guys i know i posted a selfie already today


Before you say ‘Oosh. You already posted a selfie today’ I know I have, but I am heading out with my family to celebrate my birthday and I felt fiercely fierce so wanted to share.

Thank you guys again so much for all your messages. It means so much, seriously.

Now take that love you have given me and share it to your fellow bloggers. Sometimes all someone needs is a 'hello. How are you?’

Back to normal blogging tomorrow.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

okay so i know i did one of these only a few months ago, but i recently passed 1000 followers which is fucking cool and it’s also internet friends day today + valentines day tomorrow so why not !! no one ever reads this part anyway so i’ll just get right 2 it

+mutuals, +favorite blogs

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my lit as hell gc

my lil baby beans !! you all already know how much each of u mean to me so i’m gonna make this short. i’m so glad to have u guys to rant to, talk about makeup w, get opinions on selfies, yell when michael posts anything, and just 2 have my back when things get shitty. you guys are all absolute angels and i love you so much, happy internet friends day :-)

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also thanks to @5sos-official for being a bunch of dumb fucks that i love a lot