guys i finally finished

The Schuyler Sisters 

Hamilton 1920s!AU (finished ver.)

This was fun to do even though colouring was hard work XD I’m still trying to figure out my colouring style but I’m happy how this turned out


here she is, the tangerine dream!! 

i think even if jasper and pearl originally fused for battle, once the fight was done tangerine would just want to dance and play for a bit anyway /o\

Now presenting the Demisaurus Rex, demisexual version!

(demiboy, demigirl, and demiromantic versions are pending but will be out eventually!)

He’s available for purchase on redbubble!


A birthday present for @sock-n-jon


What if—-
I loved the idea of Prompto betraying his friends way more than I thought I would. A comic inspired by this comic over here! I took a crack at using screentones this time instead of just the standard black and white cell shadding and I fell in love with this! Man, one day, one day, I’ll take another crack and maybe write up a story board for some Promptis doujins.


Okay, so a little background.  A long while ago I read This Oneshot by @krzed and I loved it and wanted to make a comic of it.  But since the story is all about their love for musicals, and the characters use the song “All I Ask From You” to share their feelings with each other, a comic didn’t seem to be enough to get the emotions across, so I knew I had to try to make an animatic.  

I wanted to use a version with actual singing in it, but the male and female vocal parts are reversed, so I wasn’t able to find one.

I’m pretty nervous about posting it, but here goes!!


Marley Hair V2

  • Comes in 18 EA colours.
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Not Hat Compatible
  • Please don’t re-upload or claim as your own.
  • Please give credit where credit is due.
  • Don’t include mesh when recolouring.
  • Please tag me when you use my cc I’d love to see!

Download: Mesh  [simfileshare]


Hey Guys, I have finally finished version 2 of my Marley Hair! I hope you like it! Enjoy :)