guys i did a shitty thing

hey guys, i get that there are killing stalking fans who don’t romanticize or normalize the relationship between the two mcs, but what i and most everyone else are upset about is the fact that there ARE people who do that. there are people slinging around the word ps*cho, making really shitty memes that make light of the abusive situation bum is in, joke about things that really shouldn’t be joked about, and treat sangwoo like he’s the hottest shit to ever shit– it’s really harmful; you shouldn’t idolize an abusive person no matter how ‘attractive’ you find them. so, people who read k/s, please do your part in educating your community. there’s a reason why the ‘sjws’ are getting upset in the tag. thank you!

i suddenly remembered when many people loved ouma and calling him things like memelord and panta ruler then saying things like “can I adopt him?” then ALL I SEE NOW IS HATE ABOUT HIM HAHAHA TIME SURE FLIES FAST BYE

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Pitch perfect au. That's all I have. Do with it what you wish, but it takes everyone to convince bitty to now make they're entire set Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj

I gotta say, this one is of dubious shittiness.

Jack “this has to be perfect and we’re doing the same song my mom did when she won the championship but bETTER” 

Bitty “let’s make this fun and new and include like one thing from this century”

Ransom and Holster are just 80fitz from Vine, who was literally in Pitch Perfect 2, and his friend jaywalkr, that’s the easy part. Man I love these guys.

Also, just to be safe, I’m going to say that in this version of Pitch Perfect, it’s a rule that nobody can erase the obvious romance between teammates.

There is no way Even didnt cry this night. Like damn…. wtf. He finally got the guy he’s had a crush on since the beginning of school. He was SO excited when they kissed in the pool. He had just broken up with his girlfriend for Isak. He had done some crazy/weird shit to get with the guy he had been pining for for so long. They’re faces were like 2 inches apart, it was such a soft, sweet, tender moment, holding hands, the conversation was going so well then BAM! Isak says one of the worst things you can say to someone with a mental illness. Like how shitty did that make Even feel? Like you’ve wanted me this far but you won’t want me after you know I have a mental illness. I’m bipolar….. If I finally hooked up with the guy I’ve been crushing on for months, dumped my sig other for them, then have them inadvertantly say they don’t want people like me around them, I WOULD BALL MY FUCKING EYES OUT. Even cried

“Did you just assume my/their gender?” is one of my least favorite things.
Like, you probably say small innocuous things every day like “look, she has a really cute dress.” Or “the guy in this video is hilarious!” Or “that guy just spilled his coffee all over his suit.” And yeah, you technically did assume someone’s gender. Thats ok, you were taught since birth to associate this with this and that with that and although we should be trying to integrate saying neutral pronouns more often and understanding that things, like clothes, aren’t gendered, you said “she” or “he” and that’s ok. That doesn’t make you a shitty person.
What makes you a shitty person is when someone tells you “No, actually I go by ‘he/him/etc.’” and you continue to misgender them and misgender people on purpose because you don’t want to play a game of “guess the gender”.
You don’t have to play “guess the gender.” If you “assume someone’s gender” it’s ok. But if someone tells you you’re wrong, then, you’re wrong. Accept that.

hey guys. just got a really shitty comment about MAOH, complaining about our lack of updates (and how I’m just making “shit posts” and being a bitch on my tumblr instead of working on the comic!).

1) Yes we keep pushing back the release date. It’s Feb 1st now. We have 4 pages done. We wanted a back log before we start posting again.

2) We have jobs. The comic is free, the comic is stressful. The comic is not our job, it’s what we do on the side. We don’t owe anyone anything. It’s FREE.  We do NOT make money off of this comic. At all. Every comic we sell is us paying to sell it to you. We do not even break even. We are in the negative every single year. Every page we make is time and effort we could have spent making money on work that pays. 

We only do this comic because we wanted to make a story that had characters that we didn’t see in other comics in this genre, that made sense to us. We do it because of fans that feel the same way like “this is the thing I wanted to see”. That means a lot to us. That’s our payment and literally all we want. But do not think this is some money maker for us because it is the opposite of that.

I’ve taken on a ton of freelance work. A TON. It’s fucking horrible to for a 9-5 job, come home and then work past midnight. It’s exhausting and you burn out but have to keep working. I have to prioritize paid work. If you want to pay me a couple thousand a month, I’d be happy to just work on comics. Oh you can’t do that?! Then shut up. 

3) Guess what, sometimes some people have mental breakdowns (guess which one of us) and can’t draw complex backgrounds all the damn time. Sometimes they are very very tired and want to die.

Do you know how much it sucks to draw a panel that people will see for a split second and then forget about? But you have to draw it because otherwise the story won’t make sense and you won’t have given a sense of atmosphere?

