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Cool Mom (pt 1)

Request: Do you think you could do a steve x fem!reader where they met in freshman year and didn’t really like each other so they didn’t talk until they got dragged back together because of the whole situation and the reader ends up being kinda like a mom to the kids and so Steve and the reader bond over it and there’s some cute fluff or something? If you can’t I totally understand but I really love your writing and so I thought I’d share my idea. Thank you!!

Love this request! Definitely going to do a part 2!!!

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hi guys! i’ve decided to extend giftingreputation further into the era and expand it to be for more than just albums. after watching how fans worked together to help donate over 230 albums in the first week of this blog’s existence, i realized how much i’d like to also use this blog to help fans connect with donations for tickets, merch, etc. of course, i’m sure there are still many fans who would appreciate albums who do not yet have them, but i thought i’d let you guys know about the expansion. if you’re someone who can afford to help fans get albums, merch, or tickets, please send me a message with more information. if you’re someone in need of an album, merch, or tickets, feel free to do the same. regardless of whether or not you can donate anything, please reblog and help spread the word so that we can help more people this era! thank you so much.

Anyone has more of him?

PM me if you got more of him, Ladies, if you wnat some hot guys stuffs, let me know. (; ill see what I can do. Boys! you know what to do la horh. have then I’ll see what I can do also la okay! Saturday Liao! enjoy the weekend bros and sis!


Me helping my bestie identify joy in rv’s new mv so he can finally understand why I soak my panties every time I look at her


So I walked up and was pretty much shaking because it’s fucking Jared and Misha and they were messing around and being flirty dorks and they’re my fuckin OTP so yeah, I was freakin out: but anyway!!!! I was like, “Hey, so can you guys just react to my shirt” and they both looked down to see “Jared’s” tweet printed on my shirt.

Jared sighed and glared at Misha who was laughing his ass off and yeah, that was magical- but we got into place and I had no idea what they were doing but I was too happy to care to be honest. The lady had to rush me away bc I had two more ops with them after that but I let my friend go while I took that shirt off and Misha asked her “Did she really make that onto a tshirt?” and my friend was like “Oh yeah, she’s been planning it ever since the tweet” and Misha laughed and said “She’s awesome” sO YEAH THAT’S FREAKIN GREAT. 

THEN at autos, I gave them each a shirt (I had to give Misha’s to his handler because I had my auto with him the day before and didn’t want to give away the surprise) but when I went up to Jared and handed him the shirt hE STARTED LAUGHING AND IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE and then he said “Oh I’m gonna rock this” and smiled so big and he said more but i made him laugh and it was the best thing ever. 

Complete works masterlist

Pairings: Guy of Gisborne x Reader 

A/N: This is my first Guy fic, so I really do appreciate honest feedback on how I can improve if things are off. Maybe in time as I get more confident with branching out, more Richard characters will come your way. I’m only going to write the first part of this as a short introduction to see if you would like to read more. 

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For the last two months and you had been meeting the Sheriff’s lieutenant, Sir Guy of Gisborne, in secret. These meetings didn’t involve the handling of sensitive information in the capture of Robin Hood, or help him in his way to gain more power and authority. No, they involved things of a more pleasurable nature. Every night and he made you come, your whole body shuddering in those moments, and he hadn’t even taken your maidenhood…yet. You dreamed of the day when he would take you, but that day seemed so far off, a future which would be impossible to ever reach. 

Your father, one of the Sheriff’s head guards, had promised your hand to another guard, a man who was twenty years your senior and had already had two wives. Your husband to be was lecherous, often coming to you when you sold your bread in the town square, and he would grab you beneath your stall, his hands digging in to your flesh. 

One thing you knew and that was you loved Guy, and you wanted a future with him. Sometimes you wondered if he still had feelings for Marian, but that idea would soon dissipate when he kissed you, his hand brushing up your face and into your hair. You didn’t want to keep hiding away, meeting in barns, hallways and on the outskirts of the town at night. 

Guy found you one afternoon, leaving the kitchens of the castle after you had delivered some of your bread and pastries. You were trying hard to hold back the tears but as soon as you saw him, you wept. He grabbed your hand, pulling you against himself. “What is it?” he asked in concern. 

