guys i just ran a red light

“Why doesn’t he care?” 4.0

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

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Y/N’s p.o.v

When Hoseok got here he bombarded me with questions from left to right. 

“How the hell did you manage to get into a car accident and why the hell are you in a fucking wheelchair Y/N Y/L/N?!” he practically shouted, it was always scarier when Hobi, the usual ray of sunshine shout. 

“I was driving the other day and this guy ran a red light and hit my side of the car.” I confessed.

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Love and War

Another Winteriron Tumblr prompt fill!  From and for @imaginetonyandbucky

Original Prompt: age-reversal au; tony is 21 when obie finally lets him run lead on his first weapons demo, while at the army base, he makes friends with seal team sniper Bucky.  Explicit Sexual Content Ahoy.   (9k words)

Also on AO3

    “Who’s the bigwig that gets his own helicopter ride all the way out here?” Bucky asked as he scanned the sky for the lights of the incoming Apache.  “Even the colonel had to wait for the Wednesday circular.”

    “It’s Tony Stark with a box of goodies for us to test out,” Dugan answered, his contraband cigar an orange glow in the darkness.

    “And Tony Stark is…?”

    “Tony Stark is like the Bill Gates of guns and bombs.” Bucky heard Dugan’s feet crunch on the gravel as he moved closer and blew out a cloud of smoke.  “Word is he’s got a fancy new sniper rifle he’s trying to sell the Army.”

    “Well that explains why I’ve been assigned to be his babysitter,” Bucky said in resignation. He lowered the binoculars; the chopper would be coming in dark until it was almost on top of the base anyway, so it would be better to stop talking and listen for the sound of the blades.  “How long is he going to be here?”

    “His outgoing itinerary hasn’t been scheduled yet, so I guess however long it takes.”  His voice had a ‘better you than me’ tone in it that made Bucky want to rip that cigar out of his mouth and stomp on it.  It was bad enough when the higher ups foist a well-meaning journalist on them; usually the problem there was to keep them from climbing over the walls in search of a story.  But what in the hell was a rich old man doing way the hell out here? FOB Obelisk was a tiny special ops base in the mountains of Afghanistan that had maybe thirty people on base at any given time.  The food sucked, the entertainment was worse, and now Bucky was going to have to try to keep him entertained and try to figure out how to tell him that his fancy new sniper rifle wasn’t worth the metal it was made of without getting drummed out of the army.

    “Did I fuck somebody’s sister or something?  Why did the shit have to roll down this particular hill?”  Bucky kicked at the gravel in frustration.  “It’s not like my opinion is going to make a difference. Someone’s going to give a briefcase of money to someone with a star on their collar and the Army’s going to have 15,000 new rifles it doesn’t need.”

    Behind them a corporal stuck his head out the door of the transpo HQ. “Incoming,” he said, and then Bucky could hear the chopper blades.  Lights came on just long enough to bring the helicopter down and ruin Bucky’s night vision while the blades kicked up dust and gravel as they whined to a stop.  Bucky turned on the red bulb of his flashlight as he heard the door slide open.

    “Mr. Stark?” Bucky shouted as loud as he dared as he approached.   Thankfully the pilot killed the engine and he could hear again.

    “Working on it,” a voice said from the dimly lit interior of the helicopter.  The only passenger was struggling with the six-point harness, his helmet sitting on the seat beside him. He glanced up at Bucky, hair falling across his forehead.  Bucky stared at the long lashes, the straight nose, and the stubble along a sharp jaw and his brain froze.

    “Be right back,” he said, stupidly, and he turned around to where Dugan was watching him with interest. “That’s Tony Stark?”

    “Should be.” Dugan stepped onto the helicopter skids to peer inside. “Yeah, that’s him. Why?”

    “Can he even drive?” Bucky hissed, feeling a little hysterical. Almost six months with only his right hand for company, and now his job was to chaperone this walking wet dream?  “I was expecting a rich old white guy, like, I dunno, Bill Gates.

    “Dude his parents died like, just a few months ago.  He got control of the company when he turned twenty-one.”

    “And when was that? Yesterday?” Bucky ran a hand over his face and tried to get his shit together. He looked back into the helicopter and almost got a face full of Tony Stark’s duffel bag.

    “It was quite a few months ago, actually,” he said as he jumped down onto the gravel.  The red light of Bucky’s flashlight gave a weird tone to his skin and the bulky flak jacket was not flattering on anyone, but it didn’t disguise the quirk of his lips as he smiled and held out a hand. Jesus Christ, that mouth, Bucky thought helplessly as he took it. “Tony Stark, genius billionaire playboy. And arms dealer, I guess.”

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Playing with Fire

Paring: Suga x Reader

Genre: Gang AU

Inspiration: I’ve seen other gang stories done before, and they inspired me to do my own.

Author’s Notes: While we wait for me to come up with part two for Love Me or Leave Me I figured I’d post something I’ve been working on. Gang BTS! Cause who doesn’t love the idea of these fine boys being in a gang together? Sorry it’s a bit lengthy and kinda crappy haha, but it’s a work in progress to be honest. With that being said, I’m actually not set on the pairing. I love Suga which is why I picked him, but we’ll see! Anyways, enjoy!

There isn’t much that you know about your father’s job.

All you’ve ever really known was that he works for a contracting company and gets sent wherever they need people the most. You were originally from the USA, but you’ve been all over. France, London, Germany, all over the world. You never stayed in one place for more than a few months and while you hated moving around, you never had a problem with making friends. People were intrigued that you’ve lived in so many different places and with your mature yet adorable personality, they were drawn to you.

You had been in South Korea for only a few weeks now, but you were quite popular among the kids that you attended high school with. Even though you moved around a lot, your father took your education seriously. Probably more seriously than you did. So he demanded you still attend school, even if you weren’t going to be there for long. You figured it was more to keep you out of his sight, and you didn’t mind that. You hated being home.

Today was just like any other school day. You stood in the doorway of your classroom, chatting it up with other kids. The school you had attended had been so excited to have an American enrolled, that they immediately put you in charge of the student council. The past leader had graduated, so they needed a new one anyway. You didn’t necessarily want the position, but you were too much of a pushover to say no. Plus, you supposed it was a good way to get more involved with a school that you’d only be at for a few months.

Smoothing out your school uniform, you smiled softly as your friends continued on their talk about the cutest guys in school. The topic wasn’t one you cared to talk about, so you were only half listening. Since you weren’t tuned into the conversation, it made it so much easier for you to hear the words that came next.

“Ayo, ladies and gentlemen~!” A voice suddenly rung out loudly from one end of the hall.

 It caught the attention of the students mingling in the hallway, along with some of the kids in classrooms. Suddenly, the demeanor of students seemed to change. The carefree attitude that had once surrounded you was replaced with intimidation and also fear. Students gasped, turning to their friends and whispering. More kids from the classroom rose from their seats, pushing their way to the door as if not believing what they were hearing.

Stepping out into the hall a bit, you stood on your tiptoes to see what the big deal was. A group of seven boys stood at the end of the hallway, soaking in all the attention they were getting with grins and smirks on their faces. One of the first things you noticed was that some of them had colored hair, which you thought was against the rules. The second thing you noticed was that they weren’t bothering to wear their uniforms correctly. Their shirts were untucked with some of the buttons undone. Their ties hung loosely around their necks, and some of them weren’t wearing them at all. One of the boys had his uniform jacket tied around his waist while others lazily held theirs or sloppily had them on.

“BTS is back, baby!” One of the boys exclaimed, and the boys broke out into a noisy ruckus of yelling and howling. Students parted like the Red Sea as some of the boys ran forward, horse playing around with another. Two of them hung back, taking their time walking down the hallway. One had a backwards baseball cap on top of his light brown hair, and the other had mint green hair.

“Did I just hear BTS?! Are they back? I wanna see!” An excited girl exclaimed from behind you, attempting to push herself forward so that she could get a glimpse of the boys. So many students had pushed themselves up against the wall to avoid bumping into the guys, that it was even a bit hard for you to see.

In an act of desperation, the girl roughly pushed you forward to make room for herself. You weren’t sure if it was an accident or not, but you were guessing it wasn’t. You’d be lying if you said that every student in this school, let alone the hallway you were in, liked you. You can’t be friends with everyone.

Stumbling forward, you had to take a couple extra steps to keep yourself from falling to the ground. In doing so, you smacked right into the mint colored hair boy. Even though you didn’t know these boys, the reaction of other students had you believing that they probably weren’t good news.

“Yah,” the boy grumbled, narrowing his eyes at you. “Watch where the fuck you’re going.” He told you harshly, using one hand to push you away from him. A couple kids snickered, and you swallowed hard in embarrassment.

“Sorry.” You apologized quickly and lowered your head. Not saying anything else, he looked you over before going to enter one of the classrooms his friends had disappeared into. With the boys gone, you turned back to your own classroom, paying no attention to how some of the kids were making fun of you.

“You’re so lucky!” One of your friends shouted dramatically, embracing you tightly when you entered the classroom. “You could’ve died!” She squeezed you as if you were a soldier returning home from battle.

“Ugh,” you squirmed out of her grasp. “What are you talking about?” You were new here, so obviously, you didn’t know about BTS.

“BTS.” Another one of your friends piped in. “They’re,  hands down, the most dangerous boys at this school. They got suspended a few weeks ago for fighting, but it looks like their suspension is over.”

Yes, the boys had looked intimidating. Dangerous though? You didn’t know about that. You just figured they were probably the school bullies or something. “What makes them so dangerous?”

“They’re a gang.” Your friend shrugged her shoulders as if this was something you should already know.

“How do they get away with being a gang and still going to school?” You found it hard to believe that the school would allow gang members to attend.

“Rumor has it their leader’s uncle is a huge player in the gang scene, so he’s got ties to a lot of people. In exchange for BTS working for him, he hooks them up with all the people he knows. Can’t arrest them or kick them out of school without evidence, and they’re good at covering their tracks.”

Frowning, you didn’t say anything. You weren’t sure how comfortable you felt going to a school with a gang. What kind of gang activity do they even partake in? Drugs? Murders? Human trafficking? The options were endless. You were about to ask your friends if they knew, but another question came into your head instead.

“Wait, how do you know all of this?” You asked curiously, turning to Lisa. She seemed to know an awful lot about BTS. The girl’s eyes widened, and her face began to turn red.

Rose, your other friend, quickly answered. “She’s like a walking Naver when it comes to BTS. Goes to all their parties. She even had a thing with one of their members. Which one was it again? Jimin?”

“Shut up!” Lisa suddenly exclaimed in complete embarrassment. Laughing, you and Rose continued to tease the girl until your teacher walked into the classroom. Then you, along with the other students, sat down.

Before your teacher said anything, her eyes looked over to you. “Y/N.” She said your name. “Gather your things and follow me, please.“ 

Looking at your two friends, they seemed just as confused as you. Doing as you were told though, you put on your backpack and stood up to follow your teacher.

"Did I do something wrong?” You asked as soon as you stepped out into the hallway. Sliding the door closed behind you, your teacher shook her head.

“Quite the opposite.” She handed you a slip of paper. You had started to learn Korean back when you first learned that you would be moving here and while you had learned a lot, you still struggled every now and then. “You’re being moved into another class. The students in it aren’t exactly motivated to learn, and the head of the school feels like your presence would be beneficial to not only them, but also to their teacher.” Your teacher told you as you eyes fell on the head of the school’s signature at the bottom of the paper.

“Oh…” You were already so used to the class you were in now. You loved your teacher, and you had your two best friends in that class. Your only real friends.

Picking up on your hesitation, your teacher went to place her hand on your shoulder but you flinched away.

“Sorry, I think I had too much coffee today.” You tried to play off the reaction when you noticed the strange look she gave you.

Letting it slide, she nodded her head. “You’ll be fine, Y/N.” She told you reassuringly. “The classroom number is on the paper. You should go there now to avoid missing anymore class time.”

