guys i cannot even handle him

Can I just say that this guy absolutely kills me with this:

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It’s not even real, but Sebastian does such a fantastic job of pulling the audience, of pulling you, right into the mind and emotions of his characters, so that you feel everything they are so acutely, (and cry, or sob; I’m talking ugly sobbing.) Then further, want to reach into the screen and smother him with hugs and soft words to make him feel better.

So, I guess…’You know you’re a good actor when…’

I’m SO excited to see how he progresses as an actor. (But seriously, stop crying. You’re killing me.)

“I don’t know this Princess Yona; I want to know more, more…I want to see the Princess succeed.”

- Son Hak a.k.a Yona’s biggest fan (for rubefaction )

You guys have no idea how bad I feel for Sakura. She went through all of that pain to bring him back, not even to be with Sasuke, just to bring him out of the darkness, and she was put on hold once again. Although I found the events in chapter 699 to be understandable, I cannot believe that she has no choice but to handle being a mother, a housekeeper, and a medical ninja.

I had no doubts that she was still hard at work in the hospital by the end of chapter 700, but I realize now why she needed to be home. For 10+ years she has been taking care of her daughter, and of her house, alone, with no one else to help her. 

Family and love were most important to the Uchiha, so I’m incredibly confused on the situation. I don’t care what it was, it is highly unlikely, if not impossible that a mission will take twelve years. If it’s redemption Sasuke is after, then he should know he would have certainly gained that a long time ago. I don’t care if he comes back in the next chapter. It isn’t the same anymore. Sarada’s father will be a complete stranger to her. She’s never met him, and the photo’s she has found are all of him when he was younger.

And when he returns, I don’t want him to ever face the door again. He can’t leave again. His daughter is hitting another great event, he can’t miss this one too.

But the fact that Sarada just looked as her friend’s fathers came up to her, that was honestly so heart breaking. What makes me the most upset is the fact that Sakura is put under so much pressure, carrying all the weight on her shoulders that she literally just snaps and faints all the time.

And we have no news of letters, or any sign of communication. I just don’t know where this is headed. It would honestly make it fair if the Uchiha family had the most amount of screen time in this little series, since the movie seems to be dedicated to Boruto. It still won’t be enough to fix what happened, but at least it will be something.

I’m not sure if I’m envious or not, but I don’t understand why it’s always this pairing that gets all the pain. I don’t know why there is a need to continue to make Sakura upset. And my mouth drops whenever I remember that Kishi agreed to give her a happy ending. What kind of happy ending is this? Will it come at the end of the series? Is their really a way to fix the past twelve years?

I just don’t know, guys. I’m really disappointed. And I don’t even know who I should be more disappointed in, Kishi or Sasuke.

I cannot even count how many times I’ve left a bar or club and a guy, who is always with his buddies, will yell at me, “Hey sexy. Where you going? Can I get your number?” Or something along those lines. And I stay silent and keep walking and then they go with “Whatever you ain’t even cute though!” And all his buddies will laugh and high five him……….. Oh but I was sexy 2 seconds ago before you got rejected and your small ego couldn’t handle it.