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GENRE: noona&youngerboy, smut

BACKGROUND: Jungkook’s first time had left him traumatized of having sex ever again. It had gone so far to the point that a rumor had even spread about him not being able to get hard-ons. You then decide to step in and prove the rumor wrong. What was supposed to be a simple test of theory leads to a night that you weren’t going to forget for the rest of your life.

AUTHORS NOTE: Omg I haven’t written something in so long. I’m so sorry this took me quite a while. This actually started as a drabble but I kind of got too into it and finished it into a full blown story. I’ll be working on the remaining requests sent to me before, soon I promise you guys, I’m just trying to come up with ideas! But I do hope you enjoy this, tell me what you think. 

Jeon, as forever, is a sinful little shit. 

If there are any errors, I am sorry about those! I did proof read but I know I still missed some. 

Your pen hangs off of your lips, fingers tapping lightly against the glass table as you study the boy in front of you. He has his face buried between the pages of his Physics book, eyes scanning through each paragraph in close precision, oblvious of your scrutiny. You slowly turn your logistics book shut, choosing to ignore your studies as the conversation you had with your brother during last night’s party flashes through your mind.

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Redemption // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: Jungkook scenario when your pregnant unplan baby he finds the test when you get home he starts yelling, blaming you throwing things,tells you to gtfo of his life with the baby saying fucked up things. So you leave Korea 3 year later you come back with your daughter and you guys see each other again he tries to win you back angst beginning but fluff ending?

words: 8942

category: heavy angst + fluff ending

author note: it’s time to see how good destinee’s character development skills are. also y/n didn’t leave, jungkook did. hope that’s okay. im so proud of myself for writing this?? I didn’t give up and I’m glad i didn’t. anyway, this took forever to write you can literally see my writing improve as you keep reading its kind of funny anyway let’s go!

- destinee

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This one took FOREVER (Pre-order and the shipping timing @_@) 
Anyways, the artist did it again and… I LOVE IT! Its basically during their high school year.
I’m still doubting about scanning (since I’m not a pro on that) but…. If you guys want me to… I can try??? It depends how many messages I get x_x
It’s worth buying ;3

Edit: Eventually, I did scan it but apparently Tumblr is acting up on me on my tags that didn’t display my post -_- So here it is 

You’re beautiful

Request: Can i request a sis fic? Maybe something that the Reader is really insecure about her body and has a really tough time.(She’s 14/15)and her brothers do anything to help her? Idk.Its a hard idea.If it’s okay to do it it would be amazing.Ly Kay❤       

A/N: 5 months later I write it….thanks for your patience! I kinda made it so that the reader wasn’t too happy with her body & was having some mental insecurities as well, hope you don’t mind, it just sorta happened. The reader can be really age cause we all have body insecurities no matter what age we are, even though we’re all perfection, we all need a reminder sometimes.

A/N Part Two: This fic was hard to write, mainly because my brain didn’t wanna function while writing it. In the end it felt like pulling teeth but I wanted to finish it because I’ve been taking wayyyyy too long on requests.

A/N Part Three: I lied, I actually kinda love it now that I edited it.

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You stared at yourself in the bathroom mirror, not quite sure what was looking back at you. It had all begun as a joke; you were just getting out of the shower when Miranda Lambert’s song Vice started playing on your phone. You were playfully singing along with the song as you finished drying off, however when a certain verse started to play you couldn’t help the sadness that overtook you.

Standing at the sink not looking in the mirror,

Don’t know where I am or how I got here.

You zoned out after that part, because you realized it was true.

Lately you could never look at yourself in the mirror.

You hated what was looking back at you.

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Proposal, Or Something Like That

Thanks for the anonymous reminder, whoever you are ko-fi nonnie. I totally got swept up in my work and life and getting back into the swing of writing (and hopefully finishing my fic) that I kind of forgot about my wonderful ko-fi donators. You guys really helped me out sooooo much and I’m forever grateful.

This goes out to @ladydrace  for your 900-word donation that I extended to 
1292, considering I took so long to get to this. It may not be as fluffy as you expected (I tried, I did, but I’m a angst writer haha), but I hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much, again, dear.

The first time Stiles says it, Derek nearly chokes on a spoonful of ice cream. Which would be a shitty way to die, especially all they’d had to face in the last few years. Especially as the big bad of the week had slowly evolved into the big bad of the month, and the last few months had been completely quiet.

Derek should’ve known to be prepared at any moment. Except, how could anyone be prepared for this?

“God, why aren’t we married yet?” Stiles groans out after taking a giant bite of his ice cream. A little of it spills down Stiles’ arm and he chases it with his tongue, and Derek nearly chokes on his.