You looked up at his tall, broad form. “I can’t…”

“You can and you will tell me what is going on,” he demanded. 

“My wedding is this coming Saturday morning.” 

Guy’s eyes widened in shock and then he looked down, swallowing hard. “Then this must end here. You are to be another man’s wife.” His eyes locked with yours, and you could see the pain within them. But you had hoped he would have fought for you. Instead he was willing to stand down and allow you to be taken by a man you could never love. 

“Does everything we shared mean that little to you?” you hissed. “You’re just willing to let all this happen with not so much as a determination to fight?” 

Guy grit his teeth, his jaw clenching. Then he pulled away from you and crossed his arms over his chest. “Ultimately, men only require women for one thing. And that was all you were to me.” 

The pain of Guy’s words hit you hard and you exhaled loudly. All of this was just a way to seek his own gratification? “You bastard,” you growled. 

It really was true what everyone said: Guy of Gisborne had no heart. 

(To be continued)

Do You Really Want Me - Chapter 28

Shannon meets Jared at Izzy’s place. The back of Jared’s SUV is overflowing with boxes, bags and baby items that the brothers unload into the house.

“Did Kate ask where you were going in the middle of the night?”

“They were asleep when I left. I left her a note,” Shannon tells him, dropping the last of the bags in what was Kate’s room.

A look of panic crosses Jared’s face. “You didn’t tell her what we’re doing, did you?”

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if my local race is between a moderate republican and a dsa guy running as a democrat do i really need to vote democrat as a member of the #resistance or do i get a pass this one time

You can tell this is a Berniebro because A) no one unironically calls themselves a “member of the #resistance” and B) he buys into the meme that normies like me want you to vote Republican over DSA people. I don’t think I can make my position on always voting Democrat any more clear.

JSYK, there’s no such thing as a “DSA guy running as a Democrat”, there are only Democrats who receive support from the 501c4 dark money interest group known as the DSA.

observations as i drive from Baltimore, maryland to Portland, Maine

-why is Delaware a state. capitalism dictates that a bigger more powerful state should just buy it

-very dumb that you can’t pump your own gas in New Jersey. this isn’t a hot take in sure many people feel this way but it’s just another dumb thing about New Jersey lol

-there’s a lot of moms and cops in Connecticut

-Massachusetts is really weird. like I’ve been to Boston before but I’ve never been to other parts of Massachusetts and why are there pizza places on every corner? why do you guys have these horrible intersections with no stop signs or street lights? it’s just a hellscape free for all and I’ve spent half my time screaming while i drive

Sam and 13x6

As many of you have, I noticed reactions and emotions in Sam’s expressions that he wasnt vocalizing. Now I wont go as far as some of you do and blame writers for casting Sam’s feelings aside, because we see it, and if we see it, it’s supposed to be there, and there is a reason for it.

Jared has said on several occasions that Sam is happy Cas is back, but is apprehensive. Unsure if this is really Cas, or if this form of Cas can be trusted, because Cas has come back as a bad guy before. I got that feeling from Sam, but I got a layer of something more. Was it Jealousy? Disappointment? He could be feeling either. For the last several weeks, he has had both Jack and Dean all to himself, and now he has to share them again. 

The scene in the motel bedroom, for me, was much more than apprehension, and concern about “this Cas” but Sam feeling jaded because Dean is in a good mood. Sam IS genuinely happy Dean feels better, but when Dean said that having Cas back was their big win, Sam looked deflated and just answered “fair enough” and he told Dean it was good to see him smile. This warmed my heart, but at the same time, it looked like Sam wanted to say “Nothing Ive done for you, could have made you smile?” 

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Hi. I have been reading these tumblr confession pages and find myself getting turned on a lot by them even more than some of the porn. I just read a story about a mom who watched her daughter get fucked by a black guy. I can tell you from my experience, her pussy will be beat up. And if she tries anal hope he uses KY jelly. But black men do have really big dicks so she will be satisfied I know I was.

