahead of you. 

“Hey!” you laugh and chase after him. 

dancing on the bed ♡ grayson

–requested by anon

You shoot up from the bed with a gasp, tears brimming your eyes. You realized when you looked around frantically that you were safe in your bed, next to a snoring Grayson. Even though you knew nothing that just occurred in your dream was real, you felt scared to be in the dark room with nothing but your thoughts to keep you entertained.

“Grayson,” You say his name loud and clear, making him jump up, suddenly alert.

You felt bad for waking him up in the middle of the night, but you needed someone and you knew he was the only one who could manage to make you forget about the horrible dream you just had.

“What? What Happened?” He asks and you sigh,

“I had a nightmare, Grayson.” You admit and he frowns, climbing back onto the bed and sitting next to you.

“You want to talk about it?” He asks, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“Your tired Grayson, you can go back to bed,” You decide, feeling disappointed and embarrassed at yourself for waking him up for something so stupid.

“Woah, Hold on, ” He stops you from rolling over, “Come here, i’m fine. I’m completely awake, tell me about your nightmare.” He looks at you with concerned eyes and you relax a little bit. He pulls you in so that your head is on his lap and he’s playing with your hair.

“It’s really stupid,” You mumble and he shakes his head,

“Just because it’s stupid doesn’t mean it isn’t scary.” He shrugs and you sigh once more,

“I was being chased by this really scary guy through the dark woods and at the end he caught me and I was screaming so loud but nothing came out and I was so close to the house and if I screamed everyone would have heard me but no one did because I couldn’t scream” You explain quickly, recalling the dream you just had, “I was panicking because I felt like I was screaming, I was screaming for everyone I knew was in the house but nothing came out of my mouth and then right when he was taking me away I woke up and it’s all dark in here…” You trail off and Grayson frowns a bit.

“It was just a dream baby,” He comforts you and continues to play with your hair, “Do you feel better?” He asks, referring to your feelings.

Oddly enough, you did feel a little bit better when you told him about your dream. It felt good to tell someone about it, made it seem less real than it did before. Although you felt a little better, you were still a bit shaken from the nightmare.

“A little,” You reply honestly and he raises his eyebrows,

“I know what can make anything better!” He says and his eyes lit up with excitement, “late night dance party!” He says in a girly voice and gets up, starting to dance on the bed to no music,

“Grayson! It’s late!” You giggle but shush him at the same time, and he stops suddenly,

“Y/N, you cannot leave me dancing on the bed alone.” He says with a stern look on his face, offering his hand and you groan but take in anyway, “That’s my girl!” He says.

He starts to dance terribly on purpose to make you laugh and soon enough, you both were dancing to invisible music.

“Oh! Hear that? I think there’s a slow song coming up next!” He says, looking genuinely surprised so you decide play along.

“Seriously! Aw man, slow songs are my favorite! Too bad I don’t have a good enough partner,” You tease and he gasps,

“Are you insulting my dancing, Y/N?” He asks and you look away innocently,

“What makes you think that!” You ask and suddenly you feel yourself being lifted off the ground, making you gasp, “Grayson if you drop me-”

“If I drop you what?” He laughs and you playfully punch his back,

“Grayson!” You giggle and he gently drops you on the bed. You lay in the middle with your eyes closed, trying to catch your breath from laughing you just did.

You feel Grayson hovering on top of you and your eyes flutter open to reveal Grayson’s handsome face.

“Hi.” You smile and he grins back,

“Hi, beautiful.” He replies, leaning in for a slow, passionate kiss.

Your lips moved together in sync and when you broke apart you were breathless yet again, and feeling very sleepy.

You yawn and Grayson smiles adoringly at you, “Tired?” He asks and you nod, cuddling closer to the pillow.

You hear him shuffle around the room and suddenly feel his strong arms wrap around your waist as he places soft and gentle kisses to your collarbone.

“Thank you Gray,” You yawn before shutting your eyes, quickly falling asleep in Grayson’s arms,

“Your welcome, Princess.”

a/n – terrible TERRIBLE ending but you know what it’s all good. GOOD NEWS - i’m doing a part two for my ethan break up imagine haha yay! I got lots of requests for that so (: AND I HIT 600 FOLLOWERS WHAT!? that’s insane, you guys are amazing. like, actually amaze-balls.