He realizes he’s staring at Stiles, his spoon still stuck in his mouth. He quickly rectifies the situation, removing said spoon and giving Stiles one of his best eye rolls.

“Seriously,” Stiles continues, pretty much shoveling the ice cream into his mouth at this point. “If I knew you could cook like this, I would’ve proposed ages ago.”

“It’s not cooking, Stiles,” Derek says. Because that is the easiest thing to focus on. Instead of the way Stiles is moaning around each spoonful, a little dribbling out of his mouth which should not be doing things to Derek.

“You know what I mean.”

He finally looks up, his bowl licked completely clean. And Derek can see the moment his senses come back to him as he blushes and gently places the bowl on the counter in front of him like he hadn’t just had his face shoved in there. He glances mournfully at the hand crank ice cream machine Derek had just purchased.

Derek sighs, pushing away from the counter to pick up Stiles’ bowl and refill it with the remainder of the ice cream. Apparently it was a worthwhile purchase.

“Seriously, marry me?”


The second time it happens, Derek is no more prepared for the words, or the images they bring to mind. Images he could never allow himself to dream of because it’s too painful to know it will never happen.

Derek had just been settling into bed with a book he was keen to finish tonight when his phone went off, a ringtone he’d never heard before but had no doubt Stiles had somehow hacked his phone just to add a ridiculous tone for himself. And a quick glance to the screen only proves his point.

With a sigh, Derek leans over and picks up the phone, half tempted to just send him to voicemail. Instead, he answers.

“What do you want, Stiles?” he says in a voice he hopes sounds firm and put out.

“Heeeeeeeeeeeey, Derek,” Stiles singsongs from the other end of the line, like he is just as surprised Derek answered the phone.

Derek sighs again, already pulling back the bedding and grabbing his jeans. “Where are you?”

“Thas not how yersposed to answer the phooooone,” Stiles slurs out, ending with a giggle like he were sharing a joke with himself.

Derek can hear a pounding bassline over the other end of the line and is already running through all the possible bars Stiles could’ve snuck into. He had two more years. Why couldn’t he just be reasonable and just wait.

“I’m coming to pick you up,” Derek says, already halfway down his spiral staircase. “Tell me where you are.”

“Oooooh. My hero.”


It’s easy to pick Stiles out over the crowd as he is currently on top of the bar, attempting to dance against one of the pillars. Two of the bartenders are attempting to get him down while another stands back and laughs like this is a regular occurrence, which all Derek knows, it could be.

Before Derek can even cross the room and somehow get Stiles down from his makeshift strip show, Stiles notices him.

“Derek!!!” He shouts, taking one step off the bar and before anyone can do anything, he lands flat on his face.

Somehow, Derek manages to get Stiles into the passenger seat of his car and before he rounds the car to his own seat, he takes Stiles’ hand in his and drains a bit of the pain that Stiles might not feel at the moment, but will most definitely feel in the morning. He’s almost done when Stiles’ other hand lifts and brushes across Derek’s cheek, making him freeze on the spot.

“Will you marry me yet?” Stiles says, his voice oddly clear. He’s staring at Derek with absolute concentration, as if he could will Derek into saying yes.

Derek swallows, his throat having to work extra hard over the lump that seems to have suddenly formed. There’s something in his chest, attempting to crawl out, but he shuts it down. This isn’t…Stiles doesn’t mean anything by it. It’s just….Stiles being Stiles. Stiles being drunk, whatever.

Derek schools his expression before gently rearranging Stiles and placing the seatbelt around him.

“Let’s get you home,” he says before closing the door and rounding the car, too quick to notice the way Stiles’ face pinches in pain.


“What do I have to do to get you to say yes?”

Derek nearly brings the hammer down on his hand instead of the nail that was halfway through the fence board he was attempting to repair. He has only a moment to marvel at the fact that Stiles can sneak up on Derek without any of his senses picking up on him, before Stiles is yanking on his shoulder and spinning him around.

His eyebrows are furrowed together, his lips a thin line, and Derek can honestly say he hasn’t seen Stiles this pissed since…he can’t remember when.

“What are…” What was he even talking about? Say yes? To what?

Thankfully Derek doesn’t have to find his words as Stiles is already running over them. “I’ve asked you nicely. Twice now. But you have yet to answer. And maybe I haven’t been the but I haven’t been subtle.”