But that’s not why I sent this. My confession is that I’m having fantasies of getting fucked by far men, like a gang bang if super fat men the bigger the better. You can see by my pic I’m thin so I would probably get squashed with fat men all over me. I am not sure why I’m having these fantasies, I have never been attracted to fat men. I’m starting to have a crush too on a friend of mine too who is a woman, and what you might call a BBW. I don’t get to see her often but the last time was at a wedding and she was there with her husband. The whole time I was there I was watching her thinking how much I would enjoy a 69 with her. i went into the bathroom at the wedding and masturbated. Now I am imaging her and me in a hotel room with a lot of big fat men. Or I would even join her for a gangbang with black men, hey I’m easy

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)  

i…… i’m not a lesbian, so idk why you’re asking me this question. and uh. calling lesbians who never have had sex with a man is kinda… uh… bad. implying that some lesbians are better than others? icky. 

The thing with fandoms and celebrities relationships

My first experience with a large fandom was with the Backstreet Boys fandom. But the years I were more active in that fandom (and the band was also peaking) were between late 90’s, early 2000’s. We didn’t have social media like we do today, a space that can be used for good and bad. Of course there was a share of the fandom the managed just fine to ridicule everyone of the guys’ girlfriends, calling them by the lowest names they could think of, etc. I admit I did a little bit of that with Nick Carter’s girlfriends back then, but I was 14, 15 years old. Nick was my favorite Backstreet Boy (I’m still a big fan of the band but I can’t call a favorite guy anymore. I’m 30 now.) and my immaturity mixed with jealousy resulted in a very contemptuous attitude towards any girl he’s been seen with back then. I never had any problems with any of the other guys’ girlfriends though and actually liked some of them very much. But well, now it’s 2017, I grew up, I matured, and I behave like a decent human being. And even in more immature times, if we’d had social media then, I don’t think I would stalk and be disrespectful online towards the women I didn’t like. I know I wouldn’t. That’s not me. Not even 14-year-old me.

What I see happen in the Outlander fandom appalls me not only because of the amount of hate especialy towards Mackenzie, but I actualy find quite shocking that grown up women, mothers, wives, workers, have absolutely no shame of spreading so much hate for people they’ve never even met and about something that won’t make a damn difference in their lives.

Going a little bit back to the Backstreet Boys, yesterday I was reading an article about Howie D. and his lovely wife Leigh and two little paragraphs really caught my attention.

While their courtship was free of the glare of social media and the backlash to which the wives of younger bandmates, Nick Carter and AJ McLean, have been heavily subjected, Leigh “still got a lot of hate.” Unsure how to handle herself in public, she would keep her head down and stay quiet, which ignited more criticism. Howie confesses he “didn’t help the situation” by avoiding publicly confirming their relationship.

“In the early years, we were encouraged not to announce girlfriends, and that stayed in my mind longer than the other guys,” he explains. “I never announced any previous girlfriends and wasn’t one to talk about it until I knew for sure I wanted to. I always had my sister, Pollyanna, as my date because she wanted to come to everything! Once I felt comfortable enough to look at fans and hope they could see past the performer and want me to be happy as a person, and acknowledge her as my significant other, a lot of fans accepted her. Before that, they were like, ‘Who’s this hoochie mama hanging around?’ I think fans thought that about all our girlfriends until they became part of our lives, and they realized they weren’t just a one-night stand.”

As much as I also don’t have anything to do with any celebrities’ personal life, when I read that staying quiet and avoiding attention at all costs didn’t help the situation for Howie and Leigh, I kind of worried about Sam and Mackenzie. And I mean worry in the “softer” way possible, but it’s because I like him and cheer for his happiness. And also I can’t stand the ES gibberish anymore. Mr. Heughan’s been photographed with Mackenzie many times now and there are a few articles confirming their relationship. Yeah, I know, we all know that. Their increased present silence and discretion seems to be an attempt to lower the crazy ammount of hate that woman gets on he social media. Makes sense. Unfortunatelly, “sense” tends not always to work in fandoms.

I watch the holidays approaching and I’m hopeful that something will change. It could. We all know that ES won’t magically swap their bad behavior for a new one that is kind and respectful. As we’ve learnt with Howie and Leigh (and so many other famous couples), staying silent hardly make things better. I do believe they have all the right in the world to be private. But there’s this fine line between keeping it private and hiding too much.

