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“Jesus Christ, you look like shit.” Jess walked in my room, pulling the curtain open for the first time in a couple of days. I blinked and curled into my blankets, unearthing a few empty cartons of Ben and Jerry’s from the end of my bed as I narrowed my eyes at her through the small opening in my comforter.

“Get up.” Jess wrinkled her nose at the trash thrown everywhere, and reached over my bed to rip the covers off of me. I groaned loudly, my high pitched noise frightening Rufus, who jumped up from the end of my bed and began to growl, his ears up and alert as he mustered all the ferocity an obese corgi can. I shoved my head into my pillow, mumbling something incoherent as Jess began to tug at my legs. “I don’t know what you just said. Get-the-fuck-up-, Y/N.” She accentuated each word with a pull on my legs. “Jesus, you haven’t shaved in a while.”

“Ha ha.” I mumbled, face still buried in the pillow. “Suck for you.” 

I could practically feel Jess roll her eyes as she sat down on my bed, placing a reassuring hand on my back. “Look. I know the breakup was hard on you. I know Zach fucked up, and we both know that the reason he gave was bullshit. Focusing more on school? Sure, Zach. But that’s the past. You can either sit here, mope, get greasy and smelly as you focus on something that happened and can’t be changed, orrrrr you could get up, throw on a super cute outfit and go hella slutty tonight at Bryce’s party. C’mon, this’ll be your chance to make Zach jealous! It’ll so be worth it.”

I felt my heart sink at the mention of his name, but the opportunity to make Zach wish he could have something he let go was too tantalizing for me to pass up.


With Jess there, I was ready in less than half an hour. She’d poked and prodded with makeup brushes and lipsticks, and yanked and tore my hair after I had showered, and pulled out the shortest dress I owned with the highest pair of heels I owned.

“Holy SHIT! Your ass looks amazing in that!” My eyebrows shot up as I turned quickly to look at my butt in the mirror. 

“Huh. Wouldja look at that. You’re a miracle worker, Jess.”

“Look, Y/N. When your mom calls me, worried out of her mind because you haven’t left your room in three days, I start to get worried and of course I have to come and help. What are best friends for? Now c’mon, let’s go fuck up Zach Dempsey.”

She hugged me quickly and led me out to her car. She chattered on endlessly about cheerleading and tests and Justin as we drove, with me responding with the occasional word of encouragement and interest. I mostly watched the trees passing by, blurring into one another as day turned into night. We had just pulled up into Bryce’s driveway when Jess turned to me.

 “Now, I don’t want you to worry about anything. I’ll be DD’ing, so you just go and have fun.”

I smiled for the first time in a while. “Thanks, Jess. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Love ya.” With the confidence of a newly single girl ready to take on the world, I stepped out of her car and strutted to the front door, smiling at every person I passed and making a beeline for the kitchen, where the drinks were. Before I could set foot onto the tiled floor, Bryce slid in front of me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. “Hey, Y/N! Good to see you out and about!”

“Hi Bryce.” I muttered, pulling away. He always gave me the creeps. He was a total player, like most of his friends.

“C’mon, Y/N! Let me get you something to drink.” He smiled, that charming, irresistible to many smirk. And then, I decided- fuck it.

“Sure, Bryce.” I smiled, curling into his arm as he led me out back to a keg. 

“I’ll be back in a sec.” He winked, then reappeared a second later, handing me a full Solo cup of lukewarm beer.

“Thanks.” I took a sip, grimacing slightly, and turned to make my way back into the house, until I heard a low whistle from Bryce.

“Wow, Y/N. I didn’t know you had such a nice body. Damn girl. I know you must be searching for a rebound, so hey. I’m right here.” He had stepped up right behind me, and whispered that softly into my ear, his breath warm on my cheek.

“No thank you, Bryce. I-” I pulled away, but Bryce grabbed my waist and pulled me back towards him, groping my ass as he pulled me closer. “Bryce, get-” 

I was just about to turn and hit him when I heard a deep voice that simultaneously comforted me and sent a chill through me, shattering the semblance of confidence I had before.

