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BTK Killer's Tips How To Not Be Killed

“You know, lately I’ve been thinking about what people can do
to protect themselves from guys like me, and I came up with a little
list,” he said. “I guess most of it is pretty obvious, but I’ll tell it to you
if you like.”
“I’m all ears,” I said.
“The first thing I’d suggest for a woman living alone is to get a
security system,”
he said. “For
women living alone, I think the most important thing they can do is
give the impression that they live with a man. Maybe have some
men’s clothes scattered around the house or leave a toiletry kit out in
the open, just in case someone breaks in to scope the place out. It
would also be wise to have two dogs—one outside and another one
And on the answering machine, have a man’s voice on the out-
going recording.
And you know how I used to cut the phone lines of
houses? People should always check their phones whenever they enter their house.“

“Since everybody seems to have cell phones these days, maybe
that’s not so important … But I do think it’s a good idea to always
leave the radio on in your house and avoid routines. Never take the
same route to and from work or someplace like the grocery store.
the last thing would be for women to be extra suspicious of vehicles
they see parked out in front of their house or apartment.
I often used
to drive back to my victims’ homes over and over again and park out
in front.”

(Inside The Mind Of BTK, pages 314 and 315)

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Do you have any advice for someone who doesn't know what they want to do in life. I can't decide and I'm about to graduate highschool. I feel like everyone has their life planned out expect me. Jumping into an unknown career/job kind of scares me.

need your help guys/gals, please help anon…

RFA Reacts to MC Who is Really Oblivious and Innocent

wohoho boi i’m rdy


- I wouldn’t say Yoosung is so much innocent as he is bashful, so he knows things (wink wonk ;* ) but he gets embarrassed easily.
- “Hey sweetie, I’m cold, do you think you could-”
- “Get you a sweater? Ofc baby!!!”
- Yoosung attempt at cuddles #73 resulted in failure
- again
- this guy just needs affection
- it takes him a while but he learns to be a bit more blunt.
- “MC can we cuddle-” BOOM. MC. Right there. Hugs everywhere. Cute kissies. mwa mwa mwa.
- You begin to understand Yoosung’s body language for when he wants something.
- Looks at you and opens arms? Hugs
- Looks at you and pours his lips out a bit? Kissiesss
- His grip on ur waist tighten? oh boy it might be naughty time ;))
- But he’s sure to vocalize, and you love how flustered he gets.

- oh no
- ur too cute and sweet and you pick up on nONE OF HIS FLIRTING.
- “Hey MC, If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.” oh ya that’ll charm her for sure-
- “You know if you think about it the alphabet is in a random order, but we decided that’s alphabetical. Like, who decided that? The Greeks? Speaking of Greek did you know in Greek Mythology-” mC NO
- be patient Zen try again
- “Are you a parking ticket? Because you have fine written all over you ;)” it’s too straightforward she has to get this-
- “Ugh do NOT get me started on how corrupt the Justice System is. Instead of learning from our mistakes through education we just PAY to get out of punishments?? It’s rediculous-” NO MC YOURE GOING TO KILL HIM.
- Finally he’s blunt with you.
- “MC I think you’re very cute and I like you a lot will u plz d8 me.”
- “I like you too!! Not gonna lie I really didn’t think you liked me back so I’m glad you finally said something.”
- ur first date is at his funeral bc u killed him.

- Baehee doesn’t even know she’s Gayhee until you show up.
- So she’s just as innocent, but not as oblivious.
- You’ve been working together for two years at the coffee shops and you two always get told you’re a cute couple
- “Oh no, we’re just best friends!”
- :* so um
- The entire RFA was under the impression you were dating.
- One day in the chat Jumin asked you were we’re coming up on your two year anniversary.
- “of what? opening the shop? that was a couple months ago jumin u were literally there when we celebrated.”
- “No of your relationship.”
- ur what
- “Well I mean i didn’t know you had anniversaries for friendships but i think it’s cute! what should i get her?”
- “everything i know is a lie” Seven piped in
- “Jaehee isn’t gay!” MC YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN SO WRONG
- “MC ur stupid jaehee is the gayest out of all of us, and since i’m the one saying that it means something.”
- Okay Seven
- finally jaehee had had enough
- “MC, would you like to go out tonight-”
- “Of course!”
- “-on a date?”
- “… I’d love that.”