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You're having a bad week. Its just one of those times when it feels like you swallowed a lead ball and Harry hates seeing you like that so one day he tells you that you guys are going for a drive The drive is silent until Harry tells you that once all the windows are down, to scream as loud as you can Once on the freeway the windows are down and you scream letting all your frustrations out It was embarrassing at first but by the end you're laughing and thats when you know H is the one


houseofvelour  asked:

hi there. i was wondering if you could give me some thoughts, positive or otherwise. despite my and my wife's best efforts to communicate and try cues before huge blowups, they still happen. we try everything to stop it but we're both so impulsive and blow up. yes, we realize we are ok after we scream and shout and make each other feel terrible and talk it out, but it feels hopeless that every different angle still doesn't work. :( any advice? we really love each other but things are so hard rn

You should have a conversation about rules when it comes to arguments. I don’t think it’s necessary or helpful to just scream at each other. Because once you’re at that point no one is listening to anyone, and you end up saying things you can’t take back
What works for me and my guy is if we’re about to get loud, we take a break for 5 minutes and come back. We are big fans of taking space when we need it. If the goal is mutual understanding, it has to also be about mutual respect. And yelling at each other is never respectful.


Relationship: Ashton x Reader

Words: 1179

Masterlist l Request

Author’s Note: Okay so this is the first full length blurb for halloween!5sos so hopefully it’s good. I have a few more ideas for more blurbs but requests would be much appreciated. As always feedback is welcomed and appreciated! 

Babysitting your younger siblings was never something you found to be an inconvenience. At least that was the case until it was the night before Halloween and your parents decided that you were in charge of taking them out in search of candy while they attended a work dinner party. And it wasn’t even the fact that you had to take them out that bothered you, it was the fact that you’d have to cancel your plans with Ashton.

“So I have some bad news,” you said, later that night when you were talking to Ashton. “I can’t come over and help you hand out candy tomorrow. Apparently I’m babysitting.”

“Well, I’m sure the kids in my neighborhood are going to miss me,” he laughed.

“What do you mean?” you asked, not following what he was saying.

“I’m obviously not going to pass up the chance to trick-or-treat with you.”

“But what about the all the candy we spent your last paycheck on?”

“I’ll leave the bowl outside, maybe my mom will take over. If not we’ll have a shit ton of candy for our next movie marathon.”

The following night, Ashton was on your door step, a few candy bars in hand ready to give to your siblings. And while he wasn’t in costume which he was very upset about it, he did manage to find a Halloween themed shirt that just barely fit him. The material hugging his torso a little too tightly than he would have wanted but you weren’t complaining, quite the opposite really.

Thankfully, your siblings ran into the room to greet Ashton leaving you to be flustered in peace. Of course, nothing went unnoticed to Ashton who just winked at you while your brother and sister tugged him towards the front door. You followed shortly behind them, making sure to lock the door behind you so no trick-or-treaters would be tricking your house.

“Where to first?” Ashton asked.

“Right!” your brother yelled before setting off to your next door neighbor’s house. Your sister running to catch him while Ashton and you followed at a slower pace hand in hand.

As your siblings zig zagged back and forth throughout your neighborhood, you looked over them like the protective older sibling you were. Ashton stayed by your side for the first part of the night but as you got got further away from the neighbor’s homes you knew, your siblings were tugging Ashton with them so he could ring the doorbell and make sure no monsters got them.

It was weird seeing your siblings show so much of an interest in Ashton. Sure, they had spent time with him before but never like this. You almost felt a bit jealous that they’d rather have Ashton by their side than you, but you knew that was a silly reason to be jealous and quickly brushed the thought away. After all, when your sister fell and scraped her knee it was you she called for not Ashton.

“Y/N can we go in the haunted house?” your brother asked you, glancing at the house with the strobe lights and odd sounds coming from it.

“We can’t go in there!” your sister shouted, still trying to keep up with her brother despite her hurt knee. (Of course, you’d forgotten to bring band aids with you) “Kyle says that’s where the old witch lady lives and she eats kids on Halloween!”