“Bryce, I think you heard her say no.” Zach stood there, all 6′3″ of him, looking imposing as he crossed his arms over his chest, making sure his biceps were bulging as he looked down at Bryce. “C’mon, Y/N.” He stretched out his hand to me and I hurried away from Bryce, grabbing on to him and walking further into Bryce’s huge backyard.

He led me to the gazebo that sat under the shade of a huge oak tree, and sat down next to me on one of the benches. I moved away from him, leaving a gap between us as we sat wordlessly. I watched the moonlight dance through the gazebo as the trees shifted in the wind, and I felt myself shudder as that same wind blew harder through the gazebo. Zach shifted slightly, and I felt the heavy and familiar weight of his varsity jacket on my shoulders, covering up the too tight, too slutty dress. 

“Much better.” I heard Zach mutter.

“Excuse me?”


“No, I think you said something, Zach. Please, enlighten me.”

“I said, ‘much better.’ I don’t like the way guys were looking at you in that dress.”

I turned to him, anger blazing in my eyes. “You lost the right to be concerned about guys looking at me about three days ago.”

He stiffened, and looked away. “I…”

“No, Dempsey. Sit down and listen. We dated for a month, which really isn’t that long, I get it. But we’d been hooking up and we’d been friends for a helluva lot longer. So I think I deserve more than a fucking text message that I get at eleven at night saying ‘I can’t do us anymore.’ I deserve a lot more. It was hard, it’s been hard, Zach. It’s not fair to me. I deserve an explanation, because you and I both know that the ‘school’ excuse is bullshit. I thought I meant more to you than that, but I guess not.” 

I shrugged the jacket off, letting it crumple in a heap on the ground as I stood up to leave, but Zach caught my wrist as I stood.

“You mean a lot more to me. I never meant to hurt you.” 

I rolled my eyes as I felt them start to tear up. “You did. You really, really did.” I let out a humorless chuckle as the tears started to flow. “I thought I was done crying over you.” I stood for a second, wiping the mascara stains off my face. “I still am waiting for your explanation.”

Zach sighed, looking down at his feet. When he made eye contact with me again, I was surprised to see his eyes glistening as well.

“That’s just it, Y/N. I don’t have an explanation. I…I never meant to break up with you. I just…I fell too fast. And I got scared. But the minute I did it I regretted it. I regretted it when I realized how upset I was. And you bet your ass I regretted it a thousand times more when I heard from Jess how badly you were taking it…the only reason I came here tonight is to apologize. And to tell you that, if you’ll take me back, I won’t fuck up again. And…to say that I love you.”

My head shot up as he said those last three words. Something in my eyes must’ve told him it was right, because he leaned in and gently kissed me, placing his hand on top of mine. It was tender, hesitant, and perfect. I pulled away, wiping his eyes as I shakily smiled. “I accept your apology, I take you back, and…I love you too.” Zach smiled victorious, and pulled me in for a hug, my head fitting perfectly into the crook of his neck.

“Seriously, though, as much as I love that dress because damn it makes your ass look beautiful, please put my jacket back on because I cannot deal with the way the other guys look at you.” I rolled my eyes and smiled as Zach leaned down to place the jacket on my shoulders and pull me in close, kissing me on the forehead.

“It feels so nice to be able to say that I love you to your face, Y/N.”

“You’re a dork. But ditto.”


Okay so the panel just ended and from what I’ve gathered with twitter and my in-the-spot sources (@nana-princess). , here are the news:
-Adrien will learn to make cookies with the Dupain-Chengs
-Thomas’ favorite episode is not in Season1
-Christie Vee’s favorite scene is the Umbrella Scene
-We’ll learn what happened with DJWifi while they were caged in the Animan comic
-Rumor to be confirmed, but Adrien will have conpetition, apparently
-The Bee Holder is a girl
-Three new miraculous holders will appear in S2
-Hawkmoth will get a sidekick
-Adrien/Chat Noir will get a solo comic
-Not clear yet, but he will meet miraculous holders in said comic. Also, to be confirmed, but there might be interactions with other zag universe characters, a.k.a. Pixie Girl characters.
-Comics about previous miraculous holders
-We will find out what happened to Adrien’s mom. (not really news tho)
-Gabriel’s VA said that Adrien is not allowed to play Pokemon Go and the fandom is getting a kick outta that.

