guys help i am so pumped

i am weak forgive me guys Klance is still my OTP

Forgive me guys, I had to give it a try! When @cheesefakefactory told me (pumped af)  this was a thing I couldn’t help falling for it, ughu
There’s so much lovely fanart around already and since I’m really bad at thinking of character designs myself I chose to go by @istehlurvz ‘s version (I hope you don’t mind ;;;; )
And whoever came up with the name of this ship deserves a fuckin’ medal, honestly!

Honestly, I’m all down for angsty shit and Lance being self conscious and stuff and I really enjoy all the theories about Lotor luring him away from the group by making him feel special.. but I think it would take more than a wink to make him change sides.

Here’s a “cleaner” version as well 8′D

SO I hope you enjoy this <3

• emergency commissions •

Hey guys! Could y’all shoot up a prayer for me this week? I’ve got work in the morning, ministry planning*, a TOB program with 2 talks each, and a couple of other things every single day this week. I’ve also started the Ninevah 90 program today with a friend to help power up our spiritual life. So there’s a lot going on and I’m pumped and excited for it all, but I still need God’s grace in this. Thank you, friends!

*I’ve got ministry planning because IT’S OFFICIAL FAM! I am now the Director of Youth and Young Adult Evangelization/Ministry!!!! The ministry program that I’ve been working on for roughly 2 years has been finalized and approved! I am so ready to get to work. I’m building up my Adult CORE Team this week and it’s gonna be LIT. The youth and young adult ministry I am building at my parish will also serve as the foundation for an Archdiocesan ministry that I am founding which will be based at my parish. AHHHHH. I am SO excited fam! Please keep all of this in your prayers! Thanksgiving and intercession is so powerful!

I Will (Never) Forget You thoughts (warning: language)




Okay, coming from somebody who does not ship Aarmau or at least I dont love it, this episode was amazing! Aaron is going to go and fight for Aph back, and I am so friggin ready.

He truly loves her (which has been shown forever honestly) and his character development since his first appearance has been crazy amazing.

Like seriously, he went from being the lifeless mysterious guy that everybody had the hots for because he was always shirtless (which was probably my biggest pet peeve honestly it annoyed the hell out of me) to being this sweet guy who is so loyal and cares for his friends.

He HAS a personality, and now we know why he even had that bandana on his eyes! At least now I know, I mightve missed it from other series or something.

Either way, I dont watch PDH because honestly I tried it and I just can’t. Its too annoying for me.

But the point is, this Ein bitchass tryna come over here like


I thought everybody loved you.

Like, I was pretty sure he was the guy everyone considered a cinnamon roll and wouldve taken a bullet for.

HAHA well good luck with that now, dudes.

The point is, this lil bitch comes in and thinks he has the right to do this to Aph? Like boi

The NERVE on this lil shit.


Anyways I am SO pumped for Aaron to beat the shit out of Ein, and Garroth and Aaron have been hitting it out with the bromance (something I have been prshing for tbh)


I want the show to show that guys can touch other guys without it being a “no homo tho” moment. Bros need their help too.

But seriously Jess add more gays 😂

Well I love this episode, and Ein better watch his ass because Aaron is ready !!!

hi guys! i haven’t really updated y'all much on life lately so here we go:

-i just scored a job!! (like literally an hour ago)

-me and my dude are really good, like REALLY good and like…i can’t even put explain what i’m feeling¿😍i met his mom on easter and she got me a bunch of vegan stuff and was so sweet and told chris she adored me and like i adore him and like we are just…GREAT

-i cant wait to get out of the dorms. i’ve had a pretty wonky experience here and i’m just ready to DIP!!

-my hippies and SI joint are feeling better than ever! however, i’m now dealing with runners knee and am still not running. soon, soon, soon. (also, thanks so much to my lovely friends on here for the advice and help and support! you guys rock)


-i’ve been drinking so much coffee. and i’m getting worried it’s stripping my calcium? anyone have any knowledge on this?! :-(

-school has been boring me lately which is crappy, but i know it’s just bc i’m taking GE’s. so again, PATIENCE MELISSA. gotta get through it.

that’s all i can think of right now, but i’ll update y'all if i think of more stuff goin on in life! love you darling angels! 😋

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 19

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 19 - Precious

You meet Jungkook’s mother.

