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Inquisition Mounts  ↠  The Inquisitor and their Halla

Like the Dalish, the halla are proud. A halla knows who she is, and will tolerate no being that tells her she is less. They are not our servants. They are not our pets. They are our brothers and sisters.

Without the halla, there would be no Dalish.

Using the mod Halla-Back Girl by the incredible @lavellanlove for the first time and it’s everything we’ve ever wanted and Bioware never gave us. For as long as I played, it worked smoothly and the halla is so very visually pleasing, guys, you have no idea! It’s amazing, thank you so much! Seriously, everyone, go check out her blog and give her all the support!


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Hartwin “Do you think…?” prompt fills 

“Do you think I’m fat?”

“Do you think I’m ugly?”

“Do you think it’s cooked all the way?”

“Do you think I could have a hug?”

“Do you think there’s something wrong with me?" 

“Do you think there’ll be a kiss in the future?”

“Do you think this book is good?”

“Do you think if we met differently, we’d be enemies?”

"Do you think we should go?”

“Do you think I could afford this?”

“Do you think we should tell your mum about us?” 

“Do you think there’s alternate universes out there?”


“Do you think we should go out on a date?”
Protector - Chapter 1 - DivineProjectZero - Be More Chill - Iconis/Tracz [Archive of Our Own]
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With Michael, he feels safe.

(wherein Jeremy Heere is scared of girls and Michael Mell is his last line of defense.)

So here’s my first Real Fic for the Be More Chill fandom. I don’t know how to write comedy but I am trying my best. Uh. Yeah. Chapter 2 will be updated in a couple days (currently working on Chapter 4). Hope you enjoy!

marcellaereeves  asked:

You, writing one half of Sheith: "Urgh look! He's so gross, sweat. Is that blood? When was the last time he showered? Those are the same clothes he's been wearing all week!" The other half of Sheith: "IDK man that makes him hotter or sth idk"

i fucking hate you guys. did i post a link to my wip folder on google docs by accident? smh:

But then Shiro starts to slip, and Keith gives a quiet, “Sorry,” and boosts Shiro’s thighs up higher around his waist. “Hold on, ok?”

Shiro nods where his face is pressed in Keith’s hair, and that can’t be comfortable—not with the sweat, and who’s to say Keith washed it after the battle? He was so busy with Shiro.

“Did Keith take a shower yesterday?” Lance whispers at the group, where they’re trailing behind.

Yes, I did,” Keith says without turning around. “Why do you care, anyway?”

Lance tries to look indignant, but Pidge and Hunk are giving him identical looks of disdain, while Allura looks—sad, like she expected better.

“I don’t! I’m just worried about Shiro getting your germs on him.”

Keith huffs, but goes red. “Sorry, Shiro.” And great—now Lance is the asshole.

Shiro shakes his head. “No, you smell good.”

Keith stumbles a step.


A Quick Announcement of Sorts

Okay yeah so out of boredom I changed my url (from the-polyglot-wannabe) to sth I used to have….idrk if I like it tho? I’m not a huge fan of my other one either tho so idk. I just kinda want sth new.

But yeah I’m totally open to thoughts & ideas from you guys. By which I mean pls and thank you give me opinions & better url ideas hahha