This has been a PSA keep tuned for more.


A helpful anon who happened to be at the panel helped me deepen some of the info:

-The “adrien learns to bake cookies” thing was more meant as a joke, in response to the question “Will Adrien ever get those cookies?!” (I still have my fingers crossed though!)
-The cage thing with Nino and Alya will be part of the new comics
-There are two different sets of comics, the ones based off the screenshots and a new set, which apparently contains 4 volumes/series and quite possibly will include different art. These new comics take place in different locations: Paris, China, America, and various parts of the world as they tell the story of LB and CN in Paris, Adrien’s story in America, the China one, well, we can hypothesize that it might be a companion to the Shanghai special, plus they will tell the story of historical miraculous wielders (note: historical as in previous holders, not actual historical figures)
-Rest appeased, Adrien’s “competition” was very vague and more meant along the lines of “maybe some jealousy” and might have more to do with the new comics. So hey, good news for those who ship NathxMarinette, maybe?
-Debunked tweet: 3 new wielders aren’t confirmed, rather they confirmed they will be showing the real fox miraculous. They also showed a picture of the bee. And since we know Mama Agreste will play a significant role in the next seasons, that might be the logic behind the reasoning for “three wielders next season” (fox, bee, and peacock).
-Also debunked: Adrien will NOT meet these wielders in his comic, but Ladybug and Chat Noir will meet other heroes, which is where the Pixie Girl meets Chat Noir theory is stemming from (Since Adrien will be going to America and Pixie Girl apparently takes place in New York). 


guys I can’t stop thinking about how iconic the looks of this music video are!!!! Bird jail Taylor serving orange is the new black curly haired diva looks! Biker girl gang leader Taylor serving lots of studs and black leather plus a cute cap looks!!! Squad mistress Taylor serving step on my face no actually please murder me oh my good god where did you get those boots and that cape looks!!!! All past Taylor’s serving miss Taylor miss Taylor oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead looks!!! Iconic!!! I’m dead inside!!


I legit had this moment in my room while thinking about Fantastic Beasts and about Newtina and then I remembered: 

Newt Scamander is a Father. 

Newt Scamander is a Father. 

Newt Scamander is a Father. 

Newt Scamander is a Father. 




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Omg, you guys are seriously so sweet I cannot even deal. I love you! 

ok morality check time i’m gonna describe my strategy in this car buying situation and yall are gonna tell me if i’m being an asshole al;skdfas;lj like i’m really more picky than i thought i would be and the guy who is helping me is a guy who deals directly with auction sites bc i literally cannot stomach a used car lot have u ever been to a used car lot??? no thank u

anyway my dad is basically the same kind of consultant for expensive jewelry purchases like engagement rings, etc. he’s a diamond dealer so he can buy the same shit for the same price as major stores, but deal directly with you so you don’t have to like. go to the store

anyway my friend recommended him to me and she got her rings from my dad and she said “he’s like your dad, but for cars”

okay i know for a fact my friend put my dad through the ringer for her shit bc she wanted it to be perfect and that’s who she is. and i know my dad took care of her bc she’s my friend but i also know he didn’t like, let her take too much advantage of him.

so after her description i’m approaching the interaction by treating him exactly as if he were my dad

like not in a weird tmi way but like, texting him my thoughts, asking his opinions, never just taking anything at face value, keeping him apprised of every step of my process…because like okay if he’s that type of dude if he’s the Dad type of salesdude i just gotta get him invested in me as a daughter type person so either he’ll want to help me find the best thing or he’ll get so tired of me he’ll give me a great deal just to make me go away