Word Count: 2.3k (of 73k)

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Hey guys!! I have a cool thing that I wanna announce! :)

So LWY hit 200 follows a while back, and I am so pumped that tomorrow when I get off work I want to write a short AU within the AU of the story! They’ll all still be roomies, but I want them to go on an adventure or triple date of sorts (along with maybe some other characters??) so I can highlight all three couples’ development within the story.

I need your help to decide what AU that will be! I was thinking some type of date-like thing, and the sky is the limit!

Thanks guys for a wonderful following and a great amount of love. This is my treat to you! ❤️

I don’t think I’ve ever really shared my book obsession with you guys. I may have a slight problem when it comes to books. It does’t help that I work in a bookstore lol. So, these are the books I bought this month, and I was actually holding back. This was… a light purchase. I tried to hold back, I really did. But I am weak when it comes to books. So yeah. The ones by Robin Talley are lesbian romance so I’m super pumped for those, and Read Me Like A Book is also about gay girls (I am mildly skeptical about this one). Finally bought some Stephen King too! I’m busy reading American Gods right now and wow it’s weird, but I’m a fucked up individual so I’m quite enjoying it. There. I shared my book obsession. Would any of you like to see my book hauls each month? Because I can definitely go on and on and on about books lol

Couldn’t Be

Originally posted by the-reactiongifs

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 656

Part 6 of The Games We Play

The two of you talked more while you healed than anything. You started to tease him, wondering if he knew what outside looked like. At least you had an excuse to limit your time outside. He was just staying inside for you!

As you healed, your mood had increased, as well. Falling into your old ways, he was back to being your best friend, and the one you made a point to contact at least once a day.

Your first case back was three hours away, so you’d showered, left him an in game mail, and packed up.

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I’VE OFFICIALLY LOST 3.2 POUNDS IN WEEK ONE! I just completed Day 7 of the 21 Day Fix and I am pumped. I’m feeling so good, my body is feeling great, and I am ready to take on week 2! If you guys are looking for a change, maybe you need to bust through a plateau or you need to find something you can really stick with (that’s why I started!), then you need to send me a message. I want to help as many people find the right fitness and health journey for them as possible. Send me a message, let’s chat!


hey guys! i’m probably going to need help paying for school + gas/car payments/etc., so i’m going ahead and opening commissions!

shoot me an email at if you’re interested; i don’t do slots because i can usually pump out a few things every night, but will work on things as a first-come-first-served basis

things that i can do

  • furries
  • nsfw
  • gore
  • literally any fandom*
  • (though the fandoms i have most experience with are tf2, pokemon, world of warcraft, dragon age, mass effect, and homestuck)

things that i will not do under any circumstances

  • loli/shota/underaged porn
  • *mlp based stuff (i am not comfortable with the style and would not be sure how to translate it properly!)

reblogs are appreciated!

more examples of my work under the cut

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                  ✨  WRITING Y O U STARTERS WHENEVER.


                 ✨   ETC, ETC WITH INTERACTION STUFF.

                 ✨  SEND ME “PAOPU FRUIT” IF YOU WANT MY SKYPE. (jus so u kno, it’s always ok to voice call me too. don’t b afraid my friends!!)

The 100 3x12 - Demons

All right, LET’S DO THIS.

No pros/cons this week - because any minor niggles I have are VERY minor, so I shall just lump them in with ALL. THE. PROS.

3x12 felt vaguely filler like to me. Which is amusing because the last episode that felt like filler was 3x06 and that also hosted Emerson. Maybe Emerson now being dead means NO MORE FILLER.

And that’s not me being critical by the way. Important moves still happened in this episode, but it was mostly about moving pieces into place.

Meanwhile In Polis
As always, I became a teensy bit grumpy whenever we shot over to Polis. TAKE ME BACK TO MY DELINQUENTS PLEASE AND THANK YOU. But the Polis stuff was also pretty good this week, for a number of reasons!

- I’m going to hold off on talking about the Murphy/Ontari situation in depth until the season is over, as I want to judge it in full. But I was very pleased that their new relationship was NOT sold as kinky fun times, and that it was clear that Murphy is unhappy with what is going on, and that he is just trying to survive.


