guys i just really like this album ok

Ok I’ve been seeing this about quite a bit today and…are people really being mean to others just because they don’t like glory that much? Like don’t get me wrong I personally love glory ok but not everybody loves the same songs on the album!! Try to be nice guys everyone’s entitled to like different things :) We’re all just here supporting the boys and having fun :)

Band Tees and Whiskey pt 11

(gif credit to the creators)

Master List

Prompt: Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but where did you get that limited edition [band name] t-shirt, I have been looking for it forever, I will buy it off you, name your price. Dinner? OKAY, wait, what?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,007

Warnings: language

Song: I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes) - The Used

A/N: It’s all down hill from here guys, at least for a little while and for that I am sincerely sorry lol. Feedback is cool! :)

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It’s random ficlet I found in my drafts time!

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Derek makes his way across the campus, walking quickly, his collar flipped up to shield against the late autumn winds. Students are rushing past him, scurrying to class, and Derek can’t help but feel kind of appalled at how young they all seem.

He finds his way to the student union, and asks a few of the people he comes across where he can find the radio booth. Mostly he gets blank looks or half-hearted shrugs before the students hurry past him or return their attention to their computers. One just says, “We have a radio station?” and, well, he’s probably no use.

He always feels a little off balance when he comes to colleges. He’s done his fair share of college shows, and college radio interviews like the one he’s here today for, but he never got the “college experience”, too busy spending his late teens and nearly all of his twenties playing gigs and writing music. Halehounds was signed when he was sixteen, and put out seven albums and did over twenty tours - both national and international - by the time they broke up for the last time when he was twenty-eight.

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Local Guy Totally Didn’t Just Get Into Radiohead

“Oh no, I’ve loved R-head for years.”, he stated. “I’ve just been on a real Radiohead kick lately, is all. I mean, obviously between Kid A and OK Computer you have two of the greatest albums of all time, but I’ve also been really digging some of their other, more obscure material as of late hahaha. What songs of theirs do you like?” he queried the press.

ok…. i hate to burst yall’s bubbles but i’m pretty sure that post saying brendon’s releasing the new panic album after the apmas doesn’t actually mean it’s getting released tomorrow

i’m pretty sure it meant “after the apmas on july 22nd” meaning it will be released sometime AFTER july 22nd, the day the apmas air. they just worded it really really badly

i mean i could be wrong but like……… idk i really don’t see it getting released tomorrow so i wouldn’t be getting my hopes up if i were you guys

The Roxy

So as some of you know, the boys announced a secret show and some lucky fans were able to get tickets.

metropolitan-princess and I got in line at 2pm and no one was there, well there were some people who were hoping they could get tickets but we were the only ones who officially had tickets. (People started showing up around 5:30)

During our time of waiting we made amazing friends who I really hope keep in touch! But we saw Ted, Ben, and Winston. Marcus was on his motorcycle and we saw Tom from NATW.

The show started around 910 and the music is amazing. Like I know it was sad to learn of no more banjo but guys it’s still the same Mumford. It’s still amazing. We can still sing and dance to it. The boys were having so much fun just rocking out. But like Snake Eyes, Broad Shouldered, Only Love, Wolf…. Ok all of the the songs are amazing!

We learned that they will be playing some of their old stuff at the shows but guys, this new album is a amazing. It’s very refreshing.

Oh and as we were leaving we saw Nora (from Edward Sharpe), Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes) and Jim James (My Morning Jacket) standing out front.

I’ve realized that I said amazing a lot, I should really work on my vocabulary.

And apparently booing at Lady Gaga is a no-no for Marcus.