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10. Break-time

Member/group: Zico/ Block B

Type: smut with a plot

Word count: 3399 (is this the longest I’ve ever written? WOW!!)

A/N: So this is the first of my fifty follower mark requests. I’d like to thank the wonderful @annimaus19 for her request and relentless spamming, she is the reason and helping hand behind this smut. And also, BlackOUT! refers to a fictional Kpop girl group written by my role model @haeng-syo-peace (insert shameless promotion here) go read it, it’s awesome. since I am a thirsty ho for Jiho (as well as a lot of other people), you will see Loco, Jay park, Gray and P.O sprinkled here and there. This has gotten really long, so enjoy guys! (Weekends with Woo comes out tonight, so enjoy Zico Saturday!)

It was the night of your first solo and you were more than stoked. After ending your career with BlackOUT!, you had decided to return to the underground where it all started for you. It was scary but you wanted this more than anything and your boyfriend and the boys over at AOMG were more than happy to help you out.

Being a sort of a chimera in the industry, underground and idol rapper at the same time, your boyfriend sympathized with the stress you had gone through prior to this moment and promised to come support you. You were so grateful for all the support and love him and Block b gave you, and you were looking forward to seeing him, but for the moment, you were mesmerized by the wonder that Park Jaebum was. Being one of your favorite rappers, you were exploding with happiness when Jiho told you he could hook you up (his words, not yours) with the rapper’s label. Seven seasons was too much of a hassle and the both of you just thought it better for you to go to AOMG once you terminated your contract with F.U.R.

He was telling you something but to be honest, you weren’t listening, Jay looked straight into your eyes, making your heart flutter with every lick of his lips. At first you’d thought it was him flirting with you, but you learned over the weeks that that was just how he was: you were just responding to his natural state. Tonight, his hair was brown at the roots, growing into a sort of reddish-pink, with a part in the middle. Whoever chose the wet hair look deserved an award, because it looked absolutely delectable.

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Testing the Waters: Chapter One [Simon D Scenario]

1: Where You At?

Originally posted by parkjaebums

Author Notes: I will apologize for this first chapter. I rewrote it three times and still don’t really like it, but I swear that the story gets better. It’s just introducing the characters that is a bit tedious. The main character is supposed to be you, but since this is chaptered, I decided to give her the name Minsu. She also has the stage name Sim Kung, which is basically Korean slang for “heartthrob”

The train station was almost empty when you finally reached Seoul, which was no surprise since it was ten at night when you had left Busan. Pulling out your phone, you quickly dialed your longtime friend who had managed to convince you to make the biggest change ever. Somehow you found yourself ending up signing a contract to start as a recording artist at AOMG, and your nervousness might have shown if you weren’t still feeling the effects from last night’s party.

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OOC: Okay, but Guys

This is ridiculous. I can’t believe I have to do this, but i am, aparently, a loco parentis. (sorry, hercy baby, had to borrow that one). Considering the number of us that are in the community and our FOLLOWERS, the ask boxes should not be this empty, especially with us shooting prompts all over the place. SO here’s a few ideas that I am going to hold to, just because it makes sense to me. 

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