Derek blinks. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You’re out here fixing my dad’s fence without even being asked,” Stiles continues as if Derek hadn’t spoken. He’s waving his hands around in a way that makes Derek want to hold them down for everyone’s safety. “You made my absolute most favorite flavor of ice cream without me even asking. You drove twenty minutes out of your way to pick me up from a bar because I was too shitfaced to drive home. How the hell am I supposed to keep my emotions at bay with you doing everything in your power to test them?”

“I don’t…”

“Would you just marry me already?” Stiles says in a huff, full on glaring at Derek by now.


Stiles looks about ready to go into another rant when the words finally process. He freezes. “O…okay?”

A small smile spreads across Derek’s face. Who knew he could ever actually make Stiles speechless.

“Yes, okay. I’ll marry you.” He takes advantage of Stiles’ stunned silence by pulling him in closer until they’re pressed together from thigh to chest. His smile grows as Stiles’ eyes widen and his breath catches. “But we might want to consider going on at least one date before we do.”

“You…you better not be playing around,” Stiles breathes out. He tries to make it sound teasing, but Derek can see the uncertainty in his eyes.

“I’m not if you’re not,” Derek says, leaning his down ever so slowly, giving Stiles time to pull away.

Stiles’ eyes drop to Derek’s mouth as his tongue unconsciously comes out to wet his lips. God, he’s wanted this for so long.

“It’s a date, then,” Stiles says on a breath, his eyes never leaving Derek’s lips.


I did a thing! With my youtubers being cute guys that bring a smile to my face, I feel like this is accurate☺️

(Will color this later, oh boy this took forever- haven’t decided to keep the faces or not🤷🏻‍♀️) @therealjacksepticeye @danielhowell @amazingphil @crankgameplays @kickthepj @markiplier

only forever

SUMMARY: How long are you willing to wait around for Sebastian?

WARNINGS: damn this is angsty as FUCK. and of course language, you should know by now.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: remember how i said the last one would be the lightest one out of these. i wasn’t lying. anyway, here’s the song! also, idk if i’m stopping here with this mini series………. i miiiiight add a third part. i have some of it written but i’m not sure YET. oh and here’s the master list for this miniseries lol (ok sadie shut up)


Weeks passed and you hadn’t heard of Sebastian. You knew he was still in town; he wasn’t due in Atlanta for another month or so. You swallowed your pride though even if your thoughts were plagued by the future and the now with Sebastian.

“So you two fucked and…”

You let out an exasperated sigh, “I don’t know. I haven’t heard from him.”

“You’re that bad of a lay?” Your friend teased.

You frowned and looked away, making her feel bad. She always knew you had a thing for Sebastian before you even realized it yourself. But she knew Sebastian too and he was a natural flirt. If it had legs and moved, he was his charming self. That’s just who he was.

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This is a long time to draw and I took a few breaks, too but it’s finished. So here’s the late night crew with guests at a spooky outdoors. And I’m sure they’ll be just fine. Also, I accidentally drew scott and riskem look the same…


I drew this comic based off  @ask-married-nick-wilde who’s original post you can find here lol i thought it was cute. I hope I did you proud dude.

Oh yeah and sorry I’ve been completely AWOL this week guys. Life, you know? Also this took me way longer than it should of and on top of that I decided to color it, which you know is so easy for me to do so quickly haha I really wanted to color the whole room and interior but I just wanted to finish this.

Anyway here you guys go :*


All the moments Namjoon Mentioned/Praised/Complimented Jimin in his V live* (Yes all this really happened, Yes we needed it.)  

[About Serendipity]

“Jimin’s song is so perfect and I guess you’ve listened to it a lot. I want you to check this out.” 

(Plays the guide he sang for the song, laughs)

“I worked hard to make a guide for Jimin, but it sounds so funny. Let’s play Jimin’s better version.” (Plays Jimin’s Intro)

“I worked hard on the lyrics for Jimin.. I’ve wanted to work with Jimin, though I didn’t make the whole song, it was fun to do something for Jimin”

“Serendipity came out really well as the intro. I think it’s the best in quality so far… I believe Jimin let us get off to a good start.”

“Jimin asked me when he sang the intro, ‘How should I sing the song?’. Jimin said he wanted to come out of himself. Jimin always sings in the high register, singing in falsetto or shouting in the chorus. That was kind of what he always did. He wanted to get out of that stuff. He wanted to step up his game as a vocalist. He asked me for advice, I didn’t have a lot to offer but I suggested something. He likes drake. He wanted me to recommend songs that are hot these days, though I did not stay all night. For about an hour I picked songs for Jimin, and I took screen shots of the lists of artists and sent it to him. The End” 

Originally posted by candyvkook

[A wild Jimin appears]

“Hello, Everyone. This is Jimin.” 