- But then EMORI D:

- It’s funny…I’m still not invested enough in Murphy on his own to be fully into Memori. But it WAS super cute seeing him be all happy to see her, and I DO LOVE EMORI. So when it was revealed that she was chipped I gasped. Particularly because the scene where she was getting excited about the Becca stuff had me all OH MY GOD SHE REALLY IS LUNA (sorry Meg, I have taken a foot off that theory). I was NOT expecting Emori to be in the CoL, and I felt so sorry for Murphy when he realised.

- That being said…I still think there is going to be an Emori twist down the line. Perhaps that she is a secret nightblood. Could it be possible that she is double bluffing ALIE somehow, so she can get close to Murphy and save him? HERE’S HOPING. Because I love her and want her to become a part of the kru.


- Also - Jaha is the most dramatic.

- I’m pretty stunned that Ontari has already taken the chip. I’m pleased mostly, because it concentrates the plot for the final episodes. It’s firmly the delinquents versus everyone else at this point, and that is AWESOME. But considering how Ontari has been played up for a while…I’m also wondering if something more is going on here?


Ghost Town
- The opening with Harper, Miller and Bryan was super adorable and I loved it very much. I fully believe that Miller is being built up to become a series regular in S4, and…I’m starting…sort of…to believe that maybe Harper is too? I DON’T WANT TO GET MY HOPES UP JUST IN CASE.

- I hate myself but I am starting to get attached to Bryan. I still believe he’s a red shirt but he’s SO CUTE. I hate it. Stop it brain. HE’S GONNA DIE YOU FOOL.

- Their little moment at the end was also the super most adorable of adorables.

- As a general point, they did a GREAT job with all the creepyness in this episode. The opening, the flickering lights, the night vision, the creepy music (THROWBACK TO THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC IN 2X06). It was all perfect.

- This is where I need to try not to repeat myself to much in my Bellarkecap BUT DELINQUENTS IN THE ROVER. CLARKE WAS WITH THEM YOU GUYS. YOU GUYSSSSS.

- The scene where Octavia spots Lincoln’s blood, and Bellamy just GETS it was the start of a beautiful episode for the Blakes. They are actually well ahead of where I thought they would be at this point, and I think having neither of them out right acknowledge their issues is the perfect way to go for now. They know what’s gone on, and they know that words aren’t really enough. But they also know that they love each other forever, and I think that was made abundantly clear in this episode. When they were both dying in the chamber and Octavia said ‘Bellamy’ I legit started to choke along with them. She wanted her brother in that moment, and it was important. Then he brings her Lincoln’s body (CALLED IT) and once again, there is no verbal acknowledgement but THEY BOTH KNOW. Bob NAILED Bellamy’s twitch while Octavia broke down. He so OBVIOUSLY wanted to fall to the ground and hold her, but he knew that he couldn’t. PERFECT. PERFECT. PERFECT. And then the fire side scene? She hears him say the words and her defences snap back up, because she can’t get around her anger yet. BUT IT’S THERE. IT’S COMING. I’M PLEASED.

- The scene between Jasper and Octavia was so incredibly beautiful For the third week running I want to just massively apologise to Jasper. Very much fearing your death right now dude. These two had a lovely connection back in S1, and this scene was a PERFECT throwback to their scene about Maya earlier this season. It was just so very beautiful. And then seeing Jasper’s concern for Monty was glorious too! And bantering with Bellamy! And hugging Raven!!!! JASPER.

- It was heartbreaking but beautiful to see Octavia get to mourn Lincoln. She fought it all the way, but it was important for her. I also hope that people who left unsatisfied by Lincoln’s death in a puddle in 3x09 were at least able to appreciate that that choice was made with this send off in mind, and it was a much more fitting one.  

- Monty had a quiet episode, which is fitting given what he did last week and given his character in general. I definitely feel like they were setting things up with him though, and I’m a BIT SCARED? Like…what if he ends up not wanting to get rid of the CoL to save his mum? WHAT IF MONTY TAKES THE CHIP.

- Everyone should listen to Monty and NOT go towards the creepy music.

