guys help i am so pumped

i am weak forgive me guys Klance is still my OTP

Forgive me guys, I had to give it a try! When @cheesefakefactory told me (pumped af)  this was a thing I couldn’t help falling for it, ughu
There’s so much lovely fanart around already and since I’m really bad at thinking of character designs myself I chose to go by @istehlurvz ‘s version (I hope you don’t mind ;;;; )
And whoever came up with the name of this ship deserves a fuckin’ medal, honestly!

Honestly, I’m all down for angsty shit and Lance being self conscious and stuff and I really enjoy all the theories about Lotor luring him away from the group by making him feel special.. but I think it would take more than a wink to make him change sides.

Here’s a “cleaner” version as well 8′D

SO I hope you enjoy this <3


Hey guys! Could y’all shoot up a prayer for me this week? I’ve got work in the morning, ministry planning*, a TOB program with 2 talks each, and a couple of other things every single day this week. I’ve also started the Ninevah 90 program today with a friend to help power up our spiritual life. So there’s a lot going on and I’m pumped and excited for it all, but I still need God’s grace in this. Thank you, friends!

*I’ve got ministry planning because IT’S OFFICIAL FAM! I am now the Director of Youth and Young Adult Evangelization/Ministry!!!! The ministry program that I’ve been working on for roughly 2 years has been finalized and approved! I am so ready to get to work. I’m building up my Adult CORE Team this week and it’s gonna be LIT. The youth and young adult ministry I am building at my parish will also serve as the foundation for an Archdiocesan ministry that I am founding which will be based at my parish. AHHHHH. I am SO excited fam! Please keep all of this in your prayers! Thanksgiving and intercession is so powerful!

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Ok JJ in the club HCs: JJ is actually a terrible dancer. He's a big, long-limbed, fist-pumping, head-banging, flailing mess, but he always looks like he's having so much fun. It's endearing, and you can't help but smile when he glances over and winks at you, because he's so confident even when he looks like a mess. Speaking of, he's such a flirt. Even when he's in a relationship you can catch him talking up girls, guys, the bartender (the dj...) honestly he doesn't even know he's doing it. 1/?


Also I am here for DJ Beka completely over JJ’s shit and refusing to talk to or listen to him and his requests, LOL. JJ would totally be the person who requests party rock anthem even though its 2017, and the entire crowd collectively groans (but still dances)

Also its canon that if unstopped, JJ will talk forever, truly LOL

thank you so much for these omg i live for clubbing and partying headcanons tbh <333

Bruised and Scarred

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,248

Warning: like 2 curse words, depression, self harm, blood, trigger warning, bruises, kinda sad

Synopsis: A soulmate au where soulmates get each others bruises, wounds etc. with Michael.


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Disclaimer: This gif does not belong to me it belongs to the lovely person who made it. ________________________________________________________________

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It's like.....I know youre an adult who can fend for herself but at the same time I wanna build a log cabin in the woods with a large fireplace and plenty of food and just protect the smol Squeaks from life

Actually one of the best dreams I’ve ever had in my life was basically just like that, but it was with Lon’qu (my #1 fictional husband 2 years in a row) 

I still think about how calm and wonderful that dream was…it was like my brain was just like “yeah i know i give you too much crap, take this and relax for awhile” 

Also i am barely and adult, and I totes can’t fend for myself at all. 

this one time i forgot how to pump my own gas and I had to go to the guy inside to get help because I couldn’t (i have a hybrid so I like, never have to get gas)

pleas save me from life >_> 


guys i don’t know if you noticed but the chords dodie uses in a non love song from nashville and jon’s tourist: a love song from paris are the same. i am. so SHOOK. the parallels

honestly try playing them at the same time they sound so n i C e

dodie’s like ‘this song will make a little bit more sense in a week or two!’‘ and i’m like scream just tell me how they fit together now the suspense i cannot bear it

i wonder if they are two parts to the same song? aaa a 

I’VE OFFICIALLY LOST 3.2 POUNDS IN WEEK ONE! I just completed Day 7 of the 21 Day Fix and I am pumped. I’m feeling so good, my body is feeling great, and I am ready to take on week 2! If you guys are looking for a change, maybe you need to bust through a plateau or you need to find something you can really stick with (that’s why I started!), then you need to send me a message. I want to help as many people find the right fitness and health journey for them as possible. Send me a message, let’s chat!



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Dear One Direction,

I am incredibly proud (and excited for you!) about how yesterday went! The new single has gone soooo well so far and damn it’s a great song and helps me feel pumped and powerful, and will absolutely do well on radio. You stealth announced it and a concert AND played it the day it was dropped and NAILED it. Now it’s no secret that your first performances tend to not be your best, but damn you did amazing! I’m so so proud of you guys and I bet you’re riding such a high right now :)

I hope you can keep this up, and follow with an amazing music video, and an amazing amazing album like you deserve (that doesn’t get leaked..) and know that we are rooting for you the whole way. You’re so great and I’m so proud, and the world needs to learn just how fantastic you truly are :)