Giving her a small smile, you bowed your head before heading off to your new class. You supposed you should feel honored that the head of the school had chosen you to try and motivate other students. Doing well in school isn’t really an option for you though. Your father is extremely hard on you about everything, so it’s not like you do well for praise or to show off. You do well because you don’t want to deal with your father’s wrath.

Reaching your new classroom, you slid the door open and took a step inside. Tensing up, you had to fight the urge to turn and run back to your old classroom and plead for your teacher to take you back. You hated this already. Why on earth did you have to get stuck in a class with BTS?

“Can I help you?” The male teacher asked, breaking you out of your trance. Wordlessly, you walked over to him and handed him over the paper. It took him only a few seconds to decipher the message on it, and you swore that a look of relief washed over his features.

“Ah, well, looks like we’ve got an addition to the class.” The male teacher gave you a warm smile. Placing the paper on his desk, he looked out at his students. “A smart addition, at that. Please try and learn something from Ms. Y/N. Boys in the back, I’m talking to you.”

One of the boys sucked his teeth and waved the teacher off while another simply rolled his eyes. One didn’t seem to care at all as he lounged back in his chair with the brim of his baseball cap covering his eyes and his feet propped up onto his desk.

“Go ahead and take a seat, Y/N.” The teacher instructed you, and you nodded your head. Turning to face what felt like a sea of sharks, you started heading down one of the aisles of desks. The teacher began speaking, talking about how he was disappointed that no one had bothered to read the chapters he had assigned for homework.

As you walked, you noticed that there was only one desk open, and it seemed to be surrounded by the boys from earlier. You could see why other students had avoided it. They didn’t want to be that close to the boys. However, you didn’t have a choice. It was your only option unless you decided to just stand, which you knew would be asinine.

You were sure that you looked like a deer in headlights as you walked to the desk. Catching the eyes of some of the boys, they grinned wickedly at you. It unsettled you even more, which one of the boys decided to call you out on.

“Don’t be afraid, sweetcheeks. We don’t bite.” He said.

“Well, Rap Monster might if you piss him off.” Another teased, earning him a hard smack to the back of the head by a boy with faded pink hair. You were assuming that was Rap Monster.

Not saying anything, you tried your best to ignore their stares and the way they nudged each other as you took off your backpack and slid into your seat. Unpacking your stuff, you placed it on your desk.

“You’re really pretty.” A boy next to you complimented. Looking at him, you were expecting for drool to come out of his mouth with how hard he was staring at you.

“Good idea, V. Suck up to her and then get her to do your homework.” A voice on your other side spoke.

“I was being sincere.” V scowled at the other boy.

“Kim Taehyung and Jung Hoseok ,” the teacher called from the front of the class. “Stop talking.”

“It’s J-Hope,” the boy who had been talking to V spoke disrespectfully to the teacher, who didn’t even blink. He was obviously use to it. “How does this school expect us to learn from someone who can’t remember a simple name?” J-Hope asked, feigning a look of concern.

A boy with orange hair snorted before chuckling a little. Sighing, the teacher simply shook his head as he picked up a pad and walked to the back of the classroom. Opening it up, he began ripping off what appeared to be detention slips. He handed one to J-Hope and the boy with orange hair, but he didn’t stop there.

He gave another to the boy who appeared to be sleeping, and then to the rest of the members of the group.

“Hey. Why did we all get one?” A dark haired boy spoke up.

“Because Mr. Jungkook, you need to learn the consequences of hanging with the wrong crowd.” The teacher stated simply before walking back to the front of the class. “You’re going to clean all the chalkboards and erasers in this hallway.” And then he paused before looking at you. “And Ms. Y/N will supervise.”

Six heads turned to look at you, and you felt your cheeks heat up. “S-Shouldn’t an adult supervise?” You questioned despite how nervous you were.

The teacher looked unamused and quite frankly done with the whole thing. “I’m hoping that a pretty girl will motivate them to get the job done.” That was a terrible idea, but you weren’t going to say that. Instead, you sunk lower in your seat. Another thing that sucked about being a model student? You always get volunteered for things you have no interest in doing.

“Oh, she’ll motivate us all right.” J-Hope teased you, and the other boys laughed. Well besides the boy who was sleeping, and the one you had bumped into earlier. He seemed about done with this whole thing as well.

You said nothing. You did nothing.

You simply sunk even lower in your seat, wishing more than anything that it was a couple months later, and you were moving to a different place.


[a/n: I made myself cry writing this cause Yoongs is my ult so like….pls don’t murder me. I swear this has a happy ending]




Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Words: 4.7k

“You gonna drop by the dorm later?” Yoongi asked, sounding hopeful.

I laughed and shook my head even though he couldn’t see it, “Well how else do you think Namjoonie is getting home?” I retorted teasingly.

“Yah! Whose ‘Namjoonie’?” Namjoon said reaching over to pull on my ear.

I whined and tried slapping his hand away but was unsuccessful as his grip around my ear tightened.

“NAMJOON!” I exclaimed, finally getting him to let me go.

I heard Yoongi laugh through the phone, amused by Namjoon and I’s antics, “Alright babe I gotta go, enjoy your date with your best friend.”

After saying our goodbyes I put my phone away, focusing on the ice cream in front of me. I heard Namjoon chuckle as I basically shoved the ice cream into my mouth.

“What does hyung not feed my baby sister enough?” Namjoon asked teasingly.

I kicked his shin under the table lightly and he laughed, raising his hands in a form of surrender. No matter who I dated Namjoon always went into over protective brother mode. He even got angry at that fact that Yoongi and I were dating when we first told him, he glared at Yoongi non stop for about three days. Now he knew how I felt whenever he would bring someone over to meet me. I never liked any of his past girlfriends, thinking he could do way better but I never meddled in their business.

“He takes great care of me thank you very much.” I retorted, pushing his shoulder lightly.

“It’s just himself he doesn’t take very good care of…” I added, losing my appetite as I thought of what Yoongi forgets to do whenever he’s working on new music.

The very basic things such as eating and sleeping come last to him when he’s composing new beats or writing lyrics. I’m always worried he’ll land himself in the hospital because of how little he takes care of himself. In the three years that we’ve been together I’ve seen him on the verge of passing out from exhaustion more times than I’d like.

“He’s eating isn’t he?” I asked Namjoon quietly,keeping my head down.

“Y/n…you know how stubborn he is…” Namjoon said with a sigh.

“Make sure he eats at least twice a day please? You’re with him for most of the day in the studio.”

“What kind of dongsaeng are you huh? You don’t care if your oppa is eating?” He questioned accusingly, somewhat teasingly.

I tsked, reaching forward and pushing his head to the side, “You attack food like it’s your last meal what are you talking about?”

He smiled his signature dimpled smile, nodding agreeing with me, “I’ll make sure he eats don’t worry now hurry up and eat that ice cream before it melts, I didn’t buy it for nothing.”

I laughed and did as he said, going back to joking with him about his dancing.


“When’s your next day off?” I asked him as I turned a corner to get to the dorm.

“I don’t know but I’ll let you know and we can all go out with the guys…it’s been awhile since we all did something together.”

I nodded and turned one last corner, stopping in front of the building. I was confused as I saw Jimin pacing outside, looking as if he was trying to get through to someone on the phone. I looked at Namjoon curiously before getting out of the car and walking towards him with Namjoon at my side.

“Jimin what’s wrong?” Namjoon asked, grabbing onto his shoulders to stop him.

“Hyung! Why-why haven’t you answered your phone? We’ve been t-trying to call and-and it just kept going straight to voicemail. I-I had to stay h-here and wait for you while the others went-”

“Chim, hey Jimin listen to me. Breathe okay breathe.” I cut him off, grabbing onto his shoulders to get him to look at me.

“I-I….Yoo-Yoongi hyung…h-he-” Jimin stuttered out stopping mid sentence, failing to fight back the tears that started streaming down his face.

My heart skipped a beat at the mention of Yoongi’s name. My breath hitched in my throat as I grabbed Jimin’s face in my hands, wiping the tears off his cheeks with my thumbs.

“Calm down okay? Just tell us what’s going on.” I told him in the softest voice I could manage.

“Yoongi hyung…he-he got in an accident on h-his way home.” He whispered through his tears.

I stared at him, hoping this was all a sick joke as I let my hands fall to my side. This–This can’t be happening, no way. I just talked to him less than an hour ago. I felt my breathing get heavier, slowly starting to hyperventilate as my body started shaking. I took a step back from Jimin, ignoring the way Namjoon called out to me as my eyes glossed over with tears. My knees buckled from under me but Namjoon was quick to react as he grabbed me, supporting my body with his own.

“What happened?” I asked in a whisper, afraid that if I talked too loud I would completely break down.

“T-They said some guy ran a red light and–and rammed straight i-into the side of hyung’s car…the car flipped o-over multiple times before finally stopping.”

“Where is he?”

Jimin stayed quiet for a second too long and that’s when the tears started falling freely down my face. I looked at Jimin desperately wanting answers as my heart felt like is was being crushed under a 1000 ton dumbbell.

“Where is he?!” I screamed, causing both Namjoon and Jimin to jump at the sudden change of volume.

“He’s at the National University Hospital.”

I untangled myself from Namjoon’s arms as quickly as I could and headed towards my car. Just as I was about to open the door I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned around quickly and tried shaking Namjoon off but failed as his grip tightened.

“Let me go. I n-need to get to him…I-I need to know t-that he’s all right.” I said full on sobbing now as Namjoon hugged me to his chest.

“Give me the keys.”  He said in a calm voice.


“There’s no way I’m letting you drive in your condition.”


“Just get in the back with Jimin.” He stated firmly, taking the keys out of my hands.

Jimin immediately came to my side and ushered me to the back seat, sitting next to me and closing the door behind him. Namjoon backed out of the driveway, driving as fast as he could to the hospital.

I had managed to calm down as much as possible, Jimin having a tight hold on my hand as he tried soothing me. I knew he wasn’t in any better condition than I was, the shaking of his whole body was a dead give away. I had no idea how Namjoon held it together but by how tight his grip was on the steering wheel I knew he was hanging on by a thread.


I felt my whole body pumping with adrenaline as I basically jumped out of the car, not wanting to wait for Namjoon to properly park it. I heard Jimin jump out after me, yelling for me to wait up as I ran inside the hospital. Immediately finding the front desk I ran to it with all the strength I had and spoke in the steadiest voice I could muster.

“I’m looking for a Min Yoongi.”

The nurse at the desk nodded, typing away at her computer, “He’s on the fifth floor but ma’am-”

I didn’t wait for her to finish and ran to the elevators, Jimin hot on my trail. When one opened up Namjoon had caught up, all three of us anxiously waiting to get to the right floor. As the doors to the elevators opened on the fifth floor I ran out, immediately heading to the waiting room they had on each floor. Once inside I saw the rest of the boys; Seokjin pacing around the room, Hoseok had his head down as his leg kept bouncing up and down anxiously, Taehyung was staring down at his hands and I could see his body was shaking slightly, and Jungkook just stared at the wall in front of him blankly, his face void of any emotion.

As soon as I walked into their line of sight they all noticed me, their heads shooting up in my direction. Namjoon walked over to Seokjin, wanting to calm his hyung down as Jimin went to Taehyung as he saw how shaken up he was. I stared at Hoseok as he got up and stood in front of me, silent tears rolling down his face. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out but a sob as we threw our arms over the other. We held onto each other tightly as my own tears fell from my eyes, the complete and utter despair I was feeling getting to be too overwhelming.

“Where is he?” I asked, voice loud enough for the others to hear.

“He’s in surgery right now but we’ve been here for two hours and no one’s told us anything yet.” Seokjin said, his voice slightly shaky.