- I’m glad Emerson is gone, and kudos to the show for sending him out in such an emphatic way. The 100 actually does such a great job of wrapping up loose ends (mostly with DEATH) and this was one that we knew would come back in the end. I’ll get more in depth re. Clarke in my Bellarkecap but BOY OH BOY watching her watch her family die was too much for my heart to take. And knowing that they all knew SHE would die too was just the actual worst. And by worst, I mean it was all brilliant of course.

- I am very very sad that Sinclair is no more. HOWEVER as soon as he got left alone with the delinquents, it was blatantly obvious that he was going to kick the bucket. Their storyline right now is 'we survive together’ and while it was cool for them to have a temporary!dad, it didn’t really make sense given what they are selling. So, knowing that Sinclair would die, I’m happy with how it went down. He died trying to save Raven. Him repeating 'get back in the rover, get back in the rover’ was SO HURTFUL AND BEAUTIFUL. And Raven was able to then give HIM a proper send off too. *weeping*

- SPEAKING OF RAVEN. This show knows the way to my heart ie. HEAPING PRAISE ON RAVEN. I love, love, LOVE the emphasis on the strength of her mind in this episode - COUPLED WITH THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF HER LIMITATIONS DUE TO HER LEG. She was SMILING about it you guys. She understands that yes, I have this disability - but I have strengths in other ways and I’ll show you how badass I can be. I JUST CANNOT PUT INTO WORDS WHAT THIS MEANS.

- ALSO. Coming out of the CoL has given Raven access to a new language, and Sinclair asks her what else she’s learned from nowhere. THIS IS SETTING SOMETHING UP YOU GUYS. SOMETHING BIG. I DON’T KNOW WHAT, BUT I HONESTLY THINK RAVEN IS GONNA BE SO ESSENTIAL BY THE END OF THE SEASON AND I AM VERY HERE FOR IT. 

- Obviously I am sad that the delinquents are splitting up, but at least they are working together now. And I’m pumped for the various dynamics we will see over the next few episodes. SUPER CONCERNED THAT MONTY IS GONNA REGRET NOT SAYING GOODBYE TO JASPER THOUGH. SUPER CONCERNED MONTY (MAYBE Jasper being trapped in the CoL will be what helps Monty understand that it needs destroying, thus he’ll let his mum go for Jasper’s sake? PLEASE).

Is that everything? IDK IDK. I haven’t rewatched yet. But like…shall I Bellarke now? OKAY.

guineverebeck-deactivated201508  asked:

top five cassandra clare quotes

  1. “Why am I such a piece of shit?” Cassandra Clare whispered to herself in the mirror one night, stroking her reflection absentmindedly. “Why am I literally of less value than horse shit?”
  2. “I just love your books!” the excited new reader gushed, grinning ear-to-ear. “I especially love your male lead, my gosh…”

    "Oh, yeah, Draco was a really int—” Cassandra cut off, paling considerably. “Jace…I mean…Jace…”
  3. "Hey, Cassandra Clare,” the thirteen year old asked, timidly raising her hand at the back of the Q&A group. “Is it true that you used to write fanfiction? And that your story is based off The Draco Trilogy or something?”

    “Listen here, turd bucket,” Cassandra snapped, her eyes blazing red and her hair igniting with fire. Suddenly, her skin began to transform into green glittering scales, and the author was soon turning into a dragon! “I will find your home address—I will find out all of your fucking information—and raM YOU INTO THE GROUND; YOU HEAR ME, BITCH?!” She then turned to the rest of the crowed, whimpering and crying. Being a dragon and all, her tears were so large that they flooded the entire room. As children screamed, drowning amongst the author’s self-pity, Cassandra wailed out: “HELP ME, FANS! HELP PROTECT ME AGAINST THIS INJUSTICE! I AM A GROWN ASS WOMAN ONLY ON THE EXTERIOR; I STAY FOREVER YOUNG ON THE INSIDE!”
  4. “Hey guys, I just wanna let you all know that TMI is going to be turning into a motion picture! ISN’T THAT EXCITING?!” Cassandra bellowed, clapping her hands together and grinning. “And get this: I get to be up close and personal and super involved in helping pump this thing out—it’s gonna be great, I promise!”