You knew you shouldn’t have laughed at your sister but her sudden outburst was just too funny for Ashton and you to suppress your giggles. Laughing didn’t help the matter though since now your sister was scared and upset, leaving her to plop down on the sidewalk with a frown on her face.

“We don’t have to go into the house if you don’t want too,” you said, kneeling down so you were eye level with her.

“But I want to go in it,” your brother whined.

“I can take him Y/N,” Ashton suggested. “I’ll even protect him from the evil witch so he comes back okay.”

You watched as Ashton took your brother’s hand in his leading him towards the spooky house in front of you. Meanwhile, you sat with your sister trying desperately to cheer her up. And after many failed attempts you decided to play into her fantasy of a wicked witch living in the house by adding the rumors that were spread about the house when you were her age.

With her happy again – after eating three medium sized candy bars – you kept a look out for Ashton and your brother. When you saw them headed towards you, you couldn’t help but beam in pride. Both Ashton and your brother had smiles on their faces but what was even cuter was the fact that the two of them were still holding hands. And when Ashton’s hand went to ruffle your brother’s hair, like you’d seen him do with his own brother thousands of times, your heart nearly exploded.

“How was it?”

“It was so cool!” your brother shouted.

“Did you see the witch?”

“No,” he pouted. “But we did see this giant spider guy and Ashton screamed really loud it was so funny!”

“I thought I told you not to tell the girls,” Ashton said, pouting.

“Sorry,” he giggled. “It was just too funny not to tell them.”

The four of you spent another hour trick-or-treating before you finally ended up back at your home. With your parents still out, you were in charge of getting them ready for bed. Lucky for you, Ashton didn’t have anywhere to be – his own mom in charge of his own siblings – so he stayed to help you out. Once they were settled and the candy was sorted and put away, Ashton and you plopped down on the sofa, exhausted. 

“Thanks for coming with me today,” you said. 

“No problem, it was fun. Your brother was so funny, he nearly kicked one of the zombies in the haunted house.” 

“You two make a pretty cute team,” you smiled. “You treat him like you treat Harry you know.” 

“Of coarse I know. He’s my girlfriend’s little brother after all, that basically makes him mine too.” 

“It’s getting late, you better head home soon,” you yawned. 

Ashton yawned too before getting up from the sofa, pulling you up with him. He pulled you to the front of your house before dropping your hand to pull his shoes on. Just as you were getting ready to kiss him goodbye, he moved away looking you in the eyes. 

“Do you think we can do this with our kids one day?” he whispered. “I mean take them out trick-or-treating and stuff.” 

“Of course,” you smiled, happy that Ashton saw a future with you just like you saw a future with him. “But not for a long time. For now let’s just babysit our siblings and pretend their our kids.” 

“Sounds good to me,” he mumbled, his lips brushing by yours until he added more pressure, deepening the kiss. “Happy Halloween Y/N.”


Play fight w/Vernon

Hope you like it hun!!

Pairing: vernon x reader

Genre: super fluff

Word Count: 451

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“Y/N I don’t want to do work.” Vernon whined a bit, slouching in his seat with his arms heavy at his side and his head rested on one side of his shoulder.

“You have to! Come on, you have a deadline.” You encouraged him to continue with his homework. You were already helping him when you saw him struggling.

You’ve been sitting with him at this desk for hours already and you’ve started to lose feeling in your legs.

He groans and closes his eyes. “What are you doing Vernon?” You asked getting a bit annoyed.

“Sleeping.” He said with his mouth dropped open and his eyes still closed.

You rolled your eyes at the poor soul. He was struggling a lot with his assignment in class and now he’s given up.

“Where’s the remote? I wanna’ with tv.” He got up all of sudden.

“What? No! You’re staying here! Come back!” You say jumping on him before he could get to the living room.

“Woah! Woah! Woah! Oh my gawd!” He said, trying to grab onto you so that you wouldn’t fall and hurt yourself but you got off yourself perfectly fine.

You started to hit him playfully so that somehow he would finally focus again. You got a bit annoyed that you’ve been trying to help him so much but he’s doing nothing at all.

