guys i got a drawing tablet look


Can you guys guess who my favorite character is?


Sweet: I’ll just stick to the magic what helps me make toys >w<

((Ok so sooooo sorry for the quality of this traditional update. T.T I couldn’t wait any longer for my tablet to be fixed and the scanner too was being used so I got fidgety when I finally had free time to draw xD So I PROMISE the next one will be in better quality >w< Answering a few pictures and hoping to have more later! x3
Featuring: Shaula

So I was playing with the pony name generator and it came with the name Cocoa Tale and I instantly got the idea for a story telling campfire/holiday/lore  theatric pony who gets way into telling fairytales and stories to anyone who wants to listen so I had to draw it.

Sadly the tablet died :I but i’ll work on finishing her up tomm! This isn’t a solid concept but its what I got so far! Shes a Zorse (horse x zebra or in this case pony) and I mainly got her looks inspiration from Afro Ponytails c: and hot cocoa palettes >v>;;

Hope you guys like her so far though!

hey guys this is my first serious art piece. please DO NOT REPOST WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. my mom got me a wacom tablet as an early christmas gift and the first thing i thought was to draw phil. oh how i kind of regret it. this took me about 13 hours. it doesn’t look bad but it does not look amazing. i’m open to suggestions on how to make my art look better. you can see my progress here x


Hey guys. Do you like art? Do you like cute girls and/or creepy things??? Have I got the stuff for you! Right now I’m doing commissions. My tablet is messed up, but I’ll be doing physical drawings and I can scan them and edit them to make them look better! These are all examples of my physical drawing work, and I’m willing to do whatever! $10 for a drawing is a sweet deal!! For more info, email me at this is also my paypal email so it’s easy!!!


Shy: I really need to find a more peaceful game…

((Thank you so much the-nameless-oc! What a great update. Make sure you guys go give him a follow. As for me, I just finished up my move and got my Internets up and running again. Yay! This weekend I’ll be working on an update, so be looking forward to that. Until then, take care my lovelies. ))