At that Jungkook suddenly got up, startling all of us as he knocked over the chair he was sitting in when he got up. I went after him as he rounded the corner, stopping when I saw him slumped down on the floor with his back against the wall.


That was all I said as I sat down next to him, his shoulders started to shake as a sob went through him. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders, hugging him tightly, letting him cry on my shoulder as I felt tears of my own fall out of my eyes once again.

“What if–what if Yoongi hyung doesn’t make it? What if-”

I cut him off as I grabbed his face in both of my hands, “ Stop that. He’s gonna be fine, he has to be…” I told him my voice breaking at the possibility that I might be wrong and he might not make it back to us.

“He has to be okay.” I said through a sob as I thought of never being able to see him smile.

I might never be able to hear him laugh at the stupid things I said, I might never get to hear his voice; hear him say he loved me, hear him tell me to slow down when I was talking too fast because I was excited. I might never be able to hold him as close to me as Jungkook was right now and that broke something in me and my chest felt like it was caving in on itself. Worst of all he might never hear me tell him how much I love him, how he has changed me into the person I am today, how I thought I could never love another human being as much as I loved him.

Before I knew it Jungkook had brought me in for another hug, my face buried in his chest as I sobbed. I felt his own tears hit my shoulder as my body shook in his arms. I scrunched his shirt up in my hands, hearing multiple footsteps running towards us. I refused to look up at the boys, crying it all out as Jungkook rocked me back and forth in his arms.


Twenty minutes later and we were all back in the waiting room. I was laying across two chairs, my head on Namjoon’s lap and my feet on Seokjin’s lap. Jungkook and Taehyung were sitting on the floor in front of me and Hoseok and Jimin on either side of Namjoon and Seokjin. It’s like the boys had created a small wall around me with their bodies, in any other occasion I would’ve simply laughed but now I couldn’t find it in me to do it.

I managed a tiny smile as Namjoon kept running his hands through my hair. Being my best friend and all he knew exactly what to do to calm me down and to keep me calm. I knew that not only was he worried about Yoongi, he was also worried about me, knowing how much Yoongi meant to me. I combed my own fingers through Jungkook and Taehyung’s hair, alternating between the two every few minutes to help keep me distracted. They didn’t seem to mind as they both leaned their heads back.

We all stayed like that for another two or three hours before a doctor walked towards us.

My breath caught in my throat as I took in the look on his face, that was the one look you never wanted to see on a doctor after treating one of your loved ones. We all stood up once he was in front of us. It was a miracle we all still managed to remember to bow to him respectfully.

“He’s…gone through a lot. He had severe hemorrhaging in his abdominal region, a few broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. He also sustained a severe hit to the head with the impact causing internal bleeding but we stopped it before any permanent damage could be done. Any other non life threatening injuries such as a broken arm and a broken ankle were dealt with accordingly.” The doctor stated, filling us in on his condition.

As he spoke I felt like I couldn’t breathe properly. Everything he listed off had me gasping for air. I had started leaning further into Namjoon as the doctor’s list progressed. I grew worried as the doctor paused, avoiding eye contact for a few seconds before continuing.

“It’s hard to say at the moment but…we’re not to sure if he’ll make it through the night.”

At that I felt like everything collapsed around me as I sank to the floor, staring blankly at the floor as tears streamed down my face. In the back of my mind I heard the doctor say something else before leaving, his words from before echoing in my head. My whole body shook, a sob leaving my mouth. This couldn’t be happening, just a few hours ago I was on the phone with him, talking about the most unimportant things. Just yesterday we were sitting in my apartment, lounging around on the couch enjoying each other’s company.


“Yah hyung~” Jungkook whined, trying to take back the popsicle Taehyung had snatched out of his hand.

Taehyung however refused to give it back, running to the other side of the room. No one really payed the two of them any mind, too focused in their own things. Hoseok, Jimin, Namjoon, and Seokjin were too immersed in their own conversation that they didn’t even notice the two younger ones fighting.  I laughed as I followed the pair with my eyes, probably being the one looking at them.

“How’s school going?” Yoongi asked from beside me, tapping the side of my head lightly to get my attention.

“Mm as good as school can be. You know I don’t really like going.” I told him, grinning at seeing him roll his eyes at me.

“It’s not like I can become a famous idol like someone. I won’t say any names but I’m looking at him.”

At that Yoongi let out a mix of a scoff and a chuckle, a shy smile overtaking his features. I loved how soft he got whenever I said something about him being an idol.

“I’m not famous…” He mumbled, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Oh yeah?” I shot out, taking out my phone and opening up twitter, “Would someone that’s not famous have this many fan accounts dedicated to him? I think not.”

I showed him all the accounts that were as they liked to call themselves “Number 1 Yoongi stans”. I grinned at seeing his cheeks tinge with the slightest bit of red.

“Little do they know that I am the number one Yoongi stan.”

He rolled his eyes once more, pulling me closer to him as he planted a small kiss on my forehead. I laughed lightly, snuggling further into his side as humanly possible.

“Yah, lovebirds you in on this game or nah?” Jimin called out to us, waving the controller he had in his hands.

I smirked, grabbing it out of his hands, “Only if Guk agrees to not be a sore loser when I completely demolish him for the third time this week.”

“Please, I let you win.” He scoffed.

“Boi you are in for a world of hurt.” I shot back at him, choosing the guns and attachments I’d be using in the round.

~End of flashback~

I shook that memory out of my head, shakily walking over to him. I didn’t want to see how broken he looked, how fragile he’s become. The others had decided to let me have a few minutes alone with him, thinking it’d be best to wait outside. The closer I got to his bed the closer I felt to completely breaking down. I was shaking like a leaf on a windy day, afraid of what I’d see. Finally reaching him I let out a choked sob at seeing him.

His head was wrapped in bandages, a cast on his ankle and his arm, and bruises and scratches all over his body. I took shaky steps closer to him, reaching out a hand but quickly retracting it. I brought my hands up to cover my mouth, muffling my cries as I took in the mask on his face, the thing helping him to breath since he couldn’t do so on his own. The only thing that reassured me that he was alive was the constant beep of his heart monitor.

“W-why…”I said softly through a whimper, taking the hand that wasn’t in a cast in both of mine.

“Why you…of all people.” I cried out softly, reaching a tentative hand to gently skim over his cheek.

His pale skin seemed to have paled more, if that was even possible, the once snow white skin color of his turning a ghastly color almost to the point of translucency. I looked over his face, scared at the thought of never being able to look into the dark brown eyes I fell in love with. Even now I missed the way he looked at me, missing the soft and gentle look in his eyes. It’s only been a few hours but I already miss his voice. I miss how much lower his voice got when he just woke up or when he was feeling incredibly sleepy. I miss the way he would tease me about my unspoken and constant competition against Jungkook. I missed how he wordlessly intertwined his fingers with mine, bringing me closer into his side. I missed how he smiled every time I’d bicker playfully with Namjoon. I missed him. I just wanted him to open his eyes, at least that way I’d know that he was still with me.

“I…love you…please,” I whispered, bringing his hand up to my lips, “D-don’t leave, please I-I can’t do this o-on my own.”

“You know a blue jay can’t fly without her wings.” I added, referring to what he would call me, a nickname only he used.

I felt more tears stream down my face, quickly wiping them away at hearing someone knock on the door. I kept my head down, not wanting them to see me cry any more than they have. Only three people were allowed in the room so two of them made their way inside. I didn’t know who it was but by the way one of them wrapped their arms around my shoulders from behind, resting their chin on the top of my head I knew one of them was Seokjin. He always did this when I was upset, his warm embrace enough to calm me down. I raised one of my hands to tightly grab onto one of his arms, looking up to see that he had walked in with Hoseok.  

“Hyung…wake up…please.” Hoseok said softly, his voice breaking.

“Yah…you little punk why are you keeping us waiting, huh?” Seokjin shot out, trying to lighten the mood but even without looking at him I knew his was on the verge of tears.

They didn’t stay long, wanting to give the others a chance to see Yoongi. The next ones to come in where Taehyung, Namjoon, and Jungkook. I rose an eyebrow at the three of them, knowing we were going over the limit of people that could see him at a time.

“Jimin refuses to come in…maybe you could talk to him? If–if something happens he’ll…” Namjoon trailed off, not being able to finish his sentence.

He didn’t have to though because deep down I knew we had to be prepared even if I didn’t want to admit it. So with one last look at Yoongi I set off to find Jimin. I didn’t have to go very far, finding him on the balcony that connected to the waiting rooms in this ward of the hospital. He was sitting with his head in his hands, the slight shake of his shoulders telling me that he was crying. Quietly, I made my way over to him.

“Mini…” I called out softly when I was close enough.

He looked up at the nickname he only allowed me to call him. He tried giving me a smile but it ended up as more of a grimace, a sob leaving his lips. Immediately and without thinking I knelt down in front of him, bringing him in for a hug. With me kneeling in between his legs I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling him bury his face in the crook of my own neck and wrapping his own arms around my torso. He clung to me like a child would with his mother. I literally felt my heart breaking for what felt like the millionth time that day at hearing his sobs. His cries were so heartbreaking to hear, he was literally gasping for air in between each sob.

I had thought I had no tears left in me but I was proved wrong as a few slipped out of my eyes as I held Jimin tightly. I knew how much Jimin cared for his other members, literally going out of his way to comfort them if they were upset. So seeing one of his hyungs on the verge of practically dying must’ve really broken something inside him. His hold on me kept getting progressively tighter and tighter, his face never leaving the crook of my neck.

“He’s gonna be fine.” I said softly, running my fingers through his hair, trying to get him to calm down even a little.

“Jimin listen to me…” I trailed off, pulling back slightly to look him in the eye.

I placed my hands on his face, wiping his tears away with my thumbs, “Yoongi is going to wake up and he’s going to walk out of this hospital better than when he came in. He is going to go back to the dorm and get right back into producing and writing songs. In no time he will be back on that stage and singing along with the rest of you. He’ll be okay, do you understand? We’re going to have him back.” I said, speaking not only to him but myself.

I also needed to believe that he’d open his eyes, that he wouldn’t have any permanent damage and he’d be the same man I talked to no less than four hours ago. I had to believe that the man I loved would wake up.

“Jimin, Y/n!”

My thoughts were cut short as Taehyung ran over to us. Jimin and I immediately got up, thinking the worst as we took in Taehyung’s panting form.

“Yoongi hyung…he-”

I didn’t stay long enough to hear what Taehyung had to say, immediately taking off. I ran as fast as I could towards his room, ignoring the nurses and doctors that gave me weird looks for running in the hospital. I finally got to his room and without thinking I burst through the door, my heart getting caught in my throat at what I saw. I let out a whimper at seeing Namjoon holding onto Yoongi’s hand tightly but that’s not why I started crying again. No, what made me burst into tears was seeing Yoongi hold Namjoon’s hand just as tightly. Taking a few steps forward I saw his beautiful brown eyes already looking in my direction. The same pair of eyes I feared I’d never see again. Without thinking I ran the short distance over to him, Namjoon having moved away by then.

I sat down on the chair next to his bed, desperately holding onto his hand with both of mine. I clung onto his hand like my life depended on it.

“I hate you…so much” I managed to say, looking up at him to see his own eyes were filled with tears.

“I’m…sorry.” He said in a whisper, finding it a bit difficult to speak because of his injuries.

“I thought, I-I thought you–you were g-going to-” I cut myself off as another sob wracked through my body.

Yoongi moved his hand in mine, silently telling me to loosen my hold. As soon as he was able to move his hand he brought it up to my face, wiping the tears off my cheeks. I turned my head slightly to place a small kiss on his palm, my eyes never leaving his.

“Come here.”

I hesitated for a few seconds before doing as he said. I laid my head on his chest, draping my arm over his stomach gently. I felt his hand on the back of my head, gently stroking my hair. We stayed like that for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s company that is until I felt him shaking under me. Alarmed by this I went to sit up but was held down by Yoongi. He refused to let me go, his hold on me only tightening.