(JM covers face & says he’s not wearing makeup) 

“So handsome.” 

“Jimin, I just spoke about Serendipity. How you worked hard to come out of yourself when you recorded it. You heard all that? (JM: Not at all) I was talking about how hard you worked.”

“They can’t see your face, Jimin” (Pulls him in front of the camera) “Why are you covering your face? You look great. Don’t need to cover it. You’re handsome.” 

“Tell them how hard you worked on the song” (JM proceeds to talk about it) 

(Minjoon banter occurred, Jimin is about to leave)

“Make a heart before you go, Jimin.” (JM makes heart) 

“So cute. Bye. Good luck on your recording.” (JM Leaves)

“He’s working hard. Can’t wait to hear Jimin’s own song” 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

[Starts to talk about “Best of Me” but Jimin is seen making poses through the door]

“What? Is that a ghost? I guess he wants to be on Vlive but it’s been so long since Jimin did his solo Vlive. I’ll tell him to do a solo live after this.”

“Come in, Jimin. Jimin! You have to make a promise now.” (Proceeds to pull Jimin in the room, then keeps him from running out by holding on to him)

“You have to do your solo v live after me. Promise… I’ve done it a lot, it’s been a long time since you’ve done one. It doesn’t have to be a solo one, but make sure you do a live.” 

(More Minjoon banter, Jimin leaves)

Originally posted by pcyeolkenthusiast

[Continues talking about “Best of Me”]

“Anyways, still talking about ‘Best of Me’. The guy who wrote it…. I keep getting distracted. I’ll let it slide since it was for Jimin.”

“My favorite part in ‘Best of Me’ is.. I should have asked Jimin to sing that part. My favorite part of ‘Best of Me’ is the bridge part Jimin sang. How does it go?” 

(Tries to mimic Jimin’s voice lol)

“I’m sorry. Jimin used the voice he rarely shows us. The bridge part is.. I think it’s the killing part. I believe thats the best part of ‘Best of Me’ in my personal opinion. Personally my favorite part. He spiced up the lyrics I wrote with his angelic voice. He did a really good job.” (THIS WAS LITERALLY THE SWEETEST THING)

[While talking about “Pied Piper”, Jimin can be heard in the hallway]

“Jimin is outside. I guess Jimin got really bored. He’s on stand by. I guess there’s a long line (to record).” 

[While talking about “GO GO”, RM mentions he ran out of coffee. A few moments later Jimin appears with more coffee for him]

“Are you an angel without wings?” (JM: I’m a Fairy)

(Not too sure about this one, but I think Jimin sings the line “if there is music..” instead of “if there is hope..” & catches himself)

“Music? If there is music, there’s Jimin. I was talking about “Outro: Her” Jimin. (Jm: Were you?) Yes. Sorry, there’s no part of Jimin. (JM: I know that).”

(More Minjoon banter, Jimin heads out the door)

“Thanks! (for the coffee)” (JM makes a heart through the door)

“He’s so cute. We played Sohn Byeong Ho game before. If someone says ‘The cutest one folds your finger’, Jimin has to do it. You know, Jimin is like a fairy from a fairy tale.” (Laughs & thanks Jimin for the coffee again). 

Originally posted by kookmint

[Later on, Jimin appears again (Bless this boy) as RM is finishing the live]

(Minjoon talking about the last stage and Mcountdown, Jimin looks at himself in the camera)

“Jimin, It’s not a mirror”. (JM laughs in mochi, NAMJOON LET HIM LIVE)

“We’re sorry for not presenting a lot of encore performances. But Jimin did a great job with the mang-gae leaf. (JM: what’s that?) The leaf you carried over your head, I mean the one your were wearing over your head. Mang-gae leaf. It was cute. (JM: on M Countdown?) Yes.”

(In English) “Thank you for all the love guys, for everything” (JM:……… Yeah. lol) 

“Let’s put it to an end by saying, Army we love you” 

[Minjoon ends live saying “Army we love you”]

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**This is the rough translations from Vlive, we all know how that is lol so bare with me. 


i dont really do requests but i got this ask few days ago and i thought it was super cute to do it, so i did a full piece of this guy wearing ford’s turtleneck ~★

i also forgot you said ‘young rick’ in the ask so i did an old rick instead im so sorry ;W;

btw, he’s sleepy

@l4chrymose0m3lancholy (thanks for the idea!) 