    *months pass*

    “So, uh, Cassandra…” the fan began warily, approaching the author with caution. “Why was the movie such shit?”

    “I don’t know,” Cassandra interjected immediately, literally making herself the human version of the “:/” face. “I had absolutely no involvement in the film whatsoever. I don’t even own a television. What are movies?”
  5. “Sweetie (:” Cassandra wrote on her blogging website, a smug little grin eating up her features. “It isn’t plaigarism if you don’t get caught and then profusely deny it for years to come (((((::::::”

Dear One Direction,

I am incredibly proud (and excited for you!) about how yesterday went! The new single has gone soooo well so far and damn it’s a great song and helps me feel pumped and powerful, and will absolutely do well on radio. You stealth announced it and a concert AND played it the day it was dropped and NAILED it. Now it’s no secret that your first performances tend to not be your best, but damn you did amazing! I’m so so proud of you guys and I bet you’re riding such a high right now :)

I hope you can keep this up, and follow with an amazing music video, and an amazing amazing album like you deserve (that doesn’t get leaked..) and know that we are rooting for you the whole way. You’re so great and I’m so proud, and the world needs to learn just how fantastic you truly are :)

Guys we are so close and I am crying. Omfg I am pumped. If you haven’t donated yet and looking for reasons, here are those:

- You are doing this for a good cause and you will help a lot of lives.
- You will have a lot things that you can win like cute t-shirts and a lot more.
- You and your friend may win a date with the one and only Tyler.
- and don’t forget the troyler kiss.
- but most importantly, you are helping save lives of many people.

So yeah donate.

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What are some things you're hoping to see in season 2 of Gravity Falls?


-CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT EVERYWHERE. FOR EVERYONE but especially Gideon, Robbie, and Pacifica. and the beginning of some for the main characters as well! though I think most of Dipper and Mabel’s will happen in season 3 and/or the movie.

-Wendy being more active as a character and as a full fledged part of the group on their adventures. from the Into the Bunker previews it looks like this a wish that’s gonna be granted and I’m so unbelievably happy about that<3

-Gideon breaking off the deal with Bill comes back to SERIOUSLY BITE HIM. in particular I want this brat to lose an eye something terrible

-Gideon’s actual backstory revealed, like how the heckle did he get Journal #2. this might be wishful thinking since it may or may not be important to the overall story, but still I’m really curious about it despite my own specific headcanon

-Some revelations about Bill’s origin and history, or at least just history (save the origin for season 3/the movie), like people/groups he’s been involved with in the past. I’m absolutely dying to know what happened between him and Stan and/or the author of the journals BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW SOMETHING HAPPENED

-SOMETHING WITH ROBBIE AND ZOMBIES BECAUSE THAT’S BEEN FORESHADOWED LIKE CRAY CRAY. either he’s revealed to actually be a zombie or he becomes one. I think the latter is more likely.

-STAN TWIN THEORY CONFIRMED because of all the GF theories I would say this is the one most likely to actually turn out to be true, all the evidence so far makes a ton of sense. I would wager it’s 75-80% likely true SO YEAH GIMME SOME STANLEY PINES/MYSTERY TWINS CLASSIC

-I wanna learn more about the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel and The Blindeye secret societies and what their deal is but that’s pretty much already confirmed anyway STILL I’M EXCITED

-ALSO I WANNA KNOW WHAT’S UP WITH THE OWLS. SERIOUSLY WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH ALL THE OWLS. according to that gag in the Stan’s Tattoo apparently all secret societies worship The Cosmic Owl or something but c’mon there’s gotta be more to it than it because FREAKING OWLS… FREAKING OWLS EVERYWHERE….


those are all the main ones I can think of yep I AM SO PUMPED AS HELL



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Oh we should find a way to get jmo to remember her own lines. Girl doesn't even know she said actions speak louder than words. So we really expect her to know about sq and not shamelesly pump cs to help people dream of colifer? Anyway this clearly shows jmo has no idea what the hell she's talking about so I wouldn't put too much stock into what she says or does.


You guys need to listen up.

I don’t agree with policing my own fandom. I think we already get so much shit from the OUAT fandom as it is, we don’t need our own turning against each other.