“I’m so s-sorry. I-I thought I’d never get t-to see you again.” He cried out softly, his voice hoarse.

By how his body was shaking I came to the conclusion that he was crying. I’ve only seen him cry about two times in the span of our three year relationship. He always told me he hated the idea of me seeing him crying, not because he thought it emasculated him but because he never wanted me to see him at his weakest. He never wanted me to witness him like that. Even if I told him seeing him like this only made me love him more he was as stubborn as ever.

“I-I’d never forgive myself if I left you here by yourself.” He continued, his tears having calmed down a bit.

I raised my head to look into his eyes. I reached forward to wipe the streaks his tears left behind on his face, “I’d bring you back and kill you myself if you left me,” I joked hoping to get him to smile, and it worked. He let out a chuckled but winced half way through it due to the strain the simple act put on his body.

“I love you.” He said, his voice barely above a whisper as he looked directly into my eyes.

As I stared back at him I saw the familiar twinkle in his eye, the soft and gentleness I knew he only reserved for me was still as present as ever. His mouth formed that gummy smile I have adored since the moment I met him. Him being near death made me realize that if he was no longer here I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I would go crazy with just the thought of him leaving. I’ve grown so attached, so in love with the man that is Min Yoongi I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if he wasn’t by my side.

“Min Yoongi don’t you ever leave me.” I stated, trying to play it off as a joke but the look in my eye must’ve given it away.

“I love you too much to ever leave you.” He said softly, a small smile on his face.

“I love you too…please don’t scare me like this again.”

“I won’t I promise.”

When Eyes Meet: Part 3

Description: At twenty-three Kit became a mother to her three siblings. Thrown into motherhood, she’s been learning to juggle two teenagers and a boy genius for the past two years, and she hasn’t quite gotten it down. So of course fate decides to through in another ball to juggle.

In a world where everyone is born with Heterochromia; One eye color is yours and the other is your soulmates, and when you meet your eyes become your own. Of course Kit couldn’t get someone normal, instead she gets a known billionaire playboy, with trust issues. Then add in superheroes and tights, because her life wasn’t complicated enough.  

Random Facts, Character Sheet

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2

Kit sat next to her soulmate. She was nervous and couldn’t stop her leg from bouncing. It was one of her more annoying habits. Even Natsume would lay a hand on her knee to make it stop. The combination of her brother being in surgery, finding out her soulmate was Bruce Wayne, and three cups of coffee had her wired.

   He had said it so casually, too. They’d been on their way to the waiting room, when he’d said, “My name is Bruce, by the way.”

   There had only been one Bruce at the party that night, and it had been the man hosting it. Her soul mate was one of the richest and most powerful men in Gotham. Fate was playing a cruel joke, and she was going to register a complaint when her time came.

She’d simply nodded, said, “Of course it is.” And kept walking. They hadn’t said anything else to each other in the hour since.

“Is Seth your only sibling?”

Slowly, her knee stopped bouncing and she turned to the man, “No. He’s one of three. Seth is sixteen. Aki is thirteen. And Natsume is nine. I’m… their guardian.”

His smile was playful, “I know.”

Kit raised an eyebrow, “You do?”

“Jim Gordon is a good friend of mine. I was going to ask him to run a background check, but he already knew you. That was a surprise.”

Kit couldn’t help but smile, “He and my dad were partners back in the day. They walked the same beat. They remained good friends until he died.”

“He told me about that. Said it was a drunk driver.”

Kit could only shrug, “I still have no clue what they were doing out that late. But the guy ran a red light, plowed into them killing them and himself. I’d just gotten in from a girl’s night when I got the call.”

“I’m sorry. I lost my parents when I was eight.”

Kit didn’t know what to say to that. Their murder had been all over the newspapers. Her father had worked a lot of nights in the effort to find their killer. Her mother had talked about the poor boy.

There was another moment of silence before Kit said the only thing she could, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say, but I’m sorry that it happened.”

Bruce doesn’t say anything for a moment before asking, “Will you tell me about your siblings?”

Kit takes the change of subject, “Seth is the oldest. He’s excellent at sports, gets good grades, and he’s always been really popular. I should say was.”

“Mad at the world?”

Kit nodded, “Ever since Mom and Dad died, he’s been picking fights, his grades have tanked, and he’s been kicked off every sports team. He’s been suspended three times, one more and he’ll be expelled.”

“So what you’re saying, is that we have our work cut out for us?”

Kit stared at him for a moment, eyebrow raised, “You’re not ready to run for the hills yet?”

He met her gaze head on, “Do I seem like the type of person to run?”

Kit’s mind flashed back to him taking down the thug that had been beating her brother, “Kids and fights are two very different things.”

Bruce inclined his head in submission, “Very true. What about your other siblings?”

Kit’s eyes narrowed, but she continued, “Aki is thirteen going on twenty-one. She’d dramatic, very involved in clubs, but her grades aren’t that great. She wants to be an actress.”

“Big dreams.”

Kit scoffed, “Big headache.”

“What about Natsume?”

Kit smiled, “Nine years old. Boy genius. Fairly withdrawn from kids his own age, and the absolute best kid you’ll ever meet. Ready to run for the hills yet?”

Kit watched as Bruce shifted in his seat, “You seem very certain that I’m going to run.”

“Any sane man would, especially billionaire playboys.”

His lips quirked upwards, “Open the bond.”

“Excuse me?”

“Open the bond. Close your eyes, and focus on that little tugging sensation.” Slowly Kit closed her eyes. The sensation was in her stomach, a metaphysical bond that she had to open. Slowly, she took a deep breath, and then she concentrated. The feelings that came through were ones of certainty and love. It was hard to describe the exact feeling, but it was as though he was wrapping his arms around her, and burying her in warmth.

Taking a deep breath, Kit opened her eyes. Turning her head, she saw that his eyes were closed, and he was holding her hand, and his fingers were laced with hers. Slowly, his eyes opened and he met her gaze. With a sigh Kit declared, “You’re insane.”

He smiled, “Alfred would probably agree with you.”

Kit shrugged, her grip tightening on his hand, “At least our lives won’t be boring.” When he let out a deep laugh, she melted a bit inside. Over the next several hours they exchanged little tidbits of information. Neither was particularly interested in sharing anything big. Enough milestones had taken place that night.

Eventually, the surgeon came out and gave the good news. Seth would be fine. The surgery had stopped the internal bleeding, and they’d fixed his collapsed lung. He still had a concussion and a broken leg to deal with. He’d be waking up soon, which left Kit stuck between a hard place and a rock.

She had two younger siblings, at home, fast asleep with a babysitter who had to be to work soon. Then she had a gravely injured, idiot of a brother in the hospital who also needed her.

“Care to share what you’re thinking?”

Kit turned to face Bruce, “I was wondering if you had enough money to clone me so that I could be at home with the younger two and here with the idiot?”

Bruce’s grin scared her a bit, “I can do one better. I can have Alfred go over.”

Kit’s eyes went wide, “No. Nononononono. You are not sending that sweet, old man to my apartment to deal with those terrors.”

The grin never left Bruce’s face, “He dealt with me, he can handle them. What choice do we have?”

“A SWAT team?”

“Katherine,” Kit wondered about the use of her whole name for a minute before he continued, “I don’t have a SWAT team. I have an Alfred, who to be honest, could probably out do the SWAT team.”

Kit slumped in her chair before waving him off to make the call. A little while later, they were allowed into Seth’s room. They were each given a reclining chair, and Kit was out within minutes.

Bruce watched her sleep. She snored lightly, and tended to toss and turn in the chair. He was still wide awake. His schedule was odd, and he was used to staying up late. It came with the territory of protecting Gotham. He stalled for a minute at the realization that he was going to have to have that conversation with her at some point. The poor woman was already tired and stressed out, but in time, he was hoping to ease that burden for her.

The cause of said stress, or at least a third of it, opened his eyes, and Bruce met the boy’s gaze. He was on so many painkillers, he doubted the kid would remember anything for a few days. But Bruce needed to make something very clear. He moved from his chair to the bed, and took a seat on the edge.

He met the boy’s gaze head on, and saw what worried his sister there. His eyes were filled anger and sadness. And beneath that, Bruce saw guilt. Leaning forward he kept his voice low, “You will not do that again. It was a stupid and selfish choice that nearly got you and your sister killed. You will not do it again.”

Anger took over the boy’s gaze, “Not dad.” He slurred.

Bruce raised an eyebrow, “You’re right. I’m not your dad. I’m your sister’s soulmate, and the one who took out your would be killer. That makes me your brother, and your new warden. And if you put Katharine through that again, I will personally make sure you don’t leave the house without some sort of tracker or bodyguard until you’re eighteen.”

Bruce watched the realization bloom on the boy’s face, right as the medicine took him back under. Bruce had no doubt they’d have that conversation again, but he was serious. He’d protect Katherine and her family, because they were his family now too.

Bucky Barnes Imagine; She’s Electric

Back with another Bucky imagine! I just love making these, i’m obsessed with him! Anyway, if you find any mistake or grammar error i’m sorry! I made this at 2 am! Anyways, love you all! Hope you like it!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, near-death experience, angst.

Word Count: Lots.

Request: Oh please let me send you a request :) I thought about something where the Reader is also an avenger (maybe something with electrical powers) and during one Mission in a fight against Hydra, you get attacked and thrown in a nearby lake while saving Bucky. You nearly drown and also cause of your powers you get into some shock. The others almost realize it too late but Bucky Comes after you to save you. You have to be revived but you survive and Bucky finally tells you that he loves you ? :)

Originally posted by sassyelf-mage

This was supposed to be an easy mission, extract some files from Hydra, leave without been seen and go take a nice and warm bath in your room at Stark Tower.

But of course, life wasn’t that easy as you expected.

At first, both you and Bucky easily managed to get inside a laboratory were Bucky remembered that they had the files from his missions and all archived there. 

The rest of the Avengers were busy taking care of some other things around the installments of Hydra, and you were the lucky one to come with Bucky. 

You’ve been terribly crushing on him since you met him, you remember seeing him for the first time in the Smithsonian, in the gallery made for Steve and once you saw the picture of him, you felt your tummy flutter. 

And you can already imagine once you started to work with him how the things were, you blushed easily around him but you tried to shake it off, it seemed like he didn’t reciprocate those feelings cause he always was kind of serious around the rest of the Avengers except for Steve, you knew it was hard for him to open up with someone else but you were slowly making your way inside his heart. Sometimes you could see him stealing glances at you and he would just turn around his face, but yet you weren’t that sure if he liked you or not. 

Various times you tried to get over him but it was just impossible.

“Okay, I just need to find one more file and we are out of here.” Bucky said, rummaging through some drawer as he then pressed down a button, a button you knew he shouldn’t have pressed cause when he did, sirens stared to sound throughout the entire building. 

“Fuck.” you mumbled as the sirens got louder, Bucky stood still for a moment before his search was more frantic, he started to open the drawers like crazy. 

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Yesterday a guy ran a red light and ended up crashing into my car. I’m okay for the most part aside from some bruising and I’m feeling super sore, and he’s okay, too. The back of my car is pretty much gone though… We’re hoping that insurance covers the cost to get it fixed and they don’t total it right away, because I loved my car. I worked really hard for it, and I really don’t want to start all over with another one… I’m just happy no one got to hurt though.


simpsons reference (Homer Goes To Prep School)

anonymous asked:

M brothers driving for the first time?

  • Ruki: “So I can go on a yellow light, yes?” He floors it at yellow lights, wrecks the car. 5/10 driver.
  • Yuma: He uses the horn. A lot. He thinks it’s a way to make people get out of his way, and he uses it to make that point. 8/10 driver. 
  • Kou: “That was illegal but it was okay, right?” Nope. Kou just ran two red lights and hit a pedestrian. You guys had a lot of explaining to do to the police that day. 3/10 driver. 
  • Azusa: “This is…nice…driving isn’t so…hard.” He did great! Didn’t wreck, didn’t run any stop signs or traffic lights! 10/10 driver. 
Ache (Kai) ~ Part 4

Part 4 has arrived. I hope you all enjoy it!