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I don't know how anyone can get high and play video games. When I get high I don't want to do anything more intense than alternating the location of my hand from my face to the inside of a box of lucky charms.

this is poetry. honestly splatoon when im stoned is amazing because its fucking hilarious; everything is so colorful and easy to understand and yet i can get so fucking confused. my brain just defaults to the muscle memory of “cover this shit in my color” but beyond that im like lost in another world.

one time i thought “oh shit this guy must have a new special weapon where its power is to permanently switch specials with its target… so he has my weapon now? does it stay this way after the match too? did he just permanently fuck up my main weapon? splatoon is so fucked up .. why would they do that” but it turns out it was just the icon on my screen for someone on my team using their special, combined with me forgetting what my special weapon was. so i just thought he took it. forever. and gave me his. like a curse. 

anonymous asked:

For the prompts: "is this your first time?" "So...what are we now?" And "rise and shine, sweet thing." Some prinxiety of you don't mind. ;)

[cough] so I might have made this angsty… sorry? [cough]

Tag list: @zadi-jyne @musicphanpie-b @ajumbleofwords @love-sanders-sides @lostin–translation @holdnarrytight @strange-dark-son @mikey-girl12

Warnings: self-hatred, self-depricating thoughts, mentions of transphobia at the end, physical and verbal fighting (though v little on the physical), angst to fluff ending

They’d been sitting on Virgil’s back porch for just over an hour, silently staring up at the stars, before Virgil finally piped up.

“So… Why are you doing this? I’m clearly not your type–I mean, I’m ‘the epitome of of all things dark’ and you’re… You’re basically glitter personified; just a giant ball of shiny stuff that everyone loves. Did someone set you up to this? Oh, god, is this one of those pranks where you try to get close to me and then humiliate me in front of the school? I thought you were at least better than that.” Virgil’s voice grew bitter and quiet as he stood up and walked to the railing.

Roman’s head snapped to the darkly-clad boy standing a few feet away. “What? No! That’s–I’m not… Why would you even think that?” He moved to stand up when Virgil whipped around, tears streaming down his face.

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Park Chanyeol//Feasible - Part 4

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Prompt: You’re a work-for-hire girl - for the criminals and criminally rich. Your job is to threaten, steal from, frighten or hurt whoever you’ve been employed to - but your newest job involves a person you swore you’d never talk to again. Someone who brought you into this entire business - and tried to get you out. Someone who, should you accept this challenge, would open a Pandora’s box of disaster…( 1/ 2/ /3 //5 /6)
Scenario: AU, angst, miniseries
Word Count: 2,771

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Requiem (Losers Club x Reader)

Originally posted by thehorrorpit

Request: Henry Bowers sister is bullied at school after his disappearance. She wasn’t one who carried much about what happened and finds solace in the Losers Club.

Author Note: This took forever, but I finally did it guys! So here you are I hope you like it anonymous! Also I apologize about how short it is…


Why should I play this game of pretend?

(Y/n) sighed as her grandmother ran the brush through her hair. The girl was wincing slightly once the brush met a tangle in her hair.

“I know this must be hard for you sweetie, but you’re going to love it here.” Her grandmother was trying to ease (Y/n)’s pain. She thought that perhaps her grandaughter was hiding her feelings away. After all she remembered she was the same way at her age.

“Alright Grandma,” She mumbled quietly. Truth be told (Y/n) truly felt nothing. She wasn’t attatched to her older brother, and especially her father. Perhaps later on when she would think of how Henry used to be. She would be a little more upset, but for now (Y/n) wasn’t pretending. Why should she? No one else in this town would be there.


Remembering through a secondhand sorrow?

Such a great son and wonderful friend


“I can’t believe he’s gone,” Her grandmother murmured setting the hairbrush on the dresser. (Y/n) studied her grandmother from the mirror and nearly sighed seeing the woman’s face.

Her grandmother looked completely tired and unshed tears glimmered in her eyes. For a moment (Y/n) almost asked to which one are you referring to, but it didn’t seem appropriate. “You know Henry loved you right? He’d always brag about you when he came to visit.”

(Y/n) bit her lip to hold back a sarcastic response. Her chest suddenly felt empty and a sickly feeling overwhelmed her. She stood up and turned to her grandmother.


Oh, don’t the tears just pour


The woman was in tears now. They cascaded down her face and she quickly attempted to wipe them away. “Sorry dear. Your all set for the funeral after school so I suppose you should head out.”

(Y/n) was almost relieved at those words. She wanted nothing more then to escape this house. She couldn’t stand being near her crying grandmother anymore. She wanted nothing to do with his mourning. Cause he truly didn’t deserve mourning from her.

