guys he is so adorable

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I just saw a picture that Hardwick posted of the two of you at a Dodgers game, and you guys are adorable.

We had so much fun. He was invited to do a thing for MLB, and he knows how much I love the Dodgers, so he invited me and Anne.

The Internet knows that Chris doesn’t enjoy any sports, at all, so when we were posting pictures yesterday, most of the comments we heard from people were presuming that it was I who brought him to the game, instead of the other way around.

We had a lot of fun, and I survived eating two grilled dodger dogs!


*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul

This user dies every time Han Jumin says “My Love”

“Matt and the Shorthair” - Digital Oil Painting

“Kiss, darling!”

A sweet kiss from Matt Smith to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. ^_^ I love how this turned out, the hair, the eyelashes, the cat fur, it all just looks so soft and touchable. Very happy!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.


Miyano Mamoru ~GENERATING!~ Live - Talk Break 3 (½) with English subtitles. 


Prince Harry 2016 Recap

May 9, 2016 - Prince Harry’s interview with First Lady Michelle Obama aired where they talked about the Invictus Games and having Prince George stop in for a visit during their dinner together earlier in the year.


❤️❤️❤️ Aang turns two today ❤️❤️❤️

because of everything that’s been going on I haven’t been able to take birthday photos like we did last year, so I’ve left you with some re-edited b-day pics from last year and a few other photos I’ve been neglecting to edit and post over the last year.

 I love this kid so much and I’m so excited for the time we have ahead of us. before his third birthday I will hopefully add another member to our little family, continue to work with Aang on his reactivity and fear issues, and continue to grow and learn as a dog owner. Aang has taught me so much and I genuinely do not know where I’d be without him. 

Happy birthday to my lucky little Indian street urchin.

On that note, I always think a moment that really sums up how Ed is a ridiculous pile of issues who broods occasionally for short periods but you should never characterize him as a melancholy brooder is this one moment in the manga where Greedling warns him not to regret things later and Ed is like “HAHA SO WHAT MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS BEEN A LESSON IN REGRET!” like…not in a dour way but very clearly in a “ARGUMENT-WINNING REPLY BY EDWARD ELRIC, SUCK ON THAT GREED” way and his companions are basically like “why are you bragging about that???”

That demonstrates so many things about Ed- he’s flawed and he’s fucked up a bunch, and nobody is more aware of that than him, he is filled with guilt, he stumbles, but ultimately he’s gonna take that shit and own it and try to learn from it (and I just realized this moment foreshadows the whole “lesson without pain” speech)and basically just be completely ridiculous about everything. “I suck but on to the next thing, gonna keep at it woohoo!!!!”

 If I can’t imagine a version of Ed basically saying “WELL I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW I AM A HUMAN DISASTER” super enthusiastically and aggressively, it’s not Ed to me. It’s such a bizarre, but ultimately really uplifting contrast you don’t see a lot, so it’s what makes him actually pretty interesting to me.

Me finding out that Mishima has done a shit load of all nighters for the Phan-site

Mishima darling baby love of my life I appreciate you with every fiber of my being but Jesus Christ get some rest you bright hot mess of a child

Though you are adorable when you yawn, I will say.

Ah hell you are always adorable what am I saying

@ Midnight honestly same

okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man