4) Make your own fucking comic and see how long you last, we’ve lasted about 5 years. See if you can handle 5 years, smartass. Do you understand how easy it would be for us to go ‘you know what, never mind” and delete the site? Do you know I FANTASIZE about not having to work on MAOH anymore? Because it would be one less thing to work on? It takes a few button clicks and then we’d be done, free to work on a million other projects.

I know almost every single one of you don’t give a shit that we’re late and are just happy to read the comic whenever, so I’m sorry I’m being so mad about this, I know you’re almost all super patient and understanding. We really, really appreciate it, seriously. I know this person is an outlier. But in case people are wondering, this is why the comic isn’t updating, because I’m a basket case but also because I have to prioritize things that pay me.

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Hi! It's my birthday today, but I'm still recovering from a surgery, so I'm home alone today. Would you mind if I spent the day with you guys~?

Saeran: Well that’s a shitty way to spend your birthday, stuck at home…

Saeyoung: I know!! Don’t worry, princess, we’re here to make your day amazing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! //blows confetti canon

Saeran: Pfft, pffth–ugh, confetti in my mouth! Where did you even get that?!

Saeyoung: God Seven has an endless amount of party supplies! Now Saeran, put on your party hat and smile for the camera!

Saeran: No, do not put that ridiculous thing on my head.

Saeyoung: Boo! Don’t be a party pooper, bro!

Saeran: Stop. Put everything back where you got it, right now.

Saeyoung: …Alright. Sigh~~~!

Saeran: …Wait a minute. This is…what the hell?! Why is all this shit in my closet?!

Saeyoung: I didn’t have anywhere else to put it, ehe~! ★


Saeyoung: Ah ah ah! No bad words on the princess’ birthday! Shush shush!

Saeran: I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, SAEYOUNG! Do you know how long it will take to get all of this glitter out of my carpet?!

Saeyoung: (˳˘ ɜ˘)˳ ♬♪♫

Oh, That’s Just Bucky Part 1

AN: I’M SO SORRY. I haven’t written anything in ages and when I do it’s none of your requests :( This one was purely selfish, but the only thing that I’ve been able to write in a long time. So, selfish writing is better than no writing I guess? This is a fanfiction blog after all, so here’s some Demon!Bucky and Hemophobe!Steve. This is based off this Tumblr post. I saw it and instantly thought STUCKY! And I did promise some stucky for you guys soooo ta-da~!

Summary: Steve Rogers is in a shitty relationship with a shitty guy. However, things take a turn for the weird when Steve moves into a new apartment that isn’t as empty as he thought. Little does he know that there’s actually a pretty helpful demon living there too. It’s just the way he delivers his messages that bothers Steve. 

Pairing: Steve x Bucky

Warnings: Shitty boyfriends, hints at past abuse, seriously just a hint tho

Not my gif!

Originally posted by freakzter

It was just like any other night at Steve Roger’s apartment. He was curled up on one side of the couch while his boyfriend, Chad, was on the complete opposite end texting rapidly on his iPhone. Steve let out a sigh and snuggled deeper into his blanket burrito. Earlier he was so excited to show his boyfriend his favorite series, Supernatural. However, as soon as the pilot episode started Chad had brushed it off and immediately whipped out his phone and zoned out. He was also going to tell him some exciting news, but that feeling had deflated like a balloon. The smaller blonde had kept glancing at the man still absorbed on his phone. Finally, Chad quickly gave him a sharp look and said, “What!?”

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So this pisses me off? This acc rarely ever rates an album as low as 1.4 and yet here they did it to pink season and continue to shit talk it in the comments. It honestly upsets me that they rated it by the lyrics and nothing else. They don’t understand it’s a joke album it’s supposed to be trash that’s what makes it good. I know this is just their opinion on the album and I respect that but to continue to trash talk It in the comments? That’s just a shitty thing to do. Ik Joji could probably care less because he’s a humble guy but to me he spent years on that album. He stayed up days at a time to fix technical issues and shit. Pink Season will always be a 10/5 stars to me.

Hey guys! Here’s this thing I just posted on Undertale amino! Took like 2 hours and ain’t gonna get a single note…but whatever. It’s the Mettaton EX boss battle…except it’s from Mettaton’s POV! WAHAHA! Did it for a contest.