“I’m very sorry Miss (L/n), with this broken leg, you’re going to have to stay home for a few weeks.” the doctor apologized. I let out an audible groan, putting my arm over my eyes in frustration. Byul was sat next to me, rubbing gently up and down my arm in a way to comfort me.

“I guess that also means I can’t go to the concert, huh?” I questioned, already knowing the answer. The doctor nodded once I looked at him.

“Now, if you’ll just relax, we’ll be fixing you up with your cast and treat your bruises. Luckily, that car didn’t hit you hard. The driver was taken into question.” he informed before leaving the room.

“I promised Jongdae…I promised him I’d be there..” I whined, looking over at Byul. She smiled in sympathy.

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The Vamps Preference #8:

Unpredictable- 5 Seconds of Summer


Pick you up if you fall to pieces

Let me be the one to save you

Connor had always been there for you; he was your best friend.  No matter what the situation was he was always there to support you and help you get through it.  So, when the two of you started dating you knew that how he cared for you would only intensify, and you were right.  Even if he had a long day, if he came home and saw that you were sad or angry he would try his hardest to get you to smile.  That’s why you loved him.  He always made the best of any situation and you loved him for that.

Recently, you had a lot on your plate from work to keeping up with Connor’s crazy life.  It all started to become too much.  He noticed this when you would stay in bed all day only getting up to go to the bathroom and eat. 

As you walked into the kitchen to grab yet another bowl of cereal he asked, “What’s wrong, babe?”

He walked over to you and leaned against the counter caressing your face with his hand, looking at you with loving eyes.

“It- it’s just too much,” you said tears beginning to form in your eyes.

“What? What’s too much,” he asked stepping closer to you tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Work, and the fans, and just everything.”

“Y/N, you know you don’t have to worry about the fans.”

“Ha, yeah right.  If I don’t respond to so many people on twitter or like so many pictures on Instagram they would flip, then they would hate me forever.  And that would be even worse.”

“Who cares?  They know how much I love you, even if you don’t respond to all their tweets or like all their pictures they will still love you, because I love you.”

“And if they don’t,” you asked looking up to him with concern.

“They will.  You’ll see.  We have amazing fans,” he smiled as he said this pulling you into a hug.

“Thank you Connor.  I love you,” you said with your cheek pressed against his shoulder.

“I love you too Y/N,” as he cupped your face with his hands making your lips connect.


We can run down the street

With the stars in our eyes

Needless to say Tristan liked to take risks, one of those being late night ding-dong ditching.  It was one of the things you two did together when you got bored at 1 in the morning.  So tonight wasn’t any different, when your movie marathon came to a close and neither of you were tired, you decided to go outside and upset some neighbors. 

You ran door to door with Tristan holding your hand.  He pulled you behind him as the two of you hid behind bushes and cars so you wouldn’t get caught.  It never failed that someone called the cops, so when the two of you saw blue and red flashing lights you knew you had to run.  Just barely making it into your house, Tristan pulled the door shut behind you then bent over putting his hands on his knees.

“I don’t think I’ve ever run that fast,” he said in between deep breaths.

“Yeah, for a skinny guy you sure are out of shape,” you said as your breath got back to normal.

“Sorry, that I have no athletic ability what so ever..”

“It’s okay, I don’t like you for your athletic ability,” you said as he stood up pulling you into his arms.

He looked into your eyes that sparkled.  Looking into your eyes was one of his favorite things because they were always so full of life and love.

“I love you,” he said as he continued to look into your eyes.

A smile crept on your face causing your eyes to crinkle, “I love you too.”

“I want to run through the streets with you at 1 in the morning for the rest of my life,” he said before he pulled out a small box.

“Tristan,” you said breathlessly.

“I love you Y/N,” he said getting down on one knee, “And I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I live for nights like this with you, where I can see your eyes sparkle as we do dumb stuff.  So please, would you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?”

Your hands covered your mouth and you nodded your head vigorously as he stood, slipping the ring on your finger.  After he did your hands immediately grasped his neck causing your lips to collide.


Hey we’re taking on the world

I’ll take you where you wanna go

You had always said that one of your bucket list items was to travel the world, from hiking through the Appalachian Trails to going on a cruise to Antarctica.  There were only a few things more important to you than traveling and one of those things was your fiancé Brad.  Ever since you met Brad the two of you have talked about traveling the world together, and it was seeming pretty likely since Brad’s band was really starting to kick off.  He just announced their big European arena tour, and he is about to leave to travel America. 

Fortunately, you live in America since you go to college there and Brad was coming to visit you.  But what you didn’t know was that he was taking you all over the country with him.  He wasn’t just staying for the weekend then going off to tour, he was picking you up and taking you with him.

His plane arrived and you met him at the airport along with the other boys.  You ran to him and wrapped your arms around his neck and his wrapped around your waist picking you off the ground.  The rest of the boys politely hugged you and said they had missed you, and that Brad wouldn’t shut up about how much he missed you.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” you said excitedly to Brad as you walked to the car with him.

“Me too! I’ve missed you so much Y/N.”

“I’ve missed you too.  I wish I got to spend more time with you then just a couple of days,” you said sadly.

“What if I told you that you were coming with us,” Brad said stopping and looking at you.

“I would be the happiest person on this planet!”

“Well, I arranged for you to come and travel the country with us!”

“Really?! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much, I love you,” you said before you crashed your lips to his.

He cupped the back of your head with his hand to steady the kiss.  As the two of you broke apart you exclaimed, “I have to pack!”

Brad just laughed at you as you quickly made your way to the car yelling at him to hurry.  Once you made it back to your apartment you threw everything you would need into one suitcase and a duffle bag.  You placed your things by the door then sat down next to Brad who was sitting on your couch.

“Thank you for taking me with your Brad,” you said as you kissed him on the cheek.

“You’re welcome, I know that you love to travel and since I was missing you so much I decided that you should come too.”

“I love you,” you said looking into his brown eyes.

“I love you too,” he said sliding his hand under your hair to pull your face to his so he could kiss you.


It took so long to convince you

I knew I had to show my colors

 You were not an easy egg to crack when it came to guys.  It took a lot to get through to you and make you actually like them.  There wasn’t some tragic story behind why you didn’t trust guys, it’s just that you were very independent and didn’t feel the need to have someone in your life unless they truly cared and made you feel special.

Needless to say, James broke you.  It took him 6 months to get through to you that he was worth your time, but he did it and he couldn’t be happier.  He was patient and understanding, which is what made you finally crack.  No guy had ever waited that long to be with you and that meant something to you.  So, once you and James became an official couple, nothing changed.  That was another benefit of making them wait so long, you got to see who they truly were.  Most guys are inconsiderate or pervy, but James was different.  He didn’t want to just get in your pants; he actually cared about you and what you wanted. 

“I’m so glad you waited,” you said to him as your head lay in his lap on the couch.

“I would’ve waited forever for you,” he responded as he ran his fingers through your hair.

You smiled to yourself as you thought of how you felt about James, and even though the two of you have only been officially for about 4 months, you knew you really cared about him.  Within those six months prior you started to fall for him.

“James,” you said looking up at him.

“Yes,” he said back smiling down at you.

“I like you,” you said simply.

“Well, I hope so.  I like you too.”

“I mean I REALLY like you,” you said sitting up and facing him.

“I REALLY like you too,” he said imitating how you had just said it.

“I mean, I think I love you,” you whispered with your face turned down.

He was silent for a while, and then you looked up at him.  He was smiling at you and his eyes were sparkling.

“I love you too, Y/N, and I’ve known for a while now, but I just didn’t want to rush things,” he replied as he grabbed your hand in his.


“Yes really, I fell for you after we had just met, that’s why I fought so hard for you.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you.  Without you I don’t know where I would be.  Those six months made me realize how much I care for you and appreciate you.  They helped me realize that I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else besides you.”

You smiled at him, then grabbed his face in your hands and crashed your lips against his.  At first James was surprised but then he placed his hands on your cheeks and deepened the kiss.


Originally posted by parkchny

Genre: Fluff
Characters: You X Chanyeol (EXO)
Word count: 1760

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Only Me: Often

A/N: this one is based off of…me. Yep, this actually happened…minus the Jimin of course. This was one of the weird nights my roommates and I had…If anyone wants to know how much of it was true…let’s just say, almost all of it. *runs away embarrassed. 

People tend to tell me that my life is a joke and the things that happen to me are categorized as ‘only you’, so I’ve decided to do a series of stories that happen to me, (and they’re all real, I promise!) and add a hint of Jimin in. Here’s the first one so let me know what you think <3 


-Ray <3

Light on your feet, head spinning, you rocked side to side with each step, in between smiles, giggles and winks at strangers.
You were unpredictable with your thoughts and even more so with your actions.
You were shit faced drunk.
And you were the worst type of drunk at that.
As trusting as an innocent child that you’d take anyone’s hand, and completely oblivious that you’d run straight into the middle of an intersection.
Bottom line, you were down right dangerous when you were drunk.
But you didn’t do this often. And this was precisely why.
You saved this for the moments you needed this the most, the moments where you wouldn’t feel guilty, because you deserved it.
The end of the semester, right before exams, the perfect Friday night to gather your roommates, blast music till it blares through the neighbour’s apartments, dance and drink till you can’t walk straight.  

Now, 24 shots of vodka, tequila and soju later, 3 am in the morning, alongside your friends, you staggered out of your apartment and down the elevator, making the last minute impulsive decision of a trip to McDonalds.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!~~ Can I request a bigbang force one shot(((smut))) with Seungri and Top. Sorry weird request uwu


When You’re at Their Concert.

You just entered the concert venue where BIGBANG was holding their concert to kick off their MADE world tour. You were wearing a long army jacket with a black belly shirt with light wash skinny jeans and some white vans you had laying around in you closet.  You hair was in a loose braid and you had you’re regular kind of makeup on. Honestly you weren’t to excited to see these idiots you were just going because you had gotten tickets for your best friend Mere Yin for her birthday. You didn’t particularity like the whole k-pop scene because of the bat shit crazy fan girls there were, but you’re willing to do anything for Mere Yin.

“_____-ah come on we gotta get in quick so we can get good seats!” Mere Yin said screaming as she ran towards the stage pushing her way through all the other fans.

“Aish! Mere Yin-ah I know you’re excited to see these guys but other people wanna see them too.” You said slightly irritated.

Suddenly while you were about to scold Mere Yin some more the lights in the crowd went out then you could hear a voice announcing the band but you didn’t know who it was so you just went with it. Then all of the sudden the stage lights came on and you could faintly see the announcer he had fiery red hair and a sequin tuxedo on. Then going down the line you see a member that’s very much taller than every other member there, then one with white hair, then one with pink hair that seemed wet, and the last one you couldn’t even describe because you couldn’t see half of his face.

“YAH, _____-ah, going from left to right that’s GD, T.O.P, Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung.” Mere Yin said trying to help you be less confused.

Before you had time to reply the song started, it was very strange, but the strangest thing is that as the members walked towards the front of the stage two of them looked at you. You didn’t know how to react so you just smirked which made the tallest one, T.O.P, smirk too.

“MERE YIN-AH I THINK TWO OF THEM LOOKED AT ME!” You said shouting over the music, but it didn’t help because she was in such awe she didn’t hear you.

You just shook it off and continued watching the concert then the members started calling up random fans to dance with them during this song you didn’t know it of course but  then the really tall one, T.O.P, looked at you and motioned you and Mere Yin up to the stage. You were shocked, you didn’t know this song, you also didn’t know how to dance.