But, hey! Let’s all think positively. Let’s hope Christmas and its magical atmosphere can make nasty ES into more lovely regular shippers (ok, I wasn’t here last Christmas, you can all crush my dreams now).

Blindspot 3x03 recap

(Aka the Patterson and Rich show lol)


I LOVED this episode. Cute Jeller, supportive team, and of course, PATTERSON AND RICH BEING KICKASS BESTIES. Can the whole season be just like this ep bc good lord it is totally up there with my fave eps of this show ever and ugh I just loved it so much guys

Which in a way is kind of a bad thing because it means this review is gonna take me like 6 hours on account of all the screaming, but ah well. Worth it. 

And to the lovely Anon– I may very possibly struggle to do these from now on due to my travelling, but I’ll try my best to keep them happening if I can. Thankfully none of the other people in my hostel dorm here in Madrid have minded my hectic late-night typing for the last couple of hours lol…

Anyhow, more gushing below the cut.

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((I’m so sorry guys!!! I just haven’t been able to kick off the art block recently. I promise this blog will not die as long as my love for Redglare lives.( It will never be dead, in other words. I promise I will update as soon as I can!

Do you guys prefer the toony style I used to answer asks with, or would you rather the more realistic style I’ve taken more recently? Let me know!))

Draw With Me!

Hiya! I know I haven’t been around past few days and that’s because I pretty much fell into a state of depression due to my forced departure from this college. Though I may not be back with updates I do want to draw with you guys before I head out to spend time with close friends later tonight as a farewell gift of sorts. u^u 

Around 2:20 PM PST I will post a link to my so that you can doodle with meh. Though I’ve only used Flockmod once or twice, I honestly like more hehe. Special thanks to @groundbit for showing me this neat little site. It’s free to use, though I was recommended using a new account for it, so I guess it’s best you guys do so too. Especially since I’m not welcoming to anons. :3

Join me if you want and don’t forget to share this post! 

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If we taught Daniel to swing from Ramiel's arms like monkey bars, how would he react and would he catch on to the fact Gabriel taught the little guy to do it?

Ramiel: “What–oh, okay. One more time.” *Trying to hide a smile, Ramiel extends one arm, bent at the elbow. He tries, unsuccessfully, not to smile as Daniel clings onto the proffered appendage. Once certain the child has a firm grip, he raises the arm so when Daniel folds his legs up the child is swinging gently from the arm.

You are a terrible influence,” Ramiel states, not looking at Gabriel. He can’t hide the grin that spreads over his face, his gaze gentle as he watches the small child swing.

I dare say the kid’s better than you were, though. You just clung like a limpet. He’s swinging.” Ramiel flicks his eyes to you, mischief twinkling in them.

Ah, but he learned from the best,” you retort, watching them with a smile.

Just a reminder since some of you don’t understand but, guys. I’m only one person with my own life, I can’t always do every request. Despite myself loving the games, I have other things to worry about such as my mental health and deciding what I want to do later in life. I apologize if I have promises that haven’t been fulfilled yet. It’s stressful being one of the most popular Kingsisle blogs from answering questions, to making posts that please people.

I know some of you are young and just want to see more content on your favorite game, but excessively asking what you want and even threatening me for not doing what you ask isn’t acceptable. Either wait or unfollow/block, I don’t care. I have better/more important things to do than to write a shitpost or headcanons for two niche video games.

BBC Children in Need Donation!

As promised! Thank you so much for everyone who donated, you know who you are! 
I just have one more commission to post tomorrow- I had a surprise today which, long story short, led me to getting a job! xD

So, here we go- here’s what we raised! :D

Holy shit guys this is HUGE! :DD This is honestly way more than I ever could have hoped and it’s all going to a great cause! 

In case you missed what it’s all about, or in case you want to watch the live show, see here

The last live update had BBC Children in Need at this total (below!) and I’ll keep you updated as it’ll only go up! ^w^

Of course it’s me and I mucked up taking screenshots but 

It’s a shame I can’t do Gift Aid but it’s still LOADS!

Almost there!

And we’re on the live feed too!! 

I honestly can’t thank you all enough- this is the biggest fundraising event of the year and it helps so many children and carer’s and families all over the UK :3!

You all rock!! :DDDD