Anyway…enjoy! And reblog, don’t repost! It’s actually good and high-quality this time so I don’t want to take any risks! >

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I have did and have a few times had to explain to my boyfriend how dark/I/plier and an/ti/septic/eye aren't good reps for did as most like to say. That being said not everyone sees it ad that and lots I know of say that they're just demons in control

it’s really a matter of them showing up in the DID tags. like people who want info about DID and ppl with DID who are looking for ppl they have things in common with end up exposed to da/rki/plier rp stuff and thats really shitty

like its not just that they’re bad DID aus, they’re tagged with attention grabbing tags that put them into mental illness community spaces and that pisses me off a lot. i dont think that mark and that other guy would like that people are using parodies of them to play pretend with mental illness. 

like i did wrong things in the relationship as well i admit im not perfect i did a lot of things i shouldnt i said a lot of things i shouldnt but?? i was never shitty the worse offenses i had was getting upset when she did stuff without me/told her not to talk about specific people/situations/etc around me and told her “hey just check in on me every once in a while if you’re busy so i know you didnt forget me”

but yeah im the bad guy

caoimhe is such a good girl 

at like 7pm it was pitch black outside and she started barking her head off. went out the front door and there were these two youngish guys shuffling up our driveway?? no flashlights or anything, just coming up beside dad’s car. caoimhe kept barking and barking and they just. kept walking towards her. who the fUCK walks towards a clearly defensive dog??? that’s basic survival instinct innit? leave the loud toothy thing alone??

I ran out without shoes on and asked what they wanted and told them to maybe back up so the dog would calm down and they just. kept walking. while saying they were shoveling driveways???

our driveways has like, maybe 2 cm of snow on it?? and it’s gonna be above 0 tomorrow so it’ll be gone anyway??? what you playing at fools????

anyway I said thanks but no. caoimhe is a good girl (never stepped towards them, just kept barking). she’s gonna stay out there a little later than normal because I feel like they might have been checking out places to break into cars

Things I wonder about Andrew Joseph Minyard
  • Does he/did he ever have acne problems* (or is he one of those guys blessed with good skin)
  • Are his teeth shitty*
  • Did he think Neil was a shit kisser ((at first) probs gave him the benefit of the doubt and/or also didn’t give a shit since he was actually kISSING the boy he was hardcore lowkey into)

*bc sugar/smoking/stress/EVERYTHING?

Anyone else??? like ppl pls…

I mean I wonder so many things about him that’s only 3 HAHAHA

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hi i just asked about john's siblings but also i love how you write his dad??? because everyone makes him a shitty asshole but its a lot mor ecomplicated in this au and i really like that?! aNYWAY thankyou again this au is PERFECT

I probably should have answered these together. Oh well. Hindsight, etc.

It was very important to me when I was putting all of this together that John’s dad wasn’t an evil caricature. (It was also very important to me that he not be overtly homophobic because there are enough stories in the world about sad gay kids who are sad because they are gay, so if my gay kids have to be sad, I try to make them sad about other things.) What he did to John was incredibly shitty, sure (and the disinheriting is only the middle of the story–there’s lots we don’t know yet), but he’s also a guy who raised five kids on his own while working fulltime and did his best to make sure they were all well-rounded. He loved John’s mother endlessly and had to watch her die, then go out into a hospital waiting room and break the news to his kids, then bring them all home and help them process their grief, taking care of a newborn all the while. It was rough. His own parents were pretty WASP-y and hands-off and his in-laws were out of the picture thanks to an ultimatum they gave Henry and Eleanora some years before that was firmly refused.

So yeah, still definitely an asshole and he’s DEFINITELY way too hard on John in particular, but he’s not a total garbage monster.

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Unpopular opinion: Rory deserved way better than all 3 of the guys she dated. Way better!

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree, rory made a lot of mistakes that get blamed on the boys. but for example with dean’s jealousy issues… well she never told jess to stop pursuing her, she did the same with tristan too. with logan she was voluntarily cheating with him in the revival. she’s isn’t innocent in the slightest so yeah no sorry.

send me unpopular opinions

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Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion.

((buckle ur seatbelts guys gals and nb pals bc this one is v unpopular lmao))

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Just in case you wanted an update on the New Years kiss w the guy giving me mixed messages, turns out he had got with a girl a couple hours before that, and when I had left, got with my best friend :) never been so embarrassed and sad and angry at the same time.

Holy shit girl… wtf. Guys can be fucking dicks. I’ve also experienced being one of multiple girls in 1 night it sucks!! A lot!!!! Especially when u care too much. But like I said if it didn’t work out, which it didn’t, FUCK him he doesn’t deserve u clearly. And I’m hoping u have talked to and worked things out with or parted from your best friend because that’s shitty especially if she knew you cared about him as much as you did. So lame. I’m so sorry u are a wonderful gal who deserves more than to care about a jerk like him

antis: we’re very sad about daisy deleting her instagram, she didn’t deserve that harassment but we understand why she did it

r*ylos: it was the ANTIS, THEY made her delete her instagram its ALL THEIR fault