“_____-ah just follow my lead this song is just about having fun don’t worry about looking like an idiot.”

You just nodded, you were still confused at the fact they called you up because you weren’t singing or dancing to any of their songs, you were just standing watching them you didn’t show any interest in the songs at least you don’t think you were. You just let the situation go and continued to the stage’s steps and followed Mere Yin. You started to dance with her then all of the sudden the white haired Seungri bumped into you. You turned around to see him right behind you his eyes met with yours and he began to lick his lips, you noticed his eyes were darker than before, you felt his breath on your lips and his warmth surrounding you, then in a split second he went closer to the front of the stage to dance with other fans.

When the song was over the members hugged and thanked the fans. Of course I had to put on a fake smile and pretended I enjoyed it. I hugged all the members but the two members that hesitated were T.O.P and Seungri they both looked nervous and off put, but then they both hugged me real quick and tried to keep their bodies away from mine which was strange but I didn’t question them.

“Omo, Didn’t you think that was awesome ______-ah?” Mere Yin asked as we walked down the stairs back onto the main floor.

“Ummm, they acted a little strange especially the white haired one…..Seungri…” You said a little hesitantly trying not to hurt Mere Yin’s feelings.

“Jinjja? They looked like they were acting normal to me.” Mere Yin said defensively.

“One strange group.” You thought out loudly.

Once you and Mere Yin got back to your spots BIGBANG continued to perform their last two songs then the concert. You started walking towards the exit you pause and turn around because Mere Yin is calling for you to come back because you had gotten the V.I.P package which meant meet and greet passes….fun.

“Aish, _____-ah you almost made me lose my voice because I was calling for you so loudly.” She said as we walked to the meet and greet room.

“Mianhae, Mere Yin-ah I forgot.” You said guiltily.

You made your way to the meet and greet room, but you had to use the restroom so you sent in Mere Yin first. As you were looking for the women’s restrooms you come across a door that has Seungri’s name on it you also could hear a conversation going on behind the door so you decided to listen in because who doesn’t want to hear superstar drama?

“T.O.P hyung did you see that girl in the front row tonight?” Seungri asked in curiosity.

“Which one there were thousands Seungri?” T.O.P asked jokingly.

“You know the one I’m talking about the one that looked like she was here against her will…you invited her up hyung.” Seungri said slightly irritated.

“Oh her, she’s not my type.” T.O.P says chuckling.

“Good cause she’s my type and I’m gonna ask her out at the meet and greet.” Seungri says confidently.

That made T.O.P chuckle even more.

“What’s so funny hyung?” Seungri asked defensively.

“It’s just that you think she’d go for you” T.O.P replied.

“What’s wrong with me?” Seungri asked angrily.

“Oh nothing, it’s just you never commit you just hit it once then leave.” T.O.P responded.

Your eyes winded in surprise why were they talking about me like this? I have to leave quick you thought to yourself. As you got up and started walking to the exit the two men had exited the room so you made a quick turn for the women’s restroom. You took a few deep breaths once in the restroom you also washed off your face with some water and quickly went to the restroom. When you exited the stall there were two figures in front of the door, you looked at them in fear.

“This is the women’s restroom.” You said hoping they accidentally stepped in the wrong restroom.

“We know.” Seungri stated taking a step toward you.

“Then why are you in here?” You asked your voice shaking in fear.

“To see you.” T.O.P said stepping right beside Seungri cornering you in the bathroom.

Seungri reached for your face to wipe your tears you quickly wiped them so he wouldn’t touch you. Seungri pinned both of your arms against the wall, his body was so close to yours you could feel his hardened member press against your inner thigh. As soon as you felt the member you screamed, T.O.P immediately put his hand over your mouth so you wouldn’t make a noise. Seungri proceeded to take off your coat then your black shirt then finally your bra. As soon as Seungri let go of one of your hands T.O.P immediately grabbed it and pressed it back against the wall. As Seungri proceeded to suck on one of your delicate nipples he worked at your pants. He successfully undid the button, but just then you start bucking your hips hoping he will stop.

“Hyung get her to stop.” Seungri said frustratedly.

All of the sudden T.O.P bashes your head into the wall. You black out for a while you don’t know how long but when you did Seungri was already inside of you, thrusting his long member picking up speed as he went. T.O.P on the other hand was holding you down and watching intently, waiting for his turn to have with you. As Seungri picked up more and more speed you started to gain your senses back and realized that it hurt really bad. You tried to scream but T.O.P was to strong to allow your scream to get through his death grip. Finally Seungri finished his load, after the got clothed the guys had to switch positions. T.O.P had loosened his grip on your mouth just when they were about to switch, so you took your chance and screamed as loud as you could but just your luck everyone was in the meet and greet room.


Then it went black again but when you woke up this time you were alone in the bathroom, some blood also surrounded your head. You slowly propped your self on your elbows, your head pounded, your joints were all locked up, your lower half also ached, you slowly looked around the empty bathroom. You didnt see anything so you got up slowly, you were very light headed and you were also sure you had a concussion. Once you gained your balance you slowly walked to the front of the bathroom and seen a note.

Thanks for the fun, sorry about your head.~ T.O.P and Seungri.

“Assholes” You muttered to youself.

You crumpled up the note and looked in the mirror. Your mouth was severely bruised, you also felt the back of your head, of course there was blood and a giant goose egg from where they slammed your head. You deeply sighed and got dressed as quickly as you could, which wasn’t very quick, and you made your way towards the main exit. Right outside of the exit you see Mere Yin with all of the members of BIGBANG. You slowly walked towards the exit hoping you wouldn’t grab the attention of the band members, but luck wasn’t in your favor today.

“OMO! _____-ah ARE YOU OK? YOU LOOK TERRIBLE!” Mere Yin said as she ran towards you.

The other members of BIGBANG ran close behind Mere Yin while the two culprits T.O.P and Seungri took their good old time walking and staring me down.

“Ne. I just want to leave.” You stated no louder than a whisper and shedding a few tears as well.

“You don’t look ok. Can we take you to the hospital?” Asked the member with the long bangs.

“Aniyo. I will leave first.” You stated and bowed slowly to every member except T.O.P and Seungri.

You slowly walked away making your way to your car. At this point you’re very light headed so you just wait in the passengers seat for Mere Yin.

“YAH, _____-ah WHAT HAPPENED?” Shouted Mere Yin from outside of the car.

You lowered the window a bit.

“I’m not saying a word until we get on the highway.” You stated firmly.

Mere Yin got in the car and you didn’t say a word until you guys got onto the highway.

“So, you wanna know what happened?” You asked curiously.

This was my first smut so sorry if it sucks..I tried my best


New Beginnings {34}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing?

Words: 1,100

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,  22, 23, 24,25,26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33

Sorry it’s shorter than the others, but I hope you love it!!

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Testing My Patience

A/N: requested by the lovely and amazing @rhymesblack / @klbwriting who you should totally check out! Hope this is what you were looking for and thanks for waiting!

Request: Can I please request a one shot where the reader is a hunter with Dean and Sam and currently has a boyfriend who cheats/is mean to her? He finally pushes too far (does not have to be abusive physically, maybe just calls her mean names and tells her its her fault he cheats?) and Dean steps in to tell him he’s wrong and the reader sees how much Dean likes her? Like she’s always liked Dean but went out with the other guy because she never thought Dean would like her back? Thank you!

Part 2

Originally posted by ackleholics

“So, I’m pretty sure you guys are dealing with your run of the mill banshee, just a really sneaky one,” you called back towards your computer, rummaging through different bookshelves to try and find any book that said it wasn’t a vampire. Dean watched from the other end of the video call as you moved in and out of frame with stacks of books in your arms.

“Banshee’s are run of the mill?” A voice asked. You turned around to see the man that Sam and Dean had saved in the background, looked more than just a bit shaken up.

“Not as much as vampires are,” Dean grumbled, only scaring the man more. You huffed and stormed towards the computer, letting the books you’d picked up drop onto the table.

“Dean, try some compassion,” you said. Dean only rolled his eyes but you knew that meant he would stop acting like such a douche.

The first book you had grabbed was a bust, but to be honest it was difficult to read through them with Dean staring at you. Every few seconds your eyes would shift up to look at Dean on the screen who was talking to Sam about something. It got to the point to where you had to mute the volume so you could actually focus for a few seconds.

This wasn’t anything new. For years you had been attracted to Dean, but who wasn’t attracted to him? Dean had everything aside from a paying job. He was brave, caring, funny, handsome, and had saved you and Sam so many times that you had lost count. The problem though was that you were like his sister, or so you assumed as he had never said it. Even with your feelings you were never any more than a kid to him.

“Yeah, everything is pointing to a banshee,” you said, unmuting the computer. Sam’s face popped up on the camera.

“A banshee can do all of this?” He asked.

“They can camouflage themselves. Gold, banishing, and a…Celtic blood trapping spell can get rid of it,” you said. Sam nodded before leaving the frame just as quickly as he entered.

“Thanks (Y/N), we’ll see you tomorrow,” Dean said, going to close the laptop when you called his name, stopping both him and Sam who was listening from the other side of the table.

“Don’t forget the dinner tomorrow. Charles made reservations, well he was going to but stuff got in the way so I did, but we have reservations tomorrow at six so don’t forget,” you said. Dean groaned but said nothing, just giving you a nod. You disconnected the left Dean and Sam to their case, starting to put the books you had pulled out back.

“Why don’t you just tell (Y/N) you don’t like him?” Sam asked, fixing his tie.

The impala was barreling down the highway at eighty miles per hour, Dean’s knuckles turning white as he clutched the steering wheel. They had left later than he thought they would which meant there was a chance of them being late and there was no way that Dean would let that happen. There was no doubt in his mind that Charles was going to be late if he didn’t just call you with a half-assed excuse as to why he wasn’t able to show up. There was no counting on Charles, but Dean wouldn’t do that to you.

“Hey, just ‘cause I don’t like that bastard doesn’t mean (Y/N) doesn’t,” Dean said. It was an excuse. Really Dean just didn’t want to lose you, and saying something against Charles could have meant just that. Whatever you saw in him, you saw it and Dean had to put up with him if he wanted to keep you around.

“If you had told her before that you like her-”

“I know Sam, but I didn’t and she’s dating this guy now so shut it,” Dean grumble. Sam shook his head but stayed silent.

Ten minutes and a three ran red lights later, the car was parked and Dean was climbing out. Dean had seen your car when he pulled up, but as much as he looked he didn’t see Charles’ car. It didn’t shock him, Charles was always late and never was seen in the same car as you so he wouldn’t have gone with you.

The restaurant seemed fancy for what you typically went to, but that’s why you had texted Dean to wear a tie. If it weren’t for the lack of valet parking and Charles, Dean would have thought you were here to announce a proposal. Dean knew better, he knew you better. This would not be the place you would want to get proposed to and this wasn’t the type of place you’d want Dean to make a scene. That was the only thing that was easing Dean’s mind about tonight.

“Party name?” The maitre ’d asked, not looking up from his reservation book.

“(Y/L/N), one should already be here,” Sam said. The maitre ’d nodded and led them towards the back.

Dean saw you first, or the back of you. Black dress, your hair styled, everything was stunning from behind. When Dean moved around to sit across from you, his breath was taken. Very little makeup, just natural stuff that accented your eyes and cheeks. Each hair was perfectly sculpted and if Dean didn’t know for a fact that a professional hadn’t done it, he would have assumed you had gone to a salon.

The dress was where Dean’s eyes lingered though. Every inch of you was hugged and only flattered you more. All Dean could think was how lucky Charles was and how much he didn’t realize it. Even without all of this you were stunning. Anybody could see that, anybody except Charles.

“You guys made it,” you said, looking relieved that someone was finally there.