(Y/n) quickly gathered her school supplies trying to ignore her grandmothers eyes on her. Perhaps the woman was trying to see an ounce of remorse.


I could curl up and hide in my room

There in my bed, still sobbing tomorrow

I could give in to all of the gloom

But tell me, tell me what for


“You know you could stay here.”

(Y/n) froze at her grandmothers suggestion. Goosebumps formed on her arm as if the a.c. suddenly decided to kick in. “I’m good grandma.”

Her grandmother sighed and placed a hand on (Y/n)’s shoulder. The girl tried not to shudder. “(Y/n) It’s alright to mourn or not go to school. Your brother and father died.” (Y/n) could hear the wobble in her grandmother’s voice and knew she was crying again. Great.

“What for? I’ll just be behind in school and they would much rather me be happy,” She snapped defensively. That was bold face lie. They wouldn’t have cared what she did. In fact they hardly cared at all. So why should she start caring now?

(Y/n) slung her bag over her shoulder mumbling a goodbye as she vanished out the door. She would rather face the school then be at her new home.


Why should I have a heavy heart?

Why should I start to break in pieces?

Why should I go and fall apart for you?


School was actually a lot worse then what (Y/n) thought it would be. For one thing considering her brother no longer had the throne over the school the younger Bowers was fair game. So she found all sorts of nasty notes stuffed in her locker. Her classmates would whisper and taunt her as if the day wasn’t crummy enough.

Of course she nearly blew a fuse when Victor Criss came over to her. “Hey (Y/n),” He called out making the girl slam her locker shut.

She turned towards the older boy scowling slightly. “What the hell do you want Criss?” She hissed glancing around. Everyone was staring once again as if they were waiting for something. Perhaps for her to finally fall apart without her big brother around. Waiting for the little Bowers to finally snap and break down. That wasn’t today though.

Victor tensed slightly under the hateful gaze. The gaze that reminded him too much of Henry. He shuddered at the thought. “I just was checking on how you’re doing,” He replied quietly. He wasn’t fond of Henry… Neither was Belch, but they hung around the boy since elementary school. They had no one else, but the younger Bowers. They were just a little worried about her. After all her brother was missing.

(Y/n)’s jaw clenched. Her eyes narrowing slightly as she snapped, “I’m fine! I don’t need you asking! I’m not gonna break down just because Henry’s gone!”

Victor took a step back in slight fear. The resemblence between her and hee brother uncanny. “That wasn’t-”

“Get to class Victor,” She growled storming past him towards the lunchroom. Why was everyone expecting her to be a broken mess?!


Why should I play the grieving girl and lie

Saying that I miss you


(Y/n) sighed softly. Her tray teetering precariously in her arms as she searched for somewhere to sit. Her eyes fell on her usual table, but the girls there had set their bags in the empty seats. (Y/n) only shook her head. Of course….

A few tables down sat the Losers Club. Big Bill was the first one to notice the Bowers’s distress. He knew her from an assignment that he did with her back about two weeks ago. Before Henry came after them and well… Anyways Bill knew for a fact that she wasn’t as cruel as others like to think. So he decided to invite you over. “(Y/n) over here!”

(Y/n) froze her gaze falling on Bill. She smiled just slightly truly touched by his offer, but what about his other friends? Her eyes scanned them over. They seemed unsure and almost hesistant about the offer. She reluctantly made her way over.

Richie whacked Bill’s arm and hissed,“Bill what the hell!? Why did you invite the Bowers girl over.” His eyes nervously flickered to her. His jaw clenched slightly as he was reminded that she was probably as messed up as Henry.

Bill glared right back at Richie elbowing him. “S-shu-shut it Richie! She I-isn’t su-so bu-bu-bad!” Bill hissed shooting him a look before focusing on (Y/n).

The girl hesistantly sat down beside Bill. Her eyes were downcast as she fiddled with the food on her tray. “Thanks,” She mumbled quietly unsure of what to do. These were the kids who her brother went after the most. The ones he chased after every day just because he enjoyed the sick thrill of it all. God he would of had a fit if he was here now…. She quickly buried that thought away.

Bill smiled slightly and replied,“ I-Its no pruh-pru-problem (Y/n).”

The table was quiet. Each person unsure of what to do with the situation they now found themselves in. What were the losers supposed to say? ‘Hey sorry we killed your brother, but you never really helped us out.’


And that my world has gone dark without your light?

I will sing no requiem tonight


(Y/n) tried to ignore the awkward tension in the air. She tried to ignore the pitying look that the losers seemed to shoot her when they thought she wasn’t looking. “I’m sorry you know.”