He started playfully hitting you back a first but then you both got into a play fight where he pretended to become angry when you hit him a little too hard and you guys started running around the house, screaming and laughing while Vernon tried catching you.

You gave up when you couldn’t find a way to get around the couch in time for you to run away from Vernon. He tackled you onto the couch and you both just ended up laughing with him on top of you the whole time.

“Vernon get off, I can’t breathe. You’re so heavy.” You said still laughing out loud a little.

He smiled, pushing his weight off you by putting it on his arms which were at either side of you. He still hovered over you, staring into your eyes with his nice hazel ones.

You made a quick kissing face to him just so that it wasn’t that uncomfortable for you since his gaze was so deep. You giggled at your our stupid action but he just continued  to smile and came closer to you to kiss you which made you smile too. You forgot about the homework he had to do and just enjoyed having a little fun with Vernon instead. You thought about how lucky you were to have someone like him.

Oh my gawd!!  😂 😂


More Mistakes

Alrighty, so this is the second part to the French Mistake reversed story I did! I have wanted to do another part to this for a while but requests ave been coming in and I haven’t had time to do some of the stories that I’ve had running through my head. I’m trying to get them all done as fast as I can! Thank you for being so kind and patient! 

I hope you like it!

Here is a link to the first part: Your Mistake

Word Count: 1852

Summary: Sam and Dean try to figure out what you can and can’t tell them about the world where Supernatural is just a television show.

WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE! Do not read this if you aren’t at least past Season 9 or don’t mind some spoilers!

UPDATE! I did a part 3: Our Mistakes

“John and Mary, husband and wife!” The young woman sang out from your phone. You had bought the soundtrack of the 200th episode and had it on the phone that was tucked in your pocket when you transported into the world of Supernatural. For some reason it was still on there, but none of your internet links for Supernatural sites were working.

Dean and Sam listened intently, slightly confused.

“Why am I a chick?” Dean grumbled.

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sooo here’s that super late sequel fic to that adorable amazing ramwood dadwood au pic the lovely beren drew! (i’m sorry i am busy and tired t.t also here’s that first fic)

(well i mean technically there’s several pics by now but this is the ridiculously floofy fic for that one pic okay)

To: Attractive Moustache Guy
06/04/2015 - 21:44
Spongebob has changed

To: Unknown Number
06/04/2015 - 21:56
?? i think you might have a wrong number buddy

To: Attractive Moustache Guy
06/04/2015 - 21:58
Sorry, it’s Ryan. From the ice cream shop?

To: hot dad ryan
06/04/2015 - 21:59
you actually wrote me! that’s awesome! kids drag you to see the spongebob movie?

To: Attractive Moustache Guy
06/04/2015 - 22:01
Yeah. It was… an experience

To: hot dad ryan
06/04/2015 - 22:02
i heard ;)

sooo… got time for some amazing pizza next weekend?

To: Attractive Moustache Guy
06/04/2015 - 22:05
I have to see if our sitter’s free, but yes please

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hoodlum pt. II || hanbin
  • and here is the second part! lol I’m feeling iffy about the ending so I’ll write up a third part if you guys want i’m so bad at endings gahhh
  • pt. I right here!!
  • pt. III here!

Originally posted by teambgasm

           It’s odd, really, because in your eighteen years of life, you had never heard your mother scream as loud as she did right there when she opened the door. And when you broke away from Hanbin and stared at her, you could’ve sworn she was about to faint. Her face was pale, her hand was over her heart, and had her eyes gone any wider, they might’ve actually fallen out.

           “Get away from my daughter!” she shrieked at Hanbin before grabbing your arm and yanking you behind her. “You come anywhere near this house or my daughter ever again and I swear I will call the police!”

           Hanbin scratched the back of his head and didn’t seem to be affected in the slightest by what was happening, and it occurred to you that this must’ve been the umpteenth time he was yelled at and talked down upon by someone in a higher class like that. In fact, you could clearly remember that on some nights, a hood would just be strolling through the streets and people would put in the effort to step outside their doors and yell at the poor kid, saying how “trash like that shouldn’t walk down these streets”.

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