I have been getting a lot of messages in my ask box saying stuff like “JMo doesn’t know what she’s talking about” and I am honestly getting a little tired of this.

You guys need to understand that actors have certain rules and guidelines they have to follow. This is not up to them.

This is something I have learned throughout the years. Actors get told what they have to say. Actors get prepped. If JMo keeps clarifying that Emma sacrificed herself not only for Regina but the town as well, but that Emma would do the same if it was solely for Regina, it’s because she was TOLD to do that.

Yes, JMo doesn’t know remember all her lines. So?? Do you realize just how many lines they have to memorize? How many scripts they have to read through? I would never be able to remember all my lines if I were an actress. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It literally just means she’s an actress who has a lot of shit to memorize.

And I can assure you JMo is not “pumping CS to help people dream of Colifer”.

I haven’t seen anyone send JMo any hate because of SDCC, but it’s getting extremely tiring to see these messages in my inbox.

Things to keep in mind before messaging me stuff like “JMo doesn’t know what she’s talking about”:

  1. Actors have guidelines they need to follow.
  2. Actors can’t just say whatever the hell they want.
  3. JMo is explaining that Emma sacrificed herself for both Regina, and the town, but she’s always making it very clear that Emma would have done the exact same thing if it were solely for Regina.
  4. Actors have PR agents.
  5. PR agents don’t care about our feelings. PR agents care about their clients’ image. PR agents have rules.
  6. Actors have to memorize a shit ton of lines. Actors, much like any of us, forget things sometimes.
  7. ACTORS GET TOLD WHAT TO SAY. And JMo isn’t being rude. Or obnoxious. JMo is being an actress who gets paid to say certain things. And she’s saying them quite nicely.

Thank you.

L.A Love - Taylor Caniff Imagine



They say L.A is the place where dreams come true. The place they call the City Of Angels. I came to L.A with one and one thing only, my dream of becoming a singer. I started singing when I was just a little girl, music is the ine thing that describes me. My mom wanted me to be a singer but unfortunately she couldnt. My mom died 3 years ago because of cancer, she was a strong woman, but even after battling for a year, she couldnt win. My mom was a fighter, just like me. That’s how I actually arrived here in LA. I’ve been doing tons of covers of popular songs on youtube and then one day I got a call from a music producer saying he wants me to open for a gig here! I couldnt believe it 😁

I was getting ready for the gig, getting my guita plugged in, making sure my mic was working and practising my vocals. “@Y/T/N: Opening for a gig in La tonight! Super pumped!” I tweeted right before you heard a loud commotion. I went to check it out, and I was turning around the corner, someone bumped into me and I fell. “Woah, dude, might wanna see where you’re going there!” i said, kinda pissed at this guy. When I looked up, I saw that he offered his hand to help me up. He was really cute and handsome. He was wearing a green bandana and a tie dyed muscle tank. “I am so sorry, you’re right I wasnt watching where I was going. My friends were chasing me so I ran then I bumped into you.” Right after he said that I saw three other guys behind him. There was a really tall blue eyed boy, dude with hella strong jaw game and a super handsome blondie. But none of them caught my eye except for this guy infront of me. “Its okay, I’m fine.” “No, I feel really bad. How about I get you coffee? I’m Taylor by the way, and these are my friends, Nash, Jack G and Matt.” he introduced himself and his friends. So that’s his name. I told him coffee sounded great but I had to perform soon. He said it was fine but he’d be sure to get me coffee some other time. He left and so did his friends but I was hoping he’d come back.

The opening for thw gig went amazing! It was so energetic and I’ve never felt so alive! All the time I was singing I couldnt help thinking about Taylor. His eyes, his smile, the way he wears his bandanas, everything about him was just i dont know how to explain it but it was sonething. “Thank you so much for having me L.A, I love you!” you said one last time before going backstage. “miss Y/L/N, coffe for you. Its from a friend!” I looked down at the coffee cup and chuckled. Written on it was Taylor’s number. I would have kept staring at it if my phone didnt vibrate. It was a tweet from Taylor?

“@taylorcaniff: Great performance! See you soon @Y/T/N?”

And that ladies and gentlemen, was how I found my L.A Love ❤