“Has Charles backed out yet?” Dean asked, getting elbowed by Sam. A blush came to your face and you shook your head, looking down at the wine glass in front of you. Dean regretted it immediately and downed the full wine glass in front of him.

“It’s a moscato, red wine,” you muttered. Sam opened his mouth to say something but the chair beside yours screeching grabbed everyone’s attention.

Charles was good looking, there was no denying that. Dark hair with enough of a curl to keep it regularly in place. He was bulky, not as much as Sam or Dean but enough to notice it when he walked into a room. There was one thing that didn’t make him as appealing as Sam or Dean. His eyes. They were a dull gray, not the color-which would have been pretty on anyone-but the life. They were always lifeless, not even when he smiled did it look genuine. The looks were what dragged people in though, not his eyes.

“Hey,” you said, kissing his cheek. Charles only grunted in reply, not even bothering to look at you or the guys as his eyes rested on the ass of a woman that was passing.

“Hey Charles, nice to see you again,” Sam said, sticking his hand out for Charles to shake. Charles pulled his eyes away and looked at Sam, sending him a smile and shaking his hand enthusiastically. Dean didn’t bother with holding his hand out and only sent Charles a curt nod before turning his attention back to you.

“You look fantastic (Y/N),” Dean said. You smiled and looked down at your hands. It was the first time in weeks you had been complimented. Complimenting wasn’t a boyfriend’s job, but you would appreciate if he said one nice thing every now and then.

Charles looked over at you, giving you a once over.

“You’ve gained weight,” he said. A pang in your heart stopped you from saying anything.

“That’s bullshit,” Dean said. Charles looked at Dean, silently threatening him to say anything else.

“It’s true, everybody thinks so,” Charles said. Sam didn’t try to hold Dean back as he leaned forward.

“(Y/N) is the most beautiful girl in the room, hell she’s the most beautiful girl in every room! You are lucky that she wastes her time on you,” Dean hissed.

It was common knowledge to anyone around Charles as frequently as you were that he had a temper. Dean was not around Charles that often and didn’t know that so Charles flying up and throwing a punch was a shock to him. Dean easily caught the punch, shocking Charles.

“Leave,” Dean ordered. Charles was about to argue but you stood, putting a hand over Dean’s.

“You don’t go after my friends. Charles, we’re through,” you said calmly. Dean smirked at Charles, letting his hand go.

“Babe,” Charles said but you held up your hand to stop him.

“Dean and Sam are my family, you don’t go after them,” you said.

Charles’ jaw set but he didn’t fight your decision. Without a look back he stormed out of the restaurant, eyes trailing after him. Dean moved around the table and took a seat next to you, giving you a smile as he wrapped an arm around the back of your chair. He knew that tomorrow you would be sad, but he would be there for you tomorrow just as he was there for you now.

“Thanks Dean,” you whispered, settling in your seat.

“For what?” Dean asked.

“For helping me realize what he was really like. If he hadn’t gone after you I don’t think I would have ever broken up with him.”

Dean smiled and placed a kiss on your temple. You leaned against his shoulder, closing your eyes for a minute to relish in the feeling.

“Hey Dean,” you whispered.


“You’re the most handsome guy in every room.”

Bad Feeling Part 6

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Car Accident, Character Death?

Summary: You wake up one morning feeling great and realizing this is the best morning that you and the boys have had in awhile, until its all ripped away. You should know if its too good to be true, it probably is.

Part One,  Part Two,  Part Three,  Part Four,  Part Five,

Here’s Part 6! There is one more part after this one you guys. Hope you like it. Let me know.

 Your POV

“Do you think he’ll be there?” I was staring out the windshield anxiously, just wanting to be there already.

“I don’t know. I’m hoping.” Sam looked over at me as he answered.

“Ya me too.” I looked out my side window. What are we going to find when we get there. Nothing. Everything. Dean alive, dead, missing still. My heart started pounding faster, and I’m starting to have trouble breathing. God Y/N calm down. Your going to give yourself a panic attack. I felt Garth lean forward between our seats and he spoke up.

“So, I’m just curious, if he is there, what are the odds of us finding him alive? I mean he’s been gone for what, almost 10 hours now.” At the word alive, I whipped my head around, looked at Garth and then Sam with wide eyes.

Sam clenched his jaw and gave a look shouted Jesus Garth for him. He glared at Garth to stop talking. I think Garth got the message because he did indeed stop. Thank God.

But apparently my body had other plans. I started giving myself a panic attack and before I could calm myself down, Garth spiked it. My breaths became short and more panicked. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest. I saw Sam look over at me, concern in his eyes.

“Y/N?” Sam looked back at the road so he wouldn’t crash, then back at me. “Y/N, you okay?” He looked back to the road. When I didn’t answer, he pulled off o the side of the road and slammed on the breaks. He jumped out of the car and ran to my side. I had my right hand clenched to my chest, and my head is leaned forward laying in my left hand.

I’m trying to calm myself down. We don’t have time for this. We don’t have time to stop. We need to get to Dean. Sam rips my door open and immediately wraps an arm around my back and places his other on my thigh.

“Y/N, lean forward more. Put your head between your knees.” He helped me get into the right position and started rubbing my back. “There you go. Now just, breath okay.” He sighed. My breathing got a little better. I heard Garth shifting in the back.

“What happened? Is she okay?”

“She had a panic attack Garth. But ya, she’ll be fine, we just to give her a minute.” Sam kept rubbing my back. I could breath enough to talk now. Good

“Sam.” My head still between my legs and my voice isn’t too strong. I know I was quiet. He must have heard me though because he stopped rubbing my back, and then I felt his breath on the side of my face.

“Sam.” I said again just to make sure.

“Yeah?” He sounds panicked.

“Get back in the car.”

“What? No, Y/N I need to make sure you’re okay first.”

“I’m fine. I need you to get back in the car.”

“But Y/N….”

“WE NEED TO GET TO DEAN!” I don’t know how I got my voice to rise, but I’m glad I did. I think it occurred to Sam that sitting here was not going to help my attack. He rubbed my back again, knowing that me yelling didn’t help either.

“Okay. Okay. Just, keep your head between your legs, until your breathing is a lot better, and then pain in your chest has subsided. Okay?” I nodded. I could tell he didn’t want to leave my side for how long it took him to get all that out, but we need to move. “Okay.” He patted my thigh and then shut my door.

I heard him climb in a couple seconds after he shut my door, he put the car in drive and I felt the car move. He never turned to the car off, he was in a rush to get to me. After a few minutes I felt my breathing get back to normal. My chest still hurt a little but it was better. I don’t expect it to completely go away considering the situation. I slowly sat up. I saw Sam look over at me. I laid my head against the back of my seat.

“You alright?” Sam sounded like he was all ready to yell at me if I wasn’t. But I am. Honest. At least as good as I can be.

“Yeah, I’m good.” He kept glancing at me to make sure there was no sign that I was lying. I stared out the windshield. I realized we were just outside the town we spent so much time in earlier today.

“How much further?” Sam glanced over at me.

“Just a minute or two. Should be right up here.” We came to a crossroads and Sam took a left. Then he pulled into a parking lot. It’s a huge warehouse. Nothing around us but trees. As we got closer to what looked like the entrance, I spotted her. One of our missing people. Baby.

“Sam, look.” I pointed over to her. He pulled up next to her. We all got out of the car and walked up to the Impala.

“Oh it’s good to see you.” I ran my hand along her hood. We looked in the windows to make sure there was no sign of a struggle or anything.

“He must be inside.” I looked up at Sam and nodded. We made our way through the double doors. I followed the lobby to a hallway. There was a little light that pointed towards us on the floor. Flashlight? I ran up to it and grabbed it. As I picked it up, I saw something to my left.

“Deans gun.” I picked that up too. I turned around and showed Sam. He clenched his jaw. Garth’s mouth fell open. Just then we heard metal clatter. It came from behind me. I froze.

“Downstairs.” Sam nodded towards the stairs behind me. I put Deans gun in my pants and pulled mine out. Sam and Garth already had theirs out.

“Let’s go.” I whispered and we headed to the staircase.

Deans POV

I had trouble opening my eyes. They’re heavy. I feel pain. A lot of pain. I finally got my eyes to open.

“Y/N?” She looked like she was casually sitting on the floor, her upper half was laying on the seat. Her eyes were closed. “Y/N?” I tried to speak louder. I tried to look in the backseat to see if Eli was okay. Bad idea. Sharp pain went from my neck all the way down my legs. “Shit.”

I looked down with my eyes, afraid of that pain again if I moved my neck. I’m pinned. Somehow my left side is pinned between my door and the steering wheel. That guy hit us good. I heard a groan. I looked back over to her.


“Dean?” I sighed. Thank God. She lifted her head from the seat. I felt a pain in my chest when I saw a gash on the side of her face. “What happened?”

“This guy must have ran a red light, and he T-boned us.” She looked behind me to see the grill of a huge truck up against my door.

“Oh God.” She cried as she laid her head back down.

“Y/N? How much pain are you in? Can you move?” She looked up at me.

“It’s not too horrible.” She sat up slowly and carefully moved her arms and legs, just a little to see if she might have broken something. “I can move.” I sighed with relief.

“Y/N, I can’t see Eli, can you see her?” Her eyes widened. She looked toward the back. She climbed up on the seat and reached to the back of the car. I saw her body relax after a couple of seconds.

“She has a cut on her cheek, but she’s breathing, and her pulse seems to be good. I think she’s going to be okay.” I relaxed a little more now. My girls are okay. Y/N sat back down in the seat. She scooted closer to me and grabbed my hand.

“What about you? How bad is your pain?” She spoke calmly but she looked terrified.

“Who, me? I’m great, I’m ready to run a marathon.” I smiled at her. She grinned slightly and shook her head.

“Dean. Seriously.” Her eyes started to build up tears. I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded.

“My left side is pinned. It hurts to turn my head too much. Other than that, I don’t know.” I saw a tear slide down her cheek. She leaned forward to get a better look at my pinned half. I heard her gasp and she froze.

“What? Y/N what is it?” She stayed there for a minute looking me over. She sat back and looked down at the seat. A couple tears hit the leather.

“Hey.” I reached for her hand as best as I could. Thankfully she’s close to me. “I’m fine. We’re going to be okay.” I’m starting to get really tired but I need to stay awake, I can’t leave her alone. I just started to hear sirens.

“Dean.” She looked up at me, tears still in her eyes. My eyes are getting heavier by the minute. “There’s a piece of metal embedded in your side. It looks like you’ve lost a lot of blood already.” Her voice was shaky. She was trying no to break.

I can’t see my side because of the way the steering wheel is leaning against me. But that explains why I’m so tired and woozy. I squeeze her hand to the best of my ability.

“Hey.” It’s getting harder to talk. “It’s going to be okay.” I smiled at her. She just stared at me with the most heartbreaking look. She knew I was lying. 

She leaned forward and kissed me lightly so she wouldn’t hurt me more. I could care less. I reached my right arm up to cup her cheek and to pull her closer. More pain shot through me, but I don’t care. I’m going to enjoy every second I have left here. She pulled away and leaned her forehead against mine.

“I love you.” She wasn’t fighting the tears anymore.

“I love you too.” I just confessed my true feelings to the wrong Y/N. My eyes started to flutter closed. I’m having so much trouble keeping them open.

“Dean?” I can’t keep them open. “Dean!? Dean!” My hand fell to the seat and everything went black again.

Part 7

One Direction Preference


Car Wreck

Disclaimer: If you get super sad really easily and all emotional and junk then read at your own risk.