- King of Straightforward
- that’s can be both good and bad
- But even with how straightforward he is, you still miss his cues.
- “MC, you look beautiful.”
- “I can’t wait to see you.”
- “You’re so talented.”
- “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met.”
- and everything gets the same response.
- “Awe, thank you Jumin! You’re such a great friend!”
- *sirens sound*
- “Excuse me officer i would like to report a fucking murder.”
- Seven no now is not the time
- Zen was laughing his ass off
- “Yeah jumin you are a good FRIEND to MC”
- Jumin is slumped in the corner
- Defeated
- Given up on love
- that is until you and Jaehee are talking over the phone about this mysterious guy you’ve fallen for (hehehehehe)
- “He’s wonderful and kind and always says the nicest things to me!… But I don’t think he sees me like that.”
- “Why not MC?”
- “He doesn’t show any interest in being something other than friends.”
- “I’m sorry MC”
- “It’s okay, it’s not my fault Jumin doesn’t like me-”
- “ MC W H A T !!”
- “Shoot, Jaehee, I didn’t mean to say it, I just-”
- so jaehee sprints into Jumins office, where jumin all like “>:0 u know there’s this thing called knocking-”
- “Assistant Kang this is completely unprofessional-”
- “MC likes you too!”
- at ur apartment in .6 seconds flat
- Broke the sound barrier
- you open the door to see ur big ole crush just standing there, panting, nearly doubled over
- “Jumin oh my god what’s wrong-”
- “You like me.”
- “Of course I do you’re my friend-”
- he pulled away, hands on your shoulders
- “You LIKE me.”
- i mean ye maybe
- “U-Uh… Ya.”
- that’s when you saw the most beautiful sight.
- Jumin Han laughing. Like, REALLY laughing.
- It was so deep and beautiful and genuine.
- Once he finished he looked back down at you, smiling, tears from laughing so hard in his eyes.
- “Would you like to go to Dinner?”
- “YES!! I-I mean, uh, Yeah, sure, sounds cool.”


- “Seven just ask her out-”
- “No! I’m too dangerous.”
- “MC go talk to him!”
- “No he keeps pushing me away!”
- “I wish MC/Seven liked me back…”
- The RFA has had it
- You get a text from Zen to meet the RFA at your favorite restaurant.
- You see Seven once you arrive, but no one else.
- You two talk but it grows awkward
- bc u two like each other
- but ur stoopid
- “Seven and MC, correct?” A voice called out from behind you. You both nodded.
- “Right this way.”
- You wee lead to a table with only… 2 seats
- “Hey what about-”
- “I regret to inform you that the rest of the RFA will not be joining, but they (jumin) have already paid for your dinner so, please, enjoy.”
- o k a y
- Seven looks at you, trying to gauge your response, but you just smiled and sat down.
- You two talk for 2 billion hours
- at least it feels like that
- Seven gets a random text from Zen
- “Soooo, how are things going ;)”
- He ignored it, choosing to give you his attention instead.
- “-like you” were the words he managed to pick out before he froze.
- “Wait, you like me?”
- “What?”
- “Because I like you!”
- “You like me?
- "I mean-”
- you grabbed his hand.
- “Because I like you too.”
- Seven looked down then back up at you.
- “Wow, you have a crush on me? that’s so embarrassing…”
- Cue you throwing ur spoon at him

Surprise Girlfriend- Andre Burakovsky

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I’m kind of excited that you’ve gotten THREE DAYS IN A ROW of imagines! I know… sad right? Oh well… I’ll take what I can get! Anywho… enjoy guys!

Warning: drunk guy that can’t take a hint

@nicehaircvtkaner Request: Hello you ! How are you ? How was your day ? I am sorry if my english is not very good, but I am french so I try to do my best ! I just want to ask if you can do an imagine with Andre Burakovsky where he’s dating a girl but no one knows, and at a party in a bar with the Caps and their girlfriends, a man try to kiss his girlfriend and he takes her defense in front of everyone and reveal their relationship ? Thank you ! Love from France !


              You sipped on your fruity drink as you waited for Andre and company to get there.

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EXO Reaction when their girl wins the sassy/roast fight with Sehun/Chen/Baekhyun

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Ohh… I see you pulled the sassy card jagi! I’m proud of you! Teach them who’s in charge!”