That caught the group of guard. They all glanced at her seeming surprised and confused.

“Sorry for what?” Ben was the one who spoke up. The young boy nearly brought the girl to tears. She knew exactly what her brother did to him. She remembered him bragging about it to her after that day and she still shudders at the thought.

“For what he did…. For what he did to you and… Well really all of you.” Her voice was quiet. Her knuckles white as she clutched her fork tightly glancing at all of them.

“Well you couldn’t help that your brother was an asshole.” Richie of course couldn’t keep the remark to himself. He winced as Eddie whacked him upside the head.

“Shut up Richie! Too soon!”

Everyone was caught off guard by (Y/n)’s laugh. A small smile was spread across her face as she began to laugh. “Nah Trashmouth here is right. Besides I’m not really one for mourning a douchebag.”

Richie found his cheeks heating up realizing he managed to make the younger Bowers laugh. “Well I guess your a loser now (Y/n)!”

(Y/n) glanced around at the others who were now smiling slightly. Bill wrapped an arm around her shoulder as he stuttered out, “I-If you wuh-want to be. After a-all you are a buh-buh-Bowers.” Bill’s tone was teasing and (Y/n) relaxed slightly.

“Of course I would love to be a Loser.”

Place the Blame

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes, and I combined two similar requests: Can you do one about Peter rescuing reader because she is kidnaped please? and “I can’t do this without you.” with some angst..? ;) how about the reader is kidnapped and peter is like wHERE ARE THEY ;;)
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Mentions of Death, Blood, Injuries, Weapons, Crying, Swearing

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Peter immediately knew something was wrong when you didn’t show up to sixth period. He knew it was your favorite class, and you never missed it unless absolutely necessary. You had been at lunch, quickly running out before the period ended to grab a coffee from the nearby café. You hadn’t returned for ten more minutes, and Peter figured you were just running late.

But he was halfway through your favorite period, and your seat next to him was still empty. He was growing antsy; you should’ve been back by now. You should’ve been back a half an hour ago. He still tried to stay calm until the class ended, eyes trained on the door, waiting for you to walk in.

You didn’t walk in.

So at the end of the period, as soon as the bell rang, he dashed out of the classroom. Forgetting about his final class of the day and frankly, not caring about it, he made his way out the back doors of the school. Finding an alleyway, he slipped his Spiderman suit on quickly, the action almost feeling like an instinct now. And out of the corner of his eye as he was sliding his backpack behind a dumpster, a dark green feather on the ground caught his attention.

“Oh no,” he whispered, moving to pick it up gently. He examined it, asking Karen to scan it for materials. When she quickly relayed the information he wanted, he sighed when he heard the word ‘vibranium’.

He knew exactly where you were, and he wasn’t sure what state you would be in when he found you.

Peter had been fighting this villain for as long as he could remember. He wasn’t known by many, but he was always identified by his camouflage-colored feathers on his suit. Peter found them stupid. And the villain hadn’t given himself a name, and neither had the media, so Peter had resorted to calling him ‘Bird Boy’.

He never seemed to be able to defeat him, though. Whether it was being tricked into believing he was somewhere else than where he truly was, or whether he just became too injured to fight on, Peter couldn’t beat him. And he was just as stumped on how he had gotten vibranium into his hands. But he had found his hideout one day, and he was still working on a plan to take him down once and for all.

He was supposed to still be working on it. His plans had obviously changed now, as he made his way quietly through the back door of the warehouse where he assumed you were being held. He was correct when he heard a deep voice speak menacingly, and he peeked from behind a wall to see both your hands and feet handcuffed to a chair. He thought he could see some blood on the side of your face, but he couldn’t see you well enough to tell. He sucked in a quick breath. He needed to devise a game plan.

“Tell me who he is,” Bird Boy spoke, and Peter was almost afraid to breathe. “Who is Spiderman.”

Peter didn’t know how he had found out about you, or how he knew that you knew Peter’s identity, but he couldn’t help but feel guilty. He knew this would happen eventually. People get hurt because of him; it was inevitable for you to get hurt too.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you replied, voice sounding weak, and Peter almost blew his cover right then and there.

“You do!” Bird Boy cut you off angrily, lifting his arm up and pointing a gun at your face. Peter stiffened. He needed to do something, and he needed to do it now. “Tell me.”

You laughed then, and shook your head. But Peter could see how slowly you moved. He could see how close you were to falling unconscious. “You really think you can beat him.”

Bird Boy faltered, finger twitching on the gun’s trigger. “Of course I do. He hasn’t beaten me yet.”