Liam: He got the call during a show that you were supposed to attend. For some reason he wasn’t worried; he only figured you were caught in traffic and he could get to see you soon enough. When they got off the stage for the short intermission, he checked his phone, seeing seven missed calls from your cell phone and five from a number he wasn’t sure of as well as a few voicemails. Liam had to step to the side to get as quiet of a moment as he could, making the other boys look concerned. His hands were shaking when he listened, “Hey Li, you alright?” Zayn asked him, noticing the shaky look now in his face. “I-I have to go.” He stuttered, shoving his phone back in his pocket. “What do you mean, you have to go? Where? What’s going on?” “Y/N.” He muttered, on the bridge of tears, “She was in a car accident.” The boys’ faces went wide with fear, nothing like the fear in Liam’s eyes, however. He hated having to leave the show right in the middle, but you were the most important thing to him and right now all that mattered.

Zayn: “Y/N you should get down here now.” Louis’ voice was stern through the phone. “Down where?” You asked, curiously. “The hospital.” You stopped all movement (the typical walking back and forth while talking on the phone), “Why? Is Zayn..” The thoughts running through your mind were ones you never imagined actually happening.  “They just rushed him into surgery.” “Louis oh my god I’m on my way.” You were a frantic mess, hands and lips quivering on the brink of sobbing. You knew you had to suck it in for the time being, otherwise you’d be the one in the car accident next. When you arrived at the hospital’s emergency room, you were greeted by a shaken Louis with no sign of any of the other boys, nor Zayn. “Lou!” You ran up to him, giving him a big hug, “What happened?” “We were on our way back to the hotel when we were hit on the passenger side of the car by some drunk.” “But where’s Zayn, is he alright?” “I heard them muttering something about his shoulder, then they took him back on the stretcher. That’s all I know, they won’t tell me anything.” “They might not tell you, but they haven’t seen me yet.”

Louis: “I had the right away, you were the one not paying attention!” You yelled pass the paramedic standing in front of you, nursing your head wound. You did feel like you were that injured, but jamming your head against a steering wheel wasn’t exactly ideal, either. The guy who had ran the red light stared back at you, taking everything he had to not yell right back at you. “Alright, you’re all set. Just go get insurance information over with the police.” The medic directed you, pointed in the direction of the culprit who was standing with the police. “Thanks.” You stood, but too fast, sending yourself stumbling backwards, needing to hold onto his arm for stability. “Take it easy, yeah?” You nodded and made your way over to the police. “Just give me your information and I’ll have my insurance deal with you. I don’t really wanna ever think about this again.” “I actually am sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.” “Damn right you weren’t paying attention! I have to miss 3 days of work because of you.” Your frustration was dominant in your speech as the other driver stood their awkwardly staring at you. “Here.” He handed you a paper listing everything you needed to give to your insurance. “I really am sorry.” He told you once more, making you scoff at him. “Well, Louis, let’s just hope I don’t feel like pressing any charges.”

Niall: It had all happened so suddenly. One second you were laughing with Niall in the driver’s seat beside you and the next, you were lying upside down, staring blankly at the road that was shattered through the windshield. Your coughs hurt as you tried to get any word out, almost feeling impossible to do so. “Niall…” You groaned, your neck aching when you turned your head to look at him, letting out muttered ow’s. “Ni” Your voice got louder each time you said it, “Niall, wake up!” You brought your hand to his shoulder, shoving him lightly, but in return, you got nothing. You began crying, your sobs louder than the sound of the broken glass falling around you. “Help!” You sobbed, pulling at the seatbelt around your body. “Somebody! Anyone! Please help!” Only seconds later were people gathered around the scene, you could hear the shock in their voices. You couldn’t help but feel a sudden wave of exhaustion though, like that little movement you had just did was a 5k run. You could feel your eyes closing slowly and you hoped that when you woke, this would all have been a bad dream.

Harry: You would have never expected something like this to happen to you. Yet, here you say in the waiting room of the hospital, waiting for the doctor to emerge from the room, telling you everything was alright. Harry sat comforting you with an arm around your shoulder while the other held your hand tight. It was a lazy day at home when you had gotten the call that your parents had been in an accident, one of the most unexpected phone calls there could ever be. No one would tell you how bad the accident was, or what kind of damage it had done to the people inside, all they said was it was patient confidential. A load of confidential bullshit. “Excuse me, Ms. Y/L/N?” The doctor surprised you and it had to take some extra convincing that you weren’t just imagining it. “Y/N.” Harry squeezed your hand and your gaze shot up at the doctor. “Yes? How are my parents?” “They’re still in recovery, not yet awake.” “But what happened to them?” “There was an animal on the road and your father swerved to not hit it, with the turbulence so high, he ended up flipping the car.” You sat, wide-eyed, staring at the doctor. “But will they be okay?” You quickly asked, getting antsy. “We’ll have to keep them here for a little while, run some extra tests and just make sure they have a full recovery. I’ll let you know more in a little.” More? 

genuinely worried about my dad, I think he’s losing it. He just ran a red light and nearly ran over a guy crossing the pedestrian crossing, and he didn’t even acknowledge what he did.

I’m Not A Kid Anymore. ( L.H )

Requested: Yes!

Plotline:  Your brother older brother Calum takes you on tour but you have to swear not to do anything with the boys but then you develop a crush on Luke and Calum catches you sneaking out of Luke’s room with all your clothes after having sex with him

Smut: Yes. 

Enjoy my lovelies, and requests are open! Imagines, smut ect!

The oversized luggage dragging behind me as I swerved in and out of the crowds of people. Most of them looked like they were on business trips, the collectiveness of them as they looked through diaries and spoke into their phones. The others were tourists much like myself dressed in ridiculous Hawaiian shirts or foreign clothing. I had to stop myself from frowning as I internally sighed. But I knew deep inside I was extremely happy to be here— it was my first time in america! Australia was my home and had been for my entire life. But when my brother, Calum had started touring with his three best friends a part of me had kind of left? We’d been close our entire lives but now that he was gone it had started to dwindle leaving me lonely.

I could hear the screams in the distance and I knew I was close to being next to the person I missed the most in the entire world. I knew I was nervous because I had never been in this place and if I was being honest I was never good in new places. At least I’d have my brother to help out. 

Rounding the corner my eyes landed on his brown hair and before I even had chance to speak I was being crushed into a hug flinging my arms around him. The same smell of old spice filling my nostrils and an oversized grin pressing into my neck. 

‘’God I missed you.’’ Calum whispered against me and I felt the tears fall to the corner of my eyes as I nodded. I could feel the hug was different than before; Calum had grown in size, in muscle and from what I could tell even his voice had changed. But it was still the same Calum and that would never change. After a small while the sounds of cameras brought me back to reality as I pulled away and smiled lightly, a blush forming on my cheeks. ‘’They never leave us alone.’’ Calum whispered to me as he threw his arm over my shoulder and I nodded. 

‘’Lets get out of here, okay?’’ I suggested as we both began to walk, the sounds of screaming fans calling his name and mine (surprisingly?) and I knew that this was a good idea to come but I had a nagging feeling that something would happen; either the fans would pull him away, that he wouldn’t have time to spend with me seeing as I was only his sister and that kind of hurt. But I didn’t know that yet and I had to keep reminding myself. 

* * *

After travelling in a Uber taxi for a small while we were being whisked away into a fancy hotel by his security guard, Dave. Who might I add looked terrifying but was the nicest guy I’d ever met. (I felt sorry for him that he had to run around after four idiots.) My brother was literally pulling me and his long legs made it hard for me to keep up but before long we were in a room and I was greeted by yells and shouts of the ‘big brothers’ I’d grown up with also;  Luke, Michael and Ashton. 

It didn’t take long before I was involved in an attack of group hugs and even more yelling which made me scrunch my face up. I don’t know if these boys had a volume switch, but if they did I needed to find it and quickly. 

‘’Y/N’’ Michael grinned from ear to ear which I quickly returned as he nudged me in my shoulder earning a light laugh. 

‘’Yes Michael?’’ I responded with just as much enthusiasm as I ran a hand through my locks. 

‘’When did you grow tits!’’ He exclaimed, I soon felt the burning eyes of my brother upon the blue headed boy and my cheeks became flaming red as I looked over to Calum. He was fuming and I sighed. This was the side of Calum I hated; the over-protective brother that tries to kill any guy who looks in my direction. I bit on my lower lip and gnawed lightly. 

‘’I don’t know Michael, I don’t really notice but I can see you do.’’ I teased back knowing it’d make Calum angrier and he needed to know that I wasn’t a 16 year old girl back in Australia now. That was four years ago. I was twenty and could make my own decisions. 

‘’Well damn they’re nice.’’ Michael whispered before patting my shoulder— I know Michael did that to piss Calum off, and I kind of enjoyed the teasing game he’d created. That’s kind of how me and Michael had always been— It was harmless but Calum couldn’t see that ; all he saw was red,

Ashton was brief in the exchange of hugs and how are you’s. Don’t get me wrong we were close but he had to go somewhere so before we even got into a real conversation he was running out the door. I smiled lightly turning to the final boy, blue ocean eyes staring back at me and I was instantly enthralled by him. Secretly I always had been. Luke was the boy who like Calum treated me like a little sister, always protective and always had a watchful eye. 

‘’Luke’’ I greeted followed by a head nod, but he didn’t say a word instead he furrowed his eyebrows together before walking over to me. Calum never worried about Luke, because they were so similar when it came to me. (Deep down I wished they weren’t.) 

‘’Y/N.’’ He responded finally pulling me into his arms and I once again felt home as I smiled into his black shirt. ‘’I missed you.’’ He whispered as he buried his face into my hair and I had to stop myself from having a ridiculous girly grin. Luke pulled away and looked me up and down. ‘’You’ve really grown up, heart breaker I bet.’’ Luke joked and Calum laughed alone which I was quick to roll my eyes. 

‘’Yeah, totally a heartbreak’’ my voice laced with sarcasm as I flipped my hair over my shoulder. Luke chuckled along with me and I had to beg I wasn’t blushing. 

‘’Y/N…’’ Calum called and I flickered my orbs over to him, arching my eyebrow in response. ‘’Can I have a word with you please?’’ Calum asked using his head to gesture to the connecting room and I nodded. 

‘’I’ll see you in a second Luke.’’ I promised giving his arm a squeeze before following Calum. His voice had seemed serious? Did Calum have something to tell me? I hope to fucking god he hadn’t gotten a girl pregnant, mom would kill him.

* * * 

Once the door had closed Calum was just staring at me and I stared right back. This seemed really serious and my palms began to sweat. What he done or even worse? What had I done? Calum sighed as he finally cast them down to his black scuffed vans. 

‘’I need you to promise me something, Y/N…’’ Calum murmured and that’s when I knew. 

‘’Oh.’’ I responded bluntly. 

‘’I just, I love them so much they’re my brothers and you’re my sister and I don’t want you to come in and fuck things up by getting with one of them.’’ Calum stated and that’s when fury began to form as I slammed my hand down upon the oak wood of the dresser.

‘’Calum I am twenty fucking years old. I wouldn’t firstly fuck things up because unlike the girls you fuck on this tour I am actually half decent. Secondly I don’t like your fucking friends, so I would appreciate it if you’d stop acting like dad when I came here as a break from them.’’ I lost my temper as I pushed past him opening the door and slamming it. 

Luke stood there staring at the ground his eyebrows still pulled together as I sighed running a hand through my hair. He looked up and he shrugged. ‘’Your brothers right.’’ He murmured and I groaned.

‘’Thanks dad.’’ I grumbled walking towards the hotel door but I felt a hand wrap around my wrist tugging me towards Luke and then I was pressed up against him.

‘’He just cares about you, Y/N.’’ Luke defended and I screwed my eyes closed shaking my head. As I took a step back trying to not let myself get lost in his scent, in the way his heart beat against his chest or the way he tugged on his lip ring. 

‘’I’m not a child, Luke.’’ I bit back 

‘’I know that, honestly, I fucking do. But he still sees you as his little sister’’ Luke murmured and I just left because I couldn’t deal with being treated like a child. This was the reason I needed a break from my parents; smothering, bossing around and the constant watchful eye. I needed for everyone to see I was a fucking kid.