“Did you guys seriously thought you could win? No one beats my baobei. You should know better! She has the best teacher in the whole galaxy, me.” *Adding lemon to the wound, ouch xD*


“She beat me… I should have guessed… I’m the one who taught her… I better surrender with dignity” *well he knows his fights*


*Probably the best fight he has seen in centuries. Better than going to the movies* “Go baobei go! You can do it!”


“Guys.. pleae don’t start another fight. We already know who’s going to win.. she is the definitions of sassiness”


*Just watching* “Are they really… righting… over who’s sassiest…. Should I intervene.. no no.. I don’t want to be in the middle… I’ll have a chat with the boys tho”


*Without words* “I just… did I just… lose? No.. but… I can’t even… talk…”


*Teams up* “Yeah guys! You better leave my baobei alone! We are a very sassy couple!”


“AH WAE! I thought I could win… fine fine.. you win this time.. ahh… but the WAE tittle is still mine!”


*HE knows there’s no point in even defending you from them. They already know, you are even scarier sometimes XD* “That’s my girl, show them what you got”


“Why are they even fighting… like… she won the moment they opened their mouths… we already know that…” 


“Jagi… I want to offer you a job… would you… help me watch over them… like.. a babysitter… please…” 

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emo band members as things i said in school

patrick stump: i may be small but i can kick your fucking ass.


andy hurley: um, can you guys don’t do that? thanks

joe trohman: *loudly* PLEASE NO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP!

brendon urie: i like dicks and tits

dallon weekes: i don’t want to hang out with you guys, *hours later* can you guys hang out with me?


gerard way: so, do you think aliens will abduct us or not?

tyler joseph: do you guys realize that we will be stuck here for the rest of our lives? like sometime, we will come back here for something. even if we die, some memories will just remain there.

josh dun: i like kittens so much i swear to god look at them

I need your prayers

Okay so most of you know that in about 6 weeks I am entering Carmel (yes, it’s that soon!).

My issue is that I still have several things I need to get before I enter. I have plenty of money, so that’s not an issue.

My issue is that I have a really hard time with my parents not supporting my vocation and that makes doing anything difficult, even something as simple as buying clothes for Carmel with my own money.

I know I really have to get these things soon, so please pray for me that I can have the courage to get what I need. You guys are so supportive and have always helped with your prayers. God bless you!

a wish i have for volume 5 is jaune continually acting salty towards qrow

“hey can you pass me that thing,” qrow asks

“i don’t know why don’t you try doing it yourself” jaune responds

“hey can you help me fight this guy” qrow asks as he comes close to dying

“i don’t know pyrrha didn’t have help or anything either why don’t you defeat him yourself” jaune says sitting on the side

“i’m dying” qrow says

“wow now you know how pyrrha felt” jaune says walking past sipping from a juicebox

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Hello Mobox I only want to say that you are my hero. You showed me how beautiful are song from fnaf. You doing really good job! I don't know how much I can say that I love you!💙 For me you are like Markiplier + Jacksepticeye + Pewdiepie + Purple Guy but better! Once again I want to say that I love you and you are my favorite artists and YouTube star!💞

khifrv Thank you very much qwq!!

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Hi! Can you recommend Sterek fics where Stiles cuddles Derek in his wolf form? Rating doesn't matter. Thanks a lot!

Another trope I can’t get enough of! - Anastasia

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Actual Puppy Derek Hale by tylerfucklin (Zimothy)

(1/1 I 18,162 I Teen)

Derek didn’t know what was worse: the hunters, being trapped as a wolf, being hit by a car, or the fact that he had somehow become some kid’s pet dog for the unforeseeable future.

Wolf in the House by JoeLawson

(1/1 I 33,481 I Teen)

“What? It’s totally an improvement. He’s not scowling, or dating bad guys, or slinking around in unsanitary places. Still a bit paranoid, but what can you do. At least he’s a lot easier to get along with when you can buy his affections with ear rubs.”

“And you always wanted a dog,” Sheriff added wryly.

“And I always wanted a dog.”