Yet,” you looked up at the villain in front of you. “He will beat you.”

He stepped forward suddenly, wrapping a hand around your throat but not squeezing. He pressed the gun against your neck, and you yanked at your handcuffs. Peter twitched, aching to run forward and knock the gun out of his hands and to save you. But he knew that he needed to wait; he needed to wait for the right moment.

“Who is Spiderman,” the villain leaned his head closer to you, and your faces were only inches away from each other. “I will kill you if you don’t tell me.”

Peter could see how the words affected you, only because he had known you for so long. But you simply lifted an eyebrow at the feather-covered person in front of you, and said, “I don’t know who he is.”

“Liar!” The villain pulled back and instead of keeping his hand around your neck, he slapped your face harshly. Peter heard you let out a small whimper of pain; he wasn’t sure how much longer he could just stand here, devising a plan, while you were hurt.

“I’m not lying,” you were slapped for the second time, and then he aimed the gun at your forehead again.

Peter knew now was his time to act.

He crawled his way up the wall and onto the ceiling, and shot a web at the gun in Bird Boy’s hand. He knew he jammed it and that he wouldn’t be able to shoot at you, so he tried to breathe easier as he jumped down and shot a few more webs at the man himself.

“You son of a bitch!” Bird Boy yelled and cut his way out of the webs as soon as they had been shot at him. Peter saw relief flood onto your face when you noticed him. Aching to get you free, Peter tried to make his way towards you when he was intercepted by a rush of feathers thrown his way. He groaned when his vision became covered, and he was caught off-guard when a sharp pain in his side knocked him to the ground. 

The feathers fell to the ground alongside him, and his vision cleared enough for him to see Bird Boy aim a weapon at him. “Say goodbye, Spiderman,” he said, although before he could shoot, Peter leapt up and knocked the weapon out of his hands.

“Not before you do,” he grumbled and sent a punch to the villain’s jaw. He heard a grunt as the man fell onto his back, and Peter webbed his arms and legs up with the strongest combinations he had. He punched the man one more time, as strong as he could, and Bird Boy greeted unconsciousness.

Peter turned around and gasped quietly, seeing you unconscious as well and blood soaking the side of your face. He rushed over to you, taking his mask off in the process, breaking off your handcuffs with a simple tug of his strength. He pulled you out of the chair and rested you on the ground gently, looking at you with worried eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

“(Y/N), wake up,” he murmured, brushing your hair out of your face. He grimaced at the blood on your face, trying to keep his eyes off of it, but it was impossible when it covered most of your face. “Come on.”

He shook you softly, and then harder when your eyes didn’t open. He wondered how all the blood had gotten there when he looked around and saw the weapon he had knocked out of Bird Boy’s hands, it too covered in some blood. He let out a shaky breath when he realized that he had done this. 

“(Y/N),” he said louder now, more urgently. “Wake up,” his voice cracked, growing more worried by the second. He should’ve knocked the weapon in the other direction, or let it hit him instead. It wasn’t supposed to be you. You weren’t supposed to be the one hurt. “Wake up!”

He pressed a finger to your neck, feeling for a pulse. He held his breath for a few seconds, willing himself not to cry as he tried to find one. He felt the thumping under his fingers, just barely, and when he placed his fingers under your nose to check your breathing, it was too faint for his liking. “(Y/N), please,” he cried, a tear falling onto your face. “Wake up.” 

Your eyes stayed closed, and Peter began to wonder if you would ever wake up. “I love you,” his voice cracked more, his thumb stroking your cheek. “I can’t do this without you. Please wake up.”

“Son,” he heard from behind him, and he whipped around with you still in his arms. A police officer stood there with a sympathetic expression on his face, and Peter remembered the fact that he didn’t have his mask to cover his face. “Let us take care of this.”

“This is my fault,” Peter cried, looking back down at your unconscious body. He could barely see through his teary eyes. “This is my fault.”

“Come on,” the officer whispered, kneeling down next to Peter and moving his arms to take you into them. Peter only hugged you closer. “We can help.”

Peter only sobbed before letting you go, and the officer quickly took you into his arms, stood up, and began to yell to the other officers who had come into the warehouse. A few of them were cutting Bird Boy out of the webs and putting him into multiple sets of handcuffs, while others were branching out to search the rest of the warehouse. 

Peter watched as the officer took you out of the doors to where he could hear sirens outside, and he didn’t even stop to think about how they had found the warehouse in the first place. He looked down at the blood on his hands, your blood, and stared blankly. 

He didn’t know what he would do if you died. He would blame himself forever.

He did blame himself forever.

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