In The Woods Somewhere by WithMyTeeth (Ylith) (aka our own Emmy)

(9/9 I 44,958 I Explicit I Rape)

Peter travels with various carnivals, showcasing a massive black wolf he parades as a man-eating beast. In his caravan he keeps Stiles, his most precious possession who is much more special than he may outwardly appear. Stiles feels a kinship with the creature through their mutual captivity, so when he makes his escape he frees the wolf as well. Like Stiles though, the wolf is also more than he appears.

Actual Wolf Derek Hale by lovelornwolf

(29/29 I 60,619 I Explicit)

Stiles is almost done with the bottle of whiskey when the dog wanders—limps—out of the woods towards him.

Sick Day

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Character: Carlos

Requested: yes by @septiphanchan

Warnings: none

|| feel free to request! ||

I look through the hallways trying to find Carlos. Where is he? Then Jay, Mal and Evie walk up to me.

“ do you guys know where Carlos is? ” I ask.

“ He’s sick today, he wanted me to let you know so you can go cuddle him ” Jay teases you.

“ okay, today’s the day I get to skip school! Bye guys! ” then I start walking away.
I walk in and see Carlos laying in his bed shirtless, I look down blushing.

“ you don’t have to look away, you look cute when you blush” Carlos replies.

“ oh shut up ” and then he starts coughing.

“ you really are sick, I thought maybe you just wanted a cuddle day ” you giggled.

“ can’t I be sick but still want a cuddle day? ” He says gesturing you to come in bed

“ sure babe ” you get in bed with him and he’s immediately the big spoon.

“ I love this.. I love you ” he whispers.

“ I love you too, just wait your gonna get me sick and we’ll have to do this all over again ” you smiled on the thought of a day just cuddling.

“ wouldn’t have being sick any other way ”

“ did you want to watch a movie or anything ? ” I turn to face him.

“ i don’t know, do you have any ideas for movies? ” he asks, trying not to cough his head off.

“ I rather just lay here and cuddle ” you say , leaning in and kissing him.

“ now you’re definitely going to get sick ” he laughs.

“ I don’t mind as long as I can kiss you ”

He smirks and learns in, kissing you some more. It ruined the moment when he pulled away to cough.

“ you look so cute ” Carlos told you. You just blush and look away. You trace your finger along his chest.

“ this day would be better if we were just cuddling not because I’m sick ” Carlos chuckled.

“ yeah but we’re gonna have to do this again when I’m sick” still tracing your finger on his chest you finally look up and decide to run your hands through his hair.

“ you really love my hair, don’t you? ” he asks while moving closer to you.

“ of course ” you giggle, still playing with his hair.

he lays on his back and I put my head on his chest. He rubs my back. I could fall asleep. “ I’m suppose to be here for you and you’re over here doing all the cuddling ” I say and giggle.

“ I don’t mind, any day with my princess is a good day” he kisses the top of your head.

Again with those damn spoilers....

This doesn’t want to make me use tumblr anymore… If you watch a leaked epsiode because you can’t wait 3 more days, be my guest. 

But do you immediately HAVE TO make gifsets and POSTS and spoil everything just for a few reblogs? And yell at everyone about the series to let literally everyone know you’re the COOL KID that watched the episode already???? SRSLY????  And do you guys really NEED to reblog everything immediately…. Can’t you just have the damn respect to not spoil anyone else who choose not to watch it until Sunday. What children are in this fandom? I’m fed up big time. 

First Appreciation Post!

Hi, it’s me your lovely Yoongi biased army person but my name is Jacqueline, just in case you guys didn’t know that. So it was shocking to see how fast my blog had grown the last couple of months. I made this blog back in 2013 and this was in the midst of my One Direction era, what can I say, except that I’m a sucker for boy bands, but I never really got the point of Tumblr so I didn’t really do a lot with this blog, it even had a different name, I believe I went under “mysafehavenonline” or something like that. I also never had a lot of followers and I was really insecure, which all changed when I discovered 7 amazingly talented guys(okay at first I only thought they were hot) I can safely say that I first thought that Jungkook was the hottest guy ever, although I still think he is way too handsome, he is a bit young as I’m a year older than Jin, so I looked further until I noticed Suga or Yoongi and I was sold.

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But let’s get to the point, just forget about what I just said. I never really thought my blog would grow so fast but it did and from 300 followers, I suddenly went to 400 and higher and now I reached a number I never thought I would reach. 

1.000 Followers and counting!!

When did that even happen and to say I’m puzzled about this is an understatement. I reblog mostly from others and only put up fan fiction, so I guess you must be liking that right? I’m really thankful for each and every follower. I’m thankful for the lovely messages I receive or the silly questions. I’m grateful for the games you want to play with me when I desperately pleading you guys. 

I’m happy that you are loving my fanfics, that I write with love and I’m grateful for the requests that you guys send me. The reactions you give me when I post a new chapter. It always brings a smile to my face and even the people who are giving me feedback on how I could improve myself, Thank you really because without those messages I can’t improve. 

Thank you for the followers who have taken the courage to talk to me and even though I’m not that good at keeping in touch, you’re always in my thoughts and don’t think I’m suddenly ignoring you, it’s just that I’m awkward and not always know how to keep up a conversation but I’m always here to listen to your problems or just your daily life. You guys share the same passion, who are these 7 incredible guys. 

So usually there is a follow forever but honestly, I don’t really know how that exactly works, so instead I’m just going to give a shout out to the people I talk to and admire. If I don’t name you, don’t think that I don’t like you or anything, it’s just that I don’t know you but again I appreciate and love every single follower!!

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@jeonity, @minimilkiway, @park-happyvirus-chanyeol , @skyebloodhood, @kpop-universe , @jeonjowaaan , @agust-d-bts, @notnormalhuman, @cutiepiefox89, @sierra-clifford, @coolkyky000, @pikamelly, @bubbytea, @peachytae5, @bandobsessed413, @allforbts, @unorthod0x-proxy, @war-of-hormoan , @war-of-hormone , @archer-whovian-violinist , @sugasuite , @jimiyoong , @koreanfan1 , @minblush , @daegucrew , @yoonseok , @jeonify , @bangtansonyeondarnit , @infiresseokjin , @parkjiminsjagiya , @pjmksj , @mochi-nochu , @jiminfc , @dailydoseofdia , @ktaebwi

These are just a few, that cross my mind right now and as I said earlier I named a few that I maybe never talk to but I do follow and admire you. It’s not easy to give a shout out to a lot of people but for the people I forgot, 


but it’s really a lot, so to the people, I forgot, also a shout-out to you! 

Also before I forgot this. I use a lot of Gifs and as I don’t have a clue how to make nice gifs I really, really appreciate the people who make Gifs because it’s amazing to see how fast you guys are and please know that whenever I use a gif you made, I always use the ones with credit and I NEVER repost them because I know how much work you put into them. I just really want to thank you guys for making the gifs in the first place!

So this was my first appreciation post, I hope I can make another one within no time and please if you guys want to talk or whatever, just know I’m here and believe me I’m just as shy and awkward, so don’t feel like you can’t approach me. Again thank you all so much for following me, I can’t say this enough and I promise I will be entertaining you with a lot more fanfics in the future.

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'Really Jimin-hyung, she's so pretty.' Jungkook said shyly, and Jimin picked up on the crushing maknae. 'So? Ahhh Jungkookie has a little crush. British YouTuber too!' Jimin teased and Jungkook playfully pushed his arm in response. 'Yah, why don't you guys go to sleep?' Namjoon's voice rang from the other room hearing the boys talk. 'Namjoon hyung can you translate these for me?' Jungkook asked, eager to know what the pretty girl was saying. She looked emotional.

‘Ah, will you sleep if I do?’ Namjoon asked, entering the room. 'Promise hyung.’ Jungkook replied, showing his smartphone to Namjoon. Namjoon listened to a few videos, explaining what Laura was saying after everyone. 'Ah, that’s so nice of her. No one really understands why I had to be so shy when I was younger, but I’m glad she said why.’ Jungkook said smiling shyly. 'Now sleep Jungkook, we have a lot of press releases tomorrow.’ Namjoon said, convincing the maknae to put his phone away.

Sleep didn’t come easy to Jungkook, his thoughts were plagued by a certain blonde who managed to know him better than himself. Weird, Jungkook thought. But ah, so fascinating. The next day a Bangtan bomb was being filmed, and Jimin decided to take the camera and joke around. 'Jungkook, what are you watching lately?’ He asked, as Jungkook had sat down on a stool to eat his bowl of ramen. Jungkook paused, a shy smile gracing his lips. 'Ah, British YouTuber Laura.’

The members cackled in the background. 'Ah, hello Laura if you’re watching this! BTS love you and your react videos!’ Namjoon saved the day, cutting in to save Jungkook from the glare of the camera watching his reddening cheeks. The bangtan bomb was sent, and the response that came after was wild. Of course, BTS weren’t following it so well but Laura was sent notifications on notifications from websites ranging from Hollywood hot wire to Kpop news 24/7 about who she was.

Her subscriptions trebled and YouTube videos appeared with the title 'Jeon Jungkook’s ideal type’ with her face as a thumbnail. It was really truly overwhelming, Laura of course was new to the mass attention. Some parts were unwanted, including a stream of hateful messages truly horrifying. She ignored the hate comments, until it got overwhelming. Deciding to put an end to this fiasco, she uploaded a new video after a week addressing her response to BTS mentioning her & the hate that followed.

bro i’m so fucking invested in this you have no idea. thank you so much for taking the time to do this my heart swoons and my day is brighter, you are such a wonderful person and i look forward to finding out what happens next I SHIP THEM SO HARD. but no pressure of course. thank you again i hope you are having a glorious day x

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Hello! I love you guys' blog! Could you please do what a friendship between an enfp, an intj and an isfj would look like? Thanks ❤️


- Texts at 2am wondering if they’re still up

- Has all sorts of ideas about what they should all do together but never follows through

- Will 100% lay on their friends

- Has a very giggly and problematic side especially when they’re tired

- Will try to help you even if they can’t really

- Doesn’t lie


- Will fite anyone for their friends

- No one really knows what they’re feeling unless they’re super close

- Actually pretty mean but everyone likes them anyways

- Makes jokes about themself a lot

- You never really know how close you are to them or how they see you

- Can take criticism really well


- Plans the things because no one else will

- Voice of reason

- Has a lot of sass but doesn’t always show it

- Whispers to INTJ and ENFP all of their dirty/mean jokes

- Always looks good

- Actually has the best advice

Let me know how accurate this is!

- INFP Mod

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Hey, do you have any stony fics that don't have any steve-bashing? I just want everyone to be happy but every post-cw stony fanfic I read paints steve as the bad guy ):

There are actually a lot I’ve read where  I really love how Steve is portrayed.  I don’t know, anon, can  you be more specific?  I guess with an ask this broad, I’d suggest some authors to check out like @stark-spangled-lovers, @polizwrites, @chibisquirt, @shetlandowl, @orbingarrow, @sineala, @imafriendlydalek, @theactualcluegirl, @everybodyilovedies, @kiyaar, @stony1818, @izazov, @the-vorkosigan, @usenecessaryforce, @ashes0909, @festiveferret, @winterstar95, @thegraytigress, @captainstarkreportingforduty, @elise509, @ms-meredith-milton Ummmm….SO MANY MORE, we are blessed in this fandom, I swear!

I mean, I think there are a lot of great writers out there doing a wonderful job writing Steve, so it really just depends on the type of fic you are looking for.

anonymous asked:

Hey, your description says requests are closed, but your latest post says requests are open.... anyway, if requests are open, can you do a headcanon of the kbtbb guys reacting to a tomboyish mc who is pretty sporty and adventurous, always wanting to try new things, but thanks to that mc is often covered in bruises. I hope my requests made sense and thanks in advance:)

Whoops sorry about that! I forgot to change that. Anyways sure! I’m guessing you want a female mc? Or maybe a sporty male mc? I’ll just write it gender neutral. Also I only did the main dudes so let me know if you want Bones and Noods 

List | Mobile List |


  • You normally do the hard part of cleaning messes. “Can you go get bleach? It’s on the top of shelf and it’s a little janky so be careful.”
  • You get there but the ladder is missing.
  • Well… you could always climb it!
  • You hike up your sleeves and push some boxes around making your own makeshift ladder.
  • “So… what exactly is it this time?” Eisuke stares you down as you resit the urge to scratch your new cut.
  • “Well there was a bottle I needed to get and there was no ladder so…”
  • Eisuke had to learn the hard way that he cant’ make you be the dainty elegant person he was hoping to shape.
  • “I bought you something with lace.”
  • “Mmm no thanks, I mean it’s nice and all but it’s too delicate. Maybe something that can move with my body.”
  • You tried to convince Eisuke to join your basketball team but the only thing he’s good for is heckling the other team.
  • It works though. Their spirit is crushed and you always win but there has been complaints.


  • This has proven to be very beneficial
  • You and he run every morning together and look around for other places to hike and enjoy.
  • He’s also introduced you to going to the gun range and while it does feel a little dangerous you have more fun going to paint-balling.
  • Although it feels very nice to wear traditional Chinese formalwear it still is a bit stuffy
  • The two of you also play badminton together
  • Things get pretty heated
  • “I was not out. I was in the line.”
  • “Beep! Wrong! I saw you cheeeaatter!”
  • Then things get pretty ‘heated’
  • On the side you’ve been taking martial arts lesson to defend yourself, Sroyu does live in a dark world.
  • You have a great teacher and the other students are really into the classes.
  • You had a match with another student and almost didn’t win.
  • When you got home Soryu noticed a bruise on your hip as you were changing. It looked like a handprint. And then another on your arms.
  • “What is the meaning of this? Is someone harassing you?”
  • Once he learns you’re doing this to help him and more importantly yourself he decides he would like to teach you some street moves as well.


  • Being flexible has its perks it seems. For Ota at least.
  • “Stand on one leg. Now lean back and put your hand on the wall. Curve your back more.”
  • Your flexible but you aren’t made of rubber. “This kinda hurts.”
  • “Hush. I’m in the zone.”
  • You brought him in on your hobby of rock climbing.
  • Or rather, he likes watching while drinking tea and sketching.
  • He gets nervous when you slightly lose your footing
  • He flinches when he sees you ram your knees or arms into one of the rubber rocks.
  • He knows you’re going to get a nice bruise from that.
  • Although it hurts it doesn’t really bother you too much but Ota acts concerned.
  • “Koro! Your poor arm. Are  dogs even supposed to bruise?”
  • “I dunno, but I know artists do.”


  • He’s pretty persistent on doing the same things as you
  • “Alright! Teach me how to shoot a crossbow.”
  • “Alright! Teach me how to snowboard!”
  • “Alright! Teach me-”
  • “Actually Baba, can I have this one myself?”
  • While you do enjoy being with him you like having one thing to yourself for some ‘me’ time.
  • Would Baba be into parkour?
  • He pouts a bit but he understands… enough to follow you quietly. 
  • You and some friends do river rafting early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise. 
  • You see in the distance some long haired goof in a fedora. 
  • You secretly take a picture and send it to him with the caption, “Caught a thief red handed” 
  • He is now part of your river rafting group. 
  • He has his own remedy for to ease bruises pain and gives you lectures to take care of yourself. 
  • Though you tell him the same when you see his bruises. 
  • He finds other things for you both to try and it’s a lot of fun. 
  • It’s really fun when you two are winging it and don’t know the rules to something. 
  • “Okay if the ball hit’s the red square thingy you have to sing.” 
  • “What? Eh okay!” 


  • Whenever he sees you with a new sort of injury from your adventures “You get in a fight kid?” He says from the couch. 
  • He cares but he cares in his own way. 
  • From where he doesn’t have to get up. 
  • “You joined a what? A soccer team? Good for you.” 
  • You tried to get him to join you but… yeah… 
  • You did know that Mamoru learned Judo so he has to have some energy. 
  • “Hey old man, I bet I could win.” You teased him once as you swung around his uniform from Judo class. “Bet you don’t even fit in this anymore.”*over the top scoffing and snickering* 
  • He stares at you for a long time as you go on your trail of prodding to get him to give in. 
  • Now here you are, furniture pushed aside and the carpet laid out to give you some sort of cushion. 
  • Pssshawww this will be easy. 
  • Wrong. 
  • He was more nimble than you thought. 
  • “Your lazy and crotchity attitude is all a front!” You say laying on your back after being flipped. 
  • “No. I’m just that good.” He reaches for your cigarettes. 
  • Not so much an attack than just grabbing him by the waist and pinning him down with all your weight. 
  • “SUCCESS!” 
  • “That’s not how you do this kid! And be careful next time!” 
  • “Hey hey~ how’s my pinning moves~” 
  • He just clicks his tongue and looks away. 

Heheh that was fun! I hope